Questions to those who occupy Greece at the moment!

Ask yourself and then your government these questions!

At some point very soon, international justice will have to demand answers to the following questions, from those who temporarily are occupying Greece!

  • Why do you refuse an open and thorough review of what the Greek loans, since the war and to this date, actually consists and how they occurred? Who took the loans? Who gave the loans? Who received the money? What was the interest rate?
  • How come that both Greek and German politicians and businessmen, who put Greece in it’s current position, still walk free and continue to do business on Germany’s and Greece’s behalf?
  • Why are not the German ministers who made illegal “deals” with Greek businessmen and Greek politicians called to account in court?
  • Why did the Greek people (as the only country) not receive damages compensation from the war from Germany and why does Germany not pay back the loan, they forced the Greek government to give them during the occupation 1941-44? (damages compensation and the loan is currently over 700 billion Euro without the interests)
  • Why is Greece forced to take loans to buy more weapons than any other EU country, when membership in the EU should ensure the sovereignty and the security? Why is  Greece forced to  borrow billions to buy arms, as if they stood alone in defense of the South-Eastern border of Europe?
  • Where are the 592 tons of Greek gold, that Mr. Rothschild took from the Greek bank, the Banque d’Orient, where the Greeks from Odessa to Alexandria, deposited their fortunes in French gold francs against shares, between the years 1904 to 1932? – (The shares exist, but apparently NOT THE GOLD) (Read the article “Who actually owes who?” on the following link
  • Why do you not demand, that the “alleged” Greek debt shall be paid, from the 1,3 trillion Euros  in Greek, tax-offenders number accounts in Switzerland?
  • How can Merkel and the EU-troika avoid knowing that 100 million Euro is leaving Greece every month to the offshore accounts? Would it not be appropriate that the EU Troika and the bankers demanded some order in the wasp nest, before choosing to destroy the Greek people?
  • How can a country with by far the largest merchant fleet in the world, go bankrupt?
  • How can a country with the richest ship-owners on earth be in a financial crisis?
  • How can a country with the third highest tourism in the world have huge debts?
  • How can a country with vast unexploited natural resources not prosper?

About athenianvoice

Kosmas Loumakis - Sociological consultant, analyst, field operative and tactical field coordinator of national and regional social projects in Sweden. Was contracted for almost two decades by governmental bodies and NGO's, in governmental gang crime and extremism preventive efforts. Have produced a number of socio pedagogic action plans and developed methods, field tactics and strategies for gang crime and extremism preventive projects.

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  1. pick up the shares of the Banque d’Orient
    get a lawyer, in those actions there is the mystery
    because small investors have put everything.
    is where did it go gold which guaranteed these actions.
    probably the gold with the German retreat was stolen
    because the majority of the shares are now in Germany is France.

  2. Organize a committee is contact to Argentina
    do as did Ecuador.
    in these hearings will miss it all out

  3. The Occupy movement can not “kidnap” the word occupy from its real meaning!… The EU-troika has by any juridical terms occupied Greece since the Greek Government has accepted illegal “capitulation” of any rights to the country basically!

  4. good questions albeit the wording “occupy” seems a bit misplaced with regards to the ows movement.

  5. No.. Im going to write in Swinglish 🙂

  6. The finance crisis is just the battlefield, the actual fight is about completely different things and yes, you are right that fight is, determined in every heart in every single human being!… Lee skriv på svenska här – sidan är trespråkig… :))

  7. I will never understand the depth of the finans crisses but I belive in the depth in human hearts.

  8. Exactly, but now Greece is under the heaviest attack so its good to SEE and inform yourself about what is happening there on all levels because it will soon happen everywhere! Only by understanding the depth of the attack on the Greek nation one can grasp fully on what levels the bankster-elite with their loyal governments are operating!

  9. The answer to some of this questions are that we have been fucked by vampiers that liv on humans and now they what forgivness from the people and still run the show.
    I forgive human error not vampiers.

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