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Shock and Awe attack on the Greek people

By Kosmas Loumakis


..Behind the obvious scenes, however, a steady resistance movement grows that doesn’t necessarily see the massive protests as a major political action in itself anymore, but only as a starting point for a more prolonged and persistent resistance struggle!

Mass media in Greece is currently “fucking up” the psychology of the Greek people with an unprecedented SHOCK and AWE attack, fear propaganda and a constant repeating of potential horror scenarios (if IMF and EU-troika doesn’t help us we will…), the very well-staged increase of violence and the new rise of racism and xenophobia in the country!… Politicians are playing social-psychological games with people’s minds, emotions and wallets and they are really only looking to save their “fair share of the stolen goods” that now is looted off the Greek people… Today a 24-hour general strike starts with probably the well-rehearsed “traditional” riot-act of the security police, the riot police, the Golden Dawn and the misguided, angry youth. Unfortunately we know the storyline far too well by now.

Behind the obvious scenes, however, a steady resistance movement grows that doesn’t necessarily see the massive protests as a major political action in itself anymore, but only as a starting point for a more prolonged and persistent resistance struggle! Legal and political actions at European and International level have come from the Greek people (through organisations and movements), and beyond that, among many other things, a trust fund in the U.S, owned by US-Greeks, has provided a total sum of € 600 billion (with Banque de’Orient shares as a base for U.S. bonds) with constitutional terms to the Greek government in order to take part of the sum… This fund has thus deposited U.S. bonds in an account in a Canadian holding company that can “release” the money if the Greek government meets the conditions. This probably will not be happening that easy… The terms involve constitutional accuracy, and the end of the cooperation with the IMF. In few words they are, at writing point, buying the Greek national debt of the hands of foreign powers. The legal process flows sluggishly on in this story and so does the process of the Banque de’Orient-share in itself. Apparent, is that the U.S. bonds were resolved with B de’O shares as recently as 2007. This actually confirms further that the B de’O shares in fact has been treated as valid by both the American and the French National Banks…( Article about the B de’O-share: who actually owes who)

Furthermore, I know that talks about a joint effort with Spain, Portugal and Italy have been going on, both at trade union level, but especially on a new popular movement’s level, who emerged in these countries over the past 20 months. Occupy, Indignant’s, Citizens’ Rights movements, new National Resistance movements etc. Thus, they are trying to collect the “troops” for a joint action in solidarity with each other and against the EU Troika, the fraudulent bankers, the corporation Europe and the globalists.

If not an international armed conflict and a domestic, extremist, civil unrest put a stop to it, I think there is a good chance that the Greek people will get legal, economic and social reparations in time… I came back to Stockholm yesterday and have still the disgusting aftertaste left by the staged so-called “Muslim riots” in Omonia square in Athens on Saturday so that the brainwashed and with fear conditioned, will lean more on the “safety” promised by Golden Dawn! There is a very cruel and diabolical, cunning game going on against the people of Greece behind the facade of the Troika-loyal forces, mainly on the psychological level!

A joint effort by the peoples of Europe is desperately needed and first and foremost ALL the immediate actions has to be concentrated on liberating the countries, which are under the most serious attacks NOW. Any other focus right now by the European citizens than saving Greece and Spain, means in fact losing precious time and most likely the whole struggle in the end. A joint effort has to be undertaken in the “frontline”, at “ground zero”, on the bankster’s “crime scene” and NOT just in every country domestically on its own and AFTER Greece and Spain has been demolished as sovereign and independent nations. The Europeans and some more than others are again showing a remarkable apathy towards fellow European countries. It disgust me to see how countries (as Sweden, Holland, Finland etc.) outside of the immediate risk zone are dealing with the international globalist’s plans,… as if they were plans that only becomes real when the globalist’s hit their country. It disgusts me to know that so many Europeans have allowed their governments to lead Greece to its slow death and the Greek people to its current suffering. ALL for an ALLEGED DEBT, well accompanied with a revolting media bullying-campaign as the chosen propaganda tool against the Greek people! While the Greek government and the whole Greek political system actually, blatantly, ignores the resisting people’s voices, EU-officials,  heads of states,  ministers of finance and bankers in Europe, have never bothered anyone of the 8500 richest Greek millionaires who owe taxes to the Greek state, for the 1,3 trillion Euro they have in Switzerland and Caymans – Why doesn’t the citizens of Europe loudly ask WHY?

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