Constitutional violations that have occurred recently in Greece

The following constitutional violations have occurred during the last years in Greece of the economic crisis:

1. Contrary to the constitution, the voting of the Memorandum of passage 1 and the illegal signing of the first loan agreement by Mr. G. Papakonstantinouun, under no legitimacy and in secrecy by the Greek people and the parliament. In violation of the constitution, under Memorandum 2, the assignment of sovereignty and control of the Greek state in which foreign powers have no legitimacy to intervene in the internal affairs of Greece but they are committed to safeguard the interests of questionable lenders and not to violate the rights of Greek people.
2. From the November 11, 2011, the illegal and unconstitutional appointment, against the will of the Greek people as prime minister of Mr Lucas Papademos and the cooperation with the party leaders of PASOK, ND and LAOS and unlike the popular will to move forward the plans of foreign forces, ignoring the popular rights that have to respect.
3. In violation of Article 1 § 2 “the foundation of government is popular sovereignty” and paragraph “All powers emanate from the people, are existing for the Nation and are exercised as stipulated by the Constitution”- violation of popular will.
4. In violation of Article 2 para 1 “The Respect and protection of human dignity constitute the primary obligations of the state” in Article 4 para 1 “All Greeks are equal before the law” Paragraph 2 “Greek men and women have equal rights and obligations “and paragraph 5” Greek citizens contribute without distinction to public charges in proportion to their means “- Leading people of Greece to indignity and National inequality.
5. In violation of Article 5 § 2 “everyone within the Greek territory shall enjoy full protection of life, honor and freedom …” Fri, the 3rd “Personal liberty is inviolable. No one is persecuted, arrested, imprisoned or otherwise confined … “, Article 7 paragraph 2″ Torture, any bodily injury, impairment of health or psychological violence, and any other offense against human dignity are prohibited and punished ” and Article 11, paragraph 1 “the Greeks have the right to assemble peaceably and without arms” use force by police arbitrariness and repression in order to prevent the free expression of the Greek people, derived by the Constitution. In violation of Article 22 paragraph 1 “Work is a right protected by the State, which provides for the creation of conditions of employment for all citizens and for the moral and material advancement of the rural and urban population” – breaking up any legal protection for workers and lawmaking at the behest and for the benefit of creditors and against the national interest. 
6. Inviolation of Article 28 para.3 “Greece shall freely proceed by law passed by an absolute majority of the total number of members, restrictions on the exercise of national sovereignty, insofar as this is dictated by important national interest, does not affect the human rights and the foundations of democratic government and is based on the principles of equality and under the condition of reciprocity “- a consensus implementation and adoption of the new memorandum (known as the” Memorandum 2 “) and the signing of the new loan agreement, pointing the attention on the sovereignty of Greece without even the absolute majority of the total number of members (300).
7. The constitutional and international law guarantees respect and protection of national sovereignty are affected in addition: (a) By repeating-as in the Loan Facility Agreement of 05/10/2010, the clause waiving the immunity of sovereignty, (b) overloaning the country and the immediate denial of satisfaction of basic needs of the Greek people and decent living conditions of Greek citizens, (c) the cumulation “burdensome” debt and (d) theapplication of English law rather than public international law governing international conventions of states. Therefore, the text called the House to vote violates the core constitutional guarantees of sovereignty, the popular will.
8. The measures in the text of the memorandum and imposed on the Greek people violate principles of equal weights, the social state of law (Article 4 § 5 and 25 § 1 of the Constitution) and the guarantees of social rights of the Greeks (Articles 22 and 23 of the Constitution). Also violate fundamental guarantees of the Treaty of Lisbon (the Charter of Fundamental Rights) and international law, and guarantees of international law.

The list above is a part of the “STATEMENT OF CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS VIOLATION AND DEMANDS” that was published by the “Support Greece” group. In this statement the members of the group demand:

1.Cancellation of the loan agreement Greece / Member Eurozone / IMF, Memorandum and all laws and administrative acts issued

2.Cancellation of contemptible debt amounting to at least 2/3 of total debt and deep cut of the remaining debt.

3. Immediate and effective compensation claim of German and occupation of the forced loan and the other Greek claims against Germany

4. Fair distribution of social wealth produced, production protection of public goods and the welfare state and return to growth.

5. Adoption of a new Constitution based on the principles of popular sovereignty and direct democracy.

6. Ensurance of National independence.

7. Repeal of constitutional violations and non-repetition in the future.

8. Attribution of responsibility to those responsible.


Source “Happens in Greece”


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Kosmas Loumakis - Sociological consultant, analyst, field operative and tactical field coordinator of national and regional social projects in Sweden. Was contracted for almost two decades by governmental bodies and NGO's, in governmental gang crime and extremism preventive efforts. Have produced a number of socio pedagogic action plans and developed methods, field tactics and strategies for gang crime and extremism preventive projects.

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  1. This was a very well planned out operation by the big banking corporations running a massive extortion racket which was nothing short of war. In fact if another country had invaded with armed forces, at least the Greek people would have had the chance to fight back. Instead you are not even allowed to name the aggressors for fear of reprisals, and with no actual declaration of war, what is there to do but be subservient. No! Defend your Homeland, your Heritage and your Ancestors with your life for your children’s sake. Damn your politicians and all other politicians like them, who have sold your heritage for a vote, and still sidle up to them now instead of growing a backbone and telling them where to go.

  2. Firm and massive legal actions is needed in order to curb the anti-democratic development in Europe! Demands that justice should do its job must be loudly demanded by all citizens of Europe…

  3. The illegalities concerning the take over of Greece should be considered very seriously because it is a blueprint of what awaits all of Europe very soon!

  4. Det är varken hemliga sällskap eller övermäktiga armeer, utan det är den genuina RÄDSLAN, DUMHETEN och FEGHETEN i de skrämda själarna som är det farligaste hotet vi står inför. Vi är trots allt ett väsen som inom sig har förmågan till både illdåd och hjältedåd. Frågan är vad har vi närt i vårt inre, Odjuret eller Hjälten? Narcissisten eller Medmänniskan? Fienden har nu börjat utkristallisera sig från att vara opersonliga företag och institutioner, till att vara igenkännliga, mänskliga skuggfigurer av kött och blod… Vi vet idag vilka som skapat förutsättningarna och framställt ursäkterna för två världskrig, en depression och centraliseringen av makten. Många kommer att lämna dem därhän, nu när det står relativt klart för alltfler vad deras mål är.

  5. The unemployed, homeless, uneducated, socially excluded from the basic human needs are multiplying at an alarming rate and will soon be more than HALF THE POPULATION. For those on the streets, what remains is the generalization of solidarity and conflict with the system of oppression and exploitation. The social base now required in addition to reclaim the lost conquests of the past, to organize the mechanisms that will ensure the nutritional, spiritual and physical protection of its members. To realize and educate those structures that can withstand the state and para-statal attacks, will maintain the minimum standard of living of the people in front of the capitalist offensive, and will fight back with the aim to bring about the social liberation. Against the disgraceful growth of a few, organize and oppose the equal welfare of all!

    Let’s put back on our lips the word revolution!

  6. Ca 2-4 självmord om dagen och ca 50% av ungdomarna är arbetslösa, barn svimmar fortfarande av hunger i skolorna och Athen har blivit en stad kantad av hemlösa och tiggare!… Europeerna som anser sig vara demokrater borde ägna sig lite allvarligare åt just detta “folkmord” istället för att leka vardagsekonomer och bortse från de mänskliga kostnaderna… Att basunera ut siffror och ekonomiska modeller och undvika att tala om de mänskliga tragedierna som Bryssel och EU-trojkan utövat på grekerna i två år nu börjar nå sin kulmen – Tro för fan inte att det är “ofattbart” när blod börjar flyta på Athens gator och säg för fan inte “hur kunde detta hända”!!

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