by Kosmas Loumakis

We live in the times where human values has been corrupted, where selfishness, cruelty and profit has become “virtues” and where pure aggression is called self-defense! We live in times where everybody think they are enlightened and well informed when most in fact are brainwashed and conditioned to serve a strictly, controlled oligarchic system! We live in times where Provocateurs have the luxury of enjoying protection by the ill-translated laws and the victims are sentenced for their Self-Defense by the same ill-translated law! We live in the times where personal profit excuses any atrocities and where a business-deal is more important than millions of human lives!

Homo Sapiens has become Homo Consumus and that is not necessary Human development! SHAME, SHAME, SHAME on those who received precious knowledge from the ancestors and transformed it into silicon boobs, wars and nuclear weapons… SHAME, SHAME, SHAME on those who are so morally numbed so they are perfectly “fine” with living a life, where kicking downwards and licking upwards is OK! Our times will be remembered for the Cowardice, the Narcissism, the lack of Ethics and the loss of Human Dignity and Decency! Thank God, this bizarre excuse for a ‘civilization’ is heading to the Wall and from that blow, I believe we will begin to become Human at last! If enough people start to act after their common sense and start to see what is really going on around them, I think that we can hit the wall let’s say “not that hard”…

Kosmas Loumakis


About athenianvoice

Kosmas Loumakis - Sociological consultant, analyst, field operative and tactical field coordinator of national and regional social projects in Sweden. Was contracted for almost two decades by governmental bodies and NGO's, in governmental gang crime and extremism preventive efforts. Have produced a number of socio pedagogic action plans and developed methods, field tactics and strategies for gang crime and extremism preventive projects.

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