A REVOLTING PROOF OF THE CURRENT EU HYPOCRISY – “Between Freedom and Hate – The Lines Drawn by the ECHR” International Conference on the Prevention of Genocides

It is very appropriate that Mr Jagland gave this speech on 1 April, because this speech is truly a mighty celebration to hypocrisy, double standards and lies. It is also a revolting proof of the hideous, structural aphasia towards common sense, true righteousness and simple decency that this type of professionally “good people” seem to have.

The following speech must have been written for Mr Jagland by J.K Rowling herself. It is namely a very good fairy tale and unfortunately an excellent example of the very disturbing but still massive moral canyon between words and actions in this EU. It is actually right to even see it as an adult fairy tale due to its clear “political-pornographic” character.

With the very obvious US ad EU supported rise of nazi and fascist movement’s and parties in Europe, through their government’s economic and political neo-liberal strategies, their Goebbelian propaganda industry that still calls itself news-media and through their intelligence service’s dark and covert operations, in which racial, social and political violence are consciously being encouraged, promoted and provoked, this speech can’t be considered as anything else than a bizarre April fools joke. This is demagogy, goodwill-hunting. political pornography and deceiving, diplomatic “pole-dancing” on a very revolting level. It is humiliating to any human being with self respect who is aware of the, nowadays, open anti-democratic, totalitarian aims of this EU, to hear Mr Jagland talk and act as if he was the advocate of Peace and Righteousness in times when nazism has seized power in Ukraine by the EU- and US-promoted coup and when EU itself is taking part in war crimes, genocide and ethnic cleansing on a number of places around the world. EU have together with US turned against not only other parts of the world but also against a whole region (the south) of its own body and particularly against one of its own member states. Its neo-colonial, bankster protecting trends have turned an alleged debt crisis in Greece into a humanitarian crisis, in which clear ‘genocidal’ and ‘crimes against humanity’ policies can be detected. Mr Jagland did not mention the ongoing Greek tragedy or the Ukranian tragedy on 1 April and he is therefore just another “hypnotizer” putting the masses to sleep and by doing that he is insulting every sober citizens intelligence within this European “gulag” they still call a union.

Wouldn’t at least a comment on the still commonly published ‘hate-speeches’ and the ‘hate-articles’ about “Greeks” from the whole European media but mainly the German, English, Eastern European and Scandinavian media have been suitable to mention in such a speech, now when the population of Greece has gone from 11 millions in 2010 to 10 millions in 2014 and the average life-span has decreased with 15 years in the last 4 years?

I, as a Greek, a European citizen and as a free human, advice Mr Jagland to stand up for what these historic times, sheer common sense and the vast majority of the thinking citizens of Europe expects from him or anyone in his position, or to step down and leave his place to a more curageous Secretary General of the Council of Europe. Someone with integrity and self-respect enough to defend the real aims of the Article for Human Rights, one who dares to express the real European issues today and not just cowardly go along with the rise of nazi-policies while mumbling some nonsense mantras about tolerance,  human rights and freedom of speech. All this without a word about the obvious abuse of all democratic rights, trhe constitutions and even European law itself, in todays EU

I have inserted my “comments” to this rediculous diplomatic “pole-dance” as they occurred in my mind when I first read through this qualified nonsense. AV is short for “Athenianvoice”


Kosmas Loumakis




Speech by Secretary General Thorbjørn Jagland


Mr Thorbjørn Jagland is the 13th Secretary General of the Council of Europe. The Secretary General has the overall responsibility for the strategic management of the Organisation. Mr Jagland was elected in September 2009.

The former Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Norway, Thorbjørn Jagland, aged 63, was also the President of the Storting (Norwegian Parliament) and the leader of the Norwegian Labour Party. He is currently the Chairman of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, which awards the Nobel Peace Prize.



Parliamentary Assembly Session April 2011Session de l'Assemblée parlementaire avril 2011

Dear Minister Reynders,
Lady Ashton,
Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon,
Chairman Dlamini-Zuma,
Your Excellencies and Distinguished Guests,

It is a privilege to be able to address you today.

Raphael Lemkin, the lawyer and Holocaust survivor once said: “It takes centuries and sometimes thousands of years to create a national culture, but genocide can destroy a culture instantly, like a fire can destroy a building in an hour.”

AV: Greece is over 6000 years old and EU have since 2010 started to consciously kill off its people and it is forcing them to migrate – 11 millions in 2010 and 10 millions in 2014.

We must therefore make sure the “never again” becomes an unshakable reality and not just an honourable declaration.

AV: Therefore your Norweigan Nobel-commitee decided to give the worst warmongers on the planet, such as Obama and your own employer, EU the Peace-price.

The danger is always there.

AV: Yeah, and the danger is especially present when nazis are rising to power under the support of EU and USA and a Goebellian propaganda machinery which is producing false reports and manufacturing fake NGO-videos in order to create consent and hide facts.

It is especially present in times of economic hardship such as the present.

AV: Who have engineered and launched that economic hardship in the first place?

Hatred is an essential prerequisite for genocide.

AV: So therefore the EU-media made sure to, over and over again, repeat obnoxious lies about us Greeks before introducing its genocidal policies against us. This did in fact spread hatred towards Greeks from certain central- and northern European folk groups and cultures. The same goes for Arabs (since decades) and now it is obviously time to defame the Russians. Anyone who dares to criticize and oppose EU and US policies in other words, or anyone that these two neo-colonial looting powers need to steal the land and the natural resources from.

This is why the Council of Europe is so committed to stamping out hate speech and tackling intolerance whilst at the same time defending free speech.

AV: You should speak to the publisher of, for example, the German magazine FOCUS or to Scheuble, Rehn, Barrosso, Rompay, Juncker and Merkel about this as well as all the rest of the bankster-elites runner boys and girls!

The Council of Europe was set up in the aftermath of World War II and very much in response to the horrors of the Holocaust.

To this day, the European Court of Human Rights continues to play a crucial role in condemning public expressions of anti-Semitism, racism and discrimination against minorities – which are contrary to the European Convention of Human Rights.

AV: Why is islamofobia not treated as anti-semitism, when it actually is exactly that and why do you, a well educated person, choose to insinuate that only Jews are semitic people? Otherwise you would condemn also the anti-semitism expressed against Arabs.

It would be highly appropriate to also add anti-hellenism and anti-mankind activities to this list, because those two in particular are hidden behind the whole neo-liberal agenda and indeed very much practiced and not only over the last few years. relevant article: Hellenism is in danger, humanity is in danger

Distinguished guests,

One of the most important questions faced by the Court is to assess the line between freedom of expression and hate speech or to determine the limits of freedom of expression.

AV: Oh. so that is why islamofobia and anti-semitism is treated so completely and entirely different from eachother by the entire European and western media? 

It is one of the key challenges of our time.

It is a difficult question.

AV: Not to decent and righteous people! Expressed words that are ment to harm are easy to detect for most, but  if the ECHR have difficulties to tell the difference there are fields of science and available expertice that Mr Jagland have chosen to ignore here. The question faced by the Court is not legal but behavioral in its core so the Court should consult the top behavioural and communication experts to draw these lines (ex. prof Marshall Rosenberg)

Take the case of Bingöl v. Turkey. The applicant, a politician, was convicted for a speech dealing with the history of the Kurdish people which contained vigorous criticism of the policies of the Turkish state.

He was convicted for having incited hatred.

But the Strasbourg Court found there had been no incitement to hatred because even if the speech had a hostile connotation, it did not incite violence or hatred. Moreover, it the speech was given in the context of a debate on a question of legitimate public interest.

AV: Does Julian Assange and Edward Snowden have freedom of speech and are the western media NOT silencing down the truth and completely ignoring critical voices against neo-liberalism and the neo-colonial anti-democratic aims of US and EU?

Attacks on persons through defamation, libel or incitement to discrimination may also justify state interventions to protect against hate speech.

AV: Isn’t the humiliating and isulting lies in western media about Greeks defamation or discriminating? Isn’t generalizing a whole people in order to purposly expose a whole people to hatred and hate violence defamation and efforts to spread hatred (Greeks in Germany, Holland and Denmark have been attacked and in a few cases got their businesses burnt)?

Another challenge for several member States is to draw the line between blasphemy and legitimate criticism of religion.

So where – and how – does the European Court of Human Rights draw the line?

AV: Obviously by waiting for orders and policy advices from the Bilderberg group and from other non-elected but powerful clubs of ruthless ‘puppeteers’. 

Before accepting a certain restriction, the Court will consider a variety of factors.

The most important issue is whether a statement incites racial or ethnic hatred and second, whether it incites violence.

Additional factors are also considered.

Many are linked to the circumstances in which the speech was made and its content. For example, if the speech was made with bad intent or delivered at a particularly sensitive moment.

AV: What if it is obvious that Mrs Merkels, Mr Scheubles, Mr Rhens and Mr Junckers insulting speeches was not only about a simple ‘bad intent’ but in fact it was a well planned public defaming, consent-shaping propaganda in order to prepare the opening for a proper economic, social, political, cultural and humanitarian attack on the Greek society and nation?

The Council of Europe is currently developing a new curriculum to guide judges and prosecutors when dealing with cases related to hate speech.

Dear Friends,

As the Court emphasized back in 1976, freedom of expression constitutes the right to “offend, shock or disturb.”

The Court made it clear that without this right it would be impossible to have a democratic society.

That being so, freedom of expression cannot be unlimited.

There are times when some forms of expression have to be prevented.

One such example is Holocaust denial.

AV: Why is not the continuous and ongoing war crimes and crimes against humanity that are committed against the Palestinian people and against Arabs in general such examples?

The Court has made clear that the negation of the Holocaust is one of the most serious forms of racial defamation and an incitement to hatred.

AV: And what is the negation of the ongoing Palestinian genocide or the Holocaust on Africans, Arabs, Native Americans and Asians?

There are many other examples.

Take the recent German case of Hizb Ut-Tahrir and Others from 2012.

This case concerned the prohibition of the activities of an Islamic association calling for the violent destruction of the state of Israel and for the killing of its inhabitants through suicide attacks against civilians.

AV: But for Knesset to keep on not just threatening but actually killing off Palestinians like stray dogs (as the settlers call them) and for the western media to look the other way at the same time is obviously completely fine.

The Court found that the applicant exercised his rights for purposes which were clearly contrary to the values of the Convention.

Or think back to a similar case of the Belgian parliamentarian and chairman of a nationalistic political party who distributed election leaflets bearing slogans such as “Stand up against the Islamification of Belgium” and “Send non-European job-seekers home.”

The applicant was convicted of incitement to racial discrimination and sentenced to community service and disqualified from holding parliamentary office for ten years.

AV: Why not for life? Will he change his character and basic mental state in ten years?

The Court found that these sanctions were justified.

Because the leaflets could have provoked feelings of distrust and even hatred towards foreigners.

When dealing with hate speech one of the most dangerous mistakes one can make is to think that they are just words.

AV: So what about among many others in mainly central and north Europe, the German magazine FOCUS and its general accusation-crusade against not only Greeks in Greece but against Greeks anywhere? It became OK for the German and the EU officials to talk about “Greeks” in general when explaining the crisis.

Let us never forget that genocide does not happen at the blink of an eye.

The minds of people have to be perverted to such a degree that it becomes the norm to deny the very right to existence to entire groups of the population.

AV: So what about the European insulting, propaganda and lies against Greeks that the German and the EU leaders launched through the European media?

We saw this in Nazi Germany.

We saw this in Srebrenica.

AV: But you choose to NOT see what goes on now in Athens and the rest of Greece or in Ukraine where EU has taken an active supportive role for the illegal nazi government and its massacring hordes. 

And, of course, we saw this in Rwanda twenty years ago.

AV: Was the Belgian prime minister or any official from the Belgian embassy ever held to account for that hideous Belgian-promoted genocide?

These tragedies demonstrated that hate speech and incitement to violence against a specific group of people is instrumental to creating an environment in which genocide can take place.

AV: Was it not Belgian interests and the EU-supported neo-colonial ‘programs’ that worked very hard to pour “gazoline” on the fire and who had a major role in this and who consciously took part in provoking and establishing that hatred?

In Rwanda, the killers often carried a weapon in one hand and a transistor radio tuned to a Hutu extremist radio station, in the other.

AV: And the millions of machetes used to slay almost one million humans in less than 11 weeks where imported by Europeans and the silence about this was complete in western main stream media.

The radio station broadcast the names, addresses and license plate numbers of Tutsi and moderate Hutu who were marked for extermination.

AV: And the entire western community and very much so the EU looked the other way and on the 10-year memorial day not a single western leader éxcept the Belgian prime minister where present in order to show respect to more than one million victims in three months… As a revolting additional assurance of the arrogance of the western leaders towards this genocide no one in the west held any silent minute for these people (compare with the global silent two minutes imposed by all western leaders on their people for 3 000 dead in N.Y on 9/11, 2001).

Hate speech, even without a clear call to violence, is extremely dangerous.

AV: So why are US and EU continuing to direct flaming, diplomatic hate speeches towards whole nations and whole people and why are they supporting nazist and fascist organizations and parties that use hate speeches as vulgar political tools?

It involves discrimination and even dehumanization, often of vulnerable groups in society.

That is why we must never shy away from our responsibility to combat hate speech.

AV: Sure, but in the name of righteousness, justice and common decency,.. deal with hate speeches against Greeks, Arabs, Africans and Asians NOW and in the same way you treat hate speeches against Jews and we will ALL feel very much safer and you will be at least a little bit more trustworthy. 

Distinguished guests,

This sad anniversary of the genocide in Rwanda reminds us that to make “never again” a reality we need effective international instruments and mechanisms.

AV: A good way to make “never again ” a reality would be to make the effort to hold to account ALL the true instigators and perpetrators of hatred equally from whatever religious or ideological sewer they happen to pop up from, western or eastern, christian or jewish or muslim. But unfortunatelly the true western violence instigators and atrocity provokers have never been held to account ever again since the Nürnberg-trials. The western establishment with your institution as their temple of trustworthyness, have always reacted as if these international instruments and mechanisms are there just to protect Jews and white Americans and Europeans but never ever Arabs, Africans, Native Americans or Asians unless they first sign horrendous slave contracts and criminal deals with western banks and businesses.

But above all we need political will and the courage to act.

AV: And you mean that you have that??

Let me finish with the words of Pierre Henri Teitgen, one of the founding fathers of the European Convention on Human Rights.

Speaking in 1949, a few years after the horrors of the Second World War, Teitgen said the following:

“Evil operates cunningly. One by one, freedoms are suppressed, in one sphere after another. Public opinion and the entire national conscience is asphyxiated … It is necessary to intervene before it is too late. A conscience must exist somewhere which will sound the alarm….”

AV: The entire awake and aware European population is saying these words today, so why do you fail to hear it today and why don’t you intervene in Ukraine and against the nazification of Europe?

The Council of Europe will always be that conscience.

AV: Sorry to be the one to tell you, but when nazism is rising to power in Europe and when a silent genocide is being committed by the EU against the Greeks, that conscience has long ago mutated into a disgraceful and barbaric support and assistance to the cruelest mass murderers of them all.

Thank you.

AV: zzzZZZzzz


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