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Fifty Years of Imperial Wars: Results and Perspectives



Over the past 50 years the US and European powers have engaged in countless imperial wars throughout the world. The drive for world supremacy has been clothed in the rhetoric of “world leadership”, the consequences have been devastating for the peoples targeted.  The biggest, longest and most numerous wars have been carried out by the United States.  Presidents from both parties direct and preside over this quest for world power.  The ideology which informs imperialism varies from “anti-communism”in the past to “antiterrorism”today.

Washington’s drive for world domination has used and combined many forms of warfare, including military invasions and occupations; proxy mercenary armies and military coups; financing political parties, NGO’s and street mobs to overthrow  duly constituted governments. The driving forces in the imperial state , behind the  quest for world power, vary with the geographic location and social economic composition of the targeted countries.

What is clear from an analysis of US empire building over the last half century is the relative decline of economic interests, and the rise of politico-military considerations.  In part this is because of the demise of the collectivist regimes (the USSR and Eastern Europe) and the conversion of China and the leftist  Asian, African and Latin American regimes to capitalism.  The decline of economic forces as the driving force of imperialism is a result of the advent of global neoliberalism.  Most US and EU multi-nationals are not threatened by nationalizations or expropriations, which might trigger imperial state  political intervention.

In fact, MNC are invited to invest,trade and exploit natural resources even by post-neoliberal regimes .  Economic interests come into play in formulating imperial state policies, if and when nationalist regimes emerge and challenge US MNC as is the case in Venezuela under President Chavez.

The key to US empire building over the past half-century is found in the political, military and ideological power configurations which have come to control the levers of the imperial state.  The recent history of US imperial wars has demonstrated that strategic military priorities – military bases, budgets and bureaucracy – have expanded far beyond any localized economic interests of MNC.  Moreover, the vast expenditures and long term and expensive military interventions of the US imperial state in the Middle East has been at the  behest of Israel.  The take-over of strategic political positions in the Executive branch and Congress by the powerful Zionist power configuration within the US has reinforced the centrality of military over economic interests

The ‘privatization’ of imperial wars – the vast growth and use of mercenaries contracted by the Pentagon- has led to the vast pillage of tens of billions of dollars from the US Treasury.  Large scale corporations which supply mercenary military combatants have become a very ‘influential’ force shaping the nature and consequences of US empire building.

Military strategists, defenders of Israeli colonial interests in the Middle East, mercenary military and intelligence corporations are central actors in the imperial state and it is their decision-making influence which explains why US imperial wars do not result in a politically stable, economic prosperous empire.  Instead their policies have resulted in unstable, ravaged economies, in perpetual rebellion..

We will proceed by identifying the changing areas and regions of US empire building from the mid 1970’s to the present.  We then examine the methods, driving forces and outcomes of imperial expansion.  We will then turn to describe the current ‘geo-political map of empire building and the varied nature of the anti-imperialist resistance.  We will conclude by examining the why and how of empire building and more particularly, the consequences, and results of a half century of US imperial expansion.

Imperialism in the post Vietnam Period:  Proxy Wars in Central America, Afghanistan and Southern Africa

The US imperialist defeat in Indo-China marks the end of one phase of empire building and the beginning of another:  a shift from territorial invasions to proxy wars.  Hostile domestic opinion precluded large scale ground wars.  Beginning during the presidencies of Gerald Ford and James Carter, the US imperialist state increasingly relied on proxy clients.  It recruited, financed and armed proxy military forces to destroy a variety of nationalist and social revolutionary regimes and movements in three continents.  Washington financed and armed extremist Islamic forces world-wide to invade and destroy the secular, modernizing, Soviet backed regime in Afghanistan, with logistical support from the Pakistan military and intelligence agencies, and financial backing from Saudi Arabia.

The second proxy intervention was in Southern Africa, where the US imperial state financed and armed proxy forces against anti-imperialist regimes in Angola and Mozambique, in alliance with South Africa.

The third proxy intervention took place in Central America, where the US financed, armed and trained murderous death squad regimes in Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras to decimate popular movements and armed insurgencies resulting in over 300,000 civilian deaths.

The US imperial state’s ‘proxy strategy’ extended to South America:  CIA and Pentagon backed military coups took place in Uruguay (General Alvarez), Chile (General

Pinochet) Argentina (General Videla), Bolivia (General Banzer) and Peru (General Morales). Empire building by proxy, was largely at the behest of US MNC which were the principal actors in setting priorities in the imperial state throughout this period.

Accompanying proxy wars, were direct military invasions:  the tiny island of Grenada (1983) and Panama (1989) under Presidents’ Reagan and Bush, Sr.  Easy targets, with few casualties and low cost military expenditures:  dress rehearsals for re-launching major military operations in the near future.

What is striking about the ‘proxy wars’ are the mixed results.The outcomes in Central America, Afghanistan and Africa did not lead to prosperous neo-colonies or prove lucrative to US multi-national corporations. In contrast the proxy coups in South America led to large scale privatization and profits for US MNC.

The Afghan proxy war led to the rise and consolidation of the Taliban “Islamic regime” which opposed both Soviet influence and US imperial expansion.  The rise and consolidation of Islamic nationalism in turn challenged US allies in South Asia and the Gulf region and subsequently led to a US military invasion in 2001 and a prolonged (15 year) war (which has yet to conclude), and most probably to a military retreat and defeat.  The main economic beneficiaries were Afghan political clients, US mercenary military “contractors”, military procurement officers and civilian colonial administrators who pillaged hundreds of billions from the US Treasury in illegal and fraudulent transactions.

Pillage of the US Treasury in no way benefited the non-military MNC’s.  In fact the war and resistance movement undermined  any large scale, long-term entry of US private capital in Afghanistan and adjoining border regions of Pakistan.

The proxy war in Southern Africa devastated the local economies, especially the domestic agricultural economy, uprooted millions of laborers and farmers and curtailed US corporate oil  penetration for over two decades.  The ‘positive’ outcome was the deradicalization of the former revolutionary nationalist elite.  However, the political conversion of the Southern African “revolutionaries” to neo-liberalism did not benefit the US MNC as much as the rulers turned kleptocratic oligarchs who organized patrimonial regimes in association  with a diversified collection of MNC, especially from Asia and Europe.

The proxy wars in Central America had mixed results.  In Nicaragua the Sandinista revolution defeated the US-Israeli backed Somoza regime but immediately confronted a US financed, armed and trained counter-revolutionary mercenary army (the “Contras”) based in Honduras.  The US war destroyed, many of the progressive economic projects,undemined the economy and eventually led to an electoral victory by the US backed political client  Violeta Chamorro. Two decades later the US proxies were defeated by a de-radicalized Sandinista led political coalition.

In El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, the US proxy wars led to the consolidation of client regimes presiding over the destruction of the productive economy,and the flight of millions of war refugees to the United States.  US imperial dominance eroded the bases for a productive labor market which spawned the growth of murderous drug gangs.

In summary, the US proxy wars succeeded, in most, cases in preventing the rise of nationalist-leftist regimes, but also led to the destructive of the economic and political bases of a stable and prosperous empire of neo-colonies.

US Imperialism in Latin America:  Changing Structure, External and Internal Contingencies, Shifting Priorities and Global Constraints.

To understand the operations,  structure and performance of US imperialism in Latin America, it is necessary to recognize the specific constellation of competing forces which shaped imperial state policies.  Unlike the Middle East where the militarist-Zionist faction has established hegemony, in Latin America the MNC have played a leading role in directing imperial state policy.  In Latin America, the militarists played a lesser role, constrained by (1)the power of the MNC, (2) the shifts in political power in Latin America from right to center-left (3) the impact of economic crises and the commodity boom.

In contrast to the Middle East, the Zionist power configuration has little influence over imperial state policy, as Israel’s interests are focused on the Middle East and, with the possible exception of Argentina, Latin America is not a priority.

For over a century and a half, the US MNC and banks dominated and dictated US imperial policy toward Latin America.  The US armed forces and CIA were instruments of economic imperialism via direct intervention (invasions), proxy ‘military coups’, or a combination of both.

US imperial economic power in Latin America ‘peaked’ between 1975-1999.  Vassal states and client rulers were imposed via proxy military coups, direct military invasions (Dominican Republic ,Panama and Grenada) and military-civilian controlled elections.

The results were the dismantling of the welfare state and the imposition of neo-liberal policies.  The MNC led imperial state and its international financial appendages (IMF, WB, IDB) privatized lucrative strategic economic sectors, dominated trade and projected a regional integration scheme which would codify US imperial dominance.

Imperial economic expansion in Latin America was not simply a result of the internal dynamics and structures of the MNC but depended on (1) the receptivity of the ‘host’ country or more precisely the internal correlation of class forces in Latin America which in turn revolved around (2) the performance of the economy – its growth or susceptibility to crises.

Latin America demonstrates that contingencies such as the demise of client regimes and collaborator classes can have a profound negative impact on the dynamics of imperialism, undermining the power of the imperial state and reversing the economic advance of the MNC.

The advance of US economic imperialism during the 1975-2000 period was manifest in the adoption of neo-liberal policies, the pillage of national resources, the increase of illicit debts and the overseas transfer of billions of dollars However, the concentration of wealth and property, precipitated a deep socio-economic crises throughout the region which eventually led to the overthrow or ouster of the imperial collaborators in Ecuador, Bolivia, Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay and Nicaragua.  Powerful anti-imperialist social movements especially in the countryside emerged in Brazil and the Andean countries.

Urban unemployed workers  movements and public employees unions in Argentina and Uruguay spearheaded electoral changes, bringing to power center-left regimes which‘renegotiaed’ relations with the US imperial state.

US  MNC influence in Latin America waned.  They could not count on the full battery of military resources of the imperial state to intervene and re-impose neo-liberal clients because of its military priorities elsewhere:  the Middle East, South Asia and North Africa.

Unlike the past, the US MNC in Latin America lacked two essential props of power:

the full backing of the US armed forces and powerful civilian-military clients in Latin America.

The US MNC’s plan for US centered integration was  rejected by the center-left regimes.  The imperial state turned to bilateral free trade agreements with Mexico, Chile,

Colombia, Panama and Peru.  As a result of the economic crises and collapse of most Latin American economies, “neo-liberalism” ,the ideology of imperial economic penetration, was discredited. Neo-liberal  advocates marginalized.

Changes in the world economy had a profound impact on US – Latin America trade and investment relations.  The dynamic growth of China and the subsequent boom in demand and the rising prices of commodities, led to a sharp decline of US dominance of Latin American markets.

Latin American states diversified trade, sought and gained new overseas markets, especially in China.  The increase in export revenues created greater capacity for selffinancing.  The IMF, WB and IDB, economic instruments for leveraging US financial impositions (“conditionality”), were sidelined

The US imperial state faced Latin American regimes who embraced diverse  economic options, markets and sources of financing.  With powerful domestic popular support and unified civilian-military command, Latin America moved tentatively out of the US sphere of imperialist domination.

The imperial state and its MNC , deeply influenced by their “success” in the 1990’s, responded to the decline of influence by proceeding by ‘trial and error’, in the face of the negative constraints of the 21st century.  The MNC backed policymakers in the imperial state continued to back the collapsing neo-liberal regimes, losing all credibility in Latin America.  The imperial-state failed to accommodate changes – deepening popular and center-left regime opposition to “free markets” and the deregulation of banks.  No large scale economic aid programs, like Presideny Kennedy’s effort to counter the revolutionary appeal of the Cuban revolution by promoting social reforms via the  ‘Alliance for Progress”, were fashioned to win over the center-left,probably because of budget constraints resulting from costly wars elsewhere.

The demise of neo-liberal regimes, the glue that held the different factions of the imperial state together, led to competing proposals of how to regain dominance.   The ‘militarist faction’ resorted to and revived the military coup formula for restoration:  coups were organized in Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Honduras and Paraguay . . .  all were defeated, except the latter two.  The defeat of US proxies led  to the consolidation of the independent, anti-imperialist center-left regimes.Even the “success”of the US coup in Honduras resulted in a major diplomatic defeat,as every Latin American government condemned it and the US role,further isolating Washington in the region.

The defeat of the militarist strategy strengthened the political-diplomatic faction of the imperial state.  With positive overtures toward ostensibly ‘center-left regimes’, this faction gained diplomatic leverage, retained military ties and deepened the expansion of MNC in Uruguay, Brazil, Chile and Peru.  With the latter two countries the economic imperialist faction of the imperial state secured bilateral free trade agreements.

A third MNC – military faction, overlapping with the previous two, combined diplomatic-political accommodations toward Cuba, with an aggressive political destabilization strategy aimed at “regime change” (coup) in Venezuela.

The heterogeneity of imperial state factions and their competing orientations, reflects the complexity of interests engaged in empire building in Latin America and results in seemingly contradictory policies, a phenomenon less evident in the Middle East where the militarist -zionist power configuration dominates imperial policymaking.

For example the promotion of military bases and counter-insurgency operations in Colombia (a priority of the militarist faction) is accompanied by bilateral free market agreements and peace negotiations between the Santos regime and the FARC armed insurgency (a priority of the MNC faction).

Regaining imperial dominance in Argentina involves, (1) promoting the electoral fortunes of the neo-liberal governor of Buenos Aires Macri, (2) backing the pro- imperial media conglomerate , Clarin, facing legislation breaking up its monopoly (3) exploiting the death of prosecutor and CIA-Mossad collaborator, Alberto Nisman to discredit the KirchnerFernandez regime(4)backing   NewYork speculaters’ (vulture)investment fund attempting to extract  exorbitant interest payments and, with the aid of a dubious judicial ruling, blocking

Argentina’s access to financial markets

Both the militarist and MNC factions of the imperial state converge in backing a multi-pronged electoral – and coup approach, which seeks to restore a US controlled neoliberal regimes to power.

The contingencies which forestalled the recovery of imperial power over the past decade are now acting in reverse.  The drop in commodity prices has weakened post neoliberal regimes in Venezuela, Argentina and Ecuador.  The ebbing of anti-imperialist movements resulting from center-left co-optation tactics has strengthened imperial state backed right-wing movements and street demonstrators.  The decline in Chinese growth has weakened the Latin American market diversification strategies.  The internal balance of class forces has shifted to the Right, toward US backed political clients in Brazil, Argentina, Peru and Paraguay.

Theoretical Reflections on Empire Building in Latin America

US empire building in Latin America is a cyclical process, reflecting the structural shifts in political power, and the restructuring of the world economy – forces and factors which ‘override’ the  imperial state and capital’s drive to accumulate.Capital accumulation and expansion does not depend merely on the impersonal forces of “the market”because the social relations under which the “market” functions, operate under the constraints of the class struggle.

The centerpiece of imperial state activities-namely the prolonged territorial wars in the Middle East – are absent in Latin America.  The driving force of US imperial state policy is the pursuit of resources (agro-mining), labor power ( low paid autoworkers), markets (size and purchasing power of 600 million consumers).  The economic interests of the MNC are the motives for imperial expansion.

Even as, from a geo-strategic vantage point, the Caribbean, Central America as well as South America are located most proximate to the US, economic not military objectives predominate.

However, the militarist-Zionist faction in the imperial state, ignore these traditional economic motives and deliberately choose to act on other priorities – control over oil producing regions, destruction of Islamic nations or movements or simply to destroy antiimperialist adversaries.  The militarists-Zionist faction counted the “benefits” to Israel, its Middle East military supremacy, more important than the  US securing economic supremacy in Latin America.  This is clearly the case if we measure imperial priorities by state resources expended in pursuit of political goals.

Even if we take the goal of “national security”, interpreted in the broadest sense, of securing the safety of the territorial homeland of the empire, the US military assault of Islamic countries driven by accompanying Islamophobic ideology and the resulting mass killings and uprooting a millions of Islamic people, has led to “blowback”: reciprocal terrorism.  US “total wars” against civilians has provoked Islamic assaults against the citizens of the West.

Latin America countries targeted by economic imperialism are less belligerent than Middle Eastern countries targeted by US militarists.  A cost/benefits analysis would demonstrate the totally “irrational” nature of militarist strategy.  However,if we take account of the specific composition and interests that motivate particularly imperial state policymakers, there is a kind of perverse “rationality”.  The militarists defend the

“rationality” of costly and unending wars by citing the advantages of seizing the ‘gateways to oil’ and the Zionists cite their success in enhancing Israel’s regional power.

Whereas Latin America, for over a century was a priority region of imperial economic conquest, by the 21st century it lost  primacy  to the Middle East.

The Demise of the USSR and China’s conversion to Capitalism

The greatest impetus to successful US imperial expansion did not take place via proxy wars or military invasions.  Rather, the US empire achieved its greatest growth and conquest, with the aid of client political leaders, organizations and vassal states throughout the USSR, Eastern Europe, the Baltic States the Balkans and the Caucuses.  Long term, large scale US and EU political penetration and funding succeeded in overthrowing the hegemonic collectivist regimes in Russia and the USSR, and installing  vassal states. They would soon serve NATO and be incorporated in the European Union.  Bonn annexed East Germany and dominated the markets of Poland,the Czech Republic and other Central European states.  US and London bankers collaborated with Russian-Israeli gangster-oligarchs in joint ventures plundering resources, industries, real estate and pension funds.  The European Union exploited tens of millions of highly trained scientists, technicians and workers – by importing them or stripping them of their welfare benefits and labor rights and exploiting them as cheap labor reserves in their own country.

“Imperialism by invitation” hosted by the  vassal Yeltsin regime, easily appropriated Russian wealth.  The ex-Warsaw Pact military forces were incorporated into a foreign legion for US imperial wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria.  Their military installations were converted into military bases and missile sites encircling Russia.

US imperial conquest of the East, created a “unipolar world” in which Washington decision-makers and strategists believed that, as the world’s supreme power, they could intervene in every region with impunity.

The scope and depth of the US world empire was enhanced by China’s embrace of capitalism and its ruler’s  invitation to US and EU MNC to enter and exploit cheap Chinese labor.  The global expansion of the US empire, led to a sense of unlimited power, encouraging its rulers’  to exercise power against any adversary or competitor.

Between 1990 and 2000,the US expanded its military bases to the borders of Russia.

US MNC expanded into China and Indo-China.  US backed client regimes throughout Latin America dismantled the national economies, privatizing and denationalizing over five thousand lucrative strategic firms.  Every sector was affected- natural resources, transport, telecommunications and finance.

The US proceeded throughout the 1990’s to expand via political penetration and military force.  President George H. W. Bush launched a war against Iraq.  Clinton bombed

Yugoslavia and Germany and the EU joined the US in dividing Yugoslavia into ‘mini states’

The Pivotel Year 2000:  the Pinnacle and Decline of Empire

The very rapid and extensive imperial expansion, between 1989-1999, the easy conquests and the accompanying plunder, created the conditions for the decline of the US empire.

The pillage and impoverishment of Russia led to the rise of a new leadership under

President Putin intent on reconstructing the state and economy and ending vassalage.

The Chinese leadership harnessed its dependence on the West for capital investments and technology, into instruments for creating a powerful export economy and the growth of a dynamic national public-private manufacturing complex.  The imperial centers of finance which flourished under lax regulation crashed.  The domestic foundations of empire were severely strained.  The imperial war machine competed with the financial sector for federal budgetary expenditures and subsidies.

The easy growth of empire, led to its over-extension.  Multiple areas of conflict, reflected world-wide resentment and hostility at the destruction wrought by bombings and invasions.  Collaborative imperial client rulers were weakened.  The world-wide empire exceeded the capacity of the US to successfully police its new vassal states.  The colonial outposts demanded new infusions of troops, arms and funds at a time when countervailing domestic pressures were demanding retrenchment and retreat.

All the recent conquests – outside of Europe – were costly.  The sense of invincibility and impunity led imperial planners to overestimate their capacity to expand, retain, control and contain the inevitable anti-imperialist resistance.

The crises and collapse of the neo-liberal vassal states in Latin America accelerated.

Anti-imperialist uprisings spread from Venezuela (1999), to Argentina (2001), Ecuador (2000-2005) and Bolivia (2003-2005).  Center-left regimes emerged in Brazil, Uruguay and Honduras.  Mass movements, in rural regions,among Indian and mining communities gained momentum. Imperial plans formulated to secure US centered integration were rejected.

Instead multiple regional pacts excluding the US proliferated-ALBA,UNASUR,CELAC.  Latin America’s domestic rebellion coincided with the economic rise of China.  A prolonged commodity boom severely weakened US imperial supremacy.  The US had few local allies in Latin America and over ambitious commitments to control the Middle East, South Asia and North Africa.

Washington lost its automatic majority in Latin America:  its backing of coups in Honduras and Paraguay and its intervention in Venezuela (2002) and blockade of Cuba was repudiated by every regime, even by conservative allies.

Having easily established a global empire, Washington found it was not so easy to defend it.  Imperial strategists in Washington viewed the Middle East wars through the prism of the Israeli military priorities ,ignoring the global economic interests of the MNC.

Imperial military strategists overestimated the military capacity of vassals and clients, ill-prepared by Washington to rule in countries with growing armed national resistance movements.  Wars, invasions and military occupations were launched in multiple sites. Yemen, Somalia, Libya, Syria, Pakistan were added to Afghanistan and Iraq.  US imperial state expenditures far exceeded any transfer of wealth from the occupied countries.

A vast civilian – military – mercenary bureaucracy pillaged hundreds of billions of dollars from the US Treasury.

The centrality of wars of conquest, destroyed the economic foundations

and institutional infrastructure necessary for MNC entry and profit.

Once entrenched in strategic military conceptions of empire, the military-political leadership of the imperial state  fashioned a global ideology to justify and motivate a policy of permanent and multiple warfare. The doctrine of the ‘war on terror’ justified war everywhere and nowhere.  The doctrine was ‘elastic’ – adapted to every region of conflict and inviting new military engagements:  Afghanistan, Libya, Iran and Lebanon were all designated as war zones.  The ‘terror doctrine’, global in scope, provided a justification for multiple wars and the massive destruction (not exploitation) of societies and economic resources.  Above all the “war on terrorism” justified torture (Aba Gharib) and concentration camps (Guantanamo), and civilian targets (via drones)anywhere. Troops were withdrawn and returned to Afghanistan and Iraq as the nationalist resistence advanced..  Thousands of Special Forces in scores of countries were active, purveying death and mayhem.

Moreover, the violent uprooting, degradation and stigmatization of entire islamic people led to the spread of violence  in the imperial centers of Paris, New York, London,

Madrid and Copenhagen. The globalization of imperial state terror  led to individual terror.

Imperial terror evoked domestic terror:  the former on a massive, sustained scale encompassing entire civilizations and conducted and justified by elected  political officials and military authorities.  The latter by a cross section  of ‘internationalists’ who directly identified with the victims of imperial state terror.

Contemporary Imperialism:  Present and Future Perspectives

To understand the future of US imperialism it is important to sum up and evaluate the experience and policies of the past quarter of a century.

If we compare, US empire building between 1990 and 2015, it is clearly in decline economically, politically and even militarily in most regions of the world, though the process of decline is not linear and probably not irreversible.

Despite talk in Washington of reconfiguring imperial priorities to take account of MNC economic interests, little has been accomplished… Obama’s so-called “pivot to Asia” has resulted in new military base agreements with Japan, Australia and the Philippines surrounding China and reflects an inability to fashion free trade agreements that exclude China.  Meantime, the US has militarily re-started the war and reentered Iraq and

Afghanistan in addition to launching  new wars in Syria and the Ukraine.  It is clear that the primacy of the militarist faction is still the determinant factor in shaping imperial state policies.

The imperial military drive is most evident in the US intervention in support of the coup in the Ukraine and subsequent financing and arming of the Kiev junta.  The imperial takeover of the Ukraine and plans to incorporate it into the EU and NATO, represents military aggression in its most blatant form: The expansion of US military bases and installations and military maneuvers  on Russia’s borders and the US initiated economic sanctions, have severely damaged EU trade and investment with Russia.. US empire building continues to prioritize military expansion even at the cost of Western imperial economic interests in Europe.

The US-EU bombing of Libya destroyed the burgeoning trade and investment agreements between imperial oil and gas MNC and the Gadhafi government… NATO air assaults destroyed the economy, society and political order, converting Libya into a territory overrun by warring clans, gangs, terrorists and armed thuggery.

Over the past half century, the political leadership and strategies of the imperial state have changed dramatically.  During the period between 1975 – 1990, MNC played a central role in defining the direction of imperial state policy:  leveraging markets in Asia; negotiating market openings with China; promoting and backing neo-liberal military and civilian regimes in Latin America; installing and financing pro-capitalist regimes in Russia, Eastern Europe, the Baltic and Balkan states.  Even in the cases where the imperial state resorted to military intervention, Yugoslavia and Iraq, , the bombings led to favorable economic opportunities for

US MNC .The Bush Sr regime promoted US oil interests via an oil   for food agreement with

Saddam Hussein Iin Iraq

Clinton promoted free market regimes in the mini-states resulting from the break-up of socialist Yugoslavia .

However, the imperial state’s leadership and policies shifted dramatically during the late 1990’s onward.  President Clinton’s imperial state was composed of  long-standing MNC represntatives , Wall Street bankers and newly ascending militarist Zionist officials.

The result was a hybrid policy in which the imperial state actively promoted MNC opportunities under neo-liberal regimes in the ex-Communist countries of Europe and Latin America,and expanded MNC ties with China and Viet Nam while launching destructive military interventions in Somalia, Yugoslavia and Iraq.

The ‘balance of forces’ within the imperialist state shifted dramatically in favor the militarist-Zionist faction with 9/11:the terrorist attack of dubious origens  and  false flag demolitions in New York and Washington served to entrench the militarists in control of a vastly expanded  imperial state apparatus.  As a consequence of 9/11 the militarist-Zionist faction of the imperial state  subordinated the interests of the MNC to its strategy of total wars.  This in turn led to the invasion, occupation and destruction of civilian infrastructure in Iraq and Afghanistan (instead of harnessing it to MNC expansion).  The US colonial regime dismantled the Iraqui state (instead of re-ordering it to serve the MNC).  The assassination and forced out -migration of millions of skilled professionals, administrators, police and military officials crippled any economic recovery (instead of their incorporation as servants of the colonial state and MNC).

The militarist-Zionist ascendancy in the imperial state introduced major changes in policy, orientation , priorities and the modus operandi of US imperialism.  The ideology of the “global war on terror” replaced the MNC doctrine of promoting “economic globalization”.

Perpetual wars (“terrorists” were not confined to place and time) replaced limited wars or interventions directed at opening markets or changing regimes which would implement neo-liberal policies benefiting US MNC.

The locus of imperial state activity shifted from exploiting economic opportunities, in

Asia, Latin America and the ex-Communist countries of Eastern Europe to wars in the Middle East, South Asia and North Africa – targeting Moslem countries which opposed Israel’s colonial expansion in Palestine, Syria, Lebanon and elsewhere.

The new militarist – power configuration’s conception of empire building required vast – trillion dollar – expenditures, without care or thought of returns to private capital.  In contrast, under the hegemony of the MNC, the imperial state, intervened to secure concessions of oil, gas and minerals in Latin America and the Middle East.The costs of military conquest were more than compensated by the returns to the MNC.  The militarist imperial state configuration pillaged the US Treasury to finance its occupations, financing a vast army of corrupt colonial collaborators, private mercenary ‘military contractors’and,soon to be millionaire, US military procurement (sic) officials.

Previously, MNC directed overseas exploitation led to healthy returns to the US Treasury both in terms of direct tax payments and via the revenues generated from trade and the processing of raw materials.

Over the past decade and a half, the biggest and most stable returns to the MNC take place in regions and countries where the militarized imperial state is least involved – China, Latin America and Europe.  The MNC’s have profited least and have lost most in areas of greatest imperial state involvement.

The ‘war zones’ that extend from Libya, Somalia, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Ukraine, Iran and Afghanistan and Pakistan are the regions where imperial MNC have suffered the biggest decline and exodus.

The main “beneficiaries” of the current imperial state policies are the war contractors and the security-military-industrial complex in the US.Oversees the state beneficiaries include Israel and Saudi Arabia…In addition Jordanian, Egyptian, Iraqui , Afghani and Pakistani client rulers have squirreled away tens of billions in off-shore private bank accounts.

The “non-state” beneficiaries include mercenary, proxy armies .In Syria, Iraq, Libya, Somalia and the Ukraine , tens of thousands of collaborators in self-styled “nongovernmental” organizations  have also profited.

The Lost-Benefit Calculus or Empire-Building under the Aegeus of the Militarist-

Zionist Imperial State

Sufficient time has passed over the past decade and a half of militarist-Zionist dominance of the imperial state to evaluate their performance.

The US and its Western European allies, especially Germany successfully expanded their empire in Eastern Europe, the Balkans and the Baltic regions without firing a shot.  These countries were converted into EU vassal states.  Their markets dominated and industries denationalized.  Their armed forces were recruited as NATO mercenaries. West Germany annexed the East.  Cheap educated labor, as immigrants and as a labor reserve, increased profits for EU and US MNC. Russia was temporarily reduced to a vassal state between 1991 – 2001.  Living standards plunged and welfare programs were reduced.  Mortality rates increased.  Class inequalities widened.  Millionaires and billionaires seized public resources and joined with the imperial MNC in plundering the economy.  Socialist and Communist leaders and parties were repressed or co-opted.In contrast imperial military expansion of the 21st century, was a costly failure.  The ‘war in Afghanistan’ was costly in lives and expenditures and led to an ignominious retreat.  What remained was a fragile puppet regime and an unreliable mercenary military.  The US-Afghanistan war was the longest war in US history and one of the biggest failures.  In the end the nationalist-Islamist resistance movements – the so-called “Taliban” and allied ethno-religious and nationalist anti-imperialist resistance groups- dominate the countryside, repeatedly penetrate and attack urban centers and prepare to take power.

The Iraq war and the imperial state’s invasion and decade long occupation decimated the economy .  The occupation fomented ethno religious warfare.  The secular Ba’thist officers and military professionals joined with Islamist-nationalists and subsequently formed a powerful resistance movement (ISIS) which defeated the imperial backed Shia mercenary army  during the second decade of the war.  The imperial state was condemned to re-enter and engage directly in a prolonged war.  The cost of war spiraled to over a trillion dollars.  Oil exploitation was hampered and the US Treasury poured tens of billions to sustain a “war without end’.

The US imperial state and the EU, along with  Saudi Arabia and Turkey financed armed Islamic mercenary militias to invade Syria and overthrow the secular, nationalist, anti-

Zionist Bashar Assad regime.  The imperial war opened the door for the expansion of the Islamic –Ba’thist forces—ISIS– into Syria .  The Kurds and other armed groups seized territory, fragmenting the country.  After nearly 5 years of warfare and rising military costs the US and EU MNC have been cut off from the Syrian market.

US support for Israeli aggression against Lebanon has led to the growth in power of the anti-imperialist Hezbollah armed resistance.  Lebanon, Syria and Iran now represent a serious alternative to the US,EU, Saudi Arabia, Israeli axis.

The US sanctions policy toward Iran has failed to undermine the nationalist regime and has totally undercut the economic opportunities of all the major US and EU oil and gas

MNC as well as US manufacturing exporters.China has replaced them

The US-EU invasion of Libya led to the destruction of the economy and the flight of billions in MNC investments and the disruption of exports.

The US imperial states’ seizure of power via a proxy coup in Kiev, provoked a  powerful anti-imperialist rebellion led by armed militia in the East (Donetsk and Luhansk) and the decimation of the Ukraine economy.

In summary, the military-Zionist takeover of the imperial state has led to prolonged, unwinnable costly wars which have undermined markets and investment sites for US MNC.  Imperial militarism has undermined the imperial economic presence and provoked long-term, growing anti-imperialist resistance movements, as well as chaotic, unstable and unviable countries out of imperial control.

Economic imperialism has continued to profit in parts of Europe, Asia , Latin America and Africa despite the imperial wars and economic sanctions pursued by the highly militarized imperial state elsewhere.

However, the US militarists’ seizure of power in the Ukraine and the sanctions against Russia have eroded EU’S profitable trade and investments in Russia.  The Ukraine under IMF-EU-US tutelage has become a heavily indebted , broken  economy run by kleptocrats who are  totally dependent on foreign loans and military intervention.

Because the militarized imperial state prioritizes conflict and sanctions with Russia, Iran and Syria, it has failed to deepen and expand  its economic ties with Asia, Latin America and Africa.  The political and economic conquest of East Europe and parts of the USSR has lost significance.  The perpetual, lost wars in the Middle East, North Africa and the Caucuses have weakened the imperial state’s capacity for empire building in Asia and Latin America.

The outflow of wealth, the domestic cost of perpetual wars has eroded the electoral foundations of empire building.  Only a fundamental change in the composition of the imperial state and a reorientation of priorities toward centering on economic expansion can alter the current decline of empire.  The danger is that as the militarist Zionist imperialist state pursues losing wars, it may escalate and  raise the ante ,and move toward a major nuclear confrontation:  an empire amidst nuclear ashes!


From Orwell’s “1984”: Color Revolutions and Irregular Warfare Against Eurasia

By Wayne Madsen (Strategic Culture Foundation)

«Oceania was at war with Eurasia: therefore Oceania had always been at war with Eurasia. The enemy of the moment always represented absolute evil, and it followed that any past or future agreement with him was impossible». These are the words from «1984», George Orwell’s fictional novel and eerily correct prognostication of future events from geopolitics to the loss of privacy and the rise of the surveillance state. Oceania fictionally represented the British Isles, North and South America, southern Africa, and Australasia. In Orwell’s world, Eurasia was comprised of Russia and Europe while another power, Eastasia, included China, Korea, and Japan.

Today, a modified form of the dystopian future world map of Orwell is becoming reality as Russia and China increasingly cooperate economically, politically, and militarily to ensure that the forces of Oceania – centered in Washington, London, Berlin, and Paris – do not overrun Eurasia.

At last month’s third annual International Security Conference in Moscow, a conclave sponsored by the Russian Defense Ministry, Chief of Staff of the Russian armed forces, General Valery Gerasimov stated that Western-financed and organized «color revolutions», such as those employed twice in Ukraine and once in Georgia, represent a form of irregular warfare against Eurasia. Gerasimov’s statement about North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) countries, which resemble Orwell’s Oceania, launching irregular warfare against Eurasia could have been torn from the pages of «1984». Gerasimov cited information warfare, economic sanctions, and support for «proxy criminal organizations» and extremist groups as part of the West’s irregular warfare construct directed against Eurasia.

Gerasimov also said that color revolutions were part and parcel of Western military strategy against Eurasia since the non-military tactics employed were often followed by military force to bring about regime change. This is now the case with the Ukrainian government’s NATO-supported military offensive against federalists in eastern Ukraine, as well as in NATO support for Islamist rebels battling against the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Military intervention, including air attacks, was also employed by NATO after the Islamist uprising in eastern Libya that eventually forced Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi from power.

Gerasimov’s comments about color revolutions was supported by none other than Anthony Cordesman of the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), a non-profit think tank that often reflects the views of the Central Intelligence Agency and U.S. State Department. Cordesman said color revolutions sponsored by the West were a new form of warfare against Russia and China.

Belarusian Defense Minister Yury Zhadobin cited the «godfather» of  CIA-financed themed uprisings and revolutions, Gene Sharp, the director of the Albert Einstein Institution in Boston as the prime motivator of the uprisings witnessed in Europe and the Middle East. The armed forces of Russia, China, and Belarus now consider the West’s support for regime change through color revolutions as being part of the military doctrines of the United States and NATO. The military planners in Moscow, Beijing, and Minsk also view Western private military contractors – mercenaries — such as the former Blackwater, now Academi, as being part of the West’s regime change scenario after the outbreak of color revolutions.


The reasons for the West’s color revolution and regime change project for Eurasia are clear. With Russia and China at the forefront of developing new Eurasian energy schemes involving natural gas and new transportation routes evoking memories of the old Silk Road, the West feels threatened by the emergence in Eurasia of a dynamic new market that could not only rival but eclipse the European Union and Washington’s proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

The emergence of a new Eurasian identity has alarmed the political leaders of de facto Oceania. Eurasia places economic development and respect for traditions over what many in Russia, China, Kazakhstan, Belarus, and other countries of the region see as a Western «culture» that emphasizes pop culture, homosexuality, destruction of social safety nets, disrespect for religion, destruction of the traditional family unit, and unbridled vulture capitalism that promotes draconian austerity.

The Moscow security conference met at about the same time that Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping met at the fourth Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia (CICA) held in Shanghai. There, Xi emphasized that Asia has entered the 21st century at that the Cold War mentality should be abandoned. Observers from Japan and the United States looked on as Asian delegates roundly rejected President Barack Obama’s Cold War military «pivot to Asia» and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s revanchist imperial military buildup in east Asia. In many respects, the United States Pacific forces and Japan, the Philippines, and South Korea represent the militaristic «Eastasia» of «1984», an entity that was allied for a period of time with Oceania.

Not only was the «Power of Siberia» natural gas pipeline, which will begin pumping natural gas from Siberia to China in 2018, agreed upon in Shanghai but there are plans to restore the old Silk Road as a major trans-Eurasian highway that will link China to Europe via the trans-Siberian highway and Europe’s E-30 highway. Eventually, an A-class motor highway will link Amsterdam with Beijing via the Asian Highway Network. This network of modern highways will restore the ancient Silk Road of Asia and move goods and passengers throughout Eurasia and, in the process, build new infrastructures in the remotest parts of the Eurasian heartland. This prospect has the banking houses of Europe and America concerned since they will be locked out of the financial sweepstakes.

Eurasia’s leaders, from Putin and Xi, to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and Afghan President Hamid Karzai are well aware how the color revolutions that have wracked Ukraine, Georgia, and Kyrgyzstan have been financed. The «Euromaidan» overthrow of Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, who rejected a union with the European Union and appeared ready to forge ties with Eurasia, was part of the West’s (or «Oceania’s) first indirect military aggression against Eurasia.

Some Eurasian leaders are aware that the West is trying to derail the developing Eurasian Union. Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev proposed transforming CICA into a new Organization for Security and Development in Asia (OSDA), which would be the closest thing to a Eurasian counterpart to NATO. Stressing Eurasia’s rejection of Western «values», Nazarbayev stressed that OSDA would be built upon Asian «tradition and values». Nazarbayev appeared to be speaking for a number of Eurasian leaders in rejecting the lewd permissiveness of Western culture as witnessed by «Pussy Riot’s» and FEMEN’s displays of vulgarity and gratuitous nudity in places of religious worship in Russia, Ukraine, and other countries.

There is a new competitor to America’s version of Oceania now emerging in Orwell’s Eurasia. Halford John Mackinder’s «Heartland Theory», which was espoused in his book «The Geographical Pivot of History», postulated that the power that controlled Eurasia’s heartland between the Volga and Yangtze and the Arctic Sea and Himalayas would control the destiny of the world.

If the Eurasian Union becomes a successful political and economic union, the United States, Britain, Western Europe, and Japan will be confined to an economically anemic and socially decadent coastal «Rimland» where the few remaining assets will be fought over by the hungry jackals of the banking houses of Wall Street, City of London, and Frankfurt. The outbreak of wars in Syria, Ukraine, and Iraq are but the first shots of the impending war between «Oceania» and «Eurasia».

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FALSE FLAG 101: From Gladio To Hebdo – A SGT Report

From the CIA-NATO run Operation Gladio, to 9/11 to the 7/7 bombings in London to Sandy Hook to Charlie Hebdo and most points in between, a majority of the terror events through which we suffer are planned and carried out by intelligence agencies and their minions. As the mainstream mockingbird media gleefully parrots the official story in every case, appealing to our emotions instead of our intellect, we ask WHY? THIS is why.



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“Our Palestinian resistance is 100 years old:” Interview with Khaled Barakat


The following interview with Palestinian writer and activist Khaled Barakat was published (in the Greek language) in the Greek newspaper, Efimerida ton Syntakton:

What is the current situation concerning the Israeli-Palestinian relations since the last assault on Gaza? Do you support the notion that this war was won by the Palestinian Resistance?

This war was won by the Palestinian resistance, because the Israeli enemy did not achieve its goals. In fact, Israel committed war crimes, killing over 2000 Palestinians, and destroying tens of thousands of homes, targeting health workers, and many other crimes. This is what colonizers and occupiers do to the indigenous, native population, and to oppressed communities – exert massive state violence on a whole population. But if we are discussing real, military battles, confrontation on the battlefield, the Zionists and their backers have lost miserably. Just read what Israel’s top generals have had to say about this war. No military expert – or even someone with basic military knowledge – would disagree with this, after seeing the results. The resistance managed to capture Israeli soldiers from the battlefield, managed to hold their ground, and rebuffed the ground invasion. Every time the Israeli forces lost on the battlefield in the ground invasion, their response was to massively bomb civilians. Lastly, the armed resistance is growing by the day.

What has changed in Gaza during the last few years? Can the armed resistance forces successfully confront the strongest army in the Middle East?

Yes, the resistance of the Palestinian people can successfully confront – and defeat – the military power of the Israeli state. Always, armed revolutionary forces are fighting an army of a superpower, or an army that possesses qualitative advantage in terms of funding, weaponry, arms and support from major powers. But what is important is that we are fighting for a just cause. It is an armed resistance, yes, but it is a people’s resistance. We do not evaluate the results of the war to liberate Palestine from one battle – whether we have achievements or losses. This Palestinian armed resistance is 100 years old. When we fought the British, we were fighting the strongest army in the world – not the fourth-strongest. When the Resistance in Greece was fighting the Nazis, they were fighting what was seen as the strongest army in the world. It is a long war but we will emerge victorious. This is inevitable.

What is the situation in Gaza today and which priorities are set? Do you have any expectations from the proximity talks in Cairo, which are mediated by Egypt? I mostly refer to the prospect of lifting the Gaza siege.

As for the needs of Gaza, what is the most important thing today is the physical and mental health of our people, particularly children. Humans come first – then buildings, roads and electricity. We know the heavy cost that Israel inflicted upon our people on all levels. We recognize that Israel bombed hospitals, schools, playgrounds – including bombing children playing on the beach.

The second priority is to maintain our functioning Palestinian society, and circle of life – rebuilding the infrastructure that was specifically targeted by Israeli bombers. Remember that we have over 100,000 displaced people in Gaza – among a population that was already over 85% refugees. Entire neighborhoods were destroyed, in places like Beit Hanoun and Khuza’a. Sewer systems were destroyed, as were water systems – already facing a deep crisis before the assault. Schools have become shelters and were targeted for bombing. Our people in Gaza have shown tremendous steadfastness and resilience, during and after the war.

As to the second part of the question, we do not rely on illusions. We know that Israel is defeated, and therefore, they must comply with the demands of the resistance – the demands of the Palestinian people. But the problem is that Israel wants to transform this into a permanent status of negotiations – we are aware of this. As far as the position of the PFLP is concerned, we will never trust the Zionist enemy and Arab reactionary regimes and their false promises.

How do you receive the prospect of the recommencement of the Israeli-Palestinian talks and on what grounds could this happen?

These negotiations are nothing but a cruel joke and a big lie. It is a futile path. Negotiations and the so-called “peace process” is an industry that some feed on. On the one hand, Israel is using negotiations in order to cover its crimes that it commits on a daily basis, particularly the theft of land and the building of colonies, imposing and deepening apartheid and occupation on a daily basis while it attempts to project an image for international public opinion that “peace” is in the making. On the other hand, it benefits the Palestinian despicable, rotten capitalists, who are hiding behind a big, false slogan called “the Palestinian state” while occupation intensifies. These negotiations are futile for the Palestinian people. For over 20 years, they have achieved nothing for the people – but they are a moneymaker for Zionists and for a few Palestinian capitalists in the West Bank and Gaza.

So, in short, whether these negotiations resume in public or not, we know that they continue on a daily basis in the shadows of closed rooms. These negotiations do not stop and they will not stop unless the Palestinian Authority is forced to truly end their participation in this farce through popular resistance.

These negotiations are guarded by the “big boss” – the United States. These negotiations are dear to the U.S. and Mahmoud Abbas and his cronies are puppets following orders.

 Do you see any grounds for the recognition of Palestine as an independent state and a member of the UN?

This is a bit of a messy question for the PFLP. On the one hand, we want to end the path of negotiations and take back the political struggle in international institutions, including the United Nations. We see that the international arena, despite all of our reservations on it, and the misuse of these bodies by imperialist powers, remains a space for an open political battle against the Zionists and the United States. This is a million times better than negotiations. We want to be able to make a breakthrough in terms of bringing Zionist leaders to trial before the International Criminal Court, and we believe this is a very important battle because if it will not happen tomorrow, or in 10 years, or even in our generation – other Palestinian generations will continue the fight until this happens. Zionists must be put on trial.  So it is a tactical position as far as the PFLP is concerned. When the Palestinian state was recognized as a non-member observer state at the United Nations, we issued a statement calling on the Palestinian Authority president not to use this as a tactic for another cycle of illusions and negotiations. What we know for sure is that the Zionists are infuriated because they do not want this to be a gateway to other Palestinian steps or international pressure.

What would be your message to the Greek people?

Our message to the Greek people is that Palestinians know the support and solidarity they have in Greece. The relationship between our two peoples is very long and deep in history.  In every Intifada, we always find Greek fighters, revolutionary political parties, in the forefront of solidarity with Palestine. We know also that you are going through harsh times, fighting economic hegemony, plundering the resources of the Greek people, threatening your water, land and air. We stand in solidarity with the Greek people’s fight to reclaim their country and liberate Greece from these forces. This is a message of love, respect and the commitment to struggle for Palestinians, Greeks and all people of the world who seek freedom, justice and liberation, and a truly just world for humanity.

Major Anti-Russian False Flag Coming?

December 18, 2014 | By Stephen Lendman


911 on steroids …

Longstanding US plans call for regime change in Russia. Targeting its sovereign independent government. Its main Eurasian rival.

Washington wants pro-Western stooge governance installed. By color revolution or war. US hegemonic ambitions threaten world peace.

Things are more dangerous today than any time since events preceding WW II. Russian economist/political analyst Mikhail Delyagin expects a major anti-Russian provocation.

Expressing his views on Pravda radio, saying “things and information of a unique character…threaten us all very much.”

Ukraine is a pretext. A US-led NATO platform. A dysfunctional, criminal Washington installed neo-Nazi regime.

Economically bankrupt with no legitimacy whatever. Dependent on outside support for survival. America’s newest colony.

Controlling policy, calling the shots, what Washington says goes. Kiev’s stooge regime salutes and obeys. Otherwise it’s replaced. Color revolution 3.0 installing another.

“Why did the Ukrainian crisis happen,” Delyagin asked? “What is the fundamental reason? Why did the Americans get into it so deep(ly)?”

Because Washington, China and the EU are the “three (major) global players,” says Delyagin. Destroying “EU cooperation with Russia eliminates it as an independent participant in global competition, which is what we see now.”

Leaving America and China the two remaining dominant world players. A “real cold war” exists.

Hot war in Ukraine. EU/Russian trade is important. European sentiment favors “restor(ing) relations,” Delyagin believes.

Washington wants Russia “rip(ped)” from Europe. Unsuccessful so far. The MH17 false flag provocation failed.

Russia had nothing to do with it. Nor Donbas freedom fighters. Ukrainian Sukhoi-25 warplane cannon fire was responsible.

Verifiable satellite/radar data showed its aircraft tailing MH17 before destruction. Fuselage penetration holes were consistent with cannon rounds.

“The sequel is coming,” said Delyagin. “There will be another provocation…We got some information. (I)ndirectly confirm(ed) from the West.”

Saying Ukraine’s army “goes on (a fake) offensive. (I)t pretends to attack. (S)oldiers carry out a massive artillery preparation.”

Then “a tactical nuclear warhead explodes in the zone of the offensive of the Ukrainian army.”

Russia is blamed. Unjustifiably. Perhaps to no avail. America alone ever used nuclear weapons. Doing it again “is not so difficult,” said Delyagin.

Estonia’s Paldiski port has warehouse stored radioactive waste. US-led NATO “reportedly delivered (radioactive) cargo.” Not “waste to be disposed of.”

The scheme goes like this, said Delyagin. Unable to blame Russia for MH17, “we will explain to everyone that the damned Russian barbarians had used nuclear weapons against the defenseless Ukrainian army.”

Putin gets blamed. No one in Russia “can deploy a tactical nuclear weapon without the direct order from the Supreme Commander.”

At issue is destroying EU/Russian relations. Disrupt trade. Sever normal political ties. Perhaps block Russian media in Western countries and Japan.

Given the infinite cynicism of our American, as many say, “colleagues.” Nothing too outrageous is beyond their scheming.

Even detonating a nuclear device. False flag criminality blaming Russia. 9/11 on steroids. Too grave to ignore.

With no evidence to photograph for forensic examination. Unlike MH17. “(T)o prove it’s not us.”

Attempts so far to blame Russia for Ukrainian crisis conditions failed. Evidence, or lack of it, debunked Western claims.

Nuclear detonation is different, said Delyagin. Leaving no fingerprints. Perhaps before Christmas. For holy day shock value.

Delyagin predicted Ukraine’s coup. Expected it last February. On Sochi’s winter Olympics first day. It came at the end. Two weeks later. On February 22.

Whether he’s right or wrong about a nuclear false flag remains to be seen. Lunatics in Washington make anything possible.

The unthinkable could follow mass nuclear casualties. Perhaps successfully isolating Russia. Then direct East/West confrontation.

Conflict launching nuclear war. What decades of MAD (mutually assured destruction) prevented. Perhaps no longer.

It remains to be seen. Not for long if Delyagin’s before Christmas scenario proves right.

On Sunday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov met John Kerry in Rome. Their 17th meeting this year.

Resolving nothing. Washington entirely to blame for Ukrainian and most other world conflict conditions.

A Russian Foreign Ministry statement said:

“When discussing bilateral relations Lavrov stressed that their development is possible only on the basis of equality and mutual interests, while any attempts to pressure Russia have no prospect,”

Lavrov and Kerry discussed Ukraine. The Russian diplomat stressing the importance of observing Geneva and Minsk agreements.

Ones Kiev spurned. Violated straightaway. On orders from Washington. Showing no credible signs of observing now. Conflict conditions remain. Lavrov hopes otherwise saying:

“In the context of the situation in southeastern Ukraine, the consistent implementation of the Minsk agreements is paramount, as well as the convening of a contact group for this purpose as early as possible.”

Illegitimate oligarch president Petro Poroshenko is Washington’s man in Ukraine. A convenient stooge. Obeying orders. On command.

Intending more war. His phony “regime of silence” is head-fake deception.

Saying it helps him regroup. Build troop strength. Rearm. Restore combat readiness. Prepare for more conflict. On orders from Washington.

Current conditions reflect the calm before the storm. Whether by nuclear false flag deception, another US/Kiev provocation, or other pretext remains to be seen.

It bears repeating. Washington wants pro-Western stooge governance replacing sovereign Russian independence.

Its master plan calls for world conquest. Perhaps using nuclear confrontation to achieve aims. Madness by any standard.

A Final Comment

Russia Today interviewed Mikhail Gorbahev. Soviet Russia’s last leader. Now aged 83.

Saying America needs Perestroika reforms. Restructuring. Politically. Economically. Militarily.

“They can call it any name they want,” said Gorbachev. “(I)t’s not easy for them. (W)ith the society they have.”

Creating nonexistent enemies. Stoking tensions. Creating instability. Bullying other nations. Shifting responsibility.

“Whenever tensions are high, whenever there’s instability in a certain country or throughout the region, it’s an opportunity for (Washington) to intervene,” said Gorbachev.

“I am quite familiar with this policy from my own experience,” he explained. It’s up to Europe to prevent a new Cold War, he believes.

One potentially much more dangerous. Deescalation is vital. When things risk spinning out of control. Sparking more serious confrontation.

Risks too dangerous to permit. Washington bears full responsibility. Fueling anti-Russian sentiment is unacceptable.

Gorbachev believes time remains to change things. At the same time, knowing what Russia faces.

Washington needs enemies, said Gorbachev. To exert “pressure. They can’t live without it. They are still enslaved by their old policy.”

Ukraine is America’s pretext for whatever follows. For its anything goes policy.

For sparking East/West confrontation. What no responsible government would permit. What Washington prioritizes.

Furthering its hegemonic aims. It bears repeating. Madness by any standard.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached His new book is titled “How Wall Street Fleeces America: Privatized Banking, Government Collusion and Class War”. Visit his blog site at

CIA = Murder Inc.

December 18, 2014 | By James Hall

william casey cia


“Let’s remember, the CIA’s job is to go out and create wars.” – Jesse Ventura

The motives behind the expose report on CIA practices of torture misses the critical issue surrounding the “Agency”. Most Democrats and many left wing partisans enjoy pointing the dagger at George W. Bush and his cabal of dedicated conspirators. While the first family of fascist facilitators are certainly an indefensible clan of criminals, the essential element about the Central Intelligence Agency is that gathering and interrupting clandestine tradecraft, produces little effect to enhance an American First foreign policy.

Those treasonous NeoCons, who infiltrated both parties, are dire hard globalists bent on fostering an international interventionist empire. Defending the use of a handbook for torture techniques is a task that only a sociopathic and deranged authoritarian undertakes.

The Hill report, Ex-CIA director defends rectal rehydration, is an exercise in fatuousness.

“Former CIA Director Gen. Michael Hayden on Thursday defended revelations from Senate Intelligence Committee Democrats that the agency used rectal rehydration on detainees.

“These were medical procedures,” Hayden said during a tense interview on CNN’s “The Lead with Jake Tapper.” He added that the method was used because detainees were dehydrated, and that giving them intravenous fluids with needles would be dangerous.”


Prancing out Dick “Darth Vader” Cheney to brag about his record of enhanced interrogation is consistent with the culture of obscene de-humanization that is always rationalized as protecting the “Homeland”.

The video, Professor McCoy Exposes the History of CIA Interrogation on Democracy Now provides an overview of CIA practices.

Melvin A. Goodman article, Torture Report Exposes Sadism and Lies argues that,

“The senior operations officer who ran the CIA’s torture and abuse program, Jose Rodriquez, has been permitted to write a book and a long essay in the Washington Post that argue the interrogation techniques were legal and effective. Their charges are completely spurious and their credibility is non-existent.

CIA directors Tenet and Hayden, who signed off on the enhanced interrogation program, were involved in numerous efforts to politicize the work of the CIA. In addition to deceiving the White House on the efficacy of the torture program, Tenet provided misinformation to the White House on Iraqi weapons of mass destruction. His role on Iraqi WMD has been comprehensively and authoritatively documented in the reports of the Robb-Silberman Committee, the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, and the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.”

How did the Agency become the refuge of nihilism? Start with looking into the reasons for installing a mole like James Jesus Angleton, as head of the Counterintelligence Staff, which illustrates the danger of entrusting national security to compromised loyalists. Fast forward to today and elevating John O. Brennan: CIA Drone Director to head up the Agency proves that the killing machine is more important than the analysis of intelligence.

Review the impact from the Continued Policy of Torture that goes on under different names and locations. Tracing the record of torture is mild outrage when compared to the actual operations of the Shadow Forces Behind Government.

The CIA has a damaging pattern of not providing accurate intelligence. The reason is simple, for their mission has changed from the original charter and their purpose is now the elimination of all opposition to the rule of the “REAL” establishment. The CIA’s own site and library says:

“Preempt threats and further US national security objectives by collecting intelligence that matters, producing objective all-source analysis, conducting effective covert action as directed by the President, and safeguarding the secrets that help keep our Nation safe.”

“From the creation of the Agency in 1947 until the establishment of the permanent select committees on intelligence in the mid-1970s, there was relatively little legislation in this area. Only three statutes, in fact, fell into the aforementioned categories, and all were developed largely by the Agency and supported by the administration in power. With the advent of the select committees, however, Congress began to develop and enact more legislation affecting the Agency’s mission, authorities, and organization. Not only did the annual authorization bills for intelligence developed by the select committees offer new opportunities to bring legislation affecting the CIA to the floor, but the committees themselves increasingly took the initiative to propose such legislation.”

Much of the research and condemnation of the deadly intervention from covert operations has been assembled from the likes of the late Alexander Cockburn, who wrote back in 2009 in “A Damned Murder Inc.”

“What about targets of assassination attempts by the CIA, acting on presidential orders?  We could start with the bid on Chou En-lai’s life after the Bandung Conference in 1954; they blew up the plane scheduled to take him home, but fortunately for him, though not his fellow passengers, he’d switched flights. Then we could move on to the efforts, ultimately successful in 1961, to kill the Congo’s Patrice Lumumba, in which the CIA was intimately involved, dispatching among others  the late Dr Sidney Gottlieb, the Agency’s in-house killer chemist, with a  hypodermic loaded with poison.  The Agency made many efforts to kill General Kassim in Iraq. The first such attempt on October 7, 1959 was botched badly, and one of the assassins, Saddam Husssein, was, spirited out to an Agency apartment in Cairo. There was a second Agency effort in 1960-1961 with a poisoned handkerchief. Finally they shot Kassim in the coup of February 8/9, 1963.”

CIAmurderEven the U.S. government admitted the rattling impact of covert actionable ops as seen in the Senator Frank Church Committee Reports providing documentation on CIA operation abuses.

“The Interim Report documents the Church Committee’s findings on U.S. involvement in attempts to assassinate foreign leaders, particularly Patrice Lumumba of the Congo, Cuba’s Fidel Castro, Rafael Trujillo of the Dominican Republic, the Diem brothers of Vietnam, and General Rene Schneider of Chile. It also contains findings on the development of a general “Executive Action” capability by the CIA.”

Still not convinced? Then review the litany of evidence in A Timeline of CIA Atrocities, the Secret Mercenary Armies of the CIA and 10 Dirty Secret CIA Operations.

The list of Directors of Central Intelligence (DCI) includes some of the most infamous names in post War II sub-rosa governance. The likes of Allen W. Dulles, Richard M. Helms, James R. Schlesinger, William E. Colby, George H. W. Bush, William J. Casey and George J. Tenet each had their secrets but all were agents in protecting the NWO “Nefarious Warrior Organism” Empire.

This background sets the stage for the latest chapter of CIA = Murder Inc.

Joe Wolverton, II, J.D. references President Obama’s Secret CIA Hit Squad Detailed in “The Way of the Knife” in the New American. “The story behind the development and deployment of this presidential killing corps is told in The Way of the Knife: The CIA, a Secret Army, and a War at the Ends of the Earth, the latest book by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Mark Mazzetti.”

Mr. Wolverton goes on to sum up.

“The “new American way of war” includes not declaring war. Rather than submit to the constitutional authority of the legislative branch’s exclusive power to declare war, presidents for decades have marched brigades of U.S. armies through the barriers that separate the powers of the White House and Capitol Hill.

Admittedly, when the president assumes the power to designate people as enemies of the state, then he feels legally justified in skirting (or completely disregarding) the myriad constitutional and moral checks on the prosecution of war.

For example, President Obama’s nearly daily approval of drone-delivered assassinations is an effrontery to over 650 years of our Anglo-American law’s protection from autocratic decrees of death without due process of law. When any president usurps the power to place names on a kill list and then have those people summarily executed without due process, he places our republic on a trajectory toward tyranny and government-sponsored terrorism.”

The need for valid intelligence should not be compromised with the culture of unaccountable execution for the “National Security” of government thugs. The CIA has proven to be an enemy of the American People. Honest conservatives need to accept and adopt that protecting surreptitious enforcers is not the same as defending the nation.

A list of US Intelligence and Security Agencies shows there is no shortage of government departments that have the capacity of conducting justifiable intelligence collection. Allowing the CIA to wage secretive wars is entirely outside the lawful traditions upon which this country was founded.

The circumstance of the mysterious death of William E. Colby strongly indicates that he was murdered. Who Killed William Colby? – provides the following deduction. “A CIA director can make a lot of enemies which Colby managed to do in spades. Perhaps his biggest sin was his willingness to honestly answer Congress the questions they put to him. In fact his candor caused Kissinger to instruct President Ford to fire him which he did in November 1975. Twenty years later Colby was scheduled to speak before Congress again and the spooks at Langley wanted to take no chances of more family jewels being cast before swine.”

Matthew 26:52 applies to CIA DCI’s – “for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword.”

SARTRE is the pen name of James Hall, a reformed, former political operative. This pundit’s formal instruction in History, Philosophy and Political Science served as training for activism, on the staff of several politicians and in many campaigns. A believer in authentic Public Service, independent business interests were pursued in the private sector. As a small business owner and entrepreneur, several successful ventures expanded opportunities for customers and employees. Speculation in markets, and international business investments, allowed for extensive travel and a world view for commerce. He is retired and lives with his wife in a rural community. “Populism” best describes the approach to SARTRE’s perspective on Politics. Realities, suggest that American Values can be restored with an appreciation of “Pragmatic Anarchism.” Reforms will require an Existential approach. “Ideas Move the World,” and SARTRE’S intent is to stir the conscience of those who desire to bring back a common sense, moral and traditional value culture for America. Not seeking fame nor fortune, SARTRE’s only goal is to ask the questions that few will dare … Having refused the invites of an academic career because of the hypocrisy of elite’s, the search for TRUTH is the challenge that is made to all readers. It starts within yourself and is achieved only with your sincere desire to face Reality. So who is SARTRE? He is really an ordinary man just like you, who invites you to join in on this journey. Visit his website at



In an amazing pattern developing very recently of celebrities and mainstream figures coming out with the truth, extremely popular German journalist Udo Ulfkotte admitted that the corporate media of the West completely bows down to the wealthy, to corporate interests, and to the lies perpetuated by extremely powerful people.

Udo Ulfkotte is a former journalist of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (one of the biggest german newspapers).

He show both the courage and the decency that all who call themselves journalists should show today.

Η Εξομολόγηση ενός οικονομικού δολοφόνου (ταινία-ντοκιμαντέρ)


Όσα θα θέλατε να μάθετε για το χρέος και το ΔΝΤ, αλλά δεν είχατε κανέναν για να ρωτήσετε. Η ταινία καταγράφει τις εξομολογήσεις του αμερικανού οικονομολόγου και πράκτορα της Εθνικής Υπηρεσίας Πληροφοριών των ΗΠΑ Τζών Πέρκινς στον Στέλιο Κούλογλου, καθώς και την εσωτερική πάλη του πρωταγωνιστή ανάμεσα στο φόβο και στην ανάγκη να πει την αλήθεια.

Ο Πέρκινς συμμετείχε την δεκαετία του ‘70 σε μια ομάδα οικονομικών δολοφόνων όπως αυτοαποκαλούνταν τα ίδια τα μέλη της. Στόχος της ομάδας, η οποία συνεργαζόταν με την Παγκόσμια Τράπεζα, το Πεντάγωνο και την CIA ήταν η οικονομική και πολιτική υποδούλωση χωρών του Τρίτου Κόσμου, μέσα από την προσφορά δανείων που οι χώρες δεν μπορούσαν να εξοφλήσουν.

Αν κάποιοι από τους προέδρους των χωρών-στόχων δεν υπέκυπταν στους εκβιασμούς των οικονομικών δολοφόνων, οι τελευταίοι καλούσαν την CIA για να τους ανατρέψει με πραξικόπημα ή να τους δολοφονήσει. Ο Στέλιος Κούλογλου έπεισε τον Τζων Πέρκινς να ταξιδέψουν μαζί στον Ισημερινό όπου είχε δολοφονηθεί ο πρόεδρος της χώρας και να ζητήσει συγνώμη από τον λαό σε μια θυελλώδη δημόσια εκδήλωση η οποία αποτελεί και τον αφηγηματικό κορμό της ταινίας.

Το φιλμ, διάρκειας 90 λεπτών, είναι γυρισμένο σε ύφος film noir καθώς στην υπόθεση μπλέκονται μοιραίες γυναίκες, συγγενείς δολοφονημένων που ζητούν να μάθουν τι απέγινε στα αγαπημένα τους πρόσωπα και πράκτορες της CIA.

«Η εξομολόγηση ενός οικονομικού δολοφόνου» έχει προβληθεί στους κινηματογράφους της Νέας Υόρκης, του Λος Αντζελες και πολλών πόλεων του Μεξικού και της Αργεντινής, ενώ έχει προβληθεί σε δεκάδες διεθνή Φεστιβάλ και τηλεοπτικά δίκτυα. Κέρδισε το βραβείο κοινού στο Διεθνές Φεστιβάλ Κινηματογράφου και Ανθρωπίνων Δικαιωμάτων που διεξάγεται στην Σαραγόσα και το δεύτερο βραβείο καλύτερου ντοκιμαντέρ στο Διεθνές Φεστιβάλ Ντοκιμαντέρ της Σεούλ.

Η ταινία είναι συμπαραγωγή της εταιρείας Lynx, του Ελληνικού Κέντρου Κινηματογράφου και της ΕΡΤ. Στις δραματοποιημένες σκηνές παίζουν οι ηθοποιοί Γιάννης Χατζηγιάννης, Κωνσταντίνος Βελέντζας, Τάκης Στάγκος και Ναταλία Λιονάκη. Διευθυντής φωτογραφίας είναι ο Διονύσης Ευθυμιόπουλος και ο Μανώλης Κονσολάκης ενώ το μοντάζ έκανε ο Κενάν Ακάουι. Την μουσική της ταινίας έχουν γράψει οι Active Member.



Ακολουθούν δύο άρθρα του βραβευμένου σκηνοθέτη πολιτικών ντοκιμαντέρ Στέλλιου Κούλογλου σχετικά με το μπλέξιμο της Ελλάδας στη Διεθνή Κερδοσκοπία και Εταιρειοκρατία:

α) Ελλάδα: όμηρος οικονομικών δολοφόνων 

β) Το προτεκτοράτο – πειραματόζωο

Οι παραθέσεις με λόγια του Πέρκινς στο τρίτο βίντεο αυτής της σελίδας βασίζονται σε άρθρο της Ελευθεροτυπίας του 2011 με τίτλο Η Ελλάδα έχει πέσει θύμα οικονομικών δολοφόνων , που παρουσιάζει συνέντευξη του Τζον Πέρκινς με θέμα την Ελλάδα.

NATO’s Nazistversion av Frihet är Organiserad Ondska emot Mänskligheten

Idag är det bara de historiskt sett dåligt informerade, de djupt indoktrinerade eller de mentalt sjuka, som kan se nazisterna och dess gelikar som motståndare till globalisterna, den ekonomiska eliten, västvärldens kungafamiljer,  “aristokraterna” och deras “hov” och “tjänstefolk”. Nazismen är uttrycket för ideer som bildades för att skydda just dessa människor från Demokratin eller en ny Bastilj! Dess logik, metoder och taktik har antagits av NATO, IDF, EU och USA med ‘avkommor’ som Al-Qaida/IS och deras senaste “missfoster”, Kievs NATO-ihopplockade Gladio-armé. Den som placerades där för att den skulle förbereda NATO’s invasion av Ukraina.

Denna artikel behandlar uppkomsten av nazismen, dess karaktär, dess förutsättningar, dess gelikar och dess arv och innehåller följande 5 punkter:

  • Bakgrund
  • Varför utmärker sig nazisterna som de värsta krigsförbrytarna i mänsklighetens historia?
  • Ondska är “Empati Erosion” och nazisterna gjorde den till samhällsnorm
  • Den förödande missuppfattningen av begreppet “Frihet” i västvärlden
  • Nazismen och NATO




Den EU och USA stödda Kiev-regimen, med sina pöbelhopar av huliganer och sin NATO-värvade, ‘Gladio’ armé; har med Odessa massakern den 2:a Maj 2014 och de pågående massakrerna i östra Ukraina inlett en ny era av etniska rensningar i Europa. Odessa massakern var en noggrant iscensatt hemlig underrättelse-operation i syfte att signalera början på den nazistiska terrorn på den europeiska kontinenten.

Det var inget “spontant” eller “oavsiktligt”, som massmedia påstod, med denna djävulska aktion som inkluderade massmordet på 120+ människor inne i Fackföreningarnas Hus i Odessa. Byggnaden sattes mycket medvetet  i brand som en del av en noggrant planerad paramilitär operation, utförd av amerikanska psykopater ur CIA’s special ops.

Israels och USA: s arméer och deras underrättelsetjänster är direkta arvtagare till nazisterna och deras avhumaniserings-politik. Den nyligen om-stylade naziregimen i Ukraina är bara en naturlig följd av den 7 decennier långa CIA- och MI6-sponsrade Nynazismen och det är de CIA- och Mossad-stödda jihadisterna i arabvärlden också.


Idag försöker EU-och USA-median att ihärdigt tona ner nazisternas brott under andra världskriget och deras utomordentligt misantropiska disposition och därigenom ge en annan bild av nazismen. Att slakta, ‘spetta’ , våldta och bränna obeväpnade kvinnor, barn och spädbarn var och är, som nazisterna själva deklarerat, en del av deras “krigföringstaktik”. Den exceptionella grymheten i massakern i Odessa, 2 maj 2014, och de pågående massakrerna i östra Ukraina har samma egenskaper som de tusentals tyska massakrerna som utfördes av Einsatzgruppen och Waffen SS under 2:a världskriget. Trots dessa tydliga likheter i både grymhet och taktik, blev massakern i Odessa rapporterad och “förklarad” av västmedia, med en “logik” som försökte vifta bort det iscensatta brottet som en beklaglig olycka.

De två viktigaste prototyperna för dessa typer av krigsprovokationer och terrorisera civilbefolkningen till lydnad-taktiker, som Kiev-regimen, NATO, IDF och EU ofta använder är två av de viktigaste av andra världskrigets nazistststrategier;

  • “Hemliga Militära eller Paramilitära Operationer Policyn” (falsk flagg operationer) såsom Gleiwitz incidenten, som “gav ursäkt” för invasionen av Polen. Eller ett mer relevant exempel som Stay-Behind-operationerna under namnet “Operation Gladio“. De bildades i slutet av andra världskriget av USA-räddade, och CIA-stödda nazister och fascister som de allierade hjälpte till omorganisering och de har varit aktiva i Europa sedan det grekiska inbördeskriget 1946-1949 ända in i våra dagar med Ukraina som sitt senaste framprovocerade NATO-konstruerade inbördeskrig.
  • “Kollektiv Bestraffnings Policyn (emot obeväpnade civila), såsom i främst Grekland, Polen, Serbien, Vitryssland och Ukraina. (mot obeväpnade civila). Eller mer aktuella exempel som Odessa massakern och de kontinuerliga massakrerna i Syrien och Gaza.

Nürnbergrättegångarna förklarade tydligt dessa ‘policies’ kriminella. Båda anses vara Krigsförbrytelser enligt Den Fjärde Genèvekonventionen (GCIV) och terrorism enligt Genèvedeklarationen om Terrorism Artikel I, punkt 1 och 7. USA, NATO och IDF har fullständigt antagit dessa strategier och använder dem sedan 1946 frekvent som vanliga ‘krigföringsmetoder’  (IDF fanns inte förrän 1948, men det gjorde Haganah).

Det är av största vikt idag att vi kan förstå exakt vad Mänskligheten står inför och vad som skiljer nazisterna och deras gelikar, från alla andra massmördare i historien. Deras gelikar idag är naturligtvis USA, Israel och det tysk- ledda EU med NATO och den nya EUROGENDFOR (europeiska gendarmeristyrkan) som dagens Wehrmacht och Gestapo.

Varför utmärker sig nazisterna som de värsta krigsförbrytarna i mänsklighetens historia?

Nazisterna utmärker sig från resten av mänsklighetens krigsförbrytare i en klass för sig, med sin väl dokumenterade och oöverträffade grymhet och blodtörst och sin sadistiska, misantropiska disposition, speciellt när det handlar om obeväpnade civila kvinnor, äldre, barn och spädbarn. Vad är det som gör att de utmärker sig, jämfört med alla andra krigsförbrytare i mänsklighetens historia? Svaret är ganska enkelt egentligen: Det är faktumet att de lyckades göra den ‘organiserade avhumaniseringen av människor’ till en ‘passande’ ideologi/kult, och de lyckades göra ’empati erosion’, den vetenskapliga termen för ‘ondska’ (förklaras längre ner), en högt värderad “kvalitet” och en utbredd norm inom den sociala karaktären i det tyska samhället. Avsiktligt, mycket väl planerat och väl organiserat, närde de misantropiska känslor i det tyska samhället.

På grund av denna socialpsykologiska manipulering, konstruerade nazisterna en aldrig tidigare skådad industriell form av folkmord. De organiserade ordentliga slakthus enligt ‘Löpande Bands Principen‘, för massutrotning av människor – Experimenterande på Människor och Industriell Utrotning av människor som “lösningar” på kulturella, politiska, geopolitiska och social-ekonomiska problem. Dessa metoder var och är kompatibla med den Nazistiska versionen av en Mänsklig Civilisation. Ingen annan krigsförbrytare, “slaktare” eller tyrann i den mänskliga historien, före nazisterna, gick så långt i sin “förädling” av sina misantropiska känslor och begär. Ingen före dem, återvann industriellt och använde huden, fettet och olika kroppsdelar och kroppsvävnad från de massmördade. 

Förutom Experimenterandet på Människor och den Industriella Utrotningen av över 15 miljoner människor, i de 23 största tyska förintelselägren och i de över 1 200 underlägren, var de särskilt grymma i sina ‘krigföringsmetoder’ mot obeväpnade civila. Einsatzgruppen och Waffen-SS utförde tusentals massakrer på obeväpnade civila, särskilt i Vitryssland, Grekland, Frankrike, Litauen, Polen, Ryssland och Ukraina.

Ett exempel på detta faktum är från Grekland och är mycket grafiskt förklarat av Sture Linnér, den svenska chefen för Internationella Röda Korset i Grekland, när han beskrev den bistra verklighet han såg när han kom till den lilla staden Distomo:

Asgamarna steg långsamt och trevandes på låg höjd från sidorna av vägen när de hörde oss komma. I hundratals meter längs med vägen, hängde människokroppar  från varje träd, genomborrade med bajonetter – några var fortfarande vid liv.

De var byborna, som bestraffades på detta sätt – de misstänktes för att ha givit hjälp till gerillan i regionen, som hade lagt sig i bakhåll för en SS-enhet.

Lukten var outhärdlig.

I byn brann fortfarande de sista resterna av husen. Hundratals döda kroppar av människor i alla åldrar, från äldre till nyfödda, var omkringströdda i gruset. Flera kvinnor var slaktade med bajonetter, deras sköten hade slitits sönder och deras bröst blivit avhuggna; andra låg strypta med sina egna inälvor lindade runt halsen.”


1779 byar brändes till spillror i Grekland och över 430 massakrer på obeväpnade civila ägde rum från juni 1941 till augusti 1944. Grekland förlorade 13% av sin befolkning under andra världskriget.

Kanske en av de mest gripande aspekterna av detta kommer igen från Sture Linnér, som återvände till Distomo i slutet av kriget, två månader efter massakern:

När den tyska ockupationsmakten blev tvingade att lämna Grekland, gick det inte som planerat för dem.

En tysk enhet var omringad av gerillan i exakt samma område, i Distomo. Jag tänkte att detta skulle kunna tas av grekerna som en möjlighet för en blodig hämnd, särskilt med tanke på att regionen under ett bra tag hade skurits av från transporter av alla livsmedel. Jag laddade några lastbilar med mat och nödvändigheter, jag telegraferade till Distomo ett ord om vår planerade ankomst, och vi befann oss återigen på samma väg, Cleo och jag.

När vi nådde utkanten av byn, möttes vi av en kommitté som leddes av den äldre prästen. Han var en gammaldags patriark, med ett långt, vågigt, vitt skägg. Bredvid honom stod gerillakaptenen, fullt beväpnad. Prästen talade först och tackade oss å allas vägnar för alla livsmedel. Sedan tillade han: “Vi är alla utsvultna här, både vi och de tyska fångarna. Men, även om vi är utsvultna, är vi i vårt land. Tyskarna har inte bara förlorat kriget; de är också långt ifrån sitt land. Ge dem den mat du har med dig, de har en lång väg framför sig.”

Vid denna fras vände Cleo sina ögon emot mig. Jag misstänkte vad hon ville säga mig med den där blicken, men jag kunde inte se klart längre. Jag bara stod där och grät…”

“MÄNSKLIGHET. Det är något som nazisterna inte hade och något som det grekiska folket hade – och fortfarande har – i överflöd”.

Sture Linnér

De tusentals liknande exemplen från Grekland, Vitryssland, Frankrike, Litauen, Polen, Ryssland och Ukraina tillsammans med deras Experiment på Människor och deras Industriella Utrotningar, säger oss en viss sak om nazisterna. De lyckades organisera, göra till rutin och uttrycka den ultimata ondskan i sina ‘policies’, sina ‘krigföringsmetoder’ och genom sitt beteende mot människor i allmänhet. Metoder, taktiker, ‘logik’ och beteenden som tyvärr många andra har antagit sedan dess. Förutom den Industriella Utrotningen, använder NATO, USA, IDF och det tysk- styrda EU permanent samma ‘rutiner’ i sitt beteende mot alla ‘människor som de väljer att se som degenererade och t.o.m som icke-mänskliga. Experiment på Människor har på senare år utförts i Guantanamo Bay’s vårdinrättningar, i Abu Ghraib-fängelset, och i flera universitetssjukhus eller fängelser i USA, på den amerikanska arméns begäran, sedan 1947.

Ondska är ‘Empati Erosion’ och nazisterna gjorde den till en samhällsnorm

Dr Simon Barono-Cohen vid universitetet i Cambridge beskriver ‘Empati Erosion’:

“…när människor avhumaniserar andra människor, när de gör andra människor till objekt, och därför blir kapabla till illvilja och extrem mänsklig grymhet“.

Nazisterna förlitade sig mycket på sina skickligt skräddarsydda ideologiska, politiska, vetenskapliga och historiska propagandamyter, sina rituella massmöten, sitt SS-brödraskaps elitistiska, rasistiska indoktrinering, sitt paramilitära politiska våld och terror och sina ungdomsorganisationer. De utvecklade ett ‘utbildnings- och fostrings-system‘ för utvecklingen av de lämpliga normerna, trosuppfattningarna och förutsättningarna, så att den organiserade ‘avhumaniseringen av människor‘ skulle utvecklas i massiv skala, i det tyska samhället. Ledarna för de nazistiska organisationerna Hitlerjugend (60% av alla pojkar) och Bund Deutscher Mädel (50% av alla flickor) införde ‘empati eroderarande‘ fostringsmetoder och innanför dess ramar, var ett av syftena att indoktrinera ungdomar med rasbiologisk vulgär-vetenskap, en vriden moraluppfattning och nonsens-historiska sagor och myter presentertade som historiska fakta. Detta gjorde de för att peka ut olika etniska och kulturella grupper eller ‘raser’ som icke-mänskliga och de fria tänkarna och dissidenterna som “degenererade” och därför mindre mänskliga.

Civila från staden Ohrdruf fördes för att se kropparna från utrotningslägret och de synliga, mänskliga reaktionerna var mycket få.

Amerikanska soldater visar mänskliga lik funna i Buchenwald koncentrationsläger för de tyska civila i Weimar . 

Nürnbergrättegångarna, fördömde likgiltigheten och passiviteten ifrån det Tyska folket som bodde nära de 23 förintelselägren, när massutrotningarna av människor ägde rum dagligen i väl över fyra år. Det var uppenbart att den över 20 år långa avhumaniserings-propagandan och nazist-partiets skräddarsydda ’empati eroderande’ undervisnings- och utbildnings-metoder, verkligen hade gjort en majoritet av tyskarna omänskligt toleranta och tillåtande av sådana grymheter. De hade matats med alla de, enligt nazismens ‘logik’, “godtagbara skälen” för sådana brott emot mänskligheten.

Även om metoderna skiljer sig en aning, var de i grund och botten inte särskilt annorlunda från “avhumanisering propagandan” vi tvångsmatas med idag, från USA’s och EU’s regeringar och deras media. Detta görs så att vi ska acceptera NATO-ledda massakrer och pogromer mot obeväpnade civila i bl.a Palestina, Irak, Libyen, Syrien och Ukraina och alla andra platser som USA, EU och NATO beslutar att “befria”. Taktiken strävar efter ett klart social-psykologiskt resultat – samma ’empati eroderande’ sociala karaktär som i Nazi-Tyskland. Ett historiskt mycket bisarrt, men tyvärr väldigt tydligt, exempel på ett samhälle som har satts under en strikt ’empati eroderande’, socialpsykologisk manipuleringspolicy, är det israeliska samhället.

Om israeliska krigsbrott skrev Chris Hedges i November 2013 i IOA (Israeliskt Ockupations Arkiv)

“Israel har förgiftats av det permanenta krigets psykos. Det har blivit moraliskt bankrutt genom att helgonförklara offerrollen, som det använder för att motivera en ockupation som rivaliserar med apartheid-Sydafrikas brutalitet och rasism. Dess demokrati – som alltid var enbart för judar – har kapats av extremister som driver landet mot fascism. Många av Israels mest upplysta och utbildade medborgare – 1 miljon av dem – har lämnat landet. Dess mest modiga människorättsaktivisterna, intellektuella och journalister – israeliska och palestinska – är föremål för ständig övervakning, godtyckliga arresteringar och statsanktionerade smutskastningskampanjer. Dess utbildningssystem, med början i grundskolan, har blivit en indoktrineringsapparat för militären.”

Läs hela artikeln på engelska här

Nu när de NATO ledda Nazi-massakrerna har inletts även i Europa och sanningen bakom dem fortfarande i mycket hög grad, möts med likgiltighet och apati från de västerländska samhällena, bör vi åtminstone hålla en sak i åtanke:  En dag, på order av en anständig och rättfärdig ‘Internationell Brottsmålsdomstol’ som förstår sin roll, kan de påstådda “civiliserade” västerlänningarna (inklusive israelerna), tvingas att gå igenom berg av hundratals döda kroppar, som USA-EU-NATO-IDF’s proxy-krig har lämnat efter sig. Vi kommer troligtvis att kollektivt dömas för den kollektivt visade likgiltigheten och den kollektivt visade apatin, när våra ledare under flera decennier har matat oss med lögner, rasist-propaganda, false flag operationer, proxy-krig, irrationella, påstådda ‘självförsvars-handlingar’ och andra ‘godtagbara skäl’ för massmord av oskyldiga, människor. Vi kommer sannolikt att fördömas och dömas för vår uppenbart rasistiska läggning, vilken tydligt framgår av de öppet avslöjade skillnaderna i hur vi värderar arabiska, asiatiska eller afrikanska liv och amerikanska, europeiska eller israeliska liv.

Det är där den ‘ultimata ondskan’ börjar i vår tid. Den börjar med sådana generaliserande, misantropiska känslor. Den börjar med dessa, på konstgjord väg, återupplivade lämningarna av det ’empati-eroderande’ Nazist-arvet och dess ideologiska, andliga och kulturella grundvalar. Det är detta arv som starkt har bidragit till “barbariseringen” i stället för “civiliseringen” av västvärlden. Numera har detta Nazist-arv i de västerländska samhällena, blivit mycket tydligt genom Kievs nazist-regim, dess NATO-samlade Gladio-armé och NATO’s och IDF’s brott emot palestinierna och araberna. Många (inklusive jag själv) hävdar att detta arv har återuppväckts, framför allt genom USA’s och EU’s nyliberala, socialekonomiska IMF/Världsbanken/WTO-strategier med sina tydliga samhällsutmattande och folkmördande avsikter. Dessa åtgärder och strategier är predestinerade att leda fram till den önskade destabiliseringen av de europeiska samhällena och nedmonteringen av Demokratin och Rättvisan. Det är ju en nödvändighet för att de nyliberala “projekten” skall fungera. Och det är ett känt och beprövat recept från Latinamerika och Sydostasien, för att nazistiska och fascistiska ‘avhumaniserings-sentiment’ skall stiga och spridas. Detta är den ‘ultimata ondskan’ som breder ut sig igen i Europa. gjordes följande kommentar om ‘Empati Erosion’:

“I stället för att avfärda handlingar av ondska som rena vansinneshandlingar, kan det vara mycket värdefullt att undersöka vad som får människor att agera så destruktivt. Barono-Cohen, författare till boken The Science of Evil (Ondskans Vetenskap) tittar på empati i allmänhet och vad ett underskott på empati hos människor kan leda till.

Han menar att empati är fördelad i befolkningen enligt en klockformad kurva. Vissa har en enorm mängd empati medan andra, de som ofta klassas som psykopater eller med andra psykiatriska diagnoser, finns på lägre delen av den klockformade kurvan. Barono-Cohen förklarar att rötterna till empati kommer både från naturen och från fostran. De med liten eller ingen empati kan ha annorlunda hjärnstruktur och funktion eller kan ha lidit under miljöbetingade faktorer såsom vanvård eller övergrepp i barndomen.”

Den Beteendekognitiva Psykologin visar att majoriteten av personer med “liten eller ingen empati alls” har lidit under sociala miljöfaktorer så som vanvård eller övergrepp i barndomen. Inom beteendevetenskaplig forskning så betraktas sociala fenomen så som fattigdom och undernäring under barndomen som miljöfaktorer av vanvård och övergrepp. Sociologisk och kriminologisk forskning visar att den typ av ’empati-erosion’ som föder organiserade subkulturer av grymhet och ondska, härrör nästan uteslutande ur vanvård och misshandel och långvarig fattigdom och social misär i barndomen och i tonåren. Ändå behövs det ett par ‘ingredienser’ till, för att verkligen garantera uppkomsten av strukturerade onda subkulturer.

Utvecklingen av strukturerade onda subkulturer kan endast uppstå genom den medvetna organisationen av ‘vägledningen’ och ‘ledarskapet’ av dessa grupper. I ett mänskligt samhälle, sker detta bäst genom avsiktlig och  fortlöpande propaganda, infiltrering, rädsla och upprepad indoktrinering. Dessa fakta är något som nazisterna förstod mycket väl. De hade mycket goda socialpsykologiska insikter, genom den rika tyska litteraturen i psykologi och psykoanalys, men framför allt genom en fransk socialpsykolog, sociolog och antropolog, Gustave Le Bon och hans bok, The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind. Den blev en högst användbar grupp-psykologisk guide då de skräddarsydde sina fostringsmetoder, för att skapa den önskade ’empati-erosionen’ i stor skala. Det är oundvikligt nuförtiden att dessa ‘onda subkulturer’ främst uppstår i de västerländska samhällena, eftersom en hel del av nazisternas sociala manipuleringsprojekt och metoder fortfarande implementeras i dessa samhällen.

I våra dagar är tyvärr ’empati-erosionen’ väl inbyggd i nästan alla aspekter av ett typiskt, västerländskt liv.

Den förödande missuppfattningen av begreppet Frihet i västvärlden

De västerländska samhällena har på grund av omfattande ’empati erosion’ och en långvarig social-darwinistisk indoktrinering utvecklat en mycket omogen och mycket perverterad syn på begreppet frihet. Inte i ord förstås, men i beteende och handlingar. Den uttrycks vanligtvis som en mycket adolescent, självcentrerad, ensidig, fördomsfull och rasistisk slags frihet, på grund av en mycket hög grad av pågående och ökande avhumaniserings-policies i dessa samhällen. Detta är varifrån de värsta rasistiska ideologierna i mänsklighetens historia har vuxit fram, och det är där den kriminella logiken för etnisk rensning, folkmord, plundring och kolonisering på global nivå, är så uppenbart ursäktad.

Varför vi ser de flesta människor i väst i dag mer eller mindre, även om det kanske inte stöder den, åtminstone ‘accepterar’ uppkomsten av nazism, är därför att:

  1. De är likgiltiga, arroganta och okunniga och fullt upptagna med att tillfredsställa sin egoism och sin narcissism.
  2. De är bara mottagliga för ‘skräddarsydda sanningar’ som tillfredsställer deras antaganden, teorier och fördomar
  3. De är historiskt felinformerade och förlitar sig enbart på de kulturellt och socialt serverade, populära, ’empati eroderande’ berättelserna.
  4. De förstår inte att det enda verkligt effektiva antifascist-åtgärden är att införa verklig demokrati och verklig rättvisa.
  5. De tror inte riktigt på demokrati och rättvisa för de har accepterat mycket själviska begrepp av frihet i sina liv för länge.
  6. Det berör dem inte där det borde, eftersom deras emotionella liv är nedsmittat med mentalt och känslomässigt ‘giftigt avfall’.

En mogen och civiliserad tolkning av frihet, i ett verkligt civiliserat mänskligt samhälle, uttrycks INTE främst genom hur många moraliska principer man kan bryta. Fri att bryta varje moralisk och etisk gräns utan samvete eller något ansvar för sina handlingar, är den vanligaste versionen av praktiserad frihet i de västerländska samhällena idag. Enbart detta är ett kristallklart tecken på att dessa samhällen faktiskt är socialt omogna och andligt sett efterblivna. På grund av dessa uppenbart oerkända, kollektiva, sociala åkommorna, blir sådana samhällen extremt accepterande av grymma diktaturer, samhällsvåld och krig. Onödigt att påpeka, är att dessa samhällen inte är särskilt hållbara och nästan säkert är, att de är dömda att gå under relativt fort. Det är okunnighet, själviskhet och faktiskt en mycket låg nivå av kritiskt tänkande, som håller de flesta medborgarna i dessa samhällen från det enade åtagandet att gemensamt bygga adekvata politiska och rättsliga ‘skyddsgrindar’ emot tyranni. Den verkliga  faran ligger i faktumet att dess medborgare, fortfarande är övertygade om att ‘denna typ av samhälle är det bästa, mänskliga samhälle som existerar, även om det inte är perfekt’. Vad dessa medborgare är oförmögna att förstå, på grund av sina sociala skygglappar och sin vägran till någon adekvat självkritik, är att det som ‘inte är perfekt’, faktiskt är exakt den avsiktligt införda ’empati eroderande’ policyn som tillåter att misantropi blir en högt accepterad social norm. Detta faktum placerar dessa samhällen väldigt, väldigt långt bort ifrån bedömningen “perfekta” och i stället skulle man kunna hävda att de faktiskt är ganska defekta, åtminstone ur ett utilitaristiskt mänskligt perspektiv.

Detta har hänt eftersom det i nästan varje praktiserad aspekt av ett typisk västerländskt liv idag, är EGOISMEN högt aktad, vårdad och utvecklad och ALTRUISMEN ignorerad, förlöjligad och förlamad. Därför är den västerländska, perverterade men likväl allmänt praktiserade formen av frihet, uppenbarligen en följd av följande doktrin: “Gör som du vill – sök ständigt enbart fysisk och materiell tillfredsställelse  – ångra inget för vilken som helst skada, lidande, misär och olycka du kan ha orsakat andra”. En mycket destruktiv doktrin som när den bildar den allmänna, sociala karaktären i ett samhälle, orsakar den bedrägliga relationer, misstro, konflikter, våld, uppror, krig och lidande, och den föder organiserade ‘subkulturer av ondska’. Vad som egentligen händer, när allt av den mänskliga sidan av människan ignoreras och förlöjligas och därmed bedövas, förhärdas och torkas ut, är att “det tomma skalet” av människan vänder sig till Mammon för ‘frälsning’ (som de misströstande judarna gjorde i Sinai). Det är därför som personlig vinst och personlig förmögenhet är det yttersta målet i ett västerländskt eller ‘västinfluerat’ liv, och det är därför ensamhet, hopplöshet, depressioner, emotionella kollapsar, sinnessjukdom, självmord och mord, är mycket vanligare i väst (eller västerländska typer av samhällen) än någon annanstans.

“Starta ett företag – ta stora lån – se till att du har råd med några bolagsjurister och egna torpeder och börja misshandla och missbruka världen och människorna, för personlig vinst och tillfredsställelse”. Detta är det verkliga underliggande budskapet i det västerländska praktiserade frihets-begreppet, som bygger på “gör som du vill-doltrinen”. Så har i vart fall de normgivande finanshajarna som slaktade företag på 80-talet och nationer idag tolkat det.

Västs justitiedepartement och rättsliga myndigheter tydliga ovilja att föra de uppenbara toppbrottslingarna från de övre skikten i samhället inför rätta, är det som – med en obestridbar klarhet – visar att den ovan nämnda doktrinen, verkligen är det underliggande budskapet i denna typ av brotts-dyrkande, västerländska form av frihet.

Den vanliga uppfattningen om begreppet frihet i de västerländska samhällena är med andra ord inte alls baserad på någon särskilt omfattande social insikt, eller någon djupare förståelse av vad ett mänskligt samhälle, eller människan, egentligen är. Faktiskt, i motsats till det, är den baserad på klart omogna pseudovetenskapliga begrepp, mycket efterblivna medvetanden och fula känsloliv. Tråkigt nog har detta utvecklats i de västerländska samhällena, trots tillgången till ett mycket rikt klassisk arv, som förtydligar och förklarar båda mycket väl. Det är ett arv som också ger adekvata intellektuella, andliga och praktiska verktyg så att mänskligheten och de mänskliga samhällen skall utvecklas i enlighet med människans sanna natur och på så sätt lämna barbari och misantropiska sentiment bakom sig. Det arvet är högt aktat och vördat i västvärlden, enbart i ord, men tyvärr ytterst sällan i individuella och sociala beteenden och nästan aldrig i det konkreta uttrycket för utbildning, lag och rätt eller i regeringens arbete. Det påstås utgöra fundamentet till västerländskt tänkande, men varken i ord eller handlingar tycks väst vara kapabelt att verkligen förstå den nästan 3 000 år gamla vägen till verkligt fria, kritiskt tänkande människor, personligt och socialt civiliserat beteende och därmed en verkligt mänsklig civilisation. En mycket djup orsak till detta är att det existerar en mycket gammal schism, mellan två helt motsatta idé-världar, till grund för västerländskt tänkande. En väldigt schizofren schism är dold bakom västerländskt tänkande, som även om många akademiker har slagit larm om den, så övervägs den aldrig på allvar av huvudfåran av tänkarna och forskarna. Åtminstone inte i dess rätta proportioner. En av dessa idé-världar är den verkliga vaggan för den västerländska civilisationen och den erbjuder befrielsen av människan, och den andra är begravningen av denna ‘vagga’ och den bringar förslavandet av människan.  En av dem gör tyrannier som nazismen och fascismen omöjliga och den andra föder dem och ger näring till dem.

“…Det är verkligen denna gamla schism mellan två helt och hållet motstridiga idé-världar och andliga traditioner,… denna “schizofreni” mellan Hellenismen och Rothschild-sionismen, som de härskande klasserna har försökt att tränga ihop inom ‘den moderna västerländska civilisationen’. Denna paradox och denna grundläggande konflikt mellan idéer, är det som verkligen speglar hela det västerländska samhället i alla dess institutioner, dess kultur och samhällen, dess sociala karaktär och dess grundläggande syn på människan och mänskligheten ” – från artikeln: Hellenism is in danger, humanity is in danger

Nazisterna och deras gelikar representerade och representerar fortfarande, på ett mycket tydligt sätt, den morbida diskrepansen mellan vad de påstår sig vara och vad de faktiskt är. Ett ständigt återkommande exempel på detta faktum, under den tyska ockupationens år i Grekland, var följande beteende av tyskarna: I Aten, gick nazisterna ofta upp till Akropolis för att beundra grekernas mästerverk, men när de gick ner därifrån, i Plaka, nedanför Akropolis, kunde samma officer som stått och beundrat Parthenon gripa en lite utsvulten grekisk grabb, som hade sträckt sig efter en kringla, och bryta hans lilla arm över sitt knä. Från den uppenbara ytan av en kultiverad människa, till sin sanna odjurs-liknande karaktär på bara några få minuter. Vid sådana tillfällen, visade dessa låtsas-civiliserade tyskar på ett mycket tydligt sätt, att de bara förstod att beundra död marmor, men inte vad som hade inspirerat konsten som huggits ut ur den. De kunde verkligen inte förstå och än mindre beundra de moraliska och etiska begreppen, rikedomen i sinnet och mänskligheten hos dem som förde den grekiska kulturen till den punkt där de skapade dessa oöverträffade uttrycken av skönhet. Dessa inspirerade, medvetna uttryck, av den fria, upplysta och medvetna mänskliga själen, och det verkligt ädla i den mänskliga anden.

Den oerhört korrupta formen av frihet i väst, väljer tydligen att värdera sig själv genom hur många av de lägre mänskliga drifterna och begären, (egenskaper som gör oss mer odjurs-liknande), dess medborgare kan uppfylla och tillfredsställa och inte genom hur många av de högre mänskliga drifterna och begären, (egenskaper som gör oss mer människolika) de kan uppfylla och tillgodose.

USA och EU är “leveranspojkar” av denna typ av pseudo-civiliserad social karaktär och dessa själs-korrumperande subkulturer, och de ser till att ‘amma’ dem båda, eftersom de gynnar deras bankirer och affärsmännens mål, men inte bara. Också NATO, de västerländska bankfamilj-dynastiernas kriminella, avhumaniserande krigsmaskin, vars rörelser dessa familjer styr i verkligheten, gynnas oerhört mycket av att upprätthålla ett samhälle som producerar massor av unga människor i förtvivlan, ångest, ilska och vrede. En ungdom som kommer att vara djupt rasande och vilseledd och därmed benägen att välja att döda och dö, för vad de inte förstår bara är skamligt, rasistiska, högteknologiska, plundrar-horder som kallas “arméer”. Arméer som i själva verket arbetar under en handfull företagslogotyper och några få bankfamilj-dynastier.

Nazismen och NATO

Nazism är i själva verket inte en ideologi rotad i några särskilt djupare moralfilosofiska reflektioner. Eller snarare, den är baserad på en emotionellt störd tonårings tolkningar av en psykotikers moraliska reflektioner (Nietzsche), en suicid pessimists ångest (Schopenhauer) och en storhetsvansinnig mans beundran av ‘Lucifer’ förklädd till en arisk Kristus (Wagner). Nazismens misantropiska “lösningar” på politiska och socioekonomiska problem, omfattar därför massutrotning av andra etniska, religiösa, sociala eller politiska folkgrupper och experiment på människor. Eftersom sådana “lösningar” utgör ett omedelbart hot mot hela mänskligheten, är de oförenliga med en mänsklig civilisation. I stället för en verkligt mänsklig civilisation, syftar Nazismen efter ett anti-mänskligt barbari klätt som en ideologi, och den är mycket väl lämpad att fungera som ‘livvakt’ och ‘torped’ åt globalisterna, den finansiella eliten, västvärldens kungafamiljer samt ‘aristokraterna’ och deras ‘hov’ och ‘tjänare’. Nazismen bildades i själva verket för att skydda just dessa människor, från verklig demokrati eller en ny Bastilj.

President Woodrow Wilson signing the Federal Reserve Act in 1913. Source: Woodrow Wilson Birthplace Foundation, painting by Wilbur G. Kurtz Sr.

Woodrow Wilson undertecknar Federal Reserve Act 1913

Senator Nelson W. Aldrich en mycket god vän till JP Morgan kallade följande bankirer och affärsmän till mötet på Jekyll Island i November 22, 1910.

  • Paul Warburg – (Tysk, företräder Baron Alfred Rothschilds Kuhn, Loeb & Co)
  • Henry P Davidson (Senior partner till J.P Morgan Company)
  • Charles D Norton (Ordförande i Morgan First National Bank Of New York)
  • Abram Piatt Andrews (Biträdande Finansminister)
  • Frank Vanderlip (Ordförande i National City Bank of New York)
  • Benjamin Strong (Representerar J.P Morgan)

De anlände till Jekyll Island Club för att diskutera penningpolitiken och banksystemet, och detta ledde till skapandet av den nuvarande, privatägda Federal Reserve. De som deltog i mötet svor tystnadsplikt och tilltalade endast varandra med kodnamn. Användandet av efternamn förbjöds och gruppen refererar därför senare till sig själva som “The First Name Club”.

Med födelsen av FED, 1913, startade i själva verket dessa bankirer ett 100 år långt “Pyramidspel”. Nathan Mayer Rothschild och JD Rockefeller var de två verkligt mäktiga bakom mötet på Jekyll Island, trots att ingen av dem var där. Dessa två familjedynastier med associerade var de som skulle koncentrera nästan all rikedom i världen till sig själva inom de närmaste 100 åren.

En bankir-son vid namn Heinrich Heine sa en gång “Pengar är guden av vår tid, och Rothschild är hans profet”

Nazismen bildades för att hålla dessa ’bankir-profeter’, deras “projekt” och deras allierade säkra från en ny Bastilj, och för att hålla befolkningarna som ville ha sann demokrati, terroriserade, delade och bekämpandes varandra, medan dessa bankirer successivt centraliserade makt och rikedom till sig själva. Nazismen och Fascismen har tjänat dessa bankirer väl, genom två världskrig, inbördeskrig, diktaturer, imperialistiska krig och depressioner. Varför skulle dessa inte tjäna dem nu under NATO’s kommando, när århundradenas ’skördetid’, och dess angrepp på ’stygga’ Ryssland nalkas?

Nazismen är en tillverkad pseudo-ideologi som utvecklades i ett par konferensrum i Basel, Zürich, Wien och München, i slutet av 1800-talet, och som sattes samman av några nationalist-fanatiker från Kaisers armé, som förmodligen trodde på dess påstådda, antikapitalistiska förklädnad. Som politisk idé dök, fundamenten av det som nästan ett halvt sekel senare blev Nazismen, först upp i England och USA på 1870-talet. Den grundas på ras-hierarki och social-darwinism, vilket innebär att den försöker tillämpa biologiska begrepp som det naturliga urvalet och den starkes överlevnad på sociologin och politiken.

Fanatikerna från Kaisers armé insåg inte faktumet att en handfull av finansiärerna bakom Theodore Herzl’s sionistiska rörelse också hade sina planer för de anti-kapitalistiska, national-socialistiska strömningarna och stämningarna.  Historien har med noggrannhet visat att Nazismen i praktiken, är allt annat än anti-kapitalistisk. Oberoende av vad Hitler och hans mentorer visste eller inte visste om de skumma aktiviteterna i Basel, Wien, Zürich och München, så föddes Nazismen genom kapitalister, den stöddes av kapitalister och den var och är favoriserad och använd av kapitalister. Dessa kapitalister har använt och sammanlänkat nationalistiska, pan-tyska sentiment, med de Rothschild-sionistiska målen från slutet av 1800-talet. Dessa samarbetande, informella sammanslutningar har sitt ursprung i de mindre kända verksamheterna från några medlemmar av Burschenschaft den tyska nationalistiska studentföreningen, borgmästaren i Wien, Karl Leuger, grundaren av det österrikiska, Kristligt Sociala Partiet, överste Albert Edward Williamson Goldsmid och Fredrik I, storhertigen av Baden.

Ι den absoluta filosofiska och andliga kärnan av Nazismen, så som nämdes innan, var naturligtvis Hitlers egna vridna tolkningar av Nietzsches redan vridna teorier om moral. Nietzsche, den tragiska filosofen, försökte i sin bok “Zur Genealogie der Moral” att vända alla värden ut och in för att “bevisa” att det som kallades gott faktiskt var ont och att det som kallades ont faktiskt var gott. Den unga, existentiellt sett mycket förvirrade, Hitler tolkade*1 vid 15 års ålder Nietzsches skrifter. Han var förtrollad av pessimisten Schopenhauer som sa att “gott och ont inte finns” (detta ger goda ‘moraliska’ ursäkter för barbari), och han var mycket inspirerad av Richard Wagner, som avgudade “Lucifer”, listigt förklädd till en arisk Kristus (den verkliga moraliska bilden av katolska kyrkan).

Dessa tre historiska gestalter uttryckte alla de filosofiska och andliga grunderna på vilka en ung Hitler baserade Nazismen, med hjälp av tre av Kaisers generaler.

*1Ur ett biologiskt-neurologiskt perspektiv, kan filosofiska och andliga texter inte förstås och tolkas i tillräcklig utsträckning av sinnen som neurologiskt och känslomässigt sett, fortfarande är under utveckling, som till exempel hos en 15-åring. I synnerhet inte av känslomässigt gravt traumatiserade sinnen, som fortfarande är under utveckling. Det neurologiska systemet hos en människa är inte fullt utvecklat förrän vid 19 – 22 åldern.

Så denna surrogat-ideologi, som är mentalt baserad på rädsla, indoktrinering, storhetsvansinne, vidskepelse och ockultism, utvecklades med hjälp av tre fanatiska generaler och ockultister från Kaisers armé. Karl Haushoffer, Helmuth von Moltke och Konrad von Hötzendorf handplockade och de ’förberedde och initierade’ känslomässigt och andligt Adolf Hitler, som Nazismens messianska gestalt, några år efter första världskriget. De utvecklade Nazismens myter, riter och seder, med hjälp av gamla germanska legender, Thule-sällskapets ockulta läror och riter tillsammans med antijudiska socioekonomiska, geopolitiska och rasistiska idéer och de formade detta till en lämplig militant blods-kult, en hat-ideologi.

De antijudiska sentimenten passade Rothschild-sionisternas*2 mål perfekt, eftersom de skulle påskynda deras syften, då många av de ledande i Europa var skeptiska till det sionistiska “projektet” för en judisk stat. Generalerna visste inte på den tiden att en handfull av konspiratörerna från Basel, Zürich, Wien och München var kapitalister och sionister som ville ha ett “ideologiskt verktyg”, en anti-judisk, militant rörelse som med dess aktioner skulle leda till accepterandet av en judisk stat. På 30-talet blev Nazismen ett perfekt ‘verktyg’ för att krossa vilka verkligt demokratiska, verkligt frihets-längtande sentiment som helst, med extremt våld, terror och massakrer i stor skala, och detta är vad den har blivit idag igen. Inga andra -ismer hjälper faktiskt kapitalisterna att centralisera makt och rikedom och försvara sig emot demokrati eller en ny Bastilj så bra, som Nazismen och den nuvarande Nyliberalismen gör.

NATO (våra dagars Wehrmacht), visar öppet idag att det verkligen inte finns plats för empati, mänsklighet och mänsklig värdighet i västvärlden längre. Rättvisa, Rättfärdighet och det Fria Ordet har offrats och ersats med ‘Lydnad eller Utrotning’. Detta är i enlighet med den kriminella “Kollektiv Bestraffnings Policyn” och policyn om “Hemliga Militära eller Paramilitära Operationer“, som har blivit grunden för deras nya doktrin – faktiskt inte alls väsensskild logiken i den katolska kyrkans “heliga inkvisitions-doktrin” under den mörka medeltiden. De europeiska ‘kungarikena’, ‘imperierna’ och samhällena, som tillsammans brukade aspirera till titeln “den västerländska civilisationen” sedan renässansen, kan nu bara kallas ett “imperium av människoförakt och död”.

Renässansen som var det kulturella och intellektuella uttrycket för längtan till och återfödelsen av det antika grekiska arvet, var vägen ut ur den mörka medeltiden. Den, av NATO, USA och EU, aggressivt promotade ‘Nya Världsordningen‘, är vägen tillbaka in i den igen, men nu i form av en ny högteknologisk, vulgär-vetenskaplig, sinnes- och själs- förslavande och människoutrotande version. Detta var och är syftet med Nazismen, oavsett om deras “anhängare” förstår detta eller ej. Och det är därför den passar ‘kungligheter’ och ‘eliten’ så bra och det är därför en så katastrofal, massiv, social-psykologisk störning, fortfarande kallas en ideologi, och kan fortsätta att infiltrera västerländska samhällen och deras sociala karaktär, med sina ’empati eroderande’ och ’avhumaniserande’ taktiker.

Nazismen, måste vi därför förstå, är INTE bara ännu en ’ideologi’ och absolut inte ett svar emot kapitalismen. Den är en skickligt tillverkad ’ursäkt’ för den avsiktliga, organiserade ’empatierosionen’ och genom den massmördandet och utrotningen av människor. Etiketterna ’Nazism’ och ’nationalsocialism’ har visat sig vara endast ett politiskt och socialekonomiskt kamouflage, av ren sadism, blodtörst och människoförakt. NATO’s nazistiska version av frihet är i själva verket Organiserad Ondska emot Mänskligheten. Så måste helheten av mänskligheten se den och dess gelikar, och i grunden är det så Rättvisan och de Internationella Domstolarna måste behandla den och dess gelikar.


Kosmas Loumakis

Stockholm 31-07-2014




I den här artikeln, när jag hänvisar till sionismen beskriver jag Rothschilds version av sionism (identisk med antikens fariseism), vilken egentligen mer handlar om den kulturella ’kapningen’ av den sanna judiska religionen och dess traditioner, för att den skall tjäna en oligarkisk bank-familjs strävan efter global makt, med den nuvarande staten Israel som sin sköld och fordon mot detta mål och med USA och Storbritannien som dess vakter… Det finns kristna sionister och muslimska sionister oavsett hur konstigt det kan låta, helt enkelt därför att dagens Rothschilds-sionism har inte något avsevärt att göra med den verkliga judiska religionen  (Moses folks lag), utan endast med dessa familjers mål och deras planer med staten Israel (Mammon’s doktrin). De anser sig själva vara “kungar” och “kejsare” av mänskligheten och de använder Israel och judarna för att uppfylla sin strävan efter global dominans och att upprätta sina positioner som självutsedda halvgudar av mänskligheten.

NATO’s Nazi version of Freedom is Organized Evil against Humanity

Today, only the historically ill-informed, the deeply indoctrinated or the mentally ill, can see the Nazis and their alike as opponents to the globalists, the financial elite, the West’s ‘royal’ families, the ‘aristocrats’ and their ‘courts’ and ‘servants’. Nazism is the expression of ideas that was formed to protect exactly these people from Democracy or a new Bastille! Its logic, methods and tactics are therefore adopted by NATO, IDF, EU and U.S with offspring’s as Al-Qaeda and their latest ‘freak’, Kiev’s NATO assembled Gladio-army . The one who was put in place to prepare NATO’s invasion of Ukraine.

This article deals with the rise of Nazism, its character, its prerequisites, its alike and its heritage and contains the following 5 paragraphs:

  • Background
  • Why do the Nazis stand out as the worst War Criminals in the History of Mankind?
  • Evil is ‘Empathy Erosion’ and the Nazis made it a social norm
  • The devastating misconception of the concept of ‘Freedom’ in the West
  • Nazism and NATO





The EU and U.S supported Kiev-regime, with its hooligan mobs and its NATO assembled, ‘Gladio’ army; have with the Odessa massacre in May 2, 2014 and the ongoing massacres in East Ukraine begun a new era of ethnic cleansings in Europe. The Odessa massacre was a carefully staged covert intelligence operation with the aim to signal the beginning of Nazi terror on the European continent.

There was nothing ‘spontaneous’ or ‘accidental’, as the media suggested, in this diabolical undertaking which included the mass murder of 120+ humans inside the House of Trade Unions in Odessa. The building was quite deliberately set on fire as part of a carefully planned paramilitary operation, executed by American psychopaths of CIA’s special ops.

Israel’s and USA’s armies and their Intelligence services are the direct heirs of the Nazis and their dehumanizing-policies. The recently re-styled Nazi-regime in Ukraine is just a natural result of a 7 decades long CIA and MI6 sponsored Neo-nazism and so are the CIA and Mossad promoted Jihadists in the Arab world.


Today the EU- and U.S-media persistently tries to downplay and diminish the Nazi’s war crimes in WWII and their outstandingly misanthropic (human-hating from Greek μίσος [hate], άνθρωπος [human]) disposition and thereby give another image to Nazism. To slay, pole, rape and burn unarmed women, children and infants was and is, by the Nazis themselves declared to be a part of their ‘warfare tactics’. The exceptionally cruel character of the massacre in Odessa, May 2, 2014, and the ongoing massacres in Lugansk, has the same characteristics as the thousands of the German WWII massacres, performed by the Einsatzgruppen and the Waffen SS. Despite this clear similarities in both cruelty and tactics, the massacre in Odessa was reported and ‘explained’ by the western media, with a ‘logic’ that tried to wave off the staged crime as an unfortunate accident.

The two main prototypes for the war provoking and terrorizing the civilians to obedience tactics, that the Kiev-regime, NATO, IDF and EU are frequently using are two of the major Nazi-policies in WWII: 

  • “Covert Military or Paramilitary Operations Policy(false-flag ops) like the Gleiwitz incident, which ‘gave the excuse’ for the invasion of Poland.  Or a more relevant example as the Stay-Behind operations under the name “Operation Gladio”. They were formed in the end of WWII by the U.S-saved, and CIA supported Nazis and Fascists that the allies helped to reorganize. They have been active in Europe up to current days with Libya, Syria and Ukraine as its latest provoked NATO-engineered civil wars.
  • “Collective Punishment Policy(against unarmed civilians), like in Greece, Belarus, France, Lithuania, Poland, Russia and Ukraine during WWII. Or more recent examples as the Odessa Massacre and the continuous Syria and Gaza massacres.

The Nuremberg trials clearly declared these policies to be criminal. Both these policies are considered as War Crimes according to the Fourth Geneva Convention (GCIV) part III, Article 33 and as  terrorism according to The Geneva Declaration on Terrorism Article I, paragraph 1 and 7. U.S, NATO and the IDF has fully adopted these policies and are since 1946 frequently using them as ordinary ‘warfare methods’ (IDF didn’t exist until 1948, but Haganah did).

It is out of highest importance today that we can understand what exactly Humanity stand against and what separates the Nazis and their alike, from all other mass-murderers in history. Their alike today is of course USA, Israel and the German led EU with NATO and the new EUROGENDFOR (European Gendarmerie Force) as today’s Wehrmacht and Gestapo.

Why does the Nazis stand out as the worst War Criminals in the History of Mankind?

The Nazis stand out from all the rest of humanity’s war criminals in a league of their own, because of their well-documented, unsurpassed cruelty and blood-thirst and their sadistic, misanthropic disposition, especially when dealing with unarmed civilian women, elders, children and infants.

What is it that makes them stand out, compared to all other war criminals in the human history? The answer is quite simple really:

It is the fact that they managed to turn the organized dehumanization of humans into a suitable ideology/cult, and they managed to make ’empathy erosion’, the scientific term for evil (explained further down), a highly valued ‘quality’ and a widespread norm in the social character of the German society.

Intentionally, very well planned and well-organized, they nurtured misanthropic sentiments in the German society.

Due to this socio-psychological engineering, the Nazis could construct an unprecedented industrial form of genocide. They organized proper slaughter houses after the Assembly Line Principle, for the mass extermination of human beings. Human Experimentation and Industrial Extermination of humans, as “solutions” to cultural, political, geopolitical and socio-economic problems, were and still are compatible with the Nazi-version of a Human Civilization. No other war criminals, ‘slayers’ or tyrants in the human history, before the Nazis, went that far in their ‘refinement’ of their misanthropic feelings and urges. No one before them, did industrially recycle and use the skin, the fat and different body parts and body tissue from the mass murdered. 

Besides the Human Experimentation’s and the Industrial Extermination of over 15 million human beings, in the 23 main German extermination camps and over 1 200 sub-camps, they were particularly savage in their ‘warfare methods‘ against unarmed civilians. The Einsatzgruppen and the Waffen-SS performed thousands of massacres on unarmed civilians, particularly in Belarus, Greece, France, Lithuania, Poland, Russia and Ukraine.

One example of this fact is from Greece and is very graphically explained by the late Sture Linnér, the Swedish head of the International Red Cross in Greece, when he described the grim reality he saw when he arrived in the little town of Distomo:

Vultures were rising slowly and hesitantly at a low height from the sides of the road when they heard us coming. On hundreds of yards along the road, human bodies were hanging from every tree, pierced with bayonets – some were still alive.

They were the villagers, who were punished this way – they were suspected of providing help to the guerillas of the region, who had ambushed an SS unit.

The odor was unbearable.

In the village the last remnants of the houses were still burning. Hundreds of dead bodies of people of all ages, from elderly to newborns, were strewn around on the dirt. Several women were slaughtered with bayonets, their wombs torn apart and their breasts severed; others were lying strangled with their own intestines wrapped around their necks.


1779 villages were burnt to rubble in Greece and over 430 massacres of unarmed civilians took place from June 1941 to August 1944. Greece lost as many people in WWII as USA and England together… 13% of its population.

Perhaps one of the most moving aspects of this fact comes again from Sture Linnér, who returned to Distomo at the end of the war, two months after the massacre:

When the German occupation forces were forced to leave Greece, things did not go as planned for them. A German unit was surrounded by guerillas exactly in the same area, at Distomo. I thought that this might be taken by the Greeks as an opportunity for a bloody revenge, especially when considering that for quite a while the region had been cut off from any food supplies. I loaded a few lorries with food and necessities, I wired to Distomo a word about our planned arrival, and we found ourselves on the same road, once again, Cleo and I.

When we reached the outskirts of the village, we were met by a committee led by the elderly priest. He was an old fashioned patriarch, with a long, wavy, white beard. Next to him stood the guerilla captain, fully armed. The priest spoke first and thanked us on behalf of the survivors for the food supplies. Then he added: “We are all starving here, both us and the German prisoners. Now, even though we are famished, we are at least in our land. The Germans have not just lost the war; they are also far from their country. Give them the food you have with you, they have a long way ahead.”

At this phrase Cleo turned her eyes to me. I suspected what she wanted to tell me with that look, but I could not see clearly any more. I was just standing there weeping….

“HUMANITY. It’s something the Nazis didn’t have and something the Hellenic people had — and still have — in abundance”.

Sture Linnér

The many thousands of similar examples from Greece, Belarus, France, Lithuania, Poland, Russia and Ukraine, together with their Human Experiments and their Industrial Exterminations, are telling us one certain thing about the Nazis: They managed to organize, make into routine and express the ultimate evil in their ‘policies’, their ‘warfare methods’ and in their behavior against human beings in general. They developed methods, tactics, ‘logic’s’ and behavior that unfortunately many others have adopted since then.

Apart from the advanced Industrial Exterminations, NATO, U.S,  IDF and the German governed EU are permanently using the same ‘routines’ in their behavior against any humans they chose to see as degenerated or even as non-human. Human Experiment’s have been performed in recent years in the Guantanamo Bay medical facilities, in Abu Ghraib prison, and in several University Hospitals or prisons in USA, on the US army’s requests, since 1947.

Evil is ‘Empathy Erosion’ and the Nazis made it a social norm

Dr. Simon Baron-Cohen of Cambridge University describes ‘Empathy Erosion’ as:

“…when people dehumanize other humans, when they turn other people into objects, and can therefore become capable of malevolence and extreme human cruelty”.

The Nazis very much relied on their skillfully tailored ideological, political, scientific and historical propaganda myths, their ritualistic mass-meetings, their SS-brotherhoods elitist, racist indoctrination, their paramilitary political violence and terror, and their youth organizations. They developed a ‘system of education and nurturing‘ for the progress of the suitable norms, beliefs and preconditions, so that the organized ‘dehumanization of humans’ could develop on a mass scale in the German society. The leaders of the Nazi organization’s the Hitlerjugend (60% of all boys) and the Bund Deutscher Mädel (50% of all girls) imposed ‘empathy eroding‘ fostering methods and inside their framework, one of the purposes was to indoctrinate the youth with ‘race’-biological vulgar-science, twisted moralities and with nonsense-historical fairy-tales and myths, presented as historical facts. They did this to point out different ethnic and cultural groups or ‘races’ as non-human, and the progressive thinkers and the dissidents as ‘mentally ill’ or as ‘degenerates’ and therefore less human.

Civilians from the town of Ohrdruf were taken to view the bodies from the extermination camp and the visible, ‘human’ reactions were very few

U.S. Army soldiers show, the German civilians of Weimar, corpses found in Buchenwald concentration camp. One woman in the lower right section of the photo is the only one who seem to react in a normal, human way to the sight.

The Nuremberg trials condemned the indifference and the passivity of the German people living close to the 23 extermination camps, when the mass exterminations of humans took place on a daily basis for well over four years. It was evident that the over 20 years of dehumanization-propaganda and the Nazi-party’s tailored ’empathy eroding’, education and training methods, in fact had made a majority of the Germans inhumanely tolerant and permissive of such atrocities. They had been fed with all the, according to the ‘logic’ of Nazism, “acceptable reasons” for such crimes against humanity.

Even if the methods differ a bit, they weren’t particularly different in essence, from the ‘dehumanization propaganda’ we are all force-fed with today, by the U.S and the EU governments and their media. This is done so that we shall accept the NATO led massacres and pogroms against unarmed civilians in Palestine, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Ukraine and any other place that U.S, EU and NATO decides to “liberate”. This propaganda is aiming for a clear social-psychological result – the same ’empathy eroding’ social character as in Nazi-Germany. A historically very bizarre, but unfortunately very obvious, example of a society that has been put under a strict ’empathy eroding’, social-psychological engineering policy, is the Israeli society.

On Israels war crimes Chris Hedges wrote in Nov, 2013 in IOA (Israeli Occupation Archive):

“Israel has been poisoned by the psychosis of permanent war. It has been morally bankrupted by the sanctification of victimhood, which it uses to justify an occupation that rivals the brutality and racism of apartheid South Africa. Its democracy — which was always exclusively for Jews — has been hijacked by extremists who are pushing the country toward fascism. Many of Israel’s most enlightened and educated citizens — 1 million of them — have left the country. Its most courageous human rights campaigners, intellectuals and journalists — Israeli and Palestinian — are subject to constant state surveillance, arbitrary arrests and government-run smear campaigns. Its educational system, starting in primary school, has become an indoctrination machine for the military.”

Read the whole article here

Now when the NATO led Nazi-massacres has begun also in Europe and the truth behind them are still, to a very high degree, met with indifference and apathy from the western societies, we should at least hold one thing in mind: One day, on the order of a decent and righteous ‘International Criminal Court’ that understands its role, the alleged “civilized” westerners (including the Israelis), might also be forced to walk through hills of hundreds of dead bodies, that the U.S-EU-NATO-IDF proxy wars has left behind. Maybe, we will be collectively judged for the collectively shown indifference and the collectively shown apathy, when our leaders over several decades were feeding us with lies, racist-propaganda, false flag operations, proxy wars, irrational, alleged ‘self-defense’ actions and other ‘acceptable reasons’ for the mass killings of innocent, human beings. We will most likely be condemned for our obvious racist disposition, which is clearly shown in the openly revealed differences in how we value Arab, Asian or African lives and American, European or Israeli lives.

That’s where the ‘ultimate evil‘ begins in our time. It begins with such generalizing, misanthropic sentiments. It begins with these artificially revived remnants of the ’empathy-eroding’ Nazi-heritage and its ideological, spiritual and cultural foundations. It is this heritage that very strongly has contributed to the “barbarization” rather than the “civilization” of the West. Nowadays this Nazi-heritage of the western societies, has become very obvious through Kiev’s Nazi-regime, its NATO assembled Gladio-army and NATO’s and IDF’s crimes against the Palestinians and the Arabs. Many (including myself) argues that this heritage has been reawakened, most of all through the U.S’s and EU’s neo-liberal, socio-economic IMF/World Bank/WTO-policies with their clear society exhausting and genocidal intentions. Their criminal policies are predestined to increase and hasten the wished destabilization of the European societies and the dismantling of Democracy and Justice. It is a necessity for the neo-liberal “projects” to actually work. And it is a well-tried ‘recipe’ from Latin-America and Southeast-Asia, for Nazi and Fascist ‘dehumanization’ sentiments to rise and spread. This is the ‘ultimate evil’ unfolding again in Europe.

On the following comment was made on ‘erosion of empathy’:

“Rather than dismissing the acts of evil as mere acts of insanity, it can be highly valuable to investigate what causes people to act so destructively. Dr Baron-Cohen, the author of the book The Science of Evil look at empathy in general and what a deficit of empathy in people can lead to.

He argues that empathy is distributed throughout the population as a bell curve. Some have a tremendous amount of empathy while others, those often labeled as psychopaths or with other psychiatric diagnoses, reside on the low end of the bell curve. Dr Baron-Cohen explains that the roots of empathy are derived from both nature and nurture. Those with little or no empathy may have different brain structure and functionality, or may have suffered environmental factors such as childhood neglect or abuse.”

Behavioral Cognitive Psychology shows that the absolute majority of individuals with ‘little or no empathy’ have suffered environmental factors as childhood neglect or abuse. It must be noted here that in behavioral research, social phenomenons as poverty and famine during childhood, are considered as environmental factors of childhood neglect and abuse. Sociological and criminological research shows that the type of  ‘empathy erosion’, which gives birth to organized subcultures of cruelty and evil, almost exclusively originates from childhood and adolescence neglect and abuse and long lasting poverty and social misery. Still, a few more ‘ingredients’ are needed in order to actually guarantee the appearance of structured, evil subcultures.

The development of structured, evil subcultures only emerges through the conscious organization of the ‘guidance’ and the ‘leadership’ of these groups. In a human society, this is best accomplished through intentional and continuous propaganda, infiltration, fear and repeated indoctrination. These facts are something that the Nazis understood very well. They had very good social-psychological insights, through the rich German literature on psychology and psychoanalysis, but in particular through a French social psychologist, sociologist and anthropologist, Gustave Le Bon’s and his book, The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind. It became a highly useful group-psychological guide when they customized their fostering methods, for the creation of the desired ‘erosion of empathy’ on mass scale. It is inevitable nowadays that these ‘evil subcultures’ primarily emerge in the western societies, since quite a few of the Nazis social engineering projects and methods are still implemented in these societies.

In our days unfortunately the ‘erosion of empathy’ is well inbuilt in almost all the aspects of a typical, western life.

The devastating misconception of the concept of Freedom in the West

The western societies has due to massive ’empathy erosion’ and and a long lasting Social-Darwinist indoctrination developed a highly immature and very perverted perception of the concept of freedom. Not in words of course, but in behavior and actions. It is usually expressed as a very adolescent, self centered, one-sided, prejudiced and racist kind of freedom, due to a very high degree of ongoing and increasing dehumanization-policies in these societies. That’s from where the worst racist ideologies in the history of mankind has sprung forward, and that’s where the criminal logic of ethnic cleansing, genocide, plundering and colonizing on a global scale, are so blatantly excused.

Why we see most people in the west today more or less, even if maybe not supporting it, at least ‘accepting’ the rise of Nazism, is because:

  1. They are indifferent, arrogant and ignorant and fully preoccupied with satisfying their egoism and their narcissism.
  2. They are just receptive to ‘tailored truths’ that will satisfy their presumptions, theories and prejudices.
  3. They are historically misinformed and relies only on the culturally and socially served, popular, ’empathy eroding’ tales.
  4. They don’t understand that the only truly effective antifascist-action is to establish real democracy and true justice.
  5. They don’t really believe in democracy and justice because they have accepted very selfish concepts of freedom in their lives for too long.
  6. It doesn’t touch them where it should, because their emotional lives are infected with mental and emotional ‘toxic waste’.

A mature and civilized understanding of freedom, in a truly developed and civilized human society, is NOT mainly expressed through how many natural moral principles one can break. Free to break every moral and ethical limits without any conscience or any responsibility for ones actions, is the most common version of practiced freedom in the western societies today. That alone is a crystal clear evidence of that these societies in fact are socially immature and spiritually backward. Because of these blatantly unacknowledged, collective, social diseases, such societies become extremely accepting towards cruel tyrannies, communal violence and wars. Needless to say, these societies are not particularly sustainable, and almost certain is that they are doomed to perish relatively quickly. It is ignorance, selfishness and indeed a very poor level of critical thinking, that are keeping most citizens in these societies from the necessary commitment, to unified build the adequate political and judicial ‘safety gates’ against tyranny. The real danger lies in the fact that its citizens are still convinced that ‘this kind of society is the best human society there is, even if it’s not perfect‘. What these citizens are incapable to understand, because of their social blinkers and their refusal of any adequate self-criticism, is that what ‘is not perfect‘, actually is exactly the intentionally imposed ’empathy eroding’ policy, that allows misanthropy to become a highly accepted social norm. This fact put these societies very, very far away from the assessment “perfect” and instead one could argue that they are actually quite defect, at least from a utilitarian, human perspective.

This has happened because in almost every practiced aspect of a typical western life today, EGOISM is highly valued, cherished and developed and ALTRUISM is ignored, ridiculed and crippled. Therefore the western perverted, but nevertheless widely practiced form of freedom, is quite obviously a result of the following doctrine: “Do as you like – seek only constant physical and material satisfaction – have no regrets for whatever damage, affliction, misery or misfortune you might have caused others”. A very destructive doctrine which when it forms the general social character in a society, it causes fraudulent relations, distrust, conflicts, violence, revolts, wars and suffering, and it gives birth to organized ‘subcultures of evil’. What actually happens, when everything of the human side of humans is ignored and ridiculed and therefore numbed, calloused and dried out, is that ‘the empty shell’ of the human turns to Mammon for ‘salvation’ (as the despairing Jews did in Sinai). That is why personal profit and personal wealth is the outermost aim in a western or ‘westernized’ life, and that is why loneliness, hopelessness, depressions, emotional collapses, insanity, suicides and homicides, are far more common in the West (or westernized societies) than anywhere else.

“Start a company – take big loans – make sure that you can afford a few corporate lawyers and your own bodyguards and hit-men, and begin to abuse and misuse the world and the humans, for personal profit and satisfaction”!  This is the actual underlying message of the western, practiced, concept of freedom, based on the “do as you like doctrine”.

The West’s justice departments and legal authorities clear unwillingness, of bringing the obvious top criminals from the top layers of the society to justice, is what – with an indisputable clarity – reveals that the above mentioned doctrine, really is the underlying message of this kind of crime worshiping, western form of freedom.

The common understanding of the concept of freedom in the western societies is in other words not at all based on any particularly wider social insight, or any deeper understanding of what a human society, or a human being, really is. Actually, contrary to that, it is based on clearly immature pseudo-scientific conceptions, very backward minds and ugly emotional lives. Sadly enough, this has evolved in the western societies despite the availability of a very rich classical heritage, which clarifies and explains both very well. It is a heritage that also offers the adequate intellectual, spiritual and practical tools to humanity and the human societies, in order to evolve in accordance with the true nature of Man, and thus leave barbarism and misanthropic sentiments behind. That heritage is highly esteemed and revered in the West, only in words, but unfortunately extremely rarely in individual and social behavior and almost never in the practical expression of education, the law or in the governmental work. It is claimed to form the fundaments of western thinking, yet neither in words or in actions, the West seems to be capable of really understanding the almost 3 000 year old path to truly free, critically thinking humans, personally and socially civilized behavior and thus a real human civilization. One very deep reason behind this is the existence of a very ancient schism between two completely opposite idea-worlds as the basis for Western thinking. A very schizophrenic schism is hidden behind western thinking, which even though many academics actually have alarmed about it, it is never seriously considered, by the mainstream thinkers and scholars. At least not in its right proportions. One of these idea-worlds is the real cradle of western civilization and offers the liberation of the human being, and the other is the burial of this ‘cradle’ and offers the enslavement of the human being. One of them makes Tyrannies as Nazism and Fascism impossible and the other gives birth to them and nourishes them.

“…It is really this ancient schism between two contradicting idea-worlds and spiritual traditions,… this “schizophrenia” between Hellenism and Rothschild-Zionism, that the ruling classes have tried to crowd into ONE in the ‘modern Western civilization’. This paradox and this fundamental clash of ideas, is what really reflects the whole Western society in all its institutions, its culture its societies, its social character and its basic views on humans and Humanity.” – from the article: Hellenism is in danger, humanity is in danger

The Nazis and their alike represented and are still representing, in a very clear way, the morbid discrepancy between what they claim to be and what they actually are. A constantly repeated example of this fact, during the years of the German occupation in Greece, was the following behavior from the Germans: In Athens, the Nazis often went up to the Acropolis to admire the great works of the Greeks, but when walking down from there, in Plaka, underneath the Acropolis, the same officer who had just admired Parthenon could catch a little famished Greek kid, who had reached for a pretzel, and break his little arm over his knee. From the obvious delusion of being a cultivated human being, to one’s true beast-like character in just a few minutes. At such moments these feign civilized Germans, showed in a very clear way that they only understood to admire dead marble, but not what had inspired the art that was carved out from it. They certainly could not understand and much less admire the moral and ethical concepts, the richness of the minds and the humanity of those that brought Greek culture to the point where they created these, unsurpassed expressions of beauty. These inspired conscious expressions, of the FREE, enlightened and conscious human soul, and the true nobility of the human spirit.

The immensely corrupt form of freedom in the west, apparently chooses to value itself through how many of the lower human urges and desires, (characteristics that makes us more beast-like), its citizens can fulfill and satisfy, and not through how many of the higher human urges and desires, (characteristics that makes us more human-like) they can fulfill and satisfy.

U.S and EU are the “delivery boys” of this kind of pseudo-civilized social character and these soul-corrupting sub-cultures, and they make sure to ‘breastfeed’ them both, because it benefits their bankers and businessmen’s aims, but not only. Also NATO, the criminal, dehumanizing war machine, whose movements are controlled by the western banking family-dynasties, benefit tremendously by maintaining a society which produces lots of young people in despair, anxiety, anger and rage. A youth that will be deeply enraged and misled and therefore inclined to choose to kill and die for, what they don’t understand is just shameful, racist, high-tech, looting hordes called “armies”. Armies that in fact works under a handful of company logos and a few banking family-dynasties.

Nazism and NATO

Nazism is in reality not an ideology rooted in any particularly deeper moral philosophical reflections. Or rather, it is based on an emotionally disturbed teenager’s interpretations of a psychotics moral reflections (Nietzsche), a suicidal pessimists agony (Schopenhauer) and a megalomaniacs admiration of  ‘Lucifer’ disguised as an Aryan Christ (Wagner). Nazisms misanthropic “solutions” to political and socio-economic problems, therefore involve mass extermination of other ethnic, religious, social or political populations and experimentation on humans. Since such “solutions” poses an immediate threat to all of Humanity, they are incompatible with a Human civilization. Instead of a truly human civilization, Nazism aim for an anti-human barbarism dressed as an ideology, and it is very well suited to function as the ‘bodyguard’ and the ‘hit man’ of the globalists, the financial elite, the West’s royal families and the ‘aristocracy’ and their ‘courts’ and ‘servants’. Nazism was in fact formed in order to protect exactly these people, from real Democracy or a new Bastille

President Woodrow Wilson signing the Federal Reserve Act in 1913. Source: Woodrow Wilson Birthplace Foundation, painting by Wilbur G. Kurtz Sr.

Woodrow Wilson signing the Federal Reserve Act in 1913

Senator Nelson W. Aldrich a very good friend of J.P. Morgan called the following bankers and businessmen to the meeting on Jekyll Island in November 22, 1910.

  • Paul Warburg – (German representing Baron Alfred Rothschild’s Kuhn, Loeb & Co)
  • Henry P Davidson (Senior partner of J.P Morgan Company)
  • Charles D Norton (President of the Morgan First National Bank Of New York)
  • Abram Piatt Andrews (Assistant Secretary of the Treasury Dept)
  • Frank Vanderlip (President of the National City Bank Of New York)
  • Benjamin Strong (Representing J.P Morgan)

They arrived at the Jekyll Island Club to discuss monetary policy and the banking system, and this led to the creation of the current, privately owned Federal Reserve. Those who attended the meeting were sworn to secrecy and addressed each other only by code names. The use of last names was prohibited and the group therefore later referred to themselves as “The First Name Club”. 

With the birth of the FED, in 1913, in fact these bankers started a 100 year long “Financial Pyramid Game”. Nathan Mayer Rothschild (left) and J.D. Rockefeller (right) was the real ‘powerful’ two, behind the meeting on Jekyll Island even though none of them were there. These two family dynasties were the ones who would concentrate almost all the wealth of the world to themselves within the next 100 years.

A bankers son by the name of Heinrich Heine once said “Money is the god of our time, and Rothschild is his prophet”

Nazism was formed to keep these ‘banker-prophets’, their ‘projects’ and their allies safe from a new Bastille, and to keep the populations that wanted true democracy, terrorized, horrified and divided, fighting eachother, while these bankers gradually centralized power and wealth to themselves. Nazism has served these bankers well through two world wars, several revolutions, dictatorships, imperial wars and depressions. Why wouldn’t it serve them now under NATO’s command, during the ‘harvest times’ of the centuries, and their attack on ‘naughty’ Russia?

Nazism is a manufactured pseudo-ideology which was developed in a few conference rooms in Basel, Zurich, Vienna and Munich, in the late 1800’s, and it was put together by a few nationalist fanatics from Kaisers army, who probably believed in its alleged, anti-capitalist garb. As a political idea the fundamentals of what almost half a century later became Nazism, first emerged in England and USA in the 1870’s. It is based on racial hierarchy and social Darwinism, which means that it seek to apply biological concepts of natural selection and survival of the fittest to sociology and politics.

The fanatics from Kaisers army didn’t realize the fact that a handful of the promoter’s and financier’s, behind Theodore Herzl’s Zionist movement, also had their plans for the anti-capitalistic, national-socialistic currents and sentiments. History have with accuracy proved that Nazism in practice, is anything but anti-capitalistic. Regardless of what Hitler and his mentors knew or didn’t know about the shadowy activities in Basel, Vienna, Zurich and Munich, Nazism was born through capitalists, supported by capitalists and it was and is favored and used by capitalists. These capitalists have used and interlinked nationalistic, pan-German sentiments, with the Rothschild-Zionist aims from the end of the 19th century. These cooperating, informal associations originate from the less known activities of some members of the Burschenschaft, the German nationalist student association, the Mayor of Vienna, Karl Leuger, the founder of the Austrian, Christian Social Party, Colonel Albert Edward Williamson Goldsmid and Frederick I, Grand Duke of Baden.

Ιn the absolute philosophic and spiritual core of Nazism was, as mentioned before, of course Hitler’s own twisted interpretations of Nietzsche’s already twisted theories on morality. Nietzsche, the tragic philosopher, attempts in his book “The Origins of Morality”, to turn all values inside out in order to “prove” that what was called good is actually evil and what was called evil is actually good. The adolescent, existentially very confused, Hitler at the age of 15, interpreted*1 the writings of Nietzsche. He was enchanted by the pessimist Schopenhauer who said that “good and evil doesn’t exist” (this provides good moral excuses for barbarism), and he was greatly inspired by Richard Wagner, who adored ‘Lucifer’, cunningly disguised to an Aryan Christ (the real moral image of the Catholic church).

These three historic figures expressed all the philosophical and spiritual grounds upon which a young Hitler based Nazism, with the help of three of Kaisers generals.

*From a biological-neurological perspective,philosophical and spiritual texts can’t be adequately understood or interpreted by neurologically and emotionally still developing minds, as for instance a 15-year old. Particularly not by emotionally, severely traumatized, still developing minds. The neurological system of a Human being is not fully developed until the age of 19 – 22.

So this surrogate ideologywhich is mentally based on fear, indoctrination, megalomania, superstitions and occultism, was developed with the help of three fanatic generals and occultists from Kaisers army. Karl Haushoffer, Helmuth von Moltke and Konrad von Hotzendorf headhunted and emotionally and spiritually, they ‘prepared and initiated’ Adolf Hitler as the Messianic figure of Nazism, a few years after WWI. They developed Nazisms myths, rites and customs, by using old Germanic legends, the Thule-society’s occult teachings and rituals together with anti-Jewish socio-economic, geopolitical and racial ideas and they molded this into a suitable militarized blood-cult, a hate ideology.

The anti-Jewish sentiments suited the Rothschild-Zionists*2 aims perfect, since this would accelerate their aims, when many of the leaders in Europe were skeptic to the Zionist “project” for a Jewish state. The generals at the time didn’t know that a handful of the conspirators from Basel, Zurich, Vienna and Munich was capitalists and Zionists who wanted an ‘ideological tool’, an anti-Jewish, militant movement that through its actions would bring about the acceptance of a Jewish state. In the 30’s Nazism became a perfect ‘tool’ in order to crush any real democratic, real freedom longing sentiments, with extreme violence, terror and massacres on a mass scale, and that’s what it has become today again. No other -isms are in fact helping the capitalists to centralize power and wealth and defend themselves against democracy or a new Bastille as good, as Nazism and the current Neo-liberalism do.

NATO (our days ‘Wehrmacht’), openly today show that there is truly no place for empathy, humanity and human dignity in the western world anymore. Justice, Righteousness and the Free Word have been sacrificed and replaced with ‘Obedience or Extermination’. This is in accordance with the criminal “Collective Punishment Policy” and the “Covert Military or Paramilitary Operations Policy“, which has become the foundations for their new doctrine – actually not at all essentially different from the logic’s of the Catholic Church’s ‘Holy Inquisition doctrine’ during the dark Middle Ages. The European ‘kingdoms’, ’empires’ and societies, who together used to aspire for the title ‘Western Civilization’ since the Renaissance, can now only be called an ‘Empire of Misanthropy & Death’.

The Renaissance which was the cultural and intellectual expression of the longing and the rebirth of the ancient Greek heritage, was the way out of the dark Middle Ages. The, by NATO, IMF, USA and EU, aggressively pushed for ‘New World Order‘, is the way back into them again – but now in a new high-tech, vulgar-scientific, mind and soul enslaving and human exterminating version. This was and is the aim of Nazism, regardless whether their “devotees” understands it or not. And that’s why it suits the ‘royals’ and ‘the elite’ so well and that is why such a catastrophic, massive, ‘social-psychological disorder’, is still called an ideology, and can continue to infiltrate the western societies and their social character, with its ’empathy eroding’ and ‘dehumanizing’ tactics.

Nazism, we must therefore understand, is NOT just another ‘ideology’ and certainly not an answer against Capitalism. It is a skillfully manufactured ‘excuse’ for the intentional, organized ‘erosion of empathy’ and through that, the mass killings and the extermination of human beings. The labels ‘Nazism’ and ‘National-socialism’ have turned out to be just a political and social-economic camouflage, of sheer sadism, bloodthirst and misanthropy. NATO’s Nazi version of freedom is in fact Organized Evil against humanity. That’s how the entirety of Mankind must see it and its alike, and essentially that’s how Justice and the International Legal Authorities and Courts must treat it and its alike.  

Kosmas Loumakis

Stockholm 31-07-2014



In this article, when I refer to Zionism I describe Rothschild’s version of Zionism (identical with ancient Phariseeism), which actually is more about the cultural “hijacking” of the true Jewish religion and its traditions, in order to serve an oligarchic banking-family’s aims for global power, with the current state of Israel as its shield and its vehicle towards this goal and with the USA and UK as its guards…  There are Christian Zionists and Muslim Zionists no matter how strange that can sound, simply because today’s Rothschild-Zionism has not anything particular to do with the real Jewish religion (Moses people’s law) but only with the aims of those families and their plans with the state of Israel (Mammon’s doctrine). They consider themselves as “kings” and “emperors” of humanity and they are using Israel and the Jews in order to fulfill their quest for global dominance and to establish their positions as self appointed demigods of mankind.

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