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Who are the rating agencies serving?

Who are the rating agencies serving?

Press TV interviews Max Keiser, journalist and broadcaster in Paris about the credit rating agency’s role in having nations impose austerity measures on the people of Europe and the damage this is causing to sovereign nations.


Financial terrorists behind EU-crisis

Financial terrorists behind EU-crisis

Powerful banks such as Wall St. banks, Germany’s Deutsche Bank and the Bank of England are committing acts of ‘financial terrorism’ which have caused the Euro crisis, an analyst tells Press TV.

Which laws allow them to still be “in business” a European citizen might wonder? Which laws allow them to go against constitutions and European law?

The year of dissent – Battling Greece, battling Europe

The year of dissent – Battling Greece, battling Europe

2011 will be remembered for its mass protests in Greece where angry crowds clashed with police and trashed the streets of Athens in response to the government’s austerity measures. The leaders there remain have been under immense pressure from the EU to make saving cuts in order to qualify for desperately-needed bailout money. RT’s correspondent Sara Firth has been covering the protests in Greece during the past year.

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