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Protests against Th. Pakgalos at a conference in Berlin

Press Release – Berlin, December 16th, 2011

Today, the deputy prime-minister of the PASOK-ND-LAOS “government”, Theodoros Pangalos, visited Berlin in order to take part in a conference on cultural diplomacy. We, members of Real Democracy Now, a group of students and workers, were also there and intervened by holding a short speech and a placard. We highlighted the reality of crisis, unemployment, massive cutbacks, layoffs and poverty. We also expressed our solidarity with the strike of the Greek steel industry workers, a struggle which sets an example and gives courage to all of us.

Even though they repeatedly defame any opposition as “expressing a meager minority”, the members of this government of bankers and speculators are not welcome, neither in Berlin, nor anywhere else.

We are going to continue pursuing our goal for a common, international struggle. Victory to the Greek steel industry workers!

(transcript of speech follows)

Right now Greece is ruled by a government whose deputy prime-minister, Mr. Pangalos, is here. A government in which right-wing extremists participate. A government which enforces policies that abolish workers’ and human rights, forces schools and hospitals to shut down, leads 20% of the population to extreme poverty and unemployment, ignores people’s will as expressed by numerous demonstrations in which hundreds of thousands of people participate, sells all kinds of public property, tolerates and encourages police violence.

I, as well as other people in the audience, have been forced to leave our country in search for work. We consider mr. Pangalos and his government as illegitimate to either govern or represent Greek people in or outside of Greece.

We express our full support to another kind of policy. To the struggling population of Greece, both Greeks and immigrants, especially to all workers who have not been paid for months. We express our solidarity with the 400 steel industry workers who are on strike for 47 days. Their fight for dignity represents the fight of every person in and outside of Greece and its victorious outcome shall be the turning point for the overthrow of the imposed tyranny in Greece and the rest of the EU.

Victory to the steel industry workers!  

Real Democracy Now


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Kosmas Loumakis - Sociological consultant, analyst, field operative and tactical field coordinator of national and regional social projects in Sweden. Was contracted for almost two decades by governmental bodies and NGO's, in governmental gang crime and extremism preventive efforts. Have produced a number of socio pedagogic action plans and developed methods, field tactics and strategies for gang crime and extremism preventive projects.

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