EPAM – International Conference on Debt, National Currency and Democracy

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In Athens 30/11 – 1/12 – 2013  

EPAM, (The United Peoples Front), the Greek, democratic, resistance movement, is arranging this International Conference In Athens  30/11 – 1/12 – 2013 on DEBT, NATIONAL CURRENCY and DEMOCRACY.

This International Conference In Athens will focus on issues as EU and the “Eurofraud” (the Euro crisis), austerity measures, the anti-democratic policies, the financial and the corporate world and the best ways to ‘deal with’ these power structures. Eminent people from allover the world, who successfully have won battles against banksters and servant policies from their governments, will participate. EPAM and its supporting organizations from outside Greece know very well how to ‘deal with’ fraudulent politics, governments, corporations and banks.

“Europe can only exist if it is a Europe of people and not a Europe of money” 

Marco Balestra

The United Peoples Front (E.PA.M) organizes the International Meeting in Athens on “Debt, National currency and Democracy” on 30 November and 01 December 2013, in “CineKerameikos’ (Kerameikos 58 Marathon & 13 Metro: Kerameikos) with participation of economists, historians, activists, journalists and political figures and movements from around the world.

For the first time in Greece a meeting is organized on such issues and aims – apart from the exchange of views and experience – knowledge of the Greek public opinion and how debt, which in combination with the inability of cutting a national currency, under EU leads to abolition of democracy, loss of national independence and ultimately to misery.

Greece is currently experiencing the devastating effects of the combination of these elements. The speakers through their presentations and placements will highlight aspects of the same problem from their countries and they will discuss, suggest and offer solutions.

Initiative: EPAM 53280

Dimitris Kazakis: Economist, analyst, general secretary and founder of EPAM, which was formed from the massive protest movements in Greece from 2010 and onwards. He has been ploughing the country the last two years informing and organizing the Greeks for a democratic struggle for self-organization, national currency,  the cancellation of the debt and a new constitution… He speak about a democratic revolution through a long lasting national political strike for the overthrow of the whole current political system in Greece.

Participants: economists, historians, activists, journalists and political figures and movements from around the world

Hοrdur Torfason

Hördur Torfason: Activist , artist, instigator and leader of the “peaceful Icelandic revolution ” of 2008 . When the Icelandic economy collapsed in October 2008 , Torfason stood for months in front of the Parliament building and asked two simple questions : “What happened in our country” and “what are you going to do” . Slowly he formed a popular movement , which forced the resignation and trial of the Government of Iceland and the heads of the SEC and the national bank ‘s unilateral cancellation of Icelandic debt and they wnt through with the creation of a new Constitution.

Francois Asselineau

François Asselineau: French political leader of the movement Union Populaire Républicaine (= Democratic People’s Union), which proposed a unilateral withdrawal of France from the EU, Eurozone and NATO.

Asselineau has been Inspector General of the Ministry of Finance of France from 2004 until 2006. Since then he plows France, with lectures and speeches to inform the public about the risk posed to France and Europe, the single currency and the “political apartheid» from Brussels.

Antonino Galloni

Antonino Galloni: economist, member of the board of the National Institute of Social Welfare and author of several books. Galloni also taught industrial economics at the Catholic University of Milan, Political Economy at the University of Modena and at the Free International University of Social Studies (LUISS) in Rome.

Pedro Montes

Pedro Montes: economist, member of the movement Socialismo 21. Montes was among the first critics of the euro and the book “The unfinished story of the euro” 11 years ago predicted the current problems in Europe. For 36 years he worked at the Research Centre of the Bank of Spain. Today he participate in assemblies of many cities of Spain by analyzing the need to return  Spain in to a national currency.

Antti Pesonen

Antti Pesonen: activist, led a delegation of Finnish Independence Party, which advocates withdrawal of Finland from the Eurozone and NATO.

Monia Benini

 Μonia Benini: activist, spokesman of the movement ‘Per Il Bene Commune’, which works among others for the exit of Italy from the EU ,  adopting the euro and national currency and the National Assembly. Monia – a declared friend of Greece – has repeatedly visited Greece and has published three books on the crisis in the EU and Greece.

Pablo Erlantz-Sonia Oronoz

Pablo Erlantz & Sonia Oronoz: representatives of the movement Asociación Democracia Real Ya, which came from the “movement of the squares of Spain” and which promotes among others referendum on the return of Spain in national currency.

Economia per citadini

Giacomo Bracci & Francesco Ruggieri: economists, representatives of the movement ‘Economia per Icitadini’, which organizes lectures to inform the Italian public opinion on the need for monetary and political independence through a national currency and national control of banks.

Mahinour El-Badrawi

Mahinour El-Badrawi: lawyer, representative of the organization ‘Drop Egypt’s Debt’. It is the organized expression of many movements and individual citizens of Egypt against Mubarak debt of 35-billion dollars, which the Egyptian people” inherited”.

Campaign for an independent britain

James Reynolds: vice president of the “Campaign for an Independent Britain”, umbrella organizations of all eurosceptic movements in Britain since the 60s.

Jacques Nikonoff

Jacques Nikonoff: representative of the Democratic Political Movement for Empowerment (M’RER) of France. After his dismissal from the metal factory, followed by studies that led to the National School of Administration. He worked as a financial consultant in the U.S. and served as president of ATTAC France. He teaches at the Institute of European Studies of the University of Paris 8. In 2011 he was the author of the first book for the exit of France from the euro “To get out of the euro! To restore our monetary sovereignty “

Marco Balestra

Marco Balestra: economist member of the network of economists Eurotruffa, which inform the Italian public opinion interventions, conferences and lectures about the consequences of a single currency for the Italian economy.

Anthony Coughlan

Anthony Coughlan: professor of political economy at Trinity College Dublin and director of the research center on the European Union “National Platform”. The center coordinates the actions of economists, legal and other scholars who are in favor of independence, democracy and the cooperation between the nations of Europe.

Alberto Montero

Alberto Montero: economist, president of the “Center for Political and Social Sciences – CEPS”, political organization that for over a decade providing technical, financial and legal advice to the governments of Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador and Paraguay.

William Mallinson

William Mallinson: historian, former diplomat and professor of history, literature and culture at the Ionian University and Professor of Diplomatic History at New York College in Athens, where he has lived since 1994. It is also a researcher diplomatic documents relating to Greek-British relations and author of several books

Victoria Stoiciu

Victoria Stoiciu: activist and columnist in the online magazine www.criticattac.ro Romania.

Janus Putkonen

Janus Putkonen: activist, founder of the alternative online information network www.verkkomedia.org, official partner for Finland media as Russiiskaya Gazeta, Russia Today, PressTV, RIA Novosti, SANA, Prensa Latina, Fars News, Al-Manar, Ma’an News, Antiwar, Infowars, Global Research, etc.

Artem Vasiliev

Artem Vasiliev: economist, Dean of the School of Economy and Administration of Industry and Economics University “Synergy” of Moscow.


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