Responsibility: “Put your foot where your mouth is”

This is a re-blog from Jan 29, 2012, because since then the western citizens to a very high extent, hasn’t stopped behaving like non-focused fools, not knowing what self-determination, self-organisation and a united, democratic resistance really is.


  • This article does not really aim to prove anything, or convince anyone – it is just highlighting some actual, general practiced ‘values’ of the western societies which feed the current “madness”. It is mad, how it is widely accepted in this society, that the ultimate, obvious irresponsibility is showed by those who usually are called “responsible”.




How is the human quality, “responsibility”, generally being interpreted and practiced in the western society? Exactly how much injustice and how much cruelty can we look away from, before we must be called “irresponsible”?

Merkel and Scheuble said:“the Greeks must show responsibility“, Blair said:“the civilized world must show responsibility“, Bush said: “its our responsibility to bring democracy to them”, western leaders said about Kosovo, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria: “Its our responsibility“, and the “responsible citizens” agreed, because they were told so. The leaders didn’t say the same about Serbia, Rwanda and Sudan, so therefore the “responsible citizens” didn’t feel any “responsibility“, when 1,5 million civilians were killed with guns and bombs in Serbia, machetes in Rwanda and state-sanctioned famine in Sudan. The system obviously guide and help the western citizen to interpret “responsibility” ‘the right way’.

RESPONSIBILITY, is demanded from the disobedient by the obedient. It is demanded by those who have shown, through careers, relationships, social behavior, lifestyle and life values, that their only real driving forces in life is EGOISM and NARCISSISM. When not balanced with EMPATHY and ALTRUISM these characteristics are, psycho-socially, highly destructive forces  so therefore they are conveniently styled and repacked by “government advisers” into neo-liberalism with ‘private profit’ and ‘freedom without obligations’ as its “bait”,… and ‘lies’, ‘deceit’, ‘cruelty’, ‘war crimes’ and  ‘conquest’ as it’s  “working tools”. Most careerists and “high achievers” are very fond of this ideology since it is particularly well-adjusted  for expressing greed and gluttony without moral concerns.

Those in the west who usually become the “responsible” and therefore the trustworthy and credible:

  • chose their life-paths according to their parents pressure at 15 (being formed to ignore ‘real life’, not explore it‘)
  • go to college at 18 (usually, just to get a diploma, get away from home and not to get knowledge)
  • start a career at 25 (to earn money and appear successful, not to truly develop, evolve and create)
  • get married at 28 (not from love but from sexual attraction and social-economic selection)
  • have their first kid at 29 (take the step into the world of the “truly responsible”, parents)
  • take the second big mortgage at 37 (to expand the material standard and save the marriage)
  • want divorce at 42 (to ‘find themselves’, because they suspect that they got lost sometime after the age of 6)…

Let me also bring to your attention that it is these “responsible”:

  • who work for predatory, parasitical, multinational corporations,
  • who work for clearly anti-democratic administrations,
  • who work for a science that is killing people,
  • who work for a legal system that hunts down the poor and protects the rich and “powerful”,
  • who look away when genocide is committed by their own governments,
  • who work in fascistic police units and armies that are fighting illegal wars and targeting civilians,
  • who work for a media that has decided to hide and distort the truth, instead of reveal and report it.

Many of them also say, that they do ALL this  for their children, so they can have “a better future”.  The “responsible” do all this and contribute to the madness, WITHOUT BEING MORALLY BOTHERED at all! They don’t have to, because indoctrination and “social conditioning” have taught them to negotiate with their conscience and bend their values. Since they were forced to make serious life choices at 15,  the “social, psychological, emotional and financial handcuffs” are around their wrists already by the time they are 30. Most spend the rest of their lives defending these choices and standpoints.

Sociological studies over the last 40 years show that, due to quite neurotic and stressful lifestyles, most of the “responsible” raise spoiled kids with bad manners. Not mischievous or aggressive, like some of the kids from poorer social groups turn into when under emotional and psychological pressure. No, the children of the “responsible” develop the adequate cunning-skills needed to “survive” in a hectic, ‘high achieving’ home, with the basic human values placed only in an imaginary “exhibition shelf”. Their kids develop ‘social skills’ adjusted only for selfish aims since their moral development is left aside to a great extent. While they are hunting “the American dream”, in action they unconsciously teach their children what lies, deceit, bribery and selfishness is and how these characteristics can be “useful tools for a great career”. By their own behavior they unconsciously teach them to value everyone in money and first and foremost from what they have, and not from what they are. There is rarely time to consciously guide the development of the children’s character and personality in any deeper sense. There is very little time over for rich, truthful and deep human interactions, so therefore the true “moral education” is largely left to its destiny. Of course most of the “responsible” have learned how to be  excellent “lip-servants”, so they ‘teach’ the right things with words, but it is in action they show which values they really nurture and that is also what the kids copy. So when do all these people suddenly turn into “responsible people”? Answer: The moment the buy into the bankers and the rulers agenda and promise to obey and not question their ‘projects’.

To all the irresponsible, “responsible”, I want to say: We are in reality heading with gigantic leaps towards a global fascist state and also your government show all the signs towards such a centralized, dictatorial global power. Don’t think that you are doing anything of any relevance, by just expressing your opinion, signing a few petitions, debate in social forums or join protest marches, if you are still serving the plutocratic, anti-democratic system through your daily ‘commitments’.

“Get up from your knees… Don’t join their armies, don’t work in their institutions or corporations and we’ll see how powerful they are!”

Unless some of the “responsible” press their buttons and their triggers, their armies will not work. Unless well-conditioned “responsible” work in their departments, institutions, corporations and their media, their global dictatorship can’t work – All the adequate information is out there, all the clear evidence for a global dictatorship unfolding are there and all the insiders have talked about it. There is really NOTHING else missing now except your courage. Do you want to do something really unbeatable for your children and your family? Raise your spine, stand up and refuse to continue to be humiliated, lied to and sacrificed in their wars, their economic crisis’ and their ‘globalized tyranny’. You who “don’t want trouble” must understand that you already have trouble in your lap, and your immediate concern should not be ‘terrorism’ or the immigrants and refugees. Be concerned with the rights they are taking away from you instead, in order to “protect you” of course. Most of the western people actually have more to fear from their own riot-police, intelligence services and military, than from any terrorist-organization or refuge.

The cold, indifference shown by the west’s “responsible people”, poses a need for a new definition of their kind. Those who work within the governmental bodies, the police force, the banks and the big corporations, and don’t refuse to obey anti-human policies or rules, must be portrayed and referred to in media as mentally ill, or as gangsters and collaborators… Exactly as anyone else would be, who are self-destructive or work for the Mafia, a “terrorist-organization” or a hostile foreign government. None of them can claim anymore that they “have children to feed”, that “it’s just their job” and that they “just obey orders”. The prison guards in Auschwitz also “just obeyed orders” and so did Pinochet’s torturers and executioners, exactly as the American torturers in the Abu Ghraib prison and in Guantanamo does. Needless to say, it’s NOT acceptable excuses anymore, when ‘their’ company, department or unit is abusing and destroying democratic constitutions, international laws and causing the death and the suffering of millions of humans (while completely ignoring the public opinion). Working in these companies or organizations and obeying anti-human policies and orders now, inflicts personal guilt in accordance to the public importance of one’s position, with the parameter ‘the more power the more responsibility’. Be sure that the abused, humiliated,  indignant and enraged people, will judge the indifferent ‘responsible’ exactly in accordance to this simple, very logic form of justice, and in fact,… so will History itself.

This indifferent attitude and a silent consent has escorted all the appalling “solutions“, “interventions” and the “military campaigns” launched by the west over the last decades,… from Serbia to Syria. Of course, always for humanitarian reasons. Everybody discuss the economic reasons, the political reasons, the scientific reasons, the ethical reasons but not many at all have enough courage and decency to discuss the outrageous criminal reasons and the terrible human suffering caused by “the good ones” when they are on “helping mood”. I am revolted by the indifference and the barbaric, but unfortunately common, behavior which is the result of the current European values (or rather, lack of values)… Europe now is no more than a sorry excuse of a “civilization”, and predominantly the central and the northern European societies, are showing exceptional indifference, cruelty and lack of real understanding. That is why, in the minds of most, an extremely questionable public debt, goes before innocent, human lives. That’s why it is still ‘not horrific’ and ‘not disgraceful’ that 5 000 people in Greece have been driven to suicide in 2,5 years, but it is ‘incredibly horrific’ and ‘disgraceful’ when angry youth in Athens burn a bank.

When a whole ‘western world’ nowadays discover ‘human inner life’, predominantly through migraine’s and ulcer’s, the emotional, psychological and spiritual condition of its citizens, becomes underdeveloped, crippled and weak and is therefore unable to take any relevant moral or ethical decisions.

It is in fact the same spiritual ‘wastelands’ in the esoteric lives of the Americans and the Europeans that defends genocide and war crimes in Asia and the Middle East, but judge the ones who protest against these atrocities. They can excuse mass murderers like Kissinger, Rumsfeldt, Albright, Blair and Bush, but demand zero-tolerance (3 strikes out) when a homeless woman steals an orange from the fruit stand. Hundreds of thousands of innocent war-crime victims, can be called ‘collateral damage’ and be dismissed as an unfortunate mistake,… and the soldier “of conscience”, who reveals the crimes, gets imprisoned instead of decorated.

It is the same ‘Ultimate Evil’ behind those who give the orders to ravish a country and those who are ignoring these crimes, just because it is “the powerful committing them, “our people”, and “because we need their oil, gas, gold, water and cheap labor”… Further, it is also the same lack of civilized behavior, the same “evil”, which makes it possible to accept millions of civilian war victims when it is Asians or Africans dying, but demand  a ‘world war’ when 3 000 American civilians die in a false flag operation…  IT IS  THE “RESPONSIBLE” PEOPLE WHO COMPLY WITH THIS.

What does it really take to be seen as a “responsible person”, in the western societies one might ask? Well, not much actually! You just need to conform to the norm and not be too inconvenient to the “sacred” bureaucracies and administrations and not question their existence or degree of power. If you just work, pay taxes, consume and produce without protests and disobedience, you are usually seen as a “responsible person”, you are obedient so therefore, trustworthy and credible. You can then be allowed to “play rich” by the “emperors” and the “kings” (the bankers and the governments). If you are willing to pawn your freedom, your human and civil rights and your soul. The mortgage, is the most common “contract with the devil” that exists in the western world today.

Obviously there is a great lack of human decency and human dignity, in the indifferent, careless and irresponsible intellectual European minds of today. Completely unable of course to judge from a humanitarian perspective, which would be based on TRUE CRITICAL CONSCIOUSNESS, CONSCIENCE and COURAGE and not on COWARDICE, NARCISSISM and EGOISM – the characteristics of a sociopath, that is. This is why money in effect goes before human lives, in so many European minds today, and why most value human lives in money, and not in accordance with the infinite abilities, possibilities and potential that EVERY human life has. To express and set up goals according to these abilities, possibilities and potential, is every Human Being’s  birth-right, and CAN therefore NOT be issued out, limited, or owned by money-printers, demagogues, lawmakers and business-parasites.

What the emotionally ill neo-liberals need to get into their thick heads is the following: Humans can’t be valued in money by anyone, because we don’t belong to anyone. ONLY slaves have a price label. No one have the moral right to put a price label on a free human being. We are not born to be economic commodities and therefore our existence, our life, cannot be valued in profit.

When you don’t oppose, resist and boycott injustice, atrocities, brutality and fascism, also in your daily actions and not just in your words, you actually comply with it! You are dipped in guilt whether you like it or not, because you know about the injustice but you still choose to ‘support it’ by contributing to its existence!

Wherever you live, if you are one of the voluntarily enslaved who “just follow orders”, it is clear that you are only able to become ‘involved’, angry and enraged for personal, financial reasons and not for general injustices, and you will of course wait until it hits you in the face before you react. You will then in reality react out of true selfishness and egoism, to save your own ass, but you will scream JUSTICE in general and demand understanding from others.  You can’t become enraged for the fact that human rights and human dignity is being ravaged and ripped apart, because your morals and ethics has already fallen apart, when you decided to NOT care until it affect you personally. When you felt that you needed to negotiate with your conscience all this years, at home, at school, in the school yard, at work, in the army, in the bar and anywhere else where you failed to stand up for justice and human dignity, you didn’t know that avoiding that, over and over again, would actually make you emotionally and spiritually ill, psychologically crippled and mentally weak.

The time has come for you to get well. The time has come when YOU need to “put your foot where your mouth is”. The only opinions that mean something today is the ones that are BACKED UP by relevant actions, which means to NOT participate, NOT support, NOT give your silent consent to injustice, brutality and crimes against humanity. This will heal you and give you INNER POWER. Today’s critical situation demands REAL personal responsibility, moral courage and personal action from all… DON’T COOPERATE WITH THOSE WHO ARE ENSLAVING YOU AND DON’T FEED THEIR TYRANNY.

Anything else is actually at this moment, pointless ‘mass-psychotherapy’ or public carnivals and at least I, am not interested in that! I am only interested in a serious, unified resistance and a ‘freedom struggle’, because that is what it truly is about, a FREEDOM struggle. It concerns mankind as a whole and therefore the threats can’t be seen as class-, race-, religion- or gender-determined. Except a handful of  the absolute financial, political and corporate elite, it concerns ALL the same and therefore the struggle should take the form of a globally, united, liberation struggle.

Understand that if you want to change the direction of a train (political-economic system) that is heading on RAILS towards a cliff (the bankers who met in Jekyll Island 100 years ago laid the railroad-tracks), it doesn’t matter which wagon (political party or social group) you chose to be in, because that will not change the direction of the railroad-tracks. If you can’t convince the driver (the governments and the financial elite) to stop the train, you need to assemble all the people in all the wagons and do the necessary, STOP the train with the emergency brake (revolution). Necessity demand a temporary redirection of the rails, JUST AWAY from the cliff and then hold an assembly meeting and vote about where to direct the new tracks, who’s building the new tracks and who’s going to drive the train. To fight and the arguing over which wagon is the best to travel in and from which wagon the driver will be, while heading over the cliff, is insane and so are we, if we don’t unite to stop the mad driver and redirect the tracks.

The ones who rule us, this anti-human elite, do they really fear anything or is it “game over”?

THEY FEAR A UNITED, PUBLIC OPINION LIKE VAMPIRES FEAR BOTH THE GARLIC AND THE CRUCIFIX. Their worst nightmare is still today your non-cooperation – the refusal to pay outrageous taxes for the military complex and the shadowy projects; refusal to leave homes when banks wage foreclosure on them, refusal to be so obedient to unjust and anti-human policies; they are horrified by the possibility of our refusal to ‘comply’ with our own enslavement in any form. Their system couldn’t cope if this was done on a mass scale. And that’s the point: To do this we need to do it en-masse and those not immediately affected need to support those who are. The following quote by Thucydides is as true today as it was then, when it was first expressed, ca 2 500 years ago during the Peloponnesian Wars.

“Justice will not come to Athens (the World) until those who are not injured are as indignant as those who are injured”

Thucydides (460 BC – 395 BC)

WE, THE HUMANS ON THIS PLANET ARE BORN FREE AND INDEPENDENT WITH A CONSCIOUS FREE CHOICE. And we will not settle down until the full meaning and content in this sentence, is officially and by law acknowledged and respected globally, by all governments and unions, all human institutions, all international corporations and all international banks!


Kosmas Loumakis

Karlshamn 29-12-2012




About athenianvoice

Kosmas Loumakis - Sociological consultant, analyst, field operative and tactical field coordinator of national and regional social projects in Sweden. Was contracted for almost two decades by governmental bodies and NGO's, in governmental gang crime and extremism preventive efforts. Have produced a number of socio pedagogic action plans and developed methods, field tactics and strategies for gang crime and extremism preventive projects.

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  1. Linda, allt jag skriver är till för att spridas och med glädje ser jag fram emot att följa din sida, som tar upp viktiga frågor! Kram

  2. By the way… Du inspirerade mig med alla dina artiklar om kampen för en humanare värld så nu har jag startat en egen hemsida med enbart samhällsfrågor och världsproblem. ifall du vill kika förbi och byta tankar. Jag kan tyvärr inte följa dig på face-book som du föreslog för jag är inte med där. Jag är nog snart den enda icke-medlemmen 🙂 Men har du fler intressanta inlägg så länka dem på min blogg. Jag ska ha din hemsida som en stående länk på min egen hemsida om det är okej för dig? Jag finner denna sida fantastisk och inspirerande. Otrolig intressant läsning! Mvh Linda

  3. Ytterliggare en fantastiskt skriven artikel. Liknar dom jämförelser jag själv gjort i min egen blogg där jag har en helt egen kategori för rasism och rättigheter. Jag var tillsammans med en kille från Rwanda för långe länge sedan och minns hur länge man blundade för dessa folkmord som begicks mitt framför ögonen på länderna runtom. Han berättade många tragiska historier om hur hans vänner funnit deras familjer slaktade och våldtagna när dom kommit hem. Han själv hade turen med sig då han återfann hela sin familj i Kanada genom röda korset. Alla hade klarat sig. Såg Hotel Rwanda för några månader sedan och helt plötsligt så blev hans liv en verklighet som förts över på film. Och där satt man i upplösningstillstånd framför filmen och insåg vilket helvete han kom ifrån.Men men…let the west lead the way. Vi får se nu om den själva ens kan leda sin del av världen i rätt riktning. He without sin cast the first stone vill jag minnas att det hette??

  4. Set the good examples in your daily actions and never negotiate with your conscience… Remind yourself daily that the heart is in reality our true captain and the mind is the navigator and not the other way around… My particular way of commitment is an active struggle physically and practically in the “ground zero”of this crisis, Athens… and from Stockholm through social medias, social forums and political lobbying the last 3 years…. Politically it takes place within the domains of the Greek resistance movement SPITHA, and spiritually by being real to my fellow human beings, love the truth and not bow to tyrants or their criminal “laws” and “rules”. To conform with the general government policies of today is to give away your power and your civil rights, therefore me and my brothers and sisters in Athens consider this to be a “liberation struggle” and nothing else… We and our brothers and sisters in Spain and Italy have understood this and so have many Americans, but the question is: When will this become common knowledge and when will mankind stand up from its knees and support our struggle against humanity’s current tyrants? If you read Greek, read my article in Greek that I wrote as a criticue to the overrated belief in massive protests without a common goal…

  5. I very much enjoyed reading this article of yours. My question to you is how are we going to get people to think for themselves when they have been literally brainwashed for generations? It has been over a decade that I have banned cable TV in my household or any kind of news that the radio says. I am thankful for the technology and particularly the internet that I can find my own sources of news and the truth. Many times I wondered how can a person convince another that people have the power, after all we are the 99%.
    What more will it take to make people realize that and do something about it? This is what responsibility means to me. Take situations in to your own hands and change what doesn’t agree with your conscious mind.

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