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The Battle of Eurasia and ISIS’s role as a False Flag in the new Great Game


Another “master mind” behind a terror attack was killed last week by the police and can thereby not give any alternatives to the official story.

Imperialist reflexes and symptoms of severe megalomania are sadly the western leaders reactions to what more and more looks like yet another False Flag in the New Great Game, the imperialist US/EU grab in Eurasia. ISIS and NATO’s Gladio-strategies seem to be very strongly linked together. Why would the West support these groups some might ask? Apparently, ‘American foreign policy demands demons’ and why does it demand that?

James Corbett, gives a set of very important facts and draw his conclusions based on reason and investigation. In particular if compared with the official narrative.

Kosmas Loumakis


James Corbett presents at TEDxGroningenThe Corbett Report is an independent, listener-supported alternative news source. It operates on the principle of open source intelligence and provides podcasts, interviews, articles and videos about breaking news and important issues from 9/11 Truth and false flag terror to the Big Brother police state, eugenics, geopolitics, the central banking fraud and more.  He started The Corbett Report website in 2007 as an outlet for independent critical analysis of politics, society, history, and economics. _______________________________________________________________

An open source intelligence report

When journalists are not repeaters but true reporters

“The classified DIA report presented in August 2012, stated that “the Salafist, the Muslim Brotherhood, and AQI [Al- Qaeda in Iraq] are the major forces driving the insurgency in Syria,” being supported by “the West, Gulf countries and Turkey.” – READ MORE: Iraq Diary, Day 8: Does the DIA report talk about ISIS roots?


“The “Great Game”, the metaphor that is so upsetting to the Western establishment, refers to the struggle for supremacy between the British and the Russians. The Geographical Journal published an article in 1904, that articulated the reason that these great powers were engaged in the struggle for this piece of the globe.”

“The article was called “The Geographical Pivot of History” and was written by Sir Halford John Mackinder PC, the Director of the London School of Economics that was founded by the Fabian Society and folded into the heart of the British establishment in the University of London in 1900. (The cornerstone of the School’s Old Building on Houghton Street was laid by King George V himself). Mackinder is considered the father of the study of geopolitics.

The Geographical Pivot of History” is the document that is often said to be the founding document of geopolitics and constitutes the first formulation of what would come to be called the “Heartland Theory”. This theory starts from the division of what Mackinder called the “World Island” into inherently divided isolated areas. Each of these areas has its own part to play in the unfolding of world history, with the area he called the “Heartland” of the central Eurasian landmass being the pivot point from which a civilization could derive the geopolitical and economic leverage with which to dominate the world as a whole. This was summarized in a famous dictum from his 1919 work, “Democratic Ideals and Reality

“Who rules East Europe commands the Heartland;

Who rules the Heartland commands the World-Island;

Who rules the World-Island commands the World.”

Countries in Central Asia: KAZ Kazakhstan (pop. 16.0 million, capital: Astana), KGZ Kyrgyzstan (5.5 million, capital: Bishkek), TJK Tajikistan (7.3 million, capital: Dushanbe), TKM Turkmenistan (5.1 million, capital: Ashgabat), and UZB Uzbekistan (27.6 million, capital: Tashkent)

Looking at the map of what Mackinder had in mind for the Heartland it’s apparent that the “heart” of this Heartland is indeed the Central Asia-Caucasus region. This is what Russia and Britain were so intent on wresting from each other in the 19th century Great Game: control of the region from which the building of a world empire would be possible. And this is why the Project 2049 Institute and others desperately want to downplay this idea. They don’t under any circumstances want anyone to believe that the US and its NATO allies are intent on regional domination or the formation of a world empire.”

“But fast forward to 1997. In that year, Zbigniew Brzezinski released his book “The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy and its Geostrategic Imperatives” (evidently Brzezinski wasn’t so shy about calling world domination for what it is). Brzezinski does not mince words about the Eurasian Heartland and how important it is to American “global primacy”.”

“Brzezinski predicted that the first great war of the 21st century would take place in this area of the globe and four years later, in the first year of the 21st century, the United States and its NATO allies invaded Afghanistan beginning an occupation that became the longest military operation in the history of America. Meet the New Great Game, same as the Old Great Game. This time it’s NATO against China, Russia and what might be loosely termed a ‘resistance bloc,’ but the idea is almost the same: dominate Central Asia-Caucasus and use it as pivot point to dominate the world.

The Old and New Great Game are similar in many ways. The Old Great Game sprang from British fears that Russian incursion into Central Asia would threaten to topple their hold over the crown jewel of the British Empire, India; the New Great Game springs from the fear that Russian and/or Chinese dominance over Central Asia and the Caucasus would prevent NATO from achieving its goal of “full spectrum dominance.” The Old Great Game involved the British invasion of Afghanistan in 1838 and attempt to install a puppet regime; the New Great Game involved the NATO invasion of Afghanistan and attempt to install a puppet regime. The Old Great Game relied heavily on espionage, spycraft and subterfuge to undermine Russia’s sway over the Heartland; and as we shall see, the New Great Game also heavily relies on covert means to undermine Russian and Chinese influence in the region.”

(This was a few extracts from James Corbetts lecture, “The Secret War: Gladio and the Battle for Eurasia”, which can be watched in its entirety in the video below.)

Gladio B and the Battle for Eurasia


‘Operation Gladio B’–the continuation of the old NATO Gladio program–covers a tangled web of covert operatives, billionaire Imams, drug running, prison breaks and terror strikes. Its goal: the destabilization of Central Asia and the Caucasus. In this presentation to Studium Generale in Groningen on November 19, 2014, James Corbett lifts the lid on this operation, its covert operatives, and the secret battle for the Eurasian heartland.

Paris Attacks: William Engdahl Explains the Past, Present and Future of the War in Syria


F. William Engdahl of joins us today to give his perspective on the Paris attacks. We discuss the historical background to what is taking place now in Syria, how it plays into the current geopolitical agenda of the US/NATO military powers, and what it means for France, Syria and the world moving forward.

Paris Attacks Truth: ISIS is a False Flag


As The Corbett Report community continues to track the latest updates on the Paris attack investigation, let us not forget the essential underlying truth: ISIS is a creation of the US, Turkey, Israel and the Gulf States, and they are fostered, funded, equipped, armed, trained by the United States, and its Gulf allies, Turkey and Israel protected by the NATO allies and the GCC, France included.

US ex-intelligence chief on ISIS rise: It was ‘a willful Washington decision’

The US didn’t interfere with the rise of anti-government jihadist groups in Syria that finally degenerated into Islamic State, claims the former head of America’s Defense Intelligence Agency, backing a secret 2012 memo predicting their rise.

An interview with retired Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), given to Al Jazeera’s Mehdi Hasan, confirms earlier suspicions that Washington was monitoring jihadist groups emerging as opposition in Syria.

Article: Follow the Money: From Paris to ISIS to Paris

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Who Is Really Behind the Syrian War?


Paris Attackers Funded by Pentagon Dinner Guest, and 5 Other ”Coincidences”

Tony Cartalucci

Activist Post

Corroborating claims by French security agencies, a bizarre interview conducted just before the death of terror suspect Chérif Kouachi reveals that he had been in Yemen and in direct contact with none other than Anwar Al Awlaki – the notorious Al Qaeda leader allegedly killed in a drone strike in Yemen in 2011.

Image: The Kouachi brothers, arrested twice for terrorism, convicted and imprisoned for terrorism, having met senior leadership of Al Qaeda, having trained with and fought alongside Al Qaeda, French intelligence would – 6 months ago –


The UK Mirror in an article titled, “Paris shootings: Listen to terrorist Amedy Coulibaly’s bizarre conversation with hostage during supermarket siege,” quoted Kouachi as saying:

We are just telling you we are the defenders of the prophet and that I Chérif Kouachi have been sent by Al Qaida of Yemen and that I went over there and that Anwar Al Awaki financed me.

Not only was Anwar Al Awlaki a senior leader in Al Qaeda, he also infamously spent dinner with top brass at the Pentagon shortly after the September 11, 2001 attacks in Washington, New York, and over Pennsylvania.

CBS News would report in their article, “Qaeda-Linked Imam Dined at Pentagon after 9/11,” that:

Anwar al-Awlaki – the radical spiritual leader linked to several 9/11 attackers, the Fort Hood shooting, and the attempted Christmas Day bombing of an airliner – was a guest at the Pentagon in the months after 9/11, a Pentagon official confirmed to CBS News.

Awlaki was invited as “…part of an informal outreach program” in which officials sought contact “…with leading members of the Muslim community,” the official said. At that time, Awlaki was widely viewed as a “moderate” imam at a mosque in Northern Virginia.

At the same time, the FBI was also interviewing Awlaki about his contacts with three of the 9/11 attackers – Nawaf al-Hazmi, Khalid al Midhar and Hani Hanjour – who were all part of the crew of five that hijacked the American Airlines jet that hit the Pentagon.

Image: Just another coincidence … Senior Al Qaeda leader Anwar Al Awlakiwas clicking glasses together at the Pentagon with American military brassjust months after the 9/11 attacks in 2001. Also, “coincidentally,” he had infact met at least one of the several alleged hijackers. He also, just before being liquidated by a US drone attack in 2011, allegedly funded the terror cell
responsible for the recent Paris shootings. 


Indeed, Anwar Al Awlaki would admit to having met Hazmi – in yet another incident the general public is supposed to believe is simply an astonishing coincidence.

The list of “coincidences” and “accidents” is so far impressive and include the following:

1. French authorities arrested and imprisoned Chérif Kouachi in 2005 for terrorism. He would be released in 2008 after sentencing was suspended for “time served,” this despite evidence suggesting Kouachi may have even gone as far with his plot as travel to Yemen. Slate Magazine would report in their article, “The Details of Paris Suspect Cherif Kouachi’s 2008 Terrorism Conviction,” that:

Kouachi was arrested in January 2005, accused of planning to join jihadists in Iraq. He was said to have fallen under the sway of Farid Benyettou, a young “self-taught preacher” who advocated violence, but had not actually yet traveled to Iraq or committed any acts of terror. Lawyers at the time said he had not received weapons training and “had begun having second thoughts,” going so far as to express “relief” that he’d been apprehended.

2. Kouachi and brother Said would be implicated in another terrorist plot again in 2010 but were not prosecuted due to a lack of evidence. The BBC in their report titled, “Charlie Hebdo attack: Suspects’ profiles,” would state:

In 2010 Cherif Kouachi was named in connection with a plot to spring another Islamist, Smain Ait Ali Belkacem, from jail – a plot hatched by Beghal, according to French anti-terror police.

Belkacem used to be in the outlawed Algerian Islamic Armed Group (GIA) and was jailed for life in 2002 for a Paris metro station bombing in 1995 which injured 30 people.

Said Kouachi, 34, was also named in the Belkacem plot, but the brothers were not prosecuted because of a lack of evidence.

3. With French intelligence agencies’ knowledge, the Kouachi brothers would then travel to Yemen in 2011, receiving weapons training directly from Al Qaeda.  CNN’s report titled, “France tells U.S. Paris suspect trained with al Qaeda in Yemen,” would report:

A U.S. official says the United States was given information from the French intelligence agency that Said Kouachi traveled to Yemen as late as 2011 on behalf of the al Qaeda affiliate there. Once in Yemen, the older brother of the two received a variety of weapons training from al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) — the affiliate in Yemen — the official said, including on how to fire weapons. It is also possible Said was trained in bomb making, a common jihadist training in Yemen. Two other U.S. officials confirmed that information about the Yemeni travel was passed to the U.S. from French intelligence agencies.

In addition, French Justice Minister Christiane Taubira told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour in an interview broadcast on CNN International that one of the brothers traveled to Yemen in 2005. Taubira would not say which brother.

Admissions that one of the brothers had traveled to Yemen in 2005, suggests the possibility he may indeed have received weapons training from Al Qaeda before his arrest and imprisonment later that same year.

4. It was reported that the brothers then fought in Syria before returning last summer, approximately 6 months ago. USA Today would report in an article titled, “Manhunt continues for two French terror suspects,” that:

The brothers were born in Paris of Algerian descent. Cherif was sentenced to three years in prison on terrorism charges in May 2008. Both brothers returned from Syria this summer. 

5. Also about 6 months ago, French intelligence decided the suspects’ serial offenses along with their direct contact with Al Qaeda – including the receiving of terrorist training and battlefield experience fighting along side them in Syria – were “low risk” cases and therefore not worthy of their attention.

Astoundingly, UK’s Daily Mail would report in their article, “Revealed: Police stopped watching Paris killers six months ago after terror cell of kosher deli attacker and his crossbow jihadi wife – who has fled to Syria – were deemed ‘low-risk’,” that:

The world’s most wanted female terrorist has fled to Syria, it was revealed last night – as police admitted they stopped surveillance on her deadly Parisian cell six months ago because they were deemed ‘low-risk’.

The Daily Mail would go on to report on other cell members including Amedy Coulibaly, also killed by police during the recent shootings and attacks in Paris – also a notorious serial offender, known terrorist, and also previously arrested, convicted, and sentenced to prison for terrorism.

Who decided this cell was “low risk” six months ago? That is probably where the French people should begin searching for justice – if justice is in fact what they seek.

Six months, coincidentally, is also about the typical length (6-10 months) of security and intelligence “sting operations” targeting terrorists. It provides an appropriate time frame within which an event like the recent attacks could have been planned, funded, and eventually carried out. The public is expected to believe this obvious terror cell who had been in and out of prison for terrorism over the course of a decade and in direct contact with Al Qaeda, was suddenly dropped from the attention of French intelligence just in time for them to carry out their most spectacular crime to date?

Who decided this cell was “low risk” six months ago? That is probably where the French people should begin searching for justice – if justice is in fact what they seek.

Europe Has Been Here Before 

Unfortunately, these “coincidences” and “accidents” are not coincidences and accidents at all. They fit an obvious pattern of staged provocations within the context of an intentionally engineered “strategy of tension,” identical but scaled up from what NATO was exposed to have committed during the Cold War as part of its “stay behind networks,” more commonly known as “Operation Gladio.”

Indeed, if NATO could carry out attacks during the Cold War, targeting Western Europeans in deadly brutality designed to appear as the work of NATO’s enemies, why would NATO now be suddenly excused from the investigation as a prime suspect? With the “coincidences” and “accidents” described above, those occupying the highest of France’s political, military, and intelligence offices, should be removed, tried, and imprisoned for criminal negligence at the very least.

As the puzzle pieces continue to fit together, the picture that appears is one of brazen, intentional provocation either to divide society at home, or wage war abroad, or both. And as this picture comes into focus, the rhetoric designed to distract the public from seeing it will reach a fever pitch.

Tony Cartalucci’s articles have appeared on many alternative media websites, including his own at
Land Destroyer Report, Alternative Thai News Network and LocalOrg.

Read other contributed articles by Tony Cartalucci here.

Major Anti-Russian False Flag Coming?

December 18, 2014 | By Stephen Lendman


911 on steroids …

Longstanding US plans call for regime change in Russia. Targeting its sovereign independent government. Its main Eurasian rival.

Washington wants pro-Western stooge governance installed. By color revolution or war. US hegemonic ambitions threaten world peace.

Things are more dangerous today than any time since events preceding WW II. Russian economist/political analyst Mikhail Delyagin expects a major anti-Russian provocation.

Expressing his views on Pravda radio, saying “things and information of a unique character…threaten us all very much.”

Ukraine is a pretext. A US-led NATO platform. A dysfunctional, criminal Washington installed neo-Nazi regime.

Economically bankrupt with no legitimacy whatever. Dependent on outside support for survival. America’s newest colony.

Controlling policy, calling the shots, what Washington says goes. Kiev’s stooge regime salutes and obeys. Otherwise it’s replaced. Color revolution 3.0 installing another.

“Why did the Ukrainian crisis happen,” Delyagin asked? “What is the fundamental reason? Why did the Americans get into it so deep(ly)?”

Because Washington, China and the EU are the “three (major) global players,” says Delyagin. Destroying “EU cooperation with Russia eliminates it as an independent participant in global competition, which is what we see now.”

Leaving America and China the two remaining dominant world players. A “real cold war” exists.

Hot war in Ukraine. EU/Russian trade is important. European sentiment favors “restor(ing) relations,” Delyagin believes.

Washington wants Russia “rip(ped)” from Europe. Unsuccessful so far. The MH17 false flag provocation failed.

Russia had nothing to do with it. Nor Donbas freedom fighters. Ukrainian Sukhoi-25 warplane cannon fire was responsible.

Verifiable satellite/radar data showed its aircraft tailing MH17 before destruction. Fuselage penetration holes were consistent with cannon rounds.

“The sequel is coming,” said Delyagin. “There will be another provocation…We got some information. (I)ndirectly confirm(ed) from the West.”

Saying Ukraine’s army “goes on (a fake) offensive. (I)t pretends to attack. (S)oldiers carry out a massive artillery preparation.”

Then “a tactical nuclear warhead explodes in the zone of the offensive of the Ukrainian army.”

Russia is blamed. Unjustifiably. Perhaps to no avail. America alone ever used nuclear weapons. Doing it again “is not so difficult,” said Delyagin.

Estonia’s Paldiski port has warehouse stored radioactive waste. US-led NATO “reportedly delivered (radioactive) cargo.” Not “waste to be disposed of.”

The scheme goes like this, said Delyagin. Unable to blame Russia for MH17, “we will explain to everyone that the damned Russian barbarians had used nuclear weapons against the defenseless Ukrainian army.”

Putin gets blamed. No one in Russia “can deploy a tactical nuclear weapon without the direct order from the Supreme Commander.”

At issue is destroying EU/Russian relations. Disrupt trade. Sever normal political ties. Perhaps block Russian media in Western countries and Japan.

Given the infinite cynicism of our American, as many say, “colleagues.” Nothing too outrageous is beyond their scheming.

Even detonating a nuclear device. False flag criminality blaming Russia. 9/11 on steroids. Too grave to ignore.

With no evidence to photograph for forensic examination. Unlike MH17. “(T)o prove it’s not us.”

Attempts so far to blame Russia for Ukrainian crisis conditions failed. Evidence, or lack of it, debunked Western claims.

Nuclear detonation is different, said Delyagin. Leaving no fingerprints. Perhaps before Christmas. For holy day shock value.

Delyagin predicted Ukraine’s coup. Expected it last February. On Sochi’s winter Olympics first day. It came at the end. Two weeks later. On February 22.

Whether he’s right or wrong about a nuclear false flag remains to be seen. Lunatics in Washington make anything possible.

The unthinkable could follow mass nuclear casualties. Perhaps successfully isolating Russia. Then direct East/West confrontation.

Conflict launching nuclear war. What decades of MAD (mutually assured destruction) prevented. Perhaps no longer.

It remains to be seen. Not for long if Delyagin’s before Christmas scenario proves right.

On Sunday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov met John Kerry in Rome. Their 17th meeting this year.

Resolving nothing. Washington entirely to blame for Ukrainian and most other world conflict conditions.

A Russian Foreign Ministry statement said:

“When discussing bilateral relations Lavrov stressed that their development is possible only on the basis of equality and mutual interests, while any attempts to pressure Russia have no prospect,”

Lavrov and Kerry discussed Ukraine. The Russian diplomat stressing the importance of observing Geneva and Minsk agreements.

Ones Kiev spurned. Violated straightaway. On orders from Washington. Showing no credible signs of observing now. Conflict conditions remain. Lavrov hopes otherwise saying:

“In the context of the situation in southeastern Ukraine, the consistent implementation of the Minsk agreements is paramount, as well as the convening of a contact group for this purpose as early as possible.”

Illegitimate oligarch president Petro Poroshenko is Washington’s man in Ukraine. A convenient stooge. Obeying orders. On command.

Intending more war. His phony “regime of silence” is head-fake deception.

Saying it helps him regroup. Build troop strength. Rearm. Restore combat readiness. Prepare for more conflict. On orders from Washington.

Current conditions reflect the calm before the storm. Whether by nuclear false flag deception, another US/Kiev provocation, or other pretext remains to be seen.

It bears repeating. Washington wants pro-Western stooge governance replacing sovereign Russian independence.

Its master plan calls for world conquest. Perhaps using nuclear confrontation to achieve aims. Madness by any standard.

A Final Comment

Russia Today interviewed Mikhail Gorbahev. Soviet Russia’s last leader. Now aged 83.

Saying America needs Perestroika reforms. Restructuring. Politically. Economically. Militarily.

“They can call it any name they want,” said Gorbachev. “(I)t’s not easy for them. (W)ith the society they have.”

Creating nonexistent enemies. Stoking tensions. Creating instability. Bullying other nations. Shifting responsibility.

“Whenever tensions are high, whenever there’s instability in a certain country or throughout the region, it’s an opportunity for (Washington) to intervene,” said Gorbachev.

“I am quite familiar with this policy from my own experience,” he explained. It’s up to Europe to prevent a new Cold War, he believes.

One potentially much more dangerous. Deescalation is vital. When things risk spinning out of control. Sparking more serious confrontation.

Risks too dangerous to permit. Washington bears full responsibility. Fueling anti-Russian sentiment is unacceptable.

Gorbachev believes time remains to change things. At the same time, knowing what Russia faces.

Washington needs enemies, said Gorbachev. To exert “pressure. They can’t live without it. They are still enslaved by their old policy.”

Ukraine is America’s pretext for whatever follows. For its anything goes policy.

For sparking East/West confrontation. What no responsible government would permit. What Washington prioritizes.

Furthering its hegemonic aims. It bears repeating. Madness by any standard.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached His new book is titled “How Wall Street Fleeces America: Privatized Banking, Government Collusion and Class War”. Visit his blog site at

Kapitalister är bra på två saker – att döda för plundringens skull och att få det att se ut som om andra gjort det

Med anledning av Carl Hamiltons krönika ”Kommunister är bra på en sak – att döda” i Aftonbladet 12 Mars, vill jag påpeka några aspekter som Carl lämnat därhän i sin likräkning. Att bedöma vem som egentligen dödar vem handlar om att klart kunna se motiv, uppsåt och metod för dödandet och då är det en klar fördel att inte vara ‘skymd’ av något under den iaktagelsen. Hur man fastställer skuldbördan för olagliga invasionskrig med miljoner dödsoffer, men också för omedelbara och långsiktiga ekonomiska, sociala och ekologiska ‘utrensningar’ och ‘förintelser’ som dagligen kräver hundratusentals liv får Carl förklara i någon annan krönika kanske.

Då var det dags för rättning i ledet igen för svenskarna enligt det förhållningssätt USA bestämt att man måste ha till världshändelserna. Denna gången är det Carl Hamilton som är magistern.

I Sep 2001 höjde man i Sverige beredskapen emot terrordåd p.g.a attacken i N.Y.C den 9/11. En skrattretande reflex som t.o.m Arabvärldens värsta jihadister måste skrattat sig fördärvade åt, som Jan Guillou påpekar i en omtalad artikel i Aftonbladet de dagarna. Efter Putins intåg i östra Ukraina och Krim, flyttade dagens regering JAS-plan från Kallinge till Gotland. Återigen en lika skrattretande reflex som enbart syftar till att stämma svensken enligt USA’s och EU-oligarkins syften. 17 september 2001 publicerade Aftonbladet Jan Guilou’s artikel ”Vi blev tvångs- kommenderade att bli amerikaner“, där han skriver “Alltså blev vi alla tvångskommenderade att vara amerikaner. Vår sorg, som vi befalldes att manifestera kollektivt, var enligt order större än för någon annan händelse efter andra världskriget.” och lite längre ner skriver Jan “USA är den stora massmördaren i vår tid. Enbart krigen mot Vietnam och de angränsande sydostasiatiska länderna krävde fyra miljoner liv. Utan en enda tyst minut i Sverige.” Sedan Jan’s artikel har ytterligare ett par miljoner människoliv skördats av enbart USA med medbrottslingar.

Den artikeln är värd att läsa om idag, som ett mentalt motgift till de mediala gifter som alldeles för många experter sprider. Den gruppsykologiska Le Bon-modellen som regeringen tydligt använder i sin propagandaföring, försätter svensken i djup vanmakt och leder honom att känna just de sympatier och antipatier USA och EU-oligarkin, vill. Idag befalls vi i enlighet med den viljan, via herr Hamilton, att samstämmigt se med ökad avsky på kommunismen och med ökad förståelse på nazismen.

Han har kommit med sin tes, och det blir inget annat än hans tes, då man inte riktigt förstår hur han kommit fram till vilka som är kommunismens lik och vilka som inte är det. Det jag kan se över de senaste 30 åren i vart fall är att för varje decennium som går så ökar uppenbarligen kommunismens dödsoffer under 2:a världskriget och nazismens minskar. Detta enligt de mest spridda encyclopedierna, läroböckerna, de populära historiska magasinen och de systemtrogna essäerna. Man måste själv gå till detaljskildringarna, dagböckerna, originalarkiven, vittnesmålen och domsluten för att kunna matcha verkliga fakta med vår tids frisserade berättelse.

Wikipedia exempelvis, som många vanliga ‘sökare’ använder, för att nämna en av de absolut värsta historieförvrängarna på internet, men långt ifrån den enda, skriver systematiskt om historien genom att antingen utelämna centrala fakta helt eller på lämpligt vis sy om dem så att de skall passa den numera hårt marknadsförda ny-liberalistiska doktrinens berättelseEnligt detta propagandaredskap blir exempelvis befrielsearméer terrorister och terrorister blir befrielsearméer, false-flag-operationer blir terroristers dåd och anledningar till krigshandlingar, de döda byter sida, mördarna byter sida och miljontals lik försvinner och förmodas glömmas bort. I takt med att ögonvittnena dör och dagböckerna försvinner så misshandlas de historiska faktumen än mer hejdlöst och utan skam av dagens historie-redigerare  

Utan en antites till Carls tes, märks det inte vilka “mätmetoder” eller rent individuella tolkningar han använt för att tillskriva kommunister det antal dödsoffer han tror kan jämna ut nazismens och fascismens. Han vill ju tro att nazismens dödande endast varade i 13 år. Man kan inte begränsa nazismens dödande till de år den officiellt existerade genom en nations regering då den hållts vid liv sedan dess av de västerländska säkerhetstjänsterna. 

I vår tid i vart fall (d.v.s från mitten av 40-talet) och med facit i hand, är både Fascism och Nazism bäst bevarade inom USA’s imperialistiska version av Diktatorisk Skendemokrati och inte inom de olika karikatyr-organisationerna. Högerextremist-organisationerna som, genom långvarig, konstgjord livsuppehållande vård ifrån just CIA, MI6 och Mossad, men också ifrån Tyska BND och Franska DGSE, nu agerar “revolutionärer” i Europa och USA. I princip alla dessa extremistorganisationer agerar under CIA’s och NATO’s befäl. När man förstått detta förstår man också bättre varför USA’s regering, direkt efter Nazitysklands kapitulation och i skydd av massinvandringen från Europa, räddade och smugglade tusentals nazistbefäl och ‘vetenskapsmän’ över Atlanten, som alla var skyldiga till ohyggliga krigsbrott personligen. De smugglades till USA via bl.a allierade handelsfartyg. Man var tvungen att rädda dem undan röda arméns exekutionsplutoner, därför man behövde deras “ovärderliga” kunskaper och färdigheter i folkmord, brott emot mänskligheten, etnisk rensning och propagandaföring. NATO’s ‘nazistiska’ mördare blev inplanterade i västerländska samhällen över hela världen efter 1948. Hur många lik kommunisterna lämnat efter sig går bara att bedöma om man också tar hänsyn till säkerhetstjänsternas operationer, metoder och taktik genom den ‘tysta’ krigsföringen.

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Efter andra världskriget bestämde sig Storbritannien och USA för att inleda paramilitära stay-behind-operationer. Ett exempel är NATO’s stay-behind-operationer under kodnamnet, ”Operation Gladio”. Det är samlingsnamnet på alla anti-kommunistiska operationer sedan 1948 och fram till våra dagar. Winston Churchills framprovocerade, blodiga inbördeskrig i Grekland 1946 -1949 genom sitt plötsliga stöd till grekiska högerextremister och nazistkollaboratörer, var operationen som födde de organiserade stay-behind operationerna. CIA-chefen Allen Dulles var en av nyckelpersonerna i skapandet av “Operation Gladio”, och de flesta av dess aktiviteter finansierades av CIA. Mottot “tystnaden tjänar friheten” pryder Gladios emblem. Vems frihet och vilken typ av frihet man egentligen skyddar med dolk, eld och paramilitära fallskärmstrupper förklarar just nazismen och fascismen väl inom sina grundfilosofier i vilka också dödandet av “orena” eller “olika oss” ges en alldeles speciell vikt. Lojala medlemmar rekryterades i hela Europa: det vill säga brutala anti-kommunister, i huvudsak nazister och fascister. De har sedan dess hängivit sig åt nazismens återuppståndelse och false-flag-operationer av främst  paramiltär karaktär, men också av politisk karaktär. De har infiltrerat och bedrivit omstörtande verksamhet, inte bara inom västnationers och neutrala nationers politiska partier, regeringar och oppositioner, utan också inom socialistiska och kommunistiska nationer

Normalt erkänns, ifrån västs regeringar och västmedia, endast vissa extremhögra organisationer vara “Operation Gladios” verk, men det är bevisat från flera håll idag att deras verksamhet till hög grad innehöll infiltrering och organisering av kommunistiska grupperingar. Det drama den dubbelrollen resulterat i spelas för övrigt upp idag på de geopolitiska arenorna, både i Europa, Afrika, Latinamerika, Asien och i Arabvärlden. Kapitalisterna hoppas att genom att deras paramilitära organisationer eskalerar en våldsspiral mellan “ytterligheterna”, så skall självaste demokratin tvingas att visa nacken och ta emot nådastöten av fascismen och nazismen, som alltså under hela efterkrigstiden främst levererats av CIA och NATO. Därför talas det väldigt tyst om någon som helst inblandning i de ‘kommunistiska’ gruppernas organisationer och operationer.

Under “Operation Gladio” infiltrerades bl.a de ’kommunistiska’ Brigate Rosse i Italien på 70-talet. Italienska domare bekräftade i slutet av 90-talet att huvudmedlemmarna Mario Moretti och Giovanni Senzani arbetat för den Italienska säkerhetspolisen Polizia di Prevenzione (DIGOS) och den Italienska militära underrättelsetjänsten, Servizio Informazioni Militare (SIM) som tillsammans med CIA blev ‘lyckliga föräldrar’ till den konstgjorda röda ultra-terrorismen i Italien. I Västtyskland, i BND’s arkiv, existerar dossierer som bevisar något liknande om gruppen Rote armé-fraktion, RAF, eller Baader-Meinhof-ligan. Det existerar dokument som starkt pekar på att Andreas Baader hade nära samröre med den Västtyska militära underrättelsetjänsten, Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) som föddes ur Gehlen Organization, den största arbetsgivaren för gamla nazister i Västtyskland. Gehlen-organisationens hemliga “celler” skulle stanna kvar i “fiendekontrollerade områden” och fungera som ‘motståndsrörelser’, bedriva sabotage, omstörtande verksamhet, gerillakrig och mord. Horst Mahler, en av grundarna av RAF, som enligt egen utsago då var en ‘socialitisk’ advokat och som hade mycket nära samröre med både Andreas Baader och Ulriche Meinhof är idag en nyckelfigur inom den Tyska Nynazist-rörelsen, och en Gehlen-skapelse. Dessa är endast två exempel ur den uppsjö av uppgifter, som onekligen väcker frågor kring säkerhetstjänsternas inblandning i konstruktionen av dessa ’kommunister’ och kring vilka det verkligen var som lämnade lik efter sig “i högar”.

En operation som inspirerade till Operation Gladio är den operation som General-löjtnant Sir Ronald MacKenzie Scobie ledde på Churchills order i Grekland i slutet av 2:a världskriget och som ledde till det blodiga inbördeskriget 1946 – 1949. Man beväpnade nazist-kollaboratörer, gamla Metaxa-agenter och högerextrema royalister för att rensa Grekland på EAM/ELAS motståndsmän och kvinnor. Hetsjakten och den rena slakten på dessa, skedde efter att dessa först avväpnats i ett, skulle det visa sig, svekfullt “fredsavtal” som Churchill lurade in EAM/ELAS i. BBC-dokumentären “A Hidden War” som visades en enda gång i Brittisk TV 1983 innan den bannlystes, har dokumenterat dessa fakta väl. Churchill själv uttryckte om än lite kryptiskt att stay-behind-operationerna fötts genom det framprovocerade inbördeskriget i Grekland.

“Jag tycktes befinna mig i otakt med händelserna i Grekland 1944-45. Men idag förefaller det som om jag förde exakt den politik, som Förenta staterna något mer än två år senare med djup övertygelse gjort till sin. Det bereder mig en mycket stor tillfredsställelse.” – Winston Churchill, citerad i New York Times, 12 april 1947

I Grekland i nutid, närmare bestämt den 17 November 2013 tog, en rätt klantigt ihopsatt anarkist-kommunistisk, militant grupp, på sig dubbelmordet på två medlemmar ur brottssyndikatet och nynazistpartiet Gyllene Gryning, efter över två veckors tystnad. Man tåtar nämligen inte ihop ett ‘revolutionärt’ manifest, om än fiktivt, på endast några dagar. De allra flesta vakna och tänkande människorna i Grekland fnös och skrattade åt de uppenbara, ideologiska och sakliga ’felen’ i detta anarkist-kommunistiska manifest som säkerhetspolisen producerat under namnet Folkets Kämpande Revolutionära Krafter. Det var uppenbart att de som producerat detta dokument inte hade så värst bra historisk och ideologisk koll på sådana organisationer. Det var ännu mer uppenbart att man försökte provocera fram och skapa förutsättningar för en ny militärjunta eller ett nytt inbördeskrig genom att “tutta på” de konstgjorda ytterligheternas stubin.

Det existerar en hel del liknande CIA eller NATO-stödda ”kommunistorganisationer” i Mellanöstern, i Sydostasien, i Afrika, I Europa och i Latinamerika som haft och har den egna säkerhetspolisens och några utländska ambassaders välsignelse (företrädesvis USA’s och Storbritanniens innan 1960 men också Israels efteråt). Det har startats en hel del blodiga inbördeskrig, diktaturer och invasionskrig via “Operation Gladios” verksamhet inom både de högerradikala och de vänsterradikala grupperna. Bara man har lust att titta lite i historieböckernas fotnoter och det ‘finstilta’ så förstår man att nazismens och fascismens verkliga ‘kuvös’ varit CIA och NATO med ett par militärbaser som “fostrare”. Exempelvis f.d Fort Benning i Georgia, eller School of the Americas eller Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (WHINSEC), som det döptes om till efter att det exponerats som världens främsta ‘växthus’ för jordens grymmaste fascistiska och nazistiska bödlar, mördare, torterare och diktatorer. 30 000 av dessa kapitalismens svarta riddare pumpade man ut därifrån under ett par decennier och de i sin tur hade efter sin framfart lämnat miljoner lik efter sig.

Under en tid då varje organiserat rop för medborgerliga och mänskliga rättigheter och demokrati, sågs  som kommunistiska yttringar av Kapitalismen, ledde det till att det dödades och förföljdes miljoner människor som inte var kommunister. Det blev nämligen regel från de kapitalistiska staterna i väst (och är än idag) att ge alla som vågar resa sig, organisera sig och slåss för sina rättigheter och sin frihet, samlingsnamnet “kommunister”, oavsett samröre med något kommunistiskt parti eller ej. Denna långa hetsjakt på alla som kämpade för demokrati och rättvisa i sitt land, skapade säkerligen fler “kommunister” än vad de klassiska kommuniststaternas samhällsskick gjorde.

gladio“Operation Gladios” verksamheter anses och på mycket goda grunder ha placerat presidenter, premiärministrar, utrikesministrar, polischefer, domare och chefredaktörer inom de västerländska nationernas politiska system och institutioner under hela det kalla kriget. En sådan nation är bl.a Grekland, där socialistpartiet PASOK bildades efter ett “lån” på 100 milj dollar till Andreas Papandreou från Manhattan Chase Bank, Rockefellers egna bank. Innan “lånet” betalades ut skrev A. Papandreou under ett dokument där tiotalet punkter utgjorde villkoren. Inte alls överraskande dikterade en punkt att Papandreou fick kritisera USA’s utrikespolitik rätt öppet i tal men aldrig i handling och en annan punkt där han förband sig att hålla kommunistpartiet KKE under 7%-strecket och fackföreningarna splittrade.

Denna strypkoppelförsedda typ av socialism blev den som CIA  implementerade i Europa och i världen från mitten av 70-talet till slutet av 80-talet. I allra högsta grad också i Sverige där ett statsministermord ‘blev nödvändigt’ för att man skulle kunna introducera den nya, “nyliberala” pseudo-socialismen.

Mätmetoderna för att kunna se vem som dödat vem, betvivlar jag behöver vara så värst “förfinade” för att klara av att visa sanningen. Det är oftast när man vill förvanska sanningen man behöver “förfina” metoderna. Det går att fastställa dödssiffror och vem som gjorde vad med ganska stor pricksäkerhet då det ju, förutom båda sidors förlustrapporter, också finns vittnesmål och domslut kring krigsbrott, brott emot mänskligheten och folkmord i hyllhav i flera olika offentliga arkiv. Några av dessa arkiv finns under Interagency Working Group (IWG) under National Archives, ett arkiv med nästan 8 miljoner sidor av dokument inklusive 1,2 miljoner sidor ur (OSS) Office of Strategic Service’s register, 74.000 sidor ur CIA namn- och ämnes-register, mer än 350.000 sidor ur FBI ämnes-register, och nästan 300.000 sidor ur Amerikanska arméns underrättelseregister. Vad som dock kan sägas om dem som använder sig av dessa “förfinade” mätmetoder är att de trots dessa metoder tydligen har svårt att ta med i beräkningarna de styrande säkerhetstjänsternas operationer, strategier, metoder och taktik. Dessa har ju onekligen betytt en hel del för hur förövare och offer framställs i väst, hur dödssiffror tolkas och hos vem skulden ligger. Det går alltså inte att endast titta på vem som bär hakkors och vem som bär hammaren och skäranDe iscensatta inbördeskrigen, invasionskrigen, låtsas-revolutionerna, mord-patrullerna, de etniska rensningarna, sanktionerna och bankirernas stöd till plundrar-regeringar är oftast resultatet av dessa säkerhetstjänsters ’projekt’ och operationer. 

Att siffran för antalet döda som kan tillskrivas kommunismen stiger de senaste 40 åren, beror nog delvis på vad kapitalisterna gärna vill identifiera som kommunistiskt våld än vad som de facto är det. Man kan misstänka att mätmetoderna Carl säger förfinades, kanske “förfinades” på ett, för kapitalismen “lämpligt” sätt, strax efter Sovjetunionens fall, då motargumenten inte längre är så självklara. Kusligt nog är kapitalisternas definition på kommunistiskt våld på pricken densamma som de största västerländska säkerhetstjänsternas definition. Vems definition det var från början är en fråga man själv ganska lätt kan räkna ut svaret på, om man följer Latinamerikas politiska historia under 50-, 60- och 70-talet samt Irans, Vietnams, Cambodjas, Indonesiens och flertalet Afrikanska länders och Arab-länders historia, under samma period.

Sättet som kommunismen beskrivs på av paranoida McCarthy-stöpta amerikaner med följe (den västerländska massmedian) och hur exempelvis Islam beskrivs idag av desamma, ger klara indikationer på att den ‘skenande kapitalismen’ alltid behöver skapa fiender att ”rädda folken ifrån”. I synnerhet, för att inte säga, uteslutande och enbart om dessa folk råkar sitta på¨rika naturresurser eller råkar bo i ett geopolitiskt och därför strategiskt intressant läge. Då skall minsann demokrati och “mänskliga rättigheter” implementeras,.. alltså Wall Street- och Hollywood-versionen, i vilken inte alls folken har makten utan storföretagen, bankerna och den politiska eliten (inom de stora partierna) och i vilken tillgången till rättvisa och de mänskliga rättigheterna är en kostnadsfråga. Verklig demokrati, verkliga mänskliga rättigheter och verklig rättvisa är ju ‘kommunism’ och ‘terrorism’ för ny-liberalerna och kapitalisterna. Det är när folken kräver DETTA som kapitalist-hydrans alla huvuden slår gnistor. Alla storföretagen, bankerna, median och den politiska eliten skriker sig hesa och försöker febrilt hitta sätt att splittra ropen för rättvisa och skapa konflikter mellan de olika samhällsgrupperna. Detta har USA och NATO gjort i Latinamerika, Asien, Arabvärlden, Afrika och i Europa och de gör det i detta nu, på alla dessa platser. Det är då de ultraextrema grupperna man vårdat, närt och klappat medhårs kommer till nytta. I Ukraina lyckades man på så sätt t.o.m bilda en nazistisk regering, när man ville öppna en front emot Ryssland.

När kapitalist-hydran far iväg på ett nytt Mammon’s korståg med antingen IMF eller NATO som spjutspets, vet vi idag att det innebär någon miljon eller några miljoner lik. Alldeles för många civila och kvinnor och barn och alldeles för få invaderande soldater, för att man skall kunna kalla det krig egentligen. I mina ögon ser det mer ut som regelrätta utrensningar av befolkningar som inte behagar låta sig förslavas av USA’s och NATO’s obligatoriska, ekonomiska slav-modeller. Vi vet idag mer än väl att invasionerna beordras för naturrikedomarnas skull, för att etablera centralbanker som är direkt kopplade till FED och ECB så att man kan skuldsätta landet och dess invånare och för att tvinga in ett land i den amerikanska skendemokratins skuld- och beroende-karusell.

För att uppnå dessa ny-koloniala mål, vill man rädda folken från religiösa tyranner och ‘blodtörstiga kommunister’ så innerligt så man konstruerar dem själva i de allra flesta fallen, har det visat sig. De egna ‘religiösa tyrannerna’ däremot som fanatiskt bekänner sig till den ny-liberalistiska trosuppfattningen och den egna strukturella, socialdarwinistiska ‘vampyrismen’, tilldelas olika priser och medaljer och de kallas filantroper istället.

Kommunismen begravde man i och med Sovjetunionens fall påstod man, men för att vara en -ism som enligt kapitalisterna gått under, rör den ändå upp väl mycket oro och rädsla hos dem. Kapitalisterna fruktar, som vampyren fruktar vitlök, att den eller en nytappning av den skall bli det ideologiska “fotstödet” för ansatsen till en ny fransk revolution, fast på global nivå denna gången.

De mänskliga och de medborgerliga rättigheterna och Demokratin i sin helhet står nämligen på spel nu och det är inte någon annan än väst-regeringarna som utgör det allvarligaste hotet emot bägge, oavsett vad Rupert Murdoch’s och Conrad Black’s västerländska media-monopol vill få dig att tro. Just deras monopol vittnar för övrigt om bristen på verklig demokrati i väst. Av alla odemokratiska och rent antidemokratiska system på den här planeten så borde det te sig självklart att det av dem som har störst global kontroll, också är det absolut farligaste och speciellt om det får total kontroll. Putin är ingen vidare demokrat själv, men absolut inte mindre demokrat än Obama eller EU-oligarkin, men hans klara position som starkt kritisk emot USA’s, och NATO’s våldsmonopol har positiv effekt för mänskligheten. Effekten är att det redan snabbt växande globala motståndet till USA’s skenheliga, men ack så dödliga, imperialism avsevärt stärks och det är bara braDet krävs för att alla hålögda, materiellt ‘påtända’, vart-fjärde-års-demokrater i väst som köpt Wall Street’s och Washington’s version, skall fatta att det de facto är en ihålig, elit-anpassad Diktatorisk Skendemokrati som man via lögner och propaganda från TV-kanaler, Press, Hollywood, Musikindustri och Nöjesbranscher mycket hårt marknadsförs som den enda verkliga. Det mest djävulska är att man marknadsför den som den enda möjliga dessutom. Att man fattar det innebär ju inte per automatik att man tyr sig till Putins skendemokrati eller att man blir kommunist. Människan är gudskelov mycket smartare än vad våra ledare tror och därför kommer också mänskligheten att så småningom svara på ett mycket adekvat sätt.

Det räckte med att Putin gav Washington, Bryssel och Berlin fingret, så börjar kapitalisterna sätta arrogansen i halsen och de beordrar alla i sin makt att skälla sig mörkblå på den hutlösa Putin. Det rör sig om samma kapitalister som med halvslutna ögon och öron låg och slickade på ett ‘unket ben’ (kärnvapen i Irak), eller på sin höjd gläfste till lite, då en annan invasion ägde rum framför nosen på dem den 19 Mars 2003, utan FN-resolution och med medvetet konstruerade lögner som förevändning. Det är som sagt den skenande kapitalismens syfte idag att få oss att se med ökad avsky på kommunismen och med ökad förståelse på nazismen, nu när det ‘skits knäck’ hela vägen från Krim till 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. 

Kosmas Loumakis

Stockholm 19-03-2014


The Syrian War What You’re Not Being Told



In this video we’re going to show you evidence that the Syrian government was framed in the chemical weapons attack of August 21st, 2013, we’re going to explain why they were framed, and we’re going to propose a course of action.

The use of chemical weapons on civilians in the Syrian conflict was a crime against humanity. As such it should be the subject of a real criminal investigation, and those responsible should be brought to justice. However, if the U.S. and NATO have their way that’s not going to happen. In their book a simple accusation is as good as a conviction and therefore there’s no point providing any real evidence. Let’s just skip right to missile strikes shall we?

This really isn’t surprising to anyone who’s been paying attention though.

The United States has had Syria and Iran in their cross hairs for a long time. The plans for these wars have been in the works for over a decade.

[Wesley Clark video]

There are three primary psychological techniques that the powers that be in any given era use to build up the public support needed to take a country to war:

1. Create the impression that the aggressor is actually acting in self defense or in defense of a helpless nation. This can be done by exaggerating the danger posed by an enemy, fabricating an attack and blaming it on the enemy, or by intentionally provoking the enemy into a response.

2. Build up a crusade mythology, one that presents the aggressors as fighting for a higher ideal, or for the good of all humanity. In our current era the meme of “Spreading Democracy”, “Fighting Terrorism” or “Defending human rights”are the most commonly used.

3. De-humanize the enemy. War is mass murder, therefore presenting the enemy as evil, barbaric, or subhuman is essential unless you want your citizens and your soldiers questioning the morality of their actions. This pattern is often supported and augmented by a sense of cultural or racial superiority. The way Islamophobia is capitalized on to build moral support for this phony war on terror is a perfect example.

The U.S. government has a long illustrious history of using these techniques, and they keep using them because they work.

[clip Patrick Clawson Washington institute September 21st, 2012]

The United States has been trying to get Iran under its thumb for a long time. In 1953, the CIA and the UK’s MI6 organized a coup to topple the democratically elected prime minister of Iran Mohammad Mossadegh. They then installed the Shah as their puppet. The Shah, who also just happened to be brutal dictator, ruled until 1979 when he was overthrown during the Iranian revolution.

The U.S. didn’t like that so they tried to take Iran down by arming and funding Saddam Hussein against the Iranians. This was during the Iranian Iraq war, also referred to as the first Persian Gulf War which lasted from 1980 to 1988. The U.S. continued its support for Iraq even though they knew full well that he was using chemical weapons against the Iranians.

This now declassified top secret memo from Nov. 4, 1983 documents chemical weapons use by Iraq, and discusses Iran’s likely reactions.

Here’s a second memo, written on Feb. 24, 1984 to the director of Central Intelligence predicting that Iraq will use nerve agents against Iran.

Note that the source of these documents is Foreign Policy Magazine which is an extremely pro-establishment publication by any standards.

In spite of this, friendly diplomatic relations between the U.S. and Saddam continued. This video of Donald Rumsfeld, then special envoy of President Ronald Reagan meeting with Saddam, was taken on December 20, 1983, which was after the first memo. This means that those running the U.S. knew Saddam was killing people with poison gas and they didn’t care. Taking down Iran was more important to the U.S. government than protecting human rights, and it still is.

Saddam failed to defeat Iran, so the U.S. switched tactics, and for a long time they tried going after Iran directly by accusing them of building nuclear weapons in order to justify military strikes. However, this line of worn out propaganda didn’t gain any traction, largely because the U.S. government had lost most of its credibility in their trumped up claims about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction. You can only cry wolf so many times before people start rolling their eyes.

Their agenda fell apart completely when elements within the CIA and Mossad came forward stating that there was no evidence that Iran even intended to build such a weapon.

Not to be deterred by little details like the truth, these chicken hawk neo-cons decided to go after Syria to get to Iran. They know that Syria and Iran have a mutual defense agreement and if NATO forces enter Syria Iran will be drawn into the fight, and then these little deranged psychopaths in suits will get their war.

We still have to maintain appearances though, we wouldn’t want people to think this was about controlling the world’s oil supply and protecting the petrodollar would we? No, no, put those crazy conspiracy theories out of you mind. We’re here to spread democracy and freedom with 50 caliber machine guns and drone strikes.

If it were obvious that the U.S. was attacking Syria it would be very difficult to obtain international or domestic support, so rather than attacking Syria directly the U.S. and NATO have been running a proxy war by arming and funding the Syrian rebels. To obscure the source of this support U.S. allies in the region such as Qatar and Saudi Arabia have been used to purchase weapons and then route them to Syria via Turkey.

This pattern of arming and funding dictators or extremist groups to get take down non-cooperative governments has been a key element in America’s foreign policy since the creation of the CIA after World War II.

[Clinton clip]

Let’s not just talk about this in general sense. Who was running that operation?

[Zbig clip]

Just in case you’re thinking this is irrelevant to this current situation we should point out that Zbigniew Brzezinski is an acknowledged friend and mentor to Barack Obama.

[Obama Zbig clip]

History proves that these dictators and extremists that the U.S. government installs are disposable and the very qualities that made them useful against enemies are later used to demonize them and thereby providing the justification for a full on invasion. This should be taken as a warning to those rebel groups that the U.S. is using to to destabilize Syria right now.

Now who are these Syrian rebels, this Free Syrian Army that the U.S. government so vocally supports? Well, while the West has tried to paint them as local freedom fighters, the reality is that the conflict has attracted foreign Jihadist from multiple countries, many of whom openly declare their intent to replace Assad’s secular government with Sharia law. Numerous mainstream reports are already surfacing of Sharia motivated atrocities committed by the rebels. These reports are backed up by video footage that is far too graphic for me to show here. If you do a google search you can videos of men being beheaded and women being shot by rebels from the Al-Nusra Front. Yet the U.S. government isn’t deterred by these details. They still want to help these extremists topple the Syrian government.

Funny isn’t it how they require FBI background checks to buy a deer rifle in the states, but if you’re a foreign Jihadist trying to overthrow a government that Washington isn’t on good terms with they’ll send you rocket launchers and heavy artillery no questions asked? And how do you reconcile the fact that the U.S. is fighting religious extremists in Afghanistan calling them terrorists, while supporting those same groups in Syria calling them freedom fighters. It doesn’t make sense at all if you take the U.S. government’s propaganda at face value.

On March 19th, 2013 sarin gas was used in Syria near Aleppo. Israel and the U.S. promptly blamed the Syrian government for the attacks even though many of those who were killed were Syrian government soldiers. Obama began talking about the event as a red line that had been crossed and the war mongers began their saber rattling in ernest.

However the U.N. insisted on investigating the issue themselves, and on May 6th, 2013 UN investigator, Carla Del Ponte, went public stating that evidence from their investigation indicated that it was Syrian rebels that had used the sarin gas and that there was no indication that the Syrian government had launched any chemical attacks whatsoever.

Russia’s U.N. ambassador, Vitaly Churkin, agreed with Del Ponte after Russian experts visited the location where the projectile struck and took their own samples of material from the site. Those samples were then analyzed at a Russian laboratory certified by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. According to lab results they found that the presence of Hexogen, utilized as an opening charge, and which is not used in standard munitions pointed to the attack being launched by the rebels.

Rather than cover this development, the mainstream media did what they always do when they don’t want the public to look at something: the simply changed the subject.

Now of course the fact that the U.S. backed rebels had attempted to frame the Syrian government in order to build support for a NATO invasion would be bad enough, they were trying to start a war of aggression, but let’s remember that sarin gas was in fact used. This means that the U.S. and its allies were willing to commit a blatant war crime, killing scores of civilians in order to justify toppling Assad. Nor did the U.S. withdraw their support after this event, in fact they increased it.

You would think that the fact that after this first attempt at framing Syria had blown up in their face the west would back down or try a different approach, but no. By July of 2013 the U.S. was already openly discussing “kinetic strikes” against Syria as if their lies hadn’t been exposed. This of course brings us to the attack on August 21st, 2013 where they attempted once again to frame the Syrian government for the use of sarin gas, and once again they got caught.

The first wave of media coverage tried to pin the attack on the Syrian government, and the U.S. and France instantly came out condemning Assad. By August 24th the Pentagon had already announced plans for missile strikes, but even as they did their story was already falling apart again.

The Syrian army came forward that same day with footage to back up their report that they had uncovered a massive chemical weapons cache in rebel tunnels in the Damascus suburb of Jobar. This is the exact neighborhood where the chemical attack took place.

Then witnesses came forward with this video footage showing the rebels preparing what appear to be crude chemical weapons rockets for an attack. If you look closely at these rockets you’ll see that the device shown is clearly improvised. This isn’t a mass produced military grade munition like Assad would have. This is homemade.

Reuters acknowledges in this article that photos of rockets matching the description of this clip are currently being examined by experts. These experts say the rockets in the pictures they have are “Relatively basic and with crude stabilizing fins” they also say that they “bear a striking resemblance to devices found elsewhere in Syria in the aftermath of much smaller suspected attacks”. If that’s the case, and if the U.N. and Russia have evidence that the rebels were the ones who were behind the first chemical weapons attacks back in March then what does that tell us?

Let’s put this case together as a district attorney might when deciding who to prosecute for a crime. Let’s establish motive, means, opportunity and evidence. These are the elements you need to reach a guilty verdict in court.

Who had motive? Not the Syrian government. The Syrian military has been making strong gains this past few months. They didn’t need to use chemical weapons. Furthermore they knew full well that the U.S. and NATO where looking for an excuse to invade, so the last thing they would want to do would be to give them that excuse. The rebels on the other hand do have motive since they knew they could count on the western media to spin the story in their favor, and that’s exactly what’s happened.

But did the rebels have the means and the oportunity? Actually yes. On May 31st, 2013 security forces in Turkey found a 2kg cylinder filled with sarin gas after searching the homes of Syrian militants. On July 7, the Syrian army went public about a chemical lab they had found belonging to rebels in the city of Banias.

In terms of evidence everything that has been released to the public so far points to the rebels being behind the attack. If the U.S. government has any real evidence to support their side of the story why don’t they produce it? The so called intel document that they released on August 30th to justify their position doesn’t contain any evidence at all, it’s just a statement of opinion.  They’re talking about bombing a nation, taking us into a war that will most likely spin out of control drawing in Iran, Russia and China just based on their word.

Both Russia and China have openly sided with Syria and Iran, and Russia has warned that thermonuclear war could result if the U.S. continues down this path. We’re talking about world war 3 here! This is not a game people! This is by far the dangerous crossroads we have ever come to in living history. If we let these psychopaths continue taking us down this path the consequences are too horrific to contemplate.

We’ve been talking about this war that they’re trying to start here right now for years. We’ve been trying to warn people where we are headed and trying to show you that there is no political solution that will turn the U.S. government around. Voting the bums out isn’t going to work. The people are going to have to take the power that they’ve handed over to these madmen back directly.

The first stage of the revolution is the ideological revolution. That means our first job is to wake people up. To achieve this we must build networks of awareness. It’s time to connect the activist groups, the facebook pages, the bloggers, the alternative media. It’s time to build lines of communication that cross these artificial borders of left and right. It’s time to find that common ground, that unifying idea that will enable us to face our common enemy and which will lay the framework for what comes next. We must reach a critical mass of awakening, because that’s when those networks of awareness become networks of resistance.

Our network must reach into every aspect of society, especially to the police and military. The police and the military are the enforcement arm of this mafia. Without them the powers that be have no power at all.

We must show them that they are being tricked, that they are not being sent to fight for freedom nor do the American people or the Syrian people want this war. Only 9% of the U.S. population support strikes against Syria, 91% appose it. Who wants this war? A handful of narcissistic psychopaths and useful idiots.

History will remember the real heroes of this crisis as being the ones that had the courage to face this corrupt chain of command and say NO, I WILL NOT COMPLY! Some are already making that stand don’t leave them standing alone.

If you want to understand the real reason we’re being taken into these wars please watch “The Road to World War 3”, a video that we released last year predicting the precise chain of events that we’re seeing unfold right now.

You want to do something to stop this? Watch Revolution: An Instruction Manual and put those instructions into action. Then visit the get involved link on our website for more information.

Stand now or forever hold your peace.

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