Who actually owes who?

First published by Kosmas Loumakis (athenianvoice) on facebook on Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Throughout the debate on the Greek debt, an important dimension is missing. People ought to become familiar with HOW the “Greek debt “ actually occurred, before they decide to have opinions on the subject. Since the people of Europe today can see that their Governments in the most brutal manner, requires that Greece shall cut off its “right arm” and its “right foot” in order to, at any price pay the debt, they should in all fairness be aware of who actually owes who, in the first place! You should know that those, who today presents themselves as righteous lenders who just want their money back, actually owe large sums themselves to the very people they are lending money to. And from the same period of time, where the Greek loan has its roots. The same banks which  demand money from Greece today, want to see their own debts to Greece as done and dusted and they avoid like the plague to talk about them. If we check out the truth about the Greek debt, we can see that the loans that Greece took in 1913 and 1930, actually was written off after WWII, due to the massive destruction of the Greek society and the holocaust of nearly 1 million Greeks. Lo and behold, these loans suddenly showed up again in 1961. Today they still pay the interest on loans, that was removed in 1945. Much of the current debt has occurred in a similar way and therefore the Greeks today cry out loud, that they want a revision of the debt and they want an official “specification” before they can approve the final sum.

The most incredible story on this subject however, is the following: When the Greek Bank, Banque d’ Orient, was incorporated in the Greek National Bank in 1932, the Greeks from old Greece (from Odessa in the North to Alexandria in the South) had deposit 562 tons of gold in French gold francs in that bank, for shares that CANNOT be paid back in cash, but must be paid back in gold. When the merge happened, this gold was never paid back to its rightful owners, instead the Rothschild family, who owned part of the National Bank of Greece took the gold to their banks and the owners of the gold, kept the paper shares in their hands. Final clearance, of assets and payment to the owners, never happened… The Greek National Bank, claims that the settlement was made, but this must be published in the Governments PM (FEK), which it never was. The National Bank has not been able to produce a single document which confirms any clearance even if the shareholders, with their lawyers and now the journalist Makis Triantafilopoulos, have requested such documents for almost 9 months. Nothing has ever been announced anywhere from 1932, actually it is the other way around, the validity and the value of these shares has been confirmed via correspondence between shareholders and several major international banks from 1936, 1942, 1947, 1957, 1968, 1983, and most recently in 2000.

Now comes the grossest and the most sickening thing about this whole story! … When Greece, after the Balkan wars, WWI and the genocide in Smyrna in 1922 (where a million Greeks were slaughtered by the Turkish army in 14 days and nearly 2 million forced to flee back to Greece), was forced to take large loans from the banks of the super powers, these banks borrowed out the GREEKS OWN MONEY back to them in small portions and since then they charge interest and service charges. With the Greeks’ gold in their vaults, they could lend money to the Greeks with high interest rates. Now shares has turned up which confirms that there are Greek families, who have the right to reclaim their gold, according to the shares they have in their possession! We are talking about monster sums here. One such share is currently valued at 648 billion euro!!! It has namely been submitted to the Greek Ministry of Finance by a Greek family, in order to pay the whole of the Greek public debt. As you understand, this is a NUCLEAR BOMB in the banking world that has been activated  now. Everyone understands that there is no money in the whole banking system to pay out this money, but the gold should nevertheless be somewhere!.. The family that has offered to give a share to the Greek Finance Ministry has 40 such shares. There is no indication anywhere which shows that the clearance has been completed after the merge, and therefore the  shares are still valid and therefore, shareholders are still entitled to their gold. After 1932, it has been confirmed on several occasions that these shares are valid and worth their money in gold. Latest,  the year 2000, a Swiss bank suggested to an owner of such shares, that they were interested in purchasing these shares from the owners for a total of 1.3 billion euro’s, and the owners refused, because they sensed that the shares were worth much, much more! Do you know of any bank that would make such an offer, if there were a microscopic chance that the shares are worthless?

If the banking world (the same institutions who “took care of” the Greek gold) want  the Greeks to pay their debt, which in several cases are from the beginning of last century, shouldn´t also the Greeks get their gold back? They should also get their compensation from Germany since they, as the only country, did not get it after  WWII. Germany should also have to pay back the loans, they forced Greece to give them during the occupation 1941-44. According to the “loan agreement”, this would be paid back in full as soon as Germany “stood on its own feet” again. If one doesn’t look  at these facts first, one cannot in seriousness  argue that the Greeks owe anything to anyone! Now, of course the Greeks does not claim that that they do not owe anything, on the contrary, they show great patience and a willingness to sort out this mess. However, all in Greece (except the government and the financial elite) are interested in that this economic crusade, should apply equally to all parties. In other words, the Greeks cannot accept that they owe these sums, when the borrowers debts to Greece are overlooked.

This story is currently toned down by the Greek media, but the fact remains: The matter will be addressed in court and there are both French and American banks, which confirmed the genuineness of the shares! A Greek journalist that can be seen as the Greek Jan Guillou (Swedish investigating top journalist), have been in contact with its shareholders for over 9 months and many hot potatoes for the current global economic system, are going to be thrown into this issue! Respected economists and lawyers from both U.S. and England, have confirmed that the shares are “healthy”  and therefore valid. The whole of the Greek media are trying to downplay this news, especially the Greek National Bank…  Only zougla.gr, who first dropped the bomb, continues to write on the subject! I link here what has been written so far, but you may seek to translate the articles yourself. I do not have the time, unfortunately, at least not right now. When there will be talks of lawsuits and the like, I will update you all with what happens in this issue. When this bomb is released in the European media, it will put fire to the foundations of the modern European culture and it will finally  become  clear on what criminal grounds, its current super powers really stand. I say, there should be time now for a closed and an equitable adjustment, of all these post-colonial shady nooks and crannies. The countries that today shout the loudest about more equal moral obligations, are in fact precisely those who absolutely couldn’t care less about their own moral obligations. They also want us to put a lid on these issues. Unfortunately we cannot do that unless all the robbed people, get back their wealth and adequate compensation for their suffering. Everyone understands that this is not going to happen and then  the big question is: Why should Greece then, complete their payments?

σιωπή είναι χρυσός”                           http://www.zougla.gr/page.ashx?pid=2&aid=383920&cid=4

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“Η εκκαθάριση το κλειδί για τη μετοχή”     http://www.zougla.gr/page.ashx?pid=2&aid=384710&cid=4

“Ποιός έκανε ταμείο με τη μετοχή”            http://www.zougla.gr/page.ashx?pid=2&aid=385496&cid=6

Tα ψεύτικα τα λόγια τα μεγάλα”              http://www.zougla.gr/page.ashx?pid=2&aid=386788&cid=4

“Οι δανειστές μας κρύβουν τη μετοχή”     http://www.zougla.gr/page.ashx?pid=2&aid=386585&cid=4


About athenianvoice

Kosmas Loumakis - Sociological consultant, analyst, field operative and tactical field coordinator of national and regional social projects in Sweden. Was contracted for almost two decades by governmental bodies and NGO's, in governmental gang crime and extremism preventive efforts. Have produced a number of socio pedagogic action plans and developed methods, field tactics and strategies for gang crime and extremism preventive projects.

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  1. Apologies Kosma on the typo, we deduced your fight’s support preferences from your writings, Einstein is right on “simple issues”, and as you know what we have before us is anything but simple.

  2. My name is not Kostas and you don’t have a clue about where or how I fight, so stop guessing… I know one thing as Einstein said… “If you can’t explain it simple, you propably don’t understand it”…

  3. Dear Kosta, I have read your above noted articles reqarding the Banque D’ Orient shares, and the scam perpetrated by anth-Ellines, and enemies of Ellinismos, however, as our Ancient Glorious Ancestors have taught us, and the rest of the world…”nothing can hide under the Light of the Sun”. If you were to allow, I would like to add certain “factual information” about the current / updated status of the Banque d’ Orient shares, which are int he hands of “Ellines”, and who, “for the first time” are possessing these weapons since, as you know, “money is power, and a lot of money is a lot of power” – (however, if dealt with evil plans, “it back fires” – just ask King KROISOS of Lydia about 3000 years ago, and remember what Solon told him after King KROISOS showed him his immense wealth), and the Ellines at present, are, finally, fighting the anth-Ellines “with their own weapons, with the same weapons”, and, accordingly, the anth-Ellines, are having real, real problems. Soon, shortly, very soon, the problems of the anth-Ellines will become a tsounami, a tidal wave, and nothing will be able to stop it. As an example, consider the following information & events;
    1. George Provopoloulos, via his team of “glyftes” offered Mr. Sorras & Co., (since it is not only Mr. Sorras, it is an entire team of “TRELLOI ELLINES” who are in love with Mother Ellas, Ellines, Ellinismos, & Elliniko PNEYMA” – and – [ as you know, one of the great PAROIMIES we have goes something like this – “IDE O METHYSMEOS TON TRELLO KAI FOVITHIKE” ] – and – sincerely, I think you, yourself is “one of those who is one the TRELLOI for OUR ELLAS), 1.5 billion Euro, for “just 10 shares of Banque d’ Orient”, (and he was hoping Mr, Sorras & Co., will accept – HOWEVER – when the offer was made (this offer was made after the National Bank of Greece (NBG) came out with the “unsigned public announcement” – which you may have seen – that, supposedly “the Banque d’ Orient Shares” are worthless ] – Mr. Sorras & Co., “stepped back & said to Provopoulos, “What??, you are giving us 1.5 billion EURO for 10 shares, when last month NBG said they are worthless??? (the bluff blew up in their face)..!! (This event took place in 2011 as well) – naturally Provopoulos & Rothschild are running for the mountains now since this blew up in their face.
    2. Mr. Sorras & Co., has been contacted by the No # 1 Lieutenant of Rothschild from Berlin, Mr. Sorras & Co., brought him to Athens, and Rothschild & Co., “promised to pay and buy back each and every shares at its “appraised value” [ the ZAGARIA Kosta commented…”Mr. Sorras this is a lot of money for each share”…at which point point Mr. Sorras said to him…”you son of a bitch…now do you see how much you have stolen from me”….which : with the regulatory capital & assets on the balance sheet of Banque d’ Orient, the value exceeds 2.37 Trillion – yes – Trillion – not billion – EURO, per share [ Sorras & Co., have more than 2,950 shares – not 40 – since more and more Ellines “joined hands to slaughter this monster”.
    3. In 2012 the Court in Athens “ordered NBG to provide Mr. Sorras & Co., “numerous documents”, regarding the BOSA merger agreement & thereafter.
    4. Further, the court ordered NBG to allow an inspection team from Sorras & Co., to conduct the audit – and in September 2013, further proceedings are taking place. [ Kosta, these events and happenings were never in any of their plans, therefore, as you see, “the earth is moving under their feet” ]
    5. The anth-Ellines attacked Soras & Co., with “tons & tons of “LASPI” in the months of August 2012 to present – AND – that “zagari Adonis Georgiadis & others “charged Mr. Sorras ^ Dr. Lambrakis with “spreading false information and rumours to “deliberately” “disturb the peace and social order” – AND – the trial took place in Athens on June 29, 2013, and Mr. Sorras & Dr. Lambrakis were found NOT GUILTY UNANIMOUSLY.
    6. The US Government through agents is trying to reach a deal with Sorras & Co., on the US Treasury Obligations which they have to settle next August 2014.
    7. In the meantime – across – our Ellas “support cells” of – SYNELEUSIS ELLINON – have “sprung up” all over Greece – and they “are spreading the word and the news about SYNELEUSIS ELLINON & Sorras & Co., and the message of the TEAM.
    8. Sorras & Co., sued all 300 anth-Ellines – [ it is outstanding at present & is proceeding against them ] who are pretending to be members of parliament – plus former members of parliament, and current and former presidents, for HIGH TREASON – for refusing to accept the $600 billion into the treasury of our Ellas, and thus wiping out the debt of our Ellas.
    9. The reports that SYNELEUSIS ELLINON & Sorras & Co., are receiving from all over our Ellas and all over the world, are most encouraging, and they are multiplying daily. The anth-Ellines are sabotaging – hacking – the sites – altering the number of supports / viewers shown, and doing all sorts of other sabotage & terrorism acts against Sorras & Co., & the SYNELEUSIS ELLINON – NONE of which will stop this tidal wave, this tsounami coming at the enth-Ellines.

    10. Kosta : it is understandable that the anth-Ellines are really worried and are trying by any means to stop this tidal wave, this tsounami coming at them, but they wont be successful since : We ARE IMPLEMENTING the Plan & Strategy of ODYSSEAS when he returned from Troy after the War [ remember what he did, and how, patiently, he analysed and studied the “MNISTIRES” who had taken “his world”, and how, “when he acted”, whom he eliminated “first”.
    11. As mentioned before, this is the first time that Ellines have, and are fighting with the same – their weapons, which have been turned against them, against the anth-Ellines, against the enemies of our Ellas, Ellines & Ellinismos.
    12. We are thankful, that Ellines like you [ and, as you know, “just because you speak Ellinika, it does not imply that you are an Ellina – BECAUSE – to “prove” that you are an Ellina, you do so means of your actions, not your words ] have taken up the fight and are fighting beside us, to “spread the word”, to spread the fight, and “decapitate the anth-Ellines, and the enemies of our Ellas, Ellines & Ellinismos.
    13. We will send you certain of the “practical plans / a refererendum” that SYNELEUSIS ELLINON is proposing to “put to the Ellines throughout our Ellas – I hope you like it – for their vote, their approval, their acceptance, in order that they start taking their lives and their decisions in their hands – finally – and so that these “organized criminal gangs” which are masquerading as political parties, and they have deliberately inflicted such damages to our Ellas, Ellines, & Ellinismos, that they should be banned, charged criminally, and due to their decisions which they have supported against the interests of our Ellas, and or have not participated to oppose and have not stopped [ SINCE – as you know Kosta, the “only” item at play here is only “what is in the best interests of our Ellas, Ellines & Ellinismos” – AND NOTHING ELE – no political rubbish, no political interests, and no political favours, and naturally, nothing and no personal interests are important which in turn are to the detriment of our Ellas.
    Many Thanks for addressing the matter regarding Banque d’ Orient, [ and, I assure you, the matter involving the US Treasury Obligations is equally as bona fide as the shares of Banque d’ Orient are ].
    The information posted herein is from personal, first hand knowledge, as I am in the “economic, banking & investment team” which is handling these affairs & events for Sorras & Co., & SYNELEUSIS ELLINON.
    Aristotelis Ellinas

  4. Thanks for your feedback… The appropriate amount of both pictures and videos for my aim with the blog, are there I believe, but you should probably be aware of that my aim with this blog is not to give my posts more “pop” but to keep it serious, not “messy” and informative for those who are seriously interested in what goes on around the ’attack on Greece’… I don’t want to turn this blog into a kind of a ‘lifestyle’, web-magazine, where all kind of tastes must be considered and flirted with.. Frankly, I am not even looking for as many ‘hits’ as possible on the blog (couldn’t care less actually)… I prefer to have “quality-hits”, people with insight on the topics, and who have the ability to do something of true importance for the “cause”, and I have those ‘hits’,… That means that serious and committed people, professionals and amateaurs, will take this further and not just to their mates and girlfriends or boyfriends, but to more people who have access to the right networks in order to, as I do myself, lobby and fight for these issues where it matters,… amongst serious fighters on all levels that is (resistance movements and resistance actions has been inspired and activated through the offspin of this blog)… I prefer that those who visit my blog are more interested in the content and the general message and ethos, than the actual media-forms… It is the seriosity of the issues covered in this blog that should keep the visitor interested and not whether there is enough photos or videos ;)… Your point is very welcome though and I am happy that you found my blog interesting…

    If you check the page out a bit more especially under the menu VIDEOS…you will see both videos and pictures in it – I also link this blog to “Cosmobserver” which is my YouTube channel, where hundreds of videos, documentaries and clips on these topics are presented!

  5. Have you ever thought about adding a little bit
    more than just your articles? I mean, what you say is important and everything.
    But think about if you added some great pictures or videos to give your
    posts more, “pop”! Your content is excellent but with images and videos,
    this blog could undeniably be one of the very best in its niche.
    Good blog!

  6. I have read so many articles about the blogger lovers however this
    paragraph is in fact a fastidious paragraph, keep it up.

  7. no smoke without fire!

  8. He “moved it” to London and Zurich – That gold became a serious part of the what was called the MARSHALL PLAN after WWII! The irony is That the only country that didn’t get its compensation after the war was GREECE!!

  9. This has gone public in Greece, in September! Not much more is coming out at the moment cause of juridical actions! The case will go to court in Greece sometime in March, but before something interesting can happen I believe that we have to wait until a European or an international court decide to look into the case! The international media can do a lot for this case to be highlighted!

  10. So when is it going to go public? I sent this story to my friends abroad in the hope it might become better known.

    These facts have been thrown out into the world … I am still waiting for the explosive responsive. The lack thereof means no one is listening.

  11. A nuclear bomb for the bank elite when this goes public!

  12. Atombomb för finanseliten och bankirerna när detta kommer ut..

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