NGO documents plan Ukraine war – NGO’s forging documents for war


NGOs caught forging documents for war, insider warns all NGOs infiltrated; ‘Independent military observers’ for EU-based group OSCE again turned away in Crimea, OSCE branded one more ‘vulgar instrument’ for foreign interests; and CNN buys the latest State Department hoax.


The NGO’s that right now are orchestrating these civil war conditions all over the globe and who are overthrowing dissident governments, and are taking over and are redirecting real popular demonstrations and protest movements into extremist terror and civil wars, are sub-organisations to the US State Departement, the UK Foreign Office, the German Bundesminister des Auswärtigen and the Israeli Misrad HaHutz with several direct links to mercenary armies and Nazi and Jihadist groups.

Their “footsoldiers”, these “travelers in atrocities” are the most cruel and bloodthirsty mercenaries and who very often are proved to be extreme right-wing members, Fascists, Nazis or Jihadists from different countries,.. real slaughters, who are the same individuals who ‘took over’ the peaceful, popular protests in Libya, Syria, Egypt and now Ukraine. They have been used as a bizarre “touring killing circus” in order to overthrow dissident, disobedient governments in Latin-America, Asia, Middle-East and Africa and since 2010 they are trying this in Europe with the run-up to the orchestrated Yugoslavian civil war as a blue print. These groups are teasing the people to act as a mob instead of a conscious, determined and united people and that is what these snakes who have crawled out from the sewers and gutters of human thinking, are making sure to create. They are the real ‘pied pipers’ of our times.


Fake ‘rioters’ who are mingling and blending in among real and justified protesters is a freuently used part of a well known tactic used by pseudo-democratic governments as primarily the US, the EU and the Israeli governments. They use Nazis, Jihadists or Organized Crime groups to overtake and re-direct any peaceful and justified protest against tyrants and oligarch’s posing as democratic leaders. Their aim is the installation of a preferred puppet government. If the local leaders and the governement obey and comply with the unholy ‘trinity of neo-colonial imperialism’, US, EU and Israel, then the ‘rioters’ are freedom fighters and brave rebells who “want to free their land from the cruel tyrant”. If they oppose the unholy ‘trinity’, then they are terrorists and troublemakers and then children, women, elders and sick are also suspected to be ‘contaminated’ with the desease of disobediance and resistance.

Since 2010 in Athens during the big riots, I myself have been present on a number of ‘citizens arrests’ situations on Syntagma Square during the riots and after obvious coordination of provocative violent actions from camouflaged individuals in obvious coordinative connection with others like them in the square. At least eight ‘foreigners’ (did not speak a word Greek only slavic or english with slavic accent) with different nationalist or Nazi-tattoos, who led young, drugged, Greek rioters in the orchestrated Molotov “battles” with the police, was exposed between June 2010 and October 2012. Another fifteen or so during the same period, was proven to be Greek Security Police when their ID’s and their service weapons was taken from them. There was nothing at all in the media about this… The fact that 2 300 foreign police troops had been implanted in Athens with Greek riot police uniforms in order to prevent a feared muteny from the Greek police units, was mentioned as simply a ‘rumour’ in media. This of course regardless to the fact that most of us on Syntagma heard them speak with eachother in Polish, Slovenian, Chech, Russian, German, Dutch, Finnish and English. They were holding their shields upside down in order to recognize eachother and the orders over the police radio was given in English. Among Greek police men! No it was not so the tourists should be able to follow. Out of 14 000 police who protected the Government from its people, 2 300 was sent in by EU. Several reports from villages and towns in north Greece was saying that people saw military truck caravans in the early morning hours that was escorted by black limousines without number plates and that they was escorted by Greek police cars and motorcycles. Right now there are private mercenaries, unidentifiable (no emblems, no patches) protecting the Canadian gold digging company Eldorado Gold from local protesters in the mines in Ieriso in Halkidiki in Greece.

My sincere advice to the simple people anywhere who righteously are protesting against an anti-democratic government is to seriously guard and secure the area of the manifestation and the rally and use the law of ‘citizen’s arrest’ in order to stop the organized, foreign or domestic provocateurs. Arrest them and take their picture and photo their tattoos and spread their image among the protesters. If they have ID’s on them, photo them too and check out their identities. “Burn” their anonymity and expose them so to say. Even if they appear in hoods and helmets they must take those on at some point before entering the squares and the streets where the protests are taking place. To hand them over to the police is actually useless since the riot police in these situations have orders in accordance with the National Intelligence Services on demand from foreign embassies. When images of them have circulated for a day or two, the risk to be recognized where they don’t expect to be recognized, increase very much. Even if the media didn’t make any remarks at all on this phenomenon when they eagerly were trying to provoke a civil war in Greece, we managed to spread the word that foreign provocateur’s were amongst us and that alone made it very difficult for them, and in some occasions very dangerous for them.

These bloodthirsty war provocateurs haven’t learned their history lessons yet of course, because they are already victims to a profoundly twisted propagandistic view on history and on historic facts!.. If they had checked historic records, they would know that such groups and such individuals, after people find out about their orchestrated activities, and after they have provoked mass slaughters, pogroms and civil wars, they are very often lynched and hanged upside down in public with humiliating signs around their bodies… This is what history shows from France, Italy, Poland, Greece and many other places after WWII and more recently from Balkan, Asia, North Africa and the Middle-east.

The immediate perpetrators ‘on the ground’ and their ‘field command’ who have instigated and provoked mass slaughter and suffering will most likely pay with their lives sooner or later, but those who are legally and morally accountable for these activities is beyond any doubt the Governments behind the Intelligence services with their war mongering NGO’s. Morally accountable is also beyond the slightest doubt the hideous western propagandistic, mass media that are misleading their citizens by hiding facts with sheer lies, that are highlighting and promoting extremism, that are consciously dividing people and exhort them against eachother, that are instigating revolts, civil unrest and are justifying war crimes and crimes against humanity and that without any sense of righteousness or decency appoint who the victims are and who the perpetrators are.

In this world there are truly no bigger idiots than the ‘smart people’!

Kosmas Loumakis


Seek truth from facts with Illinois University Professor of International Law and former Amnesty board member Francis Boyle; Infowars Editor Paul Joseph Watson; Eric Draitser of Boiling Frogs Post; Ron Paul Institute Executive Director Daniel McAdams; Ukraine protest organizers; Sliman Bouchuiguir, whose NGO fabricated the claims against Libya; and Asst. Secretary of State Vic Nuland.


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