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Odessa Massacre – Evidence The Mainstream Media Won’t Show You [WARNING: Disturbing Footage]

While the mainstream media is attempting to avoid assigning blame regarding who set the deadly fire in Odessa that killed over 40 people video footage and images from the event make it very clear who was responsible.

Odessa Massacre - Evidence The Mainstream Media Won't Show You [WARNING: Disturb

On Friday, May 2nd over 40 anti-Kiev protesters were burned alive in the Trade Unions building in Odessa Ukraine. The mainstream media has reported on the event as if how the fire started was a mystery, using cop out phrases like “the sequence of events is unclear”. Some have gone so far as to insinuate that Russia is responsible for the violence. Now while the sequence of events leading up to the fire may be unclear (and we’ll get into that below), the insinuation that the ant-Kiev protesters barricaded themselves in and burned themselves alive is ludicrous. It also flies in the face of all the video and photographic evidence we have available.

Warning: Some of the footage and images that we are going to be showing here are very, very disturbing. We are not showing this for shock value. In fact we will refrain from showing the most horrific images on this page. We will only show what we consider to be the bare minimum to accurately report on the events.

Below is raw footage from Odessa taken from multiple angles. In the beginning you see a crowd approaching. First they destroy the camp of the anti-Kiev protesters, setting the tents on fire. Then they begin to throw Molotov cocktails at the building.

And while the mainstream media is pretending that it’s unclear who was throwing the Molotov cocktails, it’s actually not unclear at all. The video below shows Maidan girls preparing the Molotov cocktails that were then used to assault the building:

Then the “Maidan” crowd blocked fire trucks to prevent them from helping:

Odessa - Maidan fascists block fire trucks

Odessa - Maidan fascists block fire trucks

The transcript for the following video is below

0.43-47 “Let us burn those motherfuckers right in the building, fucking faggots”
1.08 – Everything around is already burning. Injured people are lying on the ground.
1.18-1.20 Maidan activist Mykola is running and shooting at people, who are trying to escape from the window.
2.34-2.36 Older man is telling “Go from the other side around, through the bathroom!” «Ребята, с той стороны, через туалет!»
2.44 – He was told to continue his commands and then answered “ Do not film me” , «Меня не снимай»
3.20 – Fire inside. Operator is telling the building will start to burn now. Second floor is burning.
3.50 – Operator notices that someone is trying to extinguish the fire from the inside.
4.08 – Man is advising to throw more Molotovs. “Throw them, throw them!” , “Кидай кидай,блять!”
4.32 – You may see grenade explosion at the front of the entrance.
5.40-5.50 – attackers throw more fire to the window and then are shouting “GOAL!!!”
6.25 – 7.13 – The same man, Mykola, who is wearing yellow-blue bandage on his left arm, is shooting at people who are trying to catch air and are seen from the window.
8.07 – Operator is wondering what is going on inside. He says that the crowd has started to move inside the house.
8.10 – Maidan activists are telling each other to go to the backyard, because people are trying to escape from there
8.26 – Crowd is shouting “They are escaping! Run to the backyard!” «Они выходят сзади!»
8.42 –This is the front of the building. More cocktails are thrown.
9.41-9.47 – Nationalists are screaming “Fuck them right there, throw to the windows!” , «Хуярьте туда, кидайте в окна!»
10.40 Lady is filming the fire. In front of the building,tents, boxes, almost all found items are set on fire. The smoke from the fireplace is quickly absorbed to the building. If the firefighters would have been there, may be less people would have asphyxated inside.
13.00 – Operator is moving to the backyard.
14.15- People, who are still alive are shouting “Police, you have been bought as scums and all of you will go to prison afterwards!” антифашисты еще живые кричат в мегафон- “”менты продажные твари- всех вас потом посадят в тюрьму- ”
14.17 – A bus, where police officers are situated.
14.41 – Man from the window is shouting “Citizens of Odessa city, rise up!”
15.40- менты стоят все это время ЗА Домом Профсоюэов и они спокойно общаются пока здание уже горит с центрального входа и на 1 этаже.
15.49 – Operator shows where police officers are situated. They are simply chatting, while the building is burning from the front and on the first floor.
16.40- People start to jump from the window. 2, 3,4 dead bodies.
21.00 still alive girls are shouting from the second and third floor.
23.00- Burning man has fallen from the window. Crowd is happy. Operator is asking them to help, but the answer is “They have cut off heads of activists in Kiev”.
23.20- Anti-nationalist man is lying on the roof. Maidan nazzis are shouting to him “Jump! Glory to the Ukraine!”, «Прыгай! Слава Украине!»

Believe it or not the Neo Nazi movement in Ukraine has not been shy about expressing their approval of the killings.

The following is a screenshot I took of post by Ukrainian Nationalist Iryna Farion (Ірина Фаріон) on facebook (right click and choose “View Image” to view at full size

Translation: Bravo, Odessa. Pearl of the Ukrainian spirit. Birthplace of the great nationalists Ivan and Yuri Jul. Let the Devils burn in hell. The best of the rebels is the football fans. Bravo.

This facebook post was still accessible at the time of this writing at this link.

Iryna Farion isn’t the only one celebrating this tragedy. While researching for this article I found many threads like the one below.

Neo Nazis in Ukraine celebrate Odessa fire

Bravo? Let’s take a look at what these people were cheering for. Warning VERY Disturbing footage. Do not click if you have children in the room or are easily traumatized:

This video was uploaded by EuromaidanPR, one of the official accounts managed by the Euromaidan movement. It was uploaded with the title: “Russian Terrorists Burnt Alive In Trade Union Building Fire In Odessa Ukraine, May 2 2014”. Believe it or not the actual scene was even more horrific. Click here if you want to see (I don’t feel comfortable showing some of these images on this actual page).

Do you find it shocking that these so called Maidan activists would be jubilant about seeing their opponents burned alive? Perhaps you would be less shocked if the mainstream media hadn’t worked so hard to cover up the fact who these Maidan fascists really are.

Not surprisingly U.S. and E.U. officials like the Swedish right-wing politician and foreign minister Carl Bild have spun this murder as a crime committed by those who were burned alive.

EU officials pretend Russia responsible for violence in Odessa

I say not surprisingly, because this past week while Kiev was using tanks and helicopters to attack protesters in the east Washington officials referred to the violence as “proportionate and reasonable”.


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