The City at a Time of Crisis: research project on Athens

by ROAR Collective on May 8, 2013

A collective of researchers, photographers and filmmakers comes together to launch a powerful new multimedia research project on the crisis in Athens.

In recent years, Antonis Vradis of Occupied London has brought us invaluable reports from the front-line of the popular uprising(s) in Greece, while Ross Domoney, a member of the documentary photography and film collective Aletheia Photos, has produced some of the most paradigmatic short docs and video reports on the crisis and revolt currently under way in Athens. Now, the two join a team of researchers who have just launched the website for a very exciting new multimedia project.

In an emailed announcement, the research collective describes their initiative as follows:

Crisis-scape is the website of the “The City at a Time of Crisis”, a collective, cross-disciplinary ESRC-funded research project that traces the transformations of public spaces in Athens. By focusing on urban public spaces, we aim to study the rapid, wider social and political transformations that are under way in the crisis-ridden Greek society today.

The website so far features metronome, the first in a series of short films corresponding to each of the project’s research strands; a full interactive time-line of the crisis in Greece since 2008; a documentary explaining the ongoing social meltdown taking place in the country; an interview with Professor Stavros Stavrides of the NTUA; two blog-post series (état de siege: public space user manual and metronome) and much, much more.

Crisis-scape is updated every Monday with first-hand ethnographic accounts, theoretical interventions, digital interactive material, videos and photographs from the ground here in Athens.

We rely on your help to spread the word!

The team

Jaya Klara Brekke, Ross Domoney, Christos FiIippidis, Antonis Vradis and Dimitris Dalakoglou




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Kosmas Loumakis - Sociological consultant, analyst, field operative and tactical field coordinator of national and regional social projects in Sweden. Was contracted for almost two decades by governmental bodies and NGO's, in governmental gang crime and extremism preventive efforts. Have produced a number of socio pedagogic action plans and developed methods, field tactics and strategies for gang crime and extremism preventive projects.

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