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COMMON STATEMENT OF EPAM , IPU and UPR ON THE EUROPEAN ELECTIONS (ελληνικά / français / español / italiano)


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The Independence Party ( IPU) (Finland), the Republican People’s Union (UPR) (France),  and the United People’s Front ( EPAM) (Greece) have announced their participation in the European elections to be held in May 2014. On this occasion they reaffirm their mutual support and their common positions:

-Exit from, the Eurozone & the European Union
-National Independency, Popular Sovereignty, Democracy & Social Progress

European Elections present a unique opportunity for our views and our proposals to be heard by a wider public. We should therefore take advantage of this opportunity to enhance our struggle for the restoration of democracy in our countries, which involves inevitably the exit from the EU and the eurozone.

The Peoples of Europe have to get emancipated as soon as possible from the European Union, which is an anti-democratic organisation at the service of the financial and economic oligarchy. The so-called ‘European construction’ is against the interests of the peoples of Europe in every sector.

This year’s vote is the most crucial one since the very foundation of the European Union. Major projects are to be implemented against the interests of Europe’s Peoples, namely the federation of Europe, the banking union, the fiscal pact, the Transatlantic Treaty, large scale privatizations, new austerity policies, event the confiscation of private property as well as confiscation of savings (remember Cyprus) . We must act NOW.

The presence of our three movements in the European Parliament is necessary because the existence of movements, regardless of their political ideology, which truly oppose the European Union, will no longer be ignored unlike other movements which only superficially oppose the EU, damaging the sense of sovereignty and independency with their extremist positions.

Criticism of the EU and the euro has to stop being a taboo, so that alternatives to the EU policies can be heard.

Pro-EU movements participate in national elections, destroying the sovereignty and the independence of their countries from inside. We participate in the European elections with the aim of bringing down the entire ‘’European construction’’ from inside and being the voice of all those who want to leave the EU and the eurozone.

The power of the European Parliament is very limited but it provides a useful platform and an international voice as the example of other. We shall use this platform to make our movements better known and to build further international support for our struggle against the EU and for the restoration of democracy across Europe.

This common statement proves our cooperation as well as our commitment as undertaken during the Athens Meeting in 30 November-01 December 2013.

Signed by:
◾IPU – Finland
◾UPR – France
◾EPAM – Greece

Express support:
◾Per il Bene Comune – Italy
◾Asociacion Democracia Real Ya – Spain
◾Alza il pugno , Eurotruffa – Italy
◾National Platform – Ireland

EPAM – International relations

29 April 2014

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