Private mercenary army to protect the Greek parliament against rebellion

Published in Arbejderen, Udland 03. mar. 2013 – 12:14


Large, nationwide strikes and protests characterizes the crisis-hit Greece daily. Here a protester from the militant industrial front PAME breaks through a police chain.

Sensational diplomatic leak reveals that the Greek government has made ​​an agreement with a private U.S. mercenary army, to step in if the social protests escalate into civil war in the crisis-hit Greece. The government no longer dares to trust the police, whose salaries are also reduced

Apparently, the Greek government hired a private U.S. mercenary army to protect the Parliament if the social tensions escalate to civil war.

In a sensational leak says the former Greek ambassador to Canada, Leonidas Chrysanthopoulos, the government has made ​​an agreement with a private U.S. mercenary army to protect the Parliament if the social protests escalate because the government can no longer trust the police.

The Greek Government does not trust the police, whose salaries have also been cut.

Leonidas Chrysanthopoulos


Soldiers from Combat Academy, as the Greek government is alleged to have made ​​an agreement. It is the newest name for the infamous firm Blackwater, which has regularly changed its name since its mercenaries killed 17 Iraqi civilians in Baghdad’s Nisour-square on 16 September 2007.

The mercenaries, allegedly intended to Athens, has previously served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

– The Greek government has recently made ​​an agreement with a company formerly known as Blackwater, to hire mercenaries to protect the parliament, says ex-ambassador in an interview with journalist Barbara Van Haute from net portal Millstone News from the U.S..

Dare not trust the police

Leonidas Chrysanthopoulos, who has decades of diplomatic background in his luggage and is highly respected as a former ambassador to the UN, said that the government fears that the Greek police will join the social protests.

– The Greek government has no confidence in the police, whose salaries also have been cut, he said.

Chrysanthopoulos warns that the social situation in Greece could escalate into civil war.

– It will be difficult to avoid social unrest and even, in certain circumstances a civil war, says ex-ambassador, adding that the only solution for Europe and for Greece is to cancel the Greek debt completely.

The company that the Greek government is alleged to have made ​​an agreement with, is today called Combat Academy.

It is the newest name for the infamous firm Blackwater, which has regularly changed its name since its mercenaries killed 17 Iraqi civilians in Baghdad’s Nisour-square on 16 September 2007.

Unofficial confirmation

The Greek military website Defencenet, with good connections to the Greek defense, confirming unofficial mercenary story by quoting ex-ambassador, and goes a step further by claiming that the agreement is signed by the former Speaker of Parliament, Evangelos MEIMARAKIS.

The Greek government is silent about the affair, while the Combat Academy rejects it.

– Combat Academy has not and will not ever provide security services to any entity of the Greek Government, says a tasmand the company to the established magazine The New Statesman.

The Greek Central Union for private sector employees (GSEE) came recently with a report that 3.9 million out of a population of 11 million live below the official poverty line.

– At some point very soon there will be an explosion of social unrest. It will be very unpleasant, says Leonidas Chrysanthopoulos, who in the 1970s helped to negotiate Greece’s accession to the EU.

Greek politicians have in recent years become much hated in large parts of the population for their austerity policies, and the parliament has been repeatedly besieged.

Warns of civil war

The political adviser Tassos Symeonides from the Washington-based think tank RIEAS is particularly concerned about the turmoil in Greece.

– If Samaras regime continues to suffocate the Greek society with more brutal austerity measures, the question is only when a popular rebellion comes.

His horror scenario looks like this:

– Massive demonstrations tipping over the police chains where batons and tear gas are not enough. Government buildings are occupied, politicians threatened the parliament besieged. At the retreat the police kills  protesters. (…) The regime’s response will almost certainly be to turn to the armed forces for help.

Original article in the Danish newspaper Arbejderen: Privat lejehær skal beskytte græsk parlament mod oprør



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  4. Shared on face book. Take care, people of Greece.

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