Greek financial crisis: The full story

This is the full  background of the petition “Save Greece! Save the cradle of western civilization!”, updated after the elections. A part of it is also a very short abstract of my appeal to the ICC. Please read it and Sign the petition.

Christina Salemi

For approximately the last three years, Greece has been making headlines all over the world, and the general impression has been that the Greek government has been fighting tooth and nail to save the country from bankruptcy and ruin. In actual fact though, things couldn’t be more different, because, in reality, Greece’s alleged saviours are the same people who all this time have been fighting to bring the country and its people to their knees, and have unfortunately been very successful in their endeavors.

Specifically, since October 2009, Greece has fallen prey to a handful of criminals who intentionally and following a detailed plan, have been tearing the country apart. Unfortunately, to this day no one has managed to stop them. Due to the situation described above, from October 2011 and as a final attempt to save the country, two appeals at least have been sent to the International Criminal Court, while thousands of Greek citizens have already requested from the Prosecutor in charge, to prevent the total destruction of the country and its people whose contribution to the global civilization from ancient times to this day is priceless, but who, at the present time, find themselves wretched, humiliated, exhausted, impoverished and abused, due to the political and state leadership of the country.

Therefore, it is obvious that these appeals involve crimes against humanity and genocide being currently perpetrated. Genocide may possibly sound too harsh a term, and such a crime being committed in modern Greece, a member of the European Union, may beggar belief, but exaggeration is not an issue here.

There may be no gas chambers as some people ironically remark when they hear the word genocide, but there are other modern methods used, such as THE SHOCK DOCTRINE, PSYCHOLOGICAL as well as PHYSICAL VIOLENCE, FINANCIAL WARFARE, continued VIOLATION OF BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS, PROPAGANDA and others, which, combined, actually fetch much ‘better’ results than gas chambers, and without a doubt lead to rapid population decline, and the final goal, which is, in a way or in another the destruction of the local population.

Another means employed to contribute to the rapid decline of this population is the islamization of the country, a vehicle which can single-handedly destroy Greece, due to its multiple chain-reaction effects. In particular, on account of recent legislation combined with inefficient guarding of the borders, the country has turned into a magnet for all the world’s underprivileged, discontent people, most of which are muslims originating from Africa and Asia, which Greece neither has been nor will be in a position to care for, but is also barred from allowing to enter Europe.(Dublin II) Everyone knew that illegal immigrants was already too many and we could not absorb them and feed them, but nevertheless,  the government have enforced this law which work like an open invitation to come here and be miserable, creating problem to the local population, which obviously reacted very intensively and already there is not a single day without violent incidents between locals and illegal immigrants. Relative with the subject you can read the last news here : NEW SCANDAL – Papandreou’s Open Door Tactics To Illegal Immigrants Exposed

To this day, the use of all the above mentioned means has resulted in, amongst other things, a drastic increase in: sense of insecurity, crime-rates, abortions, negative birthrates, suicides, disease both physical and mental, deaths from un-natural causes, mass migration of mostly young Greek people abroad, and the alteration and deterioration of the local population.

Therefore, not only are these means exceptionally effective, but compared to gas chambers, they have an unparalleled advantage: the detection of their existence, aims, power and effectiveness is very difficult.

Because results are what matters, taking a look at Greece today is proof that the “weapons” of choice were appropriate and used efficiently. Some of these results they achieved in two years are: the country is shunned from the markets and has become a laughing stock, it has lost any semblance of standing and sovereignty, and after the recent debt restructuring, it is bankrupt and under foreign administration. Governmental lending has skyrocketed and the public debt is unsustainable, business indexes and the market have collapsed, GDP has dramatically shrunk, the value of state property has reached rock-bottom, tens of thousands of businesses have closed, unemployment is up by 242% and for the first time in Greek history, already from july 2011, those employed was fewer than those with no source of income at all. The majority of the population live below the poverty line, and a lot of people are in danger of losing their freedom because they can’t pay taxes and fees anymore. Day by day, more and more people no longer have access to food, shelter, medicine and medical care, schools and hospitals are closing, parents are forced to leave their children in various institutions as they can no longer afford to care for them, while pupils go to school without books and faint due to starvation. The Greek energy system has collapsed, there are power shortages, long forgotten diseases have reappeared due to the massive influx of illegal immigrants, poverty and insufficient medical care. The centre of Athens is now a ghetto and all big cities are swarming with homeless people. There is a reign of terror over society, the dignity of the Greek nation has been smashed to pieces and the whole country is suffering from depression.

Also, a drastic increase was recorded in: sense of insecurity, crime-rates, abortions, negative birthrates, suicides, illnesses both physical and mental, deaths from un-natural causes and massive migration of young Greeks abroad.

And this is only the beginning because to the present, many people have survived by any means they could, whether that involved living on the savings they still had, selling off their assets, relying on their family, exchanging products and services, or surviving on solidarity alone, as society has instantly become more sensitive to its weaker members and takes care of them. In this framework soup kitchens, food banks, social groceries, clinics and pharmacies have sprouted up all over the country and distribute free products and services to anybody in need. In order for these social networks to survive (food banks, clinics etc) lot of help has received from abroad. From the Diaspora, from the Church of Cyprus and Russia, from organizations such as Doctors Without Borders, Doctors of the World, etc. Taking into consideration that the adverse consequences of the “salvation” actions on national economy and society, are increasing exponentially with the time, very soon, not even these HUMILIATING models of survival will work.

So what’s next ? Certainly the complete catastrophe. A holocaust. And no doubt about this, if you know that new successive attacks against the people have started on these days.

What kind of attacks ? The usuals. Specifically, in a context of a continuous psychological violence and massive violations of basic human rights, new hikes in taxation, new cuts in salaries and pensions, new increases in utility bills, and additional lay-offs of 15.000 people for 2012 and another 150.000 until 2015, was started, or are ready for implementation. In this way, even those who still have an income, will suffer a drastic reduction or will lose it completely, and all the adverse consequences will be increased rapidly.

At this point I want to mention a few unknown details which will help the readers to understand better the situation, the intentions, and the consequences :

– we must pay the State for giving us the right to have electricity (this right cost 3 to 16 euro for per square meter, per annum ), the right to self-employment or to have a business ( this one costs in the best case € 400 per annum). Another “curiosity” is that every year, all private sector must pay in advance the income tax for the next one. Ok, all of these are not fair, but the question is, without income how are we supposed to pay all this money ?

– according to the last census, on May 2011, Greece had 9.903.268, lawful residents  and on 2009 she had 11.282.571, wich mean that in only two years “disappeared” more than one million people ! And please note that daily are passing illegally the Greek borders more than 350 immigrants and in two years lot of them acquired Greek citizenship …

– in November 2011 the number of employed amounted to only 3,901,269 people, the basic salary is now € 487,45 for persons older than 25, about € 400 for the rest, and the cost of living in Greece is higher than that in a many European countries with better salaries. And the point is that these people with such salaries have to pay crazy taxes and fees, to it and to support and feed all the others !!!

Of course, the official claim is that all is done, and Greeks must suffer, in the name of the economic “salvation” of Greece. But, first of all, Greece without Greeks doesn’t exist. Secondly, State without sovereignty is not State but a colony. And third, due to the exceptional and unique assets and potential of the country, and the volume of natural resources that remain unexploited, it is clear that all financial problems were artificially induced, and the only thing this country needs, is to be saved from it “saviors” .

CONCLUSION: From everything mentioned above, it is more than obvious that in Greece, not only there are crimes against humanity being committed, crimes which nobody has disputed till this moment, but also genocide itself, which is currently in full swing and is punishable by the ICC, as are crimes against humanity and war crimes (the other two crimes in its competence). In order to disperse any doubts, please see how the genocide is described by the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court :

Article 6 Genocide

For the purpose of this Statute, “genocide” means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:

  • (a)    Killing members of the group;
  • (b)    Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;
  • (c)    Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;
  • (d)    Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;
  • (e)    Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

Please see below some more details on the situation in Greece and help to put an end to it. And keep always in your mind that we are speaking about a modern western country member of the EU, which “happens” to be the cradle of western civilization. Then consider this: If all of this are possible in a country like this, why not somewhere else? If a symbol can be destroyed, why not what it symbolizes?

How this state of affairs came to be

The summer of 2008 marked the commencement of public discussions on the  financial crisis. An international crisis caused by foreign events, said the then Karamanlis  government, local and due to governmental policies, said the leader of the opposition, Mr. Papandreou. Not long after, the latter called for premature general elections using the state of the economy as an excuse, claiming that the government’s financial policy, which was based on privatizations and austerity measures was erroneous and would with mathematical certainty lead to recession and ruin.. In the end, in 2009, Papandreou took advantage of the pending elections for the President of the Democracy, brought down the government in a coup-like fashion and brought about his much desired premature elections. Parliament closed on September 2, 2009 just two years after its formation and the elections took place on October 4.

The economic crisis was still the main topic during the pre-election period, and therefore, most speeches, statements and commitments that the candidates made, referred to their proposed solutions on how to exit the crisis. Mr. Karamanlis proposed moderate austerity measures while Mr. Papandreou growth and improvement of institutions. The latter won.

According to him, the implementation of the proclaimed policy was based on utilization of the inexhaustible potential of the country and its manpower and would ensure a swift exit from the crisis, reduction of public borrowing, prosperity and the safeguarding of the country’s standing and credibility abroad. His engagement ? Faithful implementation of the political platform no matter what the circumstances, restarting the economy, creation of new wealth, just redistribution of the national income and no new taxes for middle class because as he was saying : ” If taxes are increased to the middle class, this will consequently reduce purchasing power, deepen the recession and bring the vicious cycle of collapse. Our commitment is NO new taxes on the low and middle class.”

At the time, most countries were plagued by the economic crisis and more or less, Greece was experiencing the same problems as they were. But for Greece, taking into consideration its unique advantages, it would have been a piece of cake to exit the crisis, if had there been any such intention….

To support this statement, I remind to everyone only a few of the unique advantages that Greece had then :

– low overall external debt, geostrategic position, and a priceless cultural heritage

– important areas in the economy such as high quality agricultural products, tourism and shipping, where there is no real fear of labour competition from developing countries (China, India, Russia etc) as happens with german and other industries

– it was one of the very few western countries, maybe even the only one, which owned significant public property, rich unexploited subsoil, and very profitable state-owned utilities.

Some corroborative information, indicative of the above :

– over the last decades Greece is the number one global shipping power (but shipping companies are abroad)

– in 2009, total Greek external debt compared to GDP was 167% and, globally as well as in Europe, Greece was lagged far behind countries such as Ireland which came first with 1000%, Holland with approximately 470%, Britain with 416% and Portugal with 223%

– the country’s unexploited assets, reserves and resources were no secret to anyone, as it was well known since 1981 that Greece joined the then EEC(of nine members) with three advantages : its commercial shipping, its mineral resources and the Greeks’ sharp business acumen.(Gaston Thorn, EEC President ,1981)

Immediately after his coming into power, Mr. Papandreou simply and completely ignored the lot (his promises, the country’s assets, his duties etc) and, as it later proved, set about implementing a plan to destroy the country, hinged primarily on a basic repeated pattern: delivering blows to the county’s credibility and prestige, paralyzing the state and implementing savage austerity measures. With such a plan in place, and with the blessings of the President of the Greek Democracy, Mr .Papandreou and his government succeeded in tearing the economy, the state of law and the social fabric of society to shreds. In other words, they managed to prove with their actions that it is indeed true that austerity measures lead to the vicious circle of collapse and that, before the elections, they knew exactly what they were talking about: only growth, social justice, and the proper functioning of institutions can solve problems and bring prosperity.

The broad outline of the Papandreou basic plan was:

1. To come into power (seizing of power)

2. To create the circumstances necessary in order to take out huge transnational high risk loans

3. To ensure that circumstances are such that repayment of the loans is impossible

Today, all the above phases are complete and the country has been surrendered to its creditors, who have taken over the administration and thus, effectively began the process of forced execution of their claims. And Mr Papandreou which job is finish is ready now to leave the country.

How the plan was implemented:

Among other things, when he came to power, instead of practicing the implicit duties of Prime Minister, and instead to implement the plans presented during the election campaign, Mr. Papandreou did the following:

– the first day (05.10.2009), he instructed the Bank of Greece to extend the settlement period of the Greek Government Bonds, thus creating substantial margins for speculative depreciation and manipulation which depreciated the bonds (switched from T3 to T10).

– the 10th day he declared on Reuters that ‘The situation of our  economy is explosive.”  ”Today we face unprecedented fiscal derailment,” “We are in an emergency situation, everyone must understand that.” At that point, an unprecedented and incredible defamation campaign of Greece started, with him declaring left, right and centre, at every opportunity that the country is bankrupt, it is unreliable and corrupt, with a revenue collection system in tatters, and a parasitic economy.


– he made the financial situation of the country appear much worse than it was, revising  the deficit of 2008 up by 2%, and the deficit of 2009 up by at least 3,7% by means of creative accounting

– for approximately one year, he left most of the public services and organizations headless, while at the same time continuously reshuffling the government, while establishing and abolishing ministries every time. The shipping ministry was the one that received the biggest blow.

– he repeatedly increased direct and indirect taxation and proceeded to introduce horizontal cuts to salaries and pensions, brutally attacking middle and low incomes. After a while, many people started living below the poverty line, thus being unable to pay taxes. In spite of the above, he went ahead with his policies: new fees was implemented and new tax increases followed, coupled of course by further salary and pension cuts again and again. What was the result? What should have been obvious to a 5 year old: Society was becoming more and more impoverished day by day, but without the state receiving more income. On the contrary, in fact after each austerity raid, more and more companies went out of business and the tax payer pool decreased. Nevertheless, his Government remained firm in its policy: taxes, fees and cuts.

– he moved on to suspend payments internally, thus weakening even more the SMEs (small medium Enterprises) which are the backbone of the Greek economy

– he drastically reduced public investment, while not reducing profligate public spending, and didn’t perform any type of reform whatsoever.

Except for the above, he also took the following steps:

1. Since March 2010, he implemented an unprecedented Immigration policy, because of which, the number of illegal immigrants flocking daily to Greek territory exploded. The small, indigenous, already aging population was heavily hit and because most immigrants  are young people who come and settle in Greece to raise a family and have many children, while Greece is suffering from negative birth rates and the young people are migrating abroad, greek population will be rapidly  assimilated by the newcomers. Add to this, the constant turmoil around the world and the successive waves of illegal immigrants as a result of the first, it is obvious that very soon the inhabitants of this country will no longer be Greeks.

As concerns the immigration law, it is worth noting that:

– a foreigner can get Greek citizenship even if he does not speak Greek

– foreign children born abroad can take Greek nationality

– foreign children born in Greek territory immediately receive the Greek nationality, even those of illegal immigrants, thus they can legitimize all first degree relatives. As a result, pregnant women from Pakistan, Afghanistan and other Asian or African countries illegally enter Greece, augmenting the already large number of foreigners who continuously enter the country illegally.

As a result of this Law, the number of illegal immigrants passing the border was increased in 2011 by 16,8% and on the first part of 2012 by 30%. Finally, the new fashion is to give them immediately a stay permit. [Greek speakers can hear on the following video what was saying the Union of Border Guards Evros, on October 2011 : Absolutely successful the campaign that has turned the country into number one destination for all migrants of Asia and Africa. Today you are illegal immigrant, and the next day you’re with one months stay permit (which is renewed indefinitely), you have rights, supporters and no obligation (free translation)πληρώνουμε-το-μεταναστευτικό-μνημό/%5D

On the other hand, we should also take into account the tragedy the immigrants experience. If we are facing the problems I have already described you could imagine the poverty and the miserable conditions they are living in. And if you do this, it is understood why many of them are led to illegality. According to police records immigrants take the lead in criminality since an endless vicious circle has been created by all these problems. Unfortunately, the inspirator of the law hasn’t hesitated to take advantage of people’s misery and use it against local population and vice versa. Who has abandoned home and has gone abroad if necessity hasn’t forced him to? Nobody.

2. On April 2010, when he had already  managing to raise lending interest rates and Government deficit and debt with his defamatory campaign and the rest of his tricks, he claimed inability to borrow for pay off salaries and pensions and imminent danger of ‘bankruptcy’.  In order to solve this “problem”, despite there being no need for it, without even looking into other options, without even going out to the markets, and ignoring low-interest loans that China and Russia offered, he voluntarily appealed to Troika (EC, ECB and IMF) asking for a high-interest loan €110Bn. A few months later, he asked for another loan of €130Bn, and that, more or less, means that in less than a year of his serving as Prime Minister, he asked for more money than Greece had borrowed in 35 years!

And it doesn’t stop there. He asked for the first loan of €110Bn in exchange for the country’s immunity and assets, present and future, and the second loan of €130Bn, in exchange for the country’s administration by its creditors and the repayment of loans in priority over salaries, pensions and other social expenses.”It is as if they were borrowing from a Mafia loan shark to repay an advance from their grandmother”, The Financial Times said after the first €110Bn agreement. This giant loan of € 240Bn, Greece neither needed, nor has received and neither is it certain that it will receive. But, it is due to these loan agreements that Greece has found itself bound and gagged as it were, has lost its immunity and national sovereignty and now risks losing its public property and wealth. ( Greece received only a part of the first loan and it was used exclusively for re payment of government debt)

Note: On april 2010, the markets were lending us money, but due to him, they were lending us at high rates and the declaration that there was no money to pay salaries and pensions was obviously false since the total revenues of the General Government (Central Public Government, Local Government, Public Law and Social Security) were, during the eleven years between 2000 and 2010, higher that the expenses required to pay salaries of civil servants and pensions of all kinds.

3. Finally, in order for Mr Papandreou’s pre-meditated plan to be executed and completed, all the while keeping his crimes concealed, he included techniques  to manipulate the masses and applied psychological war fare techniques, the shock doctrine, in  order  to ensure that the people accepted as necessary changes that under normal circumstances would be deemed unreasonable. IIndicatively, below, some of the means used were:

– threats, blackmail and false dilemmas, the most common ones concerning bankruptcy and either accepting the bail outs or exiting the European Community and the Euro.

– wavering responsibility for everything that led to this situation. More accurately, he lay the blame at the door of a) the previous government which hid the deficit prior to the elections by sending the EU “cooked”  forecasts for the end of 2009; b) the citizens who were corrupt and tax evaders (thieves and crooks in other words)  c) the markets for not giving him enough time to improve the economy  d) the EU who didn’t handle the Greek “crisis” appropriately, e) the leaders of other countries and f) above all TROIKA (as if they were then ones who forced him to take out the loans, and  more specifically, loans from them and them only ). With such behaviour he managed to divide public opinion, extensively damage the country’s image abroad, as well as greatly damage the relations of Greek people with other  peoples.

– “Debt-terrorism”, which was utilized on one hand to secure the people’s consent by causing them to feel as co-conspirators and accomplices concerning the debts that others had struck up, but he (who was “corrupt”, a “parasite” and “tax evader”) had to pay, and on the other hand, to disarm popular resistance against the destructive application of pre-decided destructive policy.

However, in spite of these techniques which were applied in various combinations from the very beginning, many people realized early on what was happening and from May 2010 massive, group and individual reactions of all kinds began. Demonstrations, political rallies, street protests, law suits, complaints, indictments for high treason, open letters, official letters by ordinary people, academics and artists, but all this was in vain. Nothing changed. The protests and demonstrations were suppressed by using police brutality and all else were ignored ostentatiously

Indicatively, Mr. Papandreou has been sued for systematically abusing power, for disruption and deterioration of the democratic institutions of the country, for slandering and others. He has also been accused of the fact that the above actions allowed him an unjustifiably prolonged presence on  the country’s political stage which also provided him with monetary benefits – rewards for his service to the community  which he was asked to return with interest in the lawsuits against him.

Beyond these benefits, it seems there were more. Thanks to his political activity, it appears he was the recipient of numerous illegal and controversial benefits for himself and his immediate family, ranging from commissions, speculating on CDS, and other activities from which he amassed profits exceeding €2Bn. Regarding CDS, there was an enquiry at the European Commission (cf Question for written answer to the Commission, Rule 117, Andreas Mölzer (NI) Subject: Greek Prime Minister speculating against his own country ) as well as numerous publications that revealed clues, not only concerning  CDS but also the “green energy project” that also seems to have been a source of illegal profits.

At the same time, there were accusations that he had meticulously planned his moves and that he was always aware of his actions. Intent is proven, amongst other things, by the sequence of events, by the content of the statements he made, and also by the fact that, as the son and grandson of prime ministers and a member of many different governments, he knew and knows only too well how to play the political game and has a very good knowledge of the Greek reality, the Constitution and laws, which he skillfully abused/manipulated to give an air of legitimacy to his actions, to mock institutions, to ridicule them in order to ultimately achieve his objectives.

All these accusations were ignored until now as was more than 10 indictments of high treason against him, government and/or parliament. Usually, complaints are examined after 1 year or more, and if current or former government officials are involved in them, cases are instantly forwarded to the Parliament, which is in these situations the only competent “prosecutor”.

Due to the whole situation and because here, in one way or another, all current and former politicians and all their partners enjoy full immunity from criminal offenses they may commit during their stint in governmental office, we decided to turn to International Courts.

And for all the above is clear that the International Criminal Court was our last chance to save the country and so we appealed to it. The second appeal was redacted by the writer of this text, and was sent on March 2, 2012. (you can see it hereελληνικά/). Another 25 citizens had signed it in order to urge the commencement of the investigations. (you can see the first appeal and it’s registration number here and here

Just after the 1st appeal to the ICC, PM Papandreou, the architect of the destructive plan against the country, realized he could not continue in the same way, and so decided to change roles, in order to continue his work behind the scenes.

And so, on 09.11.2011, without anybody realizing it, he resigned along with his government, but instead of calling for parliamentary elections in the manner provisioned in the Greek Constitution, on 11.11.2011 (the last day of his presidency of PASOK), an employee of his Office, Mr Loukas Papademos was made prime minister as the chief of a coalition government. Thirty-five (35) members of the outgoing government were reinstated in the “new” one, and the rest of the members was taken from ND and LAOS. In this way no more opposition remained in the parliament. Any way. The official mission assigned by the President to the illegally appointed Prime Minister was, the adherence to the letter of the policy of Mr Papandreou, which was an already proven recipe for the destruction of the economy, of the society and of the State of Law, and all the while leading the Greek people to despair, poverty, depression, misery and many unnatural deaths. More specifically, the mission was the finalization of the 2nd Loan Facility Agreement. With this in mind and in order to “save the country” once again from bankruptcy, Papademos government decided on new austerity measures and in this way the 2nd Loan Facility Agreement was approved and the mission was successfully completed.

Mr Papandreou on his part, abused his position of leader of the PASOK by not stepping down from office on the agreed date, thus being able to maintain full control, to rule from behind the scenes and to keep enjoying the benefits of power until the completion of his plan.

After the second appeal to the ICC, the ruling government of the country, decided to call parliamentary elections in which, via new threats, more blackmail and pseudo-dilemas, the terrified Greek people were called upon to decide on a future  that had already been decided for the people without the people by the governments in power since 2009. So, with a view to renewing parliamentary mandate in order to deal with a problem of extraordinary importance for the nation (!), the government asked from the President of the Republic to dissolve the Parliament. The elections were held on May 6, but because peoples vote was “wrong”, after these elections it was impossible for the new Parliament to find a government. For this reason the parliamentary elections was repeated on 17 of June, but this time the electorate had no the right to vote candidates MP !!! In this way, the problem was solved.  The “new elected” Greek Parliament have immediately find a new three-party coalition government, and …. surprise !!!  The new internal troika, exactly like the previous one, is formed by ND, PASOK and a walk-on.

Anyway. Back to the appeals now.

On March 19 the Office of the Prosecutor acknowledges the receipt and the registration of the first appeal. Having in mind that this one was sent on October 2011,, it is clear that procedures take a lot of time, time that we do not have. For this reason, and because we have to stop crimes in any possible way, with friends of mine, we decided to ask the support of global public opinion. In fact, since it has been proven that appeals to the ICC were not ignored by the “saviors”, we decided to act once more, this time by uncovering the crimes for all to see. In this way, we hope to stop them for a time, on the one hand, and on the other, to convince the prosecutor about the gravity of the situation while simultaneously giving  him the necessary time to conduct the investigations. (Update: On July 11, a third appeal was sent to the ICC. It is against Christine Lagarde, Angela Merkel , Wolfgang Schäuble, José Manuel Durão Barroso and Herman Van Rompuyτρίτη-καταγγελία-στον-εισαγγελέα-του/)

According to all aforementioned,

it is evident that in Greece there is no appropriate procedure and a competent prosecutor, and an one way or another all current and former politicians and all their partners  enjoy  full immunity from criminal offenses they may commit during their stint in governmental office,

it is evident that Greek citizens are victims of their Political Leadership and are in no way involved in their actions,

it is evident that due to the exceptional and unique assets and potential of Greece, and the volume of natural reserves that remain unexploited, no Greek politician would dream of legitimately uttering the word ”bankruptcy” under any circumstances,

it is evident that the official claim that all is done, and Greeks must suffer, in the name of the economic “salvation” of Greece is false,

it is evident that the crimes against Greece and the greek nation were premeditated and that the country’s citizens did everything in their power to prevent them.

it is evident that  if these crimes continue to be perpetrated, Greece will be completely destroyed

finally,  it is evident that the only thing this country needs, is to be saved from its “saviors” .

Greece is dying and only justice can help. No money, no elections, no new government. Nothing. Only justice! Everything else comes second. Please help us to send the criminals to jail. Please sign the petition and inform all your friends and relatives about the situation, before it is too late and before the effects will spread to other countries.

Help us to save our country and our lives, and who knows, maybe your own country and your own life.  Save Greece, Save Democracy, Save the world !


As a citizen of the world, I support the legal battles of the Greek people and ask the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) to immediately activate procedures, to investigate the crimes being perpetrated in Greece and bring to trial anybody responsible for them. Any and all persons found guilty must be punished. Such crimes must be prevented.

Thank you. Christina Salemi
photo :

11 Δεκεμβρίου 2009

30 Iανουαρίου του 2010

15 Φεβρουαρίου 2010

Index card:
Index NumberEUR 25/005/2012 Date Published3 July 2012 Categories Greece PDF

Human rights violations by Greek law enforcement officials include the use of excessive force against largely peaceful protesters and the ill-treatment of individuals during detention. The authorities consider such violence to be “isolated incidents”. However, the Greek authorities must acknowledge the extent of these violations and take measures to address the systemic problems which contribute to such abuses. Until these problems are tackled impunity will continue to prevail and the vicious circle of such abuses will not be broken.

This document is also available in: Greek PDF

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Citizen Files Case Against Political Leadership At The Hague For Crimes Against Greek People

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A Greek citizen, Christina Salemi, resident of Chalkida, appeals to the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court of the Hague and sues President Kaloros Papoulias, current PM Lucas Papademos, former PM George Papandreou and Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos for genocide of the Greek people. In her letter, Salemi accuses Greece’s political leadership of genocide and crimes against the Greeks, that were committed after October 5th, 2009.



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Kosmas Loumakis - Sociological consultant, analyst, field operative and tactical field coordinator of national and regional social projects in Sweden. Was contracted for almost two decades by governmental bodies and NGO's, in governmental gang crime and extremism preventive efforts. Have produced a number of socio pedagogic action plans and developed methods, field tactics and strategies for gang crime and extremism preventive projects.

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  1. Hi there – I am swedish and I’m sure you speak swedish but I use english so others can read it. You are so right in what you write. Greece has been choosen to be a test country what the banksters can do to get the people on their knees through their bought politicians and their owned media can do to manipulate the world. The reason behind your status as it is now is Rothschilds bank Goldman Sachs that runs the us governement and so many other countries – Italy….Your only way to get everything straight again is a majority in parlement with a new party called maybe ” Island way” as that county is the only one that did the right way to handle their situation . Just stop all payments to banks that has you on the hook and decklare yourselves free from EU. They will go in the roof – but what can they do – worse than you are now. We in europe love your county an will be tourists again as normal when this is settled. The Zionist banksters thar run the west world will the know that they can not fool around as they want – Write to me on this email

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