Soros plans for Europe are unfolding in the Balkans

By Ioannis Mantzikos  22-3-2016  –  Uploaded here by Athenianvoice 14-4-2016

If humanitarianism was truly the motivation, though, countless experts have pointed out that it would be radically more cost effective to help refugees and victims of globalist wars closer to their homes.

Soros’ operations are so intricately woven into the fabric of so many national governments, international organizations, NGOs, political parties, universities, media outlets, and labor and social movements; it takes a full-time effort to track these entities and their activities. Soros operatives have even penetrated Wikipedia in its English and various other language formats to spread disinformation and one-sided propaganda.

Soros has managed to infiltrate some leftist political parties around the world and particularly those in Europe that have questioned the framework and future of the European Union.  Soros master plan is to oversee the complete destruction of the nation-states of southeastern Europe that now permit practically unfettered access of civil war and economic migrants from Syria, Iraq, North Africa, sub-Saharan Africa. As a result of his programs to re-engineer nations the seven independent republics that once constituted Yugoslavia, now serve as major transit routes for perhaps tens of thousands and an impending hundreds of thousands of non-European migrants.

In FYROM, Soros’ organizations work under the pretense of left cover. In other words, Soros’ NGOs fund and operate organizations and movements that are seen as Left in nature but are, in reality, revolutionary organizations designed to push a political agenda, change Macedonian culture, install a leftist puppet regime. The Soros network is established and functional. The new Macedonian journalists and so-called intellectuals have been grown like mushrooms in a basement. They were advancing both professionally and financially. The latter ones were receiving fees for the alleged scientific papers which were neither published nor evaluated anywhere. In May 2015, protests began erupting in Skopje, against the Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski and his government. The protests, led by Zoran Zaev, were allegedly in response to the massive spying and surveillance of FYROM officials and other individuals as well as an alleged cover-up of a killing of a young man by police in 2011. The unrest which took place across the country over the last year was perhaps due to the willingness of the FYROM government to work with Russia to build the Balkan Stream pipeline through the country.  Now FYROM with the refugee crisis looming has stopped all but a trickle of Iraqi and Syrian refugees from crossing, following similar restrictions by countries further north on the route to Western Europe. A move that perhaps has put Soros plan on hold.

Soros’ hand is present also in Greece through various non-governmental projects. As noted via GIA many times, former Finance Minister Yiannis Varoufakis appeared to be a so-called “Soros-ides” (Soros men) and, of course, the governing party Syriza which is pro-minority rights (all sorts of rights) advocate party. A Soros-funded project is the Helsinki Observatory whose Greek branch has ruled many times that Greece is violating minorities’ rights (mainly those of Muslims in Thrace and the so-called Tsamides in the border with Albania Southern Iperus). Moreover, under the Helsiki Observatory umbrella is the Center for Reconciliation in Southeastern Europe, Greek Team for Minorities Rights and Center for Research of Minorities Rights. Indeed, Soros has been funding and opening his infamous “Solidarity Centres” in Greece since January 2014 using philanthropy and economic relief as justification for the opening of the centers. Since the refugee crisis has exploded it has been discovered that refugees arriving in Greece on smugglers’ boats are given a ‘migrants handbook’ funded by an NGO belonging to the Open Society Network of the US Billionaire George Soros. Sky News discovered a copy of the travel guide packed with tips, maps, phone numbers and advice on getting across Europe on a beach on the Greek island of Lesbos. Among those behind the booklet are organizations called WatchTheMed-Alarm phone and w2eu, which means ‘Welcome To Europe.’ “W2EU” is an NGO belonging to the Open-Society network of US Billionaire George Soros. W2EU seems to be engaged in systematically probing European borders for entry points for migrants, according to their website. Moreover, Soros has been funding NGO Arsis, Praksis and the Greek Council for Refugees in Greece. The municipality of Thessaloniki has submitted an application for membership in Solidarity Now donations program (it is the network that is attached to the Soros Open Society Foundation) since early summer 2015. These Soros funded NGO’s rented about 80 beds in the city’s central hotels to accommodate refugees, especially pregnant women and families with young children.

Nevertheless, throughout cities and towns in Europe and of course Greece, newly-arrived migrants sleeping in parks and on sidewalks have created a public health nightmare with human feces covering park grounds and the stench of urine permeating the walls of buildings and gutters. With the refugee situation quickly spiraling out of control across parts of the continent — the mass sexual assaults on New Year across Germany and beyond, the implosion of law and order around Calais in France, the widely reported overrunning of Stockholm’s central station by refugee youths, and more — the public is now growing increasingly outraged.  Given the above, the Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban has lashed out at billionaire George Soros, criticizing the support he has expressed towards refugees from the Middle East heading to Europe, saying that he undermines stability on the continent. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has said that George Soros, was responsible for the ongoing refugee crisis. Soros belongs to a group of “activists” that encourages migrants to head to Europe and thus intentionally aggravates the situation, Orban said.

What is the utter goal then?

Destroy Nationalism!

Just as seen with Soros themed revolutions in the Arab countries and Ukraine, migrants on the move have been instructed via Twitter where increased border controls have been established and how to bypass them. This «outside» direction has resulted in refugees heading from Greece to make their way to the Austrian and German frontiers, thus avoiding increasingly hostile Hungary and Serbia and FYROM recently. There has already been a practical border skirmish between Croatian police escorting a train full of refugees to the Hungarian border and Hungarian border guards. More recently Greek security guards clashed with FYROM frontier police.

Nevertheless, “the European Union”, Soros said in a recent interview, is “on the verge of collapse” due to the sudden influx of well over a million Islamic refugees last year. Not coincidentally, Soros also has ideas about “solutions.” And not surprisingly, those alleged “solutions” involve more globalism for Europe, Africa, and the Middle East — along with less sovereignty, self-government, and liberty. For Soros this might include the creation of new institutions, including agencies to usurp control over immigration from formerly sovereign nations, as well as to create military outfits ostensibly aimed at “protecting Europe’s borders” from the refugee tsunami sparked by globalist machinations. Without any doubt, it is also important to point out that the question of the creation of “micro-states” and “mini-states” on the Zbigniew Brzezinski model is, as always, readily present. This method is essentially both a strategy of tension and a goal of creating the world where previously united nations are reduced to petty impotent and squabbling pseudo-states incapable of standing up to any major government, corporation, or bank.

Likewise, a planet of peoples who are incapable of viewing anything other than the convenient scapegoat is given to them by the world oligarchy will be incapable of resisting the power and will of that oligarchy. In the absence of a fully formed “microstate,” the ability to use poorly drawn borders, ethnic conflicts, racial tension, and religious fundamentalism/antagonism provides this oligarchy with the ability to play national governments and their populations like a fiddle. According to the military doctrine of the American Army, the Balkans (the western part) and the Caucasian Black Sea region are territorially compact war zones which should not be overburdened by international borders. More or less it is similar to the current implementation of the Islamic State project: the elimination of the borders between the countries and establishment of one territorial unit. In order to achieve that, there was a need to ignore the existing borders and to break the traditional and state and political continuity.

If humanitarianism was truly the motivation, though, countless experts have pointed out that it would be radically more cost effective to help refugees and victims of globalist wars closer to their homes. Literally 25 to 50 times more people could be supported in Lebanon or Jordan than in Europe, for the same amount of tax fund. Resettling millions of non-Western refugees in the West, as is happening right now, would never have been possible without creating the initial problems. But it will have major implications stretching generations into the future.


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