Future Suspended – Το Μέλλον Ανεστάλη

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How does a global financial crisis permeate the spaces of the everyday in a city? Our final 35′ documentary film traces the multiple transformations of crisis-ridden Athenian public space and those who traverse it.

Future Suspended is divided in three sections. “Privatised” explores the legacy of mass privatisation projects that preceded the 2004 Olympics, placing them in the context of present day privatisation schemes. “Devalued” gazes at the ever-shrinking spaces of migrants in the city and the devaluation of their lives that comes as a result. “Militarised” shows how, in face of the crisis, this devaluation turns into a generalised condition.

Through its cinematic traversal of today’s Athens, “Future Suspended” traces the rise of the authoritarian-financial complex and how this shrinks public space in the city, fuelling social despair and anger in return.

Future Suspended is part of the research project at crisis-scape.net. The research team consists of Christos Filippidis, Antonis Vradis, Dimitris Dalakoglou, Ross Domoney and Jaya Klara Brekke. All music for Future Suspended was composed by Giorgos Triantafyllou.

This film is released under the Creative Commons BY-NC-ND licence.

Details here: creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/4.­­0/deed.en_GB

στα ελληνικα

Πώς διεισδύει η παγκόσμια οικονομική κρίση στους καθημερινούς χώρους της πόλης; Το τελικό μας ντοκυμαντέρ, διάρκειας 35 λεπτών, ιχνηλατεί τις πολλαπλές μεταμορφώσεις του Αθηναϊκού δημόσιου χώρου σήμερα.

Το ντοκυμαντέρ χωρίζεται σε τρία μέρη: το πρώτο μέρος, με τίτλο “Ιδιωτικοποίηση”, διερευνά τις συνδέσεις ανάμεσα στην ανάπτυξη που χαρακτήρισε την περίοδο της Ολυμπιάδας του 2004 και τα σύγχρονα προγράμματα ιδιωτικοποίησης που λαμβάνουν χώρα μέσα στο πλαίσιο της οικονομικής κρίσης. Το δεύτερο μέρος, με τίτλο “Υποτίμηση”, εξετάζει τους τρόπους με τους οποίους συρρικνώνονται, σήμερα, οι αστικοί χώροι για τους/τις μετανάστες/ριες, και την επακόλουθη υποτίμηση της ζωής τους. Το τελευταίο μέρος, με τίτλο “Στρατιωτικοποίηση”, καταδεικνύει πώς με αφετηρία την κρίση, η υποτίμηση μετατρέπεται σε μια γενικευμένη συνθήκη—πώς η άνοδος του οικονομικο-αυταρχικού συμπλέγματος συρρικνώνει το δημόσιο χώρο στην πόλη, τροφοδοτώντας ως αποτέλεσμα την κοινωνική απόγνωση και οργή.

Μέσω κινηματογραφική διάσχιση της σημερινής Αθήνας, “Το Μέλλον Ανεστάλη” παρακολουθεί την άνοδο του αυταρχικού-οικονομικό συγκρότηματος και πώς μεσο αυτό συρρικνώνεται ο δημόσιος χώρος στην πόλη, τροφοδοτώντας την κοινωνική απελπισία και θυμό σε αντάλλαγμα.

Η ταινία αυτή υπό την άδεια CreativeCommonsBY-NC-ND. Πληροφορίεςεδώ: creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/4.­­0/deed.en_GB


Defeating Fascism before it’s too Late

03.23.2014 :: Latin America


Introduction: Captain Jose Guillen Araque, of the Venezuelan National Guard, recently gave President Maduro a book on the rise of Nazism, warning that “fascism has to be defeated before it’s too late”! In retaliation for his prophetic warning, the patriotic young captain was shot by a US-backed assassin on the streets of Marcay in the state of Aragua on March 16, 2014.

This raised the number of Venezuelan soldiers and police killed since the fascist uprising to 6. The total killed is 33. The killing of a prominent, patriotic officer on a major street in a provincial capital is one more indication that the Venezuelan fascists are on the move, confident of their support from Washington and from a broad swath of the Venezuelan upper and middle class. They constitute a minority of the electorate and they have no illusions about taking power via constitutional and democratic means.

Captain Guillen Araque had stepped forward to remind President Maduro that the road to power for Nazi and fascist totalitarian groups has been littered with the corpses of well-meaning democrats and social democrats throughout contemporary history because of their failure to use their constitutional powers to crush the enemies of democracy.

The History of the rise of Fascism under Democracies

The term “fascist” in Venezuela is appropriately applied to the organized violent political groups currently engaged in mass terror in a campaign to destabilize and overthrow the democratically-elected Bolivarian government. Academic purist might argue that the Venezuelan fascists lack the racist and nationalist ideology of their German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese predecessors. While true, it is also irrelevant. The Venezuelan brand of fascism is highly dependent on, and acts as a proxy for, US imperialism and their Colombian warlord allies. In one sense however, Venezuelan fascism’s racism is directed against its multiracial African-Amerindian Venezuelan working and peasant classes – as demonstrated by their vitriolic racism against the deceased President Hugo Chavez. The essential connection with earlier fascist movements is found in its (1) profound class hostility to the popular majority; (2) its visceral hatred of the Chavista Socialist Party, winner of 18 of the last 19 elections; (3) its resort to the armed seizure of power by a minority acting on behalf of the domestic and US imperial ruling classes; (4) its intention to destroy the very democratic institutions and procedures which it exploits in order to gain political space; (5) its targeting of working class institutions – communal councils, neighborhood associations, public health and dental clinics, public schools, transport, subsidized food stores, political meeting places, public credit unions, trade union organizations and peasant co-operatives; (6) and its support of capitalist banks, huge commercial landed estates and manufacturing firms.

In Germany, Italy, Spain, France and Chile, fascist movements also began as small terrorist groups, who gained the financial backing of the capitalist elite because of their violence against working class organizations and democratic institutions and recruited primarily among middle class university students, elite professionals (especially doctors) and active and retired higher military officers – united in their hostility to the democratic order.

Tragically and all too often, democratic leaders, operating within a constitutional government, tended to regard fascists as “just another party”, refusing or unwilling to crush the armed thugs, who combined terror in the streets with elections to gain state power. Constitutionalist democrats have failed or were unwilling to see the political, civilian arm of the Nazis as part and parcel of one organic totalitarian enemy; so they negotiated and debated endlessly with elite fascists who meanwhile destroyed the economy while terrorists pounded away at the political and social foundations of the democratic state. The democrats refused to send out their multi-million mass supporters to face the fascist hordes. Worse, they even prided themselves on jailing their own supporters, police and soldiers, who had been accused of using ‘excessive force’ in their confrontation with fascist street thugs. Thus the fascists easily moved from the streets to state power. The elected democrats were so concerned about criticism from the international and capitalist media, elite critics and self-appointed ‘human rights’ organizations, that they facilitated the takeover by fascists. The people’s right to the armed defense of their democracy had been subordinated to the pretext of upholding ‘democratic norms’ – norms that any bourgeois state under assault would have rejected! Constitutional democrats failed to recognize how drastically politics had changed. They were no longer dealing with a parliamentary opposition preparing for the next election; they were confronted with armed terrorists and saboteurs committed to armed struggle and the seizure of political power by any means – including violent coups-d’états.

In the lexicon of fascism, democratic conciliation is a weakness, a vulnerability and an open invitation to escalate violence; ‘peace and love’ and ‘human rights’ slogans are to be exploited; calls for ‘negotiations’ are preambles for surrender; and ‘agreements’ preludes to capitulation.

To the terrorists, the democratic politicians who warn about a “threat of fascism” while acting as if they were engaged in ‘parliamentary skirmishes’, become an open target for violent attack.

This is how the fascists came to power, in Germany, Italy and Chile, while the constitutionalist democrats, to the last, refused to arm the millions of organized workers who could have throttled the fascists and saved democracy and preserved their own lives.

Fascism in Venezuela: A Mortal Threat Today

The martyred hero, Captain Guillen Araque’s warning of an imminent fascist danger in Venezuela has a powerful substantive basis. While the overt terrorist violence ebbs and flows, the underlying structural basis of fascism in the economy and society remains intact. The subterranean organizations, financing and organizing the flow of arms to fascists-in-waiting remain in place.

The political leaders of the opposition are playing a duplicitous game, constantly moving from legal forms of protest to sub-rosa complicity with the armed terrorists. There is no doubt that in any fascist putsch, the political oligarchs will emerge as the real rulers – and will share power with the leaders of the fascist organizations. In the meantime, their ‘respectability’ provides political cover; their ‘human rights’ campaigns to free incarcerated street thugs and arsonists earn ‘international media support’ while serving as ‘intermediaries’ between the open US funding agencies, and the clandestine terrorist underground.

In measuring the scope and depth of the fascist danger, it is a mistake to simply count the number of bombers, arsonists and snipers, without including the logistical, back-up and peripheral support groups and institutional backers who sustain the overt actors,

To ‘defeat fascism before it is too late’, the government must realistically assess the resources, organization and operational code of the fascist command and reject the overly sanguine and ‘upbeat’ pronouncements emanating from some ministers, advisers and legislators.

First, the fascists are not simply a small band confined to pounding on pots and attacking municipal workers in the upper-middle class neighborhoods of Caracas for the benefit of the international and corporate media. The fascists are organized on a national basis; their members are active throughout the country.

They target vital institutions and infrastructure in numerous strategic locations.

Their strategy is centrally-controlled, their operations are decentralized.

The fascists are an organized force; their financing, arming and actions are planned. Their demonstrations are not ‘spontaneous’, locally-organized actions, responding to government ‘repression’ as depicted in the bourgeois and imperial media.

The fascists bring together different cross currents of violent groups, frequently combining ideologically-driven right-wing professionals, large-scale smuggling gangs and drug traffickers (especially in border regions), paramilitary groups, mercenaries and known felons. These are the ‘frontline fascists’, financed by major currency speculators, protected by elected local officials, offered ‘sanctuary’ by real estate investors and high-level university bureaucrats.

The fascists are both ‘nationals’ and internationals: They include locally paid thugs and students from upper-middle class families; paramilitary Colombian soldiers, professional mercenaries of all sorts, ‘contract killers’ from US ‘security’ outfits and clandestine US Special Forces Operatives; and fascist ‘internationalists’ recruited from Miami, Central America, Latin America and Europe.

The organized terrorists have two strategic sanctuaries for launching their violent operations – Bogota and Miami, where prominent political leaders, like ex-President Alvaro Uribe and US Congressional leaders provide political support.

The convergence of highly lucrative criminal economic activity and political terrorism presents a formidable double threat to the stability of the Venezuelan economy and the security of the state . . . Criminals and terrorists find a common home under the US political tent, designed to overthrow Venezuela’s democratic government and crush the Bolivarian revolution of the Venezuelan people.

The backward and forward inter-linkages between criminals and terrorists inside and outside the country, between Washington senior policymakers, street drug pushers and contraband ‘camels’, provides the international elite mouthpieces and the muscle for street fighters and snipers.

Terrorist targets are not chosen at ‘random’; they are not products of an enraged citizenry protesting social and economic inequities. The carefully chosen targets of terrorism are the strategic programs which sustain the democratic administration; first and foremost the mass social institutions forming the base of the government. This explains why terrorists bomb health clinics for the poor, public schools and centers for adult education in the barrios, the state subsidized food stores and the public transport system. These are part of the vast, popular welfare system set up by the Bolivarian government. They are key building blocks in securing massive voter support in 18 out of the last 19 elections and popular power in the streets and communities. By destroying the social welfare infrastructure, the terrorists hope to break the social bonds between people and government.

Terrorists target the legitimate national security system: Namely, the police, National Guard, judges, public prosecutors and other authorities in charge of safeguarding citizens. The assassinations, violent attacks and threats against public officials, the fire-bombing of public buildings and public transport are designed to create a climate of fear and to demonstrate that the state is weak and incapable of protecting the everyday life of its citizens. The terrorists want to project an image of ‘dual power’ by seizing public spaces and blocking normal commerce… and by ‘governing the streets through the gun’. Above all the terrorists want to demobilize and curtail popular counter-demonstrations by blocking streets and sniping at activists engaged in political activity in contested neighborhoods. The terrorists know they can count on their ‘legal’ political opposition allies to provide them with a mass base via public demonstrations, which can serve as a shield for violent assaults and a pretext for greater sabotage.


Fascism, namely armed terrorism directed at violently overthrowing a democratic government, is a real and immediate threat in Venezuela. The day-to-day, ups and downs of street fighting and arson are not an adequate measure of the threat. As we have noted, the in-depth structural and organizational supports underlying the rise and growth of fascism are far more important. The challenge in Venezuela is to cut-off the economic and political basis of fascism. Unfortunately, up until recently the government has been overly sensitive to hostile criticism from overseas and domestic elites who rush to defend fascists – in the name of “democratic freedom”. The government of Venezuela has enormous resources at its disposal to root out the fascist threat. Even if firm action causes an outcry from overseas liberal friends, most pro-democracy advocates believe it is incumbent upon the government to act against those opposition officials who continue to incite armed rebellion.

Most recently, there have been clear signs that the Venezuelan government, with its powerful democratic and constitutional mandate, is moving with awareness of the fascist danger and will act with determination to stamp it out in the streets and in the suites.

The National Assembly has voted to strip Congresswoman Corina Machado of her immunity as a deputy in the National Assembly so she can be prosecuted for inciting violence. The President of the National Assembly Diosdado Cabello has presented detailed documentary evidence of her role in organizing and promoting armed rebellion. Several opposition mayors, actively involved in promoting and protecting snipers, street thugs and arsonists, have been charged and arrested.

The majority of Venezuelans confronted by the rising tide of fascist violence support the punishment of these high officials engaged in or supporting sabotage. Without firm action, Venezuelan intelligence agencies as well as the average citizen agree that these ‘opposition’ politicos will continue to promote violence and provide sanctuary for paramilitary assassins.

The government has realized that they are engaged in a real war, planned by a centralized leadership and executed by decentralized operatives. Legislative leaders are coming to grips with the political psychology of fascism, which interprets Presidential offers of political conciliation and judicial leniency as weakness to be exploited by further violence.

The most significant advance toward stopping the fascist threat lies in the government’s recognition of the links between the parliamentary and business elite and the fascist terrorists: financial speculators, smugglers and big-time hoarders of food and other essential commodities are all part and parcel of the same fascist drive for power together with the terrorists who bomb public food markets and attack the trucks transporting food to the poor neighborhoods. One revolutionary worker said to me after a street skirmish: “Por la razon y la fuerza no pasaran!”(Through reason and force they will be defeated)…


Violence and Terror: The Ukrainian and Colombian Road to Empire Building

03.20.2014 :: Latin America – Analysis


Introduction: The two paths to 21st century empire-building-via-proxies are illustrated through the violent seizure of power in the Ukraine by a US-backed junta and the electoral gains of the US-backed Colombian war lord, Alvaro Uribe.

We will describe the ‘mechanics’ of US intervention in the domestic politics of these two countries and their profound external effects – that is how they enhance imperial power on a continent-wide basis.

Political Intervention and Proxy Regimes: Ukraine

The conversion of the Ukraine into a US-EU vassal state has been a prolonged process which involved large scale, long term financing, indoctrination and recruitment of cadres, organization and training of politicos and street fighters and, above all, a capacity to combine direct action with electoral politics.

Seizing power is a high stakes game for empire: (1) Ukraine, in the hands of clients, provides a NATO with a military springboard into the heart of the Russian Federation; (2) Ukraine’s industrial and agricultural resources provide a source of enormous wealth for Western investors and (3) Ukraine is a strategic region for penetrating the Caucuses and beyond.

Washington invested over $5 billion dollars in client-building, mostly in ‘Western Ukraine’, especially in and around Kiev, focusing on ‘civil society groups’ and malleable political parties and leaders. By 2004, the initial US political ‘investment’ in regime change culminated in the so-called ‘Orange Revolution’ which installed a short-lived pro-US-EU regime. This, however, quickly degenerated amidst major corruption scandals, mismanagement and oligarchical pillage of the national treasury and public resources leading to the conviction of the former-Vice President and the demise of the regime. New elections produced a new regime, which attempted to secure ties with both the EU and Russia via economic agreements, while retaining many of the odious features (gross endemic corruption) of the previous regime. The US and EU, having lost thru democratic elections, relaunched their ‘direct action organizations’ with a new radical agenda. Neo-fascists seized power and established a dictatorial junta through violent demonstrations, vandalism, armed assaults and mob action. The composition of the new post-coup junta reflected two sides of the US-backed political organizations: (1) neo-liberal politicos for managing economic policy and forging closer ties with NATO, (2) and neo-fascists/violent nationalists to impose order by force and fist, and crush pro-Russian Crimean ‘autonomists’ and ethnic Russians and other minorities, especially in the industrialized south and east.

Whatever else may ensue, the coup and the resultant junta is fully subordinated to and dependent on the will of Washington: claims of Ukrainian ‘independence’ notwithstanding. The junta proceeded to purge the elected and appointed government officials affiliated with the political parties of the previous democratic regime and to persecute its supporters. Their purpose is to ensure that subsequent managed elections will provide a pretense of legitimacy, and elections will be limited to two sets of imperial clients: the neo-liberals, (self-styled “moderates”) and the neo-fascists dubbed as “nationalists”.

Ukraine’s road to imperialist power via a collaborator regime illustrates the various instruments of empire building: (1) the use of imperial state funds, channeled through NGOs, to political front groups and the build-up of a ‘mass base’ in civil society; (2) the financing of mass direct action leading to a coup (‘regime change’); (3) the imposition of neo-liberal policies by the client regime; (4) imperial financing of the re-organization and regroupment of mass direct action groups after the demise of the first client regime; (5) the transition from protest to violent direct action as the major backdrop to the extremist sectors (neo-fascists) organizing the seizure of power and purge of the opposition; (6) organizing an ‘international media campaign’ to prop up the new junta while demonizing domestic and international opposition (Russia) and (7) political power centralized in the hands of the junta, convoking “managed elections” limited to the victory of one or the other pro-imperial pro-junta candidates.

In summary, empire-builders operate on several/levels: violent and electoral; social and political; and with selected incumbents and rivals committed to one strategic aim: the seizure of state power and the conversion of the ruling elite into willing vassals of empire.

Columbia’s Deathsquad Democracy: Centerpiece of the Imperial Advance in Latin America

In the face of a continent-wide decline of US influence in Latin America, Colombia stands out as a constant bulwark of US imperial interests: (1) Colombia signed a free trade agreement with the US; (2) provided seven military bases and invited thousands of US counter-insurgency operatives; and (3) collaborated in building large-scale paramilitary death squads prepared for cross border raids against Washington’s arch enemy Venezuela.

Colombia’s ruling oligarchy and military have been able to resist the wave of massive democratic, national and popular social upheavals and electoral victories that gave rise to the post-neo-liberal states in Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay.

While Latin America has moved toward ‘regional organizations’ excluding the US, Colombia strengthened its ties to the US through bilateral agreements. While Latin America reduced its dependence on US markets, Colombia expanded its commercial ties. While Latin America reduced their military ties to the Pentagon, Colombia tightened them. While Latin America moved toward greater social inclusion by increasing taxes on foreign multinational corporations, Colombia lowered corporate taxes. While Latin America expanded land settlements for its landless rural populations, Colombia displaced over 4 million peasants as part of the US-designed ‘scorched earth’ counter-insurgency policy.

Colombia’s “exceptional” unwavering submission to US imperial interests is rooted in several large-scale, long-term programs developed in Washington. In 2000, President ‘Bill’ Clinton committed the US to a $6 billion dollar counter-insurgency program (Plan Colombia) which greatly increased the brutal repressive capacity of the Colombian elite to confront the popular grass roots movements of peasants and workers. Along with arms and training, US Special Forces and ideologues entered Colombia to develop military and paramilitary terror operations – aimed primarily at penetrating and decimating political opposition and civil society social movements and assassinating activists and leaders. The US-backed Alvaro Uribe, notorious narco-trafficker and the very personification of a ruthless imperial vassal, became president over a ‘Death-Squad Democracy’.

President Uribe further militarized Colombian society, savaged civil society movements and crushed any possibility of a popular democratic revival, such as were occurring throughout the rest of Latin America. Thousands of activists, trade unionists, human rights workers and peasants were murdered, tortured and jailed.

The ‘Colombian System’ combined the systematic use of para-militarism (death squads) to smash local and regional trade union and peasant opposition and the technification and massification of the military (over 300,000 soldiers) in fighting the popular insurgency and ‘emptying the countryside’ of rebel sympathizers. Large-scale multi-billion dollar drug trafficking and money laundering formed the ‘financial glue’ to cement a tight relationship among oligarchs, politicos, bankers and US counter-insurgency advisers – creating a terrifying high-tech police state bordering Venezuela, Ecuador and Brazil – countries with substantial popular mass movements.

The same state terror machinery, which decimated the pro-democracy social movements, has protected, promoted and participated in ‘stage-managed elections’, the hallmark of Colombia as a “death squad democracy”.

Elections are held under a vast overlapping network of military bases, where death squads and drug traffickers occupied towns and villages intimidating, terrorizing and ‘corrupting’ the electorate. The only ‘safe’ protest in this repressive atmosphere has been voter abstention. Electoral outcomes are pre-ordained: oligarchs never lose in deathsquad democracies, they are the empire’s most trusted vassals.

The cumulative effects of the decade and a half-long bloody purge of Colombian civil society by Presidents Uribe and his successor, Santos, have been to eliminate any consequential electoral opposition. Washington has achieved its ideal: a stable vassal state; a large-scale and obedient military; an oligarchy tied to US corporate elites; and a tightly-controlled ‘electoral’ system that never permits the election of a genuine opponent.

The March 2014 Colombian elections brilliantly illustrate the success of US strategic intervention in collaboration with the oligarchy: The vast majority of the electorate, over two-thirds, abstained, demonstrating the absence of any real legitimacy among the eligible voters. Among those who ‘voted’, ten percent submitted ‘spoiled’ or blank ballots. Voter abstention and ballot-spoilage was especially high in the rural regions and working class areas which had been subject to state terror.

Given the intense state repression, the mass of voters decided that no authentic pro-democracy party would have any chance and so refused to legitimize the process. The 30% who actually voted were largely urban middle and upper class Colombians and residents in some rural areas completely controlled by narco-terrorists and the military where ‘voting’ may have been ‘compulsory’. Of a total of 32 million eligible voters in Colombia, 18 million abstained and another 2.3 million submitted spoiled ballots. The two dominant oligarchical coalitions led by President Santos and ex-President Uribe received only 2.2 million and 2.05 million votes respectively, a fraction of the number who abstained (14 million). In this widely scorned electoral farce, the center-left and left parties made a miserable showing. Colombia’s electoral system puts a propaganda veneer on dangerous, highly-militarized vassal state primed to play a strategic role in US plans to “reconquer” Latin America.

Two decades of systematic terror, financed by a six-billion dollar militarization program, has guaranteed that Washington will not encounter any substantial opposition in the legislature or presidential palace in Bogota. This is the ‘acrid, gunpowder-tinged smell of success’ for US policymakers: violence is the midwife of the vassal state. Colombia has been turned into the springboard for developing an US-centered trade bloc and a military alliance to undermine Venezuela’s Bolivarian regional alliances, such as ALBA and Petro Caribe as well as Venezuela’s national security. Bogota will try to influence neighboring right and center-left regimes pushing them to embrace of the US Empire against Venezuela.


Large-scale, long-term subversion and organization in Ukraine and Colombia, as well as the funding of paramilitary and civil society organizations (NGO) has enabled Washington to: (1) construct strategic allies, (2) build ties to oligarchs, malleable politicians and paramilitary thugs and (3) apply political terrorism for their seizure of state power. The imperial planners have thus created “model states” – devoid of consequential opponents and ‘open’ to sham elections among rival vassal politicians.

Coups and juntas, orchestrated by longstanding political proxies, and highly militarized states run by ‘Death Squad Executives’ are all legitimized by electoral systems designed to expand and strengthen imperial power.

By rendering democratic processes and peaceful popular reforms impossible and by overthrowing independent, democratically elected governments, Washington is making wars and violent upheavals inevitable.



US Proxy Terror War on Venezuela

03.17.2014 :: United States – Latin America



Introduction: Protest, dissent and the destructive terror of war are obviously very distinct forms of expressing opposition and bringing about change. The Obama-Kerry regime support the opposition in Venezuela as a ‘protest movement’ composed of ‘peaceful democratic opponents’ expressing their discontent with economic conditions, while they denounce the democratically-elected Maduro Administration as an ‘authoritarian regime’ violently repressing legitimate dissent.

Washington disingenuously claims to have played no part in the actions of the Venezuelan opposition and that its pronouncements are merely directed at promoting democratic freedoms.

The overwhelming evidence show that the Venezuelan opposition has engaged in prolonged and extensive violence, including terrorist acts, assassinations, arson, and destruction of public property. Most recently this includes the murder of military officers and civilian supporters of the government. Widely circulated photographs, even in Washington-controlled media outlets, show opposition activists throwing Molotov cocktails at police and counter-demonstrators and building barricades for bloody street confrontations.

The Obama-Kerry Administration denies any involvement in the ongoing violence while unconditionally defending the opposition gangs of thugs. At the same time it demonizes every legitimate government action to defend its citizens, uphold the Constitution and enforce internationally recognized norms of law and order. The Obama-Kerry regime’s political intervention and its escalating rhetoric is designed to incite the opposition to further violent activity in order to destabilize the country for ‘regime change’.

US Secretary of State John Kerry’s vitriolic rhetoric is timed to counter the recent ebb of opposition activity, assuring the opposition that Washington supports its campaign of ‘warfare in the streets’. President Obama’s propaganda, the regime’s economic sanctions and the channeling of financial and military resources to the violent opposition groups is designed to reinvigorate the campaign of terror and sabotage against the Venezuelan government. The Kerry- Obama sanctions and their war of words provide external support for violent terrorists operating inside Venezuela.

Kerry-Obama Rely on the Big Lie

Secretary of State Kerry’s accusation that the Venezuelan government is conducting a ‘campaign of terror’ against the peaceful opposition is a naked lie: The Bolivarian government, which had been the target of two months of street violence sabotage, is itself accused of the crimes committed by the US-backed proxy opposition. This is a favorite ploy of the empire in preparing the ground for ‘regime change’. Washington is intent on the violent overthrow of a democratic government and the establishment of another satellite regime in Latin America.

Washington’s proxy terrorist power grab is evident everywhere. The opposition is openly authoritarian in its demands. It raises economic and social issues as pretexts to undermine of the democratic, constitutional government by force and violence. They seek to weaken the government and have no interest in negotiations or signing any agreement on specific sets of issues. Government offers to meet and establish dialog have been rejected outright. Each government concession has been exploited as a sign of weakness. When the government released dozens of thugs arrested for throwing Molotov fire-bombs, they returned to the streets to burn more property and attack the police.

The opposition has been given every chance to win over Venezuela’s voters in dozens of Presidential, state and local elections. Refusing to accept the will of the majority in lawful elections, they have launched their violent assaults to undermine the people’s rule. Opposition mayors have worked with street thugs who block normal commerce while assaulting individual supporters of the national government.

The opposition has accumulated vast stores of arms and munitions in preparation for an armed uprising. It has trained snipers to assassinate military and police officers upholding the rule of law and have attacked municipal workers and citizen volunteers engaged in clearing streets of debris.

In terms of means, goals and ideology the opposition fits the description of an imperial-financed terrorist minority organized to seize power, destroy majority rule and impose an autocratic dictatorship which would serve as a proxy for US imperial power.

Democratic Politics or Terrorist Putsch?

In the 8 weeks up to March 15, 2014, the terrorist opposition committed 500 violent actions throughout the country. At least 68 members of the Venezuelan National Guard have been injured, shot, or killed by Secretary Kerry’s “democratic protestors”. On May 13, government officials were attacked with high powered rifle fire and seven snipers were arrested with arms and explosives. Paramilitary terrorists have been openly trained and housed at two or more elite universities (Carabobo University and UCV in Caracas). Phony claims of “autonomy” have been used to shield the fact that these privileged campuses are used to stockpile weapons, set up training bases and shelter for paramilitary gangs and snipers.

The economic impact is immense: Business revenues, salaries and wage losses run in the tens of millions. Sniper fire has prevented civil servants, pro-government workers and ordinary citizens from shopping, going to work and participating in pro-government counter demonstrations. The terrorists have sown fear and insecurity, primarily in middle class neighborhoods where they mostly operate – not daring to enter the militant poor and working class barrios.

The government is seen by the masses as extraordinarily tolerant (or excessively conciliatory) in their dealings with these violent opposition gangs, considering the scope and depth of mayhem: As of March 15, only 105 street thugs out the 1,529 violent demonstrators arrested remain in jail facing charges.

Many concerned Venezuelan and international democrats and experts on terrorism believe the Maduro government’s restraint has given the terrorists plenty of time and opportunity to arm, recruit and distribute US funds channeled through phony NGO’s, in preparation for even bigger and more destructive acts of terror, such as bombing bridges, power stations and clinics, as well as assassinating top civilian and military officials. Their assessment of the Maduro government’s security policy is that it is too narrowly focused on the ‘lowest level’ of activists – those caught with Molotov cocktails or engaged in other acts of violence – rather than the political and financial networks which extend deep into the major opposition political parties and business elite who provide funding, political cover and ideological justifications for the growing war of terror against ordinary Venezuelan citizens. Moreover, the ‘revolving door’ judicial system simply emboldens the thugs and saboteurs — since a day in jail is a very small price for having blown up a community health center or engulfed a National Guardsman in flames.

The government, in its efforts to secure agreements with a section of the opposition, appears to have tied the hands of its security forces: small groups of National Guardsmen have become especially vulnerable to acts of terror from thugs protected by highly-placed opposition political leaders.


In the past two months over a thousand public buildings have been destroyed or damaged, mostly fire-bombed by what US Secretary of State John Kerry has called the “democratic and peaceful opposition”. Most of the arson is directed at buildings closely associated with the government’s popular and effective social welfare programs. These include neighborhood centers for adult education and training; free public medical and dental clinics; public banks providing low interest loans for micro-economic projects; primary and secondary public schools in poor neighborhoods; publicly-owned food-stores providing subsidized food and groceries as well as the trucks carrying subsidized food and essential goods to working-class neighborhoods; public transportation, municipal sanitary workers, community radio stations, pro-government media centers and local Socialist Party headquarters.

Recently large scale caches of arms, including automatic rifles and mortars were discovered in the underground parking lot owned by an opposition-controlled municipality. Another cache of 2,000 mortars and other weapons were found in the opposition stronghold, Táchira State, which borders Colombia, across which arms, drugs and mercenaries enter freely. Many of the National Guardsmen injured were shot by opposition snipers. On March 16, a National Guard captain was assassinated by a sniper shooting from a high rise apartment. The assassin was captured and turned out to be a Chinese mercenary hired by the opposition and part of a para-military hit team

Kerry-Obama’s claim that the protestors are mostly peaceful students is refuted by the fact that nearly two-thirds (971) of the total arrestees (1,529) are not students; many are self-styled street fighters receiving outside material support and funds.

Kerry’s claim that the US is ‘not involved’ and the State Department’s ludicrous effort to portray Venezuela’s charges of US intervention as “paranoia” have been refuted by official US documents showing a continuous annual flow of tens of millions of dollars to opposition organizations linked to the terror networks, including $15 million disbursed during the first two months of this year. The even greater extent of ‘covert’ material aid, including weapons, is unknown.

Top security experts knowledgeable about the subject of external funding for destabilization and terrorism, have reviewed the scope and depth of the ongoing damage and casualties in Venezuela. They have urged the Maduro government to allow the loyal Venezuelan armed forces to participate in quelling the violence. Their recommendations include a declaration of martial law and military sweeps into opposition strongholds to round-up and disarm the violent street thugs and terrorists; unlimited detention, pending trials, for suspected snipers and arsonists and military trials for those suspected of murdering soldiers, police and guardsmen. Opposition mayors, governors and university officials who have provided sanctuaries, training bases, funds and arms to the mercenaries should no longer be immune from prosecution. In recognition of the recent huge demonstrations by ordinary citizens and soldiers supporting a greater role for the Venezuelan Armed Forces and demanding firmer measures to end terror, President Maduro issued an ultimatum to the opposition to end their violence or face the full force of the state.

In addressing the Kerry-Obama regime, President Maduro, once again, demanded it stop aiding the violent opposition and denounced Washington’s threats to further undermine the Venezuelan economy with trade sanctions. He has called on Washington to join a tri-partite commission, including top representatives from the US, Venezuela and the Union of South American states (UNASUR), to discuss peace and sovereignty. While UNASUR is willing to support Maduro’s proposal for dialogue and his peace initiative, US Secretary of State Kerry is moving ahead with economic sanctions against Caracas in support of the US terror war by proxy.

The time for political conciliation is running out: the Venezuelan Armed Forces may finally be given their chance to end this imperial war by proxy.


Hopefully, the arm-chair revolutionaries and chattering classes in North America and Europe, who have been so quick to criticize the Venezuelan government, will set aside their ‘reservations’ and organize a solidarity movement to protest the Kerry- Obama imperial war by proxy against Venezuelan democracy. To date they have spent too much time in internet chatter and not enough time in the streets.


Financial Times : Schäuble revives push for Eurozone integration

Germany is pushing for changes to EU treaties “as soon as possible” after the May European elections, in an overhaul to fuse eurozone economic governance behind a budget chief and euro area parliament.

In interviews, speeches and articles, Wolfgang Schäuble, Germany’s finance minister, has given urgency and political impetus to Berlin’s longstanding ideas for a refashioned and more centralised eurozone.

Asked when he envisaged agreeing the treaties, he said “today is better than tomorrow” and called for negotiations to start straight after the European parliament elections in May.

These reforms to integrate the eurozone, he added, must be paired with measures to ensure those countries outside are not “systematically disadvantaged” – an approach that will be welcomed by Britain.

downloadIn a joint Financial Times article with George Osborne, the UK chancellor, he wrote that future treaty change “must include reform of the governance framework to put euro area integration on a sound legal basis, and guarantee fairness for those EU countries inside the single market but outside the single currency”.

Mr Schäuble’s intervention to restart the reform debate highlights Berlin’s determination that the EU should build on the eurozone’s fragile economic recovery from the financial crisis by creating institutions strong enough to withstand future turmoil.

The veteran finance minister’s pledge to fight for reform comes after the joint declaration in January from German chancellor Angela Merkel and French president François Hollande, pledging to work for closer economic and monetary union.

But the German government has now gone a step further, arguing in the FT that treaty change must also address one of key negotiating demands of Mr Cameron, the UK prime minister, before his planned 2017 referendum: the protection of the interests of euro “outs”.

Mr Schäuble, a long-term advocate of reform, wants to establish an institutional architecture for a common fiscal and economic policy, with a parliament, finance minister and budget to support countries in crisis and encourage reform.

He said it was “nonsense” to suggest the power for a eurozone commissioner to reject national budgets would impinge on sovereignty. “To stick to the rules is not a violation of budget sovereignty . . . of national sovereignty. We have moved sovereignty to the European level,” he said.

Germany’s renewed appetite for treaty reform will rattle some eurozone member states, which fear the centralisation of budget power would potentially trigger national plebiscites that could not be won.

Big gains for more radical, eurosceptic parties in the May elections could undermine efforts by mainstream parties such as Ms Merkel’s CDU to build a political consensus for strengthening the eurozone.

Acknowledging the populist threat in an interview with Handelsblatt, the business daily, Mr Schäuble said that the performance of France’s National Front in the recent local elections and the growth of eurosceptic parties elsewhere was “not a good development”.

But he took comfort from hopes that the Ukraine crisis could boost voter support for European integration, saying: “Europe always advances in a crisis . . . the crisis in Ukraine will make people in Europe more confidence about the value of European integration again, and motivate them to vote. Then the turnout would rise, and the eurosceptic forces would likely perform worse than many fear today.”

The finance minister forecast that the effect of the crisis for the German economy would be “manageable”. As for sanctions, German industry had made clear that if they were imposed it would be ready. “You have to convince Russia with diplomacy and economic pressure. Compliance with the rules and principles is not only in the interests of the west but also Russia.”


Media ‘staged’ Syria chem attack

BBC’s ‘total fabrication from beginning to end’ of Syria ‘atrocity’; call to revoke visas for intel agents posing as reporters in NATO targets; CIA caught infiltrating CNN, and Operation Mockingbird is back.

Seek truth from facts with UK Member of Parliament George Galloway, Illinois University Professor of International Law Francis Boyle, investigative reporter John Helmer, ordinary Syrians and Ukraine covergirl – ‘Julia’.

This is a rush transcript. Copy may not be in its final form.

RT: “Stunning fakery” in alleged chemical weapons attack according to a former UK ambassador. Coming up…
Announcer: The British Broadcasting Corporation is accused of staging chemical weapons attack.
The CIA admits planting CNN reporters.
And international lawyers call for journalists inciting violence to be expelled.

RT: August 2013 – NATO leaders can’t get the public on side for the imminent bombing of Syria. Suddenly the BBC says it was filming a small rural hospital and a game-changing atrocity happened right there, the moment they were filming.

BBC report: We were filming the doctors working at this hospital when victims of an incendiary bomb attack on a school playground started pouring in.
BBC interview: Absolute chaos and carnage here. It must be some sort of napalm.

RT: But a highly sceptical public stayed hostile to military intervention. Exactly one month later the leaders are trying to pin a chemical weapons attack on Syria without success.

The BBC airs exactly the same footage, but digitally alters the word “napalm” for “chemical weapons”, hoping no one will notice.
BBC interview: Absolute chaos and carnage here. It must be some sort of chemical weapon.

RT: Not only did folks notice but it unleashed a massive public investigation which made some extremely disturbing findings.

Robert Stuart: This is the total fabrication, from beginning to end, of an atrocity, with BBC “reporter” Ian Pannell standing amidst a tableau of very bad actors. This is completely beyond the pale.

RT: This audio analysis by media investigator Robin Upton shows both versions are identical and from the same speech. The BBC then digitally altered the words from “napalm” to “chemical weapon”, the exact justification NATO was finding difficult to prove.

That game-changing allegation was made by two doctors that had travelled with the BBC, who claimed the number of sudden casualties is “overwhelming”.

What kind of doctor, notes media investigator Robert Stuart, gives interviews when she is surrounded by supposedly seriously burned and dying teenagers?
Nurse: Get anyone who isn’t a patient out of here.

RT: When a nurse does finally start to help, her order to “get anyone who isn’t a patient out of here” doesn’t apply to the cameramen. Even worse, notes Stuart, is the bizarre acting, which starts when the man in the centre gives the sign.

RT: Doctor Rola, on whose sole claim the BBC sends the napalm/chemical weapons allegations round the world, is actually the daughter of Syrian rebel Mousa Al-Kurdi.

The parallel to the Gulf War and “Nurse Nayirah” is stunning. Congressmen said the nurse’s tearful testimony that Iraqis were killing children swung their vote in favour of war.

“Nurse Nayirah” testimony: They took the incubators and left the children to die on the cold floor. (weeps).
RT: “Nurse Nayirah” became the mainstream’s darling, but once the vote had safely passed, she admitted inventing the whole thing, and was actually the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador to Washington, lying to get the public to back war.

UK Member of Parliament George Galloway joins us, thank you very much for coming on. Why do we get almost identical claims before each war, which then prove lies?

George Galloway, UK Member of Parliament: Well, the Bush and Blair Corporation, as it became in the run-up to the Iraq war, has almost entirely lost its reputation for journalistic integrity.

A full inquiry must be launched into why the BBC used a piece of material which was not just wrong but was falsified, and falsified with the purpose of propelling our country into war. That’s not what the British public pays its BBC licence fee for, so that it can be tricked into a war.

RT: In a statement, the British Broadcasting Corporation says it stands by its report. The Syrian opposition denies the allegations. Investigators such as Robert Stuart note their many questions sent officially to the corporation remain unanswered. There are also numerous such precedents both in this war and previous invasions.

“Brilliant” is how a top Western official called tricking the public through routine faking of atrocities and commonly aired on mainstream bulletins. Nightly News show just a few cases of what happened next after mainstream cameras ended their reports.

Nightly News: It shows people putting on fake wounds, it shows some guys there, look there’s their head wounds “Peace everybody!You know we’re doing the right thing, we’re creating fake propaganda!” I mean it’s not even real atrocities.So there they’re lined up. There’s another video that shows some guy kicking his leg, with a fake blood wound.

Here’s a guy who wakes up from his funeral! Watch this. Oh, wait there, he’s awake, he’s not even really dead! So I mean this is just crazy what goes on. There was another video that was shot of a supposed massacre and you don’t see the whole thing.When you go to the Al Jazeera footage it shows real quick clips of a guy kicking his leg and he’s got blood coming out. It turned out to be fake blood.

RT: The so-called “activists” behind the fakes are by far the most popular source, despite them never being verified, and regularly disproved as fabrications to justify more NATO arms. The term “activist” may sound like a well-meaning Western campaigner or charity, but the Foreign Policy Journal notes it’s just Newspeak for “insurgents”.

The “official” source on Syria casualties, or what mainstream claims is “official”, is impressive-sounding organization The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. Reuters exposed the fact three years ago it was not an organization at all, or even working in Syria. It’s a single pro-insurgent supporter living in Coventry – England.

Here pictured at the Foreign Office, after instructions from Britain’s Foreign Minister himself.

In leaked footage, ordinary Syrians told the BBC they’re tired of its lies and the insurgents they’re cheerleading are a tiny minority led by foreign gangs.

BBC reporter: You don’t like the BBC?

Syrian citizen: BBC? No. Tell her. Tell her.
BBC reporter:Huh? Why?

Syrian: Because you’re talking very bad about Syria. Everybody when they hear BBC Arabic they can hear the lies about Syria – also Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya.

BBC: But what? But maybe Syria is like any country, some people support and some people don’t support?

Syrian: No-no, everybody support.

BBC reporter: So Syria is different?

Syrian: Very little people, maybe 10,000 like that but most people, 22 million, 23 million, support Bashar al-Assad. And we have not “demonstrations” – we have armed gangs.

RT: Pro-war media’s forced to resort to colossal lies since intelligence chiefs revealed to America’s top investigative reporter Sy Hersh that“Obama’s cronies are making it up”. All the evidence actually points to the jihadis staging the chemical attacks.

Sy Hersh, author, Whose Sarin?: The attack ‘was not the result of the current regime’, the high-level intelligence officer wrote in an email to a colleague. ‘The guys are throwing their hands in the air and saying, “How can we help this guy” – Obama – when he and his cronies in the White House make up the intelligence as they go along?’, said a former senior intelligence official. The distortion, he said, reminded him of the Gulf of Tonkin Incident.

Wag The Dog movie: – The president wants a white one.

- He wants a white one? The white? Let me talk to him.

- He’s mobilizing the sixth fleet.

RT: The thought a US president would start a horrific foreign war by staging a pretty female front as a victim made people laugh.

Wag The Dog: The young Albanian national fleeing in this video is attempting to escape terrorist reprisals in her village.

RT: Meet Julia, if that’s her real name, the celebrated face mass media call the “creator” of a viral video asking the US to help Ukraine. It was actually created by the State Department’s National Endowment for Democracy, to mask the fact Washington joined Ukraine’s thugs and murdered their way to power.

A leaked phone call with EU Foreign Minister Ashton revealed the opposition planned and executed the infamous sniper violence of Kiev, shooting both the police, and their own supporters in the back.

Studies found a total of 250 mainstream sources lied that the snipers belonged to Yanukovich. Only seven of the entire mass media even mentioned the bombshell leak and those that did framed the report to suggest it couldn’t possibly be true.

Former Wall Street Journal Editor Paul Craig Roberts calls the coverage of Ukraine a new low in the history of the mainstream, which is now simply what he describes as a “Ministry” of lies. Investigative reporter John Helmer’s uncovered the mainstream staging demonstrations, and attempts to provoke disorder.

He joins us, great to speak to you. One US scholar notes the coverage has now become “Orwellian”, what’s going on?

John Helmer, investigative reporter: So the weaker your government the more interested the leader might be in threatening Russia to look strong at home when it’s obvious he’s not strong at home, and couldn’t get re-elected. That’s particularly true of, let’s say, the French president or the prime minister Cameron at the moment, and arguably President Obama is not only a lame duck, but having great difficulty in putting together a winning coalition for the Democratic Party’s next candidate for president.

When you’ve got weak political leaders you need to look stronger than you are in public opinion in the media, so there’s this process of misleading and disinforming.

RT: A Senate Committee inquiry revealed CIA running mainstream media in the vast operation known as Mockingbird. More than 400 journalists and media chiefs claiming to watchdog the government were the exact opposite joining to mask US government crime at home and abroad.

The operation continues despite agency denials, Counterpunch discovered CIA imposing agents on firms like CNN. Former CIA exec Michael Scheuer notes British media are even closer to intel targets.

BBC report: Big pieces of wood, metal to use as barricades.

RT: Scheuer adds the BBC now takes the lead in regime change operations that cause “anarchy and violence”.

Let’s speak to Francis Boyle, Professor of International Law at Illinois University, great to talk to you. How can nations stop war media that now perform the CIA’s covert operations?

Francis Boyle, Illinois University Professor of International Law: Certainly have their visas revoked and sent packing home, because I really don’t understand why some of these countries keep European journalists, certainly the United States,why they let them into the countries, because they’re just using their coverage to provoke war and military intervention.

In addition, the Bush Jr. administration lifted what was supposed to be the previous prohibition that intelligence agents were not supposed to infiltrate the media. You know, you have to be very careful certainly dealing with US reporters whether or not they’re intelligence agents.

RT: Banning active units of the military, also known as “warstream media”, shows how serious the situation now is. Their policies aren’t popular with their own viewers, mainstream audiences are in freefall. CNN and MSNBC have shed half their entire viewership in the last year alone. The question is how many more coups will they stage or help before they lose the public’s trust altogether. Seek truth from facts. This is The Truthseeker.


They’ve Done It Before – They Try It Again Today!

President Obama, Wake Up America!

Full Page Open Letter As Published In The New York Times on Monday, November 1, 2010

They’ve Done It Before – They Try It Again Today!

The goal of the special corporate interests – namely the Oil and Drug Cartel – in the US today is to transform democratic society into a corporate dictatorship, thus enabling multi-trillion dollar corporate interests to exert direct control over the political executive and the country.

Towards this end they are instigating the radicalization of society and financing the election campaigns of their political stakeholders. This strategy is an exact copy of the Oil and Drug Cartel’s takeover of Germany in 1933 – a strategy executed with the help of the Cartel’s political and military stakeholders, the Nazis.

Download PDF Version

America at the Crossroads

Over the past two years, the social and political life in America has been radicalized and polarized in an unprecedented way. What appears as a’grass-root’ movement articulating anger towards the current government is, in fact, a strategically implemented campaign by special interests, namely the Oil and Drug Cartel, to regain control over the White House and the country.

Worse, fighting a battle for survival of its outdated technologies, these special interests can no longer survive in a democracy and must seek dictatorial powers. In this historic situation, the only way to protect democracy is to expose the historic record of the Cartel.

n Open Letters on July 16 and September 13, 2010, I have exposed in this newspaper the historical parallels between the political escalation in Germany in the 1930’s and that of the US today. Then and now, the Cartel financed the political destabilization of democracy, with the goal of replacing it with a corporate dictatorship.

In Germany, then, the Cartel succeeded in seizing power and launching WWII because people and politicians around the world ignored the early warning signs. In the USA, today, the Cartel has launched an all-out psychological war. Organizations like the ‘Tea Party’ are radicalizing society. The only way to derail their plan of destroying democracy is to expose the criminal history and the motives of these special interests.

Global Dimension of this Threat

New technologies in the area of energy and health threaten the multi-trillion dollar global monopolies of the Oil and Drug Cartel. The Cartel’s giant markets of outdated technologies are no longer compatible with democracy and can only be maintained in a glo­bal dictatorship of corporate interests.

A first step in the direction of establishing such a global corporate dictatorship has already been taken. The recently founded so-called ‘European Union’ in Brussels (the ‘Brussels EU’) is not a democratically elected or legitimized body. The so-called ‘EU-Commission’ – 27 technocrats appointed by Cartel interests – preside over the lives and fates of 500 million people across Europe by means of dictatorial ‘directives’ and ‘regulations’.

Largely unbeknown to the rest of the world, the so-called ‘European Parliament’ has no independent right of legal initiative and serves merely as a fig-leaf for this ‘Cartel Commission’.

Even more appalling is the fact that the entire ‘Brussels EU’ structure is the implementation of plans conceived before and during WWII by the Oil and Drug Cartel and their Nazi stakeholders. The goal then and now was to cement their economic rule by means of a ‘Central Cartel Office’ that determines essentially every aspect of life in Europe and, eventually, the rest of the world.

The historical facts and documents are available online at www.Nazi-Roots-Of-Brussels-EU.org.

The Strategic Role of the USA

The key country in the Cartel’s ‘survival strategy’ is the USA. Not only is the US the home base of most Oil and Drug corporations, it is also the strongest military power to defend these special interests.

A major setback for the Cartel was the fact that in 2008 the American people elected a President on a platform of ending the ‘tyranny of oil’ and of reforming health care, including a focus on prevention.

In order to reverse this vote, the Cartel must not only regain control of the US government but must try to fundamentally ‘reprogram’ the American people by financing the dissemination of doubt and deception. Towards this end, the Cartel has been mobilizing an army of stakeholders in the media and politics.

Lessons of History: From 1933 to 2010

The blueprint for this strategy of radicalizing society in preparation for war was pre-WWII Germany. The unobstructed implementation of this strategy in 1933 led to the overthrow of democracy, the installation of a dictatorship on behalf of the Oil and Drug Cartel and, eventually, to a military attempt to expand its global markets during WWII.

The records of the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal and of the US Congress unequivocally document that WWII was launched in the interest – and with the financial as well as technical support – of the German-based Oil and Drug Cartel (Bayer, BASF, Hoechst). Its goal was to seize control of the multi-trillion dollar global markets of oil, patented chemicals and drugs.

The psychological preparation of German society for this military conquest was the launch of a ‘racial war’ against Jewish and other non-Aryan people and the elimination of any political opposition. The key vehicle to execute this plan was the Nazi/Cartel-financed ‘grassroots’ movement – the ‘brownshirts’.

The systematic instigation of hatred, aggression, racism and other forms of psychological terror by the ‘brownshirts’ in pre-war Germany was the pre­condition for the next stage: the mass murder across the globe by the SS and German Wehrmacht in the Cartel’s attempt to control the world.

After WWII, the German Oil and Drug Cartel was dismantled and its shares transferred to US- and UK-based multinational oil and drug corporations. The Cartel’s criminal past was deliberately hidden from the public for one main reason: not to endanger its future attempts at world control.


1933 and Today: The Cartel Manipulates Public Opinion

Germany 1933:

  • In the 1930s, the radicalization of German society and growing physical violence against religious minorities and political opponents of the Nazi regime strategically prepared the sei­zure of power by the Coalition of the Oil and Drug Cartel with the Nazis.
  • In WWII, the Cartel and their Nazi accomplices dressed millions of German soldiers in a uniform that carried the allegedly devine blessing for the Nazi/Cartel global conquest. Harnessed with a belt buckle showing the Swastika and the slogan ’God With Us’ (‘Gott mit uns’), the Nazi/Cartel Wehrmacht inflicted death on tens of millions of people.

USA Today:

  • Today, the political climate in the USA is strategically poisoned by the stakeholders of the same special interests, namely the Oil and Drug Cartel. Physical violence against political opponents is increasingly replacing the political and social dialogue.
  • Today, the stakeholders of the Oil and Drug Cartel in politics and media are trying to lure the American people with deceptive slogans like ‘restoring honor’ and under the pretext of acting in the name of God. In the course of history, no name has been more abused to mask the greed of special interests than the name of ‘God’.

President Obama, you have the responsibility to disseminate this historic parallel to the American people in order to enable them to actively defend freedom and democracy.

The Goals of this Publication

  1. This information alerts the people of America that the radicalization of society and the polarization of political life is organized and financed by the Oil and Drug Cartel – with the goal to regain control over the White House and the country.
  2. It exposes the ‘Tea Party’ and other so-called ‘grassroots’ movements as agents of the Oil and Drug Cartel.
  3. It reveals the strategic aim of these groups: destabilization of the democratically elected government via the instigation of civil unrest – under the pretext of defending constitutional rights and carrying out the will of God.
  4. It exposes the frenzied attacks against the Obama health care plan – that promotes preventive and community-based health – as a maneuver to protect the economic privileges of the Drug Cartel and its multi-trillion dollar health care monopoly based on patented pharmaceutical drugs.
  5. It exposes all these tricks and maneuvers as blatant copies of the Oil and Drug Cartel’s take-over of Germany in the 1930s – with the help of their political stakeholders, the Nazis.
  6. Sharing these historical parallels with the American people, will allow them to recognize the criminal historic record of the Oil and Drug Cartel, as well as the deceptive stragtegies it has used throughout history. The message: ‘They’ve done it before!’
  7. With this knowledge, the American people have a clear choice for the coming elections.
  8. It gives the Republican party a choice too: stay committed to democracy – or go into oblivion as political puppets of the Cartel’s corporate dictatorship plan.
  9. It allows the people and governments of the world to focus their resources on the development and construction of a modern world, based on affordable renewable energy and science-based natural health.
  10. The dissemination of this message is a precondition for protecting democracy in America and lasting peace!


Dr. Matthias Rath

Dr. Rath has become a voice of conscience exposing the plans of the Oil and Drug Cartel behind recent global military conflicts and crises. Attacked by Cartel media the world over (www.wiki-rath.org), Dr. Rath and his Foundation have received prestigious awards for civil courage. The ‘Relay of Life’ Award (www.relay-of-life.org) from survivors of Auschwitz and other Nazi concentration camps was conferred with a clear mandate:



Neoliberalism as Social Necrophilia: The Case of Greece

By Panayota GounariTruthout | News Analysis


2014_0321-4“You can use the 600 Euros that you will find on me to pay our health insurance. I paid the rent yesterday. I am sorry, my daughter, I could not take more suffering just to put a warm plate on the table – a bloody plate. Make sure that our daughter goes to college and never leave her alone. She should get the house that we have in the village.”

This is the suicide note of a 50-year-old woman to her husband. She jumped off a high wall in Crete, Greece, last week and is hospitalized in critical condition. She is one more victim of the deepening financial crisis that is trying the limits of Greek people since 2008. According to the Greek Census Bureau, there has been a 43 percent increase in suicides in austerity-chained Greece since the beginning of the crisis. Unofficial accounts bring the number to 4,000 deaths so far.

Greece is the most recent and historically unprecedented neoliberal experiment on a global scale. The neoliberal offensive is moving head on in the country and, if Chile “was the laboratory for the early phases, Greece has become the laboratory for an even more fierce implementation.” What we have in place right now in Greece can be best described as the “downsizing of a country” that brings profound changes in its social and economic fabric. Greece’s economy has shrunk by nearly one-third since 2007, and the debt has become unmanageable. Through cut-throat austerity measures, massive privatizations and cuts in the most sensitive sectors of public education and public health, the constant process of de-industrialization and the loss of sovereignty, it looks like “Greece will emerge as a poorer country, with a diminished productive base, with reduced sovereignty, [and] with a political class accustomed to almost neo-colonial forms of supervision.”

I glance through snapshots in the news: grim faces, desperate eyes, angry gazes, frustration, and, most of all, fear. The city of Athens is slowly turning into a cemetery for the living. The transformation of the city, both as a physical and as a symbolic space, is shocking to the eye; as a public space and a habitat for its people, it now gets fragmented into deserted stores “for rent,” broken façades and abandonment apartment windows and balcony doors tightly locked behind iron bars for “extra safety,” carton beds and, along them, homeless people’s possessions: an old dirty blanket, oversized worn out sneakers, plastic flowers, empty water bottles, stale bread. Different parts of the city palpably illustrate a degenerating social fabric, as more Greeks are now joining the ranks of what Zygmunt Bauman has called “human waste”: unemployed, working poor, immigrants, all the outcasts, victims of “economic progress,” preys of rampant neoliberal policies, “casualties,” real victims to what the Greek prime minister has recently called a “success story” on the road to privatization and the wholesale of Greece’s national assets and sovereignty.

Greece is radically and violently transformed into the land field of “wasted lives” in the giant trashcan of global capitalism. Witnessing as I do this novel form of social necrophilia that eats alive every inch of human life, workspace and public space, I cringe at the sound of the words “sacrifice,” “rescue” and making Greece, according to the claims of Greek PM Antonis Samaras, a “success story.” Whose sacrifice and whose rescue? Who succeeds and who loses? Numbers are telling.

Unemployment rates are currently climbing to 30 percent, the same percentage Greece had in 1961. As a point of comparison, unemployment in the United States in 1929 was 25 percent, and in Argentina in 2001, it was 30 percent. More than 70 percent of the unemployed have been out of work for more than a year, leaving most to rely on charity after losing monthly benefit payments and health insurance. This percentage does not include young people seeking a job for the first time, employees without insurance and part-timers. Unemployment is up 41 percent from 2011, and for those 15-24, it has reached 51.1 percent, doubling in only three years  and setting a negative record for a Eurozone country.

The IMF/European Central Bank recipe is generating wealth in the global financial casino, while 31 percent of Greeks live at risk of poverty, according to Eurostat (2012). These statistics put Greece in seventh place in poverty percentages among the 27 EU countries. More specifically, in Greece: 28.7 percent of children up to 17 years old; 27.7 percent of the population between ages 27-64; and 26.7 percent of Greeks older than 65 live in the poverty threshold.

By social necrophilia, I mean,.. economic policies and austerity measures that result in the physical, material, social and financial destruction of human beings…

There is an 11.8 percent increase in child poverty, raising the number of poor children to 465,000 in 2011. The Greek social and welfare state has been collapsing through draconian cuts in wages and pensions, massive layoffs and the violation of vested rights, of labor laws and of collective bargaining rights. All collective bargaining expired on May 14, 2013, and it has been replaced by individual contracts where workers become hostages of their employers. Base salary went tumbling down to 500 Euros monthly (400 for young people) – not to mention a retroactive salary cut of 22 percent (32 percent for youth) in February 2012.

In March 2013, the government announced additional pension cuts of up to 20 percent. According to the Labor Institute of the National Confederation of Greek Workers (2012), new measures dictated by the Troika (the European Central Bank, the European Commission and the International Monetary Fund) will lead to at least a 35 percent deterioration of salaried employees’ and pensioners’ lives. As an example, since the beginning of 2011, 113,268 people have disconnected their telephone landlines to decrease expenses. With a 19 percent increase in the cost of electricity, 350,000 people now live without electricity in Athens. Additional taxes on property have ravaged the middle class that is now “paying rent” in their own houses through new taxes and fines imposed. Quality of life is radically deteriorating for Greek people.

This neoliberal experiment, as currently implemented in Greece, breeds destructiveness and death and resonates with forms of “social necrophilia.” By social necrophilia, I mean the blunt organized effort on the part of the domestic political system and foreign neoliberal centers to implement economic policies and austerity measures that result in the physical, material, social and financial destruction of human beings: policies that promote death, whether physical or symbolic. The goal of the ongoing capitalist offensive in the form of a neoliberal doctrine is to destroy symbolically and physically the most vulnerable strata of the population, to put the entire society in a moribund state to impose the most unprecedented austerity measures that generate profit for the most privileged classes internationally.

Erich Fromm, Frankfurt School philosopher, social psychologist and psychoanalyst, provides both a metaphor from the realm of psychiatry, as well as the tools to make the case for a reified market society that is being forced to start loving death: its own. In his seminal work on the Anatomy of Human Destructiveness (1973), Fromm defines necrophilia as “the passionate attraction to all that is dead, decayed, putrid, sickly; it is the passion to transform that which is alive into something unalive; to destroy for the sake of destruction; the exclusive interest in all that is purely mechanical. It is the passion to tear apart living structures.”

In the case of the Greek neoliberal experiment, however, beyond destroying for the sake of destruction, there are real economic interests at stake. There are bets and speculations in casino capitalism, and the game is on in Greece for banks and other large financial organizations. Social necrophilia here can be understood as the state of decay, the material and social degeneration of society, and the destruction of social fabric, where illness and death loom for the poor as a result of an economy dying through specific political choices while profit goes to big banks and multinational corporations. Love of death or the politics of social necrophilia can be illustrated in Greece in a) the rise of fascism and b) the shocking increase in illness, suicide, addiction and spread of infectious diseases since the beginning of the crisis.


In the Anatomy of Human Destructiveness Fromm makes the case that necrophilia is a product of fascist thought, as he discusses the example of Spanish Falangists who used to shout, “long live death.” Fascism finds expression both in government discourses and policies as well as in the rise of neo-Nazi Party Golden Dawn. Love of death is currently manifested in Greece in that rise of Golden Dawn.

In a necrophilous state of affairs, the system in charge operates with the conviction that the only way to solve a problem or a conflict is by force and violence, both symbolic and material, usually failing to see other options.

In the context of the Greek crisis, a new form of political domination has emerged, a renewed model of fascism, or another example of “proto-fascism. The elected Greek coalition government has been systematically violating the Greek Constitution and shaking the foundations of parliamentary democracy by establishing a “side system” of legislation. Using “urgent legislative decrees” indiscriminately and regularly, the coalition government is bypassing Greek legislation to facilitate privatizations and sellouts. In addition, there is an institutionalized instability: Laws keep changing, and many laws are voted in and implemented with retroactive effect.

Beyond the constant constitutional violations, the disappearing public space is a central feature of Greek proto-fascism. The landscape taking shape since 2009 is not too far from the kind of totalitarianism Hannah Arendt wrote about: a “totalitarian government does not just curtail liberties or abolish essential freedoms; . . . It destroys the one essential prerequisite of all freedom, which is simply the capacity of motion which cannot exist without space.”

Motion is not only inhibited and/or prohibited, as for example, in the case of prohibiting demonstrations in the center of Athens when Troika officials visit, a practice reminiscent of the curfews during the German occupation of the ’40s. Furthermore, what motion there is, is watched, with heightened surveillance and cameras installed throughout Athens. In a necrophilous state of affairs, the system in charge operates with the conviction that the only way to solve a problem or a conflict is by force and violence, both symbolic and material, usually failing to see other options. This also explains the increased exponential violence employed by the state the last five years as manifested in shutting down protests, criminalizing dissent and activism and torturing arrested protesters as well as pre-emptive arrests in every mobilization.

Alongside symbolic violence manifested in economic, political and discursive form, there is an intensified move toward militarization and authoritarianism. To this end, and while massive layoffs are taking place in the public sector, the Greek state spends more money on hiring and training law enforcement officers. More interestingly, there are close ties between the police and the neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn, whose members are nostalgic of Hitler and the 1967 Colonels’ Junta. Golden Dawn – now pronounced a criminal organization – is involved in running “paramilitary operations that systematically attacked migrants, leftists and gay people.” Eighteen of its MPs are already incarcerated, and a number of its members have been involved in violent attacks, gun possession and even murder as in the fatal brutal beating of Pakistani immigrant Shehzad Luqman and the cold-blooded murder of Pavlos Fyssas, a young leftist anti-fascist activist and rapper.

The “public” is being abolished in favor of the private, through a process of devaluation, vilification and degradation. A case in point is the ongoing demonization of public functionaries, public school teachers and university professors, and doctors working in the public system of health as lazy, incompetent, in need of constant evaluation and with the Damocles sword of investigation should they dare to disagree. Everything “public” is left to decay, by cutting off funding, staff and support and creating a fertile space for corruption and violent competition.

Malaria, a disease officially eliminated 40 years ago, also made a comeback in 2012.

Public schools lack books and other materials, and in many areas in the north of Greece, children stay at home on very cold days because schools cannot afford to heat the classrooms. Teachers are suffering terrible cuts in their salaries, and universities barely meet their minimum functional needs with cuts in laboratory and support staff that hinder the appropriate working of the departments.

The Decaying Body

“It’s simple. You get hungry, you get dizzy and you sleep it off,”  said the mother of an 11-year old boy who has been suffering hunger pains at school.

Necrophilia is further manifested in physical terms in the ways the human body is degenerating, ravaged by illness, malnutrition, drug abuse, HIV and suicide. People looking for food in the trash. There are homeless people in every corner; mini slum communities all over downtown Athens. Walking south, toward the center, thousands of people wait in line to be served food by soup kitchens that provide over 30,000 free meals a day. Plenty of people queue up for possibly the only meal of their day. Welcome to the “human waste” line.

The Greek governments that assumed the role of the executioners of IMF/EU directives since the beginning of the crisis in 2008 have demonstrated a particularly necrophilous character, and they have done so unapologetically. Αn increasing number of children have been passing out in schools because of malnutrition; there are embarrassing shortages in public hospitals, where patients often have to buy their own gauze and medication from an outside pharmacy while admitted. People without health insurance with severe illnesses do not have access to treatment. Malaria, a disease officially eliminated 40 years ago, also made a comeback in 2012, with cases being noted in eastern Attica and the Peloponnese.

There are increasing numbers of suicides (close to a 43 percent hike) that rank Greece number one worldwide in suicides the past five years. There are alarming new cases of depression and mental illnesses. A recent study conducted by the University of Ioannina found that one in five people facing financial problems presents psychopathological symptoms. There is also a 200 percent increase in HIV cases. At the same time, significant funding is cut from psychiatric hospitals, public drug rehabilitation centers and other social and welfare provisions while the system tries to “abort” vulnerable social groups such as HIV-positive women, drug users and people with mental illness.

With the 40 percent surcharge the government has slapped on heating oil, thousands of households have remained cold during the winter while people are returning to wood stoves, the out-of-control use of which has generated poisonous toxic smog over the city of Athens. Bodily decay goes hand in hand with environmental destruction: Greek soil is ravaged as mineral resources are overexploited in the name of profit. Large forest areas, such as the Skouries forest in Halkidiki, are turning into vast mining sites, where private companies exploit the natural wealth of the country, while poisoning the soil, the air and the water.

The more human qualities are attributed to the markets, the more real people are robbed of their own human substance.

It is a challenging and complicated task to try to explain Greek people’s lack of massive organized resistance the last five years given the radical deterioration of their living conditions. There is almost a reconciliation with death looming everywhere; people are slowly getting used to terror. The initial manifestations – gatherings in squares, protests and other acts of disobedience – did not acquire a more organized and consistent character, despite small local victories and the existence of a movement that daily struggles on many levels and sites. The power elites used the initial shock and paralysis to spread fear through what Naomi Klein has termed the “shock doctrine.” It is common practice for business interests and power elites to exploit shocks in the form of natural disasters, economic problems, or political turmoil, as an opportunity to aggressively restructure vulnerable countries’ economies. In this vein, popular resistance and dissent are squashed through symbolic and material fear and violence ranging from “catastrophic” discourses in the media to very real torture and repression.

Shock helps the system implement antisocial and harmful policies that citizens would normally object to. Being in a state of shock as a country, says Klein, means losing your narrative, being unable to understand where you are in space and time. The state of shock is easy to exploit because people become vulnerable and confused. They are robbed of their vital tools for understanding themselves and their position in the sociopolitical context. People become unalive things and the market becomes alive. While people are slowly losing their humanity, with the government abandoning its social and welfare functions, “markets” become the new referent people should care and worry about, as if they were something alive.

Although lifeless things, markets acquire a soul and a character in the neoliberal discourse. One can observe an interesting phenomenon in the official government discourse, loyally reproduced by mainstream media: a continuous attempt to ascribe human properties to markets. The “market” as a noun, subject or object, is projected as the overarching authority, above and beyond everybody, the entity that should be kept happy and satisfied – another manifestation of necrophilia as people have to die to keep the market alive. The anthropomorphism of the market is illustrated when “markets” are used in the mainstream media in sentences such as “the markets showed satisfaction today” or “the market is struggling,” and “we need to convince the markets,” “we should appease the markets,” or “let’s wait and see how the markets respond.” The invisible market’s “reactions” give legitimacy to the “human sacrifices,” as all “market feelings” depend on increasing antisocial austerity measures that relegate a large part of Greek productive population to the unemployment trashcan. The more human qualities are attributed to the markets, the more real people are robbed of their own human substance. It seems as if the system needs to dehumanize people to “humanize” the market and then, possibly re-humanize them in the new market society, as a new kind of people robbed of any sense of agency.

In the Greek people’s quest to find their lost narrative, to “renarrativise” themselves in a collective way, the ability to consciously disobey and to fill the concept of hope with a real, feasible political project are two very important imperatives. To paraphrase Fromm, at this point in Greek history “the capacity to doubt, to criticize and to disobey” may be all that stands between the future for this country and its end. In articulating a political project and a narrative against capitalist necrophilia, there is a need to put at the core critical and radical thought that, when blended with the love of life, may take the struggle to the next level. Instead of getting confined to reforming or amending the current situation, people need to strive to imagine that which is not, desire it and work hard to make it happen.


* This article draws on my forthcoming book chapter “Neoliberalism as Social Necrophilia: Erich Fromm and The Politics of Hopelessness in Greece” to appear in Miri, S., Lake, R. & Kress, T. Reclaiming the Sane Society: Essays on Erich Fromm’s Thought. Boston: Sense Publishers.

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Panayota Gounari is associate professor of applied linguistics at the University of Massachusetts Boston. She holds a Ph.D. in Language and Literacy Education/Cultural Studies in Education from Pennsylvania State University. She has earned a BA in classics with a concentration in historical and comparative linguistics from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, and an MA in Applied Linguistics from UMass Boston. Her research focus is on the role of language and discourse in education, in human agency and in social transformation, and the implications for critical pedagogy. She has co-authored “The Hegemony of English” (in 2003) and co-edited “The Globalization of Racism” (in 2005) with D. Macedo. Both books have been translated into many languages. More recently she has co-edited “Critical Pedagogy: A Reader” (in Greece with G. Grollios). She has published numerous articles and book chapters.





The United People’s Front (EPAM) announces its decision to participate in the elections to the European Parliament. EPAM was founded on 16 July 2011, one year after Greece was put into custody by the troika (the EU, the IMF and the ECB), as a cross-political party, open to everybody regardless of political beliefs or social status. EPAM also participated in the 2012 national elections obtaining some 60.000 votes. Its chairman, the economist and analyst, Dimitris Kazakis, will be the head of the list, which will be announced end of March.

In view of the upcoming elections to the European Parliament, and in order to facilitate their work, EPAM informed officially the EU countries’ and Russian Ambassadors of its positions as far as the Greek crisis is concerned as well as towards the EU.

The measures imposed upon Greece by the EU have failed and are in effect destroying the country. Greece, as a State, is in a much worse position today than when it was in 2010 when the austerity measures were adopted.

-The public debt as percentage of GDP, from 148,3 in 2010 increased to 156,9 in 2012 and 175,7 in 2013.

-Unemployment from 15,3% in 2011 soared to 27,3% in 2013,while over 60% of the youth are unemployed.

-Suicides increased by 45%!

The reasons for the massive failure of the measures are mainly the fact that the human factor was never taken into consideration. The Greek people were totally ignored and as a result Greece is facing a social catastrophe and the beginning of a humanitarian crisis. From the outset it was clear to many that the measures would not be effective but those in charge of planning and implementing them refused to listen to reason and even after acknowledging the mistakes they refused to correct them. The IMF accepted the mistake on the fiscal multiplier. Mistakes have also been admitted by the European Commission.

The measures imposed upon Greece and its people, constitute a blatant violation of the Treaty on European Union:

Article 2 on human dignity, freedom, democracy and human rights as well as article 3 on peace and well-being has been violated. How can one speak of respect of human dignity when an ever-increasing amount of Greek citizens are foraging the garbage in search of food or are patiently waiting in food lines.

Articles 145-150 on employment and 151-166 on Social policy have been violated. These are articles that refer to increasing employment and securing the rights of the workers. Quite the opposite is happening in Greece upon instructions of the EU.

Also articles 165-166 on Education and Vocational Training which anticipate an implementation of a vocational training policy have been violated since vocational training has been seriously weakened in Greece by the closing of many schools.

◾On the other hand Article 122 para.2 has been totally ignored :Where a Member State is in difficulties or is seriously threatened with severe difficulties caused by natural disasters or exceptional occurrences beyond its control, the Council, on a proposal from the Commission, may grant, under certain conditions, Union financial assistance to the Member State concerned. The President of the Council shall inform the European Parliament of the decision taken.“ Paragraph 2 was not applied because the European Commission and others presented the difficulty as a purely Greek problem, and not as recognized later on by the same European Commission, as a result of the global financial crisis for which Greece was not responsible.

The Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU, incorporated in the Treaty on European Union, has also been violated. The following violations are mentioned indicatively:

◾Article 1 on human dignity

◾Article 11 on Freedom of expression and information

◾Article 12 on Freedom of assembly and association. The freedom of expression and information has been curtailed by harassments against journalists who oppose government policies by police and unknown agents, the issuing of instructions by the National Council of Radio and Television to journalists to avoid presenting or displaying the negative effects of the crisis and the closure of the National Television (ERT) last June are all acts violating article 11 while the circular issued on January 8,prohibiting demonstrations on the occasion of the opening ceremonies to celebrate the Greek Presidency of the EU is a violation of article 12.

◾Article 14 on the right to education

◾Article 15 on the freedom to choose an occupation and the right to engage in work. This article mentions that everyone has the right to engage in work and to pursue a freely chosen or accepted occupation. The austerity measures have increased unemployment to almost 30% and consequently it is impossible to implement this article.

◾Article 17 on the right to property. With the confiscation of properties that the Government has imposed, this article has been blatantly violated also because there is no compensation.

◾Article 20 on equality before the law. This article is being violated by the fact that legislation is being passed exempting rich tax payers from paying enormous amounts of taxes owed to the state while the small taxpayers are having their property confiscated.

◾Article 25 on the rights of the elderly. This article has been violated by the drastic cuts in pensions.

◾Article 26 on the integrity of persons with disabilities. The austerity measures have affected this category of citizens whose allowances have been slashed, whose rehabilitation centers have been reduced and who face difficulties in obtaining pharmaceutical and medical care,thus violating also this article.

◾Article 28 on the rights of collective bargaining and actions. Through legislation imposed by the EU, these rights have been essentially abolished. The right to strike has also been curtailed by government decisions mobilizing strikers.

◾Article 30 on protection in the event of unjustified dismissal. This protection has also been rendered useless.

◾Article 34 on Social Security and Social Assistance.

◾Article 35 on Health care. Due to the collapse of the National Healthcare and Social Security systems because of the austerity measures, articles 34 and 35 cannot be implemented

◾Article 41 para.1 and 2 on the right to good administration. Neither the EU nor the Greek Government implemented this article when taking the adverse measures against the Greek people who were never asked for their opinion. Thus this article was also violated.

The continuation of ineffective measures can result in the destruction of a Member-State, Greece, in social upheaval and the decimation of a large part of the population. Consequently they cannot be allowed to continue.

The damage done to Greece through these measures, according to conservative estimates, is equal or surpasses the so-called debt in absolute numbers. Data concerning the damage are once more repeated.

-Unemployment has reached 30% and 60% of the youth is unemployed.

-The healthcare system has been dismantled and education is on the verge of collapse.

-Poverty is on the increase (one out of three Greeks has fallen below poverty level) and the amount of homeless in the Athens area has reached 25.000.

-Suicides due to the crisis have reached the 4000 level yearly.

In order to prevent the destruction of Greece, EPAM suggests:

1.The denouncement of the Loan Facility Agreement of May 2010, signed between Greece and the Member States of the Eurozone. The denouncement will be based on articles 48-52 of the Vienna Convention of the UN concerning the Law of Treaties. These articles anticipate the invalidity of Treaties if there was an error in the Treaty, fraud, coercion of a representative of a State and coercion of a State by the threat of use of force. it is underlined that for EPAM the Loan Facility Agreement of May 2010 is considered null and void.

2.Furthermore EPAM demands that compensation be given to Greece by the EU for damages done to the country. The compensation can be in the form of deleting the so-called debt. Article 41.3 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU mentions that ”Every person has the right to have the Union make good any damage caused by its institutions or by its servants in the performance of their duties, in accordance with the general principles common to the laws of the Member-States.”

3.This would allow Greece to take the necessary measures to repair the damages done and at the same time instigate development. However, in order to stabilize development of the country, EPAM supports the withdrawal of Greece from the Eurozone, so that the country can adopt beneficial economic policies that it cannot under Eurozone rules.

4.EPAM also supports the withdrawal of Greece from the EU in accordance with the procedure anticipated in article 50 of the Treaty on European Union. Greece joined the EEC in 1981 in order to safeguard its democracy, enhance its economic development and protect its territorial integrity against third countries. Today the EU has an increased democratic deficit while in Greece democracy has been weakened and authoritarianism is increasing. The EU has not shown that it is able to protect the territorial integrity of any of its members, while the economy of Greece has been destroyed because of the austerity measures. Under these conditions, there is no reason for Greece to remain within the EU.

Athens, 12.03.2014

EPAM International Relations



The World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU) informs the International Working Class that the recent developments in Ukraine are not “a victory of democracy”, as the NATO, the European Union, the US and their allies hypocritically claim.

The recent events in Ukraine are a dangerous development first and foremost for the working class of Ukraine, the peoples in the region and the world peace.

Ukraine is a rich country with large wealth producing resources. It’s a country with crucial energy pipelines, a country with an important position on the geostrategic map.

The new Ukrainian government, which is formed by reactionary and antilabor political forces, assumed power with the support of the US Imperialists and their allies. The new government is a puppet of the Imperialists, who put it there, in order to promote certain geopolitical and geostrategic plans.

At the same time, the developments in Ukraine confirm that nazi and neo-nazi organizations are instruments of the capitalist system and enemies of the working class and the popular strata. The international class oriented trade union movement expresses its internationalist solidarity with the workers living in Ukraine. It supports the right of the workers living in Ukraine to fight against capitalist barbarism and against the hazards generated by the rivalries between USA-European Union and Russia.




The United People’s Front (EPAM) denounces the effort without any pretexts of the Athens regime to involve Greece directly in NATO’s and EU’s opportunism in the Ukraine.

While at home, the government appears to be a ferocious persecutor of fascism; abroad, it cooperates fully and accepts as equal partner a bunch of neo-nazi gangsters without any hesitation, as long they serve the interests of the EU and Germany.

The so-called deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs – puppet of the Athens’ regime – rushed before anyone else to legitimise through his presence in Kiev as representative of the EU and not as representative of Greece the neo-nazi coup d’état, which has been financed and orchestrated abroad.

He didn’t hide his happiness with the decision of the Ukraine neo-nazis to ‘continue the EU-Ukraine association procedure by signing the Agreements on Association and Stabilization’, thus turning into a priest of the interests of Germany and European finance capital, not only in Greece but anywhere else where his bosses tell him to go.

He even declared that Greece is ready to assist with ‘know-how’, to promote in other words the ‘IMF solution’ proving to be a good dealer: «We are prepared to convey our proposals and views on how the international community can help Ukraine, with the participation of the IMF, but not just the IMF. My proposal is that it is imperative that an international conference be held on this issue in order to shape the platform immediately. Of course, through its experience of the crisis it has gone through and is still experiencing, Greece is also prepared to provide its know-how to Ukraine»

In full consciousness, the Athens occupation regime, through its deputy minister and its minister of foreign affairs, is sabotaging our vital national interests, turning Greece against Russia and its interests in the greater region of the Black Sea, at a time when our national interests should have been handled with the utmost care, given the situation in Cyprus, the Aegean and Thrace.

EPAM calls upon every democratic Greek citizen, every Greek patriot, to unite against the occupation regime, which is rushing headlong into a total sell-off to foreign suzerains, before we experience another national tragedy and the dismantling of our country.

Athens, 02.03.2014

The Political Secretariat of EPAM

NGO documents plan Ukraine war – NGO’s forging documents for war


NGOs caught forging documents for war, insider warns all NGOs infiltrated; ‘Independent military observers’ for EU-based group OSCE again turned away in Crimea, OSCE branded one more ‘vulgar instrument’ for foreign interests; and CNN buys the latest State Department hoax.


The NGO’s that right now are orchestrating these civil war conditions all over the globe and who are overthrowing dissident governments, and are taking over and are redirecting real popular demonstrations and protest movements into extremist terror and civil wars, are sub-organisations to the US State Departement, the UK Foreign Office, the German Bundesminister des Auswärtigen and the Israeli Misrad HaHutz with several direct links to mercenary armies and Nazi and Jihadist groups.

Their “footsoldiers”, these “travelers in atrocities” are the most cruel and bloodthirsty mercenaries and who very often are proved to be extreme right-wing members, Fascists, Nazis or Jihadists from different countries,.. real slaughters, who are the same individuals who ‘took over’ the peaceful, popular protests in Libya, Syria, Egypt and now Ukraine. They have been used as a bizarre “touring killing circus” in order to overthrow dissident, disobedient governments in Latin-America, Asia, Middle-East and Africa and since 2010 they are trying this in Europe with the run-up to the orchestrated Yugoslavian civil war as a blue print. These groups are teasing the people to act as a mob instead of a conscious, determined and united people and that is what these snakes who have crawled out from the sewers and gutters of human thinking, are making sure to create. They are the real ‘pied pipers’ of our times.


Fake ‘rioters’ who are mingling and blending in among real and justified protesters is a freuently used part of a well known tactic used by pseudo-democratic governments as primarily the US, the EU and the Israeli governments. They use Nazis, Jihadists or Organized Crime groups to overtake and re-direct any peaceful and justified protest against tyrants and oligarch’s posing as democratic leaders. Their aim is the installation of a preferred puppet government. If the local leaders and the governement obey and comply with the unholy ‘trinity of neo-colonial imperialism’, US, EU and Israel, then the ‘rioters’ are freedom fighters and brave rebells who “want to free their land from the cruel tyrant”. If they oppose the unholy ‘trinity’, then they are terrorists and troublemakers and then children, women, elders and sick are also suspected to be ‘contaminated’ with the desease of disobediance and resistance.

Since 2010 in Athens during the big riots, I myself have been present on a number of ‘citizens arrests’ situations on Syntagma Square during the riots and after obvious coordination of provocative violent actions from camouflaged individuals in obvious coordinative connection with others like them in the square. At least eight ‘foreigners’ (did not speak a word Greek only slavic, german or english) with different nationalist or Nazi-tattoos, who led young, drugged, Greek rioters in the orchestrated Molotov “battles” with the police, was exposed between June 2010 and October 2012. Another fifteen or so during the same period, was proven to be Greek Security Police when their ID’s and their service weapons was taken from them. There was nothing at all in the media about this… The fact that 2 300 foreign police troops had been implanted in Athens with Greek riot police uniforms in order to prevent a feared muteny from the Greek police units, was mentioned as simply a ‘rumour’ in media. This of course regardless to the fact that most of us on Syntagma heard them speak with eachother in Polish, Slovenian, Chech, Russian, German, Dutch, Finnish and English. They were holding their shields upside down in order to recognize eachother and the orders over the police radio was given in English. Among Greek police men! No it was not so the tourists should be able to follow. Out of 14 000 police who protected the Government from its people, 2 300 was sent in by EU. Several reports from villages and towns in north Greece was saying that people saw military truck caravans in the early morning hours that was escorted by black limousines without number plates and that they was escorted by Greek police cars and motorcycles. Right now there are private mercenaries, unidentifiable (no emblems, no patches) protecting the Canadian gold digging company Eldorado Gold from local protesters in the mines in Ieriso in Halkidiki in Greece.

My sincere advice to the simple people anywhere who righteously are protesting against an anti-democratic government is to seriously guard and secure the area of the manifestation and the rally and use the law of ‘citizen’s arrest’ in order to stop the organized, foreign or domestic provocateurs. Arrest them and take their picture and photo their tattoos and spread their image among the protesters. If they have ID’s on them, photo them too and check out their identities. “Burn” their anonymity and expose them so to say. Even if they appear in hoods and helmets they must take those on at some point before entering the squares and the streets where the protests are taking place. To hand them over to the police is actually useless since the riot police in these situations have orders in accordance with the National Intelligence Services on demand from foreign embassies. When images of them have circulated for a day or two, the risk to be recognized where they don’t expect to be recognized, increase very much. Even if the media didn’t make any remarks at all on this phenomenon when they eagerly were trying to provoke a civil war in Greece, we managed to spread the word that foreign provocateur’s were amongst us and that alone made it very difficult for them, and in some occasions very dangerous for them.

These bloodthirsty war provocateurs haven’t learned their history lessons yet of course, because they are already victims to a profoundly twisted propagandistic view on history and on historic facts!.. If they had checked historic records, they would know that such groups and such individuals, after people find out about their orchestrated activities, and after they have provoked mass slaughters, pogroms and civil wars, they are very often lynched and hanged upside down in public with humiliating signs around their bodies… This is what history shows from France, Italy, Poland, Greece and many other places after WWII and more recently from Balkan, Asia, North Africa and the Middle-east.

The immediate perpetrators ‘on the ground’ and their ‘field command’ who have instigated and provoked mass slaughter and suffering will most likely pay with their lives sooner or later, but those who are legally and morally accountable for these activities is beyond any doubt the Governments behind the Intelligence services with their war mongering NGO’s. Morally accountable is also beyond the slightest doubt the hideous western propagandistic, mass media that are misleading their citizens by hiding facts with sheer lies, that are highlighting and promoting extremism, that are consciously dividing people and exhort them against eachother, that are instigating revolts, civil unrest and are justifying war crimes and crimes against humanity and that without any sense of righteousness or decency appoint who the victims are and who the perpetrators are.

In this world there are truly no bigger idiots than the ‘smart people’!

Kosmas Loumakis


Seek truth from facts with Illinois University Professor of International Law and former Amnesty board member Francis Boyle; Infowars Editor Paul Joseph Watson; Eric Draitser of Boiling Frogs Post; Ron Paul Institute Executive Director Daniel McAdams; Ukraine protest organizers; Sliman Bouchuiguir, whose NGO fabricated the claims against Libya; and Asst. Secretary of State Vic Nuland.

Ukraine under dissolution on the order of US-EU and instrument is the rise of the fascist extreme right


στα Ελληνικα

på Svenska

by Dimitris Kazakis

If you want to know who in all ways are strengthening the rise of fascism and nazi extremism in Europe, you do not need do anything else but to look at what is happening right now in Ukraine. Both the U.S. and Germany has under Europe’s cover story beautifully financed the resurrection of the 14.e Waffen SS division in Ukraine, which had been formed by Nazi Ukrainian nationalists during the Nazi German invasion of the Soviet Union.

This horde of barbarians who stayed in the historical chronicles of the 2nd world war with the name Ukrainian SS, participated in mass cleansing of civilians, hundreds of villages was burnt as Distomo in Greece but first and foremost in Ukraine itself, but also in Belarus. The ferocity with which acted in many cases surpassed their comrades from Germany.

This is why their actions was rightly condemned not only by the Red Army and the partisans who were operating behind the lines of Hitler, but also by the western allies. Anyone arrested with insignias of this unit was sent directly to court martial and faced the firing 210px-Dyvizia_Galychyna_svgOrganization_of_Ukrainian_Nationalists-M_svgsquad for heinous crimes against civilians. *Many of their insignia have clear Swedish roots and Swedish ultra-right and neo-Nazis openly demonstrate their support for the Ukrainian Nazis (This article highlights the truth about who financially, organisationally and logistically also supports the Swedish and the European new-Nazis and right-wing extremism).

The history of today’s confrontation

This horde was not the only one. The Ukrainian Galicia’s main city Lvov was historically the eastern region of the kingdom of Galicia, which until the first world war was attached to the Austro-Hungarian empire. The Austro-Hungarian Empire had annexed Galicia during the division of the kingdom of Poland in the 18th century. But because the region of Galicia status of exploitation and oppression was relatively mild compared with the Tsarist regime, many Poles along with other ethnic and religious minorities relocated in order to escape from the Tsarist pogroms that took place on a regular basis.

The House of Habsburg of Austria allowed this relocation to the attached Galicia so the area became a great mix of different populations in terms of religion, ethnicity, language, and so on. Polish nationalists claimed Galicia for their account. And because the Austrians wanted to counterbalance their activity they strengthened in every way the Ukrainian nationalism as a rival. A Ukrainian nationalism with a strong German reference. Very quickly Galicia became the field of confrontation of the Polish and the Ukrainian nationalism with populations experiencing ethnic cleansing for the rival camps to achieve “purity” in their own ethnic standards.

On June 23, 1917 Ukraine is established as a part of the original Russian Republic, where a few months ago, in February, the Russian people had overthrown the Tsar. After the overthrow of the Provisional Government in Petrograd by the Bolsheviks on November 7 (October 25 on the Julian calendar), 1917 and the passage of all power to the soviets, a Bill of Rights of the Peoples of Russia is published the 15 (2) November of the same year, which recognized “the right of the peoples of Russia to free self-determination, to the point of secession and the creation of an independent state.” Few days later, ie on 20 (7) November, the Ukrainian Central Rada based in Kiev proclaimed the Ukrainian Democratic Republic.

Ukraine is established as an independent state

22 (9) January 1918 the Ukrainian Central Rada published the Declaration of Independence of Ukraine on the basis of which the People’s Republic of Ukraine was formed with socialist references and imperatives, but is directly hostile to the Bolsheviks. With the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk, signed between mainly Germany and Soviet-Russia on March 3, 1918, Ukraine came under the control of the German Empire. For the first time in order to help the most extreme nationalist elements in Ukraine, Germany presses Austria to leave eastern Galiciain the control of Ukrainian nationalists.

With the direct help of the Germans and Austrians on 24-26 April 1918, the Cossack ataman Paul Skoropantski overturns the Central Rada and impose a brutal dictatorship. The gallows and executions are put on the daily agenda. All the old privileges of the aristocracy are restored. Paramilitary groups are threatening to burn the villages who are resisting and they spread terror on the population. With the capitulation of Germany and Austria, the Skoropantski regime is overturned in December 1918.

The People’s Republic of Ukraine is re-established a new Central Rada where Simon Petliura prevailed, who found the opportunity to demand with the support of the French who disembarked in Odessa in November 1918  to occupy the vacuum left by the capitulation of the Germans.

The Ukrainian Rada participate in the 19 countries invasive war against Soviet Russia, run by the Entente. But repeated defeats and the growing popular discontent, are leading the Rada – at the suggestion of France and England – to form an alliance with Poland’s dictator Pildouski in April 1920 to continue the war against Soviet Russia.

On March 18, 1921 the peace treaty of Riga was signed between Poland and Soviet Russia under which Galicia, which was passed by the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk to the ownership of Ukraine, is attached to the first. From then until the second world war the Poles implemented savage ethnic cleansing operations against the local population who refused to consider themselves Polish, as well as against anyone who opposed the partition of the region into latifundia in favor of Polish aristocrats.

The emergence of Ukrainian Nazis nationalists

In 1929 reportedly in Ukrainian Galicia the Organisation of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN), weas founded and was composed mainly of followers of individual terrorism and paramilitary action. Their ideology ranged from an extreme nationalist racial perception of Ukrainian blood purity, to openly Fascist and Nazi beliefs. Until the beginning of the Nazis invasion against the USSR on June 22, 1941, this organization has focused in pogroms against the Poles, Russians, Jews and generally against anyone without “pure” Ukrainian blood on one hand and, on individual acts of terrorism against the Polish establishment on the other hand.

In the preparations of the Nazi aggression against Poland, but also during the OUN helped especially by acts of sabotage and assassination attempts. This has built excellent relations between Ukrainian nationalists and German Nazis. Indeed, the latter to ensure their cooperation, had promised to handover the rule throughout Galicia which was under Polish occupation. Something that didn’t happen since the treaty Riebentrof-Molotov came between in September 1939 on the basis that Nazi Germany recognized the domination of the USSR in Galician that was annexed by Poland from Ukraine in 1921.

However, the OUN’s cooperation with the Nazis didn’t stop. Instead it was intensified and used by the Nazis as a fifth collon against the Soviets in the territory of western Ukraine. And therefore unsurprisingly with the Nazi invasion of the USSR, the OUN found the opportunity to announce on 30 June 1941 the Ukrainian state established in Lviv, the capital of the Ukrainian Galicia and led by Stjepan Banderas.

This Act of Declaration mentions among other things the following: “The newly established Ukrainian state will work closely with the great National Socialist Germany, led by the leader Adolf Hitler who is forming a new order in Europe and the world and help the Ukrainian people to be relieved from Moscows occupation. The Ukrainian People’s Revolutionary Army, who has established themselves on Ukrainian land, will continue to fight alongside the allied German Army against the Moscow occupation for a sovereign and united state, as for a new world order.”

Although the new Ukrainian state was pure Nazistic, Nazi Germans had other plans for Ukraine. They saw it as the breadbasket of the German 3rd Reich flooded by German settlers. And therefore they did not recognize the fledgling state only when it was too late for them in 1944 when they where under wild retreat from the Red Army. Nevertheless the OUN functioned as the political cradle of the Ukrainian SS and helped greatly with recruitment by the Nazi Germans regular and irregular portions of volunteers who fought alongside them and distinguished themselves as few SS-units of  atrocities against the people of Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia and Austria.

The remains of these units after they were renamed to 1:st division of the Ukrainian National Army they surrendered to Anglo-Americans on May 10, 1945. Americans smuggled both Ukrainian Nazis, but also German Nazi officers of the division and made ​​sure to dispense the countless war crimes mainly committed against civilians in the areas they acted. In this way, they resurrected the old OUN and used it as a means of recruiting and training agent provocateurs often sent for sabotage and subversive activity in Soviet Ukraine.

Ukraine after the dissolution of the USSR

When the USSR was dissolved and Ukraine passed into the hands of the former party oligarchy that over a night turned into “democrats” they turned the country into their own private plot. And as happened everywhere in the former existing socialism, the former party members cooperated with the old dissidents agents of the West in order to plunder as much as possible from the countries that inherited the mercy of party autocracy. This happened in Ukraine, which in 1993 entered the orbit of the IMF to completely collapse the social cohesion of the country and the crash the economy.

Architect of Destruction Viktor Yushchenko, the first governor of the independent by Western standards newly created central bank of Ukraine. Yushchenko as head of the Central Bank was responsible for the deregulation of the national currency in the context of the “shock therapy” imposed by the IMF in October 1994.

In November 1994, the World Bank sent negotiators to consider the reform of the agriculture of Ukraine. With the liberalization of trade (which was a part of the financial package from the IMF), the surplus grain from the U.S. and the “food aid” functioned as dumping of the domestic market, contributing to the destabilization of one of the largest and most productive economies in the world in wheat (eg comparable with Midwestern U.S. states).

Until 1998, the liberalization of the grain market resulted in a reduction of production of grain by 45% compared to the level of 1986-1990. The collapse of livestock production of poultry and dairy products were even more dramatic.

The cumulative decline in GDP as a result of the financial package and the “structural reforms,” by the IMF was over 60% in the period 1992-1995. This temporary sacrifices was necessary for Ukraine to acquire a bright future, the IMF staff said over and over again. While the failure of the “economic package” the blamed, where else, on the corrupt political leaders of Ukraine.

In 1999, after heavy pressure from Washington, the central bank governor Yushchenko was appointed Prime Minister of Ukraine. Following his appointment, Yushchenko immediately put in motion a comprehensive range of bankruptcy on most industrial companies in the country, under the aegis of the IMF. He also tried to undermine the bilateral trade in oil and natural gas between Russia and Ukraine on behalf of the IMF, which had demanded that the trade be made in U.S. dollars and not in exchange of goods.

The destruction of the industrial infrastructure of the country and the loads of exchanges with the main trading partner, Russia, led to the climax of the mass migration of the Ukrainian population, but also to the “advertisement” of Ukraine to the West through the most famous export goods, Ukranian girls that in ‘myriads’ became victims of human trafficking with white flesh.

This fact together with the fact that the selling off of the country was generalized did cost the orange government the elections. Viktor Yanukovych won the presidential elections of 2010, a typical politician from a corrupt establishment, who in order to manage the massive popular anger and the collapse of the country away from the appetites of the West, was forced to turn east towards Russia.

The Nazis in U.S. and EU’s service

On 21 November 2013, the government resign from the signing of the association agreement that was proposed by the European Union. The opposition reacts with protests in Kiev and in the western part of the country, which are rapidly turning into a rebellious look. It prompts a call for early presidential and parliamentary elections and refuses to form a government when approached by President Yanukovych after the Prime Minister resigns. These events were baptized Euromaidan, before Eurorevolution, from Radio Free Europe, which is operated by the State Department.

At first glance, the motion appears to be an attempt to organize a second “Orange Revolution.” But on January 1, 2014, the power changes hands on the streets. The Nazi party “Freedom” organized a torchlight procession in Kiev in memory of Stepan Bandera, the Nazi nationalist leader who allied himself with the Nazis against the Soviets. And that is why the by the west adored Yushchenko wanted in the eve of his fall to anoint a national hero of Ukraine, collecting the responses from the greater portion of his countrymen, and many Jewish, Polish and Russian organizations. The rally was attended by over 15,000 Nazi with swastikas and symbols of the old Ukrainian SS. Since then, the capital has been covered with anti-Semitic slogans and terrorism prevails against anyone who is considered an “outsider” or “pro-Russian” by the Nazis.

This Nazi organization became possible the with money from the embassies of the U.S. and German primary, whilst organized the first occupation of Lviv ensured free passage to the West for supplies of money, arms and all sorts of supplies. Today on the streets of Kiev the faltering government is confronting the revived Ukrainian SS with training, weapons and money from Germany, USA and the European Union. The intentions of the staffs of the ‘democratic’ West is no longer a simple coup d’etat. They seek the complete dissolution of Ukraine, its shredding so that its people no longer will be able to escape the Wests control.

Already in Kiev and elsewhere armed Nazi groups act and with specially trained commandos in the West, veterans of the “civil wars” in Syria and Libya in order to not allow the repressive forces of the Ukrainian government to gain the upper hand. And so the streets are stained with the blood of innocent. On the other hand, the Ukrainian government seems unable to deal with such a situation quickly escalates towards open military intervention with support from outside.

The armed forces of the country have since long been dismantled by the previous “orange revolution” and the “financial packages” of the IMF, so they are now not in a position to resist the armed dismantling of the country. Add to that, that many current and former military personnel have discovered that it is highly profitable to fight from the lines of the modern Ukrainian SS.

The threat to the “soft underbelly” of Russia

With all that Ukraine tends to evolve into a key attack corridor against Russia. The prevalence of the Nazis in Ukraine will mark not only the end of Ukraine itself, but also the beginning of armed infiltration operations in the border of Russia. Just like the U.S. are used to do to Syria, Iran, and generally to any country they intend to wrap in the flames of an artificial civil war. With this notion today in Ukraine both the Nazis and the big bosses in Washington, Berlin and Brussels are struggling to get revenge for the defeat of the army of von Paulus, which ultimately failed to cut off Russia from the energy sources in Caucasus.

Apart from the fact that these developments from far smell widespread war, the question is: how far is Greece from tasting the recipe of Ukraine on its own territory? In a situation of social and economic collapse comparable with that of Ukraine? How far?

Posted in Greek by Dimitris Kazakis February 24 at 9:26 at EPAM’s website

Translated to English by Kosmas Loumakis in accordance with the original text


When the article was written the government of Ukraine was still in power as some of the comments at the end of the article comes from that horizon.

*Footnote by the translator, in relevance to Sweden.

Mankind’s serious condition has reached life-threatening levels

Within the human societies that have developed some form of civilization, ie any kind of forward thinking and development, a parasitic organism has become entrenched since long and has now put the host body (all of mankind) in mortal danger. The parasite needs to be treated just like a fatal parasite and not as a familiar “itch”…

A parasite is an uninvited guest, an organism that lives attached to another organism (a host animal,  a host plant, a host community) and it takes its nourishment from the host organism.. Mankind as a whole, if seen from a sociological view as one living organism, has also its uninvited guest,  an organism that lives attached to it and that sucks the life out of the host organism/humanity. The word comes from the Greek para, “by”, and sito, “food” or “feed”. The study of parasites is called parasitology. Among the ancient Greeks and today’s Greeks the term is used originally, partly on religious officials who were paid by the receipt of ‘full boarding’ and about the companions to senior officials who came along in official contexts. The word took on the meaning of a lower sense of sponger… TODAY  ONE  CAN WITHOUT PROBLEMS AND WITH  A PROPER SCIENTIFIC PRECISION IN SOCIAL SCIENCES, CALL THE ENTIRE EURO-AMERICAN BANKING-, BUSINESS-, AND POLITICAL-ELITE AND THE SO CALLED UPPER CLASS, PARASITES. However, to varying degree if one want to be fair in their assessment of humanity’s foremost health risk.

The host organism can survive and possibly survive the parasite, but can also succumb when it is not able to feed itself and the parasite.

In biology a distinction is made between some forms of parasites,.. a distinction also sociology can make, and parasites can then easily be identified whithin the host body, humanity, namely:

  • Animals that steal food from other organisms is called kleptoparasites. Kleptoparasites in the body of mankind is THE FINANCIAL ELITE, THE POLITICAL ELITE and THE UPPER CLASS
  • A parasite that lives entirely within its host is called endoparasit, if it lives partly outside its host it is called ektoparasite. Within the body of mankind they are both called  MONARCHIES, OLIGARCHIES, PLUTOCRACIES, PSEUDO-DEMOCRATIC GOVERNMENTS and MULTINATIONAL CORPORATIONS

Parasites are harmful organisms, they are animals that cause humans damage by such as the spread of disease, or by damaging food, clothing, buildings, crops or other property. Mankind’s parasites, in order to feed themselves are damaging food, crops, homes communities and countries,… by spreading the mental toxins that damage the human intellect, the mental health, the community character and the psycho-social immune system to such a degree that melancholy, apathy and irrational, self-destructive tendencies occurs in the host organism/humanity.

The term harmful organisms can be seen as a classification of species/communities from a utilitarian paradigm which focuses on this animals/communities benefit for humans and mankind. Animals/communities that is hurting people are seen, from this perspective, as harmful organisms .

Most often it is enough to balance the pH level in the body to get rid of parasites and in human societies, it is about balancing the human-values level by a truly blind and functioning justice and real democratic and altruistic basis for all people’accessibility to life essentials and development opportunities.

A community which to its biggest part live and feed on other people’s creative power, ingenuity and inspiration.. on the work of others, others ‘sacrifices, the health of others, other people’s property, other people’s food, home, land, savings, are undoubtedly the monarchs’, the dukes’, the bankers’ and the multinational business leaders’ community. When these through extortion gain control of armies and weapons and the power to procure for themselves control of the courts, the political systems, governments and by that the human societies, the danger becomes fatal to the entire organism. This is just where we find ourselves today.

Those who actively, sober, thoughtful and above all, in a relevant and appropriate way resist and fight against this mankind’s most dangerous parasite rampage, are mankind’s only hope for recovery and survival. Everything else is, at this point, just useless ‘sugar pills’, ‘pacifiers’ and ‘baby blankets’ for the spineless…

in Swedish


the text is an adaptation of Wikipedia’s description of the parasite

Mänsklighetens allvarliga sjukdomstillstånd har nått livshotande nivåer

Inom de mänskliga samhällen som har utvecklat någon form av civilisation, dvs någon form av framåtsträvande och utveckling, har en parasitorganism bitit sig fast  sedan länge och nu befinner sig värdkroppen (hela mänskligheten) i livsfara. Parasiten måste behandlas just som en livshotande parasit och inte som en bekant “klåda”…

En parasit är en objuden gäst, en organism som lever vidhäftad vid en annan organism (ett värddjur eller en värdväxt) och tar sin näring ifrån denna.. Mänskligheten som helhet, om den från en samhällsekonomisk synvinkel ses som en levande organism, har också en objuden gäst, en organism som lever vidhäftad på och som suger livet ur värdorganismen/mänskligheten. Ordet kommer från grekiskans para, “vid”, och sitos, “mat” eller “föda”. Studiet av parasiter kallas parasitologi. Hos forntidens och dagens greker användes och används uttrycket ursprungligen dels om religiösa tjänstemän som betalades genom att de uppbar ’helpension’, dels om medföljare till högre ämbetsmän som medbjöds i officiella sammanhang. Ordet fick med tiden en lägre mening av snyltgäst… IDAG KAN MAN UTAN PROBLEM OCH MED TILLBÖRLIG VETENSKAPLIG PRECISION INOM SAMHÄLLSVETENSKAPERNA KALLA DEN EURO-AMERIKANSKA BANK-, AFFÄRS-, OCH POLITISKA ELITEN FÖR PARASITER. Dock i olika grad om man vill vara rättvis i sin bedömning av mänsklighetens absolut främsta hälsorisk…

Värdorganismen kan fortleva och eventuellt överleva parasiten men kan också duka under när den inte förmår föda både sig själv och parasiten.

Inom biologin skiljer man på några former av parasiter, vilket också samhällsvetenskapen kan göra och då kan parasiterna med lätthet  identifieras inom värdkroppen, mänskligheten, nämligen:

  • Djur som stjäl föda ifrån andra organismer kallas för kleptoparasiter. Kleptoparasiter i den mänskliga samhällskroppen är FINANSELIT, POLITISK ELIT och s.k ÖVERKLASS
  • En parasit som lever helt inuti sin värd kallas här endoparasit, om den lever endast delvis inne i sin värd kallas den ektoparasit. Inom den mänskliga samhällskroppen kallas både endoparasiter och ektoparasiter MONARKIER, OLIGARKIER, PLUTOKRATIER, PSEUDO-DEMOKRATISKA REGERINGAR och MULTINATIONELLA FÖRETAG.

Parasiter är skadedjur, de är djur som vållar människan skada genom till exempel spridning av sjukdom eller genom att skada livsmedel, kläder, byggnader, grödor eller annan egendom. Mänsklighetens parasiter, för att kunna föda sig själva och skada livsmedel, grödor, hem och samhällen, sprider de mentala gifter som skadar det mänskliga intellektet, den mentala hälsan, samhällskaraktären och immunförsvaret till sådan grad att melankoli, apati och orationella, självdestruktiva tendenser uppstår hos värdorganismen/mänskligheten.

Begreppet “skadedjur” kan ses som klassificering av olika djurarter/samhällsgrupper från ett utilitaristiskt paradigm där man fokuserar på detta djurs/samhällsgrupps nytta för människor och mänskligheten. Djur/samhällsgrupper som därvidlag är till skada för människor ses, från detta perspektiv, som skadedjur.

Oftast räcker det med att balansera ph-värdet i kroppen för att göra sig av med parasiter och i de mänskliga samhällena handlar det om att balansera människo-värdet genom en i sanning blind och fungerande rättvisa och en verklig demokratisk och altruistisk grund för fördelning av människans livsnödvändigheter och utvecklingsmöjligheter.

En samhällsgrupp som till sin absolut största del lever och när sig på andras skapandekraft, uppfinningsrikedom och inspiration,.. på andras arbete, andras uppoffringar, andras hälsa, andras egendomar, andras föda, hem, mark och besparingar, är ju otvivelaktigt monarkernas, grevarnas, bankirernas och de multinationella företagsledarnas samhällsgrupp. När dessa genom utpressning får kontroll över armeer och vapensystem och makten att förskaffa sig kontroll över domstolar, politiska system, regeringar och därmed de mänskliga samhällena, är faran livshotande för hela organismen. Just där befinner vi oss idag.

De som aktivt, nyktert, genomtänkt och framförallt på ett relevant och adekvat sätt bekämpar denna mänsklighetens farligaste parasits framfart, är mänsklighetens enda hopp om tillfrisknande och överlevnad. Allt annat är numera tyvärr betydelselösa ‘sockerpiller’, ‘napp’ och ‘snuttefilt’ åt de ryggradslösa…

på Engelska


texten är en bearbetning av Wikipedias beskrivning av parasiten


Opening and closing speech of Dimitris Kazakis – on EPAM’s INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE in Athens


Opening speech and closing speech, further down, of Dimitris Kazakis on the INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON DEBT, NATIONAL CURRENCY & DEMOCRACY in Keramikos – Athens, Saturday 30 November and 1 December 2013

After the end of this post click on “the whole conference” to see whole conference


“Dear fellow fighters, friends and invitees…

I welcome you, on behalf of the political board, to the international conference hosted by the United People’s Front (EPAM) where we’ll discuss the subjects of debt, national currency and democracy.

This meeting, for all of us fighting against the ‘memorandum occupation’, the euro and the EU, is a very important event. Not only because we’ll have the opportunity to enrich our effort with the experience of other countries whose people face similar problems and situations but also because we get the chance to get to know each other and make relationships of fellowship and coordination in the common fight of all of eurozone’s and EU’s people and beyond, against the worst authoritarianism the world has known since the ancient regime that was brought down by the great French Revolution.

What’s happening in Greece is the living example of the way in which the eurozone and the EU are evolving into a new super-state embodiment, the European Federation, as called by Barroso himself at the ‘State of the Union’ in September 2012. What is being done in Greece created and continues to create the legal and political precedent for this transformation.

The first thing the eurozone looked into, after the crisis broke out in Greece, was to isolate the country on the one hand and on the other hand, impose a state of colonial occupation that is novel in the European historical timeline.

Greece was forced, from the first moment, to ‘irrevocably and unconditionally waive all immunity’, as mentioned verbatimin the loan agreements.* By doing this, the eurozone lenders were free to put the country under a state of liquidation and clearance. The average Greek citizen was officially turned into a debt slave. A peon. Forced to give up on essential rights on their work, its product and their own life in order to pay a debt that is impossible to pay off.

It’s the first time in history since the era of feudalism, that a people, a whole nation is officially turned into a peon and has a state of peony imposed, that is a debt serfdom. Not just as a result of actions, something the IMF has been doing for decades in Latin America, Africa and elsewhere, but officially, by signing colonial loan agreements on demand of the eurozone itself.
And all that thanks to the fact that Greece is in the eurozone and has given up its own essential means of fiscal, monetary and credit policy. The lenders, of course, looked to have loan agreements according to which peony, the debt serfdom, is presented as a voluntary request of Greece. The Greek people themselves.

In this crime, the lenders were aided by the furthermost assistance and ultimate support of a totally corrupt, sold-out and treasonous political system which didn’t hesitate to perform a coup and abolish every aspect of constitutional order of the country in order to serve the interests of the most rapacious circles of the euro and the money markets.

So, we think that as of the 6th of May, 2010 and up to this day, Greece is under occupation. Colonial occupation. One with an aim for the mass extinction of the Greek people and the plunder of the social and natural wealth of the country by its lenders. In a very short time, we had foreign commissioners arriving and occupying key positions of the state mechanism. In addition to the Troika. In this day, the state cannot proceed to any act without the prior suggestion or approval by the foreign commissioners. Even the judicial/legal system has been put under their wing. Even the military forces and the defense system of the country. In essence, the absolute being of the state has been abrogated.

With the assistance of the internal political system, of the contemporary collaborationists, the modern Quislings, in just three years, more than 400 laws were introduced on demand of the lenders and the Troika. More than 27 legislative acts that are of similar content to the old Royal Decrees, as well as dozens of other Cabinet acts under orders from above and beyond. For the Greek people, there is no vital sector that is crucial to them – in labor, society and politics – that hasn’t changed vastly on their expense, by abolishing their most essential of rights.

After all this, the Greek people have no sovereign ownership rights in their country. They can’t decide for themselves on anything that concerns them. Even the right in private ownership has been brutally bludgeoned. Everything in the country, the public and private wealth of the Greek citizens, is now available to the lenders and the euro-system. And the trade-off? The average Greek today, being even more indebted than when the Troika first came.

It’s not just that the public debt keeps rising… The country was forced to borrow again, mainly in order to keep funding the external debt, during the period of 2010-2013, more than 320 billion euros. That is more than what the public debt was before 31-12-2009 but even so, continues to owe more than 325 billion euros.

To the private debt of the Greeks – which exceeds the amount of 230 billion euros – another 45 billion were added in the last three years. It’s debt towards the Tax Office, with the sole purpose of confiscating real and mobile private property. At the same time, the average citizen saw 1 in 4 people losing their jobs. Every work right was abolished. They saw 1 in 3 losing even the possibility of insurance, while the base salary was reduced by at least 40%. Saw the regime of general poverty and unemployment going hand-in-hand with a regime of absolute immunity, where the worker is literally a derelict.

They watched as 3 out of 4 workers, who still have the “luxury” of having a job, either getting blackmailed and paid under even the base salary or facing delayed payments. Today, 3 out of 5 workers that have a job, face 5-month-old delayed payments. That is, they haven’t been paid for 5 months on average. The average Greek citizen saw the majority of self-employed workers getting destroyed with a single stroke. They make up 32% of the total employment figures. They saw half of small and medium-sized businesses shutting down, while the big ones have their earnings, suppliers and workers ravaged by their owners, so that they can flee Greece or vastly reduce their activities. They saw the volume of investment dropping extremely from 22% of GDP in 2009 to 12% today, turning Greece to the country with the biggest disinvestment worldwide. They also saw poverty and hardship double in two years. Rampaging immigration, notably of the younger generations, close to the levels of the ’60s – a time when the Greek society was faced with the biggest immigration wave it ever had. They saw – in a two year period, from 2011 to 2012 – the population decreasing by 80,000 in absolute figures, for the first time in the post-War period.

After all this, is the 98% of the Greek population, who according to measurements expect the worst, in the wrong? No. They’re absolutely right. If we keep following the same path, if we hold on to the euro – especially now, on the road to the European Federation, as declared by the prior Maoist Barroso – now that the right of composing and publishing the state budget, while the European Commission has officially obtained the status of a super-government, with the ECB having direct supervision and control of the banking system under its absolute jurisdiction, in the eurozone and the EU.

For us, the dilemma is clear: You either come in terms with the current situation and just seek ways of managing it better with increasingly worsening effects for the people or you overturn it. There is no middle ground. As long as we wait for a divine intervention, a miracle, we’ll keep experiencing absolute destruction. Not only us in Greece but all the peoples of the eurozone. A realistic approach is one that doesn’t leave the people open to today’s threats. One that doesn’t allow them to sink any more into anguish and despair, poverty and extinction. Our duty is majorly patriotic. Primarily nation-liberating against the worst continental regime that’s been imposed upon the people since Hitler.

Another Europe is indeed feasible. A Europe whose peoples will be free, sovereign and owners of their countries, where they will solely decide for their present and their future. Only such a Europe of independent, autonomous and sovereign peoples can turn into a continent of true peace, democracy and brotherhood.

Brotherhood cannot exist where peoples are slaves of the markets, the banking cartel and the supranational instruments of European integration. Suppression only brings wars. Wars of conquering and enslavement, which can only be responded to with an uprising of the entirety of the people.

One thing is certain: The Greek people won’t allow its extinction. And it’s that close, just that close, to the moment when it will take matters into its own hands. And be assured that it’s ready to assist all other peoples in their fight by any means. In the common fight of all of the peoples of Europe. And not just Europe…

The Greek people have done this before. They’ve set the example. They stood their ground, first winners against the Nazi hordes, for democracy, freedom and national sovereignity. Despite all the sacrifices they suffered. And they will set the example for all peoples again.

2014 will be the year of the Greek people. It will be a landmark year for democracy and freedom in all of Europe. Like it was then, on the 28th of October, 1940, when the Greek people were called to the fight against the fascist invader. First to the battle against the fascists and to defeat them. And now, against the new fascism, the fascism of the markets, against which they will score the first victory on behalf of all European peoples.

Thank you very much.”

* “The Borrower hereby irrevocably and unconditionally waives all immunity to which it is or may become entitled, in respect of itself or its assets, from legal proceedings in relation to this Amendment, including, without limitation, immunity from suit, judgement or other order, from attachment, arrest or injunction prior to judgement, and from execution and enforcement against its assets to the extent not prohibited by mandatory law.”

Excerpt from the “AMENDMENT TO THE EUR 80 000 000 000 LOAN FACILITY AGREEMENT” text

Αναρτήθηκε από ΔΗΜΗΤΡΗΣ ΚΑΖΑΚΗΣ στις 11:25 π.μ.

closing speech


the whole conference 

A SPEECH FOR GREECE at the International Conference of the United People’s Front (EPAM)



by JIM REYNOLDS, Vice Chairman, Campaign for an Independent Britain (CIB)

Dear Friends,

My name is Jim Reynolds and I am a Vice Chairman representing the Campaign for an Independent Britain. On behalf of our organisation, I come to  Greece in full hearted  friendship for the Greek people and for our colleagues from all over Europe, who are fighting for the return of democratic self government to their countries and deliverance from their debt slavery , enforced by that imperial project, the Euro currency.  We in the Campaign for an Independent Britain are from all parties and none. We come from right, left and centre and all we want is our country back!

Our organisation was formed in 1969 under a different name as a cross-party coalition, opposed to “Common Market” entry in 1973. It is an umbrella group, supported by public donations, to which other Eurosceptic organisations are affiliated. We campaign for the restoration of full national sovereignty to the United Kingdom by its withdrawal from the obligations of the treaties of the European Union and the repeal of the European Communities Act 1972 (as amended), so that Parliament may legislate freely and may co-operate with other nations as it sees fit. We are a “broad church” of political opinion but will not tolerate racists or extremists and reject any organisation known to be motivated by anti-democratic intentions.

Our country has been betrayed by certain Prime Ministers. Edward Heath in 1972 took us into what was then called a Common Market – on a narrow vote in Parliament of 309 to 301, whilst concealing from all MPs the terms of entry. Harold Wilson in 1975 claimed he had secured new terms of membership and, aided by a lavishly funded campaign, the full support of the BBC and almost all British newspapers, he secured a 67% vote by 65% of the electorate to stay in.

In 1983, the men who later became our Prime Ministers, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, gained their seats in Parliament for the first time by promising, if elected, to take us out of the European Union – but changed their minds when elected.

Over many years we have printed and distributed millions of factual leaflets on many subjects and organised public gatherings and films. We have a website  HYPERLINK “http://www.freebritain.org.uk/”www.freebritain.org.uk  . In 2010, after our most recent general election to Parliament, we supplied every member of the House of Commons and of the House of Lords with a booklet entitled “ A HOUSE DIVIDED: Can parliament serve Two Masters, the Nation and the European Union?”. I have brought a number of copies with me to make them available to you. It tells of the lies and deceits perpetrated in order to maintain public support for the EU  – and of the loss of our Parliamentary sovereignty.

Turning now to those countries of Europe which, with us have joined the EU -Something very strange has happened to the countries of Europe over the last fifty years through the deceit of our politicians – the leaders who should be serving the interests of their own  peoples who elect them. By  meeting together with politicians from other countries in the EU they have increasingly discovered that, as a class, they have more in common with each other and with the bankers than they do with the people they are supposed to serve. Little by little they have created a super – state structure to which they have given their loyalty and obedience  which  should  only be   to their own countries and peoples.

In any other age this would have been called treason and would have been punished as such. They are people who dress like us, look like us and talk like us but whose loyalty is elsewhere – to that strange anti-democratic structure in Brussels. What was presented to us as a free association of sovereign nations co-operating in trade always was intended to develop into  a super-state, a single despotism over all the peoples of Europe.

Britain was slowly enmeshed in this plot against its own people by  its political class – but not without a struggle. As a country, we had spent all of our money and much of our blood to free the countries of Europe from fascism and the natural goodwill of democrats towards their fellows in other European countries was gradually subverted to this evil project.

One man who saw this clearly in the Forties was the Labour Foreign Secretary, Ernest Bevin.

A man of the working class, he was intensely suspicious of the early moves towards European integration. He knew enough of Greek mythology to coin a keenly true but amusing mixed metaphor. He said of the European project.

“If you open that Pandora’s box, you don’t know how many Trojan horses will come flying out”.

Unfortunately for us and for Europe, Ernest Bevin was overruled by American pressure. Britain was bankrupt and the Americans controlled the flow of dollars. In fact, we have evidence that the CIA funded the European Movement from the beginning, just as the American government today puts diplomatic pressure on our country, telling us that we must stay in the EU.

Well, whilst the Trojan Horse was originally a Greek stratagem against the Trojans, there are now whole herds of them from Brussels within the walls  of  Greece today – and in every EU country.  Wherever you see that ring of stars announcing another project assisted by the EU, a little bit of your country has been shaped to suit the policy makers of Brussels.  Around all these projects – and the ones you don’t see or hear of – are the people who do well out of them. Some of them are gradually entrapped bit by bit, often unwittingly at the time, into giving their first loyalty to their Brussels paymasters.

The Commissioners in Brussels and the heads of government of other EU countries are far away and, whilst we can rage about what they do, there is little we can do to affect them. They are hermetically sealed in a world of privilege beyond our reach. It was our own, treacherous  politicians who delivered us into the hands of these people. In doing it they became more like them, as prophetically described by the poet G.K. Chesterton eighty years ago.

“They have given us into the hand of new unhappy lords,

Lords without anger and honour who dare not carry their swords.

They fight by shuffling papers; they have bright dead alien eyes.

They look at our labour and laughter as a tired man looks at flies”

Brussels has not taken any power from our countries  which has not been handed over by our own politicians and officials. Sometimes in the mistaken belief that it was somehow for the peace and good of Europe – we have let them do it. Sometimes we were just too late to stop them. Now  is the time to insist that they take back the power – our power to rule ourselves -  and bring it home where it belongs – each in our own country.

And if they won’t do it, then throw the rogues out!

By meeting together,  co-ordinating our efforts and sharing information, we can each be much more effective in in our own countries where  the real fight is.

I mentioned  Ernest Bevin, the socialist politician of the Nineteen Forties, as one who understood the dangers of the European project. The last British politician to stand against the creation of the EU superstate was very different politically – Margaret Thatcher.  The President of the EU Commission, Jacques Delors, had proposed more or less what we have now – The EU Commission as the executive government of the EU, the so-called EU parliament as its token democratic assembly and the European Council of heads of government as its senate.

To each of these proposals in turn, Mrs Thatcher said “No!” “No!” “No!” and so was betrayed by the europhiles in her own party whose loyalty was to the EU and not to the most solemn oath they had sworn to their own sovereign and country.  That is the rottenness at the heart of every EU member state, not just Britain.

If we had been meeting just over a month ago on October 28th , we could have joined with our Greek friends in celebrating “No!” day, the anniversary of Greece’s short response to the ultimatum by the Italian dictator Mussolini. The admiration which Britain then felt for Greece standing up to a much bigger country is reflected today in our support for your campaign to restore your country’s honour and self government. It is a common struggle which we share, so I share the sentiment of Lord Byron

“The mountains look on Marathon -

And Marathon looks on the sea;

And musing there an hour alone,

I dreamed that Greece still might be free;

For standing on the Persians’ grave,

I could not deem myself a slave”



Are we really free to choose and is the people’s power acknowledged? “Debt Management” is a short documentary on the illusion of freedom (the case of the “boiling frog”) and the illusion of choice (as in the example of “Plato’s cave”), from an economic perspective. The Greek crisis is just another round in the constant struggle between those who take decisions that determine the will of whole societies and the real power of the people. How can entire societies become powerless, from an economic point of view? By what means is that being achieved in modern Europe?

see the whole documentary here

Debt Management – Διαχείριση χρέους (Ελληνικοί υπότιτλοι, Greek subs)

without Greek subtitles


Maria Delivani N., economist, former dean of the University of Macedonia.
Craig Wherlock, since 2008 “Journalist of the crisis.”
Didac S. – Costa, sociologist.
Albert Broomhead, economist and analyst.
Dimitris Kazakis, economist, author, columnist.
General co Kastrinakis P. Alexander.
In Charis.



Μαρία Δεληβάνη Ν., οικονομολόγος, πρώην πρύτανης του Πανεπιστημίου Μακεδονίας.
Craig Wherlock, από το 2008 «δημοσιογράφος της κρίσης».
Didac S.- Costa, κοινωνιολόγος.
Albert Broomhead, οικονομολόγος, αναλυτής.
Δημήτρης Καζάκης, οικονομολόγος, συγγραφέας, αρθρογράφος.
Γενική επιμέλεια Αλέξανδρος Καστρινάκης Π..
Στη Χαρούλα.

Money – The World’s Most Dominant Religion

1. Money, Banking and the Federal Reserve

This extraordinary documentary, made by the Mises Institute in 1996, is the clearest, most compelling explanation ever offered of the Fed. (42 mins)

2. Conspiracies – Iraq:

A 2006 Sky documentary revealing the only WMD Saddam Hussein had, was the Euros he charged for Iraqi oil. As this was a direct challenge to the US petrodollar, Hussein had to go. (46 mins)

3. Money As Debt:

A fast-paced and highly entertaining animated feature. It explains today’s banking system in terms that are easy to understand. (47 mins)

4. Woody Harrelson Presents – Ethos:

Presented by actor & activist Woody Harrelson, this powerful 2011 documentary blows the lid off our corrupt monetary and political system. (70 min)

5. The Money Fix – Monetary Reform:

This movie examines the human & the natural world. We learn how we can empower ourselves by redesigning the economy at the community level. (80 mins)

6. The Secret of Oz:

Governments should issue debt free money. This is the solution as revealed by L. Frank Baum in “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. (112 mins)

Hellenism is in danger, humanity is in danger


A paradigm is a set of values and norms that is publicly accepted and acknowledged as the suitable ones, and can be said to be the basic values of a certain civilization

An anti-Hellenic lobby paved the way for the establishment of the Rothschild-Zionist dogma

Before the global elite can launch a long desired global paradigm shift an induced shift of the main and basic human values and norms, the old foundations, must first be accused, slandered and falsified and facts must be distorted. Various other cultures have had to endure this throughout history (North-South American Indians, Celts, Persians, Arabs, Africans, Polynesians and others). However now it’s not about the destruction of a culture but the destruction of the whole of the Hellenic foundations of the western civilization. The globalists, who themselves claim that they are *Zionists and this regardless of whether they are jewish or not, now aim to replace the basic human values that is the base of western societies, by a very aggressive propaganda opposing the old values, freedom, justice, humanityHellenism is the cradle of the values Rothschild-Zionism detest.

Hellenism = Hellenistic (also called classic) schooling, education and upbringing, ie classical Greek literature-philosophy-science-arts-music-theater-athletics (martial arts) taught properly in balance and in adequate symbiosis with each other,.. plus a moral approach towards humans and humanity, has proved to offer the most essential safeguards against tyranny, despotism, monarchy and oligarchy – Hellenism, as a broader term, originates from the word ellinismos (describes the genetic, geographic, cultural and spiritual roots of the Hellenes/Greeks) and is NOT limited to only the classical period of ancient Greece and later Rome, as Wikipedia and many other encyclopedias suggest. The word describes the ENTIRE history of the Hellenes (the Ionian and the Doric tribes). Hellenism has throughout the recorded history been *Zionisms and its predecessors, the Pharisees, enemy No. 1. This of course, because it represents a direct threat to what later became the *Zionist worldview, the Zionist dogma. Hellenism highlights the importance of human freedom, it develops free thinking and offer the spiritual and intellectual tools, so that each individual can be able to develop  independent, free, critical thinking. *Zionism, in which the individual and free critical thinking is seen as a weakness for the collective and in which the individual is seen as merely a cog in a larger machinery, considered the Hellenic thoughts about the free human as nonsense and even dangerous for the community. This ‘attitude’ towards Hellenic teachings is also what is diligently spread in the schools and in the common encyclopedias today.

This is why today the concept of freedom is distorted and changed into freedom without responsibilities (capitalism, neo-liberalism)or even into, too much freedom is dangerous for the human societies (conservatism, totalitarianism, autocracy).

“when truth has been peeled out of history, all that is left of it, is a worthless story”


Since about 70 years now an anti-Hellenic lobby has deliberately been spreading false teachings and pseudo-arguments among secondary school’s, college’s and university’s, with the aim to undermine the classic, Hellenistic education. Anyone who is a bit familiar with the recorded facts in the history of mankind notice this without difficulties, primarily through the major lexicons and encyclopedias obvious omission and distortion of important knowledge and facts about the legacy of the Greeks. On closer examination you can very easy discover a deliberate manipulation of facts behind the history of the Hellenes’, their discoveries, their knowledge, their origin and their language.

Pure cultural persecution has been conducted against Hellenism from a Rothschild-Zionist lobby amongst academics, with the aim to minimize the possibilities for students to discover the genuine European heritage and the real western spiritual origin and instead replace it with a Rothschild-Zionist worldview. Tens of thousands of concerned academics worldwide, has been sounding the alarm about this over decades. A large number of professors from all over the world argue that there is a deliberate anti-Hellenic lobby within the academic world, that want to remove Greek education in general from the curriculum in the major universities. A climate thrives in these where Hellenism is considered to be “overrated” and as being based on an up-picking of achievements of neighboring cultures. All such claims can of course be rebutted quite thoroughly and without any difficulties, not least by the neighboring cultures own literature, but the damage is still done because the vast majority of the students never make an effort to search for the real facts on these issues. They tend to stick to the common approach to this heritage. An approach to knowledge which by itself actually proves the increasing dissociation from the Hellenic approach to knowledge  It seem fairly unnecessary to most people to question the established encyclopedias, popular science magazines and some of the top universities ways to convey the valuable heritage of the Greeks. It is even less believed that, in our “enlightened” time, they would deliberately distort the truths about our existence, our origins and our true history.

Brave professors, lecturers and academics as Mary Lefkowitz, Victor Hansen and Bruce S Thornton among many others have alarmed about this. Since it exists so much written in Greek, which through the ancient, original texts, proves that the ‘anti-Hellenic lobby’ is spreading sheer lies about Greek culture, the Latin replaced classical Greek a few decades ago as the language of literature, philosophy and science. Most major encyclopedias today (relatively undetected), therefore ignore the actual, original texts and refers only to them through, far too often, very shallow interpretations and pure guesses by translators who have tried to comprehend the thinking of the ancient Greeks. They could have let the Classic Greek remain and even teach it more in its talking form, so that every student himself/herself could read the original texts and interpret them himself/herself. After all more than 85% of the books and scrolls in the infamous Library of Alexandria was in Greek. Why must these books content be explained to the world today by a bunch of interpreters?

Short idea-historic retrospective on Zionism and Hellenism:

The Hebreo-Chaldean tribes praised the ‘importance of the collective’ and built their world view and their view on humans and humanity largely on religion, mythology, the natural conditions, ‘necessities’ for the survival of the tribes and pure superstition. ‘Science’, Philosophy and Religion in these cultures had to comply with eachother and the authority, the ‘king’, the ‘emperor’, the ‘demigod’, the ‘prophet’ who was considered to have direct contact with “God” and could therefore NOT be criticized openly. He was infallible and his word could not be questioned. Any ‘weakness’ of their authority was supposed to cause chaos and anarchy in a society. They were “theocentric”, ie with a god and a priesthood in the center of their societies. They felt in these tribes that they needed and that they wanted a ‘shepherd’, THEIR ‘shepherd’. From around 1 500 BC the elite of the Sanhedrin, ie the highest Jewish council of the synagogue of ancient times and today’s Rothschild-Zionism (not necessarily jewish), has always seen Hellenism as its archenemyThis, because automatically, through its main characteristics, its literature and its ancient mystery traditions, Hellenism forms a constant threat to the Rothschild-Zionism’s worldview and its fundamental views on humanity. Precursors of Rothschild-Zionism is actually NOT the whole of Sanhedrin but only a specific group within the ancient Sanhedrin, the highest Jewish council in the synagogue, namely the Pharisees. If you look deeper in their key political, religious, jewish currents as a common denominator, then the Rothschild-Zionists today are the heirs of the Pharisees. Phariséism was a jewish, religious, political party who interpreted the Torah and the law of Moses literally, but also rigidly (it was dictated instead of inspired) so the actual ethos and the spirit of the law became rigid and stiff and thus an extremely favorable tool for elitism, racism and tyranny. Today’s fundamentalism, extremism and racism in any religion or ideology is based on this kind of a rigid ethos.

The Ionian and Doric tribes ie the Hellenes (Greeks), praised the individuals importance and placed the Human Being in the center of their concern and they built their worldview and their view on Humanity on critical observations, science and knowledge of the human role in nature and in universe. They were “anthropocentric”, with the human being in the centre and they looked at the world and mankind from an investigative perspective based on their own observations and studies. They did not live particularly different from their neighbors, but THE WAY THEY LOOKED UPON HOW THEY LIVED constituted their uniqueness in comparison with ALL other cultures in the ancient world. They examined everything from a critical perspective and this critical, investigative approach they also turned towards their own functions, behavior, institutions, ideas and thinking. Where most other cultures saw more or less similar patterns the Greeks, through their perspective, distinguished details, differences and exceptions. They could place their focus of observation beyond nature, humans and even the gods and examine everything from a rational, investigative, scientific perspective. The Greeks had the ability to see life steadily and see it whole, rather than remain enslaved by custom, tradition, superstition, nature or by the brute force of the political and clerical elite. It sought to free itself from the ‘shackles’, the kind of existence that often dictate people’s lives through dogma, creeds, traditions, customs and practices and therefore breed non-examined, ingrained, ‘mechanical’, behavior patterns and routines. The Hellenes wanted to be fully ‘conscious’ in their perception and their behavior. To them it was therefore essential that Science, Philosophy and Religion were decoupled from each other, in order for free thinking to develop at all. This was something that was unthinkable in ALL the other cultures as this view was seen as dangerous and as a threat to the order, the monarchy and the clerical elite.

The biggest achievement, with this approach to life was the birth of the organized, critical thinking and thus the concept of freedom. Something that before the Greeks, only existed for kings and emperors with their courts. From that critical thinking, an organized idea that all human beings are born free and independent and therefore has the right to form and decide about their lives, was born,.. so therefore for instance slavery was seriously criticized and later abolished in ancient Athens around 300 BC (about 2000 years before anyone else). They showed by their celebration of the development of human qualities, that they did not want to be dependent on any ‘shepherd’, but that they themselves were capable of becoming the best ‘shepherds’ for their own lives, as long as they learned to understand the microcosmos and the macrocosmos and the natural principles that govern nature and universe.

The Hebrews were looking for “God” outside themselves and the Hellenes were looking for “God” in themselves…

It is really this ancient schizm between two contradicting idea-worlds and spiritual traditions,… this “schizophrenia” between Hellenism and Rothschild-Zionism, that the ruling classes have tried to crowd into ONE in the ‘modern Western civilization’. This paradox and this fundamental clash of ideas, is what really reflects the whole Western society in all its institutions, its culture its societies, its social character and its basic views on humans and Humanity.

  • We believe that we base our societies and ‘democratic’ states on noble values, but everywhere we structurally violate these values on a daily basis for the sake of financial profit, power and self-pleasure.
  • We believe that we are freer than others, but we captivate ourselves more than any other culture by the shackles of materialism and the devotion of only the physical, the flesh..
  • We say that we defend freedom and human rights, but its obvious that the western Governments and institutions doesn’t count in all of humanity in the same standard, only the lords and the elite of the western world.

We claim Hellenism in our thoughts and our writings but we are devoted to Zionism in our behaviour and our practiced values, our institutions and our administrations. In our so called ‘democratic institutions’, a tremendous dehumanization of others is an accepted ingredient in our relations to others. In fact every bizarre paradox that we discover in the western societies can be traced back to this particular cultural and spiritual “schizophrenia” between Hellenism and Zionism.

Today Zionism is striving to bury Hellenism and go back to pre-Hellenic idea-worlds where the kings (todays: royalties, corporate leaders and bankers), the emperors (todays: leaders of superpowers and international nation-unions, international organizations and alliances), the priests (todays: pseudo-science, media, entertainment and show business) and the demigods (todays: ruling elite and celebrities) again are telling humanity what’s best for us. We are again deceived to believe that we are unable to deal with our lives without the elite’s directions and laws. For that paradigm-shift to be fully implemented the pure and original Hellenic ingredients in human thinking has to first be ridiculed, humiliated and forgotten by humanity.


Kosmas Loumakis

Stockholm 2013-10-22


*Zionism is normally considered to be Theodor Hertzl’s organized Jewish movement for the achievement of a country for the Jewish people, the Jewish state of Israel (which in fact content elitism, racism and totalitarism as structural policies)… In this article though when I refer to Zionism I describe Rothschild’s version of Zionism (identic with the ancient Phariseeism), which actually is more about the cultural “kidnapping” of the true Jewish people (ca 15% of those claiming to be jews today), their religion and their traditions, to serve an oligarchic global family’s empire aims for global power, with the current state of Israel as its shield and its vehicle towards this goal and with the USA as its guard…  There are Christian Zionists and Muslim Zionists no matter how strange that can sound, simply because today’s Rothschild-Zionism has nothing to do with the real Jewish religion but only with the aims of those families and their plans with the state of Israel. They consider themselves as “kings” and “emperors” of humanity and they are using Israel and the jews in order to fulfill that quest.

Στο έλεος της αυθαιρεσίας με βούλα εισαγγελέα


Λογότυπο ΕΠΑΜ

Προσέξτε πολιτική υποκρισία. Η εισαγγελέας απαγόρευσε τη δημοσίευση άλλων μυστικά καταγεγραμένων συνομιλιών ανάμεσα σε Κασιδιάρη και άλλα κυβερνητικά στελέχη. Προφανώς η εισαγγελέας έχει πάθει σύγχυση ρόλου. Νομίζει ότι είναι πολιτικός επίτροπος της κυβέρνησης κι έτσι μπορεί να επιβάλλει απαγορεύσεις. Με τον τρόπο αυτό επιβεβαιώνει απλά ότι βρισκόμαστε υπό καθεστώς χούντας.

Με ποιο δικαίωμα μπορεί να απαγορεύει στο μέλλον δημοσιοποίηση τέτοιων συνομιλιών; Με κανένα. Είναι τελείως αυθαίρετη και απόλυτα καταχρηστική μια τέτοια απαγόρευση, αποδεικνύοντας ότι η εισαγγελία έχει – οικεία βουλήσει; – μεταβληθεί στην πράξη σε μακρύ χέρι της κυβέρνησης.

Οι συνομιλίες στελεχών της κυβέρνησης με εν ενεργεία πολιτικούς δεν είναι, ούτε μπορούν να εντάσσονται στη σφαίρα των ιδιωτικών συνομιλιών. Ιδίως όταν αφορούν στις υποθέσεις, ή τις πράξεις, ή τις παραλείψεις μιας κυβέρνησης. Επομένως, κανείς δεν μπορεί να κρίνει παράνομη την καταγραφή αυτής της συνομιλίας από αυτόν που συμμετέχει σ’ αυτήν, ούτε πολύ περισσότερο να απαγορεύσει την δημοσιοποίησή της στο μέλλον με φετβά. Ειδικά όταν αυτή η καταγραφή φέρνει στην επιφάνεια παράνομες πράξεις, ή προθέσεις της κυβέρνησης που υπερβαίνουν καταφανώς τον συντεταγμένο ρόλο της με βάση το νόμο.

Το υλικό της καταγεγραμμένης συνομιλίας, αλλά και των υπολοίπων που θα πρέπει να είχαν απαιτηθεί, οφείλει να απασχολήσει τις ανακριτικές και δικαστικές αρχές, προκειμένου να κρίνουν αν πρέπει να ασκηθούν διώξεις για καταχρηστικές πρακτικές της κυβέρνησης, ή κυβερνητικών στελεχών. Μόνο αυτό μπορεί να κάνει η δικαιοσύνη. Αν βέβαια σέβεται τον ρόλο της και δεν είναι υποχείριο της κυβέρνησης.

Η προκαταβολική απαγόρευση δημοσιοποίησης τέτοιου υλικού, καθ’ όλα πολιτικού, αφορά αποκλειστικά την προστασία της κυβέρνησης. Παρά κι ενάντια στο νόμο. Την προστασία της κυβέρνησης από τυχόν ενδεχόμενους αιφνιδιασμούς από μεριάς Κασιδιάρη και Σία, ενόσω συνεχίζονται – καθώς φαίνεται – στο σκοτάδι οι παρασκηνιακές διαβουλεύσεις ανάμεσα στις δυο συμμορίες της ίδιας πολιτικής μαφίας. Της φασιστικής ακροδεξιάς ομάδας του Σαμαρά από την μια και από την άλλη της φασιστικής ακροδεξιάς ομάδας του Κασιδιάρη και Σία.
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Η φάρσα που αποκαλείται έξοδος στις αγορές

Λογότυπο ΕΠΑΜ

Τελικά θα βγούμε στις αγορές. Ζήτω! Ουρά! Ή επί το ελληνικότερο, εβίβα εις υγείαν των κορόιδων! Ποια είναι τα κορόιδα; Πάντως όχι οι αγορές και οι κερδοσκόποι. Με κίνητρα καθαρά προεκλογικού πανικού, η κυβέρνηση προτίθεται να εκδώσει 5ετές ομόλογο ονομαστικής αξίας 2 δις ευρώ για να φανεί ότι βγαίνει στις αγορές. Με άλλα λόγια η κυβέρνηση επιχειρεί να δανειστεί ποσό που κάλλιστα θα μπορούσε να εισπράξει με τρίμηνα, ή εξάμηνα έντοκα γραμμάτια, μόνο που με το πενταετές θα πληρώσει υπερδιπλάσιο επιτόκιο.

Το επιτόκιο αναμένεται να κινηθεί ανάμεσα στο 5-6% ετήσια. Θυμίζουμε ότι το ιστορικό μέσο επιτόκιο δανεισμού του ελληνικού κράτους μέσα στο ευρώ πριν από την ένταξη στα μνημόνια ήταν κάτω του 4%. Και μας οδήγησε στην χρεοκοπία. Με άλλα λόγια για την προεκλογική εκστρατεία της κυβέρνησης, ο ελληνικός λαός θα κληθεί να πληρώσει πάνω από 500 εκατομμύρια μόνο σε τόκους γι’ αυτό το ομόλογο.

Σε ποιους; Μα στα φιλαράκια της κυβέρνησης που μέσα στα χρόνια των μνημονίων αποκόμισαν δις ευρώ χάρις στο PSI, την κρατική χρηματοδότηση των τραπεζών και την κερδοσκοπία στο ελληνικό χρηματιστήριο που κανονικά θα έπρεπε να είχε κλείσει – λόγω του ιδιαίτερα μεγάλου αριθμού εταιρειών υπό επιτήρηση, ή σε αναστολή διαπραγμάτευσης – αλλά κρατιέται ανοιχτό μόνο και μόνο για να παίζουν τα παιχνίδια τους οι αετονύχιδες εντός και εκτός Ελλάδας. Μόνο και μόνο για να συνεχίσουν να ξεπλένουν χρήμα οι τραπεζίτες και όσοι διασυνδέονται μ’ αυτούς.

Δεν ξέρουμε λεπτομέρειες για το ομόλογο αυτό. Δηλαδή, σε τι δίκαιο θα εκδοθεί (ελληνικό, ή αγγλικό) και τι CAC θα προβλέπει σε περίπτωση αδυναμίας πληρωμής. Με άλλα λόγια τι εγγυήσεις (εμπράγματες, ή άλλες) θα προσφέρει στους κατόχους του σε περίπτωση αδυναμίας πληρωμής. Όπως και να έχει το συγκεκριμένο ομόλογο είναι ματωμένα χρήματα από το αίμα του ελληνικού λαού, που ανακυκλώνονται από τις επιχορηγήσεις του δημόσιου ταμείου προς τις τράπεζες και την ασύδοτη κερδοσκοπία με το PSI και μετά.

Το αστείο – αν δεν ήταν τραγικό για την κατάσταση του λαού και της χώρας – με την όλη υπόθεση είναι το γεγονός ότι ανάλογες διαπιστώσεις κάνει κι ο ΣΥΡΙΖΑ, μαζί με την υπόλοιπη αντιπολίτευση. Ωραία. Καλό αυτό. Όμως, γιατί μένουν μόνο στην καταγγελία; Γιατί διαπιστώνουν αυτήν την κατάφωρα καταχρηστική πρακτική από μια κυβέρνηση, η οποία δεν διαθέτει κανένα λαϊκό, ή εκλογική έρεισμα, και δεν κάνουν το επόμενο αυτονόητο βήμα; Να δηλώσουν δηλαδή ευθαρσώς ότι δεν πρόκειται να αναγνωρίσουν το συγκεκριμένο ομόλογο ως χρέος του ελληνικού λαού.

Αν θέλουν όντως να θέσουν θέμα βιωσιμότητας του δημοσίου χρέους της Ελλάδας, γιατί δεν ξεκινούν από αυτό το ομόλογο; Αφού ξέρουν ότι πρόκειται για μια απόλυτα στημένη δουλειά ανάμεσα σε συνεταιράκια για να τα οικονομήσουν αφενός κι αφετέρου για να διευκολύνουν τον προεκλογικό αγώνα της κυβέρνησης, στις παραμονές της ολοκληρωτικής της κατάρρευσης. Αφού δηλώνουν μάλιστα ότι τα 2 δις ευρώ δεν τα χρειάζεται επειγόντως αυτή τη στιγμή η κυβέρνηση, τότε γιατί δεν δηλώνουν ευθαρσώς ότι όποιος αγοράσει αυτό το ομόλογο θα χάσει τα λεφτά του;

Γιατί δεν το κάνει ειδικά ο ΣΥΡΙΖΑ, που πλασάρεται η διάδοχη κυβέρνηση της χώρας; Τι φοβάται; Θα αρκούσε μια επίσημη δήλωσή του και αμέσως θα τιναζόταν στον αέρα όλο το παιχνίδι της κυβέρνησης. Κανείς δεν θα τολμούσε να ακουμπήσει αυτό το ομόλογο. Αλλά κι αν το αγόραζε, η επόμενη κυβέρνηση θα μπορούσε κάλλιστα να το ακυρώσει χωρίς καμιά συνέπεια για το ελληνικό δημόσιο. Γιατί δεν το κάνει; Γιατί δεν μας δείχνει από τώρα την αποφασιστικότητα που λέει ότι θα δείξει απέναντι στους δανειστές προκειμένου να πετύχει την μείωση του δημόσιου χρέους; Ιδού η Ρόδος, ιδού και το πήδημα.
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Από πού κι ως πού είναι καλό να βγούμε στις αγορές;

Λογότυπο ΕΠΑΜ

Άνθρακες ο θησαυρός για μια ακόμη φορά. Οι φήμες που το ίδιο το Μαξίμου άφησε να διοχετεύονται στα ΜΜΕ ότι η κυβέρνηση θα επιχειρήσει έξοδο στις αγορές τις παραμονές της επίσκεψης της Μέρκελ στο οικόπεδό της, διαψεύστηκαν από το υπουργείο οικονομικών μόλις χθες. Σύμφωνα με Υπουργείο Οικονομικών «η έξοδος της χώρας στις αγορές θα πραγματοποιηθεί το πρώτο εξάμηνο του έτους, όπως έχει σχεδιαστεί.» Δηλαδή ματαιώθηκε μια ακόμη φάρσα του success story Σαμαρά. Ίσως μια άλλη φορά.

Το παιχνίδι είναι καλά στημένο

Βέβαια, η έξοδος αυτή στις αγορές προετοιμάζεται εδώ και πολλούς μήνες. Από το περασμένο καλοκαίρι όταν ο Σαμαράς πήγε σε πολυήμερο ταξίδι στις ΗΠΑ και συναντήθηκε με την ομάδα κερδοσκόπων του Μανχάταν που παίζουν κατά κύριο λόγο με την χρεοκοπία της χώρας. Πρόκειται για επενδυτικά κεφάλαια σαν του Πόλσον, του Σόρος, κ.ά..

Ο Σαμαράς τους διαβεβαίωσε ότι τα κέρδη τους είναι διασφαλισμένα και τους παρακάλεσε να βοηθήσουν, ανάμεσα στα άλλα, σε μια θεαματική έξοδο της Ελλάδας προς τις αγορές για το πιστωθεί ο ίδιος. Αυτοί συμφώνησαν με την προϋπόθεση να πέσει αρκετό κρατικό χρήμα στις τράπεζες, ώστε να κερδοσκοπήσουν μ’ αυτές, να ανοίξει το χρηματιστήριο ακόμη και στις αδόκιμες διεθνώς πρακτικές κερδοσκοπίας και πρωτίστως να διασφαλιστούν τα χρήματά τους με εμπράγματες εγγυήσεις.

Η όλη επιχείρηση αναβάθμισης της κερδοσκοπικής αξιοπιστίας του ελληνικού χρέους έχουν αναλάβει κυρίως η Goldman Sachs, γνωστή μας από παλιά, καθώς και η J P Morgan, το ειδικό κεφάλαιο που διαθέτει για «επενδύσεις» στις αναδυόμενες αγορές, όπως έχει χαρακτηριστεί και η Ελλάδα. Μαζί τους συνεργάζεται και η περίφημη «παρέα» του Λονδίνου από γνωστούς χρηματιστές και επενδυτικά κεφάλαια, που από την εποχή Σημίτη κερδοσκοπεί ασύστολα με το δημόσιο χρέος της χώρας (δομημένα ομόλογα, swaps, παράγωγα, κοκ), ενώ διασυνδέεται με τα κομματικά ταμεία της ΝΔ και του ΠΑΣΟΚ. Κι όχι μόνο.

Με κρατικά λεφτά η έξοδος στις αγορές

Κι όλα αυτά για μια κακού γούστου θεατρική παράσταση που θέλει δήθεν την Ελλάδα να ανακτά την «χαμένη αξιοπιστία της στις αγορές». Μάλιστα. Δεν αξίζει καν να ασχοληθεί κανείς με το γεγονός ότι η όλη θεατρική παράσταση «έξοδος στις αγορές» αφορά μόλις 2-3 δις ευρώ έναντι τριετών ή πενταετών τίτλων, αγνώστων λοιπών στοιχείων. Είναι αστείο να το συζητά κανείς. Η κυβέρνηση κυριολεκτικά χάρισε στις «συστημικές» τράπεζες μόνο μέσα στο 2013 κοντά 7 δις ευρώ μόνο και μόνο για το «χρηματοδοτικό κενό» τους. Χώρια η ανακεφαλαιοποίησή τους με άλλα 25 δις ευρώ. Από πού τα χάρισε; Από το δημόσιο ταμείο, από τον Έλληνα φορολογούμενο.

Τους χάρισε, δηλαδή, πάνω από 32 δις ευρώ και τους ζητά να αγοράσουν κρατικά ομόλογα για 2-3 δις ευρώ, ώστε να φανεί η περιβόητη «έξοδος στις αγορές». Μόνο που οι τραπεζίτες και τα επενδυτικά κεφάλαια που έχουν συμπράξει μαζί τους, δεν είναι έτοιμοι ακόμη. Θέλουν κι άλλα. Θυμηθείτε ότι εκκρεμεί νέα ανακεφαλαιοποίηση, της οποίας το μπουγιουρντί αναμένεται για μετά τις ευρωεκλογές. Αφού πρώτα γίνουν τα απαιτούμενα stress test των τραπεζών, τα οποία συνιστούν το «φύλλο συκής» προκειμένου η ΕΚΤ και η ΕΕ να δικαιολογήσουν την προκλητική ενίσχυση με ρευστό των μεγάλων χρεοκοπημένων τραπεζών της ευρωζώνης.

Κι έτσι η περίφημος «έξοδος στις αγορές» ανεβληθεί. Ίσως για μετά τις εκλογές. Οι τραπεζίτες και οι κερδοσκόποι θέλουν να εξασφαλίσουν πρώτα τις θέσεις τους και το επιπλέον μετρητό από τον κρατικό κορβανά και ύστερα βλέπουμε.

Γιατί θέλουν την έξοδο στις αγορές;

Ωστόσο, το βασικό ερώτημα παραμένει: Γιατί είναι καλό να βγούμε στις αγορές; Από πού κι ως πού; Γιατί το να συνεχίσει κανείς την πρακτική που οδήγησε την Ελλάδα στην χρεοκοπία, είναι καλό για την χώρα και τον λαό; Το γιατί είναι καλό για τους τοκογλύφους και τους κερδοσκόπους είναι απολύτως κατανοητό. Με τον τρόπο αυτό η Ελλάδα θα συνεχίσει να δανείζεται εσαεί για να τους πληρώνει. Μέχρι τελικής πτώσεως.

Και κάτι ακόμα. Πώς γίνεται η Ελλάδα με 129% του ΑΕΠ δημόσιο χρέος στις 31/12/2009 και με ρυθμούς ύφεσης της τάξης 2-3% ετησίως σε τρέχουσες τιμές, να μην έχει «αξιοπιστία» στις αγορές, ενώ σήμερα με 178% του ΑΕΠ δημόσιο χρέος στις 31/12/2013 και ρυθμούς ύφεσης 6-7% ετησίως σε τρέχουσες τιμές, να ανακτά ως δια μαγείας την «αξιοπιστία» της στις αγορές; Το σκέφτεστε; Πώς είναι δυνατόν;

Μήπως γιατί η χώρα έχει μετατραπεί σε οικόπεδο, ξέφραγο αμπέλι, χωρίς καμιά ασυλία και μαζί με τον λαό της έχει παραδοθεί «άνευ όρων και αμετάκλητα» – όπως χαρακτηριστικά αναφέρουν οι δανειακές συμβάσεις με το ευρωσύστημα – στους δανειστές της; Όχι μόνο. Το χρέος που μας έχει φορτώσει το ευρωσύστημα και το ΔΝΤ, κοντά στα 240 δις ευρώ, δεν στέκεται καλά στα πόδια του. Είναι προϊόν κατάφωρων εκβιασμών, παραβίασης κάθε έννοιας δίκαιης μεταχείρισης εταίρου με βάση του κανόνες του διεθνούς δικαίου, αλλά και των Συνθηκών της ΕΕ.

Αυτό σημαίνει ότι μια οποιαδήποτε έντιμη κυβέρνηση της Ελλάδας που σκέφτεται έστω στο ελάχιστο το λαό αυτής της χώρας και θέλει να στηριχθεί στη νομιμότητα – δηλαδή, στο θεσπισμένο δικό τους νόμο και δίκαιο – μπορεί να το αρνηθεί ως παράνομο και καταχρηστικό. Κι αν το κάνει τι θα συμβεί; Οι αγορές δεν θα χιμήξουν στην Ελλάδα, αλλά στη Γερμανία. Γιατί είναι ο μεγαλύτερο εγγυητής του ευρωπαϊκού μηχανισμού στήριξης.

Βλέπετε, η Ελλάδα δεν έχει πάρει τα 240 δις ευρώ απευθείας από τις αγορές, ούτε απευθείας από τα κράτη-μέλη της ευρωζώνης. Τα χρωστά στον ευρωπαϊκό μηχανισμό στήριξης, ο οποίος με τη σειρά του τα έχει δανειστεί από τις διεθνείς αγορές με εγγύηση της Γερμανίας και των υπολοίπων χωρών της ΕΕ.

Αν λοιπόν στην Ελλάδα βρεθεί μια κυβέρνηση που ξέρει να τηρεί το νόμο και το σύνταγμα, μπορεί με μεγάλη άνεση να αρνηθεί να πληρώσει το συγκεκριμένο χρέος προς το ευρωσύστημα. Τότε, οι αγορές θα ζητήσουν τα ρέστα όχι από την Ελλάδα, μιας και δεν την έχουν δανείσει, αλλά από τον ευρωπαϊκό μηχανισμό και κυρίως από εκείνους τους εγγυητές με την μεγαλύτερη οικονομική επιφάνεια. Δηλαδή πρωτίστως την Γερμανία.

Με άλλα λόγια η Ελλάδα κρατά μια ατομική βόμβα στα χέρια της. Μια ατομική βόμβα που μπορεί να τινάξει στον αέρα όχι μόνο το ευρώ, αλλά και την ΕΕ. Να γιατί βιάζονται οι Ευρωπαίοι να βγάλουν την Ελλάδα στις αγορές. Για να την ξεφορτωθούν. Για να περάσει το ταχύτερο δυνατόν το χρέος της στα χέρια των διεθνών αγορών και να απεγκλωβιστούν τα κράτη εγγυητές του μηχανισμού με πρώτη την Γερμανία. Να γιατί δεν θέλουν να πέσει η κυβέρνηση Σαμαροβενιζέλου πριν ολοκληρώσει την αποστολή που της έχουν αναθέσει. Πριν βάλει και τις τελευταίες υπογραφές στο ξεπούλημα της Ελλάδας.
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Ακόμη μια φορά με το σήριαλ Μπαλτάκου-Κασιδιάρη

Λογότυπο ΕΠΑΜ

Παρακολουθείτε καθόλου τα τηλεοπτικά σήριαλ Μπαλτάκου-Κασιδιάρη; Οχετός στη νιοστή. Από την μια η επίσημη πλευρά της κυβερνώσας παράταξης που αγωνίζεται να αποστασιοποιηθεί από τον Μπαλτάκο. «Δεν το ξέραμε. Φαινόταν καλό παιδί,» κι άλλα τέτοια για κάποιον που επί 35 χρόνια ήταν δεξί – μάλλον ακροδεξιό – χέρι του κ. Σαμαρά. Βέβαια η αλήθεια είναι ότι ο χουντικός βίος και η ακροδεξιά πολιτεία του Μπαλτάκου είναι γνωστή από πολύ παλιά. Πάει σόι το βασίλειο.

Ο τρόμος της ηγεσίας Σαμαρά πριν το τελικό πέναλτι

Το ομολόγησε εμμέσως πλην σαφώς κι ο Βενιζέλος λέγοντας ότι είχε προειδοποιήσει τον Σαμαρά για τον Μπαλτάκο. Αν και δεν μας διευκρίνισε τι τον έκανε να τρέξει από τους πρώτους προκειμένου να νομιμοποιήσει τους ομοϊδεάτες και ομογάλακτους της ΧΑ, ναζί της Ουκρανίας που κατέλαβαν με την βία την εξουσία στο Κίεβο. Μάλλον το ίδιο κίνητρο που επέτρεψε την κυβερνητική συγκατοίκηση αυτού του μέγα «αντιφασίστα» με την ηγετική ομάδα της ΝΔ, ενώ ήξερε – όπως ομολόγησε – ότι ο Σαμαράς έχει συγκεντρώσει ομογάλακτους και ομοϊδεάτες της ΧΑ.

Το δράμα για την κυβέρνηση είναι ότι ο Μπαλτάκος δεν είναι μια μεμονωμένη περίπτωση. Οι παροικούντες την Ιερουσαλήμ ξέρουν ότι πρόκειται για μια ολόκληρη σφηκοφωλιά που έχει συσπυρώσει γύρω του ο Σαμαράς και η οποία τον βοήθησε να πάρει τα ηνία της ΝΔ, αλλά και να κρατηθεί στην ηγεσία της.

Γι’ αυτό και δεν κινείται η κυβέρνηση εναντίον του Κασιδιάρη και της συμμορίας του. Δεν πρέπει να ξεχνάμε ότι ο Κασιδιάρης είναι υπόδικος. Τι εμποδίζει την κυβέρνηση να κινήσει διαδικασίες σύλληψης τόσο του ίδιου του Κασιδιάρη για παραγωγή και διακίνηση προϊόντων παράνομης εγγραφής, αλλά και όσων άλλων ενέχονται σε κάτι τέτοιο; Τι φοβάται; Ο Σαμαράς και το επιτελείο του τρέμει μήπως εμφανιστούν τα άλλα βιντεάκια που εκθέτουν κι άλλους από τους ομογάλακτους και ομοϊδεάτες της ΧΑ, που έχει συγκεντρώσει γύρω του.

Οι εγγυητές του πολιτεύματος, βοήθεια!

Από την άλλη, ο Κασιδιάρης και η παρέα του δηλώνει ότι η ΧΑ αποτελεί τον εγγυητή του πολιτεύματος και μάλιστα του συντάγματος. Πώς; Πότε και που το υπερασπίστηκε; Στις γιορτές μίσους και εμφυλίου, όπου δεν χάνει ευκαιρία να εμφανίζεται ως παραστρατιωτική συμμορία και να βρυχάται για το «αίμα και την τιμή» όλων αυτών που για να γλυτώσουν την καταδίκη τους ως συνεργάτες της κομαντατούρ πρωτοστάτησαν στον εμφύλιο σπαραγμό του ελληνικού λαού;

Ταυτόχρονα, διαρρέει ότι έχει κι άλλα βιντεάκια που εκθέτουν την ηγεσία της ΝΔ, αλλά θα τα κρατήσει για να τα διαπραγματευθεί η συμμορία του, συγνώμη το κόμμα του, καθώς βρίσκονται κατηγορούμενοι. Αυτό δήλωσε ευθαρσώς ο Κασιδιάρης στην εκπομπή του Τράγκα.

Τι μας λένε, λοιπόν, οι στυλοβάτες του πολιτεύματος και του συντάγματος; Ότι το όλο ζήτημα γι’ αυτούς είναι η υπόγεια, στα παρασκήνια και στα κρυφά, διαπραγμάτευση με όλους αυτούς που έχουν καταγγείλει ως προδότες. Έτσι είναι. Όταν είσαι εγγυητής του πολιτεύματος και σε κλείνουν μέσα με άδικες – όπως ισχυρίζεσαι – κατηγορίες, τι κάνεις; Φροντίζεις να τους μιμηθείς προκειμένου να διαπραγματευθείς στα κρυφά για την πάρτη σου. Άσε με ήσυχο, γιατί θα βγάλω τα άπλυτά σου στον αέρα. Αυτό επιχειρεί σήμερα η συμμορία Κασιδιάρης και Σία.

Αλήθεια, έτσι κάνουν οι αληθινοί πατριώτες; Έτσι κάνουν όσοι θέλουν να ανατρέψουν τους προδότες και να αποκαταστήσουν το Σύνταγμα; Και βέβαια όχι. Αυτή η στάση είναι στάση συμμορίτη. Αυτά τα υπόγεια δούναι-λαβείν ταιριάζουν μόνο σε συμμορίτες, σε ομοϊδεάτες και ομογάλακτους που βρέθηκαν συγκυριακά αντίπαλοι, αλλά δεν τους χωρίζουν ζητήματα ουσίας, ζητήματα αρχής. Αν για την πάρτη τους σήμερα και υπό τον φόβο του ανακριτή, οι υποτιθέμενοι αθώοι της ΧΑ είναι τόσο επιρρεπείς σε υπόγειες διαπραγματεύσεις με τους δωσίλογους, σκεφτείτε μόνο τι είναι ικανοί να δεχθούν προκειμένου να γλυτώσουν.

Από κοντά, σαν τυπικός ακροδεξιός κολαούζος, εμφανίστηκε κι ο Καρατζαφέρης. Θυμάστε ποιος είναι; Ο θιασώτης του Λουκά Παπαδήμου. Εμφανίστηκε για να εισπράξει κι αυτός μερίδιο από τον φασιστικό βόρβορο που ξεχύνεται ανεξέλεγκτα στα ΜΜΕ. Μόνο εμετό προκαλούν οι τοποθετήσεις όλων τους.

Η υπόγεια διαπραγμάτευση ανάμεσα στην φασιστική ακροδεξιά ομάδα του Σαμαρά με τους ομόλογούς της στην ΧΑ, απ’ ότι φαίνεται βρίσκεται ήδη στα σκαριά. Κι εμείς είμαστε καταδικασμένοι από τα ΜΜΕ να είμαστε μάρτυρες αυτού εμετικού φασιστικού σκηνικού, αυτού του βόρβορου με αποκαλύψεις και ιστορίες που απευθύνονται στα πιο χαμηλά και ταπεινά ένστικτα της κοινωνίας. Θέλουν να μας κάνουν ίδιους μ’ αυτούς. Να υιοθετήσουμε την ηθική τους και να μας βάλουν να επιλέξουμε ποιον ακροδεξιό υπόκοσμο της πολιτικής προτιμούμε, του μνημονίου και του κ. Σαμαρά, ή του αντιμνημονίου και της ΧΑ;
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Γιατί πρέπει να ψηφίσουμε ΕΠΑΜ;

Λογότυπο ΕΠΑΜ

Το Ενιαίο Παλλαϊκό Μέτωπο δίνει την μάχη των ευρωεκλογών. Θεωρεί ότι αυτή η πολιτική μάχη μπορεί να αποτελέσει την απαρχή για μια ριζική ανατροπή του καθεστώτος κατοχής. Γιατί; Διότι υπάρχουν όλες οι προϋποθέσεις να συντριβεί ολοκληρωτικά η κυβερνώσα παράταξη μαζί με όλες τις πολιτικές της εφεδρείες.

Να δεχτούν όλοι τους ένα τόσο καθοριστικό πλήγμα ώστε να μην μπορούν πλέον να ανακάμψουν πολιτικά και κοινωνικά. Ούτε καν εκλογικά. Να οδηγηθούν στην διάλυση όλες οι πολιτικές δυνάμεις που συνέβαλαν στην επιβολή των μνημονίων και των δανειακών συμβάσεων, οι οποίες μετέτρεψαν την χώρα σε οικόπεδο υπό πώληση και τον λαό της σε παρείσακτο στον ίδιο τον τόπο του.

Μπορούμε να τους τσακίσουμε

Πρέπει να εισπράξουν τέτοια εκλογικά αποτελέσματα που θα τους απονομιμοποιήσουν τόσο πολύ ώστε να μην έχει κανένα έρεισμα η διακυβέρνησή τους. Να κριθούν όλες οι υπογραφές τους και οι δεσμεύσεις που έχουν αναλάβει σε βάρος του ελληνικού λαού ως ανυπόστατες. Ποιος θα τολμήσει να πει ότι ισχύουν οι υπογραφές μιας κυβέρνησης, της οποίας τα κόμματα θα εισπράξουν μονοψήφια ποσοστά; Ποιος θα τολμήσει να πει ότι μπορεί να συνεχίσει να κυβερνά ένας τέτοιος συνασπισμός κομμάτων;

Κι αυτό ήδη συμβαίνει. Μην κοιτάτε τις πληρωμένες δημοσκοπήσεις που δημοσιοποιούνται από τα κανάλια για να υπηρετήσουν το σκηνικό ενός τεχνητού διπολισμού. Η ΝΔ υστερεί ήδη 10-15 ποσοστιαίες μονάδες έναντι του ΣΥΡΙΖΑ και συνεχίζει να καταρρέει, ενώ το ΠΑΣΟΚ κινείται σε επίπεδα ασημαντότητας. Το ίδιο και η ΔΗΜΑΡ, ενώ το Ποτάμι στις δημοσκοπήσεις που εμφανίζουν στα κανάλια πιάνει 9-10%, ενώ στις κρυφές δεν υπερβαίνει το 1,5%. Μέχρι τις εκλογές η ΝΔ είναι σίγουρο ότι θα πέσει σε ποσοστά τέτοια που δεν θα της επιτρέψουν να ανακάμψει ποτέ ξανά. Το ίδιο και ολόκληρη η πολιτική συνομοταξία της.

Να το πρώτο αποφασιστικό βήμα απονομιμοποίησης όλων αυτών που επιβάλλονται τόσο από την τωρινή συγκυβέρνηση, όσο και από όλες τις κυβερνήσεις των μνημονίων. Να το πρώτο αποφασιστικό βήμα για να γλυτώσουμε όλοι μας από το φορολυντσάρισμα, από τις ληστρικές επιδρομές των τραπεζών, από την δουλοπρεπή εργασία, την καταστροφική αναδουλειά, τα δάνεια, τα χρέη, την αναγκαστική μετανάστευση.

Το πρώτο αποφασιστικό βήμα! Να γιατί πρέπει να πας ψηφίσεις. Μην ακούς τους ηλίθιους, τους βαλτούς και τους πεθαμένους που μιλάνε για αποχή. Πρέπει να πας να ψηφίσεις για να τελειώσουμε μια και καλή με όλους τους το ταχύτερο δυνατό. Στην δική σου αποχή βασίζουν τις ελάχιστες ελπίδες τους να μην φανεί η ολοκληρωτική συντριβή τους κι έτσι να συνεχίσουν να κυβερνούν μέχρι να τα δώσουν όλα στους ξένους τοκογλύφους. Μην τους το επιτρέψεις. Μην επιτρέψεις να χρησιμοποιήσουν την δική σου αποχή ως επιχείρημα για την δική τους διακυβέρνηση.

Ξέχνα τις τοπικές εκλογές. Δεν είναι το κυρίως ζητούμενο τώρα. Αν σου κοστίζει να πας να ψηφίσεις δυο φορές, τότε πήγαινε μόνο στις ευρωεκλογές. Εκεί είναι η κύρια πολιτική μάχη. Εκεί κρίνεται το παρόν και μέλλον της χώρας και το δικό σου. Πρέπει να κερδίσουμε την πατρίδα μας. Να την πάρουμε από τους τοκογλύφους. Κι ύστερα θα ανοικοδομήσουμε ολόκληρη την χώρα μαζί και την τοπική αυτοδιοίκηση με όρους αυθεντικής δημοκρατίας με τον λαό στα κέντρα των αποφάσεων από το τοπικό ως το κεντρικό επίπεδο. Αρκεί πρώτα να σώσουμε τους εαυτούς μας και την Ελλάδα από την διαδικασία εκποίησης και διάλυσης που έχει πάρει πρωτοφανείς διαστάσεις.

Τα εκλογικά αποτελέσματα δεν θα δώσουν την λύση που χρειαζόμαστε, αλλά μπορούν να αποτυπώσουν μια μεγάλη ανατροπή στον τρόπο που σκέφτεται και εκφράζεται ο λαός. Μπορούν να δώσουν θάρρος και να αναπτερώσουν το ηθικό των πλατύτερων λαϊκών στρωμάτων που νιώθουν σήμερα εγκλωβισμένα και ανίκανα να τα βάλουν με το καθεστώς. Να διδάξουν άμεσα και πρακτικά στον απλό κόσμο, στα εκατομμύρια των εξαπατημένων και καταπιεσμένων Ελλήνων, ότι αυτοί που κυβερνούν και οι ξένοι εντολοδόχοι τους δεν είναι ανίκητοι. Μπορούν να τσακιστούν στο ίδιο το παιχνίδι τους. Μπορούν να συντριβούν πολιτικά και εκλογικά, παρά τα τεράστια μέσα χειραγώγησης της κοινής γνώμης που διαθέτουν.

Με το ΕΠΑΜ για το επόμενο αποφασιστικό βήμα

Και τότε ο λαός θα είναι έτοιμος για το επόμενο αποφασιστικό βήμα. Το ΕΠΑΜ μιλά στην κοινή λογική του απλού κόσμου. Είναι το μόνο που απευθύνεται στην λογική και στην κοινωνική του εμπειρία. Είναι το μόνο που έχει προτείνει συγκεκριμένα πράγματα και δεν φοβάται να αναμετρηθεί με επιχειρήματα. Δεν μιλά με συνθήματα, αλλά τεκμηριώνει τον τρόπο, το «πώς» συγκεκριμένα μπορούμε να ξεφύγουμε από την κόλαση διαγράφοντας το χρέος με βάση τους κανόνες του διεθνούς δικαίου και τα απαράγραπτα δικαιώματα του ελληνικού λαού, ανοικοδομώντας την Ελλάδα με όρους δημοκρατίας και εθνικής κυριαρχίας χωρίς να φορτώνεται χρέη το κράτος και το νοικοκυριό χάρις στο εθνικό κρατικό νόμισμα. Ποιος άλλος το κάνει; Κανείς.

Το ΕΠΑΜ διεκδικεί την τιμωρία των ενόχων, την λογοδοσία των ενεχόντων σε πράξεις εσχάτης προδοσίας εναντίον του λαού και της πατρίδας, όχι για να πάρει εκδίκηση, αλλά για να πετύχει την κατάλυση της συνέχειας αυτού του διεφθαρμένου, διαβρωμένου και απόλυτα εχθρικού προς τους Έλληνες πολίτες, κράτους. Πρέπει επιτέλους να αποβάλουμε μια για πάντα από την πατρίδα μας την βαριά κληρονομιά του εμφυλίου, του δεσποτισμού, του διχασμού και της διχόνοιας που χωρίζει τον λαό σε παρατάξεις δεξιάς και αριστεράς έτοιμες να αλληλοσπαραχθούν.

Το ΕΠΑΜ συμβολίζει και συνιστά στην πράξη την εθνική πατριωτική και δημοκρατική ενότητα του λαού. Είναι η μόνη πολιτική δύναμη που ενώνει δεξιούς και αριστερούς για την πατρίδα και την δημοκρατία. Χωρίς να ζητά συγχωροχάρτια από κανέναν. Χωρίς να ζητά πιστοποιητικά κοινωνικών φρονημάτων.

Αντιπροσωπεύει την χαμένη λαϊκή ενότητα και επομένως την πολιτική συνέχεια του έθνους από την σκοπιά του λαού, που καμιά άλλη πολιτική δύναμη δεν μπορεί να υπηρετήσει. Είναι ο ιστορικός απόηχος της κραυγής του Μακρυγιάννη ενάντια στην διχόνοια που φύτεψαν στο λαό μας οι Ευρωπαίοι και οι ντόπιοι εξαγορασμένοι πολιτικοί για να τον καθυποτάξουν πριν καν ελευθερωθεί από τον Οθωμανικό ζυγό. Είναι η συνέχεια των επιταγών του Ρήγα, που όπως έλεγε μέσα στην ναζιστική κατοχή ένας από τους νεότερους δασκάλους του γένους, ο Δημήτρης Γληνός, ποτέ δεν έπαψε να συγκλονίζει κάθε γνήσιο πατριώτη μέχρι τις μέρες μας.

Το ΕΠΑΜ δεν κατεβαίνει στις εκλογές για να πάρει απλά ένα καλό ποσοστό. Κατεβαίνει για να αποτυπώσει τη δυναμική μιας άλλης Ελλάδας. Όχι της Ελλάδας της μιζέριας, της υποτέλειας, της κακομοιριάς, της αποβλάκωσης και της δουλοπρέπειας. Κατεβαίνει για να δείξει ότι υπάρχουν σκεπτόμενοι Έλληνες που δεν το βάζουν κάτω. Δεν άγονται και φέρονται από την μαζική εικόνα που επιβάλλουν τα μέσα αποβλάκωσης και χειραγώγησης. Κι αυτοί οι Έλληνες είναι αρκετοί ώστε να επιβάλουν το ΕΠΑΜ σε ρυθμιστή της πολιτικής κατάστασης μετά τις εκλογές.

Το ΕΠΑΜ ρυθμιστής των πολιτικών εξελίξεων

Αυτός είναι ο πολιτικός στόχος του ΕΠΑΜ. Να αναδειχθεί σε ρυθμιστή των πολιτικών εξελίξεων, για να εγγυηθεί με την συνέπεια και την οργάνωση που το διακρίνει, την ταχύτερη δυνατή μετάβαση σε μια νέα Ελλάδα. Να εγγυηθεί ως η πλέον οργανωμένη δύναμη του τόπου, την ομαλή μετάβαση του λαού και της πατρίδας στη νέα κατάσταση απέναντι σε κάθε απειλή χάους, ή εμφυλίου. Το ΕΠΑΜ δεν οργανώθηκε, ούτε συνεχίζει να οργανώνεται μέσα στον λαό ως εκλογικός μηχανισμός όπως συμβαίνει με όλα τα άλλα πολιτικά κόμματα. Οργανώνει μαζικά μαχητές, αγωνιστές από τον ίδιο τον λαό, ώστε να εξασφαλίσει την ομαλή διέξοδο από το σημερινό αδιέξοδο.

Φανταστείτε το λίγο. Με το ΕΠΑΜ ρυθμιστή των πολιτικών εξελίξεων, δεν υπάρχει καμιά πιθανότητα να συνεχίσει η χώρα να βουλιάζει στη σημερινή ελεγχόμενη χρεοκοπία, ή να παραδοθεί εκ νέου στις ορέξεις των ξένων τοκογλύφων.

Και μόνο η ορμητική εμφάνιση του ΕΠΑΜ στο πολιτικό προσκήνιο θα προκαλέσει συθέμελους τριγμούς στα ίδια τα αφεντικά της τρόικας. Θα αντιληφθούν πλέον ότι δεν μπορούν να παίζουν με τον ελληνικό λαό, ή να τον θεωρούν δεδομένο. Η τρομοκρατία τους ότι δήθεν θα καταστραφούμε μόλις βγούμε από το ευρώ και η οποία οδήγησε τον ελληνικό λαό σε μαζική σφαγή, δεν θα έχει αντίκρισμα πια. Ο πολιτικός διάλογος επιτέλους θα αποκτήσει νόημα και περιεχόμενο με βασικό κριτήριο τα δικαιώματα και τα συμφέροντα του ελληνικού λαού.

Η απειλή για μονομερή διαγραφή του χρέους με βάση τους κανόνες του διεθνούς δικαίου και τα δικαιώματα του ελληνικού λαού, αλλά και η άμεση έξοδος από το ευρώ, θα είναι καθ’ όλα πραγματική, ενώ θα λειτουργήσει καταλυτικά και στις ίδιες τις εξελίξεις της ΕΕ. Ποιος θα τολμήσει να αμφισβητήσει ότι ο ελληνικός λαός δεν χωρατεύει;

Με το ΕΠΑΜ στην ευρωβουλή θα σπάσει η μονοκρατορία των δεξιών και αριστερών οπαδών της ευρωπαϊκής αποικιοκρατίας, δηλαδή του ευρωπαϊσμού. Το ΕΠΑΜ δεν είναι μια δύναμη ευρωσκεπτικισμού, σαν αυτές που είναι στη μόδα και συχνά κρύβουν φασιστικά ακροδεξιά χαρακτηριστικά. Είναι μια βαθιά πατριωτική δημοκρατική δύναμη που θα παρεμβαίνει στα ευρωπαϊκά πράγματα με πρώτο και βασικό γνώμονα την ενίσχυση των αιτημάτων της εθνικής ανεξαρτησίας, της λαϊκής κυριαρχίας και της κοινωνικής χειραφέτησης.

Να γιατί το ΕΠΑΜ δεν πρόκειται να ενταχθεί σε καμιά από τις υπάρχουσες πολιτικές ομάδες του ευρωκοινοβουλίου, που έτσι ή αλλιώς έχουν φάει τα ψωμιά τους κι έχουν μετεξελιχθεί σε φερέφωνα της ευρωπαϊκής αποικιοκρατίας με δεξιά ή αριστερή προφορά. Θα πρωταγωνιστήσει μαζί με άλλα λαϊκά κινήματα βάσης από χώρες της ΕΕ στη δημιουργία μιας νέας πολιτικής ομάδας που θα προτάξει το αίτημα της εθνικής αυτοδιάθεσης κάθε κράτους μέλους, της αυτοτέλειας και κυριαρχίας κάθε λαού στην πατρίδα του.

Και να είστε όλοι σίγουροι ότι με την πρώτη εμφάνιση του ΕΠΑΜ στην ευρωβουλή, οι βουλευτές του Μετώπου θα ανταποδώσουν όπως πρέπει το «καλό κουράγιο» που με θράσος απηύθυνε ο Όλι Ρεν προς τον ελληνικό λαό στην αρχή των μνημονίων. Καλό κουράγιο, κύριοι των Βρυξελών, κύριοι του Βερολίνου και της Φρανκφούρτης, με το ΕΠΑΜ στην ευρωβουλή.
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Ας τελειώνουμε επιτέλους με τους νοσταλγούς του εμφυλίου…

Λογότυπο ΕΠΑΜ

Η ΧΑ παλεύει με νύχια και με δόντια να διχάσει τους Έλληνες με όρους παλιού εμφυλίου. Δοξάζει το αιματοκύλισμα του εμφυλίου πολέμου και την επτάχρονη τυραννία της χούντας. Όπου υπάρχει μνημείο μίσους και διχασμού του ελληνικού λαού αποτίει φόρο τιμής. Απευθύνεται στα πιο σκοτεινά ένστικτα του ακροδεξιού που μας οδήγησαν πρώτα στον εμφύλιο με τα όπλα και την καθοδήγηση των αγγλοαμερικανών και ύστερα σε τρεις αιματοβαμένες δεκαετίες που κορυφώθηκαν με την χούντα.

Δεν αναφέρεται στον πατριώτη δεξιό, αλλά στον φατριαστή της ακροδεξιάς που μπλεγμένος με τον υπόκοσμο και το βαθύ κράτος, θέλει να μας γυρίσει στις πιο σκοτεινές και αιματοκυλισμένες περιόδους της ιστορίας μας. Χώρια που στις γραμμές της και μάλιστα στην ηγεσία της υπάρχουν σεσημασμένοι ναζί. Δεν το αρνούνται πια ούτε οι ίδιοι. Απλά δηλώνουν ότι όλοι τους δεν είναι ναζί. Μόνο μερικοί.

Αλήθεια, ποιος Έλληνας πατριώτης ανέχτηκε ποτέ τους ναζί; Ποτέ και κανένας. Μόνο συνεργάτες των παλιών ναζί διατήρησαν τη μνήμη και την ιδεολογία τους. Μόνο οι γόνοι των παλιών κουκουλοφόρων και των καταδοτών της κομαντατούρ αισθάνονται άνετα με τους ναζί. Και τώρα νομίζουν ότι έχουν την ευκαιρία να δικαιώσουν τα εγκλήματα των γονιών τους σε βάρος του ελληνικού λαού. Νομίζουν ότι έχει σβήσει η ιστορική μνήμη μαζί με την γενιά που τα έζησε στο πετσί της και όλοι υπόλοιποι εμείς ξεχάσαμε. Ιδίως η νέα γενιά. Νομίζουν ότι ξεχάσαμε τα ονόματα και τις οικογένειες των σφαγέων της κατοχής που ξεφτιλίζοντας την φουστανέλα με τον αγκυλωτό σταυρό, σκότωναν και βίαζαν αθώους κατά χιλιάδες. Νομίζουν ότι τώρα ήρθε η ώρα να δικαιώσουν το κατά μάνα και κατά κύρη.

Ακόμη κι αν η ΧΑ καπηλεύεται σωστά αιτήματα, από που κι ως που θα της δώσουμε συγχωροχάρτι; Άσε που επίσημα η ΧΑ δεν τολμά να μιλήσει για καταγγελία και μονομερή διαγραφή του χρέους, ούτε για έξοδο από το ευρώ και την ΕΕ με μετάβαση σε εθνικό νόμισμα όπου θα δημευθούν οι περιουσίες όλων των ολιγαρχών της πολιτικής και της οικονομίας που λεηλάτησαν αυτόν τον τόπο. Και προπαντός δεν τολμά να μιλήσει για δημοκρατία. Η πατριδοκαπηλία της και η αρχαιολατρία της αρχίζει και τελειώνει στην νοσταλγία των καθεστώτων της τυραννίας και του δεσποτισμού, έστω κι αν παρασύρουν τους ανόητους και τους αγράμματους με πλατωνικά ρητά.

Ο πραγματικός Έλληνας όμως γνωρίζει πολύ καλά ότι ο πολιτισμός που τον βαραίνει σαν ιστορική κληρονομιά έχει σαν κορυφαίο και μοναδικό επίτευγμα την δημοκρατία. Κι ο αληθινός πατριώτης ξέρει ότι χωρίς αυτήν, χωρίς τον αγώνα για την αληθινή δημοκρατία, πατρίδα και έθνος δεν μπορεί να υπάρξει. Τουλάχιστον δεν μπορεί να υπάρξει προς το συμφέρον του λαού.

Ας θυμηθούμε τι έκανε ο Χίλτερ. Δεν έταζε ότι θα διαγράψει μονομερώς τα χρέη των Γερμανών; Ότι θα πολεμήσει τους τραπεζίτες, που τελικά χρηματοδότησαν την έλευσή του στην εξουσία; Ότι θα δικάσει τους φαύλους, διεφθαρμένους και προδότες πολιτικούς, εκείνους δηλαδή που τελικά τον ανέβασαν στην εξουσία;

Μάλιστα ο αντικαπιταλιστικός λόγος των ναζί στη Γερμανία του μεσοπολέμου, πριν αναδειχθούν σε κόμμα εξουσίας, υπερέβαινε ακόμη και τον αντικαπιταλισμό των πιο θερμόαιμων οργανώσεων της αριστεράς. Γι’ αυτό και στην πρώτη περίοδο της Βαϊμάρης δεν ήταν λίγοι εκείνοι από την επαναστατική αριστερά που θεωρούσαν τους ναζί ως ένα αντικαπιταλιστικό κίνημα των μικροαστών με το οποίο κάτω από προϋποθέσεις θα μπορούσαν να συμμαχήσουν. Τα κρεματόρια και τα στρατόπεδα συγκέντρωσης τους άλλαξαν τελικά γνώμη, αν και ήταν αργά.

Αυτό τι σημαίνει; Θα πρέπει να πέσουμε στην ίδια παγίδα; Θα πρέπει να μπερδέψουμε τον φαιοπράσινο λύκο με την προβιά που φορά; Όσοι νομίζουν ότι θα σπρώξουν τον απλό ψηφοφόρο της ΝΔ που αυτοπροσδιορίζεται ως δεξιός στα δίχτυα της φασιστικής ακροδεξιάς για να αιματοκυλίσουν τον τόπο, πέφτουν έξω. Όποιος νομίζει ότι το όνειρο και η φιλοδοξία της μεγάλης πλειοψηφίας όσων αυτοπροσδιορίζονται ως δεξιοί είναι να σέρνονται πίσω από εκπροσώπους του υπόκοσμου σαν τον Μιχαλολιάκο, τον Κασιδιάρη και την παρέα τους. Ή ότι θέλει να ξαναδεί την πατρίδα του να διχάζεται και να οδηγείται στον εμφύλιο, έχει γελαστεί.

Νομίζετε ότι ο νοικοκύρης της λαϊκής δεξιάς σκοτώνεται στη δουλειά, πασχίζει να φροντίσει την οικογένειά του και να σπουδάσει τα παιδιά του για να έχουν ως πολιτικό πρότυπο τον κατιμά του κατιμά; Τύπους του κοινωνικού περιθωρίου που αν έβλεπες το παιδί σου μαζί τους θα σ’ έπιανε κόλπος; Αυτό νομίζετε ότι επιθυμεί;

Αυτό που θέλει να ξεμπερδεύει επιτέλους από τα κατάλοιπα του εμφυλίου. Και η ΧΑ δεν είναι παρά ένα κατάλοιπο του εμφυλίου, μια ανοιχτή πληγή που δεν έχει κλείσει. Είναι οι γόνοι των παλιών ταγματασφαλιτών και παρακρατικών που σήμερα έρχονται να πάρουν την ρεβάνς φορώντας αντιμνημονιακή προβιά. Αλλά οι κυνόδοντες και οι βρυχηθμοί δεν τους αφήνουν να κρυφτούν.

Ας τελειώνουμε επιτέλους με τα ακροδεξιά και αριστερά κατάλοιπα του εμφυλίου. Ας τελειώνουμε επιτέλους με όσους δοξάζουν το αλληλοσπαραγμό του ελληνικού λαού. Είτε δηλώνουν δεξιοί, είτε δηλώνουν αριστεροί. Ας οικοδομήσουμε την εθνική πατριωτική ενότητα του ίδιου του λαού, πάνω και πέρα από διαχωρισμούς αριστεράς και δεξιάς. Κι ας μην επιτρέψουμε στους νοσταλγούς του εμφυλίου, τόσο της ακροδεξιάς, όσο και της αριστεράς, να επαναλάβουν τα ίδια στην χώρα μας.
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Tio tecken på din avprogrammering


Råttfångaren från Hemlin personifierar dem som sprider elitens “version” av verkligheten


Du lever i en värld som till stor del bygger på illusioner. Dagligen bombarderas du med allehanda information varav det mesta endast är stressande och manipulerande. Följande tio punkter indikerar att din avprogrammering är igång.

1. Du blir allergisk mot reklam och all påtvingad påverkan. Kort sagt, du slutar titta på reklam, vägrar lyssna på reklamradio och har självfallet en ”Nej tack till reklam”-skylt på brevlådan.

2. Du slutar köpa dags- och kvällstidningar eftersom det knappt går att skilja på dem och ”Se och hör” och du läser hellre alternativa nyheter via nätet.

3. Du börjar forska på historia och inser att större delen av den officiella historiebeskrivningen är medvetet censurerad eller manipulerad.

4. Du ser mindre och mindre på TV eftersom du inser att den är elitens främsta redskap för hjärntvätt och programmen är så usla att din fjärrkontroll lämnar in en stämningsansökan mot dig.

5. Du inser att politiker ljuger eftersom deras läppar rör sig.

6. Du går ur svenska kyrkan då det blir omöjligt för dig att bekänna dig till någon religion eftersom du inser att de alla är uppfinningar av eliten för att hjärntvätta och kontrollera folk.

7. Du inser det absurda i att en liten elit ska tvinga människor att jobba när det borde vara självklart att alla som föds till jorden ska vara berättigade existensminimum utan en motprestation.

8. Du slutar rösta då du inser att valen är en del i en charad uppspelad av den elit som läpper fram poltiker vilka är knähundar som villigt lyder när husse delar ut order.

9. Du får allt svårare att engagera dig i ytliga diskussioner.

10. Du inser att t.o.m flera av dina intelligentaste vänner är effektivt dresserade att köpa den officiella versionen av ”verkligheten.” Sedan börjar du prioritera kvalitet framför kvantitet varpå du får ett mindre men mycket rikare umgängesliv.




Μια πολύ επικίνδυνη εξοικείωση με την αυθαιρεσία

Λογότυπο ΕΠΑΜ

Το προηγούμενο Σαββατοκύριακο είδαμε για πολλοστή φορά να επαναλαμβάνεται το ίδιο σκηνικό. Ένα πολυνομοσχέδιο με την διαδικασία του κατεπείγοντος να ψηφίζεται χωρίς καν οι βουλευτές να προλάβουν να το δουν, ή να το επεξεργαστούν. Στην ουσία τόσο οι βουλευτές συμπολίτευσης και αντιπολίτευσης, όσο και όλοι μας διαπιστώνουμε τι ακριβώς ψήφισε η βουλή το βράδυ της Κυριακής, τώρα που δημοσιεύτηκε ολοκληρωμένο το κείμενο του πολυνομοσχεδίου. Αφού πρώτα ψηφίστηκε στα τυφλά.

Μπορούμε όλη αυτή την διαδικασία να την αποκαλέσουμε κοινοβουλευτισμό; Έστω και κοινοβουλευτισμό της μεταπολίτευσης; Πάντως δημοκρατία δεν είναι ούτε καν με γνώμονα τον τύπο.

Η κατάλυση κάθε έννοιας κοινοβουλευτισμού

Για τα περιεχόμενα του πολυνομοσχεδίου θα μιλάμε για μέρες, καθώς ανακαλύπτουμε στις διατάξεις του σκανδαλώδεις ρυθμίσεις. Αυτό που εμένα προσωπικά με βγάζει εκτός εαυτού είναι ο τρόπος με τον οποίο το πολιτικό σύστημα αντιμετωπίζει αυτό το καθεστώς κυβερνητικής αυθαιρεσίας που έχει θεσμοθετηθεί από την εποχή του πρώτου μνημονίου μέχρι σήμερα. Προκειμένου να εξυπηρετηθούν οι απαιτήσεις των δανειστών δεν τηρούνται ούτε καν οι κοινοβουλευτικές προφάσεις.

Πολυνομοσχέδια σαν το πρόσφατο με την διαδικασία του κατεπείγοντος έρχονται στην βουλή κατευθείαν από την νομοπαρασκευαστική επιτροπή των ξένων επιτρόπων που έχουν εγκαταστήσει μόνιμα οι δανειστές και η ΕΕ σ’ ολόκληρο το κράτος. Δεν είναι μόνο οι βουλευτές που δεν προλαβαίνουν καν να τα διαβάσουν, προσωπικά αμφιβάλω αν ο εκτελών χρέη πρωθυπουργού της δωσίλογης κυβέρνησης, οι υπουργοί και οι συνεταίροι του έχουν γνώση του συγκεκριμένου σχεδίου. Μάλλον κι αυτοί το βλέπουν για πρώτη φορά καθώς οι ξένοι επίτροποι τους το δίνουν για ψήφιση. Αυτό δείχνει κι ο συλλαβισμός του φερόμενου ως υπουργού οικονομικών Στουρνάρα καθώς διάβαζε τις δεκάδες απανωτές τροπολογίες που του έδιναν για να εισάγει στο υπό ψήφιση πολυνομοσχέδιο στο «παρά πέντε» της ψήφισής του.

Και η αντιπολίτευση. Τον γνωστό της χαβά. Καταγγελίες για συνταγματικό πραξικόπημα, για κατάλυση του κοινοβουλίου, κοκ, αλλά από πράξεις τίποτε απολύτως. Με εξαίρεση βέβαια την κ. Παπαρήγα που φρόντισε για άλλη μια φορά να αθωώσει την όλη διαδικασία αυθαιρεσίας με το γνωστό «αυτός είναι ο καπιταλισμός». Έφθασε μάλιστα στο σημείο να συνηγορήσει υπέρ της κυβέρνησης όταν η αξιωματική αντιπολίτευση κατέθεσε πρόταση μομφής.

Η αξιωματική αντιπολίτευση με την σειρά της επιχείρησε έναν κοινοβουλευτικό ελιγμό της τελευταίας στιγμής, την πρόταση μομφής, για να αποκαλυφθεί για μια ακόμη φορά ότι το παρών κοινοβούλιο τελεί υπό κυβερνητική χούντα προς το συμφέρον των δανειστών. Ήταν αδιανόητο για τους κομματάρχες του δωσιλογισμού να παραταθεί έστω και λίγες ημέρες η συζήτηση του πολυνομοσχεδίου, γιατί πολύ απλά είχαν αναλάβει ρητές δεσμεύσεις έναντι των δανειστών και της ΕΕ να έχει ψηφιστεί πριν το Eurogroup της 1ης Απριλίου.

Ο φαιά απόχρωση της κυβερνώσας συμμορίας

Και φυσικά κατά την διάρκεια της, ας την πούμε, κοινοβουλευτικής διαδικασίας οι κυβερνητικοί εταίροι έδειξαν ότι είναι ικανοί για όλα. Ο φασίζων ακροδεξιός λόγος που άρθρωσαν όλοι τους ήταν χαρακτηριστικός. Ακόμη και ο Μεϊμαράκης δεν άντεξε και έδειξε το αληθινό του πρόσωπο, το πρόσωπο του τραμπούκου. Σε μια αποστροφή του λόγου του, που είχε το θράσος να θεωρήσει ότι η μομφή της αξιωματικής αντιπολίτευσης εναντίον του συνιστά «πλήγμα» στον «πολιτικό πολιτισμό» και τον «θεσμό του Προέδρου της Βουλής», είπε στον κ. Λαφαζάνη: «Προσπαθείτε να με κάνετε κομματάρχη και να σας μιλήσω σαν Νεοδημοκράτης. Σας μιλώ λοιπόν ως Νεοδημοκράτης: ναι το πεζοδρόμιο δεν θα το επιτρέψουμε να κάνει κουμάντο στην Αθήνα. Για να συνεννοούμεθα!»

Βέβαια, ο κ. Μεϊμαράκης, γνήσιο τέκνο ο ίδιος του πεζοδρομίου των παρακρατικών οργανώσεων που συντήρησε για δεκαετίες η ΝΔ, επικεφαλής των Ρέϊντζερς και των Κενταύρων από τα σπλάχνα των οποίων την δεκαετία του ’80 γεννήθηκε η ΧΑ του Μιχαλολιάκου, αναφέρεται στις έντονες διαμαρτυρίες που υπήρξαν εναντία στις πραξικοπηματικές πρακτικές που μετέτρεψαν και τυπικά το κοινοβούλιο σε άλλοθι της χούντας και της κατοχής που βιώνει η χώρα και ο λαός της.

Την τελευταία φορά που είχαμε τους κομματάρχες που έλεγχαν το κοινοβούλιο και το είχαν μετατρέψει σαν τα μούτρα τους, να καταφέρονται με τον όρο «πεζοδρόμιο» εναντίον όσων διαμαρτύρονταν έντονα εναντία σε τέτοιες πρακτικές, ήταν την εποχή των Ιουλιανών το δεύτερο μισό της δεκαετίες του 1960, λίγο πριν την επιβολή της επτάχρονης χούντας. Από ποιους; Από τους ομογάλακτους και ομοϊδεάτες του κ. Μεϊμαράκη την εποχή εκείνη. Και πάντα κατ’ επιταγή και προς το συμφέρον ξένων δυνάμεων.

Ο πολιτικός μιθριδατισμός της αντιπολίτευσης

Όμως το τραγικό δεν είναι αυτό. Το τραγικό είναι ότι η αντιπολίτευση σύσσωμη, με πρώτη την αξιωματική, συμπεριφέρεται λες και είναι φυσιολογικά όλα αυτά. Είναι φυσιολογικά τα συνταγματικά πραξικοπήματα, η κατάλυση κάθε έννοιας κοινοβουλευτικής διαδικασίας, η επιβολή νόμων από ξένους επιτρόπους και υπό καθεστώς εκβιασμών από τους ξένους δανειστές. Λες και είναι μεμονωμένες περιπτώσεις. Μόνο που αυτές οι μεμονωμένες περιπτώσεις έχουν ξεπεράσει τις 420 από την εποχή του πρώτου μνημονίου με την χώρα να τελεί υπό κατοχή των δανειστών και της ΕΕ.

Υπάρχει κατάλυση της συνταγματικής έννομης τάξης εδώ και τρία χρόνια; Ναι ή όχι; Υπάρχει έστω και μία πράξη των κυβερνήσεων που επιβάλλουν τα μνημόνια και τις δανειακές συμβάσεις από τον Μάιο του 2010 που να είναι σύννομη και να υπηρετεί τα βασικά, τα θεμελιώδη δικαιώματα του ελληνικού λαού, που υφίστανται ακόμη και στο Σύνταγμα του 1975; Ούτε μία. Τότε γιατί η αξιωματική αντιπολίτευση, αλλά και η υπόλοιπη, δεν αναδεικνύει ως κορυφαίο ζήτημα το γεγονός αυτό; Δηλαδή την πραξικοπηματική κατάλυση της συνταγματικής έννομης τάξης από το πρώτο μνημόνιο και την δανειακή σύμβαση. Ένα πραξικόπημα που συνεχίζεται αδιαλείπτως έως σήμερα, σύμπτωμα του οποίου είναι κι αυτό που συνέβη το προηγούμενο Σαββατοκύριακο με το πολυνομοσχέδιο.

Γιατί δεν θέτει ανοιχτά και ξάστερα την ολοκληρωτική κατάλυση της εθνικής κυριαρχίας προς το συμφέρον των ξένων δανειστών; Ή μήπως δεν είναι έτσι; Πώς είναι δυνατόν δημοκράτης – για να μην πούμε αριστερός, μιας και η αριστερά έχει πάρει διαζύγιο εδώ και πολλά χρόνια από την δημοκρατία – μπορεί να ανέχεται την κατάλυση κάθε έννοιας έννομης τάξης προκειμένου να εγκαθιδρυθεί ένα καθεστώς κατοχής υπέρ των ξένων δανειστών και της ΕΕ;

Ή μήπως δεν βιώνουμε καθεστώς κατοχής, όπως ισχυρίζονται δωσίλογοι και περιώνυμοι αριστεροί από κοινού; Κατοχή είναι η άσκηση φυσικής εξουσίας πάνω σε μια χώρα και σ’ έναν λαό. Η κατοχή ασκείται πάντα με όρους πολιτικής εξουσίας, αλλά ενίοτε υποστηρίζεται είτε με οικονομικά, είτε με στρατιωτικά μέσα. Ασκείται όντως από ξένα κέντρα και δυνάμεις φυσική εξουσία πάνω στην χώρα και τον λαό μας; Μόνο τυφλός ή πανίβλαξ μπορεί να απαντήσει αρνητικά. Δεν υπάρχει τομέας του ευρύτερου δημόσιου τομέα όπου να μην έχει εγκατασταθεί ξένος επίτροπος, ο οποίος προετοιμάζει και εγκρίνει τις πράξεις της κυβέρνησης. Από τα νομοσχέδια και τα πολυνομοσχέδια σαν αυτό του προηγούμενου Σαββατοκύριακου, έως τις τρέχουσες πράξεις της διοίκησης.

Όποιος περιμένει να δει πρώτα ξένα στρατεύματα για να διαπιστώσει κατόπιν την κατοχή, τότε είναι εξίσου επικίνδυνος με εκείνους που μεθοδεύουν και υπηρετούν το καθεστώς της κατοχής. Αν και οφείλουμε να πούμε πώς ακόμη και τότε, αυτοί που σήμερα αρνούνται να δουν το καθεστώς κατοχής, είναι απολύτως σίγουρο ότι κάποια δικαιολογία θα βρουν. Θα σου πετάξουν ότι έτσι είναι η «παγκοσμιοποίηση», ή ότι έτσι είναι ο καπιταλισμός και θα συνεχίσουν την ίδια απόλυτα ενδοτική και δωσίλογη τακτική τους.

Πώς εννοεί την δημοκρατία η αντιπολίτευση;

Ωστόσο, τι νόημα έχει να μιλά κάποιος για δημοκρατία, ή έστω για διαφορετικές πολιτικές υπέρ του λαού, όταν δεν θέτει ως πρώτο και κορυφαίο ζήτημα την ανατροπή του καθεστώτος κατοχής; Πώς σκέφτεται να εξασφαλίσει τα δικαιώματα του λαού και των εργαζομένων, όταν αδιαφορεί για το πραξικόπημα που έχει ήδη συντελεστεί; Πώς σκέφτεται να υπερασπιστεί την κυριαρχία του ίδιου του λαού και της χώρας όταν αδιαφορεί για την άνευ όρων και αμετάκλητη απεμπόληση της ασυλίας του ελληνικού κράτους έναντι των δανειστών του, που συνιστά έναν από τους ακρογωνιαίους λίθους του σημερινού καθεστώτος κατοχής;

Όλα αυτά δεν τα συζητά, ούτε τα αναδεικνύει ως κορυφαία ζητήματα δημοκρατίας κανένα από τα κόμματα της αντιπολίτευσης. Έχουν αποδεχτεί τους όρους εικονικού κοινοβουλευτισμού που παρέχει – και για όσο τους παρέχει – το καθεστώς κατοχής. Λειτουργούν στο προσκήνιο μιας εικονικής πολιτικής πραγματικότητας, που πίσω της κρύβεται η χειρότερη αποικιακή κατοχή που έχει υποστεί ποτέ η Ελλάδα σ’ ολόκληρη την ιστορία της. Το καθεστώς κυβερνητικής αυθαιρεσίας και παρανομίας το αντιμετωπίζουν ως ένα συνηθισμένο συμβάν του κοινοβουλευτισμού της μεταπολίτευσης, χωρίς τίποτε το ιδιαίτερο.

Ο ίδιος ο Τσίπρας επισκεπτόμενος το Συμβούλιο της Επικρατείας πριν κάμποσες εβδομάδες είχε δηλώσει ότι σε «έκτακτες περιστάσεις» μπορεί να χρειάζεται η «έστω μερική παραβίαση του συντάγματος». Άντε τώρα ένας τέτοιος πολιτικός να συναισθανθεί το τι σημαίνει δημοκρατία και πώς την διεκδικείς ειδικά υπό καθεστώς πραξικοπήματος. Άντε τώρα να σου εγγυηθεί τα συνταγματικά κατοχυρωμένα δικαιώματα του λαού και των εργαζομένων.

Η ανάγκη δίωξης για εσχάτη προδοσία

Αν οι δυνάμεις της αντιμνημονιακής αντιπολίτευσης δεν αποδέχονταν την εικονική πολιτική πραγματικότητα που έχουν επιβάλλει οι δωσίλογοι και οι ξένοι εντολοδόχοι τους, θα έθεταν ως κορυφαίο ζήτημα την αποκατάσταση της έννομης τάξης της χώρας με βάση τα συμφέροντα και αναφαίρετα δικαιώματα του ελληνικού λαού. Το θέτουν; Ούτε κατά διάνοια. Διότι αν το έθεταν θα έπρεπε να διεκδικούσαν την αποκατάσταση της έννομης τάξης κατά το σύνταγμα καθίζοντας στο σκαμνί όλους όσοι υποστήριξαν, ψήφισαν και νομολόγησαν υπέρ του καθεστώτος κατοχής με βάση το άρθρο 120, παράγραφος 3, το οποίο αναφέρεται στον «σφετερισμό της λαϊκής κυριαρχίας», δηλαδή στον σφετερισμό της λαϊκής ψήφου από τους κυβερνώντες με σκοπό να επιφέρουν βλάβη στα πιο ζωτικά συμφέροντα και δικαιώματα του ίδιου του λαού και της χώρας. Όπως επίσης και με βάση το άρθρο 134 του ισχύοντος Ποινικού Κώδικα περί εσχάτης προδοσίας, ιδίως της παραγράφου 2 όπου αναφέρεται ότι διαπράττει εσχάτη προδοσία όποιος: α) επιχειρεί με βία ή απειλή βίας ή με σφετερισμό της ιδιότητάς του ως οργάνου του Κράτους να καταλύσει ή να αλλοιώσει ή να καταστήσει ανενεργό, διαρκώς ή προσκαίρως, το δημοκρατικό πολίτευμα που στηρίζεται στη λαϊκή κυριαρχία ή θεμελιώδεις αρχές ή θεσμούς του πολιτεύματος αυτού. β) επιχειρεί με τα μέσα που αναφέρονται στο προηγούμενο εδάφιο και με τρόπο πρόσφορο να διαπράξει την ομαλή λειτουργία του πολιτεύματος, να αποστερήσει ή να παρακωλύσει τη Βουλή, την Κυβέρνηση ή τον Πρωθυπουργό από την ενάσκηση της εξουσίας που τους παρέχει το Σύνταγμα ή να τους εξαναγκάσει να εκτελέσουν ή να παραλείψουν πράξεις που απορρέουν από την εξουσία αυτή. γ) ασκεί ή άσκησε την εξουσία που ο ίδιος ή άλλος κατέλαβε με τους τρόπους και με τα μέσα που προβλέπει το άρθρο αυτό.

Δεν υπάρχει πράξη των κυβερνήσεων που αποδέχτηκαν τα μνημόνια και τις δανειακές συμβάσεις υπέρ των ξένων δανειστών, που να μην εντάσσεται σε κάποια από τις τρεις προβλέψεις του συγκεκριμένου άρθρου του Ποινικού Κώδικα. Πρόκειται για εξόφθαλμη εσχάτη προδοσία. Το γεγονός ότι οι πλειοψηφίες του Συμβουλίου της Επικρατείας και του Αρείου Πάγου έχουν βρει σύννομες και συνταγματικές αυτές τις πράξεις, απλά δείχνουν την συνεργία της κορυφής της Δικαιοσύνης στην διάπραξη εσχάτης προδοσίας. Κι επομένως όσοι ανώτατοι δικαστές συνέργησαν στην νομιμοποίηση των κυβερνητικών πράξεων εσχάτης προδοσίας πρέπει να λογοδοτήσουν επίσης για εσχάτη προδοσία.

Οι κυβερνώντες και όσοι συνέργησαν στην διάπραξη εσχάτης προδοσίας και σφετερισμού οφείλουν να λογοδοτήσουν με τον ίδιο τρόπο που κάθισαν στο εδώλιο του κατηγορούμενου οι πρωταίτιοι της επταετούς χούντας. Στην καταδίκη τους για εσχάτη προδοσία δεν έπαιξε κανένα ρόλο το γεγονός ότι τόσο το Συμβούλιο της Επικρατείας, όσο και ο Άρειος Πάγος είχαν νομολογήσει υπέρ της χούντας και της «επανάστασής» της. Κανονικά θα έπρεπε να είχαν καθίσει στο εδώλιο και οι ανώτατοι δικαστές που είχαν συνεργήσει υπέρ της χούντας, αλλά η κυβέρνηση Καραμανλή φρόντισε να μετατρέψει την πράξη εσχάτης προδοσίας σε «στιγμιαίο αδίκημα» μόνο και αποκλειστικά για όσους κίνησαν τα τανκς τις πρώτες πρωινές ώρες της 21ης Απριλίου 1967.

Κι έτσι όσοι κρατικοί και δικαστικοί αξιωματούχοι συνεργάστηκαν στις πράξεις εσχάτης προδοσίας της χούντας δεν κάθισαν στο σκαμνί όπως επέβαλε ο νόμος και η δημοκρατία. Το μάθημα είναι απλό. Όποιος καταπατά τον όρκο του στον Σύνταγμα και συνεργάζεται ακόμη και σε πράξεις εσχάτης προδοσίας της εξουσίας μένει στο απυρόβλητο. Επομένως μπορεί ελεύθερα και χωρίς τον κίνδυνο να λογοδοτήσει να είναι υποχείριο των πιο σκοτεινών επιδιώξεων της εξουσίας.

Ο ενδοτισμός στον δοσιλογισμό εδράζεται βαθιά στο πολιτικό σύστημα

Βέβαια, η χώρα μας έχει μακρά παράδοση συγκάλυψης και αθώωσης του δοσιλογισμού και των πράξεων εσχάτης προδοσίας. Να θυμίσουμε εδώ ότι είμαστε η μοναδική χώρα της Ευρώπης, δυτικής και ανατολικής, όπου οι δοσίλογοι και οι συνεργάτες των δυνάμεων της ναζιστικής κατοχής δεν διώχτηκαν, ούτε καν δικάστηκαν. Μόνο δυο δίκες δοσιλόγων έγιναν το 1945. Για όσους βασικά συμμετείχαν σε κυβερνήσεις της κατοχής. Όμως το 1946 έπαψε κάθε δίωξη συνεργάτη, καταδότη, ή δοσίλογου της κατοχής, ενώ όσοι είχαν δικαστεί ή κρατούντο για να δικαστούν αφέθησαν ελεύθεροι με την προϋπόθεση να έχουν συμπληρώσει 100 ημέρες κράτησης. Η ελληνική βουλή της εποχής, που προέκυψε από τις εκλογές απίστευτης βίας και νοθείας του Μαρτίου 1946, προχώρησε στο ψήφισμα της 11ης Δεκεμβρίου 1946, η οποία ουσιαστικά απάλλασσε συλλήβδην όλους τους δοσίλογους. Επίσης καταργήθηκε το αδίκημα της εθνικής αναξιότητας για τους δωσίλογους, το οποίο τους απέκλειε από κάθε δημόσια θέση, ή αξίωμα ισοβίως.

Από τα πρακτικά της αξιομνημονεύτου εκείνης βουλής, όπου κυριαρχούσαν οι παλιοί συνεργάτες των ναζί της κατοχής ως «λαοπρόβλητοι βουλευτές», μαθαίνουμε επίσης ότι με πρόταση του γνωστού συνεργάτη της κομαντατούρ βουλευτή Τουρκοβασίλη ζητήθηκε «να τηρηθή ενός λεπτού σιγή υπέρ των ηρωικώς πεσόντων αθώων εκείνων, ών ημνήσθη ο αξιότιμος συνάδελφος Αθηνών.» Ποιοι ήταν οι ηρωικώς πεσόντες αθώοι, οι οποίοι μνημονεύθηκαν στο ελληνικό κοινοβούλιο της εποχής; Πρόκειται για τους ναζί εγκληματίες πολέμου που απαγχονίστηκαν στη Νυρεμβέργη και αλλού. Ο «συνάδελφος Αθηνών» ήταν ο Κουλουμβάκης, δοσίλογος ο ίδιος και καταδότης πατριωτών στην γκεστάπο.

Η ελληνική βουλή του 1946 όρθια και με «ψυχική συντριβή», όπως αναφέρουν οι εφημερίδες της εποχής, τηρεί ενός λεπτού σιγή υπέρ των «ηρώων» ναζί εγκληματιών πολέμου όπως ήταν ο Γκέρινγκ, ο Χίμλερ, κ.ά. Την ίδια ώρα από τα θεωρεία ο ιερέας Παπαλέξανδρος, ταγματασφαλίτης κατά την κατοχή και μέλος της εγκληματικής οργάνωσης Χ την εποχή εκείνη, ευλογούσε τους βουλευτές που όρθιοι απέτειαν φόρο τιμής στους ναζί εγκληματίες πολέμου. Έτσι επιβίωσαν οι δοσίλογοι της παλιάς κατοχής και συνέχισαν να κυβερνούν αυτόν τον ρημαγμένο και προδομένο τόπο.

Ψάξτε να δείτε ποιοι μας κυβερνούν σήμερα. Ποιοι βρίσκονται και εναλλάσσονται στην εξουσία. Θα διαπιστώσετε ότι στην πλειοψηφία τους πρόκειται για γόνους δοσιλόγων και συνεργατών της ναζιστικής κατοχής που συνέχισαν ανενόχλητοι τον βίο και την πολιτεία τους μέσα από όλες τις καταστάσεις μέχρι σήμερα. Δείτε για παράδειγμα τι σημαίνει Μπαλτάκος, για να αναφέρουμε ένα όνομα της επικαιρότητας. Θα εκπλαγείτε με την συχνότητα που θα βρείτε να επαναλαμβάνεται ο δοσιλογισμός στις μεγάλες πολιτικές οικογένειες της χώρας που βρίσκονται στα πράγματα ακόμη και σήμερα.

Το επίσημο ελληνικό κράτος ποτέ δεν έπαψε να είναι η συνέχεια του κράτους των δωσίλογων κυβερνήσεων της ναζιστικής κατοχής. Ποτέ δεν έπαψε να αποτελεί την συνέχεια των μοναρχοφασιστικών καθεστώτων του εμφυλίου και της ίδιας της επταετούς χούντας. Γι’ αυτό και σχεδόν το σύνολο των νομολογιών και των πράξεων από αυτές της πιο σκοτεινές περιόδους εξακολουθούν να ισχύουν καθ’ όλη την μεταπολίτευση έως και σήμερα. Πρόκειται για το βρόμικο παρελθόν του επίσημου κράτους στο οποίο καταφεύγει πάντα η εξουσία όταν θέλει να αυθαιρετήσει υπέρ της εγχώριας άρχουσας τάξης, η οποία καταληστεύει τον τόπο επί δεκαετίες και των μεγάλων ξένων «εταίρων» που θέλουν την Ελλάδα αποικία τους.

Η ανάγκη κατάλυσης της συνέχειας του υφιστάμενου κράτους

Πρέπει επιτέλους να διακοπεί αυτή η άθλια συνέχεια του επίσημου κράτους. Πρέπει επιτέλους να κοπούν μια για πάντα οι δεσμοί του δωσιλογισμού και της κατοχής που επέτρεψαν την επιβολή και της σημερινής κατοχής. Μόνο έτσι μπορεί να διεκδικήσει ο λαός μας την κυριαρχία του στην πατρίδα του και την δημοκρατία στον τρόπο διακυβέρνησης της χώρας. Και πρώτη πράξη μιας τέτοιας κατάλυσης της συνέχειας του κράτους είναι η λογοδοσία επί εσχάτη προδοσία όλων όσοι πρωταγωνίστησαν και συνέργησαν στο σημερινό καθεστώς κατοχής.

Όποιος δεν ξεκινά από αυτή την αφετηρία, ανεξάρτητα του τι επικαλείται, στην πράξη δεν θέλει να αλλάξει τίποτε, ενώ αυτό που διεκδικεί είναι μόνο η ιδιοτελής διαχείριση του υπάρχοντος άθλιου και ληστρικού συστήματος εξουσίας. Όποιος βολεύεται με το να λέει ότι «έτσι είναι ο καπιταλισμός», δεν κάνει τίποτε άλλο από το να δικαιώνει τον επίσημο δοσιλογισμό και τους ποταμούς αίματος που έχει στοιχίσει στον ελληνικό λαό αυτό το τρισάθλιο καθεστώς. Είναι και οι δυο οι διαφορετικές όψεις της πιο χυδαίας απολογητικής υπέρ του σημερινού καθεστώτος κατοχής και αμαχητί παράδοσης της χώρας στα πιο άνομα ξένα συμφέροντα.

Αν ξεχάσουμε ως λαός ότι η πρώτη πράξη λύτρωσης και χειραφέτησης από την σημερινή κατάσταση είναι η ανατροπή του καθεστώτος κατοχής με την κατάλυση της συνέχειας του σημερινού κράτους, τότε χαθήκαμε. Πρέπει να επανιδρύσει το κράτος του πρωτογενώς ο ίδιος ο λαός. Να επανεκκινήσει την ιστορία του σ’ αυτόν τον τόπο χωρίς δωσίλογους και ληστοσυμμορίτες. Να διεκδικήσει και να πάρει στα χέρια του την χιλιοταλαιπωρημένη πατρίδα του. Να οικοδομήσει την δική του δημοκρατία, το αληθινό κράτος του δήμου, όπου οι πολίτες θα κάνουν κουμάντο κι όχι οι αντ’ αυτών.

Εμείς οι Έλληνες φυλάμε Θερμοπύλες σ’ αυτόν το τόπο από τότε που για πρώτη φορά η ελληνική δημοκρατία αναμετρήθηκε με τον ανατολικό δεσποτισμό. Φυλάμε τις Θερμοπύλες του πρώτου ανθρωποκεντρικού πολιτισμού της ανθρωπότητας, του πρώτου πολιτισμού που θεμελιώθηκε στα αναφαίρετα δικαιώματα του ανθρώπου και του δήμου, δηλαδή του λαού. Ποιοι είμαστε εμείς που θα εγκαταλείψουμε τις θέσεις μας για να περάσουν οι σύγχρονοι Μήδοι; Ποιοι είμαστε εμείς που θα ξεχάσουμε τις πιο ηρωικές και περήφανες ιστορικές μας παραδόσεις; Ποιοι είμαστε εμείς που θα ξεχάσουμε ότι ελευθερία και πατρίδα είναι έννοιες απόλυτα ταυτόσημες; Ιδιαίτερα για τον Έλληνα. Από τότε στη ναυμαχία της Σαλαμίνας όταν ακούστηκε η πολεμική ιαχή που ατσάλωσε και εξακολουθεί να ατσαλώνει μέχρι σήμερα τους υπέρμαχους της δημοκρατίας: Ώ παίδες Ελλήνων, ίτε ελευθερούτε πατρίδ’ ελευθερούτε δε παίδας, γυναίκας, θεών τε πατρώων έδη, θήκας τε προγόνων νυν υπέρ πάντων αγών…

Ποιοι είμαστε εμείς που θα ξεχάσουμε μια τέτοια κληρονομιά; Ποιοι είμαστε εμείς που θα συνηθίσουμε να είμαστε δούλοι; Θα γίνουμε ραγιάδες εμείς και τα παιδιά μας; Ποιοι είμαστε εμείς που θα γίνουμε ρακοσυλλέκτες της εξουσίας και των ισχυρών; Ποιοι είμαστε εμείς που για να ζήσουμε πρέπει να δεχτούμε τα αποφάγια που μας αναγνωρίζουν όπως πετάνε ένα ξεροκόμματο σε κάποιον κοπρίτη; Πόσο δεξιός πρέπει να είσαι για να σκύψεις το κεφάλι στην μοίρα που σου επιβάλουν και να ξεχάσεις ποιος είσαι; Πόσο αριστερός πρέπει να είσαι και πόσες αριστερές ιδεοληψίες χρειάζονται για να κρύψεις πόσο δειλός και νενέκος είσαι τώρα ακριβώς που σε χρειάζεται η πατρίδα και ο λαός σου;

Ας τελειώνουμε μια και καλή με την βαριά κληρονομιά της παλιάς κατοχής και του εμφυλίου. Ας τελειώνουμε μια και καλή με τους κληρονόμους της παλιάς κατοχής και του εμφυλίου. Είναι οι ίδιοι που είτε υπηρετούν, είτε αδυνατούν να δουν την σημερινή κατοχή. Ας ανακηρύξουμε την πατρίδα μας ως «νέο απελευθερωμένο κράτος» στην εδαφική επικράτεια του παλιού χρεοκοπημένου και τρισάθλιου κράτους των δοσιλόγων και των συνεργατών τους. Ας επανιδρύσουμε την πατρίδα και το έθνος μας με όρους δημοκρατίας και λαϊκής κυριαρχίας μέσα από μια Συντακτική Εθνοσυνέλευση που θα διακηρύξει επιτέλους την εθνική ανεξαρτησία της χώρας. Μόνο έτσι θα έχουμε την ευκαιρία να κερδίσουμε την ζωή και την υπόληψή μας στον τόπο μας. Όχι μόνο ως λαός, αλλά και ως άτομα.

Αναρτήθηκε από ΔΗΜΗΤΡΗΣ ΚΑΖΑΚΗΣ στις 1:24 μ.μ.

Τι σηματοδοτεί η υπόθεση Κασιδιάρη-Μπαλτάκου;

Λογότυπο ΕΠΑΜ

Η υπόθεση της δήθεν κρυφής καταγραφής της συνομιλίας Κασιδιάρη-Μπαλτάκου δείχνει την ολοκληρωτική κατάρρευση της κυβερνώσας συμμορίας λίγες μόνο ημέρες μετά την επιβολή και νέου μνημονίου με την μορφή πολυνομοσχεδίου σε βάρος της χώρας και του λαού της. Η ποινική δίωξη της ΧΑ που ξεκάθαρα μεθοδεύτηκε από την κυβέρνηση, εξελίσσεται σ’ ένα άκρως επικίνδυνο παιχνίδι ανασύνταξης της φασιστικής ακροδεξιάς τόσο στην κυβέρνηση, όσο και στην αντιπολίτευση.

Η εφεδρεία της υπό κατάρρευση κυβερνώσας συμμορίας

Αφού απέτυχε η επιχείρηση άλωσης των ψηφοφόρων της ΧΑ από την κυβερνώσα φασιστική ακροδεξιά του κ. Σαμαρά, το παιχνίδι αλλάζει άρδην. Το καράβι της κυβερνώσας παράταξης βουλιάζει αύτανδρο. Ο επικείμενος κίνδυνος να καταλήξει η μεν Ελιά (ΠΑΣΟΚ) με ποσοστά ανάξια λόγου και η δε ΝΔ του Σαμαρά να υστερεί έναντι του ΣΥΡΙΖΑ κατά 10-15 ποσοστιαίες μονάδες, έχει κάνει πολλούς στο εσωτερικό και στο εξωτερικό να επεξεργάζονται στην πράξη εναλλακτικά σενάρια και σχέδια.

Οι μαριονετίστες της επίσημης πολιτικής στην Ελλάδα, ιδιαίτερα αυτοί που κινούν τα νήματα από την Ουάσιγκτον και το Βερολίνο, ξέρουν πολύ καλά ότι η εκλογική συντριβή της κυβερνώσας συμμορίας θα είναι ολοκληρωτική χωρίς καμιά δυνατότητα ανάκαμψης. Τι επιλογές έχουν; Αφενός, να πάρουν γη και ύδωρ από την ηγεσία του ΣΥΡΙΖΑ. Δεν χρειάζεται κανείς ιδιαίτερη ευφυΐα για να αντιληφθεί ότι οι ξένοι επικυρίαρχοι έχουν πάρει τις διαβεβαιώσεις που θέλουν από την ηγετική ομάδα του κ. Τσίπρα.

Λείπει όμως το αντίπαλο δέος. Το πολιτικό σύστημα δεν μπορεί να λειτουργήσει προς το συμφέρον τους, αν δεν διαθέτει αντίπαλο δέος στον ΣΥΡΙΖΑ. Ποιο είναι αυτό;

Οι εξελίξεις όλο και περισσότερο τους πείθουν ότι τα άλλοτε κόμματα δικομματικής εναλλαγής πνέουν τα λοίσθια. Τα Ποτάμια είναι για γέλια. Το ίδιο και οι εναλλακτικές της κεντροαριστεράς, ή της αντιμνημονιακής κεντροδεξιάς. Τι μένει; Η φασιστική ακροδεξιά. Ο Μπαλτάκος κάνει την αρχή. Πηδά από το καράβι που βουλιάζει για να ενισχύσει την επάνοδο της ΧΑ, της «καλής» ΧΑ, της αντιμνημονιακής ΧΑ, της «πατριωτικής» ΧΑ. Σε λίγο καιρό και ιδιαιτέρως μετά τις εκλογές θα δούμε να μεταπηδούν και άλλοι πολλοί ακόμη. Κι έτσι το πολιτικό σκηνικό ενός μελλοντικού εμφυλίου έχει στηθεί.

Η τελική πράξη του εμφυλίου

Από την μια, μία αριστερά καθεστωτική, χωρίς ίχνος πατριωτισμού, ανίκανης από φύση και θέση να διαχειριστεί την τωρινή εθνική κρίση από την σκοπιά των συμφερόντων της μεγάλης πλειοψηφίας του λαού. Μία αριστερά που είναι κραυγαλέα εθνομηδενιστική σε μια περίοδο που προέχει ο αγώνας για την εθνική ανεξαρτησία και κυριαρχία. Μία αριστερά που η ηγεσία της είναι απολύτως ικανή να καλέσει το ΝΑΤΟ και την ΕΕ στο όνομα του «διεθνισμού» της για να διαφυλάξει τα σύνορα της χώρας κι έτσι να τους δώσει το δικαίωμα να γκριζάρουν με προβοκάτσια ή χωρίς μέρη της εδαφικής επικράτειάς μας.

Κι από την άλλη μια «αποκαθαρμένη» φασιστική ακροδεξιά νοσταλγός των πιο σκοτεινών χρόνων του εμφυλίου και της χούντας. Η φασιστική ακροδεξιά που κυβερνά σήμερα μετεξελίσσεται αργά και σταθερά σε αντιμνημονιακή φασιστική ακροδεξιά, ικανή να ετοιμάσει και να διεξάγει έναν νέο εμφύλιο πόλεμο στην Ελλάδα κατ’ εντολή και προς δόξα των ξένων μεγάλων αφεντικών. Όπως ακριβώς συνέβη και με τον παλιό εμφύλιο.

Εκεί καταντήσαμε. Η διωκόμενη αριστερά της μετεμφυλιακής περιόδου να έχει μετεξελιχθεί σε μια καθεστωτική δύναμη που διεκδικεί την συνέχεια ενός κράτους και μιας εξουσίας που οδήγησε τον ελληνικό λαό και την χώρα στα χειρότερα. Μια αριστερά που κάνει τα αδύνατα, δυνατά προκειμένου να παραδοθεί η σημαία ως υπέρτατο σύμβολο της εθνικής ενότητας του ελληνικού λαού, αλλά και ο πατριωτισμός του, στην πατριδοκαπηλία της φασιστικής ακροδεξιάς.

Αυτό θα είναι το τέλος του ελληνικού λαού; Μια επανάληψη ενός εμφυλίου ανάμεσα σε μια προδοτική αριστερά και σε μια φασιστική ακροδεξιά; Αυτό μας αρμόζει; Αυτό ονειρεύεται να ζήσει όποιος αυτοπροσδιορίζεται ως δεξιός, ή εκείνος που αυτοθαυμάζεται ως αριστερός; Αυτό θα είναι το μεγαλύτερο επίτευγμα της δεξιάς και της αριστεράς στην Ελλάδα; Να οδηγήσουν την χώρα σε μια νέα εμφύλια σφαγή προκειμένου οι δανειστές και τα ξένα κέντρα να προχωρήσουν στην εκποίηση της χώρας και στον εθνικό της ακρωτηριασμό χωρίς αντιστάσεις;

Εθνική πατριωτική ενότητα του λαού η μόνη λύση

Εμείς το λέγαμε από την αρχή. Όποιος επιχειρεί σε τέτοιες συνθήκες όπου προέχει το πατριωτικό και εθνικοαπελευθερωτικό καθήκον, να χωρίσει τον κόσμο, τον λαό σε δεξιούς και αριστερούς. Όποιος θέλει να επαναφέρει στο πολιτικό προσκήνιο τους ιδεολογικούς διαχωρισμούς του εμφυλίου, υπηρετεί ξένα κέντρα και δυνάμεις στην προσπάθειά τους να οδηγήσουν την χώρα και τον λαό της σε νέα αλληλοσφαγή.

Εμείς δεν θα επιτρέψουμε σε κανέναν να δρομολογήσει έναν νέο εμφύλιο. Θα μας βρουν μπροστά τους. Δεν θα επιτρέψουμε στα υποχείρια της Ουάσιγκτον και του Βερολίνου να οδηγήσουν την χώρα σε διάλυση τύπου Ουκρανίας. Ο κ. Βορίδης δήλωσε ότι βρέθηκε στην πλατεία Μέϊντεν, προφανώς για να πάρει μαθήματα. Ιδίως για την επομένη μιας αντιμνημονιακής αριστερής κυβέρνησης τύπου ΣΥΡΙΖΑ.

Η μόνη εγγύηση ότι δεν θα καταλήξουμε στις φλόγες ενός νέου εμφυλίου είναι η μαζική στράτευση στον αγώνα για την εθνική ανεξαρτησία, την λαϊκή κυριαρχία και την κοινωνική χειραφέτηση που δεν αναγνωρίζει διαχωρισμούς αριστεράς-δεξιάς, αλλά οικοδομεί την ενότητα του λαού με σκοπό την μονομερή διαγραφή του χρέους, την ανατροπή του καθεστώτος κατοχής, την έξοδο από το ευρώ και την ΕΕ προκειμένου να απελευθερωθεί η χώρα από την χειρότερη απολυταρχία που βίωσε η ίδια και η Ευρώπη από την εποχή του ναζιστικού ζυγού και φυσικά την κατάκτηση της δημοκρατίας για τον λαό μέσα από μια Συντακτική Εθνοσυνέλευση και νέο Σύνταγμα.

Τα αιτήματα αυτά ήδη αποτελούν την καθοριστική διαχωριστική γραμμή ανάμεσα στον αληθινό πατριώτη αγωνιστή από την μια και στον ανοιχτό, ή κρυφό δωσίλογο που άλλοτε με την προβιά μιας εθνομηδενιστικής αριστεράς και άλλοτε με το λυκοτόμαρο της φασιστικής ακροδεξιάς ετοιμάζονται να αιματοκυλήσουν τον ελληνικό λαό με όλα τα απαραίτητα αντιμνημονιακά αξεσουάρ. Για όλους μας ήρθε η ώρα να επιλέξουμε μεριά. Δεν χωρά το δεν ξέρω, θα δω, ίσως, αργότερα. Η ενότητα οικοδομείται μέσα στον λαό και ξεκινά από την απόφαση του καθένα μας να στρατευθεί σ’ αυτήν.

Όποιος καθυστερεί σήμερα να κάνει την επιλογή του φέρνει την χώρα πιο κοντά στον πιο απόλυτο όλεθρο. Έχει τεράστια ευθύνη. Όταν η χώρα και ο λαός σου απειλείται με τον χειρότερο τρόπο, τότε δεν υπάρχει χώρος για δικαιολογίες. Μόνο ο θρασύδειλος ψάχνει για τέτοιες και χρησιμοποιεί τις ιδεοληψίες της δεξιάς ή της αριστεράς ως άλλοθι. Η σάλπιγγα ήδη μας καλεί και αλλοίμονο σε όποιον δεν ξέρει, ή φοβάται να φωνάξει «παρών».

Αναρτήθηκε από ΔΗΜΗΤΡΗΣ ΚΑΖΑΚΗΣ στις 5:40 μ.μ.

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