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UPF’S (EPAM’S) Proposal for a Stop to the Drowning of Innocent People



UPF’s (EPAM’s) proposal for a stop to the drowning of innocent people

While EU is pretending to address the refugee crisis by summits and by erecting walls, numerous innocent kids and grown-ups drown in the Aegean, in their attempt to live in safety away from wars. At the same time the Greek government sheds crocodile tears, pretending to care. Turkey allows human traffickers  to act unhindered, leading to the death of hundreds of refugees.

UPF (EPAM) proposes the following measures to stop refugees’ deaths:

  1. To denounce Turkey’s flagrant collaboration with traffickers and to have sanctions imposed against Turkey, noting that this collaboration goes back several years.
  2. To strictly implement international law and UN conventions for the processing of refugees at countries of entry. This means that refugees are entitled to asylum at the first country of entry. This country is Turkey. Refusal by Turkey to offer asylum to the refugees — as dictated by international treaties and laws — and of appropriate travel documents should result in penalties from the international community.
  3. The Greek government is obliged to defend its sovereignty and to have the exclusive responsibility of directing and handling the crisis placing under its direct control and coordination the actions of volunteers, NGOs, private initiatives and international contributions. The exploitative unaccountable actions of suspect “humanitarian” organizations who victimize innocent refugees to either collect subsidies, or to serve geopolitical interests, has to be stopped.
  4. To denounce or to suspend the Dublin Convention and to deal with the crisis not as an internal EU problem, but as an international one. As a consequence, the responsibility for the solution chosen and the transfer of the people must involve the international community with the responsibility of the United Nations. It is inconceivable that there are states, like the USA, that are involved in the wars that create this unprecedented flow of refugees and immigrants and then wash their hands clean of the blame.
  5. If some of the States-members refuse to accept refugees, then to denounce such acts at the international community and international organizations as being complicit to mass murder, which constitutes a crime against humanity.

Human lives cannot be saved by words and conferences. Only with specific actions we can avoid human deaths.

UPF (ΕPAM) proposes such specific actions.


UPF (EPAM) Political Secretariat, November 5, 2015



“Our Palestinian resistance is 100 years old:” Interview with Khaled Barakat


The following interview with Palestinian writer and activist Khaled Barakat was published (in the Greek language) in the Greek newspaper, Efimerida ton Syntakton:

What is the current situation concerning the Israeli-Palestinian relations since the last assault on Gaza? Do you support the notion that this war was won by the Palestinian Resistance?

This war was won by the Palestinian resistance, because the Israeli enemy did not achieve its goals. In fact, Israel committed war crimes, killing over 2000 Palestinians, and destroying tens of thousands of homes, targeting health workers, and many other crimes. This is what colonizers and occupiers do to the indigenous, native population, and to oppressed communities – exert massive state violence on a whole population. But if we are discussing real, military battles, confrontation on the battlefield, the Zionists and their backers have lost miserably. Just read what Israel’s top generals have had to say about this war. No military expert – or even someone with basic military knowledge – would disagree with this, after seeing the results. The resistance managed to capture Israeli soldiers from the battlefield, managed to hold their ground, and rebuffed the ground invasion. Every time the Israeli forces lost on the battlefield in the ground invasion, their response was to massively bomb civilians. Lastly, the armed resistance is growing by the day.

What has changed in Gaza during the last few years? Can the armed resistance forces successfully confront the strongest army in the Middle East?

Yes, the resistance of the Palestinian people can successfully confront – and defeat – the military power of the Israeli state. Always, armed revolutionary forces are fighting an army of a superpower, or an army that possesses qualitative advantage in terms of funding, weaponry, arms and support from major powers. But what is important is that we are fighting for a just cause. It is an armed resistance, yes, but it is a people’s resistance. We do not evaluate the results of the war to liberate Palestine from one battle – whether we have achievements or losses. This Palestinian armed resistance is 100 years old. When we fought the British, we were fighting the strongest army in the world – not the fourth-strongest. When the Resistance in Greece was fighting the Nazis, they were fighting what was seen as the strongest army in the world. It is a long war but we will emerge victorious. This is inevitable.

What is the situation in Gaza today and which priorities are set? Do you have any expectations from the proximity talks in Cairo, which are mediated by Egypt? I mostly refer to the prospect of lifting the Gaza siege.

As for the needs of Gaza, what is the most important thing today is the physical and mental health of our people, particularly children. Humans come first – then buildings, roads and electricity. We know the heavy cost that Israel inflicted upon our people on all levels. We recognize that Israel bombed hospitals, schools, playgrounds – including bombing children playing on the beach.

The second priority is to maintain our functioning Palestinian society, and circle of life – rebuilding the infrastructure that was specifically targeted by Israeli bombers. Remember that we have over 100,000 displaced people in Gaza – among a population that was already over 85% refugees. Entire neighborhoods were destroyed, in places like Beit Hanoun and Khuza’a. Sewer systems were destroyed, as were water systems – already facing a deep crisis before the assault. Schools have become shelters and were targeted for bombing. Our people in Gaza have shown tremendous steadfastness and resilience, during and after the war.

As to the second part of the question, we do not rely on illusions. We know that Israel is defeated, and therefore, they must comply with the demands of the resistance – the demands of the Palestinian people. But the problem is that Israel wants to transform this into a permanent status of negotiations – we are aware of this. As far as the position of the PFLP is concerned, we will never trust the Zionist enemy and Arab reactionary regimes and their false promises.

How do you receive the prospect of the recommencement of the Israeli-Palestinian talks and on what grounds could this happen?

These negotiations are nothing but a cruel joke and a big lie. It is a futile path. Negotiations and the so-called “peace process” is an industry that some feed on. On the one hand, Israel is using negotiations in order to cover its crimes that it commits on a daily basis, particularly the theft of land and the building of colonies, imposing and deepening apartheid and occupation on a daily basis while it attempts to project an image for international public opinion that “peace” is in the making. On the other hand, it benefits the Palestinian despicable, rotten capitalists, who are hiding behind a big, false slogan called “the Palestinian state” while occupation intensifies. These negotiations are futile for the Palestinian people. For over 20 years, they have achieved nothing for the people – but they are a moneymaker for Zionists and for a few Palestinian capitalists in the West Bank and Gaza.

So, in short, whether these negotiations resume in public or not, we know that they continue on a daily basis in the shadows of closed rooms. These negotiations do not stop and they will not stop unless the Palestinian Authority is forced to truly end their participation in this farce through popular resistance.

These negotiations are guarded by the “big boss” – the United States. These negotiations are dear to the U.S. and Mahmoud Abbas and his cronies are puppets following orders.

 Do you see any grounds for the recognition of Palestine as an independent state and a member of the UN?

This is a bit of a messy question for the PFLP. On the one hand, we want to end the path of negotiations and take back the political struggle in international institutions, including the United Nations. We see that the international arena, despite all of our reservations on it, and the misuse of these bodies by imperialist powers, remains a space for an open political battle against the Zionists and the United States. This is a million times better than negotiations. We want to be able to make a breakthrough in terms of bringing Zionist leaders to trial before the International Criminal Court, and we believe this is a very important battle because if it will not happen tomorrow, or in 10 years, or even in our generation – other Palestinian generations will continue the fight until this happens. Zionists must be put on trial.  So it is a tactical position as far as the PFLP is concerned. When the Palestinian state was recognized as a non-member observer state at the United Nations, we issued a statement calling on the Palestinian Authority president not to use this as a tactic for another cycle of illusions and negotiations. What we know for sure is that the Zionists are infuriated because they do not want this to be a gateway to other Palestinian steps or international pressure.

What would be your message to the Greek people?

Our message to the Greek people is that Palestinians know the support and solidarity they have in Greece. The relationship between our two peoples is very long and deep in history.  In every Intifada, we always find Greek fighters, revolutionary political parties, in the forefront of solidarity with Palestine. We know also that you are going through harsh times, fighting economic hegemony, plundering the resources of the Greek people, threatening your water, land and air. We stand in solidarity with the Greek people’s fight to reclaim their country and liberate Greece from these forces. This is a message of love, respect and the commitment to struggle for Palestinians, Greeks and all people of the world who seek freedom, justice and liberation, and a truly just world for humanity.

How Israel is turning Gaza into a super-max prison

By Jonathan Cook in Nazareth

Gaza prison


It is astonishing that the reconstruction of Gaza, bombed into the Stone Age according to the explicit goals of an Israeli military doctrine known as Dahiya, has tentatively only just begun two months after the end of the fighting.

According to the United Nations, 100,000 homes have been destroyed or damaged, leaving 600,000 Palestinians – nearly one in three of Gaza’s population – homeless or in urgent need of humanitarian help.

Roads, schools and the electricity plant to power water and sewerage systems are in ruins. The cold and wet of winter are approaching. Aid agency Oxfam warns that at the current rate of progress it may take 50 years to rebuild Gaza.

Where else in the world apart from the Palestinian territories would the international community stand by idly as so many people suffer – and not from a random act of God but willed by fellow humans?

The reason for the hold-up is, as ever, Israel’s “security needs”. Gaza can be rebuilt but only to the precise specifications laid down by Israeli officials.

Where else in the world apart from the Palestinian territories would the international community stand by idly as so many people suffer…

We have been here before. Twelve years ago, Israeli bulldozers rolled into Jenin camp in the West Bank in the midst of the second intifada. Israel had just lost its largest number of soldiers in a single battle as the army struggled through a warren of narrow alleys. In scenes that shocked the world, Israel turned hundreds of homes to rubble.

With residents living in tents, Israel insisted on the terms of Jenin camp’s rehabilitation. The alleys that assisted the Palestinian resistance in its ambushes had to go. In their place, streets were built wide enough for Israeli tanks to patrol.

In short, both the Palestinians’ humanitarian needs and their right in international law to resist their oppressor were sacrificed to satisfy Israel’s desire to make the enforcement of its occupation more efficient.

It is hard not to view the agreement reached in Cairo this month for Gaza’s reconstruction in similar terms.

Donors pledged USD5.4 billion – though, based on past experience, much of it won’t materialise. In addition, half will be immediately redirected to the distant West Bank to pay off the Palestinian Authority’s (PA) mounting debts. No one in the international community appears to have suggested that Israel, which has asset-stripped both the West Bank and Gaza in different ways, foot the bill.

The Cairo agreement has been widely welcomed, though the terms on which Gaza will be rebuilt have been only vaguely publicised. Leaks from worried insiders, however, have fleshed out the details.

One Israeli analyst has compared the proposed solution to transforming a third-world prison into a modern US super-max incarceration facility. The more civilised exterior will simply obscure its real purpose: not to make life better for the Palestinian inmates, but to offer greater security to the Israeli guards.

… means much of the donors’ money will end up in the pockets of Israeli cement-makers and middlemen.

Humanitarian concern is being harnessed to allow Israel to streamline an eight-year blockade that has barred many essential items, including those needed to rebuild Gaza after previous assaults.

The agreement passes nominal control over Gaza’s borders and the transfer of reconstruction materials to the PA and UN in order to bypass and weaken Hamas. But the overseers – and true decision-makers – will be Israel. For example, it will get a veto over who supplies the massive quantities of cement needed. That means much of the donors’ money will end up in the pockets of Israeli cement-makers and middlemen.

But the problem runs deeper than that. The system must satisfy Israel’s desire to know where every bag of cement or steel rod ends up, to prevent Hamas rebuilding its home-made rockets and network of tunnels.

The tunnels, and element of surprise they offered, were the reason Israel lost so many soldiers. Without them, Israel will have a freer hand next time it wants to “mow the grass”, as its commanders call Gaza’s repeated destruction.

Last week Israel’s defence minister Moshe Yaalon warned that rebuilding Gaza would be conditioned on Hamas’s good behaviour. Israel wanted to be sure “the funds and equipment are not used for terrorism, therefore we are closely monitoring all of the developments”.

The PA and UN will have to submit to a database reviewed by Israel the details of every home that needs rebuilding. Indications are that Israeli drones will watch every move on the ground.

…it is hard not to assume that the supervision system will provide Israel with the GPS coordinates of every home in Gaza, and the details of every family, consolidating its control when it next decides to attack.

Israel will be able to veto anyone it considers a militant – which means anyone with a connection to Hamas or Islamic Jihad. Presumably, Israel hopes this will dissuade most Palestinians from associating with the resistance movements.

Further, it is hard not to assume that the supervision system will provide Israel with the GPS coordinates of every home in Gaza, and the details of every family, consolidating its control when it next decides to attack. And Israel can hold the whole process to ransom, pulling the plug at any moment.

Sadly, the UN – desperate to see relief for Gaza’s families – has agreed to conspire in this new version of the blockade, despite its violating international law and Palestinians’ rights.

Washington and its allies, it seems, are only too happy to see Hamas and Islamic Jihad deprived of the materials needed to resist Israel’s next onslaught.

The New York Times summed up the concern: “What is the point of raising and spending many millions of dollars… to rebuild the Gaza Strip just so it can be destroyed in the next war?”

For some donors exasperated by years of sinking money into a bottomless hole, upgrading Gaza to a super-max prison looks like a better return on their investment.

A version of this article first appeared in the National, Abu Dhabi. The version here is published by permission of Jonathan Cook.



The “European Gendarmerie Force” Project: EU Creates Legal Framwork For “Military Use” against its Citizens

by Andrej Hunko

The EU creates a legal framework for Europe-wide deployment of police and military units. At the same time, the EU Commission is working intensively on the creation of a single EU police unit as well as an EU public prosecutor.

The use of the “European Gendarmerie Force” (EUROGENDFOR) is made possible by the “solidarity clause” as Heise reported. At the unit, headquartered in Vicenza, Italy, all EU Member States are involved, the Gendarmerien; police forces with military status are to be used.

The founding countries of the EUROGENDFOR include Portugal, Spain, Italy, France and the Netherlands. We provide our services to the police unit of the EU, NATO or the UN.

“The ‘solidarity clause’ is redundant, since the EU already has mechanisms for mutual assistance in case of disasters. Secondly, the clause amplifies the course to a militarization of domestic politics, since upon request the military can be used in another Member State.

“On Tuesday, the representatives of the EU Member States in the Council adopted a decision on the so-called ‘solidarity clause’. Were a disaster or a loosely defined crisis to occur, the organs of the European Union would be obliged to assist using all the instruments at their disposal. This includes military resources”, warned Member of the Bundestag Andrej Hunko.

The proposal on ‘arrangements for the implementation by the Union of the Solidarity Clause’ was jointly presented by the Commission and the EU High Representative in 2012. A country can invoke the “solidarity clause” if a crisis “overwhelms its response capacities”. Mention is made of operational, policy and financial instruments and structures.

Andrej Hunko continued:

“The adoption at the General Affairs Council took place in secret: the point was not mentioned on the agenda of the meeting. The press was not informed. Yet this is one of the most controversial clauses contained in the EU treaties. That is precisely the reason why agreement on the details of the solidarity clause was postponed to a later point at the time of the signature of the Lisbon Treaty.

The ‘solidarity clause’ boosts the role of the two intelligence-service-style EU situation centres. But it also creates the legal framework for deployment of the special police units of the ‘ATLAS network’ being developed by the Commission. From Germany, the GSG 9 is involved; last year this Federal Police Special Forces unit was able to head a large-scale ATLAS exercise encompassing several countries for the first time.

The ‘solidarity clause’ is superfluous, since the EU already has mechanisms for mutual assistance in disaster situations. At the same time, however, the clause strengthens the course towards militarisation of home-affairs policy, since military personnel can be sent to another Member State on request.

I am concerned that this is about the home-affairs version of the Article 5 clause on mutual defence: it would apply in situations which ‘may have an adverse impact on people, the environment or property’. Even politically motivated blockades in the areas of energy and transport and general strikes are covered.

The text explicitly refers to crises which originate outside the territory of the Member States.

The Left Party parliamentary group rejects this blurring of the lines between internal and external security. Instead of militarisation of home-affairs policy through the deployment of military forces inside other Member States, we need reinforcement of the civilian mechanisms of solidarity within the EU.”

Press release of 24 June 2014 by the General Affairs Council:





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On April 27 2014, it was scheduled to start the destruction of 100 tonnes of chemical weapons of the 1400 tonnes that were sold to Syria by the War Industries. At the moment it is posponed… The decommissioning process, with the method of hydrolysis, is scheduled to take place in international waters between Crete (Greece), Libya, Italy and Malta, under the auspices of the UN, NATO and the European Union. This dangerous experiment will occur for the first time at sea, as the candidate countries, Albania, Belgium, Norway, etc., refused the destruction of these weapons on their territory, despite the strong countervailing benefits that they were offered.

The transport and destruction of Syria’s chemical weapons in the Mediterranean Sea violates the limitations laid down by the United Nations “Convention on the Law of the Sea” (UNCLOS 1982; and the “London Convention on the Prevention of Marine Pollution by Dumping of Wastes and Other Matter” (LC 1972;, which have been adopted to protect the marine environment and to set up criteria for the transportation and dumping of toxic waste.

Scientists from Greece and Israel have already expressed serious concerns over the effectiveness of the method of hydrolysis to neutralise chemicals, such as sarin, mustard gas and VX (nerve gas), while the residues of this process are toxic waste. The consequences will be devastating for the marine and coastal ecosystems, for the people and the economy, as the Mediterranean is a closed sea with very slow water-renewal. Such an action does not respect the local communities of the Mediterranean, disregards the international treaties, and places at risk the highly sensitive ecosystems and marine species that live in the area.

The place and the way chosen for the destruction of the chemical weapons reveals once again the role that is determined for the Global South by the powerful capitalist economies and their local partners. This area has been selected to maintain the Warfare Economy through artificial economic and military conflicts; as the dumping site for the hazardous wastes of “development”; as a place where life has no value.

We do not accept the role they have assigned for us.



Greece: UN rights expert to assess impact of austerity measures

OHCHR header

“Troika bailout conditions are undermining human rights,” warns UN expert on debt and human rights

GENEVA (1 May 2013) – The prospects of a significant number of Greeks securing an adequate standard of living in line with international human rights standards have been compromised by bailout conditions imposed by Greece’s international lenders, United Nations Independent Expert on foreign debt and human rights, Cephas Lumina, warned.

“More than ten per cent of the population in Greece now lives in extreme poverty, and unemployment amongst youth has reached an unprecedented rate of 59.3 per cent,” the human rights expert said.

He was speaking at the end of a week-long mission to Greece to assess the impact of the country’s economic crisis and austerity measures on the capacity of the Government to realize all human rights, particularly economic, social and cultural rights.

In order to avoid default, Greece agreed in 2010 with the European Commission, the European Central Bank, and the International Monetary Fund to implement radical cuts in Government expenditure in return for a bailout loan. It also adopted a structural reform programme aimed at reducing the country’s fiscal deficit and returning the economy to growth. The Greek economy has, however, shrunk by about 25 per cent and continues in recession.

“Greece remains the only country in the Eurozone where a comprehensive social assistance scheme serving as a social safety net of last resort is missing,” Mr. Lumina said.

The austerity programme, in his view, was being implemented in the context of a social protection system ill-equipped to absorb the shock of unemployment, salary cuts and tax increases.

The Independent Expert warned that the public health system was increasingly inaccessible, in particular for poor citizens and marginalized groups. “Nearly one third of the Greek population is without public health insurance, mainly due to prolonged unemployment,” he added.

The only option for increasing numbers of Greeks was health care provided by community clinics, free of charge. “Run by volunteers, the clinics are a laudable expression of solidarity within the Greek society,” Mr. Lumina said. “However,” he added, “it is a primary obligation of the State to ensure access to basic health care for all without any discrimination.”

The expert said privatization should be undertaken cautiously and with sensitivity to the rights of the population, noting that utilities which provide essential public services such as water and energy are among the businesses targeted for privatization to reduce the public debt. “The privatization will likely entail further increases of user fees for the basic services,” he said.

Mr. Lumina also expressed concern at the significant increase in attacks on foreigners by extremist groups. “It appears that the economic crisis has magnified a problem that has existed for several years,” he noted.

The authorities needed to send a strong message that such criminal acts would not be tolerated, by strengthening the legal and institutional framework for combating them, he said.

Mr. Lumina welcomed the establishment of 70 anti-racist police units and the appointment of a Special Prosecutor responsible for the investigation of racist crimes “as an important step to combat such incidents”.

He urged the Greek Government and its creditors to adopt a human rights-based approach to designing and implementing economic reform. “These policies must be consistent with the obligations for the promotion of human rights that the country has assumed through ratification of core international human rights instruments,” he said.

“Development cannot be sustainable if human rights are not sufficiently taken into account. Ensuring the full participation of all segments of society in decision-making processes, enhancing efforts to reduce inequality, and respecting, promoting and protecting all human rights are critical to sustainable development,” he concluded.

During his first visit to Greece from 22-26 April 2013, the expert met with senior Government officials, including representatives of various Ministries and members of Parliament. He also held meetings with representatives of international organizations, national human rights bodies and civil society, as well as persons affected by the economic crisis.

His final findings and his recommendations will be presented in a comprehensive report to the UN Human Rights Council in March 2014.

Cephas Lumina is an Advocate of the High Court for Zambia and an Extra-Ordinary Professor of Human Rights Law at the University of Pretoria. He has extensive experience in human rights and holds a PhD in international human rights from Griffith University. He was appointed Independent Expert on the effects of foreign debt and other related international financial obligations of States on the full enjoyment of all human rights, particularly economic, social and cultural rights by the United Nations Human Rights Council in 2008. He is independent from any government or organization and serves in his individual capacity. The mandate covers all countries. Learn more, log on to:

(*) Read the full end-of mission statement by the Independent Expert:

UN Human Rights, Country Page – Greece:

Read the Independent Expert’s statement on Greece (June 2011): “Keep in mind the people’s basic human rights” –



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To all US, EU and NATO-soldiers: Don’t accept to be logo-typed, hired killers!

kosmas-loumakisKosmas Loumakissociological analyst and former consultant and field operator in crime prevention and socio-pedagogic programs in Sweden

“Dignity consists not in possessing honours, but in the consciousness that we deserve them” – Aristotle

This is a wake up call to those in the brainwashed flock called soldiers, who still have a reasonable mind and still can think for themselves:

To most social- and the behavioural-scientists it stands clear, that only scared and insecure boys think that their  manhood is best measured by what calibre they carry. COLT and the invention of modern firearms, beyond doubt really made men cowards in their mental approach to conflicts, battles and war. The western armies of today in fact don’t train real warriors; they just impose blind obedience, teach racism and a white supremacy tale and turn scared, angry and poor boys into hired killers. They just train them to be corporate owned, logo-typed and severely brainwashed, hired killers. They usually have no more personal credibility or more honourable reasons, than common mafia hitmen. 6 out of 10 of these boys and girls, struggle emotionally and mentally with very sad social  backgrounds and 2 out of 10 come from a quite persuasive military environment (tradition of family of soldiers).

This is in fact also one of the real reasons why crime gangs and violent gang cultures still exists in the western world. It doesn’t still exist because we do not know how to handle the problem, but because the political forces behind these problems don’t want to solve these problems. They’re kept there in order to form hordes of angry youth, ready to kill and die for spineless, power freaks. Those who need to have a “wanker-tank” of brainwashed fools to recruit from.

Or did you maybe think that we were able to develop a human civilization that went from oil lamps and horse and wagon to rockets, computers and space stations in less than 70 years, but that we can’t deal with some of the most devastating human and social issues? Did you think that we really can’t, get rid of poverty, social deprivation, gang violence, organized crime, terrorism and other poverty related crimes? Well, you are wrong. To all these social problems sociologists, criminologists, psychologists and social anthropologists have solutions since the end of the 60′s at least. But among other “benefits” with having around one third of one country’s population in serious social and economic need, is that you will always have young men, ready to go and fight some unjust war “for their country”. A whole repressive and preventive industry is preoccupied “dealing” with those issues, but never to really solve them of course. Social workers, police gang units, parole officers, social welfare, courts, penal system and some parts of the health care system, are all in fact very benefited by keeping these problems alive. So are the extremist capitalists who need serfs, servants and their own armies.

Studies have shown since WWI that soldiers who go abroad to fight, have up to 8 times bigger chance of falling into mental illness, than soldiers who are defending their country in their homeland. In my opinion that is also the only times when an individual has valid reason, to take a weapon in his hand and join the army. I did my military training (32 years ago) in an elite unit, but I will never go abroad to fight any other man in his land, because I learned very early in my home that those who do that are wrong, very, very wrong. Nowadays we also know that the vast majority of the victims are unarmed civilians, women and children and not soldiers. This has made modern war a disgraceful affair in which dignity, honour and glory are painfully absent.

Company logos and brands are what you actually are fighting for. You are just common butchers and hired killers really, acting under a company logo that now is clearly detectable to most thinking humans on the planet. All thinking people know this, so you can stop trying to convince us that you are doing it for freedom, peace, democracy, your country, your family and all the other nauseating, well-rehearsed “reasons” they pumped into your brain, before they unleashed you on some innocent, unarmed civilians and women and children.  We know now far too well that you have just been fooled and lied to about things as dignity, honour, glory, courage and patriotism. You are just price-labelled, expendable war dogs to these corporate leaders and so you are to the politicians who send you to die by telling you sheer LIES.

If you truly did respect yourselves and your lives and if you understood what true honour and bravery is, you would turn your guns, intellectual and political I mean, against your bankers and your ministers and ask them a couple of serious questions, before you allowed yourselves to go and humiliate, torture, terrorize and kill unarmed civilians, children and women. If you don’t have the courage to do that, you are truly just war dogs in uniforms that are stupid enough to volunteer to go and kill and die for THEIR profit. One question only: Did you ever see any of their sons, grand sons or nephews on the actual battlefields?

In reality, those who think they serve their country, while actually serving a few evil men that have hijacked their country, are the worst kind of collaborators of all, because they provide the “predators” muscles and physical power and they prevent their own brothers and sisters from putting up a legitimate resistance and a liberation struggle against them. They lack any kind of critical thinking, self respect and they have voluntarily handed themselves over to evil men to use them after their desires. They become traitors in the right sense of the word and there are no excuses any more such as “I just followed orders” or “I did my duty”. Stupidity,  a non-critical mind and inferiority complex are not excuses that will leave you without personal responsibility when the free citizens of the world rise united against you.  If trained soldiers want to do anything out of great significance for their country, for democracy and for mankind, they should join and help organizing the resisting masses all over the world in the growing worldwide movements of resistance against the power-elite. Otherwise they are just mindless puppets, who are directly under the influence of the enemies of mankind and their organizations. I tell all of you who work in uniforms right now: If you are ready to die for an honourable cause, then be ready to die to liberate and free mankind, not to imprison it in a totalitarian, Orwellian, global fascist state. The only true heroes existing today are actually just those who outnumbered and with old guns defend their countries against the invasions from the biggest and most modern armies of the world, and those who refuse to fight abroad in any NATO-led army.  Not a single man or woman in a NATO-uniform has anything to be proud off, because he is representing the cowards, the traitors and the butchers. He is working hand in hand with mercenaries to cleanse geographic regions of their populations. All of them most certainly share the moral, collective guilt of WAR CRIMES and CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, that is continuously and as a routine performed by NATO and affiliated mercenary armies.

FACTS: War has never, ever truly solved anything; it has just postponed things and added more fuel to conflicts and it have nurtured and developed feelings of revenge, retaliation and pay-back in the hearts of the victims of any war… It keeps the threats alive and it leads to bigger wars and it usually leaves civil wars behind!  At least according to recorded and available historic facts! Actually, the only truly serious change that both world wars brought about, was a greater concentration of power and the creation of super states like the G8, the EU, the UN and NATO. On the other hand there HAS been over 1 000 non-violence actions taking place over the last 2 000 years, that involved more than 10 000 people in each one of them and that changed unjust rule of a state, ended oppression and got rid of tyrants… So if something that is based on real facts can be said in the issue of War, it is that WAR DOESN’T SOLVE ANYTHING, WHILE NON-VIOLENT, DETERMINED AND UNITED ACTIONS DOES!..

But most of you didn’t learn that in the INDOCTRINATION CENTRE you call school. You have therefore chosen to serve and fight for these criminals and against humanity for a salary, food, a shitty dental plan and a uniform.

If you say NO to work for the predators and join the liberation struggle, you WILL became true heroes. US, and EU governments are panicking now and therefore it is NOW, that you guys have to chose whether you stand, WITH HUMANITY or AGAINST IT? Remember one thing: When these predators will try to escape true justice, they will sacrifice you and leave you behind.

“Cowards die a little every day, the brave die only once” – King Leonidas I of Sparta (540 BC — 480 BC)


Kosmas Loumakis

Athens 29-07-2012

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