SPITHA – a modern form of a Greek National Resistance Movement!

By Kosmas Loumakis

SPITHA (Mikis Thodorakis) and EPAM (Dimitris Kazakis) are the only two true resistance movements in Greece and they have both been completely ignored for almost two years, by all the media in Greece and abroad. None of them want to become a political party at this point since they both identify the basic problems as results of the whole political system in Greece. They are movements with active groups allover Greece and with a growing interest along side with the harder measures imposed by the Eurogroup/IMF through the Greek government.

As an active member of SPITHA (sparkle), I now feel that, the “wheels” of this resistance movement have started to really role and I know for sure that we will not stop, until the Greek people is liberated and free again… What the sacrifices will be this time I don’t know but then again that was never an issue once we decide to resist. We, the Independent Greek Citizens, have from the beginning committed ourselves to this cause and this is only the beginning and we KNOW it is only the beginning.

The protests and the strikes in Greece now rises again since the “new” measures are completely genocidal (Thomsen: “certain damage cannot be excluded in these calculations”) Sounds as linguistically acceptable as the expression “collateral damage” doesn’t it? – It stands clear that lots of people ARE going to die, from lack of health care, necessary medicines, food and shelter. The new measures are the final nail in the coffin of the Greek nation and its people. The Eurogroup has declared that “the needs of the lenders go before the needs of the Greek people” (and this for loans that was forced upon the Greeks in order to pay back  loans from, as far back as, 1920’s)… Compare this answer with the answer that the delegate from the Greek government, who asked the NAZI-command if they could let some food reach the starving Greeks in the cities, during the occupation in WWII, received: “The needs of the German army and the German people go before the needs of the Greek people”! That time 350 000 starved to death just during the winter of 1941.

Right now ALL what the Greek people have been fighting several wars for, been imprisoned for, been killed for and been tortured and deported for in order to achieve what we legally established as our social, civil and citizens’ rights, since 1948, is now being destroyed and completely demolished.

Yesterday, Mikis Theodorakis, national resistance movement, SPITHA announced that we are now beginning the movements active, political campaign by calling the people of Greece (from the whole spectra of the Greek society) to participate in political and judicial actions. “Our weapon is us united”, Mikis declared “…and they will fall for sure if we just stay united” he continued.  Yesterday on Syntagma square SPITHA were informing about their “program” and they were gathering signatures from citizens for the support of one public “referendum” brought forward by the Independent Greek Citizens (SPITHA) and that declare ALL measures and agreements that the Governments of Greece have agreed on with the Eurogroup, and IMF (and any foreign lender) since 5 May 2010, illegal and therefore NOT sanctioned by the people of Greece! Every signature means 1 vote for this declaration…

SPITHA, at this moment, is doing loads of high priority judicial and political work towards both Athens and Brussels. For instance serious claims of the damages from WWII and the German loan (that Greece was forced to give Germany during the occupation 1941 to 1944) . This debt that Germany has to Greece is at this moment ca 350 billion euro (this is NOT including the damages for war crimes during the occupation)! There is a packed program of serious and sober, adequate actions in progress from SPITHA right now.

Anyone who argue that the Greeks had the chance in the last elections to show what they wanted, must first consider the fact that the vast majority of the people actually clearly expressed that they don’t want the memorandum and the austerity measures and that they wanted the IMF out of Greece! Those who didn’t vote were ca 45% of those who could vote… This was the actual vote of the Greek people, almost half the population declared that “no one from the old system or that old system itself are trusted”…  Out of those 55% who did vote ca 65 % voted on other parties than those in power today. This means that in reality the ones who govern Greece today do so with mere 14% of the actual Greek citizen’s mandate. Those who did vote for ND or PASOK are of course those who have too much to lose, by not voting for one of the established parties. When asking anyone on the streets what they want, ALL say that they want the IMF out, no memorandum and the end of the austerity measures. All who have understood that we also don’t need any more loans from such kind of lenders also understands that one inevitable action that must occur before we can start recovering is to STOP TAKING MORE LOANS. One can easily wonder after such unanimous answers who the 14% were who seem to have voted for the “memorandum parties”.

Anyway, as a growing counterpart to the kind of Greece that the Golden Dawn wants, besides the bankers aims of the Quisling-government and their “courts”, stands SPITHA, the “sparkle” that will manage to successive raise the proud Greek spirit of freedom against our current enemy into a massive “cleansing fire”.

Mikis Theodorakis is NOT asking for advice. He is calling the Europeans to action, generally all Europeans and particularly the Greeks because that is “ground zero” of the globalist agenda at the moment. He knows very well what should, what must and what will be done! Not many in Europe actually have his experience in these matters and the matter that concern us now is to liberate the country and claim our rights back. This should be the first matter to all thinking Europeans, who are concerned about their countries and who want to see a democratic process become a vital tool against the globalist agenda.

The movement that Mikis started is based on the adequate intelligence, the investigated and critically tested knowledge, personal insights and extremely good personal experience from actual armed resistance in both WWII, against fascists in the civil war and against the military junta 1967 to 1973! Check these links but use google translate since the site is only in Greek…


The petition that the governing committee of SPITHA presented on friday



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Kosmas Loumakis - Sociological consultant, analyst, field operative and tactical field coordinator of national and regional social projects in Sweden. Was contracted for almost two decades by governmental bodies and NGO's, in governmental gang crime and extremism preventive efforts. Have produced a number of socio pedagogic action plans and developed methods, field tactics and strategies for gang crime and extremism preventive projects.

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  1. I wish SPITHA and EPAM, and Greece all luck and strength in the world to succeed in your so important task. IMF and EU has raped the Greek People and sooner or later charma will hit back. You are in my prayers.
    Ann Johansson

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