The predators give the play “Rescue Greece” and run the knife in deeper!

First published by Kosmas Loumakis (athenianvoice) on facebook, Monday, November 7, 2011


Wall Street, the leading European nations and their obedient satellite states, show their real faces and what their real plan was with the whole EU project. In Greece we say “it’s the cheese that brings out the rats”, i.e. through the crisis we now see clearly, who the enemies of humanity are in reality… Now, when Greece is being occupied, looted and sentenced to death by Goldman Sachs and its economic terrorists, some of the leading EU members take the executioners place and requires “order in the line” during the execution! The poor misunderstood helpers are forced, against their will of course, to be “tough” against those they really love!… Sobs!… They are just trying to save the euro, it is said, you know, the monopoly-currency that was created to facilitate the run-up in the pyramid-game of the centuries and convince you all that we really need a world government, to never again get into such difficulties. Do you recognize the rhetoric?

Merkel and Sarkozy, called Papandreou and Samaras to Cannes to “take them in the ear” and tell them that the Greek Parliament must obtain a mandate to vote for the “aid package” at any cost, otherwise it is bye, bye from EU and EMU! When the Greeks see after one year, that the “help” failed to help and instead poses a direct threat against the Greek people’s lives and health, of course, they would prefer, that those who shall represent them, are NOT advocating the pyromaniacs fire extinguishing suggestions! Against this backdrop, the bankster-elite gives a play that suggests that Greece can be excluded from the EU and this is hilarious, when you know that such thing cannot even be suggested! One should keep in mind throughout this play that Greece cannot be “thrown out” from the EU, because there is currently no support for such measures in the EU’s legislation… A member country must itself request, in writing, its withdrawal, if they want to leave the EU…  Therefore the threats are just empty and unenforceable and only there to direct your minds away from the main issue, from their well orchestrated play, in which Greece’s downfall seem inevitable! They try to intimidate both the Greeks and the Europeans to believe that the Greek crisis can be resolved only by the EU Troika, the IMF and the ECB, i.e. by those who created it! They want, in other words, to make us believe that the pyromaniacs are those who are best able to extinguish the forest fire.

Vultures from Brussels requires a Yale-wedding in Athens,… they need the whole of the “aid package” to be guaranteed by a broad political support in the Greek Parliament, also from the opposition and the other parties, before they pay out the next payment. This is the same eternal empty threats, which all in Greece are threatened with, before every payment. The Greeks can’t go to elections or referendum, before they have accepted the conditions for the aid package … This, “aid package” and its terms, is the only way for the poor Greeks to come out of their trouble, is the media’s mantra. Markel’s and Zarkozy’s demand of a decision in the Greek parliament of the “aid package” and its terms, has of course nothing to do with the fact that the EU Troika, the IMF and the ECB, very well know that the Greek people can kick them out of Greece at any time, with a government and an opposition that does not consist of the banking elite’s butlers, No, no! … They are not at all terrified that a temporary public’s government, would lift all decisions concerning the “aid package” that the present government, clubbed through, last year in May! The current government has namely left such possibilities open, through the fact that the decision to accept the “aid package” in May last year, was taken in an unconstitutional manner and thus are unlawful in reality… They speak nothing about this in the European and the Greek media, of course! My friends, a ridiculous charade is performed by the media and the politicians now and they deal with the situation in Greece, as if no other alternative existed but for the political parties, to first agree around the issue and thus ensuring the sixth instalment of the  “aid package”, before any political changes can be made in Greece. You know, the “aid package” which actually sunk Greece, from being a country with a mediocre deficit in 2009 and not in the vicinity of other countries’ deficit (Germany, France, Britain and the USA’s deficit at the same time), to a country ready to be destroyed economically, socially and politically by the “rescuers”!  With the risk of sounding ungrateful, the Greeks say, thanks for the help, but NO thanks! We fear that you are escorting us with rapid steps to history’s graveyard!

Is it still possible to believe that the issue of a referendum, new elections, or which of the current politicians should govern the country is of any importance for the Greeks today, when they since may protest and cry out loud, that they want to REMOVE lawlessness among the tops in the country! They want the “protection from prosecution” that all ministers in Greece are protected by and that makes it impossible to judge anyone, for the recurring scandals in multi-billions, which ravaged Greece in the last 30 years, to be removed. People want the guilty punished, they want Switzerland to open the Greek tax offenders accounts and they want the prosecutors and the judges to take hold of it NOW! These issues are much more relevant and critical to the Greeks, than the play the EU and the political scene in Greece presents. Those who with power and determination are opposing this today, are obviously the very richest in Greece and they also determines G. Papandreous’ or the oppositions’, be or not be, through their news channels and their press. You should know that these extremely rich people in Greece, has the full support of European businessmen, bankers and the bankers parliamentarians in the EU parliament. They would not be rich, if it wasn’t for the corrupt German businessmen’s bribes and bankers support. It is therefore impossible to turn things in GREECE, EXCEPT WITH A REVOLUTION THAT CAN TURN INSIDE OUT THE INGRAINED, THE CORRUPT! But remember that, what is required in Greece, is also required globally!

See, how the West’s media analyses and reports, as if some things were “obvious” about the Greek crisis… For example, it is according to the main stream media “obvious” that the Greeks will go under, without the “aid package”… it is “obvious” that they will be kicked out of the EU, if they wouldn’t support the Government’s proposals and in such case they go under. It is “obvious” that the debt has occurred in the way the EU Troika claims and that THE GREEK PEOPLE, MUST PAY FOR THAT. It is “obvious” that the Greeks cannot approach anyone else, to sort out the crisis. Media choose to keep all the reporting and the discussions in a sphere, which presents as given, that there are no other ways for the Greeks. This disturbs me a lot! We do not question at all if it really IS true, that the Greeks have no other choice. The decision to accept the IMF’s and the EU troika’s “aid package” and its terms, which the government took 17 months ago, the 5 / 5 – 2010, has been challenged strongly by the Greek people since then and this is by far the most important issue for the Greeks! – WHY NOT ASK US BEFORE YOU INVOLVED YOURSELVES IN CONTRACTS WITH BRUSSELS? THIS, is the primarily concern of the Greeks, to hold a referendum on! Damn it, this is what they scream about for seven months now, at Syntagma square and all squares all over Greece. The decision on the acceptance of the “aid package”, is currently illegal under both the Greek and the European Constitution and therefore can easily be raised for referendum, by a government that primarily aim for the best of the Greeks… By  forcing a broad support across political boundaries now, Merkel and Sarkozy are trying to “legalize” the illegal decision retrospectively! THEY WANT TO HINDER THE GREEK PEOPLES’ OPPORTUNITY TO TEAR UP THE CONDITIONS  AND “AID PACKAGE” USING A REVOLUTIONARY GOVERNMENT … Most on the streets and the squares, say they want to see a temporary revolutionary government with new individuals in place of power. The truth is that both extremely experienced and highly skilled persons, exists in and outside of Greece and with those in power, the whole “aid package” to be or not, would go to referendum. Then, the Greeks could continue in an independent way, to seek help from the where they please. The EU troika, “forbade” the Greek government to solve their financial situation, with help from elsewhere and the government succumbed to the threats… However, the Greek people did not! They were in the hundreds of thousands, infuriated at the parliaments stairs and shouted NO, during massive tear gas attacks. The people simply does NOT accept a government that is blackmailed and bullied, by the EU and the Wall Street banks. This is now the main position among both right and left sympathizers, and this induces “the shits” and insomnia, among the political elite in Greece. When the old “colors” are beginning to see that they actually have a common enemy, in the politicians who work against Greek interests, the establishment get “Inspector Dreyfuss-ticks”, for they fear a political situation where THEY cannot direct a choreographed pseudo-revolution where they want. They benefit from party-political disputes and conflicts, and therefore they also make every effort to feed such conflicts!

The people have woken up, however, and since the right-wing and left-radical groups, together guarded the revolutionary flag which was hoisted on Lykavitos, on National Day, October 28, they know that they have ALL the Greek people against them! Now, the political elite, the rich, and the banking elite stand alone with their 20 000 police, who protect them and EVERYONE else is against them.

The political rounds in Europe and in Greece is now largely a truly bizarre and distasteful piece, where politicians are playing “those who know what is needed” and the news anchors and the reporters play the “surprised and troubled”… None of the actors DARE mention, that Greece could solve their problems with help from other sources and with much more favourable agreements… Why is it obvious when one’s life and health, sovereignty and independence, in an insensitive and a malicious way are at risk by one’s friends, you cannot turn to other friends on this earth? Nobody seem to want to present the voice of the people, who say they want a revolution-government, temporarily, which can listen to the people’s voice. It is a burning, hot potato, that no politician in or out of Greece today want to take in with pliers, but that the Greek people are constantly throwing in their lap. At some point, justice will have to demand answers to the following questions, from those who temporarily are occupying Greece!

• Why do you refuse an open and thorough review of what the Greek loans, since the war and to this date, actually consists and how they occurred?

• How can both Greek and German politicians and businessmen, who sunk Greece, still walk free and continue to do business on Germany’s and Greece’s behalf?

• Why are not the German ministers who made illegal “deals” with Greek businessmen and politicians called to account in court?

• Why did the Greek people (as only country) not receive damages compensation from the war from Germany and why does Germany not pay back the loan, they forced the Greek government to give them during the occupation 1941-44? (damages compensation and the loan is currently about 500 billion euro)

• Why is Greece forced to take loans to buy more weapons than any other EU country, when membership in the EU should ensure the sovereignty and the security? Why do Greece borrowed billions to buy arms, as if they stood alone in defense of the South-Eastern border of Europe?

• Where are the 592 tons of Greek gold, that Mr. Rothschild took from the Greek bank, the Banque d’Orient, where the Greeks from Odessa to Alexandria, deposited their fortunes in French gold francs against shares, between the years 1904 to 1932? – (The shares exist, but apparently NOT THE GOLD)

• Why do you not demand, that the “alleged” Greek debt be paid, from the 1.3 trillion euros available in Greek, tax-offenders number accounts in Switzerland?

• How can Merkel and Sarkozy avoid knowing that 100 million now, is leaving Greece every month to the offshore accounts? Would it not be appropriate that the EU Troika and the bankers demanded order in the wasp nest, before choosing to sink the Greek people?

• How can a country with by far the largest merchant fleet in the world to go bankrupt?

• How can a country with the richest ship-owners on earth be in a financial crisis?

• How can a country with the third highest tourism in the world have huge debts?

• How can a country with vast unexploited natural resources go under?

Apparently, the bank-elite don’t want to talk about the real reasons behind the rebellion in an EU country, and then the “well-behaved” shut up. The thinking European though, know that the Greek rebellion is just and that it now, due to the Greek rebellion, raises an awakening and a European rebellion, against the banks’ and the governments’ current practices and illegal agendas. Therefore, the European media is misleading, on the real causes of the crisis in Greece. That is why they now give the play “Rescue Greece” on Europe’s theatre stages, i.e. the European parliaments. Media accompanies and makes sure that no one is unaffected by the play’s message, we must sink Greece to save the world! They try to silence the European and the World revolution, which has flared up and  now grows stronger. They try to hide that it actually is a global, united resistance against the banking elite, governments and big business brutal and inhuman behaviour. Therefore, you do not hear enough of what the protesters, in the streets of Athens think! If you want to call yourself enlightened, you should ignore the main stream media news and search yourself in the social medias, blogs and smaller channels. Those who do not demand big profit, can also not afford to hire psychologists to tailor your mental veil! Regarding Greece’s future, it is obvious to me that the Greeks will win in the end. How much it will hurt in both camps, will be determined by the EU’s responsible! After all, the Greek people is actually the Greek government employers and not the reverse. And the people have, since May 2011 fired them for good reasons and they refuse to go!


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Kosmas Loumakis - Sociological consultant, analyst, field operative and tactical field coordinator of national and regional social projects in Sweden. Was contracted for almost two decades by governmental bodies and NGO's, in governmental gang crime and extremism preventive efforts. Have produced a number of socio pedagogic action plans and developed methods, field tactics and strategies for gang crime and extremism preventive projects.

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  1. Unfortunately the main issues presented in this article remains!

  2. I wrote this the night before Papandreou changed place with Papadimou, but nevertheless the bad treatment of the Greek people stays the same!… The former coalition government has no legitimacy whatsoever since they where not elected by the people!

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