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Do you still believe that the Greek government wants to save Greece?




The Greek government debt at the end of 2009 (before the “rescue” plan be started ), had stood at €298 billion, or. 127% of GDP ( IMF 2011a,37)..On January 10, 2013 – after paying interest and installments, and after a large haircut, the government debt rose to € 322 billion or 160.88% of GDP. .Today, July 20, 2013, the Greek government debt is almost € 381 billion or 192.28% of GDP!


Αt the end of 2009 unemployment rate was 9,5% ( Eurostat) Στο 9,5% η ανεργία στην Ελλάδα το 2009….Unemployment rate in March 2013 was 27,4% (,  and now is bigger..


Greece is shunned from the markets and has become a laughing stock, she has lost any semblance of standing and sovereignty, and after the debt restructuring, she is bankrupt and under foreign administration..


Date GDP € Mill.
2008 233,198€
2007 223,160€
2006 208,622€
2005 193,050€
2004 185,266€
2003 172,431€
2002 156,615€
2001 146,428€
2000 137,930€
1999 131,936€
1998 121,985€
1997 119,937€
1996 109,734€
1995 100,717€
They solved the problem:  the cumulative loss of GDP exceeds 25%  !!

2) Our Assets

a) greece-is-not-poor-it-actually-has-massive-untapped-reserves-of-gold-oil-and-natural-gas/

The country’s unexploited assets, reserves and resources were no secret to anyone, as it was well known since 1981 that Greece joined the then EEC(of nine members) with three advantages : its commercial shipping, its mineral resources and the Greeks’ sharp business acumen.(Gaston Thorn, EEC President ,1981)

b) Greece was one of the very few western countries, maybe even the only one, which owned significant public property and very profitable state-owned utilities.

She also had important areas in the economy such as high quality agricultural products, tourism and shipping, where there is no real fear of labour competition from developing countries (China, India, Russia etc) as happens with german and other industries.

c) Other advantages:

low overall external debt, geostrategic position, a priceless cultural heritage and over the last decades Greece was the number one global shipping power. For example, in 2009, the total Greek external debt compared to GDP was 167% and, globally as well as in Europe, Greece was lagged far behind countries such as Ireland which came first with 1000%, Holland with approximately 470%, Britain with 416% and Portugal with 223%

Now,  almost all these advantages disappeared and the assets are not ours anymore.

3) We, the Greek people

Before the rescue plan, we were normal europeans. We had a home, food, medicine and … a country .

Now, the majority of the population live below the poverty line, and a lot of people are in danger of losing their freedom because they can’t pay taxes and fees anymore. Day by day, more and more persons no longer have access to food, shelter, medicine and medical care, schools and hospitals are closing, parents are forced to leave their children in various institutions as they can no longer afford to care for them,  long forgotten diseases have reappeared,  the centre of Athens is now a ghetto and all big cities are swarming with homeless people. There is a reign of terror over society, the dignity of the Greek nation has been smashed to pieces and the whole country is suffering from depression.

About 600 000 people has already migrated from Greece, a lot have committed suicide and others die because they lack access to health care, food, etc.

WHO:  Suicide rates (per 100,000), by gender, Greece, 1960-2009. …

Note:  in whole 2009 we had a total of 391 suicides. In 2012, in a single semester with a smaller population, we had 1300!  See the full article in greek Αυτοκτονίες 1960-2009 και σήμερα. Επίσημα στοιχεία

So, as you see, they are also near to solve the problem named… Greeks. 

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[ In Greece there are hundred of indictments of high treason against the greek government but because justice are not working, we are speaking already about crimes against humanity . For this reason we was obliged to demand help from the ICC ]

Greece Debt Clock :: The National Debt of Greece




Rap from Austerity Greece


I chose to introduce these rap videos from Greece by quoting a part of the Background to the third appeal by the Greek people to the International Criminal Court in Hague

“For approximately the last three years, Greece has been making headlines all over the world, and the general impression has been that the Greek government has been fighting tooth and nail to save the country from bankruptcy and ruin. In actual fact though, things couldn’t be more different, because, in reality, Greece’s alleged saviours are the same people who all this time have been fighting to bring the country and its people to their knees, and have unfortunately been very successful in their endeavors. Unfortunately, to this day no one has managed to stop them. There are modern methods used, such as THE SHOCK DOCTRINE, PSYCHOLOGICAL as well as PHYSICAL VIOLENCE, FINANCIAL WARFARE, CONTINUED VIOLATION OF BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS, PROPAGANDA and LOCAL, REGIONAL and NATIONAL TERROR, which, combined, actually fetch much ‘better’ results than gas chambers, and without a doubt lead to rapid population decline, and the final goal, which is, in a way or in another the destruction of the local population.”

33% of the population are unemployed – 64% of the youth are unemployed  – 600 000  has already migrated from Greece – 6 300 have committed suicide – it is a country that is pushed to the brink of civil war and towards a holistic catastrophy.

This is a sample of how the Greek rap portrays these issues – I am afraid that unfortunately the videos is just in Greek but the music, the beats, the attitude, the rage, the looks and the energy is easy to understand… I can asure those who dont speak Greek that the lyrics are well-fitted razor sharp blows in the heart of the Greek Government and the political system, the EU-troika, the IMF and the NWO… This is some raw licks in the solar plexus of the established bankster-servants and the silence bribed and enslaved by plastic money and fake security… The ending message in the 2nd video is “Merkel can suck our motherfucking cocks” and that attitude towards Merkels and EU’s antidemocratic policies, pretty much goes for all Greeks who are committed to a social, political LIBERATION STRUGGLE! Many of these boys are fighting battles during the last four years with the riot police in Athens, Thessaloniki and Pireus on a regular basis…


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