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The recent events in Thraki (Thrace) involving a local candidate for the European parliament on the SYRIZA ticket demonstrate, regretfully, that the political party in question has adopted the decades-long practices of ND and PASOK. It deals with Thraki as if it were a space devoid of national identity and sovereignty, an arena for dangerous geostrategic games played at Greece’s expense and to the detriment of peace in the Balkans—all based on manufactured national minorities.

In the name of repudiating local nationalism, the SYRIZA leadership engages in appeasing Turkey’s neo-Ottoman expansionism and “Grey Wolf” chauvinism in their most fascist-like expressions. It substitutes the defence of the homeland with a faux internationalism which in reality constitutes a subordination to the yoke of the international markets and their personnel aiming to dissolve peoples, nations, countries, and sovereign states in the interests of a small global oligarchy.

The United People’s Front considers this development especially critical and extremely dangerous under the present conditions. It is not a matter to be dealt with in simple political commentary or in a mood of petty politicking. It demands clear answers from positions of principle.

After the “gray zones” in the Aegean and the attempt to terminate the Cypriot Republic, first through various “Annan”-type plans and now through the invention of the “inter-communal” talks, now it is Thraki—already for years an expedient battle-ground for the total liquidation of the Balkans and their transformation into “free” zones of economic exploitation.

The issue is not simply of vital importance from the perspective of the Greek people’s national insterests, but also the ultimate test of democracy. The principle of ethnic or minority status, in the post-WWII customary sense, is not compatible with democracy—with real democracy, that is. It is an invention of the gunboat diplomacy the Great Powers have been practicing since the 19th century.

In this way they could appear as the “protectors” of national minorities or ethnicities in the territory of opponent states so they could undermine their territorial sovereignty. Since this principle was divised Europe was engulfed in the flames of war in the name of “protecting” national minorities. We should never forget that this principle was the pretext for the launching of two world wars.

The separation of a country’s people into majorities and minorities has also been the best way for a state to divide its citizens into first-rate and second-rate. Democracy does not distinguish between citizens on the basis of religion or origin. On the contrary, democracy is one, integral, and indivisible throught the national domain, its citizens enojoying equality wherever they reside. This means that a democratic state recognizes the same rights for all citizens and has a duty to provide the same services and apply the same policies to all without any distintion whatsoever.

The fragmentation, therefore, of a national population into minorities and majorities fractures the social and political cohesion of the people with the purpose of transforming them into a conglomeration of “demographic entities” under the control of impersonal powers inside and outside its borders. It turns the status of citizen into a simple pretext and allows governments free use of policies of divide and conquer.

For almost a century Greek governments have applied a myopic policy of exclusion and marginalization for entire segments of this area’s population on the basis of language, origin, and religion, thus maintaining a supposed minoritarian “ethnic” problem even in contravention of the Treaty of Lausanne itself. They thus paved the way for foreign powers to be able today to invest in the supposed Turkish minority so they can achieve their goals at the expense of our national interests.

By imposing a “Turkish minority” status quo quite arbitrarily —even against the will of the great majority of the “minority” element in the area—Greek governments have basically accepted de facto the challenge to Greece’s sovereignty in Thraki. They have surrendered Greek citizens to the influence of a foreign power, Turkey, and various suspect networks funded and directed from abroad.

Today, crushed under a new occupation, Greece faces the most extreme threat: The de facto annulment of the Lausanne Treaty of 1923 which established the territorial boundaries of the Greek nation-state. It is in this direction, that is, of changing our country’s—and, generally, the Balkans’—borders that the US and the European Union have been moving with the enthusiastic support of our domestic collaborationist class. The latter is cultivating in quite direct terms the revision of the Lausanne Treaty though think-tanks such as ELIAMEP.

In view of the plans to establish a Special Economic Zone in Thraki and to transit through the region the TAP pipeline, whose defense in Greek territory will be handled exclusively by NATO, and faced with the stirring up of supposed minority problems and the gradual weakening of the deterrent power of the Greek Armed Forces, Greek eastern Macedonia and Thaki find themselves in the eye of the storm and are quickly moving towards “kosovization.”

In this critical moment, the SYRIZA leadership echoes the levantine mindset of the 19th- and 20th-centuries in the face of European colonialism. It could not be of better service to foreign interests, given the record of the collaborationist regime of the ND and PASOK parties in Athens.

The People’s Unified Front takes a clear stance. Thraki is an indivisible part of the Greek national territory and its citizens an integral part of the Greek people. There are no national minorities. The population is comprised of Greek citizens only regardless of religion and origin.

Whoever puts the interest of their party above Thraki and the future of our country and its people deserves outmost contempt. They need to realize once and for all that this is a national emergency like no other and that no action that facilitates disaster for our country in Thraki and elsewhere can be tolerated.

In these dark times for our country EPAM calls on the Greek people to remain alert in the safeguard of their unity. It warns all collaborationists and power-mongers to the Right or the Left that we will stand against them. There is and will be no forgiveness for those who contribute, even unwittingly through ideological blindness or political calculation, to Greece’s national dismemberment.


April 27, 2014

The EPAM Political Secretariat

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