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“In Tears” – ERT National Symphonic Orchestra and Choir play for the last time the Greek National Anthem


ERT National Symphonic Orchestra and Choir play the Greek National Anthem for the last time  – This images was broadcasted allover the world due to the women in tears… It is of course not ERT they cry for but for the death of democracy in its birth place… for the loss of decency and humanity,… They cry for the suffering, for the migrating youth, for our elders fading away tired and betrayed after wars, dictatorships and social disasters who again have to wave goodbye to their loved ones and bury their dead…

The tears are tears for the lost generations of Greece and for the failure of Europes path to civilization. 

THIS IS THE FUTURE TEARS OF EUROPE due to EU’s current neo-liberal bankers crusade in order to satisfy the richest, enslave the working and producing masses and exhaust and eliminate the old, sick and poor…


Silence of the National Symphony Orchestra & Choir of ERT after 75 years ….

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