To all US, EU and NATO-soldiers: Don’t accept to be logo-typed, hired killers!

kosmas-loumakisKosmas Loumakissociological analyst and former consultant and field operator in crime prevention and socio-pedagogic programs in Sweden

“Dignity consists not in possessing honours, but in the consciousness that we deserve them” – Aristotle

This is a wake up call to those in the brainwashed flock called soldiers, who still have a reasonable mind and still can think for themselves:

To most social- and the behavioural-scientists it stands clear, that only scared and insecure boys think that their  manhood is best measured by what calibre they carry. COLT and the invention of modern firearms, beyond doubt really made men cowards in their mental approach to conflicts, battles and war. The western armies of today in fact don’t train real warriors; they just impose blind obedience, teach racism and a white supremacy tale and turn scared, angry and poor boys into hired killers. They just train them to be corporate owned, logo-typed and severely brainwashed, hired killers. They usually have no more personal credibility or more honourable reasons, than common mafia hitmen. 6 out of 10 of these boys and girls, struggle emotionally and mentally with very sad social  backgrounds and 2 out of 10 come from a quite persuasive military environment (tradition of family of soldiers).

This is in fact also one of the real reasons why crime gangs and violent gang cultures still exists in the western world. It doesn’t still exist because we do not know how to handle the problem, but because the political forces behind these problems don’t want to solve these problems. They’re kept there in order to form hordes of angry youth, ready to kill and die for spineless, power freaks. Those who need to have a “wanker-tank” of brainwashed fools to recruit from.

Or did you maybe think that we were able to develop a human civilization that went from oil lamps and horse and wagon to rockets, computers and space stations in less than 70 years, but that we can’t deal with some of the most devastating human and social issues? Did you think that we really can’t, get rid of poverty, social deprivation, gang violence, organized crime, terrorism and other poverty related crimes? Well, you are wrong. To all these social problems sociologists, criminologists, psychologists and social anthropologists have solutions since the end of the 60′s at least. But among other “benefits” with having around one third of one country’s population in serious social and economic need, is that you will always have young men, ready to go and fight some unjust war “for their country”. A whole repressive and preventive industry is preoccupied “dealing” with those issues, but never to really solve them of course. Social workers, police gang units, parole officers, social welfare, courts, penal system and some parts of the health care system, are all in fact very benefited by keeping these problems alive. So are the extremist capitalists who need serfs, servants and their own armies.

Studies have shown since WWI that soldiers who go abroad to fight, have up to 8 times bigger chance of falling into mental illness, than soldiers who are defending their country in their homeland. In my opinion that is also the only times when an individual has valid reason, to take a weapon in his hand and join the army. I did my military training (32 years ago) in an elite unit, but I will never go abroad to fight any other man in his land, because I learned very early in my home that those who do that are wrong, very, very wrong. Nowadays we also know that the vast majority of the victims are unarmed civilians, women and children and not soldiers. This has made modern war a disgraceful affair in which dignity, honour and glory are painfully absent.

Company logos and brands are what you actually are fighting for. You are just common butchers and hired killers really, acting under a company logo that now is clearly detectable to most thinking humans on the planet. All thinking people know this, so you can stop trying to convince us that you are doing it for freedom, peace, democracy, your country, your family and all the other nauseating, well-rehearsed “reasons” they pumped into your brain, before they unleashed you on some innocent, unarmed civilians and women and children.  We know now far too well that you have just been fooled and lied to about things as dignity, honour, glory, courage and patriotism. You are just price-labelled, expendable war dogs to these corporate leaders and so you are to the politicians who send you to die by telling you sheer LIES.

If you truly did respect yourselves and your lives and if you understood what true honour and bravery is, you would turn your guns, intellectual and political I mean, against your bankers and your ministers and ask them a couple of serious questions, before you allowed yourselves to go and humiliate, torture, terrorize and kill unarmed civilians, children and women. If you don’t have the courage to do that, you are truly just war dogs in uniforms that are stupid enough to volunteer to go and kill and die for THEIR profit. One question only: Did you ever see any of their sons, grand sons or nephews on the actual battlefields?

In reality, those who think they serve their country, while actually serving a few evil men that have hijacked their country, are the worst kind of collaborators of all, because they provide the “predators” muscles and physical power and they prevent their own brothers and sisters from putting up a legitimate resistance and a liberation struggle against them. They lack any kind of critical thinking, self respect and they have voluntarily handed themselves over to evil men to use them after their desires. They become traitors in the right sense of the word and there are no excuses any more such as “I just followed orders” or “I did my duty”. Stupidity,  a non-critical mind and inferiority complex are not excuses that will leave you without personal responsibility when the free citizens of the world rise united against you.  If trained soldiers want to do anything out of great significance for their country, for democracy and for mankind, they should join and help organizing the resisting masses all over the world in the growing worldwide movements of resistance against the power-elite. Otherwise they are just mindless puppets, who are directly under the influence of the enemies of mankind and their organizations. I tell all of you who work in uniforms right now: If you are ready to die for an honourable cause, then be ready to die to liberate and free mankind, not to imprison it in a totalitarian, Orwellian, global fascist state. The only true heroes existing today are actually just those who outnumbered and with old guns defend their countries against the invasions from the biggest and most modern armies of the world, and those who refuse to fight abroad in any NATO-led army.  Not a single man or woman in a NATO-uniform has anything to be proud off, because he is representing the cowards, the traitors and the butchers. He is working hand in hand with mercenaries to cleanse geographic regions of their populations. All of them most certainly share the moral, collective guilt of WAR CRIMES and CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, that is continuously and as a routine performed by NATO and affiliated mercenary armies.

FACTS: War has never, ever truly solved anything; it has just postponed things and added more fuel to conflicts and it have nurtured and developed feelings of revenge, retaliation and pay-back in the hearts of the victims of any war… It keeps the threats alive and it leads to bigger wars and it usually leaves civil wars behind!  At least according to recorded and available historic facts! Actually, the only truly serious change that both world wars brought about, was a greater concentration of power and the creation of super states like the G8, the EU, the UN and NATO. On the other hand there HAS been over 1 000 non-violence actions taking place over the last 2 000 years, that involved more than 10 000 people in each one of them and that changed unjust rule of a state, ended oppression and got rid of tyrants… So if something that is based on real facts can be said in the issue of War, it is that WAR DOESN’T SOLVE ANYTHING, WHILE NON-VIOLENT, DETERMINED AND UNITED ACTIONS DOES!..

But most of you didn’t learn that in the INDOCTRINATION CENTRE you call school. You have therefore chosen to serve and fight for these criminals and against humanity for a salary, food, a shitty dental plan and a uniform.

If you say NO to work for the predators and join the liberation struggle, you WILL became true heroes. US, and EU governments are panicking now and therefore it is NOW, that you guys have to chose whether you stand, WITH HUMANITY or AGAINST IT? Remember one thing: When these predators will try to escape true justice, they will sacrifice you and leave you behind.

“Cowards die a little every day, the brave die only once” – King Leonidas I of Sparta (540 BC — 480 BC)


Kosmas Loumakis

Athens 29-07-2012


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Kosmas Loumakis - Sociological consultant, analyst, field operative and tactical field coordinator of national and regional social projects in Sweden. Was contracted for almost two decades by governmental bodies and NGO's, in governmental gang crime and extremism preventive efforts. Have produced a number of socio pedagogic action plans and developed methods, field tactics and strategies for gang crime and extremism preventive projects.

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