Is there a South-European alliance in progress?

“THEY TORE DOWN ONE WALL IN ORDER TO FORM THE FUNDAMENTS FOR ANOTHER, MUCH BIGGER WALL”!  This sentence is a good example of the increased and nowadays commonly expressed sentiments in south Europe.


WARNING,.. THIS TEXT CONTENT DELIBERATE GENERALIZATIONS OF CENTRAL AND NORTHERN EUROPEANS (in accordance with the accepted general tone about the “PIGS” in the majority of the central and northern european media):

Due to a still ongoing, generalization of southern Europeans, by Merkel’s “ethos” and tone in the central and northern European media, I have chosen to express few parts of the following text in the same generalizing “manners” and “mood”.

Since talks, about an alliance, between the southern european countries, has begun as an act of “self-defence” against EU’s political-cultural-financial attack, I want to draw your attention to the hostile “moods”, Merkel and the German media has stirred up in Europe through conscious propaganda playing on prejudices and narrow-mindedness.



by Kosmas Loumakis

Last week there was indications in some Greek, Cypriot, Spanish and Italian press that there are ongoing talks between the oppositions, the syndicates and the popular movements between all the countries of southern Europe (Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece and Cyprus) due to the recent brutal attack on Cyprus by the EU Troika, and it sounds like there exists a fast growing, united, lobby for the construction of an alliance between these countries soon… The reasons mentioned are, in order to withstand the attacks from the current EU and presumably to, in joint troop, leave the EU and return to their own national currencies, and thus become able again to be independent and free to manage their own economy according to own, real needs and circumstances.

EU that always protected Greece (hahahaha) has now given the Turks reasons to begin to express claims in the Cypriot and Greek territorial waters because of their interests in Cypriot and Greek oil and gas deposits. Due to this fact and the obvious and immidiate dangers this EU-praxis poses, many in southern Europe now seriously express:

“We should PROTECT OURSELVES against the EU, instead of cooperating with them!” It really seems that the ones who managed to tear down the Berlin Wall now are “building” the very fundaments for another, much greater ‘Wall’ between the South and the Central and Northern nations of Europe.

A “united” Europe was ‘sold’ to us and many accepted it, so the European nations should be able to sincerely work for real expressions of good neighbour-climate in order to “never fight again”. They were supposed to work for Peace, in other words! Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like anyone of those who with no shame accepted the Nobel Peace Prize, bothered to inform Mrs Merkel and the EU-trojka about those aims, so by their repetative talk about “PIGS-countries” and their councious generalization of 150 million south Europeans, they will not exactly win any popularity contest in the South. We certainly don’t need a EU that is led and directed by dictatorial, neo-colonial, neo-liberal, imperial policies and regulations, which are aggressively pushed through via media lies, police-violence, illegal “legislations”, indecorous interference in sovereign countries internal affairs and with ‘catch-22 threats’ (if you don’t take the loans you will not survive,… and if you take the loans you will be in debt to us for centuries). And this is still going on, despite the most massive protests, over the last 3 years that Europe has ever seen in modern times. Almost 50 million people allover Europe (mainly in the south but also in UK, Germany, France and Ireland) have over the last 3 years, expressed their dissent publically in massive protest movements and these people and many more, are now organizing themselves in democratic movements to begin, coordinated political and legal actions. Against these active citizens are the ‘obedient’, complying, “creamie masses”, who repeatedly ‘burp’ the reasons and the arguements the Merkelian EU-junta has ‘provided’ them with, through massmedias pro-bankster-propaganda.


Here beneath, I mix my own words on the topic with a few quotes and few examples of the general mood in the streets of southern Europe. After many open conversations and interviews with Greeks, Italians, Portuguese, Cypriots and Spanish in city squares, markets, cafés, bars, suburbs and main streets in most of the capital cities over the last three years, the following attitudes dominate the public oppinion in a clear and undisputable way:

“After the next great war which they currently are draging us towards, if anyone survives, instead of a dividing wall in Berlin, maybe a “great wall” , on Souths demands, will be erected from the Black Sea in the east to the Atlantic Ocean in the west. In other words, a wall between the countries that can easily be ‘self-sufficient’ and the countries that can barely survive without satisfying their essential import and export needs, ie between Southern Europe (Europe’s “bread basket”, pantry, greenhouse, “sun-terrace”, natural resource deposits and cultural foundations) and the central and north of Europe.”

Emotionally and culturally “the wall” has obviously existed for a while now, despite the superficial, nonsense-fellowship between “north” and “south” on the surface. “Perhaps it is time to also errect the political and economic wall now”, many argue.

About the suposed rich countries, those who must live on other peoples natural resources and wealth through disgraceful “deals” and “treaties” on gun-point,… those who still feed themselves and preserve their “high” living standards mainly on the looting and plundering of other countries, many say: “Those who have lived long enough now on the natural resources and the goods of the south, should come to their senses and realize that they have for far too long committed and are still committing crimes against our nations and our people”. Most people I talked to in Madrid, Rome and Athens in the last three years, say: “We do not need them, they need us”, “They borrow money to us,… money that they have stolen from us in the first place”. (Read about the stolen Greek gold and the delicate issue of the monster share of Banque D’Orient here, who actually owes who).

Many in southern Europe consider it “about time” now to turn to other continents, for example to invite tourism and to find markets for the top quality goods and the energy sources (sun, wave, wind, oil, gas). Many don’t see any reasons anymore why some of the richest parts of the world in natural resources and basic goods should be tied to hands and feet (by EU) and first satisfy the Central and North-European needs, before they can even look for other markets. Many say that “the south european countries should introduce visa requirements for central- and north-Europeans” (because anyway the future withdrawal from the EU puts an end to the fake image of any true “friendship” or real “neighborhood” and especially the ridiculous “air bubble” of a cooperating union of nations).

The voices of the fed up in the south, that now are asked to immigrate, starve and kill their elders and their sick, express oppinions as follows. 

“Let’s leave the EU and let Berlin’s harlot lead the easily led, the emotionally dry souls, the obedient and the self appointed “good”, into the Fourth Reich like she intends to and they can all try to relax and enjoy life in Dachau, Auschwitz, Treblinka and several other ‘nice’ “recreation resorts”, which constitutes the “German Reich’s” best known tourist attractions. Places that mankind preserved in order to “remind us”, “so we shall never again let this happen”… Yeah, right.. 70 years later, racism, ethnic attacks, smear rhetorics and blatant generalizations of whole folk groups is in full swing again, coming from the same, yodelling leather suspenders and their propaganda-media as back then.” – The demonization of entire nations together with their people, is considered OK again in central and north Europe, because big brother (big harlot) has set the tone on nazi-mode and the obedient nations follow. This, is imposed on all of us again from the infamous Central European pirate-elite, the rule-fanatics, the control-freaks the self-proclaimed “good”, the self-appointed ubermänchen, who in fact themselves barely pass as humans, considering that “robot behavior”, hysterically controlled societies, ridiculously, excessively “watched” citizens, totalitarian ideologies and race-bilogical nonsense, is what they are trying to propagate for and implement allover Europe (and the world) again. These phenomenons, it should be clarified, are indications of clearly anti-human efforts and goals, not human. Science, (sociology, social-anthropology, psychology and pedagogy) clearly prove that these efforts when put to practice create very neurotic, mentally ill humans in their societies,… and a practically unquestioned focus on “productivity” is the well marketed “divine reason”.  Not productivity to fulfill real needs of course, but an escalating, rampant, production-consumtion, derailed “carousel” of nonsense needs, just in order to keep their “markets” going at any cost and their citizens so busy so they will never have either the time or the interest to develop their souls (emotional life and thinking) in any adequate way and will threfore remain unfit to ask themselves the right questions or, most important of all, to realize where to look for the answers. The generalization and demonization of entire people and nations, are shaped from their idea-worlds and “ethics” and these idea-worlds has proved to be strongly anti-human, highly toxic for human thinking and extremely dangerous for mankinds survival as a whole!

Many in the south say: “Let them wallow there, behind the wall, in their constructed myths of self-proclaimed greatness and let us “poor wretches” who do not know better, survive with only our “paltry” cultures, our “insignificant” civilization, our “primitive” intellectual and spiritual gems, our “ridiculously” alive and sensitive souls, our “useless” advantages and treasures, the sunny climate, the natural beauty, the biggest variety of plants, herbs, fruits and vegetables, the fertile soil, the crystal clear, light blue mediterranean sea,… our thousands of ‘boring’ long sandy beaches, our thousands of little ‘ugly’ islands and all the “unexplainable” globally demanded, foods, wines, herbs, cheeses and native delicacies (which, by the way, happen to be considered as luxury goods in the rest of the world).”

If it wasn’t for the fact that all the EU-policies and the general attitudes around their “projects” are so devastating for the naturally rich countries and especially for their people, there wouldn’t be such a dramatic increase in the following attitudes. But because of the tragic backdrop of the current, criminal and aggressive exploitation of the south, accompanied with smear-rhetorics and “imperial-like demands”, a wide spectrum of people in the south are expressing themselves in accordance with this “mood”.

“We actually have had enough of their stressed, complex filled, neurotic and hysterical central European culture, that want to “teach” the rest of the world how to live according to their own view of the world,… a view that, in practice, in action and strive, far too often expresses the most barbarous, egocentric needs and behaviors. A culture, where the natives, as soon as they learn something that others have known for centuries, or sometimes millennia’s, appoint themselves as the experts. A cultural self-image that can not stand to NOT know-best, and are therefore creating false teachings and are spreading vulgar beliefs and doctrines, like the following: All people (except the germanic and anglo-saxon ‘tribes’) are less smart, childish, lazy, unreliable, criminal and intellectually immature compared to us,… and all this, of course, in a hopelessly “blindfolded” and self-admiring comparison of themselves with the rest of the world.”

These kind of doctrines, together of course with a great lack of self-criticism has for very, very long been planted in their folk-spirit by their “kings” and their “nobility” in their societies, because it really helps when you need to launch an unjust war on some people on the planet, and ‘God knows’ that this particular part of the world HAS. You get your obedient citizens’ silent consent if you portray the ones you want to kill and steal the country from, as “less human” or at least as degenerated, less worth humans with a “defect DNA”. The central-europeans have proved to be, mentally, extremely well fit for this particularly uncivilized approach towards the rest of humanity. Through their self focused spectacles of self-righteousness, power-hysteria and racisms and through massive propaganda in the schools, they have for very long looked upon southern Europe’s, Hellenic, cultural foundations with fake admiration, jealousy, envy and aggression.

Both the American and the French revolutions and the English, civil rights and human rights struggles, was based on truly cultivated Europeans that had deeply understood and adopted the Hellenic values and virtues,… so, naturally from the European elite’s point of view, classic Hellenic education became ‘dangerous’ to their power-monopoly.

They have therefore tried very hard and have partly managed to conceal the Hellenic heritage in the European universities,.. since they are very much aware of the fact, that with a proper education in classic literature and arts in the European schools, it would be very hard for the European pirate-aristocracy to ‘get away’ with the current abuse of the Southern nations and our cultures. Once the “proud spirit of freedom” is awakened and conscious in the human soul, a person becomes very hard to govern and particularly hard to enslave

Therefore the truly civilized individuals react and very strongly so, against injustice, atrocities and crimes committed towards fellow human beings, especially when generalization, racism and lies form the fundamental excuses. Even if the atrocities are explained and excused as, ‘glorious crusades’ for the best of the nation, the race or for mankind, a real human’s resposibility is to reacts and fight against barbarism. Revolting and very obvious barbarism is in fact all what the current EU-behaviour is about, because it is based on lies and deceit,… it is just wrapped in a ‘cultivated cover’ whose only purpose is to maintain a very shallow and lazy approach, if any at all, towards true cultivation and true civilization.

People who through real education have developed even a reasonable level of critical thinking, doesn’t ‘buy’ all these excuses for pure barbarism as easy as the ‘well-programmed’ and ‘well-trained’, pseudo educated does.

And modern mega-cities, hyper-technological armies and weapons, multinational corporations, all-reaching media/propaganda, complicated overrated economic formulas, unneccessary, vast number of laws and ‘regulations’, six lane highways, railroads, factories, computers, skyscrapers, luxurious cars, planes, trains, rockets, satellites, mansions & palaces, ‘designed’ clothes and highly over prized, ‘precious’ accessoires, unfortunately doesn’t make a civilization,.. nor does the nonsense ‘educations’ they provide the so called most developed with, while the actual essence and the REAL attributes of a civilization is consciously ignored.

In the central-, and the north-european societies, in much higher degree than anywhere else for instance, people zap through very stressed, fragments of life chasing fake things, fake looks, fake emotions, fake ‘knowledge’, fake relationships, fake friendships, fake ‘fullfillments’, and are at the same time convinced that they live much better lives than anyone else. This, occur because ‘high living standards’ are only estimated in money and things, not in TRUE mental and social health and in any REAL, provided, access to spiritual growth. Sadly, in reality they actually just pretend to live, they just adopt and ACTS OUT one of the well-marketed, Hollywoodian prototypes of “success”. They easily ‘slide into’ one or a combination of a few ‘social roles’ (masks), that ‘certifies’ their ‘value’ in their societies.  Meanwhile they are ‘comforting’ themselves and their starved, malnurtured and abused souls through credits, borrowed, very expensive “things” they call neccessities and with shallow, empty, use-and-throw-relations, based on clear licking-upwards-and-kicking-downwards behaviour.

“Maybe its time for them to really think about civilizing themselves at last and NOT continue to allow barbarism, greed, gluttony, cruelty, racism, arrogance, false pride and ‘predatory instincts’, so strongly, still characterize their attempt to a civilization.” Surely the western world’s most prestiguous institiutions for ‘higher learning’, the famous plant schools in Oxford, Boston, New York and Chicago and all the “cultivated” citizens can do better than this embarrassing Gollum’s Feast, they call a ‘civilization’. In the ‘South’ we know, long time now, that THE EMPEROR IS NAKED…  The rest of the planet have known for long and the obedient, so easily enslaved, central- and north-Europeans still think THE EMPEROR HAS NEW CLOTHES,.. so they applaud, the completely BUTT-NAKED EMPEROR, and louder than ever! Of course they would, wouldn’t they?


In the eyes of the ‘world community’, I mean the people of the world, Greece, do not have a long criminal record like several other European nations have,… instead the people of the world know, Greece taught dignity, humanity and heroism throughout the centuries. It taught man to observe and investigate nature and life better, to explore and enjoy life better, to take part of life better and most of all to acknowledge every other human beings right to do the same. It gave the first formal expressions to these thoughts. It taught mankind that man was born to be free and independent and that humans didn’t have to accept political and economic enslavement and obey monarchs, despots and tyrants. The people of the southern, european countries have ‘understood’ the value of this Hellenic heritage on a much deeper level, than the central and northern european societies. The south LIVE with a Hellenic soul and the central and the north european societies live with a slightly limited understanding of the Hellenic mind and with a ‘sceptic view’ on the Hellenic soul. But it is only through the real understanding of the cultural and the spiritual constitution of the Hellenic soul, you can begin to understand the Hellenic mind better,… and not vice versa.

After giving it a thought, there really seem to be quite natural, cultural, ‘spiritual’, but also geopolitical and economic reasons for a southern, european alliance, at least as long as South Europe is under the current neo-colonial, POLITICAL-CULTURAL-ECONOMIC ATTACK from EU…

And after all the talk about the ‘South’s’ alleged financial DEBT to the bankers and its underlying reasons, now we also want to talk about the ‘Central Europeans’ obvious moral, legal and financial DEBT to the rest of humanity and the underlying reasons for THAT.


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Kosmas Loumakis - Sociological consultant, analyst, field operative and tactical field coordinator of national and regional social projects in Sweden. Was contracted for almost two decades by governmental bodies and NGO's, in governmental gang crime and extremism preventive efforts. Have produced a number of socio pedagogic action plans and developed methods, field tactics and strategies for gang crime and extremism preventive projects.

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