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Hypocrisy is called Democracy in the West since WWII – Because it’s Tradition (Part I)



Part I

Because it’s Tradition!


USA, and its historic structural lack of democracy

The post-war US governments obvious irresponsibility and hypocrisy, worries many progressive, democratic scholars, intellectuals and the aware and critically thinking people in the world.

Native American NationsOne by one, many powerful tribes have disappeared from the face of the earth – On the painting we see some of the Native American Nations that has been exterminated completely.  A holocaust of 18 million people, a genocide that actually “worked out” for the killers.

Basing the republic on genocide and supremacy doctrines

Among the pilgrims and the settlers, some organized and some randomly gathered bands and groups of criminals, committed massacres on Native Americans on a regular basis. The pioneers’ community leaders at first, the revolutionaries later and then the American confederate and federal governments actually performed this mass killings on the railroad companies and the mining companies behalf. So genocide was clearly an accepted takeover tactic from the very beginning.

Between 1530 – 1890, 18 million Native Americans was slaughtered and not 1 million as the official story in American media, schoolbooks and some encyclopedias suggests. Deliberately caused famine, intentional mass poisoning and fatal epidemics of diseases, that was brought there from Europe, “took care” of the majority of the Native Americans. The deliberate depopulation of North America was presented to the public as God’s providence and as a sign of God’s will. The majority of the people supported this depopulation doctrine from the start and in May 1830, “The Indian Removal Act” was passed.

One can’t find anything about this in main stream American literature or school books. Although articles by writers, scholars and intellectuals’ in The New York Times, the Weekly New York Tribune and the Philadelphia Evening Post, for instance, in the mid-19th century reveals a loathsome attitude around this matter. There one can read how this genocide was portrayed as an “all together humanitarian act”, “for their own best”, as the voices of the establishment in Washington and other “cultivated” cities expressed it. Does this rhetoric remind you of anything? Because it is the same rhetoric as is used in our days, when they are “helping” Afghans, Iraqis, Somalians, Libyans, Syrians, Palestinians and Yemenites find American corporate “democracy”, or their death. The same dictating and degrading, insulting tone, the same superiority attitude and the same masters & servants logic, when they speak about “them”, or to “them”.

US governments had, from its very birth as a nation, adopted the British imperial behavior very well, and used it frequently against the indigenous people, the minorities, the dissidents and their neighbours. The common view on the “native being” was already quite poisoned in the minds of the Europeans who came from colonial powers. Empires, kingdoms and nations that already for a few hundred years had given justifications for genocide in the colonies, on pure race-biological or theological explanations to its people.

“The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave”

I will quote some lines here from Jefferson Morley’s essay on the matter, before I continue to point at USA’s and the western world’s structural lack of democracy.

“In his career as lawyer and public servant, Francis Scott Key spoke publicly of Africans in America as “a distinct and inferior race of people, which all experience proves to be the greatest evil that afflicts a community.”…  “He saw them as a shiftless and untrustworthy population — a nuisance to white people…”

Amazingly, the song was the product of a humiliation. Francis Scott Key was a veteran of what some dubbed “the Bladensburg Races,” the total collapse of American forces during the British invasion of Washington in August 1814.

When the untrained American militia faced the dogged advance by British troops, backed by artillery fire, the Americans broke rank by the hundreds and then by the thousands.

They ran as fast as they could, hence the humorous reference to “The Races.” Most simply ran back toward Washington, including Lieutenant Key. In the Bladensburg Races, Francis Scott Key was a sprinter.

He is the man who fitted his words to a popular English drinking club song called, “To Anacreon in Heaven.” Originally, the song had four stanzas, although only one is sung today. In the now-forgotten final stanza, Key wrote:

Then conquer we must when our cause it is just / And this be our motto: “In God is our Trust.” / And the Star-Spangled Banner in triumph shall wave / O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.”

In Key’s formative lyrics, America would conquer in the name of a just God.”

In the eyes of the rest of humanity today, USA have the longest criminal record in the human history. Always accompanied by almost all the US governments with tales about the just and noble causes, rather than the truth. Actually, just by observing  its practices, policies, strategies, methods and intentions, one can see that they are much more in accordance with the “characteristics” of another theological deity than God. Namely the one that is called Satan in the Bible. He is also called “the distorter”, “the deceiver”, “the liar” and “the serpent” there. If we chose to pay any attention to USA’s own religious claims we must always ask ourselves when its leaders talk about God: What godhood do they really talk about? And not only when American leaders talk about God, as a matter of fact. The western civilization claim Christian virtues and values, but promote, develop and prefer all the Anti-christian actions to reach what they call human progress.

Social-darwinism is a cornerstone for American democracy


US-governments have obviously taken the terms false-flag operations, geo-strategic aggression and neo-colonialism into the theological sphere. So, by lip-service values, surface virtues and reversed morals, we are convinced that a just God wants this WMD power to use Satan’s methods. There’s another WMD power in the Middle East, that nourishes the same kind of an ambiguous theology.

Empathy erosion, the scientific term for Evil, was structurally and deliberately embedded in the German society under Nazi-rule (although the particular values, the policies, the methods and the tactics derive back to the 9th century and Charlemagnes 1st Reich) and it is completely embedded in the American and the Israeli societies since the late 40’s. All three regimes was and is “democratically elected”. Europe through its three Reich’s is actually the pioneer of such policies.  And current EU is nothing else than a 4th Reich in development,

USA has from the start based its socioeconomic practices on social engineering and its foreign policies on depopulation-  and enslavement-doctrines, covert operations, misleading information and a racist “theology” as justification propaganda. This, is wrapped in a quite unfitting “noble cause gloria”, and a structural hypocrisy they insist to call democracy. The first English, French and German settlers, clearly came to North-America as pioneers but with the mindset and the motives of the conqueror. The mood to conquer in the name of a just God, have shaped their political and financial elite’s basic driving force, throughout their development as a nation and as a society. Luckily, there have almost always been progressive and very democratic voices raised in USA which have seriously questioned the unjust actions that this just God requires. Professor Noam Chomsky, writer and journalist Naomi Klein and the journalist and war correspondent Chris Hedges are three of the absolute top international voices on theses issues today. Unfortunately though, their standpoint and their opinions doesn’t constitute any clear political voice in the American political system of imperialism.

They are just allowed to express these very big truths and expose hidden facts about US-policies and the west’s racist-view on other people on the planet, because the US government has to pass as as at least, more democratic than “the enemies of USA”.

All the criminal acts and the atrocities that all US-governments wants to pass as “a necessary evil for a good cause”, domestic as abroad, are based on big lies towards its own citizens, and have always been. The structured and well preserved, Machiavellian “lack of democracy in democracy’s garments”, is deliberately constructed that way to keep the superiority doctrine alive among its citizens. To keep us all from finally shouting, “the king is naked!”. Feeding the infamous “redneck-logic”: “Yeah, maybe our democracy isn’t perfect, but we are better and more civilized than them… We have free elections and we can criticize our leaders“. A ludicrous assumption. The western citizen does not actually have free elections and he can through its intelligence-controlled media criticize the puppet but never the puppeteer and for that matter in a democracy, its not enough to just verbally or in writing criticize. He must also have the right to self-organize and unite and gain access to constitutionally defended legal tools in order to practically act in accordance with that criticism.

Atrocities, cruelty, racism and social division, are in reality nothing else than regular and very traditional American government methods and tactics, and therefore they should not arouse any feelings of anger. Because its nothing new. They are just following the same patterns of self-glorifying tales and dehumanizing, imperial policies, as they have from the beginning. And as any of the cruelest empires in the history of mankind. They have the Roman Empire and Nazi Germany as immediate models, but of course with contemporary tools. Those tools are mainly:

  • the modern medial, mass-psychological propaganda and manipulation industry
  • the left-right divide & conquer dogma in the alleged democratic, political system
  • the neo-liberal, anti-democracy lobby
  • the current educational system in the west

Unless we lived under a rock since we were born – and really think that the evident lack of democracy in democratic nations is “just the way it is” – it’s completely irrational to expect anything different from them, than their regular policies and their regular cover up stories. Therefore it’s irrational to become angry anymore. Why does anyone still hope that real humanity, respect and decency, will come from that nation’s aggressive regimes? It has set the standards for what passes as democracy in the world since WWII, and in good support and cooperation with, UK, France and Germany since WWI. The current peoples in these countries have understood this today and actually doesn’t give their consent to this, but their media is doing its treasonous job hiding this widespread public opinion.

People allover the world has reached their limits of their tolerance with this hypocrisy. They know very well now, that all those they vote for are puppets and that they can never vote for the puppeteers and the producers. Or to actually walk out from their grand scale marionette theater of illusions, for that matter.





Part II 

Puppets, puppeteers vs free citizens and democratic nations


The west ignores real democracy 

The puppeteers don’t need truly educated people, who possesses critical thinking and have spiritual aims. No, this kind of people are dangerous to the establishment! They prefer well-trained puppets to direct robots,… human as well as manufactured robots.

The puppeteers want obedient puppets just intelligent enough to operate the machines, keep their fellow humans in line and keep the system running, but stupid enough to never ask questions.

puppeter (2)    164147_170474402990728_170472039657631_325970_2305614_n


 Our elected leaders are well programmed puppets 

A puppet doesn’t need to be smart at all! However, the puppeteer does! To get a granted position as a puppet it’s enough if it can serve as a good, well-oiled puppet. Otherwise it will simply be replaced. If the grand marionette theater of illusions is the stage, it of course has to be well carved and from young, flexible, workable wood. It must be carefully painted, adjusted, made up and dressed and it must go through continuous controls and tests so the strings stay firmly attached.

This metaphor on world politics and the western corporate and financial world, was used to illustrate that the better someone is at being a puppet, the stupider he must be regarded as a human being. At least from an anthropocentric, utilitarian perspective. That means: To hold the survival and the thrive of Humanity, as the prime and major concern.

red-shield-sodThe puppeteers have been known, by their names and their faces for decades. They are quite well known by now and by more and more people every day, but it takes a little bit more than just knowing who they are, in order to get rid of these particular puppeteers.

In their opinion, they are entitled to rule over the rest of us because they claim to be the direct descendants of the ancient gods and consider themselves royal. These families are:

  1. Rothschild (Bauer or Bower)
  2. Bruce
  3. Cavendish (Kennedy)
  4. De Medici
  5. Hanover
  6. Hapsburg
  7. Krupp
  8. Plantagenet
  9. Rockefeller
  10. Romanov
  11. Sinclair (St. Clair)
  12. Warburg (del Banco)
  13. Windsor (Saxe-Coburg-Gothe)

The Rothschild dynasty is unquestionably the most powerful – visible – bloodline on Earth and their estimated wealth is around $ 500 trillions!

If we agree on calling them puppets and puppeteers, metaphorically, we must also really grasp that it is essentially a grand scale marionette theater of illusions we are talking about. So, why so many people are till so unsuspectingly drawn into their fictive world of illusions, is an enigma to me. Particularly, when we the people are concerned about and speak about, real people, real life, real problems and real societies and the marionette theater doesn’t. In effect, the puppeteers and their puppets talk about human farms and human cattle. Isn’t it about time to junite, organize and turn our backs to them? Not as sulking, angry, aggressive and in essence powerless children, but as aware, mature, insightful and united citizens, that knows how to unify around the real threats to the people. And how to exert political and legal pressure and fight a successful, democratic, liberation struggle. People have done it before, hundreds of times throughout history.

Courage, self-respect, solidarity and the urge to mobilize and unite against the real threats to the people and organize a determined, political resistance, has proved to be the most essential components that characterizes all successful liberation struggles against cruel monarchs, emperors, dictators and tyrants in history.

Pompei and The Minoan Eruption

The difference in dead people between the catastrophy of Pompei in 79 AD and The Minoan Eruption in Santorini ca 1500 BC is a perfect example of the difference between an unorganized society and an organized society and their ability to face catastrophies. Political and economic or any man made catatsrophies are not any different from natural catastrophies when it comes to what people can do to survive them.

In Popmei the inhabitants were waiting for the king or the elite to tell them what to do and they all turned to the divine for help and were therefore died in bed in their houses, petrified and coverd with ashes. In Santorini there weren’t a single body found even if the island was populated. Why? Because the citizens in Santorini had the ability of self-organization and as soon as they realized the eruption was coming, they evacuated the inhabitants to other islands around the Cyclades and to the mainland.

In both cases there was enough time to escape because the ashes after an eruption take many hours, sometime days to cover the land around. The dead found in Popmei died from the ashes and not the lava.

Today we westerners act like the Pompeians. We just give up our thinking, our intelligence, our innovation skills and our ability to unite and organize against severe threats to mankind and we wait for help “from above” (someone else). We know that “help” usually comes, if it comes, from those that did put us in the situation in the first place and it have always led us to worse conditions and worse threats than before. That is the story of the two world wars and that is how the third is starting. How long are we going to use the Pompeians tactic of hide and hope anstead of organize adequately, act and survive?

The only way to guarantee real democracy 

The citizen

A real democracy is not characterized by its government, but by its citizen. It’s the quality of the citizen that determines the quality of a democracy. But the alleged developed and “civilized” citizen in the self-justifying west, is still treating his elected government as if it was “an emperor” that doesn’t have the same legal obligations before its constitution as any other citizen. He treats his authorities as if it wasn’t he who pay their salaries and for a specific service only. He doesn’t know that he is actually prohibited by any real democratic constitution to give blank checks of consent and in advance to any elected official. And these citizens massively act as if elected officials and civil servants can’t be held to account in the court of Law. At the same time, this “citizen” still takes big pride in calling this democracy. Only that in a real democracy an elected official and a civil servant, on any level, CAN be held to account according to the constitution.

To any thinking human, the question must occur: Did the western citizen (particularly the citizen in the colonial nations) actually ever understand the basic principles of democracy, or is he still mentally and emotionally inclined to subservience in front of any “king”? Naked or dressed? In other words, did the Dark Middle Ages, the Catholic Church’s Inquisition, Colonialism, Feudalism and Zionism damage the European soul so deeply, that even now, serfdom and mental and emotional enslavement seem more attractive, than unified, social and political liberation actions for ones Freedom.

Freedom for a people depends on every citizens own level of self-respect and dignity. The human state of existence that most in the west have confused with negative character traits such as selfishness & narcissism and false pride & arrogance.

Why nation-states?

Before modern democracy arose in Europe, the countries or nation-states were called lands or nations, because they were kingdoms and private property of a handful of landowners, so today many confuse these names. Because they are not taught the real meaning of a nation-state in school. They are busy learning how to memorize without thinking and obey without questioning. Anyhow, from an international legal point of view and according to international conventions it’s first in a democracy that the word “nation-state” becomes meaningful.

To rule and dictate, as our current “democratic” governments do allover the western world, is something kings, emperors and dictators do. Democratically elected governments GOVERN their peoples rights and interests. And to govern – which is, how “the handling and organization of a nation’s public affairs” is called in a democracy – is not to rule. To govern means to guard, protect, defend and ensure the peoples liberties, rights, security, territory, borders and the treasury and the nation-state’s public finances.

That’s is the actual legal and political reason, why nation-states ever occurred. They were a necessary step towards guaranteeing peoples freedom and peoples safety from invasions and enslavement. According to its own self-determination. If anyone of you know about any other, better way, to actually defend a whole people’s independence and human birthrights, please let me know. Because without truly democratic nation-states, we are all left to our own destiny before any tyrant or any totalitarian, bank and corporate dictatorship.

They were founded upon democratically voted constitutions and international conventions, so that a people should have a common legal ground to unite around and defend their human rights, their civil liberties and their borders from. Culturally, historically and geographically. To defend and protect the citizen’s rights and the nation-states rights, and to their best interest, is the only reason for a free people to elect an official to govern its public affairs and its common good. That is the only assignment and responsibility any official in a truly democratic government he can have towards the citizen. And the citizen will find himself oppressed and abused, only when he himself fail to understand that clear and only role of the elected official.

History have shown us that anytime a united, aware and determined people has been attacked and invaded, the aggressor even if tenfold larger in numbers or better equipped and armed, have lost and suffered serious damages. The Battle of Salamis was the first example of such thing, in history. The Vietnam War, is a very good example from our time, of the same thing…

In the “Odyssey”, when Odysseus men had killed the god Helios’s cows by mistake, the gods doomed them to forget about their homeland and their roots. Why, was this considered as one of the worse damnation’s in the ancient world? Because they knew very well, that without a homeland and thus the ability to defend ones freedom, as a united folk-group, one will become a serf with no real options to ever free oneself from serfdom.

Only with strong healthy roots the tree can stand upright, without roots it’s nothing else than a dry trunk to throw in the fire – Greek folk wisdom

That is what the current puppeteers are doing with the modern western individual over the last century. This, after they had practiced for some centuries and learned how to first massacre and enslave the native peoples in the colonies. Then, to feed their wars, they learned how to make these people refugees and immigrants in the west. Massive replacements of people and migration has proved to be very good ways to rob an individual or a folk group from a true identity, a belonging, a context. No past, no future, just millions and millions of people deprived of, or sold to, their basic needs so that the puppeteers and their puppets can exploit them and use them as peons and slaves, in the western world’s “slave-markets”. 

Basic democratic principles missing from today’s “democracies”

If the citizens mainly constitutes “a mob divided in left and right” instead of “a people”, then the officials can’t be anything else than rulers. That is a profound truth in both USA and Europe and particularly so in the former colonial powers and present neo-colonial powers, France, England, Germany. This includes the obedient and complying satellite states, as for instance Holland, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Sweden and a number of former eastern European states, including Ukraine, which now is used by USA, EU and NATO for aggressive, geopolitical and strategic reasons…

Instead we could have the kind of democracy that at least keep the basic principles of the classic Athenian democratic values and principlesIn particular, those principles that are “comfortably forgotten” by everyone everywhere, ever since.  


  • its principle of, citizen’s rights to anarchic political action, disobedience and non-cooperative solidarity-actions against tyranny, dictatorship and monarchy
  • its principle of, immediate recall of an elected official if his actions are against the common good and against his assignment from the people
  • its principle of, elected officials being held personally accountable in a public supreme court if they are suspected for illegal, negligent or destructive handling of public affairs and finances

The ones that organized the country of USA in the way it is structured, had already structured Europe after the same principles and values, so there is no actual moral difference in the way both continents rape the concept of democracy so blatantly across the world. In the name of people’s freedom and liberty of course. Maybe it’s time to ask unanimously and in the open: Whose liberties are we really talking about here? Because it sure isn’t the liberties of the peoples.

Maybe we understand now why the ancient Athenians constitutionally ensured that the elected official can be recalled at any given moment, if he doesn’t fulfil his assignment. He is in his position for just one purpose: To legally and politically protect and ensure the peoples liberties, rights and the safety of the citizen and the nation. Which is the one and the same in a real democracy. A democratic nation-state where this is not followed in practice, can’t call itself democratic, because the citizen of that country is not a free citizen. He is a serf, an economic commodity.

The only true hope can only come from people’s own feeling of self-respect and solidarity, as individuals, as units and as communities and nations. Real hope, comes from that and their courage and their ability to unite determined and fight adequately against oppression.

I am talking about the aware and awake citizen who are able to see through the systematic propaganda tale and see the true threats.

The only true hope can under no circumstances come from a subservient masters & servants-programmed puppet, who await the oppressor to change his ways and show mercy. Because he might be tempted to even become submissive, obedient and supportive of the ruler’s crimes in order to stand a chance to sit at the masters table. Maybe he can be a useful tool to the ruler he thinks, neglecting the needs of his own people and his own dignity as a human.

The puppet is the actual common characteristic of all the alleged “democratic elected officials”, allover the western world’s governments right now. And first of all those of the global imperial powers and former colonial nations, the G7.

Kosmas Loumakis

Athens 31-05-2015







Το  παρακάτω άρθρο του οικονομολόγου Jacques Littauer δημοσιεύτηκε στην εφημερίδα Charlie Hebdo, στις 29 Απρίλη 2015.  Αφορμή  του οι δηλώσεις  του Wolfang Schäuble   κατά την εισήγηση του  στο πρόσφατο συνέδριο του Ινστιτούτου Brookings  στην Ουάσιγκτον.  Ούτε λίγο ούτε πολύ ο γερμανός υπουργός οικονομικών  αναφερόμενος στη Γαλλία – αλλά σίγουρα πολλές ακόμα χώρες μπορούν να καθρεπτιστούν στον ίδιο μαγικό καθρέπτη- διατύπωσε απερίφραστα, ωμά και απροκάλυπτα την άποψη ότι οι δημοκρατικοί θεσμοί  δημιουργούν προσκόμματα στην προώθηση των «μεταρρυθμίσεων». Πρόκειται βέβαια για τις γνωστές  στα καθ ημάς «μεταρρυθμίσεις» που ανοίγουν δρόμο για τη  γη της νεοφιλελεύθερης επαγγελίας μέσα από εκατόμβες εργαζόμενων και άνεργων. Προχώρησε μάλιστα παραπέρα, ο γερμανός υπουργός, υπαινισσόμενος εύλογες λύσεις  : αν οι δημοκρατικοί θεσμοί είναι το πρόβλημα, αρκεί  η κατάλυση τους, ή με άλλα λόγια: «συντρίψτε τους».

Η Δημοκρατία  στο απόσπασμα λοιπόν ή στο ικρίωμα ή στη γκιλοτίνα ώστε να καταστεί δυνατή  η  οριστική ισοπέδωση των όποιων ψηγμάτων εργασιακών δικαιωμάτων, κοινωνικού κράτους, κράτους δικαίου  υψώνουν ακόμα αναχώματα στη θριαμβευτική προέλαση των αγορών προς την νεοφιλελεύθερη ολοκλήρωση. Και βέβαια η απόλυτη κοινωνική χειραγώγηση περνάει μέσα από την πλήρη κατάλυση της Δημοκρατίας (ακόμα κι αυτής της φτενής και καχεκτικής  του καιρού μας)   για τον ίδιο ακριβώς λόγο που η Δημοκρατία είναι sine qua non συνθήκη της κοινωνικής απελευθέρωσης. Το ερώτημα που ο J.Littauer θέτει επί τον τύπον των ήλων είναι :  «Δημοκρατία μένεις ακόμα εδώ;» Υπάρχει άραγε κανείς που να βαυκαλίζεται  ακόμα με την φρούδα ελπίδα  πως η Δημοκρατία μπορεί να  είναι βιώσιμη εντός της σαρκοφάγου που φέρει  το παράταιρο όνομα «Ευρωπαϊκή Ένωση»; 

Οι  φιλελευθεριστές  καταλογίζουν στους  εκλεγμένους εκπροσώπους ατολμία και αντίσταση στις «μεταρρυθμίσεις». Αφού αδυνατούν  να πάρουν τις σωστές αποφάσεις  θα πρέπει να υποχρεωθούν  να το κάνουν.

Αυτή τη φορά δεν κρατήθηκε. Ο υπερ-συντηρητικός γερμανός υπουργός οικονομικών, Wolfang Schäuble, δήλωσε πως «θα ήταν ευτύχημα για τη Γαλλία αν  κάποιος  υποχρέωνε το  Κοινοβούλιο» να ψηφίσει  σκληρές μεταρρυθμίσεις. Οι  εν λόγω «μεταρρυθμίσεις» συνοψίζονται σε μια και μόνο φράση:  περιστολή των κοινωνικών δικαιωμάτων.

Κατά τον Schäuble,  η Γερμανία οφείλει τις σημερινές της δάφνες στο ότι ακολούθησε αυτή την οδό.  Και δίχως άλλο έχει λόγους να καμαρώνει : με τα «mini-jobs», αυτή τη μορφή ευκαιριακής υπαμειβόμενης  και ανασφάλιστης ή σχεδόν ανασφάλιστης απασχόλησης, δημιούργημα του σοσιαλοδημοκράτη Gerhard Schröder  με την «Ατζέντα 2010»,  η Γερμανία έφτασε να έχει ποσοστό φτώχειας μεγαλύτερο από αυτό της Γαλλίας ( 16% έναντι 14%) ενώ  την ίδια στιγμή  οι εξαγωγές της είναι οι μεγαλύτερες στην Ευρώπη.

Στην πραγματικότητα μια χωρίς προηγούμενο από το 1945 κοινωνική σφαγή βρίσκεται σε εξέλιξη στη Γερμανία- με θέσεις εργασίας αμειβόμενες 1 ευρώ την ώρα (!) στον τομέα των δημόσιων έργων- η οποία  αριθμεί σήμερα εκατομμύρια φτωχούς εργαζόμενους.  Κομμωτές προς 5 ευρώ την ώρα, οδηγοί ταξί προς 7 ευρώ την ώρα…..Ιδού το αριστούργημα  των  «νόμων Hartz», εκ του ονόματος του Peter Hartz, πρώην διευθυντή προσωπικού της Volkswagen.

Βέβαια τα πράγματα διορθώθηκαν λίγο μετά την καθιέρωση του ελάχιστου όριου αμοιβής για μισθωτή εργασία στα 8,5 ευρώ την ώρα.  Όμως πολλοί εργοδότες βρήκαν τρόπους για να μην το καταβάλουν, όπως για παράδειγμα μειώνοντας τον χρόνο εργασίας των εργαζόμενων που απασχολούν έτσι ώστε να τους πληρώνουν τον ίδιο μισθό, ή απαιτώντας από αυτούς να εκτελούν το ίδιο έργο σε λιγότερο χρόνο….

Για τον Schäuble, οι Michel Sapin και Emmanuel Macron «έχουν πολλά να πουν γύρω από  τη δυσκολία να πειστεί η  κοινή γνώμη και το Κοινοβούλιο για την αναγκαιότητα μεταρρυθμίσεων στην αγορά εργασίας».  Μόνο που αυτό συμβαίνει επειδή πρόκειται για λάθος μεταρρυθμίσεις!  Αύξηση των κοινωνικών εισφορών για τις επιχειρήσεις με μεγάλο αριθμό απολύσεων και γι αυτές που καταφεύγουν στην ευκαιριακή απασχόληση, δικαίωμα στους εργαζόμενους να εκφέρουν γνώμη για την πορεία της επιχείρησης, δυνατότητα  μετάβασης από την μερική στην πλήρη απασχόληση, να κάποιες «μεταρρυθμίσεις στην αγορά εργασίας» που θα είχαν την συγκατάθεση του κόσμου.

Πίσω απ  όλα αυτά υπάρχει  ένα ζήτημα  που φτάνει πολύ βαθύτερα : αυτό της καταλληλότητας της δημοκρατίας για την διακυβέρνηση των κοινωνιών που ζούμε. Σύμφωνα με τη γερμανική παράδοση του λεγόμενου «κανονιστικού φιλελευθερισμού» (Ordoliberalismus) μίγμα νομικισμού και νεοφιλελευθερισμού,  δεν θα πρέπει να εμπιστεύεται κανείς τους πολιτικούς  καθώς είναι  μονίμως επιρρεπείς στο λαϊκισμό και την αναζήτηση πρόσκαιρων λύσεων. Υποστηρίζει λοιπόν το δόγμα αυτό τη θέσπιση κανόνων που να τους δένουν τα χέρια.

Και  βέβαια δεν κάνει και τίποτα άλλο από αυτό η Ευρωπαϊκή Ένωση, πρώτα με τα «κριτήρια του Μάαστριχτ», το 1992, που καθόριζαν πλαφόν για τον πληθωρισμό, τα ελλείμματα και το χρέος, έπειτα με το «Σύμφωνο Σταθερότητας και Ανάπτυξης» (1997). Και σήμερα με το δημοσιονομικό σύμφωνο που θέλει να επαναφέρει το «δομικό δημοσιονομικό έλλειμμα» στο 0% του ΑΕΠ και προβλέπει αυτόματη μείωση του χρέους. Ρυθμίσεις που κρίνεται σκόπιμο να συμπεριληφθούν στη νομοθεσία « κατά προτίμηση στο Σύνταγμα» ( ώστε να μη μπορούν πια να αλλάξουν) και των οποίων η εφαρμογή θα εποπτεύεται από μια «ανεξάρτητη» αρχή.

Για να διευθύνεται σωστά η οικονομία δεν αρκεί να συμπεριληφθούν στους νόμους οι στόχοι.  Χρειάζεται φαντασία και ευφυΐα όπως για παράδειγμα στην οργάνωση  της οικολογικής μετατροπής. Δυο ιδιότητες που ο Wolfang Schäuble  δείχνει να στερείται τραγικά.

Μετάφραση και σχόλιο : ΕΠΑΜ, Τομέας Εξωτερικού

Αν – Ράντγιαρντ Κίπλινγκ

Ένα ποίημα που κάθε πατέρας σε αυτόν τον πλανήτη θα πρέπει πραγματικά να κατανοήσει το περιεχόμενο του, και να το μεταδώσει στο γιο του!



Αν – Ράντγιαρντ Κίπλινγκ

Αν μπορείς να κρατάς το κεφάλι ψηλά όταν γύρω σου όλοι

τον εαυτό τους εχάσαν δειλά, και για τούτο μαζί σου τα βάζουν,

στον εαυτό σου αν μπορείς να ‘χεις πίστη όταν όλοι για σένα αμφιβάλλουν

μα κι αδιάφορος να ‘σαι κι ορθός στις δικές τους μπροστά αμφιβολίες,

αν μπορείς να υπομένεις χωρίς ν’ αποστάσεις ποτέ καρτερώντας,

ή μπλεγμένος με ψεύτες, μακριά να σταθείς, αν μπορείς απ’ το ψέμα

κι αν γενείς μισητός, να μη δείξεις στρατί στο δικό σου το μίσος,

κι ούτε τόσο καλός να φανείς κι ούτε τόσο σοφά να μιλήσεις,


αν μπορείς να ονειρεύεσαι δίχως να γίνεις του ονείρου σου σκλάβος,

αν μπορείς να στοχάζεσαι δίχως τη σκέψη να κάνεις σκοπό σου,

αν μπορείς την λαμπρήν ανταμώνοντας Νίκη ή τη μαύρη φουρτούνα,

να φερθείς με τον ίδιο τον τρόπο στους δυο κατεργάρηδες τούτους,

αν μπορείς να υποφέρεις ν’ ακούς την αλήθεια που ο ίδιος σου είπες,

στρεβλωμένη από αχρείους, να γενεί μια παγίδα για ηλίθιους ανθρώπους,

ή αν τα όσα η ζωή σού έχει δώσει αντικρίσεις συντρίμμια μπροστά σου,

κι αφού σκύψεις, ν’ αρχίσεις ξανά να τα χτίζεις με σκάρτα εργαλεία,


αν μπορείς να σωριάσεις μαζί τ’ αγαθά και τα κέρδη σου όλα,

κι αν τολμήσεις με μια σου ζαριά όλα για όλα να παίξεις

και να χάσεις τα πάντα και πάλι απ’ την πρώτη σου αρχή να κινήσεις,

και να μην ψιθυρίσεις ποτές ούτε λέξη για τα όσα έχεις χάσει,

κι αν μπορείς ν’ αναγκάσεις με βία, την καρδιά σου, τα νεύρα, το νου σου,

να δουλέψουν για σέναν ακόμα κι αφού τσακιστούνε στο μόχθο,

και ν’ αντέξεις σ’ αυτό σταθερά όταν τίποτε εντός σου δεν θα ‘χεις

άλλο εξόν απ’ τη θέληση που όρθια θα κράζει σε τούτα «Κρατάτε»,


αν μπορείς να μιλάς με τα πλήθη κι ακέριος στο ήθος να μένεις,

ή αν βρεθείς με ρηγάδες χωρίς τα μυαλά σου να πάρουν αέρα,

κι αν ποτέ, ούτε οι φίλοι ούτε οι εχθροί να σε κάνουν μπορούν να πονέσεις,

τον καθένα αν ζυγιάζεις σωστά και κανέναν πιο πρόσβαρα απ’ άλλον,

αν μπορείς να γεμίζεις το αμείλιχτο ένα λεφτό της κάθε ώρας

στην αξία των εξήντα μοιραίων δευτερόλεφτων της διαδρομής του,

τότε θα ‘ναι όλη η Γη σα δικιά σου, ως και κάθε που υπάρχει σε τούτη,

και —περισσότερο ακόμα— θε να ‘σαι ένας άνθρωπος πλέριος, παιδί μου.

Rudyard Kipling

If – Poem by Rudyard Kipling

A poem that every father on this planet should understand the context of, and pass it on to his son!



If – Poem by Rudyard Kipling

If you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you
But make allowance for their doubting too,
If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
Or being lied about, don’t deal in lies,
Or being hated, don’t give way to hating,
And yet don’t look too good, nor talk too wise:

If you can dream—and not make dreams your master,
If you can think—and not make thoughts your aim;
If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two impostors just the same;
If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken
Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
And stoop and build ’em up with worn-out tools:

If you can make one heap of all your winnings
And risk it all on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
And lose, and start again at your beginnings
And never breath a word about your loss;
If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
To serve your turn long after they are gone,
And so hold on when there is nothing in you
Except the Will which says to them: “Hold on!”

If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
Or walk with kings—nor lose the common touch,
If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you;
If all men count with you, but none too much,
If you can fill the unforgiving minute
With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run,
Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,
And—which is more—you’ll be a Man, my son!

Rudyard Kipling

Techno-Financial Capital and Genocide of the Poorest of the Poor


Today, the ‘poorest of the poor’ are superfluous to empire and thus the policy of genocide. The current world war between the classes has become a war between exterminators and those who would fight to survive!

‘The war and its results have turned Yemen back a hundred years, due to the destruction of infrastructure . . . especially in the provinces of Oden, Dhalea and Taiz.’

Izzedine al-Asbali Yemeni Human Rights Minister

‘Yemen is devastated. There are no roads, water or electricity. Nobody’s left but thieves.’

A resident of Sana (Yemen)


The Euro-American and Japanese ruling classes, as well as their collaborators in the Afro-Asian and Latin American countries, have accumulated vast profit. This has occurred through a complex stratified system re-concentrating the world’s wealth through: 1. The exploitation of labor in the First World (North America and Western Europe); 2. super-exploitation of labor in the Second World (China, ex-USSR); 3. dispossession of peasants, native communities and urban dwellers to grab resources, land and real estate in the Third World; and 4. wars of genocide against the poorest of the poor in the ‘Fourth World’. Besides all the forms of brutal exploitation and dispossession, which enrich the Euro-US ruling classes, by far the most sinister and threatening to humanity is the concerted worldwide effort to literally exterminate the poorest-of-the poor, the hundreds of millions of people no longer essential for the accumulation and concentration of imperial capital today.

This essay will begin by mapping the genocidal wars against ‘the wretched of the earth’, identifying the geography of genocide, the countries and subjects under attack, and the trajectory, which has been chosen and executed by the leaders of the Euro-American regimes.

Then we will examine the reason for genocide within the dynamics and forms of contemporary capitalism. In particular, we will develop the genocide hypothesis: that imperial genocide of the poorest of the poor is a deliberate policy to reduce the growing surplus labor, which is no longer needed or wanted for wealth accumulation but is increasingly feared as a potential political threat.

In the last section, we will discuss how the ‘wretched of the earth’ are responding to this policy of imperial genocide and what is to be done.

Mapping Genocide Against the Poorest of the Poor

It is no coincidence that the most violent assaults and invasions by the Euro-American powers have taken place against the poorest countries in each region of the world. In the Western hemisphere, the Euro-US regimes have repeatedly invaded the absolutely poorest country, Haiti, overthrowing the popularly elected Aristide government, decimating the population via a cholera epidemic spread by UN mercenary ‘peace-keepers’, killing tens of thousands of poor Haitians and rounding up thousands of protestors. The occupation continues. Honduras, the second poorest country in the region, experienced a US-backed coup d’état deposed their recently elected president and imposed a terrorist puppet regime, which regularly assassinates dissidents and landless rural workers. Peasants are dispossessed; the economy and society are in shambles with tens of thousands of Hondurans (especially children) fleeing the violence.

Today, the Euro-American powers actively support the absolutist regime of Saudi Arabia as it bombS and slaughters thousands of Yemeni civilians and resistance fighters. Yemen is the poorest country in the Gulf region.

In South Asia, the US invaded and occupied Afghanistan; its coalition of puppets and NATO allies have massacred and displaced millions of poor farmers and civilians. Afghanistan is the poorest of the poor countries in the region.

In Africa, the Euro-American powers and their local collaborators have invaded, bombed and occupied Somalia, Chad and Mali – among the poorest of sub-Sahara countries.

After the US-NATO campaign of destruction against Libya, 1.5 million sub-Saharan Africans and black citizens of Libya lost their stable employment and became the victims of ethnic slaughter. Their attempts to escape the violence and starvation by fleeing to Europe are blocked by the leading powers (the same powers that destroyed the Libyan economy and society). Those, who do not drown in their flight, are detained and returned to their devastated countries and early deaths.

In Western Europe, millions of Greeks, Spaniards and Portuguese, inhabiting the poorest countries in the region, have faced massive job losses, widespread impoverishment and spiraling suicides – all induced by austerity programs designed to pillage their economies and enrich their Euro-US creditors.

In the United States, 1.5 million black (mostly male) Americans, are ‘missing’ – products of early death, industrial-scale incarceration and police assassinations. American Indian communities are subject to depredations and early death from the policies of the Federal and State governments. Their lands have been handed over to mining (and now fracking) to serve the interests of the mining and agro-business elite. Throughout the US Latino agricultural workers are increasingly viewed as ‘expendable’ with technology and the effects of global climate change (such as the severe drought in California) depriving them of livelihood.

In the Levant, Palestinians, now the poorest of the poor and the most disenfranchised, face continued Israeli land grabs, pillage and violence in the West Bank and genocidal attacks in Gaza. Iraq and Syria have experienced millions of deaths and displacements, reducing previously prosperous, educated and sophisticated multi-ethnic populations into impoverished, uprooted and desperate people deliberately driven backwards to tribal loyalties.

Why Imperialism ‘Genocides the Poorest of the Poor’

With the exception of Iraq and Syria, all of the violated countries have been poor in resources and markets, and possess large unskilled labor. The people are targeted and savaged because they no longer serve as ‘labor reserves’ – they are now excess-surplus labor – in Nazi racial hygiene terminology, they have become ‘useless mouths to feed’. This has intensified as crisis engulfs the West and the least productive sectors of capitalism, finance, real estate and insurance (FIRE), have become the leading sectors of capital. ‘Cheap labor’ is less needed, least of all overseas labor from conflictual regions.

The ‘poorest of the poor’ countries under attack lack rich resources ripe for plunder; their populations do not exist among the priorities of the multi-national bankers – except when seen as ‘obstacles’. In the colonial past, sectors of these populations would have been recruited by imperial countries to submit, obey and serve as imperial mercenaries or coolie labor. They would have been transported and employed by empire for ‘dirty’, dangerous and poorly paid jobs in other colonized countries – like the millions of Indians scattered throughout the former British Empire. Today, such coolies have no value.

The genocidal nature of the wars against the ‘poorest of the poor’ is best demonstrated by the actual targets and primary victims of these wars: Millions of civilians, families, women, children and heads of households have suffered the worst. These ‘targets’ represent the most stable and essential elements responsible for family reproduction and security. The ‘poorest of the poor’ communities are being destroyed. Genocidal bombing has overwhelmingly targeted the essential factors for survival: cohesive households, communal settings, subsistence food growing regions and access to clean water. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that marriage ceremonies and traditional social gatherings have been ‘mistaken targets’ of missiles and drone strikes. Despite the denials from the White House, the geographic extent and nauseating number of such attacks demonstrate that according to the ‘genocide hypothesis’ there is ‘nowhere to hide’: The targeted populations will have no marriage celebrations, no social life, no increase in children among the poorest of the poor, no protection for the elders, no social fabric and no communal organizations – there will be no survival networks left for the superfluous of empire.

The ‘genocide hypothesis’ underlies the practice of ‘total war’. The practice includes massive attacks on non-military targets (‘Shock and Awe’) and the use of high tech weaponry to target collectives of the poorest of the poor – repeatedly, over long periods of time and wide geographic regions.

If, as the apologists of genocidal wars claim, the bombings of weddings and slaughter of school children are ‘collateral’ in the ‘Global War on Terror’ why are they happening everywhere in the fourth world and virtually everyday?

The genocide hypothesis best explains the data. Even the terminology and claims made by imperialist experts regarding their weapons systems support the genocide hypothesis. These weapons, we are told, are ‘intelligent, precise and highly accurate’ in targeting and destroying ‘the enemy’. By their own admission, then, the poorest of the poor have become ‘the enemy’, as imperial weapons makers support ‘intelligent’ genocide with ‘precision’.

When liberals and leftists criticize how imperial drone strikes kill civilians, instead of ‘armed terrorists’, they are missing the essential point of the policy. The prime purpose of the wars and the imperial weapons of mass destruction is to kill the largest number of the very poorest in the shortest time.

No member of the financial-high tech capitalist class has ever complained about the mass killing of the ‘poorest of the poor’ anywhere or at any time because the victims are, for the purpose of accumulating imperial profit and concentrating wealth superfluous. The poorest don’t figure into the formulae of profit and productivity; they don’t ‘make or take’ markets. On the other hand, their continued existence is a potential liability. They are aesthetically unappealing on the outskirts of luxury resorts. To the rich, they represent a desperate criminal element and they may pose a real or imagined ‘terrorist’ threat. For these reasons, the rich would ‘prefer’ that they would quietly cease to exist, or if the warlords have to dispose of them, the world will be a safer and more attractive place to accumulate wealth. ‘Let them kill each other, as they have done for millennia’, the empire piously opines and the bankers and their high tech allies can use their military and mercenaries without soiling their own hands. The elite ignore the mass immiseration while the militarists bomb ‘the problem’ out of existence.

Today genocide occurs in once vibrant living and working communities, not hidden in ‘concentration camps’. The secret ovens and gas chambers have been replaced by an ‘open range’ of incendiary weapons that end lives, burn neighborhoods and workshops, devastate livestock and crops. Those who survive the bombing are starved, enclosed, malnourished and inflicted with disease. Eminent doctors tell us that the misery is ‘self-inflicted’ and that the poorest of the poor are ignorant and lack healthy habits. Recurrent epidemics from HIV to cholera to Ebola are quintessential ‘4th world diseases’. Even though the Caribbean had not seen cholera for over a century, its introduction into Haiti via the bowels of imperial mercenary troops (UN peacekeepers from Nepal) was blamed on the Haitians’ lack of access to clean water! Not since the small pox blankets passed out by the US Army to freezing Native Americans in their concentration camps of the 19th century have we heard such apologists for genocide!

The truth about genocide is that all this is known, repeatedly documented and forgotten. White workers in the First World cannot even register these ‘facts’ under their own noses, let alone express any form of solidarity. Imperial genocide, committed by proactive militarists and ‘passive’ rich elites, are no secret even if they deny their complicity. The key word here is ‘mission’. ‘Mission Accomplished’ was the celebratory banner over the total destruction of Iraq. The warlords claim rewards for successfully completing ‘the mission’. Yemenis are dying under US-supplied Saudi bombs; Somalis are scattered in tens of thousands of tents to the four corners of the earth; Haitians continue to enjoy the ‘gift of cholera’ from UN ‘peacekeepers’ and rot in massive open air prison-slums – their leaders imprisoned or assassinated.

The Poorest of the Poor Respond

In the face of genocide and their irrelevance to the profit motive of modern high tech and finance capital, the poorest of the poor have chosen multiple responses: (1) Mass out-migration, preferable to the First World, where they won’t be bombed, raped or starved as they had been at ‘home’; (2) Internal migration to the cities, under the illusion of an ‘urban safe haven’ when in fact their concentration in slums makes it easier for the bombers; (3) return to the countryside and subsistence farming or the mountains and subsistence herding, but the missiles and drones relentlessly follow them; (4) mass flight to a neighboring country where the local gendarmes will ‘herd’ them into camps to rot and (5) finally resistance. Resistance takes various forms: There are spontaneous upheavals when the scope of abuse exceeds all endurance. This form involves attacking the local collaborators and gendarmes and authorities and sacking food warehouses. Such action burns briefly and dies (many times literally). Some choose to join armed resistance bands, including gangs of brigands, political ethno-religious rivals and terrorists who retaliate against authors of their genocide and its collaborators with their own version of justice and material and celestial rewards.

Total war from above and the outside breeds total war from the inside and below. The rebellion of the ‘wretched of the earth’ in the 21st century is far different from that portrayed by Franz Fanon in the middle of the last century. Fanon described a revolt against colonialism and neo-colonialism. Today the revolt is against deracination and genocide. During colonialism, the ‘wretched’ needed to be subdued to better exploit their labor and resources. Today, the ‘poorest of the poor’ are superfluous to empire and thus the policy of genocide. The current world war between the classes has become a war between exterminators and those who would fight to survive!

Argentina: A Case Study of Israel’s Zionist-Wall Street Destabilization Campaign


Introduction: A recent article by Jorge Elbaum, the former executive director of DAIA (Delegation for Argentine Jewish Associations), the principle Argentine Jewish umbrella groups, published in the Buenos Aires daily Pagina 12, provides a detailed account of the damaging linksbetween the State of Israel, US Wall Street speculators and local Argentine Zionists in government and out.

Elbaum describes how their efforts have been specifically directed toward destabilizing the incumbent center-left government of President Cristina Fernandez, while securing exorbitant profits for a Zionist Wall Street speculator, Paul Singer of Elliott Management as well as undermining a joint Iranian-Argentine investigation of the 1994 terrorist bombing of the Jewish Community Center in Buenos Aires.

Elbaum’s article was written in response to the death of Alberto Nisman, a Zionist zealot and chief government prosecutor in the terrorist bombing investigation for over 20 years.

The serious issues raised by the political use and gross manipulation of the horrors of the bombing of the Argentine Jewish Community Center shows how Tel Aviv (and its political assets in Argentina and the US) further Israeli power in the Middle East, in particular, by isolating and demonizing Iran. This is important at two critical levels, which this article seeks to highlight.

First of all, Israeli attempted to sidetrack the Argentine investigation, by involving some of its powerful Wall Street assets and influential pro-Israel lobbies (the Anti-Defamation League, AIPAC among others). Their purpose was to fabricate ‘evidence’ in order to implicate Iran in the crime and to manipulate their influential assets in Argentina, especially in this case, chief prosecutor Nisman and many of the leaders of DAIA, to accuse the Argentine government of complicity in an ‘Iranian cover-up’.

The second issue, raised by Israel’s intervention in Argentina’s investigation into the bombing, has wider and deeper implications: How Israel promotes its foreign policy objectives in various countries by grooming and manipulating local influential Jewish officials and community organizations. This furthers Tel Aviv’s goal of regional hegemony and territorial aggrandizement. In other words, Israeli political reach extends far beyond the Middle East and goes ‘global’, operating without any consideration of the dangers it inflicts on Jews in the ‘target countries’. To this end, Israel has been creating a worldwide network of Jews, which calls into question their loyalty to the polity of their home countries where they have resided for generations.

The nefarious impact, which Israel’s intervention has on the sovereignty of its ‘target countries’, presents a danger to innocent and loyal Jewish citizens who are not acting as agents of Tel Aviv.

For these reasons it is important to critically analyze the specific characteristics of Israel’s dangerous meddling in Argentina.

The Crisis of the Argentine Justice System: Unsolved Terrorist Crimes and Israeli Intervention

After the anti-Sematic bombing of the Jewish Community Center in Buenos Aires, the Argentine judicial and legal system seriously bungled the investigation, despite collaboration from the US FBI and Israel’s Mossad. Argentina’s then President Carlos Menem was an ardent neo-liberal, unconditional backer of US foreign policy and strong supporter of Israel. His regime was still heavily infested with high-ranking police, military and intelligence officials deeply implicated in the seven-year bloody military dictatorship (1976-83) during which 30,000 Argentine citizens were murdered. Among the victims of this ‘dirty war’ were hundreds of Argentine Jews, activists, intellectuals and militants who were tortured and murdered to the anti-Sematic taunts of their military and police assassins. During this same horrific ‘pogrom’ of Argentina’s committed Jewish activists, the state of Israel managed to sell tens of millions of dollars in arms to the junta, breaking a US-EU boycott. Notoriously, the conservative leaders of the DAIA and AMIA (Argentine-Israel Mutual Association) failed to defend the lives of Jewish activists and militants. After attending meetings with the junta, many conservative Jewish leaders would dismiss the concerns of the families of the disappeared and tortured Argentine Jews, saying: ‘They must have done something…’

The bungled investigation into the 1994 bombing included the arrest of right-wing police officials who were later released and the mysterious loss of vital forensic evidence. Accusations against various foreign regimes and organizations shifted according to the political needs of the US and Israel: First, the Lebanese group, Hezbollah, Israel’s main military adversary during its bloody occupation of southern Lebanon in 1990’s was touted as the responsible party. A few years later, Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, prior to the Israeli-backed US invasion of Iraq; then the Palestinians were trotted out, followed by Syria’s Baathist intelligence forces. After the total destruction of Iraq by the US ‘coalition’ and the decline of influential Arab states in the Middle East, the Israelis have settled on Iran as the ‘prime suspect’, coinciding with Teheran’s rise of as a regional power – challenging Israeli and US hegemony.

With the 2001 collapse of Argentina’s version of a kleptocratic neo-liberal, pro-US bootlicking regime, and in the midst of a dire economic depression, there was a popular upheaval and the subsequent election of President Kirchner bringing a new center-left government to power.

The new government, defaulting on its murderous foreign debt, oversaw Argentina’s economic recovery and a vast increase in social spending which stabilized capitalism. Kirchner also promoted greater independence in foreign policy and sought to enhance Buenos Aires relations with Israel by re-opening the investigation into the bombing and retaining Alberto Nisman, as chief prosecutor.

Nisman, the Mossad and the US Embassy Connection

In his article, ‘Vultures, Nisman, DAIA: The Money Route’ (Pagina 12, 4/18/15), Jorge Elbaum, points out that chief prosecutor, Alberto Nisman, opened secret bank account in New York. As Elbaum told prominent figures in Argentina’s Jewish community, Nisman’s campaign to discredit the government’s joint investigatory commission with Iran and demonize the Argentine government was financed, at least in part, by New York’s vulture fund head, Paul Singer, who stood to make hundreds of millions in profit. According to documents, cited by Elbaum, US embassy personnel and leading US Zionist organizations, including the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, led by Mark Dubowitz, as well as Abe Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League, fed Nisman fabricated ‘evidence’ and corrected numerous substantive and grammatical flaws in his report purporting to ‘demonstrate’ Argentine’s cover-up of the Iran’s role in the 1994 bombing. However, forensic and legal experts in Argentina have determined that Nisman’s claims lack any legal basis or credibility.

The entire ‘Operation Nisman’ appears to have been orchestrated by Israel with the goal of isolating Iran via fabricated evidence supposed to ‘prove’ its role in the 1994 bombing. The recruitment of Nisman, as a key Israeli operative, was central to Israel’s strategy of using the DAIA and other Argentine – Jewish organizations to attack the Argentine-Iran memo of understanding regarding the investigation of the bombing. Israel pushed US-Zionist organizations to intensify their intervention into Argentine politics via their networks with Argentine-Jewish organizations. The vulture-fund speculator, Paul Singer, who had bought defaulted Argentine debt for ‘pennies on the dollar’, was demanding full payment through sympathetic New York courts. He had funded a special speculators’ task force on Argentina joining forces with Israel, US Zionist organizations and Alberto Nisman in order to manipulate Argentina’s investigation and secure a bountiful return. Nisman thus became a ‘key tool’ to Israel’s regional military strategy toward Iran, to New York speculator Singer’s strategy to grab a billion dollar windfall and to the Argentine right wing’s campaign to destabilize the center-left government of Kirschner-Fernandez.

By acting mainly in the interest of Israel and US Zionists, Nisman sacrificed the Argentine-Jewish community’s desire for a serious, truthful investigation into the bombing leading to identification and conviction of the perpetrators. Moreover, Nisman compromisedhimself by being a tool for Israel’s foreign policy against the interest of the Argentine government, which he was sworn to serve, and endangered the status of the Argentine Jewish community among Argentines in general by raising questions about their loyalty to their home country.

Fortunately, Argentina has sophisticated , prominent Jewish leaders who see themselves as Argentine citizens first and foremost, including leaders like Foreign Secretary Hector Timmerman who proposed the joint investigation with Iran as well as the former DAIA Executive Director Jorge Elbaum who has played a major role in denouncing Israel’s intervention in Argentine politics. It is citizens, like Elbaum, who have exposed the Israeli government’s role in recruiting and manipulating local leading Argentine-Jews to serve Tel Aviv’s foreign policy interests.

This is in stark contrast to the United States where no major American-Jewish leader has dared to denounce the role of leading Zionist organizations as Israel’s conduit. Furthermore, unlike Argentina, where a sector of the liberal press (Pagina 12) has published critical accounts of Nisman’s fabrications and Israel’s destabilization campaign, newspapers in the US, like theNew York Times, the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post, have continued to present Nisman’s discredited report as a serious investigation by a courageous, ‘martyred’ prosecutor. The US media continues to portray the entire Argentine judicial system as corrupt and argue that Nisman’s death must have been a state-orchestrated crime. The US public has never been presented with the fact that the leading critics of Nisman’s report and his own behavior were prominent Argentine Jews and that Argentina’s foreign minister, Hector Timmerman, organized the Argentine-Iran commission.


That Israel was willing to derail any serious the investigation into the 1994 bombing, which killed and maimed scores of Argentine Jews, in order to further its campaign against Iran, demonstrates the extent to which the self-styled ‘Jewish State’ is willing to sacrifice the interests and security of world Jewry to further its narrow military agenda.

Equally egregious is the way in which Tel Aviv recruits overseas Jews to serve Israel’s interests against that of their own countries, turning them into a ‘fifth column’, operating insideand outside of their governments. That Israeli intelligence has been exposed and denounced in the case of Nisman, has not forestalled nor prevented Israel from continuing this long-standing, practice of dangerous meddling. This is especially evident in the ‘Israel-first behavior’ of leading Jewish American organizations and political leaders who have pledged their total allegiance to Netanyahu’s war agenda against Iran an bought the US Congress to scuttle the peace accord.

It merits repetition: Israel’s widespread practice of recruiting Jewish citizens and officials of other countries to serve as vehicles of Israeli policies has the potential to foment a new and possibly violent backlash, once the greater population has been made aware of such treasonous activities. In this regard, Israel does not represent a bastion of security for world Jewry, but a cynical, manipulative and deadly threat. Perhaps that is Israel’s ultimate strategy – create a backlash of generalized anger against overseas Jews and precipitate massive flight to Israel from countries like Argentina, while the few who remain can be better manipulated to serve Tel Aviv.


A few days ago, on April 23, a crowd of several hundred Argentine Jews met to repudiate the arrogant claims of the established leaders of the DAIA and the AMIA that they represent ‘all Argentine Jews”. This overflow crowd in the auditorium of the telephone workers union proposed to create a ‘collective and democratic space, based on links of solidarity over and above commercial connections.’ The Jewish community in the US would be wise to pay close attention to Argentina’s example.


18a-thumb-largeSpeech of Ambassador ad H. Leonidas Chrysanthopoulos at the Schiller Institute, Frankfurt, April 29., 2015


“Germany and the BRICS countries can create a new credit system for global construction and development!”



Three were the reasons that made Prime Minister Konstantinos Karamanlis push for the accession of Greece to the EEC in 1975, as it was then called. The first was to consolidate democracy in a country that had just come out from a catastrophic seven year military dictatorship. It should be recalled that the then democratic EEC had countered the dictatorship with every means possible and particularly by freezing the Association Agreement it had with Greece and the Financial Protocol. NATO, on the other hand, had supported the Junta. The second reason was to protect Greece against Turkey that had invaded Cyprus in 1974 and the third was to advance the economic development of the country.

When Greece joined the EEC in 1981, it had a dynamic industry with a yearly rate of development of 7.4%, a dynamic agriculture and self-sufficiency in most products with 24,2% of the population working in this sector. Unemployment was then around 3 to 4%.Afterthe accession, Greece was obliged to limit its steel production since there was an overproduction of it in the EEC and do dismantle its nascent automobile industry. Greece reduced its olive oil production to help reduce the olive oil lakes existing in the EEC and thus restructured its agriculture, reducing the percentage of population actively employed in that sector to 10%. And for many years, by the purchase of military hardware, Greece kept the French and German workers employed in the arms industries of their countries. From 2005 to 2010, Greece was the first importer of arms from Germany, purchasing 15% of its total production and the third largest customer of France. In 2010, Greece spent 1 billion euro on arm purchases from France and Germany. The social budget was reduced by 1.8 billion within the austerity measures program. Of course, EU funds helped the development of Greece and many important infrastructure products were done with EU co-financing. As such we have the Venizelos Airport, the Athens Ringroad, the Egnatia Highway and the Athens Metro. Agriculture was also assisted, often through subsidies paid for reducing agricultural means and productions rather than increasing them, even though it remains unclear how much funding actually reached its objective.

On January 1, 2002 Greece joined the Eurozone -and after only a few years the problems started that resulted in today’s situation.

Let us examine now the EU economic crisis that started as a result of the global financial crisis of 2008. The Greek government was persuades to sign a Loan Agreement in May 2010. The idea was that it could – through austerity measures – reduce the public debt which in 2009 was 129% of the GNP or 299 billion euro in absolute numbers. The promised results forecasted by experts and the predicted recovery as result of these measures, first announced in 2009, did not take place. De facto, we are still waiting for it. After two memoranda and admittedly mistaken policies from the EU, the IMF and the Greek governments, Greece to is on the verge of disaster with an increased debt of 175% of the GNP or 321 billion euro in 2013. Today it is around 180% of the GNP. One of the reasons for the failure of these measures was that the human factor was not taken into consideration and as a result Greece is facing today a social disaster without precedence. Instead of enhanced investment, recovery and growth, the economy has significantly decreased GDP reduction of 12.7% in 2012), factories, industries, shops have closed down almost on a daily basis. Those countries and companies who have invested are ignoring all workers rights of the EU or making their profits outside of Greece due to tax-haven-arrangements through e.g. the Netherlands ike the gold mining company Eldorado. And, in spite of the fact that the “institutions” had acknowledged their mistakes, they continue to insist on the implementation of the same ineffective policies that are destroying a member-state of the EU. Fortunately, the new Greek Government that came out from the elections of January 25, is refusing to implement measures that are ineffective and disastrous for the country.

But it is not only that the measures are erroneous, they also have violated human rights in Greece as well as the Lisbon Treaty. On December 18,the International Federation of Human Rights (FIDH) and the Hellenic League for Human Rights published a report entitled ”Downgrading rights: the cost of austerity in Greece”, in which the legal responsibility and accountability of the Greek governments, the EU, its member-states and the IMF for violating human rights in Greece, are explained. The responsibility of these four actors is shared on the grounds that they jointly designed, negotiated, funded and implemented the two “economic assistance programs” which are the source of the violations.

Greece, as the sovereign state of the territory on which austerity measures were implemented, holds primary responsibility for failing to uphold its obligations to respect, protect and fulfill the human rights of all under its jurisdiction.

EU Member-states that took part in the negotiation, conclusion and financing of the adjustment programs were obliged to help Greece fulfill its obligations concerning the respect of human rights. They should have abstained from any action limiting the ability of Greece to respect its international obligations on human rights.

The European Union, being an Organization that enjoys a legal personality distinct from that of its members, should also be held accountable, since its accountability and responsibility are derived from EU primary law, as reflected in the founding instruments of the Union, as well as from customary rules of international law, on the responsibility of international organizations and universal human rights standards, that the EU has pledged to uphold and respect. By allowing its institutions and bodies, (Commission and the ECB) to be placed at the disposal of a group of States, seeking to incite Greece to adopt policies that will forseeably violate its human rights obligations, the EU has violated its obligations under article 2,3(1), (5) and 6 of the Treaty on the European Union.

The IMF is a specialized agency of the UN and as such should respect article 55 of the UN Charter, which includes universal respect for, and observance of human rights and fundamental freedoms for all.

It should be mentioned here that German activists have filed a lawsuit at the International Criminal Court of the Hague (OTP CR 345/12) against unknown people for damage done to the health of the Greek people.

But what went wrong with the EU, why is it destroying its Member-States and peoples? Personally, I think it has to do with the “expertisms” that has infiltrated the governmental bodies. Lobbyism and “Big Companyism” have gained a power far exceeding what it was in the early days of the European Idea, when the EU was functioning in a satisfactory way with Ministers dealing themselves with the issues pertaining to the Budget, Agriculture as well as other technical issues without the presence of “experts”. They locked themselves in consultations until the wee hours of the morning, often even stopping the clock, and resolved the problems in direct dialogue. And of course, the basic priority was that any solution had to benefit the people, in contrast to what is happening today where new contracts and agreements are planned in which companies, big industrial players and global financial conglomerate get granted almost unlimited power (TTIP). The EU gradually fell under the control of lobbyists and bureaucrats. Negative effects were created by the constant celebratory statements of European Councils that created erroneous impressions by announcing after each Summit that all problems of the EU were even better resolved than before. However, what failed most was the 2000 Lisbon Strategy that had as aim to make the EU the most competitive and dynamic economy of the world by 2010 with better and more work positions and social cohesion. Look at the 27 nations today, those they call PIIGs, and the others whose letter are to be added shortly. There is not a single nation within the EU which is not suffering from increased unemployment, decreased social welfare, increased taxes and costs and decreased effective incomes – compared to the year 2000. In the meantime it has reached a point where nowhere in the EU a family can be maintained with one income, which was the standard in all European nations in the beginning days of the EEC.

The EU could have played an important role in maintaining global balance. Unfortunately it has left this role to the USA, Russia and China. And it seems, the USA is following a policy of confrontation vis-à-vis the other two countries that may endanger humanity. An answer to this may be the BRICs initiative. This is an initiative of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa to pursue a policy of economic development for the benefit of humanity. To that end they have created a Development Bank to invest billions in necessary development projects. China recently initiated the Asian Infrastructure Bank (AIIB), joined by over 20 Asian nations as founding members and has set up a Silk Road Development Fund. China has also proposed within BRICS the creation of a Free Trade Area of Asia and the Pacific (FTAAP).The incorporation of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization to the BRICS initiative could create a formidable power, which if remaining out of the control of the bankers and big companies’ lobbyists, could lead to a point that humanity indeed has a chance to reach global peace and end poverty through common human economic development. So, what is desperately needed is the cooperation of the USA and of the sovereign nations of Europe with the BRICS countries and their initiatives. Some European countries, to the annoyance of the USA, have already signed up. Hopefully this was done with an open mind and without a second agenda. To quote the declaration launched by the Schiller Institute of which I am a signatory: ”Only such an approach would restore the United States and Europe to their original purpose as expressed in the European Renaissance and the American Revolution …”

Because of Greece’s special relationships with China and Russia, Athens can play an important role within the BRICS initiative and also to cool down US aggressiveness towards these two nations.

Greece and Russia have always shared a special relationship. Not only because both countries are of the orthodox faith. There have been many occasions where Greeks and Russians have cooperated, worked together and helped each other. The first prime minister of a free Greece back in 1830, Ioannis Capodistrias, was Foreign Minister of Russia, before he took the helmet of a just freed Greece. General Orlof, sent by Catherine the Great, came to help the Greeks of the Peloponese to rise against the Turkish yolk. It may not have been successful at its time, but it gave the Greeks the courage to start it again in 1821. That the most famous export good of Russia, the caviar, has become exportable is thanks to Varvakis who discovered how to preserve it so shipment could be possible. Greeks have settled at the coastal area of what is Russia today since Jason was travelling with the Argo and as Greeks we can proudly say that we certainly have contributed to the Russian culture. This is some common ground that cannot just simply be discussed away or disappear due to some current differences in political views. These connections have lasted over the time and will continue to last. The visit earlier this month of the Greek Prime Minister to Moscow and the results it achieved are also due to this special relationship.

With China Greece shares the fact that both are ancient developed civilizations. Greece as well as China have travelled in the ancient times and helped to shape the cultures of the globe as they are today. The Chinese show a great respect to civilizations that existed in parallel with them, like the Greek one.  Already this fact makes both of our nations respect each other thus facilitating cooperation on every level.

While criticizing the EU for the damage that it is doing to itself and to its members, the following solutions are proposed for Greece, the EU and for humanity:

– Greece : The new Government of Greece, has started negotiations with the lenders on a new basis meaning that it will no longer adopt measures hurting the people and that it will no longer receive orders from the lenders. If the EU continues to ask for measures that are unacceptable to Greece then a clash might happen that may have destructive consequences for Europe. We propose the following: The denounciation of the Loan Facility Agreement of May 2010,signed between Greece and the Member-States of the Eurozone, on the basis of articles 48-52 of the Vienna Convention concerning the Law of Treaties. These articles anticipate the invalidity of a Treaty if there was an error, fraud, coercion of a representative of a State etc. Greece will at the same time request compensation from the EU for the damage done to the country, which according to conservative estimates is about the amount of the so-called debt. The compensation claim will be based on article 41.3 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU, that is incorporated in the Lisbon Treaty. The cessation of payments with the denounciation of the Loan Agreement and the compensation that will be given in time to the country, will allow Greece to repair the damages done and instigate development. It will also withdraw, within a one year period from the Eurozone, in order to implement beneficial economic policies that it cannot under Eurozone rules. The Unified Popular Front (EPAM) a political party not in parliament yet, supports this policy. And in case of an impasse in the ongoing negotiations with the lenders, there is a possibility that the present government might be forced to follow such an approach.

-The EU : The transformation of the EU into an efficient organization having as sole priority the safeguard of the interests of the people and not of the bankers is imperative. A new constitutional document must replace the violated Lisbon Treaty. The new document must be drafted by movements of citizens of Member-States who will submit their proposals to a European Assembly composed of representatives of these movements.

-Humanity : The deletion of the global debt which is about 600 trillion USD, will allow humanity to restart on a new and healthy basis. There exist many examples in history of debt deletion: From the ancient Greek Sisahtheia to the Jubilee of ancient Hebrew Communities where every 50 years the debts were cancelled. Even during the 70’s the developed countries of the West deleted the debt of the non-aligned movement, thus allowing the economic boom of Yugoslavia. The BRICS movement can promote this while the decision must be taken by the G-20.Humanity as a whole will benefit because it will be able to restart on sound and healthy principles.

In order to implement the previously mentioned proposals, it is necessary to have politicians with imagination, vision and courage, politicians who care about progress of humanity and put a stop to the greed and grabbing of Banks, Financial Institutions and Companies. Such politicians do not exist today. It is the task of us, the voters, the people, the political and unpolitical movements to create them.



Vortrag für das EIR-Seminar, Frankfurt a. M. , 29.4. 2015 von Ambassador ad H. Leonidas Chrysanthopoulos


“Deutschland und die BRICS-Länder können ein neues Kreditsystem für globalen Aufbau und Entwicklung schaffen!”



Drei Gründe veranlaßten Ministerpräsident Konstantinos Karamanlis, 1975 auf den Beitritt zur EWG, wie sie damals hieß, zu drängen. Der erste war, die Demokratie zu konsolidieren in einem Land, das gerade eine katastrophale siebenjährige Militärdiktatur hinter sich gelassen hatte. Man sollte nicht vergessen, daß die damals demokratische EWG sich mit allen Mitteln gegen die Diktatur gestellt hatte, vor allem, indem sie ihr bestehendes Assoziationsabkommen und das Finanz-Protokoll mit Griechenland einfror. Dagegen hatte die NATO die Junta unterstützt. Der zweite Grund war, Griechenland vor der Türkei zu schützen, nachdem diese 1974 in Zypern einmarschiert war; und der dritte war, die wirtschaftliche Entwicklung des Landes voranzutreiben.

Als Griechenland 1981 der EWG beitrat, hatte es eine dynamische Industrie mit einer jährlichen Zuwachsrate von 7,4%, eine dynamische Landwirtschaft und Selbstversorgung bei den meisten Erzeugnissen, 24,2% der Bevölkerung arbeiteten in diesem Sektor. Die Arbeitslosigkeit lag damals um 3-4%. Nach dem Beitritt mußte Griechenland seine Stahlerzeugung beschränken, weil es in dem Bereich in der EWG eine Überproduktion gab, und es mußte seine noch junge Automobilindustrie aufgeben. Griechenland reduzierte seine Olivenölproduktion, um dazu beizutragen, den „Olivenölsee“ in der EWG zu verkleinern, und strukturierte somit seine Landwirtschaft um, wodurch der in diesem Sektor beschäftigte Bevölkerungsanteil auf 10% schrumpfte. Viele Jahre lang sorgte Griechenland auch durch den Kauf von Rüstungsgütern für Beschäftigung der französischen und deutschen Arbeiter in der Rüstungsindustrie ihrer Länder. Von 2005-2010 war Griechenland der größte Waffenimporteur aus Deutschland, indem es 15% der Gesamtproduktion kaufte, und der drittgrößte Kunde Frankreichs. 2010 gab Griechenland 1 Milliarde Euro für Waffenkäufe aus Frankreich und Deutschland aus. Gleichzeitig wurde der Sozialetat im Rahmen des Austeritätsprogramms um 1,8 Mrd.€ gekürzt. Natürlich halfen EU-Gelder bei der Entwicklung Griechenlands, und viele wichtige Infrastrukturprojekte wurden mit Kofinanzierung der EU gebaut. Solche sind der Flughafen Venizelos, der Athener Schnellstraßenring, die Egnatia-Autobahn und die Athener U-Bahn. Die Landwirtschaft erhielt Beihilfen, allerdings wurden die Subventionen oft dafür gezahlt, Material und Produktion abzubauen, statt zu vergrößern, wobei jedoch unklar bleibt, wieviel von diesem Geld tatsächlich sein Ziel erreichte.

Am 1. Januar 2002 trat Griechenland der Eurozone bei – und schon nach wenigen Jahren fingen die Probleme an, die zu der heutigen Situation führten.

Untersuchen wir nun die Wirtschaftskrise der EU, die als Folge der Weltfinanzkrise 2008 begann. Die griechische Regierung wurde dazu bewegt, im Mai 2010 ein Kreditabkommen zu unterschreiben. Die Idee war, daß sie die Staatsschulden, die 2009 bei 129% des BIP oder 299 Mrd.€ in absoluten Zahlen lagen, durch Sparmaßnahmen abbauen könnte. Die versprochenen, von Experten prognostizierten Resultate und die als Folge dieser Maßnahmen vorhergesagte wirtschaftliche Erholung, die 2009 zuerst angekündigt wurde, blieben aus. Faktisch warten wir immer noch darauf. Nach zwei Memoranden und einer eingestandenermaßen falschen Politik der EU, des IWF und der griechischen Regierung steht Griechenland am Rande der Katastrophe, mit einer Schuldenlast, die 2013 auf 175% des BIP oder 321 Mrd.€ gestiegen ist. Heute liegt sie um 180% des BIP.

Einer der Gründe für das Scheitern dieser Maßnahmen war, daß man den Menschen als Faktor nicht berücksichtigt hatte und Griechenland infolgedessen heute vor einer sozialen Katastrophe steht, die beispiellos ist. Statt gestiegener Investitionen, Erholung und Wachstum ist die Wirtschaft beträchtlich geschrumpft (2012 sank das BIP um 12,7%), fast täglich schließen weitere Fabriken, Industriebetriebe und Geschäfte. Diejenigen Länder und Unternehmen, die investiert haben, ignorieren alle Arbeitnehmerrechte der EU oder machen ihre Gewinne dank Steuerparadies-Regelungen außerhalb Griechenlands, z.B. über die Niederlande, wie der Goldminenkonzern Eldorado. Und obwohl die „Institutionen“ ihre Fehler selbst zugegeben hatten, bestehen sie weiter auf der Umsetzung derselben wirkungslosen Politik, die ein Mitgliedsland der EU kaputtmacht. Glücklicherweise weigert sich die neue griechische Regierung, die aus der Wahl am 25. Januar hervorging, Maßnahmen umzusetzen, die wirkungslos und für das Land verheerend sind.

Aber die Maßnahmen sind nicht nur falsch, sie verstoßen auch gegen Menschenrechte in Griechenland und gegen den Lissaboner Vertrag. Am 18. Dezember (2014) veröffentlichten die Internationale Menschenrechtsliga (FIDH) und die Hellenische Menschenrechtsliga einen Bericht mit dem Titel „Rechte herabstufen: der Preis der Austerität in Griechenland“, in dem die rechtliche Verantwortung und Haftbarkeit der griechischen Regierungen, der EU, ihrer Mitgliedsländer und des IWF für Verletzungen der Menschenrechte in Griechenland erläutert wird. Diese vier Akteure tragen gemeinsam die Verantwortung, weil sie die beiden „wirtschaftlichen Hilfsprogramme“, auf die die Verstöße zurückgehen, gemeinsam entworfen, ausgehandelt, finanziert und umgesetzt haben.

Griechenland trägt als der souveräne Staat des Territoriums, auf dem die Austeritätsmaßnahmen umgesetzt wurden, die primäre Verantwortung dafür, seine Verpflichtungen auf Wahrung, Schutz und Förderung der Menschenrechte auf seinem gesamten Staatsgebiet nicht erfüllt zu haben.

Die EU-Mitgliedstaaten, die an der Verhandlung, der Vereinbarung und der Finanzierung der Anpassungsprogramme beteiligt waren, waren verpflichtet, Griechenland bei der Erfüllung seiner Pflichten zur Wahrung der Menschenrechte zu helfen. Sie hätten sich jeder Handlung, die Griechenlands Fähigkeit zur Erfüllung seiner internationalen Menschenrechtsverpflichtungen einschränkte, enthalten müssen.

Die Europäische Union, die als Organisation eine andere juristische Person ist als ihre Mitglieder, sollte ebenfalls zur Verantwortung gezogen werden, da ihre Haftbarkeit und Verantwortung sich vom primären EU-Recht ableitet, wie sich das in den Gründungsinstrumenten der Union widerspiegelt, genauso wie von den üblichen Maßgaben des Völkerrechts über die Verantwortung internationaler Organisationen und von universellen Menschenrechtsmaßstäben, die aufrechtzuerhalten und zu achten sich die EU verpflichtet hat. Indem sie zuließ, daß ihre Institutionen und Körperschaften (Kommission und EZB) sich einer Gruppe von Staaten zur Verfügung stellten, die Griechenland zu Maßnahmen anstiften wollten, die absehbar gegen seine Menschenrechtsverpflichtungen verstießen, verletzte die EU ihre Pflichten laut Artikel 2,3 (1), (5) und (6) des Vertrags der Europäischen Union.

Der IWF ist eine spezialisierte Behörde der UN und sollte als solche Artikel 55 der UN-Charta respektieren, der u.a. universelle Achtung und Wahrung der Menschenrechte und grundlegenden Freiheiten für jedermann vorschreibt.

Man sollte an dieser Stelle erwähnen, daß deutsche Aktivisten wegen des Schadens, der der Gesundheit des griechischen Volkes zugefügt wurde, vor dem Internationalen Strafgerichtshof in Den Haag eine Klage gegen unbekannt angestrengt haben (OTP CR 345/12).

Aber was ist mit der EU falsch gelaufen, warum macht sie ihre Mitgliedstaaten und Völker kaputt? Persönlich denke ich, daß das mit dem „Expertentum“ zu tun hat, das die Regierungsgremien unterwandert hat. Lobbyismus und Konzerneinfluß haben eine Macht errungen, die viel größer ist als in den frühen Tagen der europäischen Idee, als die EU noch zufriedenstellend arbeitete, indem Minister Fragen zu Haushalt, Landwirtschaft und anderen Angelegenheiten ohne die Anwesenheit von „Experten“ selbst lösten. Sie schlossen sich zu Beratungen ein bis in die frühen Morgenstunden, hielten oft sogar die Uhr an, und lösten die Probleme im direkten Dialog. Und natürlich war die Priorität grundsätzlich, daß eine Lösung immer den Menschen nutzen mußte – im Gegensatz zu heute, wo neue Verträge und Vereinbarungen geplant werden, bei denen man Unternehmen, großen Industriekonzernen und globalen Finanzkonglomeraten fast unbegrenzte Macht gewährt (TTIP). Die EU geriet nach und nach unter die Kontrolle von Lobbyisten und Bürokraten.

Negative Effekte entstanden durch die ständigen feierlichen Erklärungen der Europäischen Räte, die einen falschen Eindruck erweckten, indem nach jedem Gipfel verkündet wurde, sämtliche Probleme der EU seien besser gelöst als zuvor. Doch was am meisten scheiterte, was die Strategie „Lissabon 2000“, deren Ziel war, die EU bis 2000 zur wettbewerbsfähigsten und dynamischsten Wirtschaft der Welt zu machen, mit mehr und besseren Arbeitsplätzen und sozialem Zusammenhalt. Schauen Sie sich die 27 Nationen heute an – diejenigen, die sie PIIGs nennen [Portugal, Irland, Italien, Griechenland] und die anderen, deren Anfangsbuchstaben bald dazukommen wird. Es gibt kein einziges Land in der EU, das nicht unter höherer Arbeitslosigkeit, abgebautem Sozialstaat, höheren Steuern und Abgaben und gesunkenen Realeinkommen leidet, verglichen mit dem Jahr 2000. Inzwischen ist ein Punkt erreicht worden, an dem man nirgendwo in der EU eine Familie mit einem einzigen Einkommen versorgen kann, was zur Anfangszeit der EWG in allen europäischen Ländern noch der Standard war.

Die EU hätte eine wichtige Rolle dabei einnehmen können, das globale Gleichgewicht zu erhalten. Leider hat sie diese Rolle den USA, Rußland und China überlassen. Und so wie es aussieht, betreiben die USA gegenüber den anderen beiden Ländern eine Konfrontationspolitik, die die ganze Menschheit gefährden kann. Eine Antwort darauf kann die BRICS-Initiative sein. Das ist eine Initiative von Brasilien, Rußland, Indien, China und Südafrika, eine Politik für wirtschaftliche Entwicklung zum Nutzen der Menschheit zu verfolgen. Dazu haben sie eine Entwicklungsbank gegründet, um Milliarden in notwendige Entwicklungsprojekte zu investieren. China initiierte kürzlich die Asiatische Infrastruktur-Investitionsbank (AIIB), gemeinsam mit mehr als 20 asiatischen Nationen als Gründungsmitgliedern, und es hat einen Seidenstraßen-Entwicklungsfonds eingerichtet. China hat auch im Rahmen der BRICS die Schaffung einer Freihandelszone für Asien und den Pazifik (FTAAP) vorgeschlagen.

Die Einbeziehung der Shanghaier Organisation für Zusammenarbeit in die BRICS-Initiative kann eine eindrucksvolle Macht schaffen, die uns – wenn sie nicht unter die Kontrolle der Banker und Konzernlobbyisten gerät – an einen Punkt führen kann, wo die Menschheit wirklich eine Chance hat, durch gemeinsame wirtschaftliche Entwicklung für die Menschen weltweit Frieden zu schaffen und die Armut zu beseitigen. Daher brauchen wir dringend die Kooperation der USA und der souveränen Nationen Europas mit den BRICS-Ländern und ihren Initiativen. Einige europäische Länder haben sich zum Ärger der USA bereits angeschlossen. Hoffentlich taten sie das mit einem aufgeschlossenen Geist und ohne Hintergedanken. Um die Erklärung des Schiller-Instituts zu zitieren, zu deren Unterzeichnern ich gehöre: „Nur dieser Weg kann die Vereinigten Staaten und Europa zu ihrer ursprünglichen Zielsetzung zurückführen, wie sie in der europäischen Renaissance und der Amerikanischen Revolution zum Ausdruck kam.“

Wegen Griechenlands besonderem Verhältnis zu China und Rußland kann Athen im Rahmen der BRICS-Initiative eine wichtige Rolle spielen, und auch dabei, die Aggressivität der USA gegen diese beiden Nationen abzuschwächen.

Griechenland und Rußland haben schon immer eine Sonderbeziehung. Nicht nur, weil beide Länder orthodoxen Glaubens sind. Es gab viele Gelegenheiten, bei denen Griechen und Russen zusammenarbeiteten und einander halfen. Der erste Ministerpräsident eines freien Griechenland, Ioannis Capodistrias, das war 1830, war Rußlands Außenminister gewesen, bevor er sich an die Spitze eines gerade befreiten Griechenland stellte. General Orloff, von Katharina der Großen entsendet, kam den Griechen des Peloponnes beim Aufstand gegen das türkische Joch zu Hilfe. Das mag zu der Zeit nicht erfolgreich gewesen sein, aber es gab den Griechen den Mut, 1821 wieder damit anzufangen. Daß Rußland berühmteste Exportware, der Kaviar, überhaupt zur Exportware wurde, verdanken wir Varvakis, der entdeckte, wie man ihn haltbar machen konnte, damit die Verschickung möglich wurde. Griechen besiedelten die Küstengebiete des heutigen Rußland, seit Jason mit der Argo reiste, und als Griechen können wir stolz sagen, daß wir mit Sicherheit zur russischen Kultur beigetragen haben.

Das sind Gemeinsamkeiten, die sich nicht einfach wegdiskutieren lassen oder die wegen irgendwelcher aktueller Meinungsverschiedenheiten in den politischen Ansichten verschwinden. Diese Verbindungen haben die Zeit überdauert und werden weiter andauern. Der Besuch des griechischen Ministerpräsidenten in Moskau in diesem Monat und die dabei erzielten Resultate sind auch dieser Sonderbeziehung zu verdanken.

Mit China hat Griechenland die Tatsache gemeinsam, daß beide sehr alte, entwickelte Zivilisationen sind. Sowohl Griechenland als auch China unternahmen in alten Zeiten weite Fahrten und trugen dazu bei, die Kulturen der Erde, wie sie heute existieren, zu prägen. Die Chinesen erweisen Zivilisationen, die parallel zu der ihren existierten, wie der griechischen, große Achtung. Schon diese Tatsache sorgt dafür, daß unsere beiden Nationen einander respektieren, was die Zusammenarbeit auf allen Ebenen erleichtert.

Während die EU wegen des Schadens, den sie sich selbst und ihren Mitgliedern zufügt, kritisiert wird, werden gleichzeitig die folgenden Lösungen für Griechenland, die EU und die Menschheit vorgeschlagen:

* Griechenland: Die neue griechische Regierung hat Verhandlungen mit den Kreditgebern auf einer neuen Grundlage aufgenommen, sie wird nämlich keine Maßnahmen mehr beschließen, unter denen die Menschen leiden. Wenn die EU weiter auf Maßnahmen besteht, die für Griechenland nicht annehmbar sind, dann kann es zu einem Zusammenstoß kommen, der zerstörerische Folgen für Europa haben kann.

Wir schlagen folgendes vor: Das Kreditabkommen zwischen Griechenland und den Mitgliedstaaten der Eurozone vom Mai 2010 wird auf Grundlage der Artikel 48-52 der Wiener Konvention über Vertragsrecht verworfen. Diese Artikel besagen, daß ein Vertrag unwirksam ist, wenn er durch Irrtum, Betrug, Erpressung eines Vertreters eines Staates u.ä. zustande kam. Gleichzeitig wird Griechenland von der EU Ersatz für den dem Land zugefügten Schaden fordern, was konservativen Schätzungen zufolge etwa der Summe der sogenannten „Schulden“ entspricht. Die Schadensersatzforderung wird auf Artikel 41,3 der Grundrechtscharta der EU beruhen, die Teil des Lissaboner Vertrags ist.

Die Zahlungseinstellung im Zusammenhang mit der Annullierung des Kreditabkommens und der Schadensersatz, den das Land im Laufe der Zeit erhalten wird, wird es Griechenland erlauben, die entstandenen Schäden zu reparieren und Wirtschaftsentwicklung anzustoßen. Es wird sich auch innerhalb eines Jahres aus der Eurozone zurückziehen, um eine förderliche Wirtschaftspolitik umzusetzen, die ihm unter den Regeln der Eurozone unmöglich ist.

Die Vereinte Volksfront (EPAM), eine Partei, die noch nicht im Parlament vertreten ist, unterstützt diese Politik. Und falls die Verhandlungen mit den Gläubigern in eine Sackgasse geraten, besteht die Möglichkeit, daß auch die gegenwärtige Regierung zu einer solchen Herangehensweise gezwungen sein könnte.

* Die EU: Die Umwandlung der EU in eine effiziente Organisation, deren einzige Priorität die Wahrung der Interessen der Menschen statt jener der Banken ist, ist zwingend geboten. Der gebrochene Lissaboner Vertrag muß durch ein neues Verfassungsdokument ersetzt werden. Dieses neue Dokument muß von Bürgerbewegungen der Mitgliedstaaten entworfen werden, die ihre Vorschläge einer Europäischen Versammlung aus Vertretern dieser Bewegungen unterbreiten.

* Die Menschheit: Die Streichung der globalen Schulden von etwa 600 Bio.$ wird es ermöglichen, auf einer neuen, gesunden Grundlage neu anzufangen. Es gibt in der Geschichte viele Beispiele von Schuldenstreichung – von der antiken griechischen Seisachtheia bis zum Jubeljahr der antiken hebräischen Gemeinden, wo alle 50 Jahre die Schulden aufgehoben wurden. Selbst noch in den 70er Jahren strichen die entwickelten Länder des Westens die Schulden der Blockfreien-Bewegung und ermöglichten so den Wirtschaftsboom Jugoslawiens. Die BRICS-Bewegung kann das fördern, während die G-20 die Entscheidung treffen muß. Die ganze Menschheit wird davon profitieren, weil es möglich sein wird, auf der Grundlage vernünftiger, gesunder Prinzipien neu anzufangen.

Um die erwähnten Vorschläge umzusetzen, braucht man Politiker mit Fantasie, Vision und Mut – Politiker, deren Anliegen der Fortschritt der Menschheit ist und die dem Geiz und der Gier von Banken, Finanzinstitutionen und Unternehmen ein Ende bereiten. Solche Politiker gibt es heute nicht. Es ist unsere Aufgabe als Wähler, als Volk und als politische und unpolitische Bewegungen, sie zu erschaffen.

Ο Λαφαζάνης επιμένει προκειμένου να οδηγήσει την Ελλάδα σε πόλεμο.

Λογότυπο ΕΠΑΜ


Πρέπει κι ο αγωγός της Ρωσίας να περάσει από την Ελλάδα. Δεν μας φτάνει ο αγωγός από το Αζερμπαϊτζάν Νατοικών συμφερόντων, ο Λαφαζάνης θέλει και τον αγωγό Ρωσικών συμφερόντων. Σούπερ Μάρκετ αγωγών η Ελλάδα. Τζίρος με ξέπλυμα μαύρου χρήματος να γίνεται για τους φίλτατους ολιγάρχες κι ας πάει και το παλιάμπελο, δηλαδή η πατρίδα.

Όμως, τον πόλεμο αλά Ουκρανία που συνεπάγεται αναγκαστικά ο ανταγωνισμός των αγωγών, ποιός θα τον φορτωθεί; Αυτό δεν το διευκρίνησε ο εν λόγω υπουργός. Μιλά την ίδια γλώσσα του ψέμματος και της απάτης όπως και οι προκάτοχοί του. Στην υπηρεσία των ίδιων αδίστακτων συμφερόντων. Λες και το υπερεθνικό δίκτυο αγωγών, που προξένησε τους περισσότερους πολέμους παγκόσμια την τελευταία 20ετία, είναι μια αθώα επένδυση.

Προσωπικά δεν νομίζω ότι του καίγεται καρφί. Τόσο ο Λαφαζάνης, όσο και οι σύντροφοί του, τα έχουν βρει με το Μπομπόλαιϊκο, τους Μελισανίδηδες, τους Βαρδινογιανέους και τον λοιπό συρφετό που θεωρεί την πατρίδα αναλώσιμη για τα δικά του συμφέροντα. Μαζί με τους συντρόφους του έχει κάνει την καβάτζα του στο εξωτερικό (βλέπε λίστα Λαγκάρντ) και θα αφήσει τα δικά μας παιδιά να πληρώσουν για τις δικές τους εθνοπροδοσίες.

Μπροστά σε αριστερούς σαν τον Λαφαζάνη, οι Τσιριμώκοι της αποστασίας ήταν αρσακειάδες. Δικαίως λοιπόν τον αποκαλούν οι σύντροφοι του της βάσης, Λαλιώτη του ΣΥΡΙΖΑ.

Το διπλό νόμισμα θα είναι η χαριστική βολή για τους εργαζόμενους και τη χώρα.

Λογότυπο ΕΠΑΜ


Δεν ξέρω ποιός νοσηρός νους επίνοησε το διπλό νόμισμα ως πρόταση για την Ελλάδα του ευρώ. Αυτό που ξέρω είναι ότι η συγκεκριμένη πρόταση κυκλοφορεί στην πιάτσα από το καλοκαίρι του 2010. Εκπονήθηκε από τους τραπεζικούς κύκλους των ΗΠΑ και προμοτάρεται έκτοτε με πάθος από τους ακαδημαικούς κι αναλυτές πρωτίστως του Σόρος.

Διπλό νόμισμα σημαίνει παράλληλη κυκολοφορία δύο διαφορετικών νομισμάτων σε μια οικονομία. Το ένα είναι “σκληρό” υψηλής συναλλακτικής αξίας, ώστε να χρησιμεύει στον αποθησαυρισμό και τη συσσώρευση κεφαλαίου. Ενώ το άλλο είναι “μαλακό” ευτελούς αξίας που χρησιμεύει στις εσωτερικές συναλλαγές και τις πληρωμές αμοιβών.

Τον τελευταίο καιρό έχει δημιουργεί μια “ανίερη συμμαχία” για το διπλό νόμισμα. Το προτείνουν από το εξωτερικό. Το προτείνουν κυβερνητικά στελέχη, ορισμένοι πάλαι ποτέ θιασώτες της δραχμής και προσφάτως ανανήψαντες ελέω πολιτικών φιλοδοξιών, αλλά και αρκετοί από εκείνους που αναθεματίζουν την έξοδο από το ευρώ και την εισαγωγή δραχμής, δηλαδή εθνικού νομίσματος.

Μάλιστα ορισμένοι από αυτούς το πάνε ακόμη πιο μακριά. Προτείνουν στη θέση του δεύτερου ευτελούς νομίσματος, την εισαγωγή μιας υποσχετικής, ενός IOU, που κοινώς αποκαλείται σκριπ (scrip). Πώς θα γίνει η εισαγωγή του; Πολύ απλά. Όταν η κυβέρνηση και οι δανειστές το αποφασίσουν θα αρχίσουν να πληρώνουν τις υποχρεώσεις σε μισθούς, συντάξεις και δημόσιες δαπάνες σε σκριπ, δηλαδή με υποσχετικές. Μόνο και μόνο για να μείνουν τα ευρώ διαθέσιμα για την πληρωμή του χρέους.

Οι δημόσιοι υπάλληλοι και οι συνταξιούχοι δεν θα έχουν άλλη επιλογή από το να δεχθούν αυτά τα υποσχετικά, τα σκριπ. Το τι θα γίνει κατόπιν, το ξέρουν πολύ καλά όσοι πληρώθηκαν με ειδικά ομόλογα του δημοσίου, αντί για αποζημιώσεις όταν απολύθηκαν από την Ολυμπιακή. Θα πάνε οι κάτοχοι των σκριπ στον μπακάλη επί παραδείγματι και θα διαπιστώσουν ότι είτε δεν το δέχεται, είτε το δέχεται σε υποτιμημένη αξία της ονομαστικής του.

Το ίδιο και οι τράπεζες που θα συνεχίσουν να ζητούν την εξυπηρέτηση των δανείων σε ευρώ. Η μαύρη αγορά ευρώ και υποσχετικής (σκριπ) θα αρχίσει να καλπάζει. Οι υποτιμήσεις της υποσχετικής ως δεύτερου νομίσματος θα είναι τόσο απανωτές έναντι του ευρώ, που σε μικρό χρονικό διάστημα δεν θα αξίζει ούτε καν το χαρτί πάνω στο οποίο έχει τυπωθεί.

Η πληρωμή των αμοιβών της εργασίας σε δεύτερο νόμισμα, πολύ περισσότερο αν είναι σκριπ, καθώς και ο ταχύτατος ευτελισμός του έναντι του ευρώ, θα ρίξουν με τέτοια ταχύτητα τις αξίες ακινήτων και περιουσιών, ώστε πολυκατοικίες ολόκληρες, ή άλλα πολύτιμα ακίνητα θα αγοράζονται εξ ανάγκης έναντι ελάχιστων ευρώ.

Ποιός θα βγει κερδισμένος; Όποιος έχει αποθησαυρίσει ευρώ, καθώς η συναλλακτική του αξία έναντι του δεύτερου νομίσματος θα καλπάζει προς τα πάνω. Χαμένος θα είναι όποιος εξαρτάται από την εργασία του, ή τη σύνταξή του για να επιβιώσει κι έτσι θα είναι υποχρεωμένος να πληρώνεται στο δεύτερο ευτελές νόμισμα, ή την υποσχετική (σκριπ).

Το διπλό νόμισμα έχει δοκιμαστεί από την αρχαιότητα. Δεν υπάρχει παρά μόνο ένας λόγος για την εισαγωγή του. Να ξεφτιλιστεί κυριολεκτικά η αξία της εργασίας, αλλά και οι αξίες των περιουσιών της πλειοψηφίας προς όφελος όσων έχουν συσσωρεύσει, ή αποθησαυρίσει το “σκληρό” νόμισμα. Όποιος λοιπόν το προτείνει σήμερα ως λύση για την Ελλάδα, είτε το κάνει από εγκληματική άγνοια, είτε επιδιώκει το ολοκληρωτικό ξεπούλημα της χώρας στους αφέντες του ευρώ.

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