The true message from Merkel – ‘Let the looting begin’!


By Kosmas Loumakis

Any European media who write in their front pages today that “Merkel gave the Greeks hope” or that “Berlin stand behind Athens” should wipe off the EU-mud from their eyes

Angela Merkel, many different faces but the same predatory politics throughout her mandate-period. She came to Athens in order to see with ‘her own eyes’, she said. Well she saw empty streets around where she was, she saw nice empty parks and she even had a short walk in the area where no one else was allowed! She didn’t see the hundreds of thousands who were protesting against her visit and against her politics in general. She didn’t see the non-violent demonstrating citizens being attacked with teargas or randomly arrested for just having long hair or “looking rebellious”. She didn’t visit any of the neighborhoods where people have committed suicides, where they are starving and dying before their time, due to lack of medicines. She didn’t visit any school where kids still feint on a steady basis, she didn’t talk to any single citizen whose children are forced to leave Greece for a job. She didn’t meet any pensioners or any workers who have had their salaries reduced by up to 60%. She didn’t buy milk, bread, sugar, tomatoes, oil or butter to see that the main necessary groceries are ca 40% more expensive in Greece than any other European country (not compared with salaries, the actual prizes are ca 40% higher in Greece. She didn’t visit any of the families where members of the family take turns eating from day to day, because they can’t  feed the whole family every day. Usually the one who have a work eats every day in order to manage his or her work. She didn’t see the 500 000 Greeks and foreigners who are fed through soup kitchens in every city in Greece. So what did she see with her own eyes? Well she saw a sulking little boy who goes by the name of Antonis Samaras looking like he was waiting for the right moment to “ask mum for an ice cream”. Mum didn’t promise anything and when she left, little Samaras was still waiting for the “ice cream”, the promise of new support that is. I just want to remind you that the same guy last year at this time was acting out like Greece’s own “Dirty Harry” and said that he would NOT stand by and see how the EU-troika destroy Greece with the austerity measures and the ‘loans’. It’s the same film everywhere folks, but with local actors. “Ground Zero” of this whole plan though is Athens!

Due to the popularity of Mrs Merkel in Greece the Police of Athens together with the German embassy decided to remove the dust from an old law from 1971 and implement it again. The law was established by the dictator, Georgios Papadopoulos during the cruel dictatorship and by using this law yesterday, they made the entire inner city a NO-GO ZONE (marked with red color on the picture). Only on Syntagma square and Omonia square people were allowed to demonstrate! Ca 100 000 were in these two squares and another 200 000 outside the blocks trying to get into central Athens. Protests took place in many other cities in Greece as well.

Any European media who write in their front pages today that “Merkel gave the Greeks hope” or that “Berlin stand behind Athens” should wipe off the EU-mud from their eyes or at least check their own pictures from central Athens yesterday.  If those headlines was really truthful, the Greek people would have been on the streets with small German flags and Tyroler-hats, yodeling and  waving gratefully to her, when she visited Athens yesterday. Instead they were waving huge banners with the words “Merkel Fuck Off” or “Merkel you are NOT welcome”. Workers welcomed her dressed as SS-officers and NAZI-flags were burnt on Syntagma, and NOT out of gratefulness, I may add! Other banners said “Merkel Raus, murderer of 3500 Greeks” (the suicide victims over the last 30 months)!

Prime minister Samaras knows that the political system in Greece has a very low credibility in the eyes of the Greek citizens but also in EU’s eyes therefore he invited Merkel to Athens. Everyone in Greece knows that her visit was about giving Samaras and the three party government credibility and attract foreign investors. She met Prime minister Samaras for 25 min, President Papoulias for 20 min and the businessmen from different companies for 2 hours,… wink, wink!! The visit yesterday was more of a bizarre media show, but more than anything else it was a declaration to the business world that Greece is NOW  ‘open for looting’, because Samaras government has promised to be a good collaborator in the sell-out of Greece and the continuance of the genocidal measures and the social, economic, political and physical violence against the Greek people.

Of course she didn’t want to also explain that anyone investing or buying anything in Greece during the current conditions, may very well lose it all as soon as the people of Greece take back the power over the country, its assets, natural resources and public wealth. And please have no doubt that this will happen. The resistance in Greece has always started like a little stream that grows into an unstoppable wild river and as everyone knows a river never ever starts to suddenly go up streams. We will not suddenly accept dictatorship, we are democrats in our the core of our being and democracy is our “natural state of mind”! Through several resistance movements and amongst them Mikis Theodorakis SPITHA, and Dimitris Kazaki’s EPAM at the forefront, warnings to foreign investors has been addressed about attempts to making any business ‘deals’ in Greece under the currently imposed EU-conditions. Of course the warnings don’t implicate any threats of violence towards the investors (that is not the character of these resistance movements even though they certainly are mentally and emotionally prepared to self-defense against potential EU aggressions), but because any investor WILL for sure lose their investment’s since the ‘deals’ are done against Greek laws and the Greek constitution and by governments who don’t have the Greek people’s consent to bargain and negotiate with the public wealth, the lands borders, the natural resources, the health and the lives of Greek citizens and the sovereignty and the independence of the country.

Most Greeks have nothing against the German people who we know also suffer under the construction of an Orwellian, Merkellian totalitarian EU, but we certainly have a lot against the German government. That government has appointed itself as the terminator of European Democracy and they aim to replace it with a dictatorial and highly militarized bankers-federation with the European citizen as cheap labor. That is the actual “compatibility” they aim for on the global market.

Yesterday in Athens it was not the Police command of Athens who pulled the strings but the German embassy and the Greek government is not a real government it is a provincial domestic EU-Troika, put in place to execute the Eurogroup’s plans.

Angela Merkel’s and Wolfgang Scheuble’s Christian Democratic Union is NOT particularly Christian in its ethics, NOT at all democratic in its aims and absolutely NOT unifying, in other words a party name that mock all three of these phenomena’s. This party has been the main political generator of ‘brilliant’ dictatorial ideas and fascistic practices in Europe over the last decade and the ethically crawling and ass-licking countries Sweden, Holland, Belgium, Denmark, Finland and Austria are of course supporting the EU-Fuhrer in the attempt to destroy south Europe! Allover Europe we have libraries filled with enough historic evidence on which nations always seem to support the anti-democratic streams in Europe, when some self-appointed Fuhrer place him- or herself in the top of a powerful imperialistic state. We know who, never defended but always opposed, sabotaged and fought against the rest of Europe’s real democratic aims in its biggest battles. I want to remind the people in these nations that a hypocritical lip-service, bureaucratic democracy that systematize and dehumanize every little aspect of human affairs is not more democratic than a Filofax. True Democracy is best recognized in people’s personal behavior and approach to fellow human beings and not in dead paragraphs and written rules. Even though some of these institutions still have democratic administrations, the simple people now have no clue what real democracy means in practical behavior.

If we truly are looking to escalate and strengthen the European resistance against the bankers globalist-plans, we know by now which Europe we must bet on… Not the collaborators Europe, but the resisting citizens Europe. Not the Europe who accept high living standards for the few with “blood money”, but the decent Europe who can’t stand others “suffering for our gluttony and comfort”. We don’t have to be in Athens or Berlin to demonstrate against Merkel, we have “Merkels” everywhere around us and they are infecting our societies with narcissism, selfishness and personal profit above all. Be loyal to a true free Europe and protest against every Merkel wherever they are and wherever you hear them. In Sweden for instance ‘she’ is balled and is called Fredrick!


About athenianvoice

Kosmas Loumakis - Sociological consultant, analyst, field operative and tactical field coordinator of national and regional social projects in Sweden. Was contracted for almost two decades by governmental bodies and NGO's, in governmental gang crime and extremism preventive efforts. Have produced a number of socio pedagogic action plans and developed methods, field tactics and strategies for gang crime and extremism preventive projects.

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