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The Rise of the Police State and the Absence of Mass Opposition

by James Petras and Robin Eastman Abaya


One of the most significant political developments in recent US history has been the virtually unchallenged rise of the police state.  Despite the vast expansion of the police powers of the Executive Branch of government, the extraordinary growth of an entire panoply of repressive agencies, with hundreds of thousands of personnel, and enormous public and secret budgets and the vast scope of police state surveillance, including the acknowledged monitoring of over 40 million US citizens and residents, no mass pro-democracy movement has emerged to confront the powers and prerogatives or even protest the investigations of the police state.

In the early fifties, when the McCarthyite purges were accompanied by restrictions on free speech, compulsory loyalty oaths and congressional ‘witch hunt’ investigations of public officials, cultural figures , intellectuals, academics and trade unionists, such police state measures  provoked widespread public debate and protests and even institutional resistance.  By the end of the 1950’s mass demonstrations were held at the sites of the public hearings of the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) in San Francisco (1960) and elsewhere and major civil rights movements arose to challenge the racially segregated South, the compliant Federal government and the terrorist racist death squads of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK). The Free Speech Movement in Berkeley (1964) ignited nationwide mass demonstrations against the authoritarian-style university governance.

The police state incubated during the first years of the Cold War was challenged by mass movements pledged to retain or regain democratic freedoms and civil rights.

Key to understanding the rise of mass movements for democratic freedoms was their fusion with broader social and cultural movements:  democratic freedoms were linked to the struggle for racial equality; free speech was necessary in order to organize a mass movement against the imperial US Indo-Chinese wars and widespread racial segregation; the shutting down of Congressional ‘witch hunts’ and purges opened up the cultural sphere to new and critical voices and revitalized the trade unions and professional associations.  All were seen as critical to protecting hard-won workers’ rights and social advances.

In the face of mass opposition, many of the overt police state tactics of the 1950’s went ‘underground’ and were replaced by covert operations; selective state violence against individuals replaced mass purges.  The popular pro-democracy movements strengthened civil society and public hearings exposed and weakened the police state apparatus, but it did not go away.  However, from the early 1980’s to the present, especially over the past 20 years, the police state has expanded dramatically, penetrating all aspects of civil society while arousing no sustained or even sporadic mass opposition.

The question is why has the police state  grown and even exceeded the boundaries of previous periods of repression and yet not provoked any sustained mass opposition? This is in contrast to the broad-based pro-democracy movements of the mid to late 20th century.  That a massive and growing police state apparatus exists is beyond doubt:  one simply has to look up the published records of personnel (both public agents and private contractors), the huge budgets and scores of agencies involved in internal spying on tens of millions of American citizens and residents.  The scope and depth of arbitrary police state measures taken include arbitrary detention and interrogations, entrapment and the blacklisting of hundreds of thousands of US citizens.  Presidential fiats have established the framework for the assassination of US citizens and residents, military tribunals, detention camps and the seizure of private property.

Yet as these gross violations of the constitutional order have taken place and as each police state agency has further eroded our democratic freedoms, there have been no massive “anti-Homeland Security” movements, no campus ‘Free Speech movements’.  There are only the isolated and courageous voices of specialized ‘civil liberties’ and constitutional freedoms activists and organizations, which speak out and raise legal challenges to the abuse, but have virtually no mass base and no objective coverage in the mass media.

To address this issue of mass inactivity before the rise of the police state, we will approach the topic from two angles.

We will describe how the organizers and operatives have structured the police state and how that has neutralized mass responses.

We will then discuss the ‘meaning’ of non-activity, setting out several hypotheses about the underlying motives and behavior of the ‘passive mass’ of citizens.

The Concentric Circles of the Police State           

While the potential reach of the police state agencies covers the entire US population, in fact, it operates on the basis of ‘concentric circles’.  The police state is perceived and experienced by the US population according to the degree of their involvement in critical opposition to state policies.  While the police state theoretically affects ‘everyone’, in practice it operates through a series of concentric circles. The ‘inner core’, of approximately several million citizens, is the sector of the population experiencing the brunt of the police state persecution.  They include the most critical, active citizens, especially those identified by the police state as sharing religious and ethnic identities with  declared foreign enemies, critics or alleged ‘terrorists’.  These include immigrants and citizens of Arab, Persian, Pakistani, Afghan and Somali descent, as well as American converts to Islam.

Ethnic and religious “profiling” is rife in all transport centers (airports, bus and train stations and on the highways).  Mosques, Islamic charities and foundations are under constant surveillance and subject to raids, entrapment, arrests, and even Israeli-style ‘targeted’ assassinations.

The second core group, targeted by the police state, includes  African Americans, Hispanics and immigration rights activists (numbering in the millions).  They are subject to massive arbitrary sweeps, round-ups and unlimited detention without trial as well as mass indiscriminate deportations.

After the ‘core groups’ is the ‘inner circle’ which includes millions of US citizens and residents, who have written or spoken critically of US and Israeli policy in the Middle East, expressed solidarity with the suffering of the Palestinian people, opposed US invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan or have visited countries or regions opposed to US empire building (Venezuela, Iran, South Lebanon, Syria, the West Bank and Gaza, etc.).  Hundreds of thousands of these citizens have their telephone, e-mail and internet communications under surveillance; they have been targeted in airports, denied passports, subject to ‘visits’ and to covert and overt blacklisting at their schools and workplaces.

Activists engaged in civil liberties groups, lawyers, and professionals, leftists engaged in anti-Imperialist, pro-democracy and anti-police state activities and their publications are on ‘file’ in the massive police state labyrinth of data collecting on ‘political terrorists’.  Environmental movements and their activists have been treated as potential terrorists – with their own family members subjected to police harassment and ominous ‘visits’.

The  ‘outer circle’ includes, community, civic, religious and trade union leaders and activists who, in the course of their activity interact with or even express support for core and inner circle critics and victims of police state violations of due process . The ‘outer circle’ numbering a few million citizens are ‘on file’ as ‘persons of interest’, which may involve monitoring their e-mail and periodic ‘checks’ on their petition signing and defense appeals.
These ‘three circles’ are the central targets of the police state, numbering upward of 40 million US citizens and immigrants – who have not committed any crime.  For having exercised their constitutional rights, they have been subjected to various degrees of police state repression and harassment.

The police state, however, has ‘fluid boundaries’ about whom to spy on, whom to arrest and when – depending on whatever arouses the apparatchiks ‘suspicion’ or desire to exercise power or please their superiors at any given moment.

The key to the police state operations of the US in the 21st century is to repress pro-democracy citizens and pre-empt any mass movement without undermining the electoral system, which provides political theater and legitimacy.  A police state ‘boundary’ is constructed to ensure that citizens will have little option but to vote for the two pro-police state parties, legislatures and executives without reference to the conduct, conditions and demands of the core, inner and outer circle of victims, critics and activists.  Frequent raids, harsh public ‘exemplary’ punishment and mass media stigmatization transmit a message to the passive mass of voters and non-voters that the victims of repression ‘must have been doing something wrong’ or else they would not be under police state repression.

The key to the police state strategy is to not allow its critics to gain a mass base, popular legitimacy or public acceptance.  The state and the media constantly drum the message that the activists’ ‘causes’ are not our (American, patriotic) ‘causes’; that ‘their’ pro-democracy activities impede ‘our’ electoral activities; their lives, wisdom and experiences do not touch our workplaces, neighborhoods, sports, religious and civic associations.  To the degree that the police-state has ‘fenced in’ the inner circles of the pro-democracy activists, they have attained a free hand and uncontested reach in deepening and extending the boundaries of the authoritarian state.  To the degree that the police state rationale or presence has penetrated the consciousness of the mass of the US population, it has created a mighty barrier to the linking of private discontent with public action.

Hypothesis on Mass Complicity and Acquiescence with the Police State

If the police-state is now the dominant reality of US political life, why isn’t it at the center of citizen concern?  Why are there no pro-democracy popular movements?  How has the police state been so successful in ‘fencing off’ the activists from the vast majority of US citizens?  After all, other countries at other times have faced even more repressive regimes and yet the citizens rebelled.  In the past, despite the so-called ‘Soviet threat’, pro-democracy movements emerged in the US and even rolled back a burgeoning police state.  Why does the evocation of an outside ‘Islamic terrorist threat’ seem to incapacitate our citizens today? Or does it?

There is no simple, single explanation for the passivity of the US citizens faced with a rising omnipotent police state.  Their motives are complex and changing and it is best to examine them in some detail.

One explanation for passivity is that precisely the power and pervasiveness of the police state has created deep fear, especially among people with family obligations, vulnerable employment and with moderate commitments to democratic freedoms.  This group of citizens is aware of cases where police powers have affected other citizens who were involved in critical activities, causing job loss and broad suffering and are not willing to sacrifice their security and the welfare of their families for what they believe is a ‘losing cause’ – a movement lacking a strong popular base and with little institutional support.  Only when the protest against the Wall Street bailout and the ‘ Occupy Wall Street ’ movements against the ‘1%’ gained momentum, did this sector express transitory support.  But as the Office of the President consummated the bailout and the police-state crushed the ‘Occupy’ encampments, fear and caution led many sympathizers to withdraw timidly back into passivity.

The second motive for ‘acquiescence’ among a substantial public is because they tend to support the police state, based on their acceptance of the anti-terror ideology and its virulent anti-Muslim-anti-Arab racism, driven in large part by influential sectors of pro-Israel opinion makers.  The fear and loathing of Muslims, cultivated by the police state and mass media, was central to the post-9/11 build-up of Homeland Security and the serial wars against Israel ’s adversaries, including Iraq , Lebanon , Libya and now Syria with plans for Iran .  Active support for the police state peaked during the first 5 years post- 9/11 and subsequently ebbed as the Wall Street-induced economic crisis, loss of employment and the failures of government policy propelled concerns about the economy far ahead of support for the police state.  Nevertheless, at least one-third of the electorate still supports the police state, ‘right or wrong’.  They firmly believe that the police state protects their ‘security’; that suspects, arrestees, and others under watch ‘must have been doing something illegal’.  The most ardent backers of the police state are found among the rabid anti-immigrant groups who support arbitrary round-ups, mass deportations and the expansion of police powers at the expense of constitutional guarantees.

The third possible motive for acquiescence in the police state is ignorance: those millions of US citizens who are not aware of the size, scope and activities of the police state.  Their practical behavior speaks to the notion that ‘since I am not directly affected it must not exist’.  Embedded in everyday life, making a living, enjoying  leisure time, entertainment, sports, family, neighborhoods and concerned only about household budgets … This mass is so embedded in their personal ‘micro-world’ that it considers the macro-economic and political issues raised by the police state as ‘distant’, outside of their experience or interest:  ‘I don’t have time’, ‘I don’t know enough’, ‘It’s all ‘politics’ … The widespread apoliticism of the US public plays into its ignoring the monster that has grown in its midst.

Paradoxically as some peoples’ concerns and passive discontent over the economy has grown, it has lessened support for the police state as well as having lessened opposition to it.  In other words the police state flourishes while public discontent is focused more on the economic institutions of the state and society.  Few, if any, contemporary political leaders educate their constituency by connecting the rise of the police state, imperial wars and Wall Street to the everyday economic issues concerning most US citizens.  The fragmentation of issues, the separation of the economic from the political and the divorce of political concerns from individual ones, allow the police state to stand ‘above and outside’ of the popular consciousness , concerns and activities.

State-sponsored fear mongering on behalf of the police state is amplified and popularized by the mass media on a daily basis via propagandistic-‘news’, ‘anti-terrorist’ detective programs, Hollywood’s decades of crass anti-Arab, Islamophobic films.  The mass media portrayal of the police state’s naked violations of democratic rights as normal and necessary in a milieu infiltrated by ‘Muslim terrorists’, where feckless ‘liberals’(defenders of due process and the Bill of Rights) threaten national security, has been effective.

 Ideologically, the police state depends on identifying the expansion of police powers with ‘national security’ of the passive ‘silent’ majority, even as it creates profound insecurity for an active, critical minority.  The self-serving identification of the ‘nation’ and the ‘flag’ with the police state apparatus is especially prominent during ‘mass spectacles’ where ‘rock’, schlock and ‘sports’  infuse mass entertainment with solemn Pledges of Allegiance to uphold and respect  the police state and busty be-wigged young women wail nasally versions of the national anthem to thunderous applause. Wounded ‘warriors’ are trotted out and soldiers rigid in their dress uniforms salute enormous flags, while the message transmitted  is that police state at home works hand in hand with our ‘men and women in uniform’ abroad.  The police state is presented as a patriotic extension of the wars abroad and as such both impose ‘necessary’ constraints on citizen opposition, public criticism and any real forthright defense of freedom.

Conclusion:  What is to be done?           

The ascendancy of the police state has benefited enormously from the phony bi-partisan de-politicization of repressive legislation, and the fragmentation of socio-economic struggles from democratic dissent. The mass anti-war movements of the early 1990’s and 2001-2003 were undermined (sold-out) by the defection of its leaders to the Democratic Party machine and its electoral agenda.  The massive popular immigration movement was taken over by Mexican-American political opportunists from the Democratic Party and decimated while the same Democratic Party, under President Barack Obama, has escalated police state repression against immigrants, expelling millions of Latino immigrant workers and their families.

Historical experience teaches us that a successful struggle against an emerging police state depends on the linking of the socio-economic struggles that engage the attention of the masses of citizens with the pro-democracy, pro-civil liberty, ‘free speech’ movements of the middle classes. The deepening economic crisis, the savage cuts in living standards and working conditions and the fight to save ‘sacred’ social programs (like Social Security and Medicare) have to be tied in with the expansion of the police state.  A mass social justice movement, which brings together thousands of anti-Wall Streeters, millions of pro-Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid recipients with hundreds of thousands of immigrant workers will inevitably clash with the bloated police-state apparatus.  Freedom is essential to the struggle for social justice and the mass struggle for social justice is the only basis for rolling back the police state.  The hope is that mass economic pain will ignite mass activity, which, in turn, will make people aware of the dangerous growth of the police state.  A mass understanding of this link will be essential to any advance in the movement for democracy and people’s welfare at home and peace abroad.

Global Research Articles by James Petras
Global Research Articles by Robin Eastman Abaya

To all US, EU and NATO-soldiers: Don’t accept to be logo-typed, hired killers!

kosmas-loumakisKosmas Loumakissociological analyst and former consultant and field operator in crime prevention and socio-pedagogic programs in Sweden

“Dignity consists not in possessing honours, but in the consciousness that we deserve them” – Aristotle

This is a wake up call to those in the brainwashed flock called soldiers, who still have a reasonable mind and still can think for themselves:

To most social- and the behavioural-scientists it stands clear, that only scared and insecure boys think that their  manhood is best measured by what calibre they carry. COLT and the invention of modern firearms, beyond doubt really made men cowards in their mental approach to conflicts, battles and war. The western armies of today in fact don’t train real warriors; they just impose blind obedience, teach racism and a white supremacy tale and turn scared, angry and poor boys into hired killers. They just train them to be corporate owned, logo-typed and severely brainwashed, hired killers. They usually have no more personal credibility or more honourable reasons, than common mafia hitmen. 6 out of 10 of these boys and girls, struggle emotionally and mentally with very sad social  backgrounds and 2 out of 10 come from a quite persuasive military environment (tradition of family of soldiers).

This is in fact also one of the real reasons why crime gangs and violent gang cultures still exists in the western world. It doesn’t still exist because we do not know how to handle the problem, but because the political forces behind these problems don’t want to solve these problems. They’re kept there in order to form hordes of angry youth, ready to kill and die for spineless, power freaks. Those who need to have a “wanker-tank” of brainwashed fools to recruit from.

Or did you maybe think that we were able to develop a human civilization that went from oil lamps and horse and wagon to rockets, computers and space stations in less than 70 years, but that we can’t deal with some of the most devastating human and social issues? Did you think that we really can’t, get rid of poverty, social deprivation, gang violence, organized crime, terrorism and other poverty related crimes? Well, you are wrong. To all these social problems sociologists, criminologists, psychologists and social anthropologists have solutions since the end of the 60′s at least. But among other “benefits” with having around one third of one country’s population in serious social and economic need, is that you will always have young men, ready to go and fight some unjust war “for their country”. A whole repressive and preventive industry is preoccupied “dealing” with those issues, but never to really solve them of course. Social workers, police gang units, parole officers, social welfare, courts, penal system and some parts of the health care system, are all in fact very benefited by keeping these problems alive. So are the extremist capitalists who need serfs, servants and their own armies.

Studies have shown since WWI that soldiers who go abroad to fight, have up to 8 times bigger chance of falling into mental illness, than soldiers who are defending their country in their homeland. In my opinion that is also the only times when an individual has valid reason, to take a weapon in his hand and join the army. I did my military training (32 years ago) in an elite unit, but I will never go abroad to fight any other man in his land, because I learned very early in my home that those who do that are wrong, very, very wrong. Nowadays we also know that the vast majority of the victims are unarmed civilians, women and children and not soldiers. This has made modern war a disgraceful affair in which dignity, honour and glory are painfully absent.

Company logos and brands are what you actually are fighting for. You are just common butchers and hired killers really, acting under a company logo that now is clearly detectable to most thinking humans on the planet. All thinking people know this, so you can stop trying to convince us that you are doing it for freedom, peace, democracy, your country, your family and all the other nauseating, well-rehearsed “reasons” they pumped into your brain, before they unleashed you on some innocent, unarmed civilians and women and children.  We know now far too well that you have just been fooled and lied to about things as dignity, honour, glory, courage and patriotism. You are just price-labelled, expendable war dogs to these corporate leaders and so you are to the politicians who send you to die by telling you sheer LIES.

If you truly did respect yourselves and your lives and if you understood what true honour and bravery is, you would turn your guns, intellectual and political I mean, against your bankers and your ministers and ask them a couple of serious questions, before you allowed yourselves to go and humiliate, torture, terrorize and kill unarmed civilians, children and women. If you don’t have the courage to do that, you are truly just war dogs in uniforms that are stupid enough to volunteer to go and kill and die for THEIR profit. One question only: Did you ever see any of their sons, grand sons or nephews on the actual battlefields?

In reality, those who think they serve their country, while actually serving a few evil men that have hijacked their country, are the worst kind of collaborators of all, because they provide the “predators” muscles and physical power and they prevent their own brothers and sisters from putting up a legitimate resistance and a liberation struggle against them. They lack any kind of critical thinking, self respect and they have voluntarily handed themselves over to evil men to use them after their desires. They become traitors in the right sense of the word and there are no excuses any more such as “I just followed orders” or “I did my duty”. Stupidity,  a non-critical mind and inferiority complex are not excuses that will leave you without personal responsibility when the free citizens of the world rise united against you.  If trained soldiers want to do anything out of great significance for their country, for democracy and for mankind, they should join and help organizing the resisting masses all over the world in the growing worldwide movements of resistance against the power-elite. Otherwise they are just mindless puppets, who are directly under the influence of the enemies of mankind and their organizations. I tell all of you who work in uniforms right now: If you are ready to die for an honourable cause, then be ready to die to liberate and free mankind, not to imprison it in a totalitarian, Orwellian, global fascist state. The only true heroes existing today are actually just those who outnumbered and with old guns defend their countries against the invasions from the biggest and most modern armies of the world, and those who refuse to fight abroad in any NATO-led army.  Not a single man or woman in a NATO-uniform has anything to be proud off, because he is representing the cowards, the traitors and the butchers. He is working hand in hand with mercenaries to cleanse geographic regions of their populations. All of them most certainly share the moral, collective guilt of WAR CRIMES and CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, that is continuously and as a routine performed by NATO and affiliated mercenary armies.

FACTS: War has never, ever truly solved anything; it has just postponed things and added more fuel to conflicts and it have nurtured and developed feelings of revenge, retaliation and pay-back in the hearts of the victims of any war… It keeps the threats alive and it leads to bigger wars and it usually leaves civil wars behind!  At least according to recorded and available historic facts! Actually, the only truly serious change that both world wars brought about, was a greater concentration of power and the creation of super states like the G8, the EU, the UN and NATO. On the other hand there HAS been over 1 000 non-violence actions taking place over the last 2 000 years, that involved more than 10 000 people in each one of them and that changed unjust rule of a state, ended oppression and got rid of tyrants… So if something that is based on real facts can be said in the issue of War, it is that WAR DOESN’T SOLVE ANYTHING, WHILE NON-VIOLENT, DETERMINED AND UNITED ACTIONS DOES!..

But most of you didn’t learn that in the INDOCTRINATION CENTRE you call school. You have therefore chosen to serve and fight for these criminals and against humanity for a salary, food, a shitty dental plan and a uniform.

If you say NO to work for the predators and join the liberation struggle, you WILL became true heroes. US, and EU governments are panicking now and therefore it is NOW, that you guys have to chose whether you stand, WITH HUMANITY or AGAINST IT? Remember one thing: When these predators will try to escape true justice, they will sacrifice you and leave you behind.

“Cowards die a little every day, the brave die only once” – King Leonidas I of Sparta (540 BC — 480 BC)


Kosmas Loumakis

Athens 29-07-2012

The Dark Side of the London Olympics


The London Olympics is accompanied with loads of really embarrassing issues, as for example the genocidal ethics of the companies who sponsor these games, the media’s marketing-psychological approach to the public about these games, the immense security measures that completely has militarized the atmosphere, the treatment of the people in the community of Stratford, where the Olympic sites are settled and the clear occult symbolism in it’s festivities, mascots and souvenirs. The whole sports event draws the attention to a tacky Brand Fair for multi international corporations and a sinister declaration by the financial and political elite, of what kind of a world we all might have in front of us in the near future.

“It has been said that the Olympics is a great opportunity for thieving, but it seems that the thieving is mostly carried out by those who are funding it!”

“Thousands and thousands of lives has been changed to the worse because of what ultimately is a three weeks of a Brand Fest!”

VICE takes an in-depth look at the British public’s reaction to The Games in London and the negative impact it’s having on certain people’s lives.

One thing that’s great about the Olympics is all the fabulous regeneration in East London. We went to meet all the lucky locals, such as the residents of the Carpenter’s Estate, who have been evicted from their homes to make way for the Games. Some of them even got moved to Stoke! Lucky them. Marginally more hyped about the whole thing are the competitors in the Boris Johnson themed “wiff-waff” tournament (that’s ping-pong to you, me, and everyone besides Boris).

It’s not just politicians, capitalists, sportsmen, and protestors who are obsessed with the Olympics. Pornographers, gangsters, and alien conspiracy theorists are pretty excited about it too.

The 2012 London Olympics have been billed as “The Greenest Games the World Has Ever Seen,” but, well, it’s not as simple as that. In part 3, we take a look at the claims corporate sponsors are using as a PR stunt to cover up their checkered environmental and humanitarian pasts. Meanwhile, a monster has been spotted eating birds in the River Lea. We call in a cryptozoologist to investigate.

Rule Britannia scours the UK to partake of all the sordid offerings of this green and pleasant and messed-up land. Please politely enjoy the absolute best of Old Blighty.

Ode to Lost Joy

English – Ελληνικά (παρακάτω)

Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” (1785) is the official anthem of the European Union (E.U.)
“Ode to Lost Joy” is a metaphor on the current situation the peoples of Europe are gradually facing – the people of Greece being the first and most fiercely attacked. In the name of a “Union” which has grown to be anti-democratic – infected by the corruption of its political elite, international bankers, corporations, and mainstream media – lies, blackmailing, moralizing, and scapegoating are put to use in order to subject the people to extreme hardship, shattering lives, and destroying democracy.

Occupy E.U.

“Η Ωδή στη Χαράς” του Μπετόβεν (1785) είναι ο επίσημος ύπνος της Ευρωπαϊκής Ένωσης (Ε.Ε.)
Η “Ωδή στη Χαμένη Χαρά” είναι μια μεταφορά για τη σημερινή κατάσταση με την οποία έρχονται – και θα έρχονται – σταδιακά αντιμέτωποι οι λαοί της Ευρώπης – οι Έλληνες όντας οι πρώτοι επιτηθέμενοι με τον πιο βίαιο τρόπο. Στο όνομα μιάς “Ένωσης” όλο και πιο αντι-δημοκρατικής – μολυσμένη από τη διαφθορά της πολιτικής της Ελίτ, των διεθνών τραπεζιτών, των πολυεθνικών, και των μέσων μαζικής ενημέρωσης – ψέματα, εκβιασμοί, ηθικολογίες, και “αποδιοπομπαίοι τράγοι”, χρησιμοποιούνται για την υποδούλωση των λαών, καταστρέφοντας τις ζωές των ανθρώπων, και τη δημοκρατία.

Occupy E.U.

US using al-Qaeda to overthrow Syrian government: Analyst

File photo shows an explosion in the flashpoint Khalidiya district of the central Syrian city of Homs on July 23, 2012.
A prominent political analyst says the US and its allies have once again failed in their attempt to overthrow Syria’s government despite using all the tools at their disposal including al-Qaeda militants, Press TV reports.

“Obama relies on drones, he relies on special forces; he relies on irregular forces and his irregular forces include al-Qaeda, interestingly enough and all kinds of terrorist groups around the world that have now been recruited into this US strategy, so I do not think any intelligent observer is going to be much impressed by what Obama has said,” Webster Griffin Tarpley told Press TV on Tuesday.

On July 21, The New York Times reported that “[US President Barack] Obama’s administration has for now abandoned efforts for a diplomatic settlement to the conflict in Syria, and instead it is increasing aid to the rebels and redoubling efforts to rally a coalition of like-minded countries to forcibly bring down the government of President Bashar al-Assad.”

According to the report, the US diplomats have been in contact with Israeli and Turkish officials over how to overthrow Assad’s government.

Tarpley added, however, that these efforts against Syria “by some indications at least, have been a failure.”

The analyst said the Western media are blacking out democratic movements in Bahrain or Saudi Arabia and ignoring the terrible situation in those countries while concentrating on Syria.

“So I think it would be important to shift the attention to Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, [and] the United Arab Emirates [UAE]; all these reactionary monarchies of the Persian Gulf, it seems to me, really are the ones that ought to be on the hot seat and that might give Syria some sort of cease,” he added.

Syria has been the scene of unrest since mid-March, 2011, with demonstrations being held both against and in support of President Bashar al-Assad’s government.

The West and the Syrian opposition accuse the government of killing protesters. But Damascus blames ”outlaws, saboteurs and armed terrorist groups” for the unrest, insisting that it is being orchestrated from abroad.

Obama relies on drones, he relies on special forces; he relies on irregular forces and his irregular forces include al-Qaeda, interestingly enough and all kinds of terrorist groups around the world that have now been recruited into this US strategy, so I do not think any intelligent observer is going to be much impressed by what Obama has said.”

Political analyst Webster Griffin Tarpley


A Piece of Greece – Timelapse

Controlled Moving Camera – Timelapse from Greece..

Costas Golemis (Media offline) and Fotis Traganoudakis (Public eye Studio), joined forces and the result is an excellent video with timelapse technology. Advancing the art of photography and knowing very well the art of editing and animation, they took a step forward, giving through their work an answer to those who claim that there is no hope for Greece. It took hours and thousands of photo frames, special equipment designed by the two of them and very careful editing to create the final result. In difficult times for Greece, they are daring, and they are justified.

Music created specifically for this timelapse was written by Tania Giannouli.

The video is already going around the world via the Internet at very fast pace.You will find it uploaded at

Where was the Olympic Spirit?

by Kosmas Loumakis

The opening ceremony was spectacular, but would fit better as an opening of some bizarre spectacle in Colosseum, during Emperor Nero’s time and not as an opening for the Olympics. It didn’t have much to do with any Olympic spirit. To fill the stadium with sulphur, smoke and industry-chimneys and to celebrate death, which almost the entire opening ceremony did, is to dishonour and insult the Olympic spirit and not to celebrate it – For those who are somewhat familiar with the occult and with Satanism’s symbolism, it was obvious to what they paid tribute to last night and it sure wasn’t PEACE, the HUMAN PHYSICAL  and MENTAL ABILITIES and THE CONSCIOUS CREATIVE FORCE IN MAN.

Football, modern day Boxing and several other Olympic Sports originated in England and strangely enough, not a second was spent to these. England has a brilliant history and mythology in for example the story about King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. They could have taken the opportunity to thank their former colonies  for (against their will, of course)  making Great Britain so “great” ! They have tales like Robin Hood, etc. and they have amazing explorers to present and pay their respect to, which definitely would celebrate the Olympic values better than scenes of  poor terrified children, who were being hunted by demonic beings, or people who crawl up from the underworld to become industrial slaves. The symbolism throughout the inauguration and the choice of “themes” was unfortunately a celebration of everything that has destroyed the human individual’s existence, and not of what have raised it to brilliance and great achievements! Shakespeare is one of mankind’s greatest writers and poets, and he was quoted only in a sentence in connection with the ravages of industrialization, not in his brilliant characterization of the human soul’s passions and depth.

What at least gave the English humour justice, was merely wrapped with James Bond and the “prime free loader” and of course Mr. Bean’s brilliant feature.

I would like to ask the responsible production designers and producers: Exactly WHAT had the inauguration to do with the Olympic values? I would also like to ask the Olympic Committee: Why do you still call this the Olympic Games, when you obviously can’t manage to keep  the Olympic spirit alive, not even during the games?

Fu***ng hell, and where was Pink Floyd? You cannot have an Olympic opening ceremony in London without Pink Floyd getting a central, musical role.

I think every aware and knowledgeable person, must have felt insulted last night due to the apparent misinterpretation of EVERYTHING that the Olympics stands for. The spirit of the ceremony, where the Olympic fire was handed over from Olympia in Greece to “London”, obviously was severely twisted on its way to England. That ceremony is talking about completely different overtones in the human physique, mind and spirit than the human capacity for inhumanity, enslavement and the demonic abysses of the human soul.  Perhaps it is precisely this discrepancy between what the Greeks handed over in Olympia and what the English managed to make out of it, which is so characteristic for what modern Europe has managed to make of the civilization that the Greeks gave them once. From marble temples to industrial chimneys and from the celebration of the human being to the celebration of demons.

Nah, a magnificent and spectacular ceremony it truly was, but not at all worthy of calling Olympic.

Vart var den Olympiska andan?

av Kosmas Loumakis

OS-invigningen var spektakulär, men skulle passa bättre som invigning till något bisarrt skådespel i Colosseum under kejsar Neros tid och inte som invigning till OS! Den hade inte vidare mycket med någon Olympisk anda att göra. Att fylla stadion med svavel, rök och industriskorstenar och att hylla döden, så som i princip hela invigningen gjorde, är att skända och förolämpa den Olympiska andan inte hylla den – För dem som är något insatta i ockultism och satanismens symbolik, var det solklart vad man hyllade igår kväll och inte var det FRED, den MÄNSKLIGA FYSISKA och SJÄLSLIGA FÖRMÅGAN och DEN MEDVETNA SKAPELSEN.

Fotboll, dagens moderna Boxning och flera andra Olympiska grenar har sitt ursprung i England och inte en sekund ägnade man åt detta. England har en briljant historia och mytologi i Kung Arthur och riddarna kring det runda bordet, de har sina f.d kolonier att passa på att tacka för att de (emot sin vilja förstås) gjorde Storbritannien så ”stort” och de har sagor som Robin Hood m.m och de har fantastiska upptäcktsresande att gestalta och som klart mer skulle hylla de Olympiska värdena än livrädda barn som jagas av demon-lika figurer, eller människor som dyker upp ur underjorden för att bli industrislavar! Symboliken genom hela invigningen och valet av ”teman” var tyvärr en hyllning till allt det som har förstört den mänskliga individens tillvaro och inte det som höjt den till briljans och stordåd! Shakespeare som är en av mänsklighetens största poeter, citerade man endast i en mening i samband med industrialismens framfart, inte om hans lysande beskrivningen av den mänskliga själens lidelser och djup.

Det som åtminstone gav den engelska humorn rättvisa, var endast inslaget med James Bond och ”ärke-snylterskan” samt naturligtvis Mr Beans lysande inslag.

Jag skulle vilja fråga de ansvariga scenograferna och producenterna: Exakt VAD hade den invigningen att göra med de Olympiska värdena? Jag skulle också vilja fråga den Olympiska kommittén: Varför kallar ni detta fortfarande för Olympiska Spel när ni uppenbarligen inte förmår hålla de Olympiska värdena vid liv, ens under spelen?

Och vart FAN var Pink Floyd? Man kan inte ha en OS-invigning i London utan att Pink Floyd får en central musikalisk roll.

Jag tror att varje medveten och upplyst människa måste känt sig förolämpad igår kväll av den uppenbara misstolkningen av ALLT vad OS står för. Ceremonin, där man lämnade över den Olympiska elden från Olympia till ”London” förvrängdes kraftigt på vägen! Den ceremonin talar om helt andra förtecken i människans fysik, själ och ande än förmågan till omänsklighet, slaveri och demoniska avgrunder i den mänskliga själen. Kanske är just diskrepansen mellan vad grekerna lämnade över i Olympia och det som engelsmännen lyckades göra av det, äckligt likt det som det moderna Europa har lyckats göra av den civilisation som grekerna gav dem en gång i tiden. Från marmortempel till industriskorstenar och från hyllning av människan till hyllning av demoner.

Nä, en storartad och spektakulär ceremoni var det, men inte alls värd att kallas Olympisk!



Αγαπητοί φίλοι και φίλες,

Σήμερα βιώνουμε μια μεγάλη εθνική τραγωδία. Σύσσωμος ο ελληνικός λαός οδηγήθηκε στην άκρη του γκρεμού χωρίς να το ξέρει και δίχως να το θέλει. Χωρίς να υπάρχει ουσιαστικά πρόβλημα, η χώρα μας οδηγήθηκε μεθοδικά σε βαρειά οικονομική κρίση, μόνο και μόνο για να εισαχθεί στο ΔΝΤ και να αποτελέσει την πειραματική και πειρατική εισβολή της Αυτοκρατορίας του Χρήματος στην Ευρώπη.

Πρωταγωνιστής ο Γιώργος Παπανδρέου μετά τη συνάντηση με τον Στρος-Καν το θέρος του 2009. Ακολούθησε η μεθόδευση για τον τεχνητό, οικονομικό και κοινωνικό υποβιβασμό μας με την κακουργηματική διόγκωση του ελλείμματος από 9,2% σε 15% και στη συνέχεια οι δηλώσεις του πρώην πρωθυπουργού και του κ. Παπακωνσταντίνου περί Τιτανικού, διαφθοράς, ανικανότητας, τεμπελιάς και οικονομικού χάους.

Στη συνέχεια ήρθε το Μνημόνιο και οι Δανειακές Συμβάσεις που με τις σκληρές και αντιλαϊκές αποφάσεις δημιούργησαν μέσα στον λαό ένα συνεχώς διογκούμενο κίνημα αγανάκτησης, που για να το αντιμετωπίσουν έχουν καταφύγει στη χρήση γενικευμένων μεθόδων ωμής βίας.

Έτσι μπορούμε να πούμε ότι σήμερα ζούμε μέσα σε ένα καθεστώς βίας. Και είναι λάθος να θεωρούμε ως βία μονάχα τη σωματική. Ουσιαστική βία είναι επίσης κάθε αυθαίρετη πράξη που προσβάλλει τα δικαιώματα του πολίτη για εργασία, μόρφωση, ασφάλεια και δικαιοσύνη. Βία είναι η αυθαιρεσία, η υποκρισία, η παραπληροφόρηση και η υποκουλτούρα. Βία είναι να αποφασίζεις για τη ζωή των άλλων καταπατώντας τη θέλησή τους. Βία είναι να εκτελείς εντολές ξένων, που βλάπτουν τους πολίτες και την πατρίδα σου. Βία είναι να θίγεις την ιερότητα της εθνικής ανεξαρτησίας, τον σεβασμό στην ιστορία της πατρίδας σου και να περιφρονείς τις πολιτιστικές, πνευματικές και θρησκευτικές παραδόσεις σου που αποτελούν την ταυτότητά σου ως ελεύθερου πολίτη και Έλληνα.

Απέναντι σ’ αυτό το Μαύρο Μέτωπο είναι εθνική ανάγκη να συγκροτηθεί ένα πανίσχυρο λαϊκό Κίνημα από ελεύθερους, ανεξάρτητους, διαφωτισμένους και αποφασισμένους πολίτες.

Πρέπει λοιπόν κατ’ αρχήν να επισημάνουμε όλες τις σύγχρονες μορφές βίας, απ’ όπου κι αν προέρχονται, τις πηγές που τις γεννούν και τις στηρίζουν και που όλες μαζί αποτελούν το Σύστημα, που σήμερα κυριαρχικά κάθεται πάνω στο σβέρκο μας και προσπαθεί να μας λυγίσει, έως ότου μας αναγκάσει να προσκυνήσουμε μπροστά στα πόδια του.

Απέναντι σ’ αυτό το Σύστημα και τους όποιους δορυφόρους του θα πρέπει να είμαστε αμείλικτοι, ασυμβίβαστοι και επιθετικοί. Να καλλιεργούμε συστηματικά την τελική κρίσιμη σύγκρουση με την καθημερινή μας στάση από σήμερα. Πρέπει όμως γι’ αυτό να ψηλώνουμε κάθε μέρα και πιο πολύ. Να γινόμαστε σοφότεροι, πιο σίγουροι και πιο πειστικοί, προκειμένου να εξαπλώσουμε τη δική μας πίστη σε όλο και ευρύτερα κοινωνικά στρώματα.

Όσο για μας, τους Έλληνες, αποτελούμε επίλεκτο στόχο μιας πρωτοφανούς καταστρεπτικής εισβολής σε διεθνές επίπεδο με όπλο το χρήμα δηλαδή το οικονομικό σύστημα που είναι απόλυτα εξαρτημένο από Μεγάλες Τράπεζες, πίσω από τις οποίες βρίσκονται δυο-τρεις μεγάλες δυνάμεις, όπως οι ΗΠΑ και η Γερμανία.

Υπάρχουν πολλά σενάρια για τους τελικούς στόχους αυτής της παγκόσμιας εκστρατείας. Εμείς θα αρκεστούμε μόνο σ’ αυτά που βλέπουμε και υφιστάμεθα. Κι αυτό που διαπιστώνουμε στην πράξη είναι ότι με όπλο την εξαθλίωση των εργαζομένων οδηγούν βήμα με βήμα στη διάλυση Κοινωνιών και Εθνών και Κρατών, με στόχο να εξαγοράσουν τον όποιο πλούτο μας μισοτιμής, να γίνουν οι δανειστές μας αφεντικά στη χώρα μας κι εμείς να μετατραπούμε σε λαό υπηρετών εξαρτημένων από τα καπρίτσια του κάθε αφεντικού μας.

Προχτές πιστεύοντας ότι μας έχουνε ζαλίσει και διαλύσει, βγάλανε τη μάσκα και μας το είπαν καθαρά: Για να ζήσετε, θα πρέπει να πουληθείτε. Και πρώτα απ’ όλα θα πρέπει να πουλήσετε και μάλιστα φτηνά, ο,τιδήποτε έχει αξία: Κτίρια, νησιά, ακόμα και αρχαία Μνημεία. Μας είπαν μάλιστα ότι την Ακρόπολη την εκτιμούν σε κάποια δισεκατομμύρια Ευρώ, ενώ παράλληλα με τα δάνεια και τους τόκους και με τα κόλπα που αυτοί ξέρουν καλά, μας οδηγούν στο δίλημμα «Ή ΠΟΥΛΑΤΕ ΚΑΙ ΠΟΥΛΙΕΣΤΕ ή πεθαίνετε και χάνεστε». Θέλετε να σωθείτε, τότε πρέπει να πουληθείτε εσείς και η χώρα σας.

Μπροστά σ’ αυτή την πρόκληση μια μόνο απάντηση υπάρχει: ΑΝΤΙΣΤΑΣΗ ΚΑΙ ΑΛΛΗΛΕΓΓΥΗ.

Γι’ αυτό σας καλούμε να δημιουργήσουμε το Πανεθνικό Παλλαϊκό Μέτωπο Αλληλεγγύης και Αντίστασης στα καταστροφικά και αντιλαϊκά μέτρα της Κυβέρνησης και των ξένων αφεντικών της. Να δημιουργήσουμε την Ε.ΛΑ.Δ.Α.
Ας ενώσουμε τις καρδιές και τις σκέψεις μας κι ας δώσουμε τα χέρια για τη σωτηρία της Πατρίδας με την Ε.ΛΑ.Δ.Α. για την Ελλάδα.

Σας ευχαριστώ.

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