Ukraine – Truce or Trojan Horse: Retreat, Re-Armament and Relaunch


09.12.2014 :: Analysis

Introduction: The NATO proxy war in the Ukraine started with the violent US-EU-sponsored overthrow of the elected government via a mob putsch in February 2014. This was well financed at $5 billion, according to President Obama’s Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, Victoria Nuland.

The result was a junta, composed of neo-liberal puppets, rightist nationalists and fascists, which immediately proceeded to purge the Ukrainian legislature of any politicians opposed to the coup and Kiev’s submission to the European Union and NATO. The NATO-sponsored client regime then moved swiftly to extend its control by centralizing power and overturning the official policy of bilingualism (Russian and Ukrainian) in the southeastern regions. It was preparing to break its long-standing agreement over the huge Russian naval base in Crimea and renege on its massive debts to Russia for gas and oil imports.

These extremist measures by a violent coup regime amounted to a radical break with existing economic, cultural and political institutions and, naturally, provoked a robust response from large sectors of the population. The overwhelmingly Russian speaking majority in Crimea convoked a referendum with 90% voter participation: 89% voted to secede and rejoin Russia. The ethnic Russian and bilingual, industrialized southeast regions of Ukraine organized their own referenda, formed popular militias and prepared for an armed response from what they viewed as an illegal junta in Kiev. Threatened by the new measures against their language and traditional and economic ties with Russia, the resistance drew its fighters from the vast reservoir of skilled industrial workers, miners and local business people who understood that they would lose thousands of jobs and access to the Russian markets as well as cultural and family links under the boot of the EU-NATO puppet in Kiev.

For critical sections of Ukraine, the Kiev junta was illegitimate, so the NATO overseers, cooked up an election with a pre-selected candidate, Petro Poroshenko, a millionaire oligarch, willing to serve as a ‘reliable’ proxy, despite his history of dubious ‘business’ deals, who would implement the Euro-US agenda. Despite large sectors boycotting the sham elections, the ‘victorious President’ Poroshenko immediately joined the EU, shredding the heavily subsidized and generous gas and oil agreements with Russia as well as cutting Ukraine off from its main export markets. He proposed to join NATO and convert Ukraine into a launching pad aimed at Russia. He eagerly signed an IMF agreement ending critical subsidies for low income Ukrainians, privatizing public enterprises and raising the cost of basic public services and food. He launched an all-out military campaign against the Donbass region, using missiles, air strikes, artillery and ground forces while assuring his masters in Washington and Brussels that he could easily smash all resistance to his dictatorial fiats and impose their radical retrograde agenda.

The scope and depth of the changes and the unilateral manner in which they were formulated and implemented provoked a widespread popular uprising in the southeast that cut across the entire social spectrum. The popular democratic nature of the opposition in the east attracted support throughout the region, reaching beyond the borders of Ukraine. The resistance easily captured Ukrainian military outposts while conscripted soldiers, ex-soldiers and local police units joined the resistance, bringing their arms with them.

The Kiev regime and its increasingly fascist shock troops responded with terror tactics, bombing civilian infrastructure and neighborhoods. In the ethnically-mixed city of Odessa, with its substantial Russian-speaking population, Kiev-based fascists torched the city’s main trade union building where civilian protesters had sought refuge, burning alive or later slaughtering over 40 trapped citizen demonstrators.

The terrorist tactics of the Kiev government spurred thousands more to join the resistance. Horrified and demoralized Ukrainian conscripts, who had been told they were fighting ‘Russian invaders’ defected or surrendered in large numbers. The spectacle of surrender and demoralization among its armed forces and police undermined this phase of Kiev’s offensive and led to a ‘legitimacy’ crisis.

The US-EU propaganda campaign intensified denying civilian resistance in the southeast any authenticity as an independent, democratic, national force by labeling them as ‘Russian separatists’ and ‘invaders’. Together with their puppet-‘President’ Petro Poroshenko, the US-EU tried to discredit the popular resistance via a major provocation: Ukrainian government air controllers in Kiev re-directed a civilian air liner, Malaysian Airlines Flt. 17, to fly directly over the war zone, shot it down killing almost 300 passengers and crew. The puppet in Kiev and their masters in Brussels and Washington then blamed the resistance, as well as Russia, for the crime!

The NATO-backed proxy regime’s tactic of terror boomeranged and caused even more outrage! More Ukrainian troops refused to fire on the own compatriots .The puppet regime in Kiev had to rely on the special fascist battalions eager to kill ‘Russians’. Many ordinary soldiers deserted rather than obey orders to fire heavy artillery shells into densely populated urban neighborhoods full of trapped civilians. Other troops crossed over into the safety of neighboring Russia where they surrendered and turned their arms over to the resistance.

The incredible strength of the southeast regional resistance came from several sources: First and foremost, they were defending home turf: their families, relatives, friends, neighbors, homes, workplaces, transport systems, hospitals and schools and they increasingly saw themselves as a nation confronting the ravages of a foreign-imposed dictatorship arbitrarily selling their principle economic enterprises and means of livelihood while submitting to the dictates of the US-EU controlled International Monetary Fund. This popular resistance was bolstered morally and materially by pro-democracy activists and militants from Euro-Asia, who understood that a NATO victory in Ukraine would lead to more coups in sovereign countries, more civil wars and brutal conquests throughout the region – a formula for economic and social disaster affecting tens, if not hundreds, of millions of people.

NATO’s heavy-handed presence behind the putsch in Kiev spurred a national liberation struggle in Ukraine and the growth of anti-NATO internationalism regionally. The battle was joined. The Kiev blitzkrieg halted in confusion. The battles for Donetsk and Lugansk turned the tide. The Resistance went on the offensive. Over 800 Kiev soldiers were killed. Thousands more were wounded, captured or deserted.

The Resistance was advancing westward and to the south threatening to create a land bridge to the Crimea and encircle an entire regiment. The puppet regime in Kiev panicked and pleaded for its EU and US patrons to intervene directly. Divisions within the junta deepened: the fascists demanded an all-out war against the Russian-speaking population and total mobilization. The neo-liberals, for their part, begged for direct NATO intervention.

Meanwhile, the EU and US imposed wide economic sanctions against Russia, unwilling to believe that the citizens in the Donbass region of southeast Ukraine would successfully resist their puppet in Kiev. They drank their own propaganda swill and blamed ‘Putin’, the Russian President, for the debacle. The increasing economic sanctions against Russia had no effect on the popular resistance in Ukraine as it took on the character of a national liberation struggle. However, the sanctions did provoke painful counter-measures from Russia, which slapped major embargos on EU and US agricultural products, deepening Europe’s economic recession. And there was a build up of NATO troops and joint military exercises on Russia’s borders in Poland, the Baltic States and over the Black Sea.

Finally the NATO powers realized that their puppet’s military conquest of the East was not going to be another ‘cake walk’, indeed it was turning into a brutal farce. From top to bottom, the junta’s armed forces were in shambles. The continued advance of the popular resistance and the onset of winter without Russian oil and gas could topple the regime in Kiev and force new elections free from NATO, the CIA and the machinations of US Assistant Secretary ‘F… the EU’ Victoria Nuland, Obama’s key strategist for Eastern Europe.

With NATO’s and Washington’s fears in mind, Russian President Vladimir Putin proposed a ‘compromise’ for Poroshenko, an immediate ceasefire and negotiations leading to a political settlement between Kiev and the rebels. In the face of a military debacle in the East and growing internal fissures, the puppet in Kiev agreed to the ceasefire.

Prospects for Peace with Justice

Poroshenko and his NATO overseers eagerly grabbed onto Putin’s peace plan to stave off the advance of the popular resistance and gain time to re-group, rebuild and re-supply Kiev’s armed forces. NATO leaders are counting on a ‘political’ settlement where they trade easily-broken political promises in exchange for the resistance demobilizing and disarming under Kiev’s authority. There is no indication that the NATO-Kiev axis intends to abandon their strategic goal of turning Ukraine into a NATO base and vassal state of the EU.

As the cease fire comes into effect, the NATO powers have organized two sets of military exercises within Ukraine and on its immediate border – clearly undermining Russia’s strategic interests. The ongoing military build-up is a sign that NATO intends to participate directly in crushing the popular resistance in the next round. It is just a matter of time for NATO and Kiev to trot out some pretext to end the ceasefire. Meanwhile, NATO is increasing the flow of arms, advisers and contract mercenaries to Kiev. The oligarch in Kiev, Poroshenko is attempting to bolster his ground forces by imposing a highly unpopular universal conscription. Even the citizens in the west of Ukraine can see the war is going badly with the return of wounded soldiers and caskets holding their sons and brothers.

Tactically Poroshenko/NATO may offer paper concessions, greater ‘autonomy’ . . . under the rule of the Kiev junta, and the acceptance of bilingualism, but political, administrative, legal and fiscal powers will not devolve to the democrats in Donesk and Lugansk to design and implement their own policies and protect their rights. The regime will demand the re-entry of ‘its army’ on the pretext of guarding borders against Russia. There will be no reparations for the massive loss of life and infrastructure in the region. Kiev will seek to surround and fragment the Resistance and eliminate the key cross-border sanctuary with Russia. The ultimate goal would be to squeeze and oust resistance-led regional self-government.

The prolongation of negotiations will be used to build-up Kiev’s military capabilities. Meanwhile more US-imposed EU economic sanctions against Russia give Washington greater power to expand its influence in Europe and deepen political and trade polarization between the EU and Moscow. The Ukraine crisis is only one part of the Obama regime’s strategy of global military escalation, which includes re-entry into Iraq, direct bombing of Syria (including Damascus) and increased sanctions against companies and banks trading with Iran and Cuba, as well as the encirclement and provocation of China.

An independent Russia is the real target and the annexation of the Ukraine is a mere stepping stone on the way to Moscow. Under this strategic (and insane) vision, the US and EU will never accept a neutral (NATO-free), independent, democratic Ukraine. The popular resistance in the country’s southeast must clearly understand this strategic vision and continue the fight. They must recognize that the only means to establish democracy and self-rule, free from NATO and IMF dominance, and free from the marauding gangs of Kiev-led Nazi thugs – the terrorist Azov, Aidar and Donbass battalions – is via a plebiscite for total national independence.

The current cease fire is a Trojan horse: within the bowels of these negotiations, Kiev warlords are busily preparing to unleash more of their military excrement – fascist hordes and the oligarchs’ private armies, the monstrous spawn of the NATO-armed Azov battalion under Nazi banners, sporting swastika tattoos and hate-filled insignias. The choice is clear.





by Paul Craig Roberts


The latest Washington lie, this one coming from NATO, is that Russia has invaded Ukraine with 1,000 troops and self-propelled artillery.

How do we know that this is a lie? Is it because we have heard nothing but lies about Russia from NATO, from US ambassador to the UN Samantha Power, from assistant secretary of state Victoria Nuland, from Obama and his entire regime of pathological liars, and from the British, German, and French governments along with the BBC and the entirety of the Western media?

This, of course, is a good reason for knowing that the latest Western propaganda is a lie. Those who are pathological liars don’t suddenly start telling the truth.

But there are even better reasons for understanding that Russia has not invaded Ukraine with 1,000 troops.

One reason is that Putin has invested heavily in diplomacy backed by unprovocative behavior. He would not risk his bet on diplomacy by sending in troops too few in number to have a decisive effect on the outcome.

Another reason is that if Putin decides he has no alternative to sending the Russian military to protect the Russian residents in eastern and southern Ukraine, Putin will send in enough troops to do the job quickly as he did in Georgia when the American and Israeli trained Georgian army invaded South Ossetia and was destroyed in a few hours by the Russian response. If you hear that 100,000 Russian troops accompanied by air cover have invaded Ukraine, it would be a more believable claim.

A third reason is that the Russian military does not need to send troops into Ukraine in order to stop the bombing and artillery shelling of the Russian populations by Washington’s puppet government in Kiev. The Russian air force can easily and quickly destroy the Ukrainian air force and artillery and, thereby, stop the Ukrainian attack on the secessionist provinces.

It was only two weeks ago that a fabricated report spread by the UK Guardian and the BBC that a Russian armored convoy entered Ukraine and was destroyed by the Ukrainian Military. And two weeks prior to that we had the hoax of the satellite images allegedly released by the US State Department that the corrupt US ambassador in Kiev spread around the world on social media allegedly showing that Russian forces were firing into Ukraine. One or two weeks from now we will have another lie, and another a week or two after that, and so on.

The cumulative effect of lie piled upon lie for most people is to build the view that the Russians are up to no good. Once this view is established, Western governments can take more serious moves against Russia.

The alleged entry of 1,000 Russian soldiers into Ukraine has been declared by NATO Brigadier General Niko Tak to be a “significant escalation in Russia’s military interference in Ukraine.” The champion liar Samantha Power told the US Security Council that “Russia has to stop lying.” The UK ambassador to the UN said that Russia was guilty of “a clear violation of sovereign Ukrainian territory.” UK prime minister Cameron warned Russia of “further consequences.” German chancellor Merkel announced that there would be more sanctions. A German Security Council advisor declared that “war with Russia is an option.” Polish foreign minister Sikorski called it Russian aggression that required international action. French president Hollande declared Russia’s behavior to be “intolerable.” Ukraine’s security council imposed mandatory conscription.

This suicidal drive toward war with Russia by Europe’s leaders is based entirely on a transparent lie that 1,000 Russian troops crossed into Ukraine

Of course the Western media followed in lock-step. The BBC, CNN, and Die Welt are among the most reckless and irresponsible.

The mountain of lies piled up by Western governments and media has obscured the true story. The US government orchestrated the overthrow of the elected government in Ukraine and imposed a US puppet in Kiev. Washington’s puppet government began issuing threats and committing violent acts against the Russian populations in the former Russian territories that Soviet leaders attached to Ukraine. The Russian people in eastern and southern Ukraine resisted the threat brought to them by Washington’s puppet government in Kiev.

Washington continually accuses the Russian government of supporting the people in the territories who have voted their separation from Ukraine. There would be no war, Washington alleges, except for Russian support. But, of course, Washington could easily stop the violence by ordering its puppet government in Kiev to stop the bombing and shelling of the former Russian provinces. If Russia can tell the “separatists” not to fight, Washington can tell Kiev not to fight.

The only possible conclusion from the facts is that Washington is determined to involve Europe in a war with Russia or at least in an armed standoff in order to break up Europe’s political and economic relations with Russia.

Europe’s leaders are going along with this because European countries, except for Charles de Gaulle’s France, have not had independent foreign policies since the end of World War II. They follow Washington’s lead and are well paid for doing so.

The inability of Europe to produce independent leadership dooms Russian President Putin’s diplomacy to failure. If European capitals cannot make decisions independently of Washington, there is no scope for Putin’s diplomacy.

Notice that the very day after Putin met with Washington’s Ukrainian vassal in an effort to resolve the situation, the new lie of Russian invasion was issued in order to ensure that no good can come of the meeting in which Putin invested his time and energy.

Washington’s only interest is in hegemony. Washington has no interest in resolving the situation that Washington itself created in order to bring discomfort and confusion to Russia. With the caveat that the situation could be resolved by Ukrainian economic collapse, otherwise the longer Putin waits to resolve the situation by force, the more difficult the task will be.





Assisi (Italy), 23 August 2014.

The National Coordination of the Italian Left against the Euro held its “European Forum 2014″ in Assisi (Italy) from 20 to 24 August 2014 which brought together a large number of participants, including countries in the European Union but also Ukraine and Russia. On this occasion the leaders of several radical political organizations of the European Union adopted a declaration in favour of withdrawing from the euro and the European Union.

In all countries of the EU and especially in the euro area, violent anti-social policies are pursued relentlessly by the European Union and its member governments : massive decline in social spending, wage deflation by blocking wages, lower payroll taxes, unjustified subsidies to large corporations supposedly to create jobs, privatization, dismantling of public services and social security, financialization of the economy and public budgets … The result is an exponential increase in mass unemployment and lack of job security.

The origin of this is to be found in the policies of the European Union, fully blocked by the Lisbon Treaty. The latter is based on all the neoliberal dogma that have already demonstrated their damage value to the interests of the working and middle classes. In the euro area the trade gaps between countries have worsened. The euro is a weapon of mass destruction against employment. The single currency is only used to protect the return on shareholders’ investment by maintaining a permanent and voluntary high level of unemployment.

The very essence of this European construction is based on the values and interests of the Western ruling classes : europeanism, atlanticism, capitalism, authoritarianism. Such a system cannot change its nature, it cannot be improved from within. It must be dismantled in order to build something radically new. The European Union is indeed the most sophisticated system in the world founded on an attempt to build a civilization based on market forces. The European Union is a horrendous system of domination and alienation from which the peoples need to be emancipated.

The European Union is a cornerstone of the neoliberal world order, with its giant multinational firms, and supranational institutions (WTO, IMF, World Bank, NATO, EU, OECD). The system has a main characteristic: to act relentlessly to dissolve the sovereignty of peoples on a national scale. It is indeed the best way to enable, the domination of big business to increase with no bounds   as evidenced by TAFTA. Destroying the nations is the guarantee for the dominant classes that there is no turning back to neoliberal “reforms”. As the sovereignty of the people cannot exist without national sovereignty, eliminating the nation is to eliminate democracy. It is therefore the means to suppress the capacity for the people to act and decide on their future. The fact that the European Union is one of the mainstays of the Kiev fascistic regime demonstrates its full alignment with NATO and American imperialism.

After years of exercise of power by Socialist, Labour or Social democratic parties in several countries of the European Union, it is now possible to take stock of their record. The assessment is overwhelmingly excruciating as can be seen in Greece, Spain, Portugal, and France … These parties are now openly neoliberal, they do not even pretend any longer to try to defend the working classes. They are all making way for large German-style coalition governments (governments uniting left and right parties), similar to those already implemented by the European Union in Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy. If the divide between the ruling class and the working classes is clearer from year to year, the one between the left and right is becoming increasingly blurred. Nothing essential separates the left from the right in many countries. The above-mentioned political forces are shaping the political environment that develops and enhances the growth of the far right, by allowing the gradual assimilation of the nation with an essentially ethnocultural definition of the extreme right, whereas for us the nation is strictly constitutional and political. To leave this central political concept of identity definition of the nation in the hands of the far right is seriously irresponsible, and shows that all these parties have given up the essential conditions of the very existence of both politics and democracy.

The reasons for the rise of far-right parties in the member countries of the EU are mainly due to the policies of austerity for working and middle classes which strike people with poverty and force them to compete. The far right is now alone to appropriate the idea and the symbols of the nation. And conversely the idea of nation ends up being equated with the extreme right. But the far right advocates a narrow view of the nation reduced to its sole identity dimension. Far from being anti-system, as it claims, the far right is actually an indirect agent serving the system and the ruling classes. These parties are the most nauseating in their xenophobic, chauvinistic and anti-union attitudes and prejudiced against all organizations that collectively represent the interests of the working classes.

It is urgent to rebuild a thought, a method of practice and a program in favour of the interests of the working classes and the middle classes. Key elements for us are:

- Total elimination of unemployment and job insecurity.

- Plans for the re-industrialization and nationalization of key strategic sectors of industry and services.

- The dismantling of financial markets.

- The cancellation and overthrow of the public debt.

- National protectionist measures in the framework of the universal Havana Charter of 1948.

- An environmental transformation in the mode of production.

- The withdrawal from supranational institutions that maintain the neoliberal world order, NATO, IMF, World Bank, WTO, EU and the euro.

We call this de-globalization. The core of this strategy and this program is to claim and assume the necessity of regaining national sovereignty for each country. That is to say, the decisive struggle for each country to preserve the authentically political characteristics of its society, where the people have the legal and institutional capacity to decide and implement what they consider corresponds to the general interest.

The signatories will organize a new international meeting at an even larger level. Aiming at bringing together widely all forces working to defend the interests of working and middle classes, for the withdrawal from NATO, the European Union and the euro, for full employment.


  • Borotba (Struggle): Sergei Kirichuk, Ukraine.
  • Committee “Euro Exit” (“Out of the euro ‘Committee): Wilhelm Langthaler, Austria.
  • National Coordinamento Sinistra contro Euro (National Coordination of Left against the Euro) Moreno Pasquinelli, Italy.
  • Frente Civico (FC – Civic Front): Manolo Pérez Monereo, Spain.
  • People’s United Front (EPAM): Antonis Ragousis, Greece.
  • Left Co-March, Kostas Kostopoulos, Greece.
  • Political Movement for the Emancipation of the People (M’PEP): Jacques Nikonoff and Joel Perichaud, France.
  • Plan B: Nasia Pliakogiammi, Greece.





By Ellen Brown *

If Argentina were in a high-stakes chess match, the country’s actions this week would be the equivalent of flipping over all the pieces on the board.

David Dayen, Fiscal Times, August 22, 2014

August 27, 2014 “ICH” – Argentina is playing hardball with the vulture funds, which have been trying to force it into an involuntary bankruptcy. The vultures are demanding what amounts to a 600% return on bonds bought for pennies on the dollar, defeating a 2005 settlement in which 92% of creditors agreed to accept a 70% haircut on their bonds. A US court has backed the vulture funds; but last week, Argentina sidestepped its jurisdiction by transferring the trustee for payment from Bank of New York Mellon to its own central bank. That play, if approved by the Argentine Congress, will allow the country to continue making payments under its 2005 settlement, avoiding default on the majority of its bonds.

Argentina is already foreclosed from international capital markets, so it doesn’t have much to lose by thwarting the US court system. Similar bold moves by Ecuador and Iceland have left those countries in substantially better shape than Greece, which went along with the agendas of the international financiers.

The upside for Argentina was captured by President Fernandez in a nationwide speech on August 19th. Struggling to hold back tears, according to Bloomberg, she said:

When it comes to the sovereignty of our country and the conviction that we can no longer be extorted and that we can’t become burdened with debt again, we are emerging as Argentines.

. . . If I signed what they’re trying to make me sign, the bomb wouldn’t explode now but rather there would surely be applause, marvelous headlines in the papers. But we would enter into the infernal cycle of debt which we’ve been subject to for so long.

The Endgame: Patagonia in the Crosshairs

The deeper implications of that infernal debt cycle were explored by Argentine political analyst Adrian Salbuchi in an August 12th article titled “Sovereign Debt for Territory: A New Global Elite Swap Strategy.” Where territories were once captured by military might, he maintains that today they are being annexed by debt. The still-evolving plan is to drive destitute nations into an international bankruptcy court whose decisions would have the force of law throughout the world. The court could then do with whole countries what US bankruptcy courts do with businesses: sell off their assets, including their real estate. Sovereign territories could be acquired as the spoils of bankruptcy without a shot being fired.

Global financiers and interlocking megacorporations are increasingly supplanting governments on the international stage. An international bankruptcy court would be one more institution making that takeover legally binding and enforceable. Governments can say no to the strong-arm tactics of the global bankers’ collection agency, the IMF. An international bankruptcy court would allow creditors to force a nation into bankruptcy, where territories could be involuntarily sold off in the same way that assets of bankrupt corporations are.

For Argentina, says Salbuchi, the likely prize is its very rich Patagonia region, long a favorite settlement target for ex-pats. When Argentina suffered a massive default in 2001, the global press, including Time and The New York Times, went so far as to propose that Patagonia be ceded from the country as a defaulted debt payment mechanism.

The New York Times article followed one published in the Buenos Aires financial newspaper El Cronista Comercial called “Debt for Territory,” which described a proposal by a US consultant to then-president Eduardo Duhalde for swapping public debt for government land. It said:

[T]he idea would be to transform our public debt default into direct equity investment in which creditors can become land owners where they can develop industrial, agricultural and real estate projects. . . . There could be surprising candidates for this idea: during the Alfonsin Administration, the Japanese studied an investment master plan in Argentine land in order to promote emigration. The proposal was also considered in Israel.

Salbuchi notes that ceding Patagonia from Argentina was first suggested in 1896 by Theodor Herzl, founder of the Zionist movement, as a second settlement for that movement.

Another article published in 2002 was one by IMF deputy manager Anne Krueger titled “Should Countries Like Argentina Be Able to Declare Themselves Bankrupt?” It was posted on the IMF website and proposed some “new and creative ideas” on what to do about Argentina. Krueger said, “the lesson is clear: we need better incentives to bring debtors and creditors together before manageable problems turn into full-blown crises,” adding that the IMF believes “this could be done by learning from corporate bankruptcy regimes like Chapter 11 in the US”.

These ideas were developed in greater detail by Ms. Krueger in an IMF essay titled “A New Approach to Debt Restructuring,” and by Harvard professor Richard N. Cooper in a 2002 article titled “Chapter 11 for Countries” published in Foreign Affairs (“mouthpiece of the powerful New York-Based Elite think-tank, Council on Foreign Relations”). Salbuchi writes:

Here, Cooper very matter-of-factly recommends that “only if the debtor nation cannot restore its financial health are its assets liquidated and the proceeds distributed to its creditors – again under the guidance of a (global) court” (!).

In Argentina’s recent tangle with the vulture funds, Ms. Krueger and the mainstream media have come out in apparent defense of Argentina, recommending restraint by the US court. But according to Salbuchi, this does not represent a change in policy. Rather, the concern is that overly heavy-handed treatment may kill the golden goose:

. . . [I] n today’s delicate post-2008 banking system, a new and less controllable sovereign debt crisis could thwart the global elite’s plans for an “orderly transition towards a new global legal architecture” that will allow orderly liquidation of financially-failed states like Argentina. Especially if such debt were to be collateralized by its national territory (what else is left!?)

Breaking Free from the Sovereign Debt Trap

Salbuchi traces Argentina’s debt crisis back to 1955, when President Juan Domingo Perón was ousted in a very bloody US/UK/mega-bank-sponsored military coup:

Perón was hated for his insistence on not indebting Argentina with the mega-bankers: in 1946 he rejected joining the International Monetary Fund (IMF); in 1953 he fully paid off all of Argentina’s sovereign debt. So, once the mega-bankers got rid of him in 1956, they shoved Argentina into the IMF and created the “Paris Club” to engineer decades-worth of sovereign debt for vanquished Argentina, something they’ve been doing until today.

Many countries have been subjected to similar treatment, as John Perkins documents in his blockbuster exposé Confessions of an Economic Hit Man. When the country cannot pay, the IMF sweeps in with refinancing agreements with strings attached, including selling off public assets and slashing public services in order to divert government revenues into foreign debt service.

Even without pressure from economic hit men, however, governments routinely indebt themselves for much more than they can ever hope to repay. Why do they do it? Salbuchi writes:

Here, Western economists, bankers, traders, Ivy League academics and professors, Nobel laureates and the mainstream media have a quick and monolithic reply: because all nations need“investment and investors” if they wish to build highways, power plants, schools, airports, hospitals, raise armies, service infrastructures and a long list of et ceteras . . . .

But more and more people are starting to ask a fundamental common-sense question: why should governments indebt themselves in hard currencies, decades into the future with global mega-bankers, when they could just as well finance these projects and needs far more safely by issuing the proper amounts of their own local sovereign currency instead?

Neoliberal experts shout back that government-created money devalues the currency, inflates the money supply, and destroys economies. But does it? Or is it the debt service on money created privately by banks, along with other forms of “rent” on capital, that create inflation and destroy economies? As Prof. Michael Hudson points out:

These financial claims on wealth – bonds, mortgages and bank loans – are lent out to become somebody else’s debts in an exponentially expanding process. . . . [E]conomies have been obliged to pay their debts by cutting back new research, development and new physical reinvestment. This is the essence of IMF austerity plans, in which the currency is “stabilized” by further international borrowing on terms that destabilize the economy at large. Such cutbacks in long-term investment also are the product of corporate raids financed by high-interest junk bonds. The debts created by businesses, consumers and national economies cutting back their long-term direct investment leaves these entities even less able to carry their mounting debt burden.

Spiraling debt also results in price inflation, since businesses have to raise their prices to cover the interest and fees on the debt.

From Sovereign Debt to Monetary Sovereignty

For governments to escape this austerity trap, they need to spend not less but more money on the tangible capital formation that increases physical productivity. But where to get the investment money without getting sucked into the debt vortex? Where can Argentina get funding if the country is shut out of international capital markets?

The common-sense response, as Salbuchi observes, is for governments to issue the money they need directly. But “printing money” raises outcries that can be difficult to overcome politically. An alternative that can have virtually the same effect is for nations to borrow money issued by their own publicly-owned banks. Public banks generate credit just as private banks do; but unlike private lenders, they return interest and profits to the economy. Their mandate is to serve the public, and that is where their profits go. Funding through their own government-issued currencies and publicly-owned banks has been successfully pursued by many countries historically, including Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Germany, China, Russia, Korea and Japan. (For more on this, see The Public Bank Solution.)

Countries do need to be able to buy foreign products that they cannot acquire or produce domestically, and for that they need a form of currency or an international credit line that other nations will accept. But countries are increasingly breaking away from the oil- and weapons-backed US dollar as global reserve currency. To resolve the mutually-destructive currency wars will probably take a new Bretton Woods Accord. But that is another subject for a later article.


*Ellen Brown is an attorney, founder of the Public Banking Institute, and author of twelve books, including the best-selling Web of Debt. In The Public Bank Solution, her latest book, she explores successful public banking models historically and globally. Her 200+ blog articles are

The US and Global Wars: Empire or Vampire?


Introduction: To the growing army of critics of US military intervention, who also reject the mendacious claims by American officials and their apologists of ‘world leadership’, Washington is engaged in ‘empire-building”.

But the notion that the US is building an empire, by engaging in wars to exploit and plunder countries’ markets, resources and labor, defies the realities of the past two decades. US wars, including invasions, bombings, occupations, sanctions, coups and clandestine operations have not resulted in the expansion of markets, greater control and exploitation of resources or the ability to exploit cheap labor. Instead US wars have destroyed enterprises, reduced access to raw materials, killed, wounded or displaced productive workers around the world, and limited access to lucrative investment sites and markets via sanctions.

In other words, US global military interventions and wars have done the exact opposite of what all previous empires have pursued: Washington has exploited (and depleted) the domestic economy to expand militarily abroad instead of enriching it.

Why and how the US global wars differ from those of previous empires requires us to examine (1) the forces driving overseas expansion; (2) the political conceptions accompanying the conquest, the displacement of incumbent rulers and the seizure of power and; (3) the reorganization of the conquered states and the accompanying economic and social structures to sustain long-term neo-colonial relations.

Empire Building: The Past

Europe built durable, profitable and extensive empires, which enriched the ‘mother country’, stimulated local industry, reduced unemployment and ‘trickled down’ wealth in the form of better wages to privileged sectors of the working class. Imperial military expeditions were preceded by the entry of major trade enterprises (British East India Company) and followed by large-scale manufacturing, banking and commercial firms. Military invasions and political takeovers were driven by competition with economic rivals in Europe, and later, by the US and Japan.

The goal of military interventions was to monopolize control over the most lucrative economic resources and markets in the colonized regions. Imperial repression was directed at creating a docile low wage labor force and buttressing subordinate local collaborators or client-rulers who facilitated the flow of profits, debt payments, taxes and export revenues back to the empire.

Imperial wars were the beginning, not the end, of ‘empire building’. What followed these wars of conquest was the incorporation of pre-existing elites into subordinate positions in the administration of the empire. The ‘sharing of revenues’, between the imperial economic enterprises and pre-existing elites, was a crucial part of ‘empire building’. The imperial powers sought to ‘instrumentalize’ existing religious, political, and economic elites’ and harness them to the new imperial-centered division of labor. Pre-existing economic activity, including local manufacturers and agricultural producers, which competed with imperial industrial exporters, were destroyed and replaced by malleable local traders and importers (compradors). In summary, the military dimensions of empire building were informed by economic interests in the mother country. The occupation was pre-eminently concerned with preserving local collaborative powers and, above all, restoring and expanding the intensive and extensive exploitation of local resources and labor, as well as the capture and saturation of local markets with goods from the imperial center.

“Empire-building” Today

The results of contemporary US military interventions and invasions stand in stark contrast with those of past imperial powers. The targets of military aggression are selected on the basis ofideological and political criteria. Military action does not follow the lead of ‘pioneer’ economic entrepreneurs – like the British East India Company. Military action is not accompanied by large-scale, long-term capitalist enterprises. Multi-national construction companies of the empire, which build great military bases are a drain on the imperial treasury.

Contemporary US intervention does not seek to secure and take over the existing military and civilian state apparatus; instead the invaders fragment the conquered state, decimate its cadres, professionals and experts at all levels, thus providing an entry for the most retrograde ethno-religious, regional, tribal and clan leaders to engage in intra-ethnic, sectarian wars against each other, in other words – chaos. Even the Nazis, in their expansion phase, chose to rule through local collaborator elites and maintained established administrative structures at all levels.

With US invasions, entire existing socio-economic structures are undermined, not ‘taken over’: all productive activity is subject to the military priorities of leaders bent on permanently crippling the conquered state and its advanced economic, administrative, educational, cultural and social sectors. While this is militarily successful in the short-run, the medium and long-term results are non-functioning states, not a sustained inflow of plunder and expanding market for an empire. Instead what we have is a chain of US military bases surrounded by a sea of hostile, largely unemployed populations and warring ethno-religious groups in decimated economies.

The US claims to ‘world leadership’ is based exclusively on failed-state empire building. Nevertheless, the dynamic for continuing to expand into new regions, to militarily and politically intervene and establish new client entities continues. And, most importantly, this expansionist dynamic further undermines domestic economic interests, which, theoretically and historically, form the basis for empire. We, therefore, have imperialism without empire, a vampire state preying on the vulnerable and devouring its own in the process.

Empire or Vampire: The Results of US Global Warfare

Empires, throughout history, have violently seized political power and exploited the riches and resources (both material and human) of the targeted regions. Over time, they would consolidate a ‘working relation’, insuring the ever-increasing flow of wealth into the mother country and the expanding presence of imperial enterprises in the colony. Contemporary US military interventions have had the opposite effect after every recent major military conquest and occupation.

Iraq: Vampires Pillage

Under Saddam Hussein, the Republic of Iraq was a major oil producer and profitable partner for major US oil companies, as well as a lucrative market for US exports. It was a stable, unified secular state. The first Gulf War in the 1990’s led to the first phase of its fragmentation with the de facto establishment of a Kurdish mini-state in the north under US protection. The US withdrew its military forces but imposed brutal economic sanctions limiting economic reconstruction from the devastation of the first Gulf War. The second US-led invasion and full-scale occupation in 2003 devastated the economy and dismantled the state dismissing tens of thousands of experienced civil servants, teachers and police. This led to utter social collapse and fomented ethno-religious warfare leading to the killing, wounding or displacement of millions of Iraqis. The result of GW Bush’s conquest of Baghdad was a ‘failed state’. US oil and energy companies lost billions of dollars in trade and investment and the US economy was pushed into recession.

Afghanistan: Endless Wars, Endless Losses

The US war against Afghanistan began with the arming, financing and political support of Islamist jihadi-fundamentalists in 1979. They succeeded in destroying and dismantling a secular, national government. With the decision to invade Afghanistan in October 2001 the US became an occupier in Southwest Asia. For the next thirteen years, the US-puppet regime of Hamad Karzai and the ‘NATO coalition’ occupation forces proved incapable of defeating the Taliban guerrilla army. Billions of dollars were spent devastating the economy and impoverishing the vast majority of Afghans. Only the opium trade flourished. The effort to create an army loyal to the puppet regime failed. The forced retreat of US armed forces beginning in 2014 signals the bitter demise of US ‘empire building’ in Southwest Asia.

Libya: From Lucrative Trading Partner to Failed State

Libya, under President Gadhafi, was evolving into a major US and European trading partner and influential power in Africa. The regime signed large-scale, long-term contracts with major international oil companies which were backed by a stable secular government. The relationship with the US and EU was profitable. The US opted to impose a ‘regime change’ through massive US-EU missile and bombing strikes and the arming of a motley collection of Islamist terrorists, ex-pat neo-liberals and tribal militias. While these attacks succeeded in killing President Gadhafi and most of his family (including many of his grandchildren) and dismantling the secular Libyan government and administrative infrastructure, the country was ripped apart by tribal war-lord conflicts, political disintegration and the utter destruction of the economy. Oil investors fled. Over one million Libyans and immigrant workers were displaced. The US and EU ‘partners-in-regime-change’ have even fled their own embassies in Tripoli – while the Libyan ‘parliament’ operates off-shore from a casino boat. None of this devastation would have been possible under President Gadhafi. The US vampire bled its new prize, Libya, but certainly couldnot incorporate it into a profitable ‘empire’. Not only were its oil resources denied to the empire, but even oil exports disappeared. Not even an imperial military base has been secured in North Africa!

Syria: Wars on Behalf of Terrorists not Empire

Washington and its EU allies backed an armed uprising in Syria hoping to install a puppet regime and bring Damascus into their “empire”. The mercenary assaults have caused the deaths of nearly 200,000 Syrians, the displacement of over 30% of the population and the seizure of the Syrian oil fields by the Sunni extremist army, ISIS. ISIS has decimated the pro-US mercenary army, recruiting and arming thousands of terrorists from around the world It invaded neighboring Iraq conquering the northern third of that country. This was the ultimate result of the deliberate US dismantling of the Iraqi state in 2003.

The US strategy, once again, is to arm Islamist extremists to overthrow the secular Bashar Assad regime in Damascus and then to discard them for a more pliable client. The strategy ‘boomeranged’ on Washington. ISIS devastated the ineffective Iraqi armed forces of the Maliki regime in Baghdad and America’s much over-rated Peshmerga proxy ‘fighters’ in Iraqi ‘Kurdistan’. Washington’s mercenary war in Syria didn’t expand the ‘empire’; indeed it undermined existing imperial outposts.

The Ukrainian Power Grab, Russian Sanctions and Empire Building

In the aftermath of the collapse of the USSR, the US and EU incorporated the Baltic, Eastern European and Balkan ex-communist countries into their orbit. This clearly violated major agreements with Russia, by incorporating most of the neo-liberal regimes into NATO and bringing NATO forces to the very border of Russia. During the corrupt regime of Boris Yeltsin, the ‘West’ absolutely looted the Russian economy in co-operation with local gangster – oligarchs, who took up EU or Israeli citizenship to recycle their pillaged wealth. The demise of the vassal Yeltsin regime and the ascent and recovery of Russia under Vladimir Putin led the US and EU to formulate a strategy to deepen and extend its ‘empire’ by seizing power in the Caucuses and the Ukraine. A power and land grab by the puppet regime in Georgia attacking Russian forces in Ossetia in 2012 was decisively beaten back. This was a mere dress rehearsal for the coup in Kiev. In late 2013-early 2014, the US financed a violent rightwing putsch ousting the elected government and imposing a hand-picked pro-NATO client to assume power in Kiev.

The new pro-US regime moved quickly to purge all independent, democratic, federalist, bilingual and anti-NATO voices especially among the bi-lingual citizens concentrated in the South-Eastern Ukraine. The coup and the subsequent purge provoked a major armed uprising in the southeast, which successfully resisted the invading NATO-backed neo-fascist armed forces and private armies of the oligarchs. The failure of the Kiev regime to subdue the resistence fighters of the Donbass region resulted in a multi-pronged US-EU intervention designed to isolate, weaken and undermine the resistance. First and foremost they attempted to pressure Russia to close its borders on the eastern front where hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian civilians eventually fled the bombardment. Secondly, the US and EU applied economic sanctions on Russia to abandon its political support for the southeast region’s democratic and federalist demands. Thirdly, it sought to use the Ukraine conflict as a pretext for a major military build-up on Russia’s borders, expanding NATO missile sites and organizing an elite rapid interventionist military force capable of bolstering a faltering puppet regime or backing a future NATO sponsored putsch against any adversary.

The Kiev regime is economically bankrupt. Its war against its own civilians in the southeast has devastated Ukraine’s economy. Hundreds of thousands of skilled professionals, workers and their families have fled to Russia. Kiev’s embrace of the EU has resulted in the breakdown of vital gas and oil agreements with Russia, undermining the Ukraine’s principle source of energy and heating with winter only months away. Kiev cannot pay its debts and faces default. The rivalries between neo-fascists and neo-liberals in Kiev will further erode the regime. In sum, the US-EU power grab in the Ukraine has not led to the effective ‘expansion of empire’; rather it has ushered in the total destruction of an emerging economy and precipitated a sharp reversal of financial, trade and investment relations with Russia and Ukraine. The economic sanctions against Russia exacerbate the EU current economic crisis. The belligerent posture of military confrontation toward Russia will result in an increase in military spending among the EU states and further divert scarce economic resources form job creation and social programs. The loss by significant sectors of the EU of agricultural export markets, as well as the loss of several billion-dollar military-industrial contracts with Russia, certainly weakens, rather than expands, the ‘empire’ as an economic force

Iran: 100 Billion Dollar Punitive Sanctions Don’t Build Empires

The US-EU sanctions on Iran carry a very high political, economic and political price tag. They do not strengthen empire, if we understand ‘empire’ to mean the expansion of multi-national corporations, and increasing access to oil and gas resources to ensure stable, cheap energy for strategic economic sectors within the imperial center.

The economic war on Iran has been at the behest of US allies, including the Gulf Monarchies and especially Israel. These are dubious ‘allies’ for US ‘empire’ . . . widely reviled potentates and a racist regime which manage to exact tribute from the imperial center!

In Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere, Iran has demonstrated its willingness to co-operate in power sharing agreements with US global interest. However, Iran is a regional power, which will not submit to becoming a vassal state of the US. The sanctions policy has not provoked an uprising among the Iranian masses nor has it led to regime change. Sanctions have not weakened Iran to the extent of making it an easy military target. While sanctions have weakened Iran’s economy, they has also worked against any kind of long-range empire building strategy, because Iran has strengthened its economic and diplomatic ties with the US’ rivals, Russia and China.


As this brief survey indicates, US-EU wars have not been instruments of empire-building in the conventional or historical sense. At most they have destroyed some adversaries of empire. But these have been pyrhic victories. Along with the overthrow of a target regime, the systematic break-up of the state has unleashed powerful chaotic forces, which have doomed any possibility of creating stable neo-colonial regimes capable of controlling their societies and securing opportunities for imperialist enrichment via economic exploitation.

At most the US overseas wars have secured military outposts, foreign islands in seas of desperate and hostile populations. Imperial wars have provoked continuous underground resistance movements, ethnic civil wars and violent terrorist organizations which threaten ‘blowback’ on the imperial center.

The US and EU’s easy annexations of the ex-communist countries, usually via the stage-managed ballot-box or ‘color revolutions’, led to the take-over of great national wealth and skilled labor. However, Euro-American empires bloody campaigns to invade and conquer the Middle East, South Asia, North Africa and the Caucuses have created nightmarish ‘failed states’ – continuously draining imperial coffers and leading to a state of permanent occupation and warfare.

The bloodless takeover of the Eastern European satellites with their accommodating, corrupt elites has ended. The 21st century reliance on militarist strategies contrasts sharply with the successful multi-pronged colonial expansions of the 19th – 20th century, where economic penetration and large scale economic development accompanied military intervention and political change. Today’s imperial wars cause economic decay and misery within the domestic economy, as well as perpetual wars abroad, an unsustainable drain.

The current US/EU military expansion into Ukraine, the encirclement of Russia, NATO missiles aimed at the very heart of a major nuclear power and the economic sanctions may lead to a global nuclear war, which may indeed put an end to militarist empire-building… and the rest of humanity.

Chris Hedges – Empire of Illusion: The End of Literacy and the Triumph of Spectacle

Empire of Illusion: The End of Literacy and the Triumph of Spectacle, by Pulitzer Prize winning author Chris Hedges, argues that we are heading for economic, environmental, political, and moral collapse, as a once proud nation becomes an empire. According to Hedges, corporations are using mass entertainment to sell us the illusion of meaning, while we are kept apathetic about the decline of our culture, the erosion of education, and the systematic loss of our liberties.

Chapter by chapter

In Chapter 1, “The Illusion of Literacy,” beginning with the popular appeal of professional wrestling and reality TV, the author traces how media creates illusions of life, or pseudo-events, which overlay reality in the minds of those who follow them. These pseudo-events become more important than our real-world problems. “The success of professional wrestling, like most of the entertainment that envelops our culture, lies not in fooling us that these stories are real. Rather, it succeeds because we ask to be fooled. We happily pay for the chance to suspend reality.”

Moving through a detailed panorama of media, the cult of celebrity, and shows like American Idol, The Swan, Big Brother, and Survivor, Hedges uncovers the messages behind these shows. “They leave us chasing vapors. They urge us toward a life of narcissistic self-absorption. They tell us that existence is to be centered on the practices and desires of the self rather than the common good.”

This assaults literacy, not just our ability to read, but also our capacity to think deeply about issues.

A culture dominated by images and slogans seduces those that are functionally literate but who make the choice not to read…Propaganda has become a substitute for ideas and ideals. Knowledge is confused with how we are made to feel. Commercial brands are mistaken for expressions of individuality.

This is most important in the area of politics.

Those captive to images cast ballots based on how candidates make them feel. They vote for a slogan, a smile, perceived sincerity, and attractiveness, along with the carefully crafted personal history of the candidate…Truth is irrelevant. Those who succeed in politics, as in most of the culture, are those create the most convincing fantasies.

In chapter 2, “The Illusion of Love,” Hedges addresses the issue of the growing use of pornography in the last 40 years. He shows the horrors of the porn industry, its abuse of women and the industrialization of rape. He allows porn actors to speak for themselves, focusing on those who share their victimization by soulless companies whose only concern is profit; in porn they are commodities, not people. Hedges pulls no punches in letting them tell their stories. The testimonies here are stark and sexually detailed, certainly not for the faint-hearted. In other interviews with people who support the industry you can hear the hollowness of their justifications of abuse and torture.

He has a section of interviews with Shelly Lubben and some of her team at a porn convention. Shelly is an ex-porn star and is now a Christian crusader against the industry. Her mission is to rescue women from porn and show them the gospel of Jesus Christ. The author never openly commends her work against the industry, though he seems to share her viewpoint. Hedges does not write from a Christian perspective, and given his other railing against Christians (especially the “Christian Right”) this is a compliment.

There are few conclusions or recommendations for how to deal with this scourge on the mental landscape of our citizens. Instead, the author leaves us to draw our own from the descriptions of how pornography victimizes both users and producers. He rightly sees pornography as disassociated from relationships, intimacy, and real sex, and more about power and violence. Hedges uses our cultures fascination with porn, and the way that it has become mainstreamed into other media, to show how we have replaced real love with an illusion. Porn is a reflection of the violence that we have come to accept as entertainment, as figured in the Abu Graib abuses.

Chapter 3, “The Illusion of Wisdom,” is about higher education, specifically the schools of the elite, like Yale, Harvard, Stanford, and Cambridge—the very schools where most of those in political and corporate power receive their education. Admission to these schools, like a country club membership, is only available to the rich and powerful, who make colossal donations to gain admittance for their children. Diversity is cultural and ethnic, but there is no diversity of class. Intelligence and analytical skills are the only traits prized in these cloisters of privilege, and those students and faculty who question the status quo are shunned. Hedges contrasts this to an earlier time when enrollment was open, and where students questioned what they were hearing, rather than simply regurgitating facts.

He notes,

These elites are not capable of asking the broad, universal questions, the staples of an education in the humanities, which challenge the deepest assumptions of a culture and examine the harsh realities of political and economic power…Instead the elite are taught skills which prepare them for careers in business and politics. If business and political institutions are going the wrong way, these skills will not enable them to see what is wrong, or show any way to correct them…The unstated ethic of these elite institutions is to make as much money as you can to sustain the elitist system…By the time they graduate, they are superbly conditioned for the drudgery of moving large sums of money around electronically or negotiating huge corporate contracts.

The consequence of this shift in education over the last 100 years is that the people making the biggest decisions about what kind of country and economy the rest of us will inherit are those unprepared to question authority and the status quo, and unlikely to set aside the interests of the rich and powerful to build a better world for all Americans. The moral and ethical dimensions of business and public policy will not just be ignored, but intellectually unavailable to them.

Chapter 4, “The Illusion of Happiness,” is about positive psychology and social engineering. Positive psychology believes that happiness can be engineered. “By thinking about things, by visualizing them, by wanting them, we can make them happen.” As preposterous as this con artistry seems, this is a prevailing philosophy being sold to major corporations. “The corporations tell us who we are and what we can become…If we are not happy there is something wrong with us.”

This ties in with the picture that Hedges is painting of our culture of illusion.

Once we adopt a positive mind, positive things will always happen. This belief, like all the other illusions peddled in the culture, encourages people to flee from reality when reality is frightening or depressing… This flight into self-delusion is no more helpful in solving real problems than alchemy. But it is very effective in keeping people from questioning the structure around them that are responsible for their misery. Positive Psychology gives an academic patina to fantasy.

These positive psychologists sell their services to corporations, who then build a culture where productivity at work, based on an illusion of happiness, not family or church, becomes the highest ethical goal for an individual. As this fails to produce real fulfillment and leads to isolation, the person who rebels against his keepers is passed over for promotion, or “downsized.” The person who is cowed into submission flees into the fantasy of spectacle on television or pornography to validate a life that should have been lived for a higher calling than next year’s annual report. Either way this accomplishes the corporation’s goal of profit, either by producing more brake pads, or downsizing those who don’t want to play the game.

Positive psychology, like celebrity culture, the relentless drive to consume, and the diversionary appeals of mass entertainment, feeds off the unhappiness that comes from isolation and the loss of community. The corporate teaching that we can find happiness through conformity to corporate culture is a cruel trick, for it is corporate culture that stokes and feeds the great malaise and disconnect of the culture of illusion.

The final chapter, “The Illusion of America,” sums up the rest of the book with the opening line, “I used to live in a country called America.” Hedges tells us that, though we use the same language of freedom, rights, liberty, and justice for all, we are left with only the illusion of these things in a country that cruelly treats those who are poor, laid off, and whose homes have been foreclosed, while those who have engineered their demise on Wall Street take home 10 million dollar bonuses. Ironically, the government we elected to promote liberty and to protect our people never steps in to interrupt this greed. There are slogans of hope and change, but the real hope is for the rich to get richer, and the change is just another coat of paint on the same collapsing edifice that was once a great and proud nation.

I challenge you to read that chapter for yourself. It’s not fun. Whether or not all that Chris Hedges says is true, there is certainly the ring of authenticity to someone born in the early 50s who grew up looking forward to a brighter future and a better America. Perhaps the most chilling statement is, “At no period in American history has our democracy been in such peril or the possibility of totalitarianism as real.” In the 70s I wondered, as I read Revelation 13, how the prediction of an evil world ruler could ever be bought and sold in America. Francis Schaeffer’s words were prophetic: “History indicates that that at a certain point of economic breakdown people cease being concerned with individual liberties and are ready to accept regimentation. The danger is obviously greater when [the] two main values so many people have are personal peace and affluence.”

Why don’t International Justice call for the arrests of the ‘tops’?

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”Peace will not come to Athens (Mankind) until those who are not injured becomes as outraged as those who are injured”

“The nation that will insist on drawing a broad line of demarcation between the fighting man and the thinking man is liable to find its fighting done by fools and its thinking done by cowards.”


The two quotations above gives two very crucial, fundamental warnings, that are absolutely essential to take into account when trying to uphold a true Democracy. They are extracted from speeches on the Peloponnesian Wars by the fifth century BC Athenian, historian, philosopher and general, Thucydides.

The first points at the fatal danger of neglecting people who suffer under oppression and tyranny, and the second points out the crucial importance of a police and an army formed by the citizens themselves for the defense of democracy, the citizens and the good of all (instead of a professional police and army who will always be inclined to serve the elite).

Exactly the neglect of human suffering and the professional police forces and armies (that are directed by private interests) are currently provoking a toxic socio-political climate, in which democracy is receiving blow after blow from those who really benefit by its destruction. Justice is sadly to a dangerously high degree in the hands of the same. The Hydra of the biggest banking families and their subservient beneficiaries have come to own most major businesses over the two centuries during which they have secretly and increasingly organised themselves as controllers of governments worldwide and as arbiters of war and peace.

Unless we understand this we will be unable to understand the real reasons for the two world wars and the impending third world war, a war that is almost certain to begin as a consequence of the US attempt to seize and control Central Asia. The only way out is for the US to back off – something the people of the US and the world want, but the elite does not.

International Justice must be ‘forced’, by the western, united public opinion, to take action against the biggest banking families and their ‘bullies’. The west’s citizens need to produce precise, adequate and comprehensive lawsuits against them in both National and International Court’s. It is mainly the western pseudo-democratic governments that has laid International Justice aside for too long and has failed to actually ever implement real Democracy, due to their obligations to these banking families and their subservient beneficiaries. It is these highly treasonous obligations that has made most citizens in the world very angry and some very vindictive, because these obligations has been proven to mean enforced, neo-colonial treaties and agreements, against the good of their own people and countries.

Standing outside Bilderberg-meetings, parliaments, WTO- and G7-summits shouting slogans, informing them that we know who they are and what they are up to, doesn’t even bring sweat to their foreheads anymore. Why would it? They have the security police, the riot police, the national guard, the paramilitary security companies, the armies (private, national and international), mercenary armies and the loosely or fully allied criminal gangs and militias. The elected ‘politicians’, under the advice of their vulture advisers, also make sure to very quickly and basically unnoticed by the general public, vote through the new legislations that are defending the exaggerated use of repressive forces and excessive violence. They need to ensure that the violence they feel that they have to use against their own citizens becomes, ‘legally valid measures’.  For the public’s safety and to keep order in the society, they claim, while the country’s Constitution Committee and the Supreme Court ‘has gone fishing’! This, despite the fact that it is the public their “robocops” beat, kick, drag, spray with tear gas and water cannons, shoot rubber bullets on, mass arrest, torture and terrorize – and despite the fact that it is the society itself that has been attacked by its bankers and businessmen with their blessing and permission. This is done through undemocratically and unconstitutionally enforced legislations, sure,.. but sadly enough ‘legally valid’ in the eyes of Justice, until the peoples unite and in organised form invalidates these legislations.

As a matter of fact, the most effective form of organisation against Mammon’s tyranny is called DEMOCRACY, but not in its current crippled, blindfolded, mute, finance-dictated, extorted form. Not in its “vote-every-4-years-and-pay-your-taxes-and-leave-the-rest-to-us-because-we-know-better” form. This form is what brought us to this fragile position in the first place. We have to look for solutions in the very foundations of true Democracy, to understand how we can build the ‘defense lines’ against, plutocracy and tyranny with it. Its original form,.. that ancient pre-Roman, Athenian form, is still the only true foundation for a democratic ‘ordering and organisation of the affairs and the concerns of a state and a human society’. It is the only known form that can really provide collective freedom, individual and social self-determination and a consistent self-defense to a whole people or a nation, thus the only one that can really be called Democracy. THAT FORM IS WHAT TODAY’S PREDATORY, FINANCIAL ELITE DREAD MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE IN THIS WORLD. They have encountered it a few times in history, and they didn’t like it at all.

It took them over a century and a lot of conspiracies, secrecy, manipulation and infiltration to really recover since the French slapped them in the face with it. And take into account that, that slap as well as the one the American revolution gave their colonizers, was just cuddles in comparison to what a true and mature Democracy really can do, to these self-proclaimed ‘kings’ and ‘emperors’ of mankind. The French and the Americans as well as most others, who has raised a spirit of freedom against tyranny, has not sufficiently implemented the original and most important principles of Democracy, the ones Thucydides warned about. They managed to leave amazingly democratic constitutions to mankind, but failed to also leave the necessary practical safety locks in order to adequately defend its constitutions and its basic democratic principles. The safety locks that among others, Solon, Thucydides and Pericles, in ancient Athens already had identified as absolutely crucial for a true Democracy to be able to protect itself from, and survive, conspiracies of plutocratic, kleptocratic and oligarchic character, in other words tyranny!

In France in the 18th century, the majority of the simple people was illiterate and therefore unaware of the existence of these ancient but still fundamental principles, so they couldn’t demand them from the revolution. This fact enticed even Robespierre himself to become a self proclaimed ‘headmaster’ of the French people and a power-drunk tyrant and his megalomania finally led to the loss of his head,.. literally. In America the revolution had the same problem, plus the fact that those who fought in the War of Independence came from many different backgrounds, culturally and ethnically, so they could be stilled and satisfied with just a few crumbs compared to what a truly informed and united people can achieve.

Today we are in a different situation altogether because today in the west, nearly nobody is illiterate (at least officially), so today we really can demand that all the fundamental principles of democracy shall be restored and protected in a way only the pre-Roman, Greek Democracy, has ever done. The Roman post-Greek form of Democracy on the other hand laid – through a rigid bureaucracy and far too many highly unnecessary and complex laws – the fundamentals for what still pass as Democracy in the world today. Rome, the vulgar, imperialist copycat of the Hellenic culture actually paved the way for plutocratic and kleptocratic conspiracies through the many ‘loop holes’ that Roman law had left open, without any regard of the fundamental Athenian principles and the original central citizens ethos that must be the basics of the Law in a Democracy.

Our worst enemy today, that keep us from uniting, is not illiteracy like in the end of the 18th century, it is the disinformation and the state sanctioned, deceptive propaganda.

To unite doesn’t at all mean that we have to agree on everything, or even that we have to like eachothers political views. It just mean that we have to identify and focus on the real and highly dangerous common threats to all of us and to our house (our individual and social freedom, our country, our natural resources and our constitutions). It means to use reason and logic before passion, to with united forces first eliminate that threat.  Because without our house being truly ours, it’s pretty pointless to argue about how to share it among ourselves, which house rules should be applied, or how we best use its resources.

If we await a simultaneous global uprising, we are not using reason and logic, but just silly and childish hope and that will just allow the Ukraine-effect and the Syria-effect to spread globally. To just hope for something in the current situation, really means that one already has given up and is just expecting help to come from somewhere else or someone else. The “help” that comes from “somewhere else” and from “someone else” is today gladly provided by the banking-families mercenary armies and their death-squads and militias, which are led by NATO. With the Ukraine-effect and the Syria-effect, I mean extremists and bloodthirsty, fanatic butchers who are unleashed by exactly these banking-families, to act as “revolutionaries defending their land”, in order to prevent the actual majority of the country’s population to unite and demand real Democracy. This is what awaits all of us unless all pull up their pants, roll up their sleeves and really unite in an adequate way against the tyrants. It is proof of great stupidity or great cowardice, or both, to expect tyrants to save mankind from tyrants. Especially when the only thing one have the balls to do as an alleged political reaction today, is to still participate in their ludicrous left-right charade. Today that is like choosing if one wants to be pushed off the cliff edge with the banking-families right hand or left hand.

“Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.”

Dr Martin Luther King Jr

So, the answer to the question in the title of this article is simply: Because, the still free people of the world, don’t unite, organise and demand it strongly enough!

Consequently, the most crucial act of resistance today is the united, determined and well-organised act that will force International Justice to react strongly against the global Hydra of Mammon’s looters, occupiers and war-lords,.. and finally hold them to account for their repeated and extremely serious crimes against humanity.


The puppeteers to prison!

The banking-families Hydra is flying high, far too high and its heads are playing gods using Icaros wings, and even now when these wings are scorched and they are constantly losing power (fewer and fewer believe in their fairy tales), they refuse to realize that the wings are only from wax and removable, and that they in fact can not actually fly without them. The Hydra has during long time learned to act as if it is beyond indictment and above the law but it forgets that the sun melts wax.


Blinded by arrogance and pride, they can’t see their fall coming more than Icaros could, and that is the ultimate proof of not only their blindness but also their simplistic minds. Mankind need to, in its social character and its common approach to life, collectively find Daedalus* (Icaros fathers) balance between ‘flying too high and too low’. Balance between greed and need so to say. The balance can not be restored on the collective level, when the disturbances has become norms, if humanity and society itself doesn’t treat its imbalances with relevance and unity. Balance comes with truth, self-observation, knowledge of microcosmos and macrocosmos and the genuine will to respect the natural principles that upholds life. The beginning of such treatment of the imbalance is to accurately and effectively deal with the worst disturbances and its causes. It means to apply strict legal sanctions and to establish independent and constitutionally protected practical, legal safeguards that protects the fundamental democratic principles and the citizens from power abuse.

Humanity must, except demanding very high prison sentences also demand the annexation of all of their fortunes, in order to compensate at least parts of the unmeasurable damages they have caused mankind, as well as the deprivation of all their public functions, social-economic influence and civil rights (exactly as was done in the Athenian dawn of Democracy). They and all their alike, their ‘servants’, their ‘lapdogs’ and ‘hangarounds’ cannot be allowed anymore to have any influence on either the public or the private influential sectors. Humanity and its societies must once and for all mark and set an example by showing that one risk losing everything, just everything, except food, water and shelter, if one pleases to expose whole societies and humanity to a substantial and fatal danger. These penalties are fully in line with the original legal and practical aspects of democracy.

We must united, incessantly and very loudly and officially ask our legal authorities: Why aren’t the top banking families ‘heads of families’, the directors, the chairmen and boards, the executives, the ministers, the agents and the commanders of their corporations, organizations, and institutions, being brought to justice? It stands very clear today, through whole ‘libraries of evidence’, who in fact are putting the whole world and mankind in a very critical position once again.

In the collective conscience of mankind they are seriously accused:

  • to have achieved their power and created their wealth through frauds, theft, the manipulation of public wealth, elected officials, whole societies and through crimes against humanity, war crimes and genocide.
  • to intentionally and in a predetermined manner  have created very serious problems, waited for the carefully evoked reactions  and then presented their own desired solutions.
  • to have manipulated markets, governments, courts, nations, societies, police forces, armies and continents through covert military and paramilitary operations, propaganda, extortion, murder, threats and terror.
  • to through fraud, lies and deceit deliberately have caused economic crisis, geo-political crisis, wars, civil wars, revolutions, dictatorships and to always have financed both sides in big conflicts so that they wouldn’t end before the desired geo-strategic, political and socioeconomic goals has been achieved.

Over 100 million people died just in the 20th century in wars and armed conflicts, caused, provoked and triggered by them and their governments, corporations, organizations and institutions.

Something essential to keep in mind here is that the Law in a Democracy (the Greek form) is meant to express the common morality and ethos of the people, and not to defend the selfish desires and the crimes of a financial, political or clerical elite (the Roman form). We must therefore loudly ask: When is International Justice going to react in accordance with these, by mankind, widely supported accusations?

Of course this will not happen without a very strong pressure from the peoples. The absolute first thing the western citizens and the democratic forces need to organise around now, is the official demand to their national Supreme Courts, Constitutional Committees and the International Criminal Court, to hold the top criminals from these banking families and their organizations to account for high-treason, crimes against humanity, war crimes and genocide. What credibility does otherwise people’s democratic struggles really have? If the struggling people doesn’t show also in practice, that they consider these men and women as highly dangerous to human societies and to humanity, why should Justice bother, some might argue?

Apparently, the currently very tired and rather deaf International Justice and its judges and prosecutors must be reminded today what the actual purpose with it was in the first place. It must be ‘told to’ do what it was formed to do, and to not succumb to extortion and threats or expected class obligations. If they can’t resist or avoid such submission, they shouldn’t hold their positions for a minute more, they should step down and leave their places to more courageous and irrepressible “guardians of the law”. Humanity must very strongly demand this now from International Justice by, except the massive citizens law suits, also relocate the large protests outside their headquarters and courts instead of outside parliaments (that really don’t have any particular power today).

International Justice was established primarily to protect peoples, nations and humanity from oppression and tyranny by defending the basic human and civil rights and the peoples rights to resist tyranny and to defend national and international democracy and freedom. Well, it doesn’t! If it did, we would have seen it and felt it over the last four years when mankind in fact has shown more than ever before through massive protests against injustice, dictatorial political decisions and neo-colonial economic solutions, that it want true justice. It would have responded and reacted to the very justified massive reactions and protests against neo-liberal privatizations and the demolition of human and civil rights. Actually they did in fact, but I don’t mean a respond which is first of all police violence and repressive actions and policies against the victims, but a respond with the existing legal tools against the perpetrators.

To defend mankind now means to immediately and through existing International Law and adequate practical mechanisms (their arrests and prosecutions), in a clear and firm way show these banking families and their allies that peoples, nations, cultures cannot be extorted, threatened and terrorized by a few banking families without them being severely and relevantly punished for it. Does these judges and prosecutors exist at all, in any other form than as an endangered species, I wonder, and are we just expecting courage, righteousness and decency from where only cowardice, unrighteousness and indecency exists?


Kosmas Loumakis

Karlshamn 21-08-2014



*Daedalos was a craftsman, considered the inventor of carpentry, who built the labyrinth for Minos, king of Crete. Minos imprisoned him and his son Icaros, but they escaped using wings that Daedalos made and fastened with wax. Icaros, however, flew too near the sun and was killed.

This ‘myth-historic’ (mix of mythology and history) story explain Man’s fall into the abyss of egoism and narcissism and Man’s ability to surmount these self-destructive characteristics through balance and moderation.

The Emperor’s Rage: Let Chaos Envelop the World!


Introduction: Chaos reigns and spreads as enraged leaders in the US, Europe and their clients and allies pursue genocidal wars. Mercenary wars in Syria; Israel’s terror bombing on Gaza; proxy wars in the Ukraine, Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Somalia.

Tens of millions of refugees flee scenes of total destruction. Nothing is sacred. There are no sanctuaries. homes, schools, hospitals and entire families are targeted for destruction.

Chaos by Design

At the center of chaos, the wild-eyed President Obama strikes blindly, oblivious of the consequences, willing to risk a financial debacle or a nuclear war. He enforces sanctions against Iran; imposes sanctions on Russia; sets up missile bases five launch minutes from Moscow; sends killer drones against Pakistan, Yemen and Afghanistan; arms mercenaries in Syria; trains and equips Kurds in Iraq and pays for Israel’s savagery against Gaza.

Nothing works.

The Chaos President is blind to the fact that starving one’s adversaries does not secure submission: it unites them to resist. Regime change, imposing proxies by force and subterfuge, can destroy the social fabric of complex societies: Million of peasants and workers become uprooted refugees. Popular social movements are replaced by organized criminal gangs and bandit armies.

Central America, the product of decades of US direct and proxy military interventions, which prevented the most basic structural changes, has become a chaotic, unlivable inferno for millions. Tens of thousands of children flee from their ‘free market’- induced mass poverty and militarized state and gangster violence. Children refugees at the US border are arrested in mass, and imprisoned in makeshift detention camps, subject to psychological, physical and sexual abuse by officials and guards on the inside. On the outside, these pitiful children are exposed to the racist hatred of a frightened US public unaware of the dangers these children are escaping and the US government’s role in creating these hells.

The US-backed Kiev aviation authorities re-directed international passenger airlines to fly over war zones bristling with anti-aircraft missiles while Kiev’s jets bombed the rebellious cities and towns. One flight was shot down and nearly 300 civilians perished. Immediately an explosion of accusations from Kiev blaming Russian President Putin flooded Western media with no real facts to explain the tragedy/crime. War-crazy President Obama and the slavering prime ministers of the EU ejaculated ultimatums, threatening to convert Russia into a pariah state. ‘Sanctions, sanctions, everywhere . . . but first… France must complete its $1.5 billion sale to the Russian navy.’ And the City of London exempts the Russian oligarchs from the ‘sanctions’, embedded as they are in London’s money-laundering, parasitical FIRE (Fire, Insurance and Real Estate) economy. The Cold War has returned and has taken an ugly turn… with exceptions…for business.

Confrontation among nuclear powers is imminent: And the maniacal Baltic States and Poland bray the loudest for war with Russia, oblivious to their positions on the front lines of incineration…

Each day Israel’s war machine chews up more bodies of Gaza’s children while spitting out more lies. Cheering Israeli Jews perch on their fortified hills to celebrate each missile strike on the apartments and schools in the densely populated Shejaiya neighborhood of besieged Gaza. A group of orthodox and secular entrepreneurs in Brooklyn have organized group tours to visit the Holy Sites by day and enjoy the Gaza pyrotechnics by night . . . night goggles to view the fleeing mothers and burning children are available at a small extra charge…

Again the US Senate votes unanimously in support of Israel’s latest campaign of mass murder – no crime is depraved enough to ruffle the scruples of America’s leaders. They hew close to a script from the 52 Presidents of the Major American Jewish Organizations. Together they embrace a Beast from the Apocalypse gnawing on the flesh and bones of Palestine.

But, Sacre Bleu! France’s Zionists have prevailed on the ‘President-Socialiste’ Hollande. Paris bans all anti-Israel demonstrations despite the clear reports of genocide. Demonstrators supporting the Gazan resistance are gassed and assaulted by special riot police – ‘Socialist’ Hollande serves the demands of powerful Zionist organizations while trashing his country’s republican traditions and its sacred ‘Rights of Man’.

The young protestors of Paris fought back with barricades and paving stones in the finest traditions of the Paris Commune waving the flags of a free Palestine. Not a single ‘red banner’ was in sight: The French ‘left’ were under their beds or off on vacation.

There are ominous signs away from the killing fields. The stock market is rising while the economy stagnates. Wild speculators have returned in their splendor widening the gap between the fictitious and real economy before the ‘deluge’, the chaos of another inevitable crash.

In industrial America’s once great Detroit, clean water is shut-off to tens of thousands of poor citizens unable to pay for basic service. In the midst of summer, urban families are left to defecate in hallways, alleyways and empty lots. Without water the toilets are clogged, children are not washed. Roscoe, the master plumber, says the job is way beyond him.

According to our famed economists, the economy of Detroit is ‘recovering . . . profits are up, it’s only the people who are suffering’. Productivity has doubled, speculators are satisfied; Pensions are slashed and wages are down; but the Detroit Tigers are in first place.

Public hospitals everywhere are being closed. In the Bronx and Brooklyn, emergency rooms are overwhelmed. Chaos! Interns work 36 hour shifts . . . and the sick and injured take their chances with a sleep-deprived medic. Meanwhile, in Manhattan, private clinics and ‘boutique’ practices for the elite proliferate.

Scandinavians have embraced the putschist power grab in Kiev. The Swedish Foreign Minister Bildt bellows for a new Cold War with Russia. The Danish emissary and NATO leader, Rasmussen, salivates obscenely at the prospect of bombing and destroying Syria in a replay of NATO’s ‘victory’ over Libya.

The German leaders endorse the ongoing Israeli genocide against Gaza; they are comfortably protected from any moral conscience by their nostalgic blanket of ‘guilt’ over Nazi crimes 70 years ago.

Saudi-funded Jihadi terrorists in Iraq showed their “infinite mercy” by… merely driving thousands of Christians from ancient Mosul. Nearly 2,000 years of a continuous Christian presence was long enough! At least most escaped with their heads still attached.

Chaos Everywhere

Over one hundred thousand agents of the US National Security Agency are paid to spy on two million Muslim citizens and residents in the USA. But for all the tens of billions of dollars spent and tens of millions of conversations recorded, Islamic charities are prosecuted and philanthropic individuals are framed in ‘sting operations’.

Where the bombs fall no one knows, but people flee. Millions are fleeing the chaos.

But there is no place to go! The French invade half a dozen African countries but the refugees are denied refuge in France. Thousands die in the desert or drown crossing the Med. Those who do make it, are branded criminals or relegated to ghettos and camps.

Chaos reigns in Africa, the Middle East, Central America and Detroit. The entire US frontier with Mexico has become a militarized detention center, a multi-national prison camp. The border is unrecognizable to our generation.

Chaos reigns in the markets. Chaos masquerades as trade sanctions: Iran yesterday, Russia today and China tomorrow. Washington, Watch out! Your adversaries are finding common ground, trading, forging agreements, building defenses; their ties are growing stronger.

Chaos reigns in Israel. War-obsessed Israelis discover that the Chosen People of God can also bleed and die, lose limbs and eyes in the alleyways of Gaza where poorly armed boys and men stand their ground. When the cheers turn to jeers, will they re-elect Bibi, their current kosher butcher? The overseas brethren, the fundraisers, the lobbyists and the armchair verbal assassins will automatically embrace some new face, without questions, regrets or (god forbid!) self-criticism –if it’s ‘good for Israel and the Jews’ it’s got to be right!

Chaos reigns in New York. Judicial rulings favor the pirates and their vulture funds demanding one-thousand percent returns on old Argentine bonds. If Argentina rejects this financial blackmail and defaults, shock waves will ripple throughout global financial markets. Creditors will tremble in uncertainty: Fears will grow over a new financial crash. Will they squeeze out another trillion-dollar bailout?

But where’s the money? Printing presses are working day and night. There are only a few life boats . . . enough for the bankers and Wall Street, the other ninety-nine percent will have to swim or feed the sharks.

The corrupted financial press now advises warlords on which country to bomb and politicians on how to impose economic sanctions; they no longer provide sound economic information or advise investors on markets. Their editorial rants will incite an investor flight to buy king-sized mattresses for stuffing as the banks fail.

The US President is on the verge of a mental breakdown: He’s a liar of Munchausen proportions with a bad case of political paranoia, war hysteria and megalomania. He’s gone amok, braying, ‘I lead the world: its US leadership or chaos’. Increasingly the world has another message: ‘It’s the US and chaos.’

Wall Street is abandoning him. The Russians have double-crossed him. The Chinese merchants are now doing business everywhere we used to be and we ought to be. They’re playing with loaded dice. The stubborn Somalis refuse to submit to a Black President: they reject this ‘ML King with drones’ . . . The Germans suck on their thumbs in total stupor as Americans monitor and record their every conversation…for their own safety! “Our corporations are ingrates after all we have done for them”, the First Black President whines. “They flee from our taxes while we subsidize their operations!”

Final Solutions: The End of Chaos

The only solution is to move on: Chaos breeds chaos. The President strives to project his ‘Leadership’. He asks his close advisers very hard questions: “Why can’t we bomb Russia, just like Israel bombs Gaza? Why don’t we build an ‘Iron Dome’ over Europe and shoot down Russian nuclear missiles while we fire upon Moscow from our new bases in Ukraine? Which countries will our ‘Dome’ protect? I am sure that the people of East Europe and the Baltic States will gladly make the supreme sacrifice. After all, their leaders were at the very front frothing for a war with Russia. Their reward, a nuclear wasteland, will be a small price to ensure our success!”

The Zionist lobby will insist our ‘Iron Dome’ covers Israel. But the Saudis may try to bribe the Russians to spare the oil fields as Moscow targets the US missile bases near Mecca. Our radio-active allies in the Middle East will just have to relocate to a new Holy Land.

Do Obama and his advisers imagine reducing the Asian population by a billion or two? Do they plan several hundred Hiroshimas because the Chinese crossed the President’s ‘red lines’: China’s economy and trade grew too fast, expanded too far, it was too competitive, too competent, too successful at gaining market shares, and they ignored our warnings and our unparalleled military might.

Most of Asia will inhale nuclear dust, millions of Indians and Indonesians will perish as collateral damage. Their survivors will feast on ‘radiated fish’ in a glowing sea.

Beyond Chaos: The New American Way:

Because our ‘Iron Dome’ will have failed us, we will have to re-emerge out of toxic ashes and crawl from our bunkers, dreaming of a New America free from wars and poverty. The Reign of Chaos will have ended. The ‘peace and order’ of the graveyard will reign supreme.

The emperors will be forgotten.

And we never will have found out who fired that missile at the doomed Malaysian airliner with its 300 passengers and crew. We will have lost count of the thousands of Palestinian parents and children slaughtered in Gaza by the Chosen People of Israel. We will not know how the sanctions against Russia panned out.

It won’t matter in the post-nuclear age, after the Chaos…




the_politics_of_empire_031014_02-235x364Can’t understand how the US Senate can unanimously pass a resolution supporting the murderous Israeli assault on Gaza? Get some clarity. Award-winning Author and Professor Emeritus James Petras gets between 5-7,000 hits on his website every day.

To order the book go to James Petras site


About James Petras

He is the author of more than 62 books published in 29 languages, and over 600 articles in professional journals, including the American Sociological Review, British Journal of Sociology, Social Research, and Journal of Peasant Studies. He has published over 2000 articles in nonprofessional journals such as The New York Times, the Guardian, the Nation, Christian Science Monitor, Foreign Policy, New Left Review, Partisan Review, Temps Moderne, Le Monde Diplomatique, and his commentary is widely carried on the internet.

His publishers have included Random House, John Wiley, Westview, Routledge, Macmillan, Verso, Zed Books and Pluto Books. He is winner of the Career of Distinguished service award from the American Sociological Association’s Marxist Sociology Section, the Robert Kenny Award for Best Book, 2002, and the Best Dissertation, Western Political Science Association in 1968. His most recent titles include Unmasking Globalization: Imperialism of the Twenty-First Century (2001); co-author The Dynamics of Social Change in Latin America (2000), System in Crisis (2003), co-author Social Movements and State Power (2003), co-author Empire With Imperialism (2005), co-author)Multinationals on Trial (2006).

He has a long history of commitment to social justice working in particular with the Brazilian Landless Workers Movement for 11 years. In 1973-76 he was a member of the Bertrand Russell Tribunal on Repression in Latin America. He writes a monthly column for the Mexican newspaper, La Jornada, and previously, for the Spanish daily, El Mundo. He received his B.A. from Boston University and Ph.D. from The University of california at Berkeley.


NATO’s Nazi version of Freedom is Organized Evil against Humanity

Today, only the historically ill-informed, the deeply indoctrinated or the mentally ill, can see the Nazis and their alike as opponents to the globalists, the financial elite, the West’s ‘royal’ families, the ‘aristocrats’ and their ‘courts’ and ‘servants’. Nazism is the expression of ideas that was formed to protect exactly these people from Democracy or a new Bastille! Its logic, methods and tactics are therefore adopted by NATO, IDF, EU and U.S with offspring’s as Al-Qaeda and their latest ‘freak’, Kiev’s NATO assembled Gladio-army. The one who was put in place to prepare NATO’s invasion of Ukraine.

This article deals with the rise of Nazism, its character, its prerequisites, its alike and its heritage and contains the following 5 paragraphs:

  • Background
  • Why do the Nazis stand out as the worst War Criminals in the History of Mankind?
  • Evil is ‘Empathy Erosion’ and the Nazis made it a social norm
  • The devastating misconception of the concept of ‘Freedom’ in the West
  • Nazism and NATO





The EU and U.S supported Kiev-regime, with its hooligan mobs and its NATO assembled, ‘Gladio’ army; have with the Odessa massacre in May 2, 2014 and the ongoing massacres in East Ukraine begun a new era of ethnic cleansings in Europe. The Odessa massacre was a carefully staged covert intelligence operation with the aim to signal the beginning of Nazi terror on the European continent.

There was nothing ‘spontaneous’ or ‘accidental’, as the media suggested, in this diabolical undertaking which included the mass murder of 120+ humans inside the House of Trade Unions in Odessa. The building was quite deliberately set on fire as part of a carefully planned paramilitary operation, executed by American psychopaths of CIA’s special ops.

Israel’s and USA’s armies and their Intelligence services are the direct heirs of the Nazis and their dehumanizing-policies. The recently re-styled Nazi-regime in Ukraine is just a natural result of a 7 decades long CIA and MI6 sponsored Neo-nazism and so are the CIA and Mossad promoted Jihadists in the Arab world.


Today the EU- and U.S-media persistently tries to downplay and diminish the Nazi’s war crimes in WWII and their outstandingly misanthropic (human-hating from Greek μίσος [hate], άνθρωπος [human]) disposition and thereby give another image to Nazism. To slay, pole, rape and burn unarmed women, children and infants was and is, by the Nazis themselves declared to be a part of their ‘warfare tactics’. The exceptionally cruel character of the massacre in Odessa, May 2, 2014, and the ongoing massacres in Lugansk, has the same characteristics as the thousands of the German WWII massacres, performed by the Einsatzgruppen and the Waffen SS. Despite this clear similarities in both cruelty and tactics, the massacre in Odessa was reported and ‘explained’ by the western media, with a ‘logic’ that tried to wave off the staged crime as an unfortunate accident.

The two main prototypes for the war provoking and terrorizing the civilians to obedience tactics, that the Kiev-regime, NATO, IDF and EU are frequently using are two of the major Nazi-policies in WWII: 

  • “Covert Military or Paramilitary Operations Policy(false-flag ops) like the Gleiwitz incident, which ‘gave the excuse’ for the invasion of Poland.  Or a more relevant example as the Stay-Behind operations under the name “Operation Gladio”. They were formed in the end of WWII by the U.S-saved, and CIA supported Nazis and Fascists that the allies helped to reorganize. They have been active in Europe up to current days with Libya, Syria and Ukraine as its latest provoked NATO-engineered civil wars.
  • “Collective Punishment Policy(against unarmed civilians), like in Greece, Belarus, France, Lithuania, Poland, Russia and Ukraine during WWII. Or more recent examples as the Odessa Massacre and the continuous Syria and Gaza massacres.

The Nuremberg trials clearly declared these policies to be criminal. Both these policies are considered as War Crimes according to the Fourth Geneva Convention (GCIV) part III, Article 33 and as  terrorism according to The Geneva Declaration on Terrorism Article I, paragraph 1 and 7. U.S, NATO and the IDF has fully adopted these policies and are since 1946 frequently using them as ordinary ‘warfare methods’ (IDF didn’t exist until 1948, but Haganah did).

It is out of highest importance today that we can understand what exactly Humanity stand against and what separates the Nazis and their alike, from all other mass-murderers in history. Their alike today is of course USA, Israel and the German led EU with NATO and the new EUROGENDFOR (European Gendarmerie Force) as today’s Wehrmacht and Gestapo.

Why does the Nazis stand out as the worst War Criminals in the History of Mankind?

The Nazis stand out from all the rest of humanity’s war criminals in a league of their own, because of their well-documented, unsurpassed cruelty and bloodthirst and their sadistic, misanthropic disposition, especially when dealing with unarmed civilian women, elders, children and infants. What is it that makes them stand out, compared to all other war criminals in the human history? The answer is quite simple really? It is the fact that they managed to turn the organized dehumanization of humans into a suitable ideology/cult, and they managed to make ‘empathy erosion’, the scientific term for evil (explained further down), a highly valued ‘quality’ and a widespread norm in the social character of the German society.  Intentionally, very well planned and well-organized, they nurtured misanthropic sentiments in the German society.

Due to this socio-psychological engineering, the Nazis could construct an unprecedented industrial form of genocide. They organized proper slaughter houses after the Assembly Line Principle, for the mass extermination of human beings. Human Experimentation and Industrial Extermination of humans, as “solutions” to cultural, political, geopolitical and socio-economic problems, were and still are compatible with the Nazi-version of a Human Civilization. No other war criminals, ‘slayers’ or tyrants in the human history, before the Nazis, went that far in their ‘refinement’ of their misanthropic feelings and urges. No one before them, did industrially recycle and use the skin, the fat and different body parts and body tissue from the mass murdered. 

Besides the Human Experimentation’s and the Industrial Extermination of over 15 million human beings, in the 23 main German extermination camps and over 1 200 sub-camps, they were particularly savage in their ‘warfare methods‘ against unarmed civilians. The Einsatzgruppen and the Waffen-SS performed thousands of massacres on unarmed civilians, particularly in Belarus, Greece, France, Lithuania, Poland, Russia and Ukraine.

One example of this fact is from Greece and is very graphically explained by the late Sture Linnér, the Swedish head of the International Red Cross in Greece, when he described the grim reality he saw when he arrived in the little town of Distomo:

Vultures were rising slowly and hesitantly at a low height from the sides of the road when they heard us coming. On hundreds of yards along the road, human bodies were hanging from every tree, pierced with bayonets – some were still alive.

They were the villagers, who were punished this way – they were suspected of providing help to the guerillas of the region, who had ambushed an SS unit.

The odor was unbearable.

In the village the last remnants of the houses were still burning. Hundreds of dead bodies of people of all ages, from elderly to newborns, were strewn around on the dirt. Several women were slaughtered with bayonets, their wombs torn apart and their breasts severed; others were lying strangled with their own intestines wrapped around their necks.


1779 villages were burnt to rubble in Greece and over 430 massacres of unarmed civilians took place from June 1941 to August 1944. Greece lost as many people in WWII as USA and England together… 13% of its population.

Perhaps one of the most moving aspects of this fact comes again from Sture Linnér, who returned to Distomo at the end of the war, two months after the massacre:

When the German occupation forces were forced to leave Greece, things did not go as planned for them. A German unit was surrounded by guerillas exactly in the same area, at Distomo. I thought that this might be taken by the Greeks as an opportunity for a bloody revenge, especially when considering that for quite a while the region had been cut off from any food supplies. I loaded a few lorries with food and necessities, I wired to Distomo a word about our planned arrival, and we found ourselves on the same road, once again, Cleo and I.

When we reached the outskirts of the village, we were met by a committee led by the elderly priest. He was an old fashioned patriarch, with a long, wavy, white beard. Next to him stood the guerilla captain, fully armed. The priest spoke first and thanked us on behalf of the survivors for the food supplies. Then he added: “We are all starving here, both us and the German prisoners. Now, even though we are famished, we are at least in our land. The Germans have not just lost the war; they are also far from their country. Give them the food you have with you, they have a long way ahead.”

At this phrase Cleo turned her eyes to me. I suspected what she wanted to tell me with that look, but I could not see clearly any more. I was just standing there weeping….

“HUMANITY. It’s something the Nazis didn’t have and something the Hellenic people had — and still have — in abundance”.

Sture Linnér

The many thousands of similar examples from Greece, Belarus, France, Lithuania, Poland, Russia and Ukraine, together with their Human Experiments and their Industrial Exterminations, are telling us one certain thing about the Nazis: They managed to organize, make into routine and express the ultimate evil in their ‘policies’, their ‘warfare methods’ and in their behavior against human beings in general. They developed methods, tactics, ‘logic’s’ and behavior that unfortunately many others have adopted since then.

Apart from the advanced Industrial Exterminations, NATO, U.S,  IDF and the German governed EU are permanently using the same ‘routines’ in their behavior against any humans they chose to see as degenerated or even as non-human. Human Experiment’s have been performed in recent years in the Guantanamo Bay medical facilities, in Abu Ghraib prison, and in several University Hospitals or prisons in USA, on the US army’s requests, since 1947.

Evil is ‘Empathy Erosion’ and the Nazis made it a social norm

Dr. Simon Baron-Cohen of Cambridge University describes ‘Empathy Erosion’ as:

“…when people dehumanize other humans, when they turn other people into objects, and can therefore become capable of malevolence and extreme human cruelty”.

The Nazis very much relied on their skillfully tailored ideological, political, scientific and historical propaganda myths, their ritualistic mass-meetings, their SS-brotherhoods elitist, racist indoctrination, their paramilitary political violence and terror, and their youth organizations. They developed a ‘system of education and nurturing‘ for the progress of the suitable norms, beliefs and preconditions, so that the organized ‘dehumanization of humans’ could develop on a mass scale in the German society. The leaders of the Nazi organization’s the Hitlerjugend (60% of all boys) and the Bund Deutscher Mädel (50% of all girls) imposed ‘empathy eroding‘ fostering methods and inside their framework, one of the purposes was to indoctrinate the youth with ‘race’-biological vulgar-science, twisted moralities and with nonsense-historical fairy-tales and myths, presented as historical facts. They did this to point out different ethnic and cultural groups or ‘races’ as non-human, and the progressive thinkers and the dissidents as ‘mentally ill’ or as ‘degenerates’ and therefore less human.

Civilians from the town of Ohrdruf were taken to view the bodies from the extermination camp and the visible, ‘human’ reactions were very few

U.S. Army soldiers show, the German civilians of Weimar, corpses found in Buchenwald concentration camp. One woman in the lower right section of the photo is the only one who seem to react in a normal, human way to the sight.

The Nuremberg trials condemned the indifference and the passivity of the German people living close to the 23 extermination camps, when the mass exterminations of humans took place on a daily basis for well over four years. It was evident that the over 20 years of dehumanization-propaganda and the Nazi-party’s tailored ‘empathy eroding’, education and training methods, in fact had made a majority of the Germans inhumanely tolerant and permissive of such atrocities. They had been fed with all the, according to the ‘logic’ of Nazism, “acceptable reasons” for such crimes against humanity.

Even if the methods differ a bit, they weren’t particularly different in essence, from the ‘dehumanization propaganda’ we are all force-fed with today, by the U.S and the EU governments and their media. This is done so that we shall accept the NATO led massacres and pogroms against unarmed civilians in Palestine, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Ukraine and any other place that U.S, EU and NATO decides to “liberate”. This propaganda is aiming for a clear social-psychological result – the same ‘empathy eroding’ social character as in Nazi-Germany. A historically very bizarre, but unfortunately very obvious, example of a society that has been put under a strict ‘empathy eroding’, social-psychological engineering policy, is the Israeli society.

On Israels war crimes Chris Hedges wrote in Nov, 2013 in IOA (Israeli Occupation Archive):

“Israel has been poisoned by the psychosis of permanent war. It has been morally bankrupted by the sanctification of victimhood, which it uses to justify an occupation that rivals the brutality and racism of apartheid South Africa. Its democracy — which was always exclusively for Jews — has been hijacked by extremists who are pushing the country toward fascism. Many of Israel’s most enlightened and educated citizens — 1 million of them — have left the country. Its most courageous human rights campaigners, intellectuals and journalists — Israeli and Palestinian — are subject to constant state surveillance, arbitrary arrests and government-run smear campaigns. Its educational system, starting in primary school, has become an indoctrination machine for the military.”

Read the whole article here

Now when the NATO led Nazi-massacres has begun also in Europe and the truth behind them are still, to a very high degree, met with indifference and apathy from the western societies, we should at least hold one thing in mind: One day, on the order of a decent and righteous ‘International Criminal Court’ that understands its role, the alleged “civilized” westerners (including the Israelis), might also be forced to walk through hills of hundreds of dead bodies, that the U.S-EU-NATO-IDF proxy wars has left behind. Maybe, we will be collectively judged for the collectively shown indifference and the collectively shown apathy, when our leaders over several decades were feeding us with lies, racist-propaganda, false flag operations, proxy wars, irrational, alleged ‘self-defense’ actions and other ‘acceptable reasons’ for the mass killings of innocent, human beings. We will most likely be condemned for our obvious racist disposition, which is clearly shown in the openly revealed differences in how we value Arab, Asian or African lives and American, European or Israeli lives.

That’s where the ‘ultimate evil‘ begins in our time. It begins with such generalizing, misanthropic sentiments. It begins with these artificially revived remnants of the ‘empathy-eroding’ Nazi-heritage and its ideological, spiritual and cultural foundations. It is this heritage that very strongly has contributed to the “barbarization” rather than the “civilization” of the West. Nowadays this Nazi-heritage of the western societies, has become very obvious through Kiev’s Nazi-regime, its NATO assembled Gladio-army and NATO’s and IDF’s crimes against the Palestinians and the Arabs. Many (including myself) argues that this heritage has been reawakened, most of all through the U.S’s and EU’s neo-liberal, socio-economic IMF/World Bank/WTO-policies with their clear society exhausting and genocidal intentions. Their criminal policies are predestined to increase and hasten the wished destabilization of the European societies and the dismantling of Democracy and Justice. It is a necessity for the neo-liberal “projects” to actually work. And it is a well-tried ‘recipe’ from Latin-America and Southeast-Asia, for Nazi and Fascist ‘dehumanization’ sentiments to rise and spread. This is the ‘ultimate evil’ unfolding again in Europe.

On the following comment was made on ‘erosion of empathy':

“Rather than dismissing the acts of evil as mere acts of insanity, it can be highly valuable to investigate what causes people to act so destructively. Dr Baron-Cohen, the author of the book The Science of Evil look at empathy in general and what a deficit of empathy in people can lead to.

He argues that empathy is distributed throughout the population as a bell curve. Some have a tremendous amount of empathy while others, those often labeled as psychopaths or with other psychiatric diagnoses, reside on the low end of the bell curve. Dr Baron-Cohen explains that the roots of empathy are derived from both nature and nurture. Those with little or no empathy may have different brain structure and functionality, or may have suffered environmental factors such as childhood neglect or abuse.”

Behavioral Cognitive Psychology shows that the absolute majority of individuals with ‘little or no empathy’ have suffered environmental factors as childhood neglect or abuse. It must be noted here that in behavioral research, social phenomenons as poverty and famine during childhood, are considered as environmental factors of childhood neglect and abuse. Sociological and criminological research shows that the type of  ‘empathy erosion’, which gives birth to organized subcultures of cruelty and evil, almost exclusively originates from childhood and adolescence neglect and abuse and long lasting poverty and social misery. Still, a few more ‘ingredients’ are needed in order to actually guarantee the appearance of structured, evil subcultures.

The development of structured, evil subcultures only emerges through the conscious organization of the ‘guidance’ and the ‘leadership’ of these groups. In a human society, this is best accomplished through intentional and continuous propaganda, infiltration, fear and repeated indoctrination. These facts are something that the Nazis understood very well. They had very good social-psychological insights, through the rich German literature on psychology and psychoanalysis, but in particular through a French social psychologist, sociologist and anthropologist, Gustave Le Bon’s and his book, The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind. It became a highly useful group-psychological guide when they customized their fostering methods, for the creation of the desired ‘erosion of empathy’ on mass scale. It is inevitable nowadays that these ‘evil subcultures’ primarily emerge in the western societies, since quite a few of the Nazis social engineering projects and methods are still implemented in these societies.

In our days unfortunately the ‘erosion of empathy’ is well inbuilt in almost all the aspects of a typical, western life.

The devastating misconception of the concept of Freedom in the West

The western societies has due to massive ‘empathy erosion’ and and a long lasting Social-Darwinist indoctrination developed a highly immature and very perverted perception of the concept of freedom. Not in words of course, but in behavior and actions. It is usually expressed as a very adolescent, self centered, one-sided, prejudiced and racist kind of freedom, due to a very high degree of ongoing and increasing dehumanization-policies in these societies. That’s from where the worst racist ideologies in the history of mankind has sprung forward, and that’s where the criminal logic of ethnic cleansing, genocide, plundering and colonizing on a global scale, are so blatantly excused.

Why we see most people in the west today more or less, even if maybe not supporting it, at least ‘accepting’ the rise of Nazism, is because:

  1. They are indifferent, arrogant and ignorant and fully preoccupied with satisfying their egoism and their narcissism.
  2. They are just receptive to ‘tailored truths’ that will satisfy their presumptions, theories and prejudices.
  3. They are historically misinformed and relies only on the culturally and socially served, popular, ‘empathy eroding’ tales.
  4. They don’t understand that the only truly effective antifascist-action is to establish real democracy and true justice.
  5. They don’t really believe in democracy and justice because they have accepted very selfish concepts of freedom in their lives for too long.
  6. It doesn’t touch them where it should, because their emotional lives are infected with mental and emotional ‘toxic waste’.

A mature and civilized understanding of freedom, in a truly developed and civilized human society, is NOT mainly expressed through how many natural moral principles one can break. Free to break every moral and ethical limits without any conscience or any responsibility for ones actions, is the most common version of practiced freedom in the western societies today. That alone is a crystal clear evidence of that these societies in fact are socially immature and spiritually backward. Because of these blatantly unacknowledged, collective, social diseases, such societies become extremely accepting towards cruel tyrannies, communal violence and wars. Needless to say, these societies are not particularly sustainable, and almost certain is that they are doomed to perish relatively quickly. It is ignorance, selfishness and indeed a very poor level of critical thinking, that are keeping most citizens in these societies from the necessary commitment, to unified build the adequate political and judicial ‘safety gates’ against tyranny. The real danger lies in the fact that its citizens are still convinced that ‘this kind of society is the best human society there is, even if it’s not perfect‘. What these citizens are incapable to understand, because of their social blinkers and their refusal of any adequate self-criticism, is that what ‘is not perfect‘, actually is exactly the intentionally imposed ‘empathy eroding’ policy, that allows misanthropy to become a highly accepted social norm. This fact put these societies very, very far away from the assessment “perfect” and instead one could argue that they are actually quite defect, at least from a utilitarian, human perspective.

This has happened because in almost every practiced aspect of a typical western life today, EGOISM is highly valued, cherished and developed and ALTRUISM is ignored, ridiculed and crippled. Therefore the western perverted, but nevertheless widely practiced form of freedom, is quite obviously a result of the following doctrine: “Do as you like – seek only constant physical and material satisfaction – have no regrets for whatever damage, affliction, misery or misfortune you might have caused others”. A very destructive doctrine which when it forms the general social character in a society, it causes fraudulent relations, distrust, conflicts, violence, revolts, wars and suffering, and it gives birth to organized ‘subcultures of evil’. What actually happens, when everything of the human side of humans is ignored and ridiculed and therefore numbed, calloused and dried out, is that ‘the empty shell’ of the human turns to Mammon for ‘salvation’ (as the despairing Jews did in Sinai). That is why personal profit and personal wealth is the outermost aim in a western or ‘westernized’ life, and that is why loneliness, hopelessness, depressions, emotional collapses, insanity, suicides and homicides, are far more common in the West (or westernized societies) than anywhere else.

“Start a company – take big loans – make sure that you can afford a few corporate lawyers and your own bodyguards and hit-men, and begin to abuse and misuse the world and the humans, for personal profit and satisfaction”!  This is the actual underlying message of the western, practiced, concept of freedom, based on the “do as you like doctrine”.

The West’s justice departments and legal authorities clear unwillingness, of bringing the obvious top criminals from the top layers of the society to justice, is what – with an indisputable clarity – reveals that the above mentioned doctrine, really is the underlying message of this kind of crime worshiping, western form of freedom.

The common understanding of the concept of freedom in the western societies is in other words not at all based on any particularly wider social insight, or any deeper understanding of what a human society, or a human being, really is. Actually, contrary to that, it is based on clearly immature pseudo-scientific conceptions, very backward minds and ugly emotional lives. Sadly enough, this has evolved in the western societies despite the availability of a very rich classical heritage, which clarifies and explains both very well. It is a heritage that also offers the adequate intellectual, spiritual and practical tools to humanity and the human societies, in order to evolve in accordance with the true nature of Man, and thus leave barbarism and misanthropic sentiments behind. That heritage is highly esteemed and revered in the West, only in words, but unfortunately extremely rarely in individual and social behavior and almost never in the practical expression of education, the law or in the governmental work. It is claimed to form the fundaments of western thinking, yet neither in words or in actions, the West seems to be capable of really understanding the almost 3 000 year old path to truly free, critically thinking humans, personally and socially civilized behavior and thus a real human civilization. One very deep reason behind this is the existence of a very ancient schism between two completely opposite idea-worlds as the basis for Western thinking. A very schizophrenic schism is hidden behind western thinking, which even though many academics actually have alarmed about it, it is never seriously considered, by the mainstream thinkers and scholars. At least not in its right proportions. One of these idea-worlds is the real cradle of western civilization and offers the liberation of the human being, and the other is the burial of this ‘cradle’ and offers the enslavement of the human being. One of them makes Tyrannies as Nazism and Fascism impossible and the other gives birth to them and nourishes them.

“…It is really this ancient schism between two contradicting idea-worlds and spiritual traditions,… this “schizophrenia” between Hellenism and Rothschild-Zionism, that the ruling classes have tried to crowd into ONE in the ‘modern Western civilization’. This paradox and this fundamental clash of ideas, is what really reflects the whole Western society in all its institutions, its culture its societies, its social character and its basic views on humans and Humanity.” - from the article: Hellenism is in danger, humanity is in danger

The Nazis and their alike represented and are still representing, in a very clear way, the morbid discrepancy between what they claim to be and what they actually are. A constantly repeated example of this fact, during the years of the German occupation in Greece, was the following behavior from the Germans: In Athens, the Nazis often went up to the Acropolis to admire the great works of the Greeks, but when walking down from there, in Plaka, underneath the Acropolis, the same officer who had just admired Parthenon could catch a little famished Greek kid, who had reached for a pretzel, and break his little arm over his knee. From the obvious delusion of being a cultivated human being, to one’s true beast-like character in just a few minutes. At such moments these feign civilized Germans, showed in a very clear way that they only understood to admire dead marble, but not what had inspired the art that was carved out from it. They certainly could not understand and much less admire the moral and ethical concepts, the richness of the minds and the humanity of those that brought Greek culture to the point where they created these, unsurpassed expressions of beauty. These inspired conscious expressions, of the FREE, enlightened and conscious human soul, and the true nobility of the human spirit.

The immensely corrupt form of freedom in the west, apparently chooses to value itself through how many of the lower human urges and desires, (characteristics that makes us more beast-like), its citizens can fulfill and satisfy, and not through how many of the higher human urges and desires, (characteristics that makes us more human-like) they can fulfill and satisfy.

U.S and EU are the “delivery boys” of this kind of pseudo-civilized social character and these soul-corrupting sub-cultures, and they make sure to ‘breastfeed’ them both, because it benefits their bankers and businessmen’s aims, but not only. Also NATO, the criminal, dehumanizing war machine, whose movements are controlled by the western banking family-dynasties, benefit tremendously by maintaining a society which produces lots of young people in despair, anxiety, anger and rage. A youth that will be deeply enraged and misled and therefore inclined to choose to kill and die for, what they don’t understand is just shameful, racist, high-tech, looting hordes called “armies”. Armies that in fact works under a handful of company logos and a few banking family-dynasties.

Nazism and NATO

Nazism is in reality not an ideology rooted in any particularly deeper moral philosophical reflections. Or rather, it is based on an emotionally disturbed teenager’s interpretations of a psychotics moral reflections (Nietzsche), a suicidal pessimists agony (Schopenhauer) and a megalomaniacs admiration of  ‘Lucifer’ disguised as an Aryan Christ (Wagner). Nazisms misanthropic “solutions” to political and socio-economic problems, therefore involve mass extermination of other ethnic, religious, social or political populations and experimentation on humans. Since such “solutions” poses an immediate threat to all of Humanity, they are incompatible with a Human civilization. Instead of a truly human civilization, Nazism aim for an anti-human barbarism dressed as an ideology, and it is very well suited to function as the ‘bodyguard’ and the ‘hit man’ of the globalists, the financial elite, the West’s royal families and the ‘aristocracy’ and their ‘courts’ and ‘servants’. Nazism was in fact formed in order to protect exactly these people, from real Democracy or a new Bastille

President Woodrow Wilson signing the Federal Reserve Act in 1913. Source: Woodrow Wilson Birthplace Foundation, painting by Wilbur G. Kurtz Sr.

Woodrow Wilson signing the Federal Reserve Act in 1913

Senator Nelson W. Aldrich a very good friend of J.P. Morgan called the following bankers and businessmen to the meeting on Jekyll Island in November 22, 1910.

  • Paul Warburg – (German representing Baron Alfred Rothschild’s Kuhn, Loeb & Co)
  • Henry P Davidson (Senior partner of J.P Morgan Company)
  • Charles D Norton (President of the Morgan First National Bank Of New York)
  • Abram Piatt Andrews (Assistant Secretary of the Treasury Dept)
  • Frank Vanderlip (President of the National City Bank Of New York)
  • Benjamin Strong (Representing J.P Morgan)

They arrived at the Jekyll Island Club to discuss monetary policy and the banking system, and this led to the creation of the current, privately owned Federal Reserve. Those who attended the meeting were sworn to secrecy and addressed each other only by code names. The use of last names was prohibited and the group therefore later referred to themselves as “The First Name Club”. 

With the birth of the FED, in 1913, in fact these bankers started a 100 year long “Financial Pyramid Game”. Nathan Mayer Rothschild (left) and J.D. Rockefeller (right) was the real ‘powerful’ two, behind the meeting on Jekyll Island even though none of them were there. These two family dynasties were the ones who would concentrate almost all the wealth of the world to themselves within the next 100 years.

A bankers son by the name of Heinrich Heine once said “Money is the god of our time, and Rothschild is his prophet”

Nazism was formed to keep these ‘banker-prophets’, their ‘projects’ and their allies safe from a new Bastille, and to keep the populations that wanted true democracy, terrorized, horrified and divided, fighting eachother, while these bankers gradually centralized power and wealth to themselves. Nazism has served these bankers well through two world wars, several revolutions, dictatorships, imperial wars and depressions. Why wouldn’t it serve them now under NATO’s command, during the ‘harvest times’ of the centuries, and their attack on ‘naughty’ Russia?

Nazism is a manufactured pseudo-ideology which was developed in a few conference rooms in Basel, Zurich, Vienna and Munich, in the late 1800’s, and it was put together by a few nationalist fanatics from Kaisers army, who probably believed in its alleged, anti-capitalist garb. As a political idea the fundamentals of what almost half a century later became Nazism, first emerged in England and USA in the 1870’s. It is based on racial hierarchy and social Darwinism, which means that it seek to apply biological concepts of natural selection and survival of the fittest to sociology and politics.

The fanatics from Kaisers army didn’t realize the fact that a handful of the promoter’s and financier’s, behind Theodore Herzl’s Zionist movement, also had their plans for the anti-capitalistic, national-socialistic currents and sentiments. History have with accuracy proved that Nazism in practice, is anything but anti-capitalistic. Regardless of what Hitler and his mentors knew or didn’t know about the shadowy activities in Basel, Vienna, Zurich and Munich, Nazism was born through capitalists, supported by capitalists and it was and is favored and used by capitalists. These capitalists have used and interlinked nationalistic, pan-German sentiments, with the Rothschild-Zionist aims from the end of the 19th century. These cooperating, informal associations originate from the less known activities of some members of the Burschenschaft, the German nationalist student association, the Mayor of Vienna, Karl Leuger, the founder of the Austrian, Christian Social Party, Colonel Albert Edward Williamson Goldsmid and Frederick I, Grand Duke of Baden.

Ιn the absolute philosophic and spiritual core of Nazism was, as mentioned before, of course Hitler’s own twisted interpretations of Nietzsche’s already twisted theories on morality. Nietzsche, the tragic philosopher, attempts in his book “The Origins of Morality”, to turn all values inside out in order to “prove” that what was called good is actually evil and what was called evil is actually good. The adolescent, existentially very confused, Hitler at the age of 15, interpreted*1 the writings of Nietzsche. He was enchanted by the pessimist Schopenhauer who said that “good and evil doesn’t exist” (this provides good moral excuses for barbarism), and he was greatly inspired by Richard Wagner, who adored ‘Lucifer’, cunningly disguised to an Aryan Christ (the real moral image of the Catholic church).

These three historic figures expressed all the philosophical and spiritual grounds upon which a young Hitler based Nazism, with the help of three of Kaisers generals.

*From a biological-neurological perspective,philosophical and spiritual texts can’t be adequately understood or interpreted by neurologically and emotionally still developing minds, as for instance a 15-year old. Particularly not by emotionally, severely traumatized, still developing minds. The neurological system of a Human being is not fully developed until the age of 19 – 22.

So this surrogate ideologywhich is mentally based on fear, indoctrination, megalomania, superstitions and occultism, was developed with the help of three fanatic generals and occultists from Kaisers army. Karl Haushoffer, Helmuth von Moltke and Konrad von Hotzendorf headhunted and emotionally and spiritually, they ‘prepared and initiated’ Adolf Hitler as the Messianic figure of Nazism, a few years after WWI. They developed Nazisms myths, rites and customs, by using old Germanic legends, the Thule-society’s occult teachings and rituals together with anti-Jewish socio-economic, geopolitical and racial ideas and they molded this into a suitable militarized blood-cult, a hate ideology.

The anti-Jewish sentiments suited the Rothschild-Zionists*2 aims perfect, since this would accelerate their aims, when many of the leaders in Europe were skeptic to the Zionist “project” for a Jewish state. The generals at the time didn’t know that a handful of the conspirators from Basel, Zurich, Vienna and Munich was capitalists and Zionists who wanted an ‘ideological tool’, an anti-Jewish, militant movement that through its actions would bring about the acceptance of a Jewish state. In the 30’s Nazism became a perfect ‘tool’ in order to crush any real democratic, real freedom longing sentiments, with extreme violence, terror and massacres on a mass scale, and that’s what it has become today again. No other -isms are in fact helping the capitalists to centralize power and wealth and defend themselves against democracy or a new Bastille as good, as Nazism and the current Neo-liberalism do.

NATO (our days ‘Wehrmacht’), openly today show that there is truly no place for empathy, humanity and human dignity in the western world anymore. Justice, Righteousness and the Free Word have been sacrificed and replaced with ‘Obedience or Extermination’. This is in accordance with the criminal “Collective Punishment Policy” and the “Covert Military or Paramilitary Operations Policy“, which has become the foundations for their new doctrine – actually not at all essentially different from the logic’s of the Catholic Church’s ‘Holy Inquisition doctrine’ during the dark Middle Ages. The European ‘kingdoms’, ‘empires’ and societies, who together used to aspire for the title ‘Western Civilization’ since the Renaissance, can now only be called an ‘Empire of Misanthropy & Death’.

The Renaissance which was the cultural and intellectual expression of the longing and the rebirth of the ancient Greek heritage, was the way out of the dark Middle Ages. The, by NATO, IMF, USA and EU, aggressively pushed for ‘New World Order‘, is the way back into them again – but now in a new high-tech, vulgar-scientific, mind and soul enslaving and human exterminating version. This was and is the aim of Nazism, regardless whether their “devotees” understands it or not. And that’s why it suits the ‘royals’ and ‘the elite’ so well and that is why such a catastrophic, massive, ‘social-psychological disorder’, is still called an ideology, and can continue to infiltrate the western societies and their social character, with its ‘empathy eroding’ and ‘dehumanizing’ tactics.

Nazism, we must therefore understand, is NOT just another ‘ideology’ and certainly not an answer against Capitalism. It is a skillfully manufactured ‘excuse’ for the intentional, organized ‘erosion of empathy’ and through that, the mass killings and the extermination of human beings. The labels ‘Nazism’ and ‘National-socialism’ have turned out to be just a political and social-economic camouflage, of sheer sadism, bloodthirst and misanthropy. NATO’s Nazi version of freedom is in fact Organized Evil against humanity. That’s how the entirety of Mankind must see it and its alike, and essentially that’s how Justice and the International Legal Authorities and Courts must treat it and its alike.  


Kosmas Loumakis

Stockholm 31-07-2014




In this article, when I refer to Zionism I describe Rothschild’s version of Zionism (identical with ancient Phariseeism), which actually is more about the cultural “hijacking” of the true Jewish religion and its traditions, in order to serve an oligarchic banking-family’s aims for global power, with the current state of Israel as its shield and its vehicle towards this goal and with the USA and UK as its guards…  There are Christian Zionists and Muslim Zionists no matter how strange that can sound, simply because today’s Rothschild-Zionism has not anything particular to do with the real Jewish religion (Moses people’s law) but only with the aims of those families and their plans with the state of Israel (Mammon’s doctrine). They consider themselves as “kings” and “emperors” of humanity and they are using Israel and the Jews in order to fulfill their quest for global dominance and to establish their positions as self appointed demigods of mankind.

The Soaring Profits of the Military – Industrial Complex And the Soaring Costs of Military Casualties


Introduction: There are two major beneficiaries of the two major wars launched by the US government: one domestic and one foreign. The three major domestic arms manufacturers, Lockheed Martin (LMT), Northrop Grumman (NOG) and Raytheon (RTN) have delivered record-shattering returns to their investors, CEOs and investment banks during the past decade and a half.

he Israeli regime is the overwhelming foreign beneficiary of the war, expanding its territory through its dispossession of Palestinians and positioning itself as the regional hegemon. Israel benefited from the US invasion which destroyed Iraq, a major ally of the Palestinians; the invasion provided cover for massive Israel’s settler expansion in the Occupied Palestinian territories. In the course of its invasion and occupation Washington systematically destroyed Iraq’s armed forces and civil infrastructure, shredding its complex modern society and state. By doing so, the US occupation removed one of Israel’s major regional rivals.

In terms of cost to the United States, hundreds of thousands of soldiers who had served in the war zones have sustained severe physical and mental injuries, while thousands have died directly or indirectly through an epidemic of soldier suicides. The invasion and occupation of Iraq has cost the United States trillions of dollars and counting. Despite the immense costs to the American people, the military-industrial complex and the pro-Israel power configuration continue to keep the US government on a wartime economy – undermining the domestic social safety net and standard of living of many millions.

No peaceful economic activity can match the immense profits enjoyed by the military-industrial complex in war. This powerful lobby continues to press for new wars to sustain the Pentagon’s huge budget. As for the pro-Israel power configuration, any substantive diplomatic peace negotiations in the Middle East would end their naked land grabs, reduce or curtail new weapons transfers and undermine pretexts to sanction or attack countries, like Iran, that stand in the way of Tel Aviv’s vision of “Greater Israel”, unrivaled in the region.

The costs of almost 15 years of warfare weigh heavily on the US Treasury and electorate. The wars have been dismal failures if not outright defeats. New sectarian conflicts have emerged in Syria, Iraq and, now, Ukraine – opportunities for the US arms industry and the pro-Israel lobbies to make even greater profits and gain more power.

The on-going horrendous costs of past and continuing wars make the launch of new military interventions more difficult for US and Israeli militarists. The US public expresses wide-spread discontent over the burden of the recent past wars and shows even less stomach for new wars to profit the military-industrial complex and further strengthen Israel.


War Profits

The power and influence of the military-industrial complex in promoting serial wars has resulted in extraordinary rates of profit. According to a recent study by Morgan Stanley (cited in Barron’s, 6/9/14, p. 19), shares in the major US arms manufacturers have risen 27,699% over the past fifty years versus 6,777% for the broader market. In the past three years alone, Raytheon has returned 124%, Northrup Grumman 114% and Lockheed Martin 149% to their investors.

The Obama regime makes a grand public show of reducing the military budget via the annual appropriation bill, and then, turns around and announces emergency supplemental funds to cover the costs of these wars. . .thereby actually increasing military spending, all the while waving the banner of ‘cost cutting’. Obama’s theatrics have fattened the profits for the US military-industrial complex.

War profits have soared with the series of military interventions in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia. The arms industry lobbyists pressure Congressional and Pentagon decision-makers to link up with the pro-Israel lobby as it promotes even deeper direct US military involvement in Syria, Iraq and Iran. The growing ties between Israeli and US military industries reinforce their political leverage in Washington by working with liberal interventionists and neo-conservatives. They attack Obama for not bombing Syria and for his withdrawal of troops from Iraq and Afghanistan. They now clamor for sending US troops back to Iraq and call for intervention in Ukraine. Obama has argued that proxy wars without direct US troop involvement do not require such heavy Pentagon expenditures as the arms industry demands. The Obama regime has presented the withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan as a necessary step to reduce US financial and military losses. This was in response to Wall Street’s pressure to cut the budget deficit. Obama’s attempt to meet the demands of the US financial sector has come at the price of cutting potential profit for the military industrial complex as well as infuriating Israel and its fanatical supporters in the US Congress.

The Fight over the Military Budget: Veterans versus the Complex and the Lobby

In the face of rising domestic pressure to reduce the budget deficit and cut military spending, the US military-industrial complex and its Zionist accomplices are fighting to retain their share by eliminating programs designed to serve the health needs of active and retired soldiers. Soaring disability costs related to the recent wars will continue for decades. Veteran health care costs are expected to double to 15% of the defense budget in the next five years. The huge public cost of caring for soldiers and veterans means “bad news for defense stocks” according to financial analysts (Barron’s, 6/9/14, p. 19).

This is reason why the arms industries promote the closure of scores of Veterans Administration hospitals and a reduction in retiree benefits, using the pretext of fighting fraud, incompetence and poor quality service compared with the ‘private sector’. The same corporate warlords and lobbyists who clamor to send US troops to back to Iraq and to new wars in Syria and Ukraine, where young lives, limbs and sanity are at great risk, are also in the forefront of a fight to slash funding for the veterans’ medical care. Economists have long noted that the more dollars spent on veterans’ and military retirees’ health care, the less allocated for war materials, ships and aircraft. Today it is estimated that over $900 billion dollars will have been spent on long-term VA medical and disability services for veterans of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. That number is clearly set to rise with each new intervention.

The corporate warlords are urging Congress to increase co-pays, enrollment fees and deductibles for veterans, retirees and active duty personnel enrolled in military health insurance plans, such as Tricare, as well as limiting access to the VA.

The fight over Pentagon expenditures is a struggle over war or social justice: health services for troops and veterans versus weapons programs that fatten corporate profits for the arms industry.



About James Petras

He is the author of more than 62 books published in 29 languages, and over 600 articles in professional journals, including the American Sociological Review, British Journal of Sociology, Social Research, and Journal of Peasant Studies. He has published over 2000 articles in nonprofessional journals such as the New York Times, the Guardian, the Nation, Christian Science Monitor, Foreign Policy, New Left Review, Partisan Review, TempsModerne, Le Monde Diplomatique, and his commentary is widely carried on the internet.

His publishers have included Random House, John Wiley, Westview, Routledge, Macmillan, Verso, Zed Books and Pluto Books. He is winner of the Career of Distinguished Service Award from the American Sociological Association’s Marxist Sociology Section, the Robert Kenny Award for Best Book, 2002, and the Best Dissertation, Western Political Science Association in 1968. His most recent titles include Unmasking Globalization: Imperialism of the Twenty-First Century (2001); co-author The Dynamics of Social Change in Latin America (2000), System in Crisis (2003), co-author Social Movements and State Power (2003), co-author Empire With Imperialism (2005), co-author)Multinationals on Trial (2006).

He has a long history of commitment to social justice, working in particular with the Brazilian Landless Workers Movement for 11 years. In 1973-76 he was a member of the Bertrand Russell Tribunal on Repression in Latin America. He writes a monthly column for the Mexican newspaper, La Jornada, and previously, for the Spanish daily, El Mundo. He received his B.A. from Boston University and Ph.D. from the University of California at Berkeley.


An Open Letter to the Graduates of West Point: Refuting President Obama’s Lies, Omissions and Distortions


Introduction: On May 2014 President Obama delivered the commencement address to the graduates of United States Military Academy at West Point. Beyond the easy banter and eulogy to past and present war heroes, Obama outlined a vision of past military successes and present policies, based on a profoundly misleading diagnosis of the current global position of the United States

The most striking aspect of his presentation is the systematic falsification of the results of past wars and current military interventions. The speech is notable for the systematic omissions of the millions of civilian deaths inflicted by US military interventions. He glosses over the growth of NSA, the global police state apparatus. He presents a grossly inflated account of the US role in the world economy. Worse of all he outlines an extremely dangerous confrontational posture toward rising military and economic powers, in particular Russia and China.

Distorting the Past: Defeats and Retreats Converted into Victories

One of the most disturbing aspects of President Obama’s speech is his delusional account of US military engagements over the past decade. His claim that, “by most measures America has rarely been stronger relative to the rest of the world”, defies belief. After 13 years of warfare, the US has failed to defeat the Taliban. Washington is in full retreat and leaves behind a fragile puppet regime which will likely collapse. In Iraq the US was forced to withdraw after killing several hundred thousand civilians and fueling a sectarian war which has propelled a pro-Iranian regime to power. In Libya, the NATO war devastated the country, destroyed the Gadhafi government,thus undermining reconciliation, and bringing to power bands of terrorist Islamic groups profoundly hostile to the United States.

Washington’s effort to broker an accord between Palestine and Israel was a dismal failure, largely because of the Obama regime’s spineless attitude toward Israel’s land grabs, and new “Jews only” settlements. The craven pandering to the Jewish power configuration in Washington hardly speaks for the world’s “greatest power” … by any measure.

Through your economic studies you are surely aware that the US has been displaced by China in major markets in Latin America, Asia and Africa. China poses a major economic challenge: it does not have overseas bases, Special Forces’ operations in seventy-five countries; it does not pursue military alliances and does not militarily intervene in countries. Obama’s expansion of the US military presence off China’s coast speaks to an escalation of bellicose behavior, contrary to his assertions of “winding down” overseas military operations.

Obama speaks of defending “our core interests” militarily.Yet he threatens China over disputed piles of rocks in the South China Sea, overlooking the “core interests” of the 500 biggest US corporations with hundreds of billions of dollars invested in the most dynamic economy in the world and the second biggest trading nation.

Obama spoke of the threat of “terrorism” yet his policies have encouraged and promoted terrorism. Washington armed and promoted the Islamic terrorists which overthrew Gadhafi; backs the Islamic terrorists invading Syria; provides 1.5 billion in military aid to the Egyptian military dictatorship which is terrorizing the political opposition, via assassinations and arrests of thousands of political dissidents. The US backed the violent overthrow of the elected regime in the Ukraine and is backing the client regime’s terror bombing of the pro-democracy Eastern regions. Obama’s “anti-terrorism”rhetoric is in fact a cover for state terrorism, which closes the door on peaceful resolution of overseas conflicts, and leads to the multiplication of violent opposition groups.

Obama speaks to “our success in promoting partnerships in Europe and in the world at large”. Yet his bellicose policies toward Russia has deeply divided the US from the leading countries in the European Union. Germany has multi-billion dollar trade agreements with Russia and objects to harsh sanctions as does Italy, Holland and Belgium. Latin America has relegated the US centered Organization of American States to the dust bin of history and moved toward regional organizations which exclude the US. Washington has no “partners” backing its hostile policies toward Venezuela and Cuba. In Asia, Washington’s efforts to forge an economic bloc excluding China, runs against the deep and comprehensive ties that link South Korea, Taiwan and Southeast Asia to China. Washington’s closest partners are the least dynamic and most repressive: Israel, Yemen, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states in the Middle East; Egypt, Morocco and Algeria in North Africa; Colombia in Latin America ; and motley groups of sub-Sahara despots and Kleptocrats who squirrel billions of dollars into oversees bank accounts in New York and London far in excess of their countries’ health and educational budgets .

Obama’s diagnosis of the position of the US in the world is fundamentally flawed: he grossly understates the military losses, the decline of economic power,and the growing divisions between former regional allies .Above all he refuses to recognize the profound loss of faith by the majority of Americans in Washington’s foreign military and trade policies. The flawed diagnosis, the deliberate distortions of present global realities and the deep misreading of domestic public opinion cannot be overcome by new deceptions , bigger lies and the continuation and escalation of military interventions, in which you the newly minted officers will serve as cannon fodder.

Obama: Political Desperado in Search of an Imperial Legacy

Obama has marked a new phase in the escalation of a military centered foreign policy.He is presently engaged in a major military build-up of air and ground troops and military exercises in the Baltic States and Poland…all of which is pointing toward Russia and signaling that a possible ‘First Strike’ strategy is underway. Obama has been seized by a manic global military escalation..He is expanding naval forces off China’s coast. He has dispatched hundreds of Special Forces to Jordan to train and arm mercenaries invading Syria.He is intervening militarily in the Ukraine to bolster the Kiev regime.He has dispatched hundreds of military forces throughout Africa.He has allocated $1 billion for military expenditure along the European frontiers with Russia and $5 billion to boost the capacity of despotic regimes to repress popular insurgencies under the pretext of “fighting terrorism”.

Obama’s ‘vision’ of US foreign policy is clearly and unmistakably colored by a propensity to engage in highly dangerous military confrontations. His resort to multiple “Special Forces” operations, his increasing reliance on military proxies, is a reversion to 19th century colonial policies.Recruiting soldiers from one oppressed country to conquer another, is a throwback to old style empire building. When Obama speaks of “American leadership, as indispensable for world order” he deceives no one. The Washington centered world order is disintegrating. Disorder is the consequence of military intervention attempting to delay the inevitable.

The Obama Administration’s involvement in the violent coup in the Ukraine is a case in point: as a consequence of the rise to power of a junta headed by a billionaire “President”,power sharing with neo-fascists that country is disintegration, civil war rages and the economy is bankrupt. Obama’s war on Libya has led to a Hobbesian world in which warlords fight jihadists over shrinking oil sales. In Syria US backed ‘rebels’ have destroyed the economy and the social fabric of civil society.

No major country in South America follows US ‘leadership’. Even in the United States few American citizens back Obama’s hostile policies to Cuba and Venezuela.

Obama’s duplicitous rhetoric of talking peace and preparing wars has lost credibility. Obama is preparing to commit you, the newly commissioned officers of West Point, to new overseas wars opposed by the majority of Americans.

Obama will send you to war zones in which you will be pitted against popular insurgencies, in which you will be despised by the surrounding population. You will be asked to defend an Administration which has pillaged the Treasury to bail out the 15 biggest banks, who paid $78 billion dollars in fines between 2012 – 2013 for fraud and swindles and yet their CEO’s received double digit pay increases . You will be told to fight wars for Israel in the Middle East. You will be ordered to command bases in Poland and missles aimed at Russia.You will be sent to the Ukraine to advise neo-Nazis in the National Guard. You will be told to subvert Latin American military officials in hopes of inciting a military coup and converting independent progressive governments into neo-liberal client states.

Obama’s vision does not resonate with your hopes for an America committed to democracy, freedom and development. You face the choice of serving a political desperado intent on launching unjust wars at the behest of billionaire swindlers and armchair militarists or resigning your commission and joining the majority of American people who believe that America’s “leadership” should be directed at reducing the wealth and power of an unelected oligarchy in this country.



About James Petras

He is the author of more than 62 books published in 29 languages, and over 600 articles in professional journals, including the American Sociological Review, British Journal of Sociology, Social Research, and Journal of Peasant Studies. He has published over 2000 articles in nonprofessional journals such as the New York Times, the Guardian, the Nation, Christian Science Monitor, Foreign Policy, New Left Review, Partisan Review, TempsModerne, Le Monde Diplomatique, and his commentary is widely carried on the internet.

His publishers have included Random House, John Wiley, Westview, Routledge, Macmillan, Verso, Zed Books and Pluto Books. He is winner of the Career of Distinguished Service Award from the American Sociological Association’s Marxist Sociology Section, the Robert Kenny Award for Best Book, 2002, and the Best Dissertation, Western Political Science Association in 1968. His most recent titles include Unmasking Globalization: Imperialism of the Twenty-First Century (2001); co-author The Dynamics of Social Change in Latin America (2000), System in Crisis (2003), co-author Social Movements and State Power (2003), co-author Empire With Imperialism (2005), co-author)Multinationals on Trial (2006).

He has a long history of commitment to social justice, working in particular with the Brazilian Landless Workers Movement for 11 years. In 1973-76 he was a member of the Bertrand Russell Tribunal on Repression in Latin America. He writes a monthly column for the Mexican newspaper, La Jornada, and previously, for the Spanish daily, El Mundo. He received his B.A. from Boston University and Ph.D. from the University of California at Berkeley.


Brazil: Workers Struggle Trumps Sports Spectacle


Introduction: For decades social critics have bemoaned the influence of sports and entertainment spectacles in ‘distracting’ workers from struggling for their class interests. According to these analysts, ‘class consciousness’ was replaced by ‘mass’ consciousness.

They argued that atomized individuals, manipulated by the mass media, were converted into passive consumers who identified with millionaire sports heroes, soap opera protagonists and film celebrities.

The culmination of this ‘mystification’ – mass distraction –were the ‘world championships’ watched by billions around the world and sponsored and financed by billionaire corporations: the World Series (baseball), the World Cup (soccer/futbol), and the Super Bowl (American football).

Today, Brazil is the living refutation of this line of cultural-political analysis. Brazilians have been described as ‘football crazy’. Its teams have won the most number of World Cups. Its players are coveted by the owners of the most important teams in Europe. Its fans are said to “live and die with football” . . . Or so we are told.

Yet it is in Brazil where the biggest protests in the history of the World Cup have taken place. As early as a year before the Games, scheduled for June 2014, there have been mass demonstrations of up to a million Brazilians. In just the last few weeks, strikes by teachers, police, construction workers and municipal employees have proliferated. The myth of the mass media spectacles mesmerizing the masses has been refuted – at least in present-day Brazil.

To understand why the mass spectacle has been a propaganda bust it is essential to understand the political and economic context in which it was launched, as well as the costs and benefits and the tactical planning of popular movements.

The Political and Economic Context: The World Cup and the Olympics

In 2002, the Brazilian Workers Party candidate Lula DaSilva won the presidential elections. His two terms in office (2003 – 2010) were characterized by a warm embrace of free market capitalism together with populist poverty programs. Aided by large scale in-flows of speculative capital, attracted by high interest rates, and high commodity prices for its agro-mineral exports, Lula launched a massive poverty program providing about $60 a month to 40 million poor Brazilians, who formed part of Lula’s mass electoral base. The Workers Party reduced unemployment, increased wages and supported low-interest consumer loans, stimulating a ‘consumer boom’ that drove the economy forward.

To Lula and his advisers, Brazil was becoming a global power, attracting world-class investors and incorporating the poor into the domestic market.

Lula was hailed as a ‘pragmatic leftist’ by Wall Street and a ‘brilliant statesman’ by the Left!

In line with this grandiose vision (and in response to hoards of presidential flatterers North and South), Lula believed that Brazil’s rise to world prominence required it to ‘host’ the World Cup and the Olympics and he embarked on an aggressive campaign. . . Brazil was chosen.

Lula preened and pontificated: Brazil, as host, would achieve the symbolic recognition and material rewards a global power deserved.

The Rise and Fall of Grand Illusions

The ascent of Brazil was based on foreign flows of capital conditioned by differential (favorable) interest rates. And when rates shifted, the capital flowed out. Brazil’s dependence on high demand for its agro-mineral exports was based on sustained double-digit economic growth in Asia. When China’s economy slowed down, demand and prices fell, and so did Brazil’s export earnings.

The Workers Party’s ‘pragmatism’ meant accepting the existing political, administrative and regulatory structures inherited from the previous neo-liberal regimes. These institutions were permeated by corrupt officials linked to building contractors notorious for cost over-runs and long delays on state contracts.

Moreover, the Workers Party’s ‘pragmatic’ electoral machine was built on kick-backs and bribes. Vast sums were siphoned from public services into private pockets.

Puffed up on his own rhetoric, Lula believed Brazil’s economic emergence on the world stage was a ‘done deal’. He proclaimed that his pharaonic sports complexes – the billions of public money spent on dozens of stadiums and costly infrastructure – would “pay for themselves”.

The Deadly ‘Demonstration Effect’: Social Reality Defeats Global Grandeur

Brazil’s new president, Dilma Rousseff, Lula’ protégé, has allocated billions of reales to finance her predecessor’s massive building projects: stadiums, hotels, highways and airports to accommodate an anticipated flood of overseas soccer fans.

The contrast between the immediate availability of massive amounts of public funds for the World Cup and the perennial lack of money for deteriorating essential public services (transport, schools, hospitals and clinics) has been a huge shock to Brazilians and a provocation to mass action in the streets.

For decades, the majority of Brazilians, who depended on public services for transport, education and medical care, (the upper middle classes can afford private services), were told that “there were no funds”, that “budgets had to be balanced”, that a “budget surplus was needed to meet IMF agreements and to service the debt”.

For years public funds had been siphoned away by corrupt political appointees to pay for electoral campaigns, leading to filthy, overcrowded transport, frequently breaking down, and commuter delays in sweltering buses and long lines at the stations. For decades, schools were in shambles, teacher rushed from school to school to make-up for their miserable minimum-wage salaries leading to low quality education and neglect. Public hospitals were dirty, dangerous and crowded; under-paid doctors frequently took on private patients on the side, and essential medications were scarce in the public hospitals and overpriced in the pharmacies.

The public was outraged by the obscene contrast between the reality of dilapidated clinics with broken windows, overcrowded schools with leaking roofs and unreliable mass transport for the average Brazilian and the huge new stadiums, luxury hotels and airports for wealthy foreign sports fans and visitors.

The public was outraged by the obvious official lies: the claim that there were ‘no funds’ for teachers when billions of Reales were instantly available to construct luxury hotels and fancy stadium box seats for wealthy soccer fans.

The final detonator for mass street protest was the increase in bus and train fares to ‘cover losses’ – after public airports and highways had been sold cheaply to private investors who raised tolls and fees.

The protestors marching against the increased bus and train fares were joined by tens of thousands Brazilians broadly denouncing the Government’s priorities: Billions for the World Cup and crumbs for public health, education, housing and transport!

Oblivious to the popular demands, the government pushed ahead intent on finishing its ‘prestige projects’. Nevertheless, construction of stadiums fell behind schedule because of corruption, incompetence and mismanagement. Building contractors, who were pressured, lowered safety standards and pushed workers harder, leading to an increase in workplace deaths and injury. Construction workers walked out protesting the speed-ups and deterioration of work safety.

The Rousseff regime’s grandiose schemes have provoked a new chain of protests. The Homeless Peoples Movement occupied urban lots near a new World Cup stadium demanding ‘social housing’ for the people instead of new five-star hotels for affluent foreign sports aficionados.

Escalating costs for the sports complexes and increased government expenditures have ignited a wave of trade union strikes to demand higher wages beyond the regime’s targets. Teachers and health workers were joined by factory workers and salaried employees striking in strategic sectors, such as the transport and security services, capable of seriously disrupting the World Cup.

The PTs embrace of the grandiose sports spectacle, instead of highlighting Brazil’s ‘debut as a global power’, has spotlighted the vast contrast between the affluent and secure ten percent in their luxury condos in Brazil, Miami and Manhattan, with access to high quality private clinics and exclusive private and overseas schools for their offspring, with the mass of average Brazilians, stuck for hours sweating in overcrowded buses, in dingy emergency rooms waiting for mere aspirins from non-existent doctors and in wasting their children’s futures in dilapidated classrooms without adequate, full-time teachers.


The political elite, especially the entourage around the Lula-Rousseff Presidency have fallen victim to their own delusions of popular support. They believed that subsistence pay-offs (food baskets) to the very poor would allow them to spend billions of public money on sports spectacles to entertain and impress the global elite. They believed that the mass of workers would be so enthralled by the prestige of holding the World Cup in Brazil, that they would overlook the great disparity between government expenditures for elite grand spectacles and the absence of support to meet the everyday needs of Brazilian workers.

Even trade unions, seemingly tied to Lula, who bragged of his past leadership of the metal workers, broke ranks when they realized that the ‘money was out there’ – and that the regime, pressured by construction deadlines, could be pressured to raise wages to get the job done.

Make no mistake, Brazilians are sports minded. They avidly follow and cheer their national team. But they are also conscious of their needs. They are not content to passively accept the great social disparities exposed by the current mad scramble to stage the World Cup and Olympics in Brazil. The government’s vast expenditure on the Games has made it clear that Brazil is a rich country with a multitude of social inequalities. They have learned that vast sums are available to improve the basic services of everyday life. They realized that, despite its rhetoric, the ‘Workers Party’ was playing a wasteful prestige game to impress an international capitalist audience. They realized that they have strategic leverage to pressure the government and address some of the inequalities in housing and salaries through mass action. And they have struck. They realize they deserve to enjoy the World Cup in affordable, adequate public housing and travel to work (or to an occasional game) in decent buses and trains. Class consciousness, in the case of Brazil, has trumped the mass spectacle. ‘Bread and circuses’ have given way to mass protests.



About James Petras

He is the author of more than 62 books published in 29 languages, and over 600 articles in professional journals, including the American Sociological Review, British Journal of Sociology, Social Research, and Journal of Peasant Studies. He has published over 2000 articles in nonprofessional journals such as the New York Times, the Guardian, the Nation, Christian Science Monitor, Foreign Policy, New Left Review, Partisan Review, TempsModerne, Le Monde Diplomatique, and his commentary is widely carried on the internet.

His publishers have included Random House, John Wiley, Westview, Routledge, Macmillan, Verso, Zed Books and Pluto Books. He is winner of the Career of Distinguished Service Award from the American Sociological Association’s Marxist Sociology Section, the Robert Kenny Award for Best Book, 2002, and the Best Dissertation, Western Political Science Association in 1968. His most recent titles include Unmasking Globalization: Imperialism of the Twenty-First Century (2001); co-author The Dynamics of Social Change in Latin America (2000), System in Crisis (2003), co-author Social Movements and State Power (2003), co-author Empire With Imperialism (2005), co-author)Multinationals on Trial (2006).

He has a long history of commitment to social justice, working in particular with the Brazilian Landless Workers Movement for 11 years. In 1973-76 he was a member of the Bertrand Russell Tribunal on Repression in Latin America. He writes a monthly column for the Mexican newspaper, La Jornada, and previously, for the Spanish daily, El Mundo. He received his B.A. from Boston University and Ph.D. from the University of California at Berkeley.


The Rise of the European Right: Reaction to the Neoliberal Right


Introduction: The European parliamentary elections witnessed a major breakthrough for the right-wing parties throughout the region. The rise of the Right runs from the Nordic countries, the United Kingdom, the Baltic and Low countries, France, Central and Eastern Europe to the Mediterranean.

Most, if not all, of these emerging right-wing parties mark a sharp break with the ruling neo-liberal, Christian and Social Democratic parties who have presided over a decade of crisis.

The ‘new Right’ cannot be understood simply by attaching negative labels (‘fascist’, ‘racist’ and ‘anti-Semitic’). The rise of the Right has to be placed in the context of the decay of political, social and economic institutions, the general and persistent decline of living standards and the disintegration of community bonds and class solidarity. The entire existing political edifice constructed by the neo-liberal parties bears deep responsibility for the systemic crisis and decay of everyday life. Moreover, this is how it is understood by a growing mass of working people who vote for the Right.

The so-called ‘radical Left’, usually defined as the political parties to the left of the governing Social Democratic parties, with the exception of SYRIZA in Greece, have failed to capitalize on the decline of the neo-liberal parties. There are several reasons that account for the lack of a right-left polarization. Most of the ‘radical Left’, in the final account, gave ‘critical support’ to one or another of the Labor or Social Democratic parties and reduced their ‘distance’ from the political-economic disasters that have followed. Secondly, the ‘radical Left’s’ positions on some issues were irrelevant or offensive to many workers: namely, gay marriage and identity politics. Thirdly, the radical Left recruited prominent personalities from the discredited Labor and Social Democratic parties and thus raised suspicion that they are a ‘new version’ of past deceptions. Fourthly, the radical Left is strong on public demonstrations demanding ‘structural changes’ but lacks the ‘grass roots’ clientelistic organizations of the Right, which provide ‘services’, such as soup kitchens and clinics dealing with day-to-day problems.

While the Right pretends to be ‘outside’ the neo-liberal establishment challenging the assumption of broad powers by the Brussels elite, the Left is ambiguous: Its support for a ‘social Europe’ implies a commitment to reform a discredited and moribund structure. The Right proposes ‘national capitalism’ outside of Brussels; the Left proposes ‘socialism within the European Union’. The Left parties, the older Communist parties and more recent groupings, like Syriza in Greece, have had mixed results. The former have generally stagnated or lost support despite the systemic crisis. The latter, like Syriza, have made impressive gains but failed to break the 30% barrier. Both lack electoral allies. As a result, the immediate challenge to the neo-liberal status quo comes from the electoral new Right parties and on the left from the extra-parliamentary social movements and trade unions. In the immediate period, the crisis of the European Union is being played out between the neo-liberal establishment and the ‘new Right’.

The Nature of the New Right

The ‘new Right’ has gained support largely because it has denounced the four pillars of the neo-liberal establishment: globalization, foreign financial control, executive rule by fiat (the Brussels troika) and the unregulated influx of cheap immigrant labor.

Nationalism, as embraced by the new Right, is tied to national capitalism: Local producers, retailers and farmers are counterpoised to free traders, mergers and acquisitions by international bankers and the giant multinationals. The ‘new Right’ has its audience among the provincial and small town business elite as well as workers devastated by plant closures and relocations.

The ‘new Right’s’ nationalism is ‘protectionist’ – seeking tariff barriers and state regulations to protect industries and workers from ‘unfair’ competition from overseas conglomerates and low-wage immigrant labor.

The problem is that protectionism limits the imports of cheap consumer goods sold in many small retail shops and affordable to workers and the lower middle class. The Right ‘dreams’ of a corporatist model where national workers and industries bond to oppose liberal competitive capitalism and class struggle trade unions. As the class struggle declines, the ‘tri partite’ politics of the neo-liberal right is reconfigured by the New Right to include ‘national’ capital and a ‘paternalistic state’.

In sum, the nationalism of the Right evokes a mythical past of harmony where national capital and labor unite under a common communal identity to confront big foreign capital and cheap immigrant labor.

Political Strategy: Electoral and Extra-Parliamentary Politics

Currently, the new Right is primarily oriented to electoral politics, especially as it gains mass support. They have increased their share of the electorate by combining mass mobilization and community organizing with electoral politics, especially in depressed areas. They have attracted middle class voters from the neo-liberal right and working class voters from the old Left. While some sectors of the Right, like the Golden Dawn in Greece, openly flaunt fascist symbols – flags and uniforms – as well as provoking street brawls, others pressure the governing neo-liberal right to adopt some of their demands especially regarding immigration and the ‘deportation of illegals’. For the present, most of the new Right’s focus is on advancing its agenda and gaining supporters through aggressive appeals within the constitutional order and by keeping the more violent sectors under control. Moreover, the current political climate is not conducive to open extra-parliamentary ‘street fighting’ where the new Right would be easily crushed. Most right-wing strategists believe the current context is conducive to the accumulation of forces via peaceful methods.

Conditions Facilitating the Growth of the Right

There are several structural factors contributing to the growth of the new Right in Europe:

First and foremost, there is a clear decline of democratic power and institutions resulting from the centralization of executive – legislative power in the hands of a self-appointed elite in Brussels. The new Right argues effectively that the European Union has become a profoundly authoritarian political institution disenfranchising voters and imposing harsh austerity programs without a popular mandate.

Secondly, national interests have been subordinated to benefit the financial elite identified as responsible for the harsh policies that have undermined living standards and devastated local industries. The new Right counterpoises ‘the nation’ to the Brussels ‘Troika’ – the International Monetary Fund, the European Central Bank and the European Commission.

Thirdly, ‘liberalization’ has eroded local industries and undermined communities and protective labor legislation. The Right denounces liberal immigration policies, which permit the large-scale inflow of cheap workers at a time of depression level unemployment. The crisis of capitalism combined with the large force of cheap immigrant labor forms the material basis for right-wing appeals to workers, especially those in precarious jobs or unemployed.

Right: Contradictions and the Double Discourse

The Right, while criticizing the neo-liberal state for unemployment, focuses mainly on the immigrants competing with nationals in the labor market rather than on the capitalists whose investment decisions determine levels of employment and unemployment.

The Right attacks the authoritarian nature of the European Union, but its own structures, ideology and history pre-figure a repressive state.

The Right rightly proposes to end foreign elite control of the economy, but its own vision of a ‘national state’, especially one linked to NATO, multi-national corporations and imperial wars, will provide no basis for ‘rebuilding the national economy’.

The Right speaks to the needs of the dispossessed and the need to ‘end austerity’ but it eschews the only effective mechanism for countering inequalities – class organization and class struggle. Its vision of the ‘collaboration between productive capital and labor’ is contradicted by the aggressive capitalist offensive to cut wages, social services, pensions and working conditions. The new Right targets immigrants as the cause of unemployment while obscuring the role of the capitalists who hire and fire, invest abroad, relocate firms and introduce technology to replace labor.

They focus the workers’ anger ‘downward’ against immigrants, instead of ‘upward’ toward the owners of the means of production, finance and distribution who ultimately manipulate the labor market.

In the meantime the radical Left’s mindless defense of unlimited immigration in the name of an abstract notion of ‘international workers solidarity’ exposes their arrogant liberal bias, as though they had never consulted real workers who have to compete with immigrants for scarce jobs under increasingly unfavorable conditions.

The radical Left, under the banner of ‘international solidarity’, has ignored the historical fact that ‘internationalism’ must be built on the strong national foundation of organized, employed workers.

The Left has allowed the new Right to exploit and manipulate powerful righteous nationalist causes. The radical Left has counterpoised ‘nationalism’ to socialism, rather than seeing them as intertwined, especially in the present context of an imperialist-dominated European Union.

The fight for national independence, the break-up of the European Union, is essential to the struggle for democracy and the deepening of the class struggle for jobs and social welfare. The class struggle is more powerful and effective on the familiar national terrain – rather than confronting distant overseers in Brussels.

The notion among many radical Left leaders to ‘remake’ the EU into a ‘Social Europe’, the idea that the EU could be converted into a ‘European Union of Socialist States’ simply prolongs the suffering of the workers and the subordination of nations to the non-elected bankers who run the EU. No one seriously believes that buying stocks in Deutsch Bank and joining its annual stockholders meetings would allow workers to ‘transform’ it into a ‘People’s Bank’. Yet the ‘Bank of the Banks’, the ‘Troika’, made up of the European Commission, the European Central Bank and the IMF, set all major policies for each member state of the European Union. Un-rectified and remaining captive of the ‘Euro-metaphysic’, the Left has abdicated its role in advancing the class struggle through the rebirth of the national struggle against the EU oligarchs.

Results and Perspectives

The Right is advancing rapidly, even if unevenly across Europe. Its support is not ephemeral but stable and cumulative at least in the medium run. The causes are ‘structural’ and result from the new Right’s ability to exploit the socio-economic crisis of the neo-liberal right governments and to denounce authoritarian and anti-national policies of the unelected EU oligarchy.

The new Right’s strength is in ‘opposition’. Their protests resonate while they are distant from the command centers of the capitalist economy and state.

Are they capable of moving from protest to power? Shared power with the neo-liberals will obviously dilute and disaggregate their current social base.

The contradictions will deepen as the new Right moves from positions of ‘opposition’ to sharing power with the neo-liberal Right. The massive roundups and deportation of immigrant workers is not going to change capitalist employment policies or restore social services or improve living standards. Promoting ‘national’ capital over foreign through some corporatist union of capital and labor will not reduce class conflict. It is totally unrealistic to imagine ‘national’ capital rejecting its foreign partners in the interest of labor.

The divisions within the ‘nationalist Right’, between the overtly fascist and electoral corporatist sectors, will intensify. The accommodation with ‘national’ capital, democratic procedures and social inequalities will likely open the door to a new wave of class conflict which will expose the sham radicalism of the ‘nationalist’ right. A committed Left, embedded in the national terrain, proud of its national and class traditions, and capable of unifying workers across ethnic and religious ‘identities’ can regain supporters and re-emerge as the real alternative to the two faces of the Right – the neo-liberal and the ‘nationalist’ new Right. The prolonged economic crisis, declining living standards, unemployment and personal insecurity propelling rise of the nationalist Right can also lead to the emergence of a Left deeply linked to national, class and community realities. The neo-liberals have no solutions to offer for the disasters and problems of their own making; the nationalists of the new Right have the wrong -reactionary – answer. Does the Left have the solution? Only by overthrowing the despotic imperial rule of Brussels can they begin to address the national-class issues.

Post-script and final observations:

In the absence of a Left alternative, the working class voters have opted for two alternatives: Massive voter abstention and strikes. In the recent EU election, 60% of the French electorate abstained, with abstention approaching 80% in working class neighborhoods. This pattern was repeated or even exceeded throughout the EU – hardly a mandate for the EU or for the ‘new Right’. In the weeks and days before the vote, workers took to the streets. There were massive strikes of civil servants and shipyard workers, as well as workers from other sectors and mass demonstrations by the unemployed and popular classes opposing EU-imposed ‘austerity’ cuts in social services, health, education, pensions, factory closures and mass lay-offs. Widespread voter abstention and street demonstrations point to a huge proportion of the population rejecting both the neo-Liberal Right of the ‘Troika’ as well as the ‘new Right’.



About James Petras

He is the author of more than 62 books published in 29 languages, and over 600 articles in professional journals, including the American Sociological Review, British Journal of Sociology, Social Research, and Journal of Peasant Studies. He has published over 2000 articles in nonprofessional journals such as the New York Times, the Guardian, the Nation, Christian Science Monitor, Foreign Policy, New Left Review, Partisan Review, TempsModerne, Le Monde Diplomatique, and his commentary is widely carried on the internet.

His publishers have included Random House, John Wiley, Westview, Routledge, Macmillan, Verso, Zed Books and Pluto Books. He is winner of the Career of Distinguished Service Award from the American Sociological Association’s Marxist Sociology Section, the Robert Kenny Award for Best Book, 2002, and the Best Dissertation, Western Political Science Association in 1968. His most recent titles include Unmasking Globalization: Imperialism of the Twenty-First Century (2001); co-author The Dynamics of Social Change in Latin America (2000), System in Crisis (2003), co-author Social Movements and State Power (2003), co-author Empire With Imperialism (2005), co-author)Multinationals on Trial (2006).

He has a long history of commitment to social justice, working in particular with the Brazilian Landless Workers Movement for 11 years. In 1973-76 he was a member of the Bertrand Russell Tribunal on Repression in Latin America. He writes a monthly column for the Mexican newspaper, La Jornada, and previously, for the Spanish daily, El Mundo. He received his B.A. from Boston University and Ph.D. from the University of California at Berkeley.


Capitalists, Technocrats and Fanatics: The Ascent of a New Power Bloc


Introduction: The sweeping electoral victory of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in India is the latest expression of the world-wide advance of a new power bloc which promises to impose a New World Order harnessing ethno-religious fanaticism and narrowly trained technocrats to capitalist absolutism.

The far-right is no longer at the margins of western political discourse. It is center-stage. It is no longer dependent on contributions by local militants; it receives financing from the biggest global corporations. It is no longer dismissed by the mass media. It receives feature coverage, highlighting its ‘dynamic and transformative’ leadership.

Today capitalists everywhere confront great uncertainty, as markets crash and endemic corruption at the highest levels erode competitive markets. Throughout the world, large majorities of the labor force question, challenge and resist the massive transfers of public wealth to an ever reduced oligarchy. Electoral politics no longer define the context for political opposition.

Capitalism, neither in theory nor practice, advances through reason and prosperity. It relies on executive fiats, media manipulation and arbitrary police state intrusions. It increasingly relies on death squads dubbed “Special Forces” and a ‘reserve army’ of para-military fanatics.

The new power bloc is the merger of big business, the wealthy professional classes, upwardly mobile, elite trained technocrats and cadres of ethno-religious fanatics who mobilize the masses.

Capitalism and imperialism advances by uprooting millions, destroying local communities and economies, undermining local trade and production, exploiting labor and repressing social solidarity. Everywhere it erodes community and class solidarity.

Ethno-Religious Fanatics and Elite Technocrats

Today capitalism depends on two seemingly disparate forces. The irrational appeal of ethno-religious supremacists and narrowly trained elite technocrats to advance the rule of capital. Ethno-religious fanatics seek to promote bonds between the corporate-warlord elite and the masses, by appealing to their ‘common’ religious ethnic identities.

The technocrats serve the elite by developing the information systems, formulating the images and messages deceiving and manipulating the masses and designing their economic programs.

The political leaders meet with the corporate elite and warlords to set the political-economic agenda, deciding when to rely on the technocrats and when to moderate or unleash the ethno-religious fanatics.

Imperialism operates via the marriage of science and ethno-religious fanaticism- and both are harnessed to capitalist domination and exploitation.

India: Billionaires, Hindu Fascists and IT “Savants”

The election of Narendra Modi, leader of the BJP and long-time member of the Hindu fascist Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) para-military organization was based on three essential components:

(1) Multi-billion rupee funding from corporate India at home and abroad.

(2) Thousands of upwardly mobile IT technocrats mounting a massive propaganda campaign.

(3) Hundreds of thousands of RSS activists spreading the “Hindutva” racist doctrine among millions of villagers.

The Modi regime promises his capitalist backers that he will “open India”– namely end the land reserves of the tribes, convert farmland to industrial parks, deregulate labor and environmental controls.

To the Brahmin elite he promises to end compensatory quotas for lower castes, the untouchables, the minorities and Muslims. For the Hindu fascists he promises more temples. For foreign capitalists he promises entry into all formerly protected economic sectors. For the US, Modi promises closer working relations against China, Russia and Iran… The BJP’s ethno-religious Hindu fanaticism resonates with Israel’s notion of a “pure”Jewish state. Modi and Netanyahu have longstanding ties and promise close working relations based on similar ethno-racist doctrines.

Turkey: The Transition to Islamic-Capitalist Authoritarianism

Turkey under the rule of Erdogan’s Justice and Development Party has moved decisively toward one-man rule: linking Islam to big capital and police state repression. Erdogan’s ‘triple alliance’ is intent on unleashing mega-capitalist projects, based on the privatization of public spaces and the dispossession of popular neighborhoods. He opened the door to unregulated privatization of mines, communications, banks – leading to exponential growth of profits and the decline of employment security and a rising toll of worker deaths. Erdogan has shed the mask of ‘moderate Islam’ and embraced the jihadist mercenaries invading Syria and legislation expanding religious prerogatives in secular life. Erdogan has launched massive purges of journalists, public officials, civil servants, judges and military officers. He has replaced them with ‘party loyalists’; Erdogan fanatics!

Erdogan has recruited a small army of technocrats who design his mega projects and provide the political infrastructure and programs for his electoral campaigns. Technocrats provide a development agenda that accommodates the foreign and domestic crony corporate elite.

The Anatolian Islamists, small and medium provincial business elite, form the mass base – mobilizing voters, by appealing to chauvinist and ethnocentric beliefs. Erdogan’s repressive, Islamist, capitalist regime’s embrace of the “free market” has been sharply challenged especially in light of the worst mining massacre in Turkish history: the killing of over 300 miners due to corporate negligence and regime complicity. Class polarization threatens the advance of Turkish fascism.

Israel and the “Jewish State”: Billionaires , Ethno-Religious Fanatics and Technocrats

Israel, according to its influential promoters in the US, is a ‘model democracy’. The public pronouncements and the actions of its leaders thoroughly refute that notion. The driving force of Israeli politics is the idea of dispossessing and expelling all Palestinians and converting Israel into a ‘pure’ Jewish state. For decades Israel, funded and colonized by the diaspora, have violently seized Palestinian lands, dispossessed millions and are in the process of Judaizing what remains of the remnant in the “Occupied Territories”.

The Israeli economy is dominated by billionaires. Its “society” is permeated by a highly militarized state. Its highly educated technocrats serve the military-industrial and ethno-religious elite. Big business shares power with both.

High tech Israeli’s apply their knowledge to furthering the high growth, military industrial complex. Medical specialists participate in testing the endurance of Palestinian prisoners undergoing torture (“interrogation”). Highly trained psychologists engage in psych-warfare to gain collaborators among vulnerable Palestinian families. Economists and political scientists, with advanced degrees from prestigious US and British universities (and ‘dual citizenship’) formulate policies furthering the land grabs of neo-fascist settlers. Israel’s best known novelist, Amos Oz condemned the neo-fascist settlers who defecate on the embers of burnt-out mosques.

Billionaire real estate moguls bid up house prices and rents “forcing” many “progressive” Israelies, who occasionally protest, to take the easy road of moving into apartments built on land illegally and violently seized from dispossessed Palestinians. ‘Progressives’ join neo-fascist vigilantes in common colonial settlements. Prestigious urbanologists further the goals of crude ethno-racist political leaders by designing new housing in Occupied Lands. Prominent social scientists trade on their US education to promote Mid-East wars designed by vulgar warlords. Building the Euro American Empire : Riff-Raff of the World Unite!

Empire building is a dirty business. And while the political leaders directing it, feign respectability and are adept at rolling out the moral platitudes and high purposes, the ‘combatants’ they employ are a most unsavory lot of armed thugs, journalistic verbal assassins and highly respected international jurists who prey on victims and exonerate imperial criminals.

In recent years Euro-American warlords have employed “the scum of the slaughterhouse” to destroy political adversaries in Libya, Syria and the Ukraine.

In Libya lacking any semblance of a respectable middle-class democratic proxy, the Euro-American empire builders armed and financed murderous tribal bands, notorious jihadist terrorists, contrabandist groups, arms and drug smugglers. The Euro-Americans counted on a pocketful of educated stooges holed up in London to subdue the thugs, privatize Libya’s oil fields and convert the country into a recruiting ground and launch pad for exporting armed mercenaries for other imperial missions.

The Libyan riff-raff were not satisfied with a paycheck and facile dismissal: they murdered their US paymaster, chased the technocrats back to Europe and set-up rival fiefdoms. Gadhafi was murdered, but so went Libya as a modern viable state. The arranged marriage of Euro-American empire builders, western educated technocrats and the armed riff-raff was never consummated. In the end the entire imperial venture ended up as a petty squabble in the American Congress over who was responsible for the murder of the US Ambassador in Benghazi.

The Euro-American-Saudi proxy war against Syria follows the Libyan script. Thousands of Islamic fundamentalists are financed, armed, trained and transported from bases in Turkey, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Libya to violently overthrow the Bashar Assad government in Syria. The world’s most retrograde fundamentalists travel to the Euro-American training bases in Jordan and Turkey and then proceed to invade Syria, seizing towns, executing thousands of alleged ‘regime loyalists’ and planting car bombs in densely populated city centers.

The fundamentalist influx soon overwhelmed the London based liberals and their armed groups.

The jihadist terrorists fragmented into warring groups fighting over the Syrian oil fields. Hundreds were killed and thousands fled to Government controlled regions. Euro-US strategists, having lost their original liberal mercenaries, turned toward one or another fundamentalist groups. No longer in control of the ‘politics’ of the terrorists, Euro-US strategists sought to inflect the maximum destruction on Syrian society. Rejecting a negotiated settlement, the Euro-US strategists turned their backs on the internal political opposition challenging Assad via presidential elections.

In the Ukraine, the Euro-Americans backed a junta of servile neo-liberal technocrats, oligarchical kleptocrats and neo-Nazis, dubbed Svoboda and the Right Sector. The latter were the “shock troops” to overthrow the elected government, massacre the federalist democrats in Odessa and the eastern Ukraine, and back the junta appointed oligarchs serving as “governors”.

The entire western mass media white-washed the savage assaults carried out by the neo-Nazis in propping up the Kiev junta. The powerful presence of the neo-fascists in key ministries, their strategic role as front line fighters attacking eastern cities controlled by pro-democracy militants, establishes them as central actors in converting the Ukraine into a military outpost of NATO. Euro-America Empire Building and the Role of Riff-Raff

Everywhere the Euro-American imperialists choose to expand – they rely on the ‘scum of the earth’: tribal gangs in Libya, fundamentalist terrorists in Syria, neo-Nazis in the Ukraine.

Is it by choice or necessity? Clearly few consequential democrats would lend themselves to the predatory and destructive assaults on existing regimes which Euro-US strategists design. In the course of imperial wars, the local producers, workers, ordinary citizens would “self-destroy”, whatever the outcome. Hence the empire builders look toward ‘marginal groups’, those with no stake in society or economy. Those alienated from any primary or secondary groups. Footloose fundamentalists fit that bill – provided they are paid, armed and allowed to carry their own ideological baggage. Neo-Nazis hostile to democracy have no qualms about serving empire builders who share their ideological hostility to democrats, socialists, federalists and culturally ‘diverse’ societies and states. So they are targeted for recruitment by the empire builders.

The riff-raff consider themselves ‘strategic allies’ of the Euro-American empire builders. The latter, however, have no strategic allies – only strategic interests. Their tactical alliances with the riff-raff endure until they secure control over the state and eliminate their adversaries. Then the imperialist seek to demote, co-opt, marginalize or eliminate their ‘inconvenient’ riff-raff allies. The falling out comes about when the fundamentalists and neo-Nazis seek to restrict capital, especially foreign capital and impose restrictions on imperial control over resources and territory. At first the empire builders seek ‘opportunists’ among the riff-raff, those willing to sacrifice their ‘ideals’ for money and office. Those who refuse are relegated to secondary positions distant from strategic decision-making or to remote outposts. Those who resist are assassinated or jailed. The disposal of the riff-raff serves the empire on two counts. It provides the client regime with a fig leaf of respectability and disarms western critics targeting the extremist component of the junta.

The riff-raff, however, with arms, fighting experience and financing, in the course of struggle, gains confidence in its own power. They do not easily submit to Euro-US strategies. They also have ‘strategic plans’ of their own, in which they seek political power to further their ideological agenda and enrich their followers.

The riff-raff, want to ‘transition’ from shock troops of empire into rulers in their own right. Hence the assaults on the US embassy in Libya, the assassination of Euro-American proxies in Syria, Right Sector riots against the Kiev junta.


A new power bloc is emerging on a global scale. It is already flexing its muscles. It has come to power in India, Turkey, Ukraine and Israel. It brings together big business, technocrats and ethno-religious fascists. They promote unrestrained capitalist expansion in association with Euro-American imperialism.

Scientists, economists, and IT specialists design the programs and plans to realize the profits of local and foreign capitalists. The ethno-fascists mobilize the ‘masses’ to attack minorities and class organizations threatening high rates of returns.

The Euro-Americans contribute to this ‘new power bloc’ by promoting their own ‘troika’ made up of ‘neo-liberal clients’, fundamentalists and neo-Nazis to overthrow nationalist adversaries. The advance of imperialism and capitalism in the 21st century is based on the harnessing of the most advanced technology and up-to-date media outlets with the most retrograde political and social leaders and ideologies.



About James Petras

He is the author of more than 62 books published in 29 languages, and over 600 articles in professional journals, including the American Sociological Review, British Journal of Sociology, Social Research, and Journal of Peasant Studies. He has published over 2000 articles in nonprofessional journals such as the New York Times, the Guardian, the Nation, Christian Science Monitor, Foreign Policy, New Left Review, Partisan Review, TempsModerne, Le Monde Diplomatique, and his commentary is widely carried on the internet.

His publishers have included Random House, John Wiley, Westview, Routledge, Macmillan, Verso, Zed Books and Pluto Books. He is winner of the Career of Distinguished Service Award from the American Sociological Association’s Marxist Sociology Section, the Robert Kenny Award for Best Book, 2002, and the Best Dissertation, Western Political Science Association in 1968. His most recent titles include Unmasking Globalization: Imperialism of the Twenty-First Century (2001); co-author The Dynamics of Social Change in Latin America (2000), System in Crisis (2003), co-author Social Movements and State Power (2003), co-author Empire With Imperialism (2005), co-author)Multinationals on Trial (2006).

He has a long history of commitment to social justice, working in particular with the Brazilian Landless Workers Movement for 11 years. In 1973-76 he was a member of the Bertrand Russell Tribunal on Repression in Latin America. He writes a monthly column for the Mexican newspaper, La Jornada, and previously, for the Spanish daily, El Mundo. He received his B.A. from Boston University and Ph.D. from the University of California at Berkeley.



Για να πετύχουμε τον στόχο των αγώνων των προγόνων μας το 1821, των παπούδων μας και των πατεράδων μας το 1940 – 1944, και των αδελφών μας το 1973, και για να μην μας ξαναβάλουν οι μεγάλες δυνάμεις με τους ντόπιους συνεργάτες τους στο δράμα ενούς νέου εμφυλιου πολέμου η κάτω από μια νέα φασιστική χούντα. Το ΕΠΑΜ είναι το μόνο κινημα στην Ελλάδα που είναι δημοκρατικό και πατριωτικό, και που θέλει να έχει ο ίδιος ο λαός την διακυβέρνηση της χώρας στα χέρια του και όχι να τον αντιπροσωπεύουν κλέφτες, προδότες και δοσίλογοι. Το ΕΠΑΜ είναι το μόνο κινημα στην Ελλάδα που δείνει τα κατάληλα και απαραίτητα αντίδοτα για τα πνευματικά, πολιτιστικά, συναισθηματικά, ψυχολογικά και διανοητικά δηλητήρια που μας πότιζαν για πάρα πολλά χρόνια. Ελα μαζί μας λοιπόν να σώσουμε την Ελλάδα και να απελευθερώσουμε τον λαό μας!

Συμπατριώτη αδελφέ μου, ήρθε η ώρα να δείξεις τη ποιότητα σου!

Κοσμάς Λουμάκης


Φιλοξενούμενος της ΕΚΠΟΜΠΗΣ ΑΕ ο καθηγητής Πολιτικής Επιστήμης και πρώην Πρύτανης του Πάντειου Πανεπιστημίου κ.Γιώργος Κοντογιώργης.

Η εκδήλωση για την παρουσίαση των 42 υποψηφίων ευρωβουλευτών του ΕΠΑΜ τα είχε όλα… Κόσμο, παλμό και πολιτικά συνθήματα. Πρώτα απ’ όλα, όμως, έστελνε μήνυμα σε Ελλάδα και Ευρώπη.

“Τραγουδώντας και πολεμώντας, έλεγαν οι παλιοί, ότι πάνε στον πόλεμο”, ανέφερε ο Δημήτρης Καζάκης, σημειώνοντας πως “ο αγώνας είναι δύσκολος. Έχουμε μεγάλες απώλειες από το βάρος της καθημερινότητας, της ζωής, αλλά δεν το βάζουμε κάτω. Ο αγώνας είναι πολύ μεγάλος, όταν οι κυβερνώντες θέλουν να σε κάνουν δούλο”.

Η ομιλία και η συζήτηση με το κοινό του γ.γ. του ΕΠΑΜ Δημήτρη Καζάκη στην Θεσσαλονίκη (14 Μαΐου 2014, πλ. Ναυαρίνου), στην κεντρική προεκλογική συγκέντρωση του ΕΠΑΜ Θεσσαλονίκης για τις ευρωεκλογές.
Στην έναρξη της εκδήλωσης απηύθυναν χαιρετισμό οι υποψήφιοι ευρωβουλευτές του ΕΠΑΜ Αλεξάνδρα Γεροντάκη, Αντώνης Παπαντωνίου, Ζωγραφιά Δόγου και Δημήτρης Κυπριώτης.

Συζήτηση στο στούντιο της ΔΕΛΤΑ τηλεόρασης (Αλεξανδρούπολη) όπου φιλοξένησε το γ.γ. και υποψήφιο ευρωβουλευτή του Ε.ΠΑ.Μ. Δημήτρη Καζάκη στις 17 Μαΐου 2014.
Πηγή βίντεο:

Ε.Πα.Μ Επίσημη παρουσίαση των υποψηφίων ευρωβουλευτών Κρήτης με κεντρικό ομιλητή τον Γ.Γ Δημητρη Καζάκη

Oμιλία του γ.γ. του Ε.ΠΑ.Μ. και υποψήφιου ευρωβουλευτή Δημήτρη Καζάκη στο Εργατικό Κέντρο Χανίων στις 13/5/14 και παρουσίαση όλων των υποψήφιων ευρωβουλευτών του Ε.ΠΑ.Μ. της Κρήτης.

Κεντρική προεκλογική εκδήλωση του ΕΠΑΜ Αιγίου, την Κυριακή 11 Μαΐου 2014. Συμμετείχαν οι υποψήφιοι ευρωβουλευτές Λεωνίδας Χρυσανθόπουλος, Αλεξάνδρα Λαδικού, Αντώνης Παπαντωνίου, Γιάννης Σιδέρης, Γιάννα Σιόβα και Γιάννης Αλεξανδρόπουλος.

Απόσπασμα από την κεντρική ομιλία των υποψηφίων ευρωβουλευτών του Ε.ΠΑ.Μ. στο εργατικό κέντρο Κορίνθου την Τετάρτη 7 Μαΐου 2014.

Εκδήλωση του ΕΠΑΜ στην πλ. Φλέμινγκ της Ηλιούπολης, ενόψει ευρωεκλόγων, στις 8 Μαΐου 2014
Ομιλητές :
Δημήτρης Καζάκης, γ.γ. ΕΠΑΜ και υποψήφιος ευρωβουλευτής
Γρηγόρης Πιερρουτσάκος, υποψήφιος ευρωβουλευτής
Καλλιρρόη Δραμιτίνου, υποψήφια ευρωβουλευτής
Δημήτρης Κυπριώτης, υποψήφιος ευρωβουλευτής
Γιάννης Αθανασιάδης
πηγη : ΕΠΑΜ Γλυφαδας-Ελληνικου

Παρουσίαση όλων των υποψήφιων ευρωβουλευτών του ΕΠΑΜ και επίσης όλα τα σχετικά βιντεάκια (210 βίντεο)

Δείτε αυτές τις δυο καταπληκτικές ταινίες ντοκιμαντέρ για το πως φτάσαμε ως εδώ και πως απελευθερωνόμαστε επιτέλους

“ΟΥΣΤ ΚΑΘΑΡΜΑΤΑ” και “ΟΥΣΤ – Η Κραυγή της Ελλάδας”

“Ως Έλληνας, δημοκράτης που σέβεται και τιμά τους αγώνες και τις θυσίες της οικογένειάς του και του λαού του, βλέπω αυτές τις δύο ταινίες σαν δύο απαραίτητα αντίδοτα για τα πνευματικά, πολιτιστικά, συναισθηματικά, ψυχολογικά και διανοητικά δηλητήρια που μας πότιζαν για πάρα πολλά χρόνια. Αυτές τις δύο ταινίες θα πρέπει να τις δουν σε κάθε ελληνικό σπίτι γιατί δεν ειναι μόνο πληροφόρηση, ενημέρωση και γνώση αλλά ειναι έμπνευση και κίνητρο για να σηκώσει ο Έλληνας επιτέλους το κεφάλι του και να απελευθερώσούμε την πατρίδα μας τόσο από της εγχώριες όσο και της ξένες ύαινες,.. μια για πάντα!”

Κοσμάς Λουμάκης


(αν δεν μπορείτε να δείτε το βίντεο εδώ πατήστε το εικονίδιο του youtube)

Van Rompuy: If The Public Doesn’t Want EU Expansion, ‘We Do It Anyway’

In a crass and ill-timed intervention, the unelected president of the European Council Herman Van Rompuy has warned Vladimir Putin that the EU intends ultimately to control every country on the western flank of Russia.


by M.E. Synon 1 May 2014

In an interview with De Standaard newspaper, Van Rompuy speaks about his “dreams” that all the Balkan states will join the EU. He calls it an “inspiring thought” that in the long term “the whole of European territory outside Russia” will be tied in some way to the EU.

He admits he does not know if there is public support for such a move, “But we do it anyway.”

Van Rompuy’s comments, released in the midst of the tensions which have followed moves by Brussels to put Ukraine on the path to EU membership, give credence to Putin’s fears that ultimately the EU intends to put its tanks on Russia’s lawn.

Building a common EU defence is one of the strategic priorities for the Brussels elite who are trying to build “a country called Europe.”

Most people in Britain are unaware of it, but a commitment by Britain and the other member states to common foreign, security and defence policies was written into the Maastricht Treaty of 1992.

In recent years the EU has deepened the integration of the military forces of member states with the framing of the Common Security and Defence Policy.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande are the leading voices for a common defence force for the EU.

In 2008, a report by a respected Dutch think tank warned that the EU is pursuing a secretive “military space policy.” It accused the EU of using the cover of the European Space Agency to develop technologies such as the Galileo satellite system for use by military as well as civilian. authorities

Last July, Martin Schulz, the German socialist President of the European Parliament who is now one of the top candidates to be the next president of the European Commission, said: “We need a headquarters for civil and military missions in Brussels and deployable troops.”

At the same time the European Commission proposed that it should “own and operate” its own surveillance drones.

Last December at a European Council meeting, member states agreed to “deepen defence cooperation.” At a press conference afterwards, David Cameron insisted Britain would block EU institutions from owning and operating their own military assets.

However, the fact is there is nothing Britain can do to stop a group of EU member states from creating their own “intergovernmental” defence force and asking the EU to administer it.

Now in this latest interview, Van Rompuy has said Brussels intends in effect to create an EU national border from the Arctic Circle to the Turkish border with Iraq.

This could threaten Russia’s historic, trade and political ties with Eastern Europe, so it is unlikely Russians will believe Van Rompuy when he insists the EU does not intend to create a “geopolitical shift.”

As long ago as 2007, José Manuel Barroso, the Portuguese former Maoist who is the president of the European Commission, said he liked to compare the EU “to the organisation of an empire.” He said “We have the dimension of an empire. I believe it is a great construction.”

Van Rompuy’s interview makes it clear that the EU elite intend for the empire to go right to the edge of the Russian Motherland.

In reply to Van Rompuy’s interview, a spokesman for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office said: “Europe’s diversity means a one-size-fits-all Europe will not work. You cannot impose a federal, close-knit union on such a varied group of states. There is not the political will to do so.”

“Only 31 per cent of the people across the European Union have a positive view of the EU. Two-thirds believe their voice does not count in the EU. This is not the voice of people who think a ‘United States of Europe’ is the answer to their problems. You have to treat Europe like a network not like a bloc.”

UKIP deputy leader Paul Nuttall said Van Rompuy’s words “demonstrate the frightening expansionist mentality of federalist fanatics.” He said Van Rompuy “does show a rare glimpse of honesty when he admits that the EU’s desire to expand comes without any public approval.”


And let us remember :

Multiple Ways Kleptocrats and Militarists Fleece Americans


Introduction: American living standards are plunging and it’s not simply because they are paid less, work longer (or shorter hours) under highly stressful workplace conditions and pay a higher percentage of their income for health and pension coverage.

The ‘workplace’ is only one of several locations where American working people are experiencing a sharp decline in living standards. The new oligarchical Kleptocrats and political elites have elaborated new ways to fleece Americans. These include:

(1) Increased costs and declining quality of internet, cable and other communication systems.

(2) Intensive pervasive and perpetual surveillance by punitive espionage agencies eroding personal freedoms and violating the confidentiality of personal, political and business decisions affecting everyday life.

(3) Large scale, repeated financial swindles by the most active and influential private and publicly trading investment companies resulting in the loss of hundreds of billions of dollars in pensions and savings for tens of millions of middle and working class investors.

(4) Increases in taxes and charges, including sales taxes, social security deductions, medical co-payments and reductions in social services … This is a result of the government’s commitment to finance US corporate investments and bail-outs. Big business hoards their cash holdings abroad to avoid taxes on overseas profits. To pay dividends they borrow. The growth of corporate debt, concentrated in a few large corporations, holds the US taxpayer liable for any present or future collapse of the financial markets. This corporate-induced ‘hoarding of capital’ compromises present and future living standards. It plays a major role in the deterioration of employment, wages, social services and public infrastructure.

(5) The astronomical growth of state spending on wars of conquest, financial giveaways propping up right-wing dictatorships and building a vast network of global military bases, proxy wars and other empire building measures reduce living standards of Americans. By militarizing everyday life, citizens are subject to mindless repetitive propaganda designed to lower their mental capacity. State terror-mongering propagandists in the mass media distract citizens from their declining living standards. Political elites bully citizens to continue ‘sacrificing’ basic living standards. Video games reproduce the worlds of war and terror, reflecting the real world policies of the ruling class.

Video games allow Americans who know they no longer have influence on political decisions and whose living standards are in decline, to vicariously exercise power and realize favorable outcomes on their mobiles. Purchasing mobiles, video games and other gadgets enrich billionaires’— so-called “high tech” capitalists – and convert citizens into impoverished consumers. They inhabit a bubble of illusions and passivity in the face of growing economic inequalities and political-cultural impoverishment.

The Political Bases of Declining Living Standards

The case of Comcast, the communication monopoly’s seizure of internet, is illustrative of how politics and plunder converge. Comcast TWC, the largest communications company, presently will control 40% of the US broadband and one-third of the US cable television market. By controlling the internet, Comcast will monopolize the principal means of communication of most Americans. The Federal Communications Commissions (FCC), which is supposed to regulate the industry and prevent price gouging monopolies, is “dominated by senior former industry officials” (Financial Times, (FT) 4/14/, pg. 9). Almost every elected national politician from Obama down has received substantial campaign funds from Comcast. During Senate hearings on Comcast’s bid to monopolize the internet through the take-over of Time Warner Cable, Comcast CEO David Cohen smirked and brushed off the Senators puff-questions. FCC complicity, Senatorial whitewashing of the private monopoly, is only part of the story. The internet was developed largely by public funds as was Google’s search engine: the public sector took the risk and the private monopolists , in this case Comcast, harvest the profits.

Comcast charges Americans several times greater then what it costs to use the internet in Sweden, South Korea, Singapore and elsewhere. Yet, US average internet speed is as little as a tenth as fast as that in Japan. In other words the hundreds of millions of US citizens who rely on the internet spend more money for less internet quality in their work day and everyday life. Their work life is intensified, their free time is reduced and their living standards are diminished. With greater concentration of ownership, come greater inequalities in power and income, and a greater disparity of living standards. All of which is obscured by the main beneficiaries – the communication barons and their political cronies.

Declining Living Standards in the Era of the Police State

‘Living’ in the deepest and most intimate sense of the term, means the ability to share ideas, feelings and experiences with individuals, families, friends and citizens without the intrusive and pervasive presence of a punitive state apparatus. When a state spy apparatus intercepts, collects, files, analyzes and makes a police evaluation of citizen’s communications, scientists refer to it as a police-state. The gigantic growth of a police state and its permeation of civil society has dramatically changed for the worse the fundamental bases of inter-personal life and communications. Police state rule, has sharply deteriorated cultural, social, political and economic living conditions. The ‘standards’ for living have been harshly reduced. The ‘legal’, but arbitrary, executive prerogatives of the state have been enhanced. The parameters of the basic rights of citizens have shrunk. As police state expenditures grow and the subjects of surveillance increase, so do budgets and taxes.

Kleptocracy: The Highest Stage of Capitalism

Marx and Marxists for the greater part of the 20th century, focused on capital’s exploitation of labor and the resources of overseas colonies and neo-colonies. In the 21st century a new more dynamic and totally parasitic form of economy has emerged based in the dominant financial sector. Kleptocrats engaged in large-scale, perpetual financial swindles and the pillage of the public treasury greatly impoverish small investors, and the pension funds of employees and workers.

For the better part of two decades, major financial institutions have been engaged in systematic large scale swindles, involving the sale of fraudulent financial packets (dubbed ironically “securities”), profiteering based on insider trading and other illicit activity which is prejudicial to productive activity, investors, tax payers, salary, and wage workers.

Every major investment banks in the US and Europe has been repeatedly investigated, fined and rarely prosecuted. They pay a relatively light fine and return to criminal activity. Looking only at the mega-swindles, involving hundreds of billions of dollars, we would include Enron, the Information Tech “bubble” of the 1990’s to 2000, the Home Mortgage fraud, the Barron, Lehman and Bear Sterns scam. In the run-up to the 2008-9 financial crash , Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Wells Fargo, Bank of America were part of the “pump and dump” of low grade home mortgage bonds and equities. The swindlers are recidivists and are so because of the complicity of top Government officials at every moment. State officials design the rules promoting Kleptocracy (deregulation), suspend safeguards, provide tax incentives, and eliminate risk via trillion dollar bailouts of the biggest investment kleptocrats when the swindlers cannibalize their assets and run out of new victims to swindle.

Under kleptocratic capitalism the apex of the system is occupied by the top fifty investment banks, hedge funds and speculators who ‘make markets’. They determine what ‘stocks or investment objects are targeted, to be pumped or dumped, at what rate and for what period of time. The entire activity of the kleptocratic elite has nothing to do with financing the ‘real economy’. Kleptocrats creates paper ‘values’ – paper assets at paper prices, for real victims and huge profits. The kleptocratic system operates like a chain. Kleptocratic speculators extract the savings and investments of a second tier of financial houses. They draw on real resources: savings, trust and pension funds. The second tier speculators are the ‘bag men’ for the dominant kleptocrats and they receive a minor share of the booty in exchange for conning the savings of producers. They write the prospectus to entice investment funds; they formulate the promise of lucrative returns. They send progress reports to clients in exchange for ‘commissions. They also ‘take the rap”, when the crises hits and bankruptcies, foreclosures and scams unfold.

The pension funds, the individual trusts and savings of workers and employees, resulting from decades of creating value in the real economy, forms the base of the pyramid. They have no influence on the political officials who promote, protect and bailout the kleptocrats. Under the kleptocratic elite ideology of “too big to fail”, the state eliminates all the risk for the klepto’s and imposes the losses on the second tier, who pass the losses on to the wage and salaried workers as taxpayers, via trillion dollar transfers from Treasury. Investors suffer via the loss of equity; workers via the loss of jobs, homes, income and social services. Given the vast chasm between the perpetual fraudulent transactions in the mega paper economy and the daily work routines at the bottom, there is great uncertainty, volatility, and insecurity in the work-life of the wage and salaried classes. The uncertainty and capriciousness of the ‘normal’ capitalist economic cycle, is vastly exacerbated by the turbulence caused by the mega-swindles, endless frauds and crooked trades, endemic to the kleptocratic stage of capital.

Kleptocrats and Militarists Together: They Shall Overcome

Just as kleptocrats rule the paper economy, political confidence men and women engage in imperial wars prejudicing the real economy. Imperial militarists extract wealth from the Treasury (the taxpayer) via perpetual political swindles. Imperial invasions and interventions of sovereign countries are ‘sold’ to the taxpayers as “wars on terror”; non-nuclear Iran is sold as a nuclear threat; the violent overthrow of the democratically elected Ukraine government by a pro Washington junta is sold as a “democratic transition”. Just as the kleptocracy’s “driving force” is repeated, large scale swindles, so the governing militarist elite’s “driving force” is the perpetual need to engage in warfare.

The ‘bridge’ between the kleptocrats and the militarists is the respectable financial press (Financial Times (FT), the Wall Street Journal(WSJ). They publicize and praise high level paper transactions (buy outs and mergers) and encourage imperial warfare everywhere and all the time. They editorialize in favor of wars which destroys lucrative trade and investment markets in the real economy because they are aligned with the kleptocrats linked to the paper economy. The Financial Times should change its name to the Military Times. The editors and columnists have supported wars destroying the Libyan, Iraq, Syrian and Ukrainian economies and back sanctions prejudicing trade with Iran. The financial press no longer promotes market relations of the real economy; it is embedded in the paper economy of the kleptos.

Kleptocratic activities have become ‘routinized’ and based on advanced technology and have created highly respected billionaires. Even as I write today (4/14/14) the FT reports that ‘insiders at some of the hottest private and publically traded web companies sold big personal stakes before the slump in stock companies’ (my emphasis) taking advantage of a bubble of their own creation (“pump”) to reap billions at the expense of small investors. Tell it to Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, and Sheryl Sandberg, CEO of Facebook, who sold at the pre-slump peak, prior to the tech bubble bursting

Domestic Corporate Debt and Overseas Corporate Tax Havens

According to Standards and Poor (S and P), the rating agency, “the biggest US companies have added significantly to their debts during the past three years, at the same time as corporate cash piles have increased” (FT 4/14/14). The total cash holding of the 1,100 companies rated by S and P rose by $204 billion to 1.23 trillion between 2010-13. However, during the same time span their gross debts grew fivefold, rising from $748 billion to $4 trillion. Their net debt (gross debt minus cash holdings) rose 24 percent to $2.78 trillion. By holding cash overseas, US corporations avoid domestic taxes – increasing fiscal pressures, the tax burden on domestic producers and workers, heightening the regressive nature of the tax system Secondly, by loading up on domestic debt, the corporate elite crowds out local borrowers. Piling up debt increases corporate vulnerability to bankruptcy if and when interest rates rise. The corporate elite evading taxes via overseas cash piles include Apple, Microsoft, Cisco Systems, Chevron, and Merck among others. All told the top 25 multi nationals account for 43 percent of the total debt (FT 4/14/14).

Hoarding profits overseas avoids taxes. High domestic indebtedness results from the need to pay dividends and inflate returns to big shareholders. In other words, corporate elites escape taxes and increase economic insecurity for domestic job holders, both of which contribute to a decline in the material and psychological dimensions of ‘living standards’.

Kleptocracy and Militarism: Declining Living Standards

The rise of a powerful kleptocratic economic elite which ‘interpenetrates’ and shares power with a militarist political elite have joined forces to pillage the productive economy and the US Treasury. Their powerful links are the main reason for heightening class inequalities, political and social insecurities. They have driven American society into a permanent state of crises and wars. Over the past quarter century, Americans have lived through two major economic crashes, prolonged periods of stagnation and declining income, three major wars and a multitude of overt and covert military operations – all of which have eroded living standards.

Military propaganda saturates the mass media and permeates all mass spectacles. Stock reports, dominate the economic news. Investment speculators and swindlers are presented as cultural heroes. The gap between elite opinion and interests and those of the majority of citizens widens.

This leads politicians to greater dependence on billionaire campaign funders. The electoral process is unabashedly and totally controlled by the economic oligarchy. The vast majority of Americans recognizes and publically admit their total lack of political influence on all public issues of interest including those privileging the kleptocrats and the warlords.

The deeply felt and pervasive malaise resulting from social impotence in vital spheres of life is the clearest expression of the decline of political living standards. The shrinking of public involvement, the narrow focus of isolated individuals manipulating computerized gadgets , the replacement of face to face public engagement by impersonal electronic communications, are an expression of the decline of social living standards. The rise of ethno-religious chauvinism among klepto-elites is matched by the political warlords’ reliance on systematic deception and espionage of American citizens. Warlords and kleptocrats are enclosed in privileged living enclaves, including the private appropriation of former public spaces, but their intrusion into private communications define the diminished world of everyday life for the most Americans. Life expectancy may have increased but human life has decreased, drastically, over the past quarter of a century.


Blood and gore does not drip off the Saville suited clever inside trader. They never see or hear their victims, nor do they have an interest in them, except to fleece them collectively and anonymously.

America is ruled by a division of labor. The financial speculators, corporate tax evaders, investment bankers – the kleptocratic ruling class– pillage the treasury and productive economy. Their political counterparts manipulate, distract and police their exploited victims – to ensure that they submit or are intimidated if they protest.

When they political elites come up short, there are the new “opiums of the people’ videos, painkillers, terror threats, entertainment and sports spectacles.

But citizens are restless– as living standards continue to decline. Nobody believes in bailing out speculators because they are ‘too big to fail”. Nobody trusts the political leaders who lied their way to twelve year wars, adding others along the way. No one follows media pundit extremists in defense of kleptocrats and warlords. Passive resistance is widespread because it is clear to most Americans that living standards are in a free fall. Time awaits a popular backlash. Will it happen in our lifetime?



About James Petras

He is the author of more than 62 books published in 29 languages, and over 600 articles in professional journals, including the American Sociological Review, British Journal of Sociology, Social Research, and Journal of Peasant Studies. He has published over 2000 articles in nonprofessional journals such as the New York Times, the Guardian, the Nation, Christian Science Monitor, Foreign Policy, New Left Review, Partisan Review, TempsModerne, Le Monde Diplomatique, and his commentary is widely carried on the internet.

His publishers have included Random House, John Wiley, Westview, Routledge, Macmillan, Verso, Zed Books and Pluto Books. He is winner of the Career of Distinguished Service Award from the American Sociological Association’s Marxist Sociology Section, the Robert Kenny Award for Best Book, 2002, and the Best Dissertation, Western Political Science Association in 1968. His most recent titles include Unmasking Globalization: Imperialism of the Twenty-First Century (2001); co-author The Dynamics of Social Change in Latin America (2000), System in Crisis (2003), co-author Social Movements and State Power (2003), co-author Empire With Imperialism (2005), co-author)Multinationals on Trial (2006).

He has a long history of commitment to social justice, working in particular with the Brazilian Landless Workers Movement for 11 years. In 1973-76 he was a member of the Bertrand Russell Tribunal on Repression in Latin America. He writes a monthly column for the Mexican newspaper, La Jornada, and previously, for the Spanish daily, El Mundo. He received his B.A. from Boston University and Ph.D. from the University of California at Berkeley.



A WARNING TO UKRAINE – Greece Confronts EU-Imposed Humanitarian Catastrophe

by Dean Andromidas

Why would anyone want to join the European Union? The only sane reason to join an association of nations would be to enjoy expanded economic benefits and democratic rights. Well, the EU offers neither. It is not only its moribund economy, with high unemployment, collapsing living standards, etc., but it is now implementing a policy of mass murder. The most obvious case is Greece, where the EU has turned a debt crisis into a humanitarian catastrophe. In 2010, Greece had a debt to gross domestic product ratio of 125%. The EU bureaucrats declared this to be unsustainable, and Greece was forced into a bailout. At the end of the third quarter 2013, that ratio had risen to 183%. The government’s gross debt stands at EU339.6 billion. At least EU270 billion is now held by foreigners. Between the first quarter of 2008, and the third quarter of 2013, it has paid EU67 billion in interest alone.

The over EU200 billion bailout has exclusively gone to pay off creditors, and in the process, created ever-expanding new debt. Despite the widely held belief that German taxpayers will foot the bill for the bailout, the fact is that the individual countries of the euro group issue a guarantee for the bonds that are floated by the European Stability Mechanism (ESM), the bailout fund. The bonds are bought by banks and other institutions, and the Greek government pays off the bonds. Only if there is a default will the non-Greek taxpayers lose. For the banks, such as Deutsche Bank, the bonds are all but free, since once purchased, the bank goes to the European Central Bank (ECB) and receives new liquidity. This arrangement if great for the banks, but lethal for the people of Greece. Since signing the bailout agreement and implementing its memoranda, Greece has been put under the tutelage of the infamous Troika of experts, or more precisely debt collectors, from the European Commission, the European Central Bank, and the International Monetary Fund. Their policy has destroyed the economy, and is killing off the population by creating a humanitarian catastrophe. Some of the evidence:

• Official Greek unemployment has increased from an average of around 10% to 28%, but in reality, it is closer to 50%. Youth unemployment is an impossible 65%. Of the officially registered unemployed, only 16% are receiving any unemployment benefits. Nominal and real wages have been reduced respectively by 23% and 27.8%.

• One-third of the population lives below the poverty line. While no hard figures exist, the number of Greeks who have left the country seeking work is between 500,000 and 1 million. These are not the poor peasants of the 1950s and 1960s, but highly educated young people—doctors, engineers, academics, and scientists— the future of the country.

• The balance of trade has improved only because of a collapse of imports, while exports increased only marginally. In fact, there has been no real increase in exports since the nominal increase, given in euros, represents the petroleum products from the country’s refineries. There was no increase in the volume of petroleum exports, but only an increase in price. In point of fact, exports to the EU continue to decline. In the 1990s, 61% of Greek exports went to the EU; in 2012, the figure was 29.8%. The entire economy has shrunk by more than 25%, the official figure.


The Troika-run Greek Health Minister Adonis Georgiadis is denying lifesaving medical care to cancer sufferers, and others. Here Georgiadis (left) is confronted by an angry Greek audience in London, March 16, 2014.

• There is virtually no liquidity in the country. Despite that fact that banks get liquidity from the ECB for virtually nothing, retail interest rates are a usurious 8.3%, the highest since Greece joined the Eurozone.

• Greek banks are loaded with non-performing debts, while companies, including those in the tourist industry are being starved of credit.

The EU Flu Massacre of 2014

Mass murder is occurring in Greece as you reads these words. It is being done very efficiently by taking down the health system, on orders of the Troika. Use of the term “mass murder” is not rhetorical, as the following examples show. Look at the death toll during this year’s flu season. As of this writing, at least 110 people have died of influenza just in the last several weeks. This is not only the highest rate in Europe, but the second-highest absolute number. The Athens Medical Association (ISA) revealed on March 26 that by contrast, 155 people had died of flu in Spain, whose population is 46 million, four times that of Greece’s 11 million. In France, which has a population six times larger, 52 people died from the virus; while in Romania, which has twice as many citizens as Greece, and is officially the poorest country in the EU, just four people succumbed to the flu. There were also only four deaths in Sweden, which has a comparable population to Greece. Britain reported no deaths from the virus.

untitledccccMedical workers from social clinics and the main state hospital in Athens protest against cuts to health care, Jan. 31, 2014. Eight thousand doctors have been cut from the public health system.


Under “normal” conditions, Greece would have had perhaps 25 flu deaths. The balance of 85 deaths must be viewed as
murder, since it is admitted by the government that it did not purchase enough flu vaccine, and did not conduct an annual fluvaccination campaign for the most vulnerable, a fact that the ISA rightfully termed “criminal.” In a statement, the Medical Association charged that the cause of the flu deaths was the lack of vaccinations, and noted that pharmacists had reported a shortage of flu jabs and doses supplied to health centers of the state insurance fund, EOPYY. “It is tragic and criminal that people are dying for a vaccine that costs EU6 each,” the statement said.

EU Promotes Fascists

It is not surprising that the Greek Health Minister, Adonis Georgiadis, is a well-known ideological fascist who was recruited into the ruling New Democracy Party from the right-wing Laos party. He is a publisher and book dealer. Among his favorite authors, whose books he sells, is Konstaninos Plevris, the number-one fascist ideologue in Greece. His son, Thanos Plevris, is also in the ruling party, and serves as legal advisor to the Health Minister. Georgiadis, under orders of his Troika masters, is implementing a policy that kills. The British medical journal, Lancet has published a study in which it reports that the Greek government and the Troika are in a state of “denial” over the catastrophic consequences of their policy. It’s worse than “denial”—it is intentional: Georgiadis, asked by the Washington Post about the fact that the massive cuts in health care left an alarming number of cancer sufferers with having to pay for their own medications and even surgeries which they cannot afford, replied that, while there is a special fund (only EU17 million!) for emergency aid for those without insurance, “Illnesses like cancer are not considered urgent, unless you are in the final stages.” While the exact number of deaths from cancer is not available, it is widely known that hundreds, if not thousands, of cancer patients have no access to medical insurance. And, it is not just cancers; the same conditions apply to those suffering from most serious diseases, while the severely handicapped have seen their benefits cut dramatically.

Unprecedented death rates have been accomplished, according to Lancet, through savage cuts in funding of health care. The report showed how uninsured cancer patients are left to pay for their own lifesaving treatment as a result of losing their social security coverage due to long-term unemployment. It reports that the health-care budget has been cut by 25% since 2009, and the number of uninsured has increased from 500,000 in 2008, to at least 2.3 million today. Greece now spends less on health care than any of the pre-2004 EU members. For example, the public hospital budget was cut by 26% between 2009 and 2011; in the last two years it has been cut even more. The budget for medicines was slashed from EU4.7 billion in 2010, to EU2.88 billion in 2012, and then to EU2 billion for 2014. Doctors at the country’s hospitals have not been paid for six months, prompting strikes throughout the hospital system. Mental-health care has been savagely cut. Funding for the sector was cut 20% between 2010 and 2011, and by a further 55% between 2011 and 2012. Cases of depression have risen by 250%; suicides, by 45% between 2007 and 2011. Cuts in mosquito spraying have led to the resurgence of malaria, which was virtually wiped out 40 years ago. Thousands of pregnant women no longer have access to health care. The result is infanticide by decree of the Troika: Poor nutrition and lack of medical checkups have contributed to infant deaths, which had previously births, according to figures from the Greek National School of Public Health.

Under the guidelines established by the Troika, Georgiadis has shut down major sections of the national health-insurance program. Under the previous program, general practitioners worked for the national health insurance company, while maintaining their private practice. This gave the patient the choice of keeping the same primary doctor, which is the only way a competent general health system works. This system was closed down, essentially overnight, and all 8,000 doctors dismissed. The new system involves general clinics where doctors are hired on contract for as little as one month. Its implementation has been so slow that most of the country is left without access to general health care. Not surprisingly, Georgiadis has become a hated figure in Greece, and enters public places with caution. His reputation followed him recently to a public event in which he was the keynote speaker at Imperial College in London, where Greek students and academic staff had made it clear before the Minister’s appearance that they opposed his invitation to speak there. “The Minister has repeatedly bullied doctors and medical staff on national television, putting the blame on them for the existing problems, while advertising the need for budget cuts,” they said in a statement. They added, “The rise of Mr. Georgiadis in Greek politics is a symptom of the authoritarian, far-right turn of the Greek government.”

The EU’s Lawlessness

While the European Union ideologues never stop criticizing countries for not failing to adhere to the “rule of law,” the reality is that the EU itself is the biggest violator of the law, even its own treaties. Jorgo Chatzimarkakis, Member of the European Parliament representing the Free Democratic Party of Germany, but of Greek descent, charged that the cuts in the Greek health-care system have set the country back decades. Speaking at the European Parliament in Brussels on March 5, Chatzimarkakis charged that what the EU allows the Troika to do in Greece goes against fundamental human rights. Slamming German Chancellor Angela Merkel and European Commission President José Manuel Barroso, Chatzimarkakis said, “There are a lot of legal studies that tell us that the legal security of human rights, basic civil rights, are not given anymore. Mrs Merkel and Mr Barroso present to us another Greece, and not the real Greece.” The United People’s Front (EPAM), a new Greek political party calling for Greece to drop the euro and return to the drachma, detailed in its election program for the European Parliamentary elections how the Troika’s policies violate EU treaties. Am ong a long list of violations they include the following:

• Treaty on European Union: Article 2 on human dignity, freedom, democracy and human rights; Article 3 on peace and well-being; Articles 145-150 on employment and 151-166 on social policy.

• The Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU: Article 1 on human dignity; Article 14 on the right to education; Article 17 on the right to property (people have had their property confiscated because they were unable to pay the dramatically higher taxes, especially the property tax); Article 26 on the rights of the elderly; Article 28 on the integrity of persons with disabilities; Article 34 on the right to social security and social assistance.

And of course, Article 35 on the right to health care. In addition to EPAM, the other opposition parties—Syriza, Independent Greeks, Drachma 5, and Plan B— are demanding the suspension of the Troika’s Memorandum, cancellation of the majority of the debt, a Glass-Steagall banking reform, and other emergency measures to deal with the humanitarian catastrophe. In addition, EPAM, Drachma 5, and Plan B are calling for returning to the drachma.


Future Suspended – Το Μέλλον Ανεστάλη

in english

How does a global financial crisis permeate the spaces of the everyday in a city? Our final 35′ documentary film traces the multiple transformations of crisis-ridden Athenian public space and those who traverse it.

Future Suspended is divided in three sections. “Privatised” explores the legacy of mass privatisation projects that preceded the 2004 Olympics, placing them in the context of present day privatisation schemes. “Devalued” gazes at the ever-shrinking spaces of migrants in the city and the devaluation of their lives that comes as a result. “Militarised” shows how, in face of the crisis, this devaluation turns into a generalised condition.

Through its cinematic traversal of today’s Athens, “Future Suspended” traces the rise of the authoritarian-financial complex and how this shrinks public space in the city, fuelling social despair and anger in return.

Future Suspended is part of the research project at The research team consists of Christos Filippidis, Antonis Vradis, Dimitris Dalakoglou, Ross Domoney and Jaya Klara Brekke. All music for Future Suspended was composed by Giorgos Triantafyllou.

This film is released under the Creative Commons BY-NC-ND licence.

Details here:­­0/deed.en_GB

στα ελληνικα

Πώς διεισδύει η παγκόσμια οικονομική κρίση στους καθημερινούς χώρους της πόλης; Το τελικό μας ντοκυμαντέρ, διάρκειας 35 λεπτών, ιχνηλατεί τις πολλαπλές μεταμορφώσεις του Αθηναϊκού δημόσιου χώρου σήμερα.

Το ντοκυμαντέρ χωρίζεται σε τρία μέρη: το πρώτο μέρος, με τίτλο “Ιδιωτικοποίηση”, διερευνά τις συνδέσεις ανάμεσα στην ανάπτυξη που χαρακτήρισε την περίοδο της Ολυμπιάδας του 2004 και τα σύγχρονα προγράμματα ιδιωτικοποίησης που λαμβάνουν χώρα μέσα στο πλαίσιο της οικονομικής κρίσης. Το δεύτερο μέρος, με τίτλο “Υποτίμηση”, εξετάζει τους τρόπους με τους οποίους συρρικνώνονται, σήμερα, οι αστικοί χώροι για τους/τις μετανάστες/ριες, και την επακόλουθη υποτίμηση της ζωής τους. Το τελευταίο μέρος, με τίτλο “Στρατιωτικοποίηση”, καταδεικνύει πώς με αφετηρία την κρίση, η υποτίμηση μετατρέπεται σε μια γενικευμένη συνθήκη—πώς η άνοδος του οικονομικο-αυταρχικού συμπλέγματος συρρικνώνει το δημόσιο χώρο στην πόλη, τροφοδοτώντας ως αποτέλεσμα την κοινωνική απόγνωση και οργή.

Μέσω κινηματογραφική διάσχιση της σημερινής Αθήνας, “Το Μέλλον Ανεστάλη” παρακολουθεί την άνοδο του αυταρχικού-οικονομικό συγκρότηματος και πώς μεσο αυτό συρρικνώνεται ο δημόσιος χώρος στην πόλη, τροφοδοτώντας την κοινωνική απελπισία και θυμό σε αντάλλαγμα.

Η ταινία αυτή υπό την άδεια CreativeCommonsBY-NC-ND. Πληροφορίεςεδώ:­­0/deed.en_GB


Defeating Fascism before it’s too Late

03.23.2014 :: Latin America


Introduction: Captain Jose Guillen Araque, of the Venezuelan National Guard, recently gave President Maduro a book on the rise of Nazism, warning that “fascism has to be defeated before it’s too late”! In retaliation for his prophetic warning, the patriotic young captain was shot by a US-backed assassin on the streets of Marcay in the state of Aragua on March 16, 2014.

This raised the number of Venezuelan soldiers and police killed since the fascist uprising to 6. The total killed is 33. The killing of a prominent, patriotic officer on a major street in a provincial capital is one more indication that the Venezuelan fascists are on the move, confident of their support from Washington and from a broad swath of the Venezuelan upper and middle class. They constitute a minority of the electorate and they have no illusions about taking power via constitutional and democratic means.

Captain Guillen Araque had stepped forward to remind President Maduro that the road to power for Nazi and fascist totalitarian groups has been littered with the corpses of well-meaning democrats and social democrats throughout contemporary history because of their failure to use their constitutional powers to crush the enemies of democracy.

The History of the rise of Fascism under Democracies

The term “fascist” in Venezuela is appropriately applied to the organized violent political groups currently engaged in mass terror in a campaign to destabilize and overthrow the democratically-elected Bolivarian government. Academic purist might argue that the Venezuelan fascists lack the racist and nationalist ideology of their German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese predecessors. While true, it is also irrelevant. The Venezuelan brand of fascism is highly dependent on, and acts as a proxy for, US imperialism and their Colombian warlord allies. In one sense however, Venezuelan fascism’s racism is directed against its multiracial African-Amerindian Venezuelan working and peasant classes – as demonstrated by their vitriolic racism against the deceased President Hugo Chavez. The essential connection with earlier fascist movements is found in its (1) profound class hostility to the popular majority; (2) its visceral hatred of the Chavista Socialist Party, winner of 18 of the last 19 elections; (3) its resort to the armed seizure of power by a minority acting on behalf of the domestic and US imperial ruling classes; (4) its intention to destroy the very democratic institutions and procedures which it exploits in order to gain political space; (5) its targeting of working class institutions – communal councils, neighborhood associations, public health and dental clinics, public schools, transport, subsidized food stores, political meeting places, public credit unions, trade union organizations and peasant co-operatives; (6) and its support of capitalist banks, huge commercial landed estates and manufacturing firms.

In Germany, Italy, Spain, France and Chile, fascist movements also began as small terrorist groups, who gained the financial backing of the capitalist elite because of their violence against working class organizations and democratic institutions and recruited primarily among middle class university students, elite professionals (especially doctors) and active and retired higher military officers – united in their hostility to the democratic order.

Tragically and all too often, democratic leaders, operating within a constitutional government, tended to regard fascists as “just another party”, refusing or unwilling to crush the armed thugs, who combined terror in the streets with elections to gain state power. Constitutionalist democrats have failed or were unwilling to see the political, civilian arm of the Nazis as part and parcel of one organic totalitarian enemy; so they negotiated and debated endlessly with elite fascists who meanwhile destroyed the economy while terrorists pounded away at the political and social foundations of the democratic state. The democrats refused to send out their multi-million mass supporters to face the fascist hordes. Worse, they even prided themselves on jailing their own supporters, police and soldiers, who had been accused of using ‘excessive force’ in their confrontation with fascist street thugs. Thus the fascists easily moved from the streets to state power. The elected democrats were so concerned about criticism from the international and capitalist media, elite critics and self-appointed ‘human rights’ organizations, that they facilitated the takeover by fascists. The people’s right to the armed defense of their democracy had been subordinated to the pretext of upholding ‘democratic norms’ – norms that any bourgeois state under assault would have rejected! Constitutional democrats failed to recognize how drastically politics had changed. They were no longer dealing with a parliamentary opposition preparing for the next election; they were confronted with armed terrorists and saboteurs committed to armed struggle and the seizure of political power by any means – including violent coups-d’états.

In the lexicon of fascism, democratic conciliation is a weakness, a vulnerability and an open invitation to escalate violence; ‘peace and love’ and ‘human rights’ slogans are to be exploited; calls for ‘negotiations’ are preambles for surrender; and ‘agreements’ preludes to capitulation.

To the terrorists, the democratic politicians who warn about a “threat of fascism” while acting as if they were engaged in ‘parliamentary skirmishes’, become an open target for violent attack.

This is how the fascists came to power, in Germany, Italy and Chile, while the constitutionalist democrats, to the last, refused to arm the millions of organized workers who could have throttled the fascists and saved democracy and preserved their own lives.

Fascism in Venezuela: A Mortal Threat Today

The martyred hero, Captain Guillen Araque’s warning of an imminent fascist danger in Venezuela has a powerful substantive basis. While the overt terrorist violence ebbs and flows, the underlying structural basis of fascism in the economy and society remains intact. The subterranean organizations, financing and organizing the flow of arms to fascists-in-waiting remain in place.

The political leaders of the opposition are playing a duplicitous game, constantly moving from legal forms of protest to sub-rosa complicity with the armed terrorists. There is no doubt that in any fascist putsch, the political oligarchs will emerge as the real rulers – and will share power with the leaders of the fascist organizations. In the meantime, their ‘respectability’ provides political cover; their ‘human rights’ campaigns to free incarcerated street thugs and arsonists earn ‘international media support’ while serving as ‘intermediaries’ between the open US funding agencies, and the clandestine terrorist underground.

In measuring the scope and depth of the fascist danger, it is a mistake to simply count the number of bombers, arsonists and snipers, without including the logistical, back-up and peripheral support groups and institutional backers who sustain the overt actors,

To ‘defeat fascism before it is too late’, the government must realistically assess the resources, organization and operational code of the fascist command and reject the overly sanguine and ‘upbeat’ pronouncements emanating from some ministers, advisers and legislators.

First, the fascists are not simply a small band confined to pounding on pots and attacking municipal workers in the upper-middle class neighborhoods of Caracas for the benefit of the international and corporate media. The fascists are organized on a national basis; their members are active throughout the country.

They target vital institutions and infrastructure in numerous strategic locations.

Their strategy is centrally-controlled, their operations are decentralized.

The fascists are an organized force; their financing, arming and actions are planned. Their demonstrations are not ‘spontaneous’, locally-organized actions, responding to government ‘repression’ as depicted in the bourgeois and imperial media.

The fascists bring together different cross currents of violent groups, frequently combining ideologically-driven right-wing professionals, large-scale smuggling gangs and drug traffickers (especially in border regions), paramilitary groups, mercenaries and known felons. These are the ‘frontline fascists’, financed by major currency speculators, protected by elected local officials, offered ‘sanctuary’ by real estate investors and high-level university bureaucrats.

The fascists are both ‘nationals’ and internationals: They include locally paid thugs and students from upper-middle class families; paramilitary Colombian soldiers, professional mercenaries of all sorts, ‘contract killers’ from US ‘security’ outfits and clandestine US Special Forces Operatives; and fascist ‘internationalists’ recruited from Miami, Central America, Latin America and Europe.

The organized terrorists have two strategic sanctuaries for launching their violent operations – Bogota and Miami, where prominent political leaders, like ex-President Alvaro Uribe and US Congressional leaders provide political support.

The convergence of highly lucrative criminal economic activity and political terrorism presents a formidable double threat to the stability of the Venezuelan economy and the security of the state . . . Criminals and terrorists find a common home under the US political tent, designed to overthrow Venezuela’s democratic government and crush the Bolivarian revolution of the Venezuelan people.

The backward and forward inter-linkages between criminals and terrorists inside and outside the country, between Washington senior policymakers, street drug pushers and contraband ‘camels’, provides the international elite mouthpieces and the muscle for street fighters and snipers.

Terrorist targets are not chosen at ‘random’; they are not products of an enraged citizenry protesting social and economic inequities. The carefully chosen targets of terrorism are the strategic programs which sustain the democratic administration; first and foremost the mass social institutions forming the base of the government. This explains why terrorists bomb health clinics for the poor, public schools and centers for adult education in the barrios, the state subsidized food stores and the public transport system. These are part of the vast, popular welfare system set up by the Bolivarian government. They are key building blocks in securing massive voter support in 18 out of the last 19 elections and popular power in the streets and communities. By destroying the social welfare infrastructure, the terrorists hope to break the social bonds between people and government.

Terrorists target the legitimate national security system: Namely, the police, National Guard, judges, public prosecutors and other authorities in charge of safeguarding citizens. The assassinations, violent attacks and threats against public officials, the fire-bombing of public buildings and public transport are designed to create a climate of fear and to demonstrate that the state is weak and incapable of protecting the everyday life of its citizens. The terrorists want to project an image of ‘dual power’ by seizing public spaces and blocking normal commerce… and by ‘governing the streets through the gun’. Above all the terrorists want to demobilize and curtail popular counter-demonstrations by blocking streets and sniping at activists engaged in political activity in contested neighborhoods. The terrorists know they can count on their ‘legal’ political opposition allies to provide them with a mass base via public demonstrations, which can serve as a shield for violent assaults and a pretext for greater sabotage.


Fascism, namely armed terrorism directed at violently overthrowing a democratic government, is a real and immediate threat in Venezuela. The day-to-day, ups and downs of street fighting and arson are not an adequate measure of the threat. As we have noted, the in-depth structural and organizational supports underlying the rise and growth of fascism are far more important. The challenge in Venezuela is to cut-off the economic and political basis of fascism. Unfortunately, up until recently the government has been overly sensitive to hostile criticism from overseas and domestic elites who rush to defend fascists – in the name of “democratic freedom”. The government of Venezuela has enormous resources at its disposal to root out the fascist threat. Even if firm action causes an outcry from overseas liberal friends, most pro-democracy advocates believe it is incumbent upon the government to act against those opposition officials who continue to incite armed rebellion.

Most recently, there have been clear signs that the Venezuelan government, with its powerful democratic and constitutional mandate, is moving with awareness of the fascist danger and will act with determination to stamp it out in the streets and in the suites.

The National Assembly has voted to strip Congresswoman Corina Machado of her immunity as a deputy in the National Assembly so she can be prosecuted for inciting violence. The President of the National Assembly Diosdado Cabello has presented detailed documentary evidence of her role in organizing and promoting armed rebellion. Several opposition mayors, actively involved in promoting and protecting snipers, street thugs and arsonists, have been charged and arrested.

The majority of Venezuelans confronted by the rising tide of fascist violence support the punishment of these high officials engaged in or supporting sabotage. Without firm action, Venezuelan intelligence agencies as well as the average citizen agree that these ‘opposition’ politicos will continue to promote violence and provide sanctuary for paramilitary assassins.

The government has realized that they are engaged in a real war, planned by a centralized leadership and executed by decentralized operatives. Legislative leaders are coming to grips with the political psychology of fascism, which interprets Presidential offers of political conciliation and judicial leniency as weakness to be exploited by further violence.

The most significant advance toward stopping the fascist threat lies in the government’s recognition of the links between the parliamentary and business elite and the fascist terrorists: financial speculators, smugglers and big-time hoarders of food and other essential commodities are all part and parcel of the same fascist drive for power together with the terrorists who bomb public food markets and attack the trucks transporting food to the poor neighborhoods. One revolutionary worker said to me after a street skirmish: “Por la razon y la fuerza no pasaran!”(Through reason and force they will be defeated)…


Violence and Terror: The Ukrainian and Colombian Road to Empire Building

03.20.2014 :: Latin America – Analysis


Introduction: The two paths to 21st century empire-building-via-proxies are illustrated through the violent seizure of power in the Ukraine by a US-backed junta and the electoral gains of the US-backed Colombian war lord, Alvaro Uribe.

We will describe the ‘mechanics’ of US intervention in the domestic politics of these two countries and their profound external effects – that is how they enhance imperial power on a continent-wide basis.

Political Intervention and Proxy Regimes: Ukraine

The conversion of the Ukraine into a US-EU vassal state has been a prolonged process which involved large scale, long term financing, indoctrination and recruitment of cadres, organization and training of politicos and street fighters and, above all, a capacity to combine direct action with electoral politics.

Seizing power is a high stakes game for empire: (1) Ukraine, in the hands of clients, provides a NATO with a military springboard into the heart of the Russian Federation; (2) Ukraine’s industrial and agricultural resources provide a source of enormous wealth for Western investors and (3) Ukraine is a strategic region for penetrating the Caucuses and beyond.

Washington invested over $5 billion dollars in client-building, mostly in ‘Western Ukraine’, especially in and around Kiev, focusing on ‘civil society groups’ and malleable political parties and leaders. By 2004, the initial US political ‘investment’ in regime change culminated in the so-called ‘Orange Revolution’ which installed a short-lived pro-US-EU regime. This, however, quickly degenerated amidst major corruption scandals, mismanagement and oligarchical pillage of the national treasury and public resources leading to the conviction of the former-Vice President and the demise of the regime. New elections produced a new regime, which attempted to secure ties with both the EU and Russia via economic agreements, while retaining many of the odious features (gross endemic corruption) of the previous regime. The US and EU, having lost thru democratic elections, relaunched their ‘direct action organizations’ with a new radical agenda. Neo-fascists seized power and established a dictatorial junta through violent demonstrations, vandalism, armed assaults and mob action. The composition of the new post-coup junta reflected two sides of the US-backed political organizations: (1) neo-liberal politicos for managing economic policy and forging closer ties with NATO, (2) and neo-fascists/violent nationalists to impose order by force and fist, and crush pro-Russian Crimean ‘autonomists’ and ethnic Russians and other minorities, especially in the industrialized south and east.

Whatever else may ensue, the coup and the resultant junta is fully subordinated to and dependent on the will of Washington: claims of Ukrainian ‘independence’ notwithstanding. The junta proceeded to purge the elected and appointed government officials affiliated with the political parties of the previous democratic regime and to persecute its supporters. Their purpose is to ensure that subsequent managed elections will provide a pretense of legitimacy, and elections will be limited to two sets of imperial clients: the neo-liberals, (self-styled “moderates”) and the neo-fascists dubbed as “nationalists”.

Ukraine’s road to imperialist power via a collaborator regime illustrates the various instruments of empire building: (1) the use of imperial state funds, channeled through NGOs, to political front groups and the build-up of a ‘mass base’ in civil society; (2) the financing of mass direct action leading to a coup (‘regime change’); (3) the imposition of neo-liberal policies by the client regime; (4) imperial financing of the re-organization and regroupment of mass direct action groups after the demise of the first client regime; (5) the transition from protest to violent direct action as the major backdrop to the extremist sectors (neo-fascists) organizing the seizure of power and purge of the opposition; (6) organizing an ‘international media campaign’ to prop up the new junta while demonizing domestic and international opposition (Russia) and (7) political power centralized in the hands of the junta, convoking “managed elections” limited to the victory of one or the other pro-imperial pro-junta candidates.

In summary, empire-builders operate on several/levels: violent and electoral; social and political; and with selected incumbents and rivals committed to one strategic aim: the seizure of state power and the conversion of the ruling elite into willing vassals of empire.

Columbia’s Deathsquad Democracy: Centerpiece of the Imperial Advance in Latin America

In the face of a continent-wide decline of US influence in Latin America, Colombia stands out as a constant bulwark of US imperial interests: (1) Colombia signed a free trade agreement with the US; (2) provided seven military bases and invited thousands of US counter-insurgency operatives; and (3) collaborated in building large-scale paramilitary death squads prepared for cross border raids against Washington’s arch enemy Venezuela.

Colombia’s ruling oligarchy and military have been able to resist the wave of massive democratic, national and popular social upheavals and electoral victories that gave rise to the post-neo-liberal states in Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay.

While Latin America has moved toward ‘regional organizations’ excluding the US, Colombia strengthened its ties to the US through bilateral agreements. While Latin America reduced its dependence on US markets, Colombia expanded its commercial ties. While Latin America reduced their military ties to the Pentagon, Colombia tightened them. While Latin America moved toward greater social inclusion by increasing taxes on foreign multinational corporations, Colombia lowered corporate taxes. While Latin America expanded land settlements for its landless rural populations, Colombia displaced over 4 million peasants as part of the US-designed ‘scorched earth’ counter-insurgency policy.

Colombia’s “exceptional” unwavering submission to US imperial interests is rooted in several large-scale, long-term programs developed in Washington. In 2000, President ‘Bill’ Clinton committed the US to a $6 billion dollar counter-insurgency program (Plan Colombia) which greatly increased the brutal repressive capacity of the Colombian elite to confront the popular grass roots movements of peasants and workers. Along with arms and training, US Special Forces and ideologues entered Colombia to develop military and paramilitary terror operations – aimed primarily at penetrating and decimating political opposition and civil society social movements and assassinating activists and leaders. The US-backed Alvaro Uribe, notorious narco-trafficker and the very personification of a ruthless imperial vassal, became president over a ‘Death-Squad Democracy’.

President Uribe further militarized Colombian society, savaged civil society movements and crushed any possibility of a popular democratic revival, such as were occurring throughout the rest of Latin America. Thousands of activists, trade unionists, human rights workers and peasants were murdered, tortured and jailed.

The ‘Colombian System’ combined the systematic use of para-militarism (death squads) to smash local and regional trade union and peasant opposition and the technification and massification of the military (over 300,000 soldiers) in fighting the popular insurgency and ‘emptying the countryside’ of rebel sympathizers. Large-scale multi-billion dollar drug trafficking and money laundering formed the ‘financial glue’ to cement a tight relationship among oligarchs, politicos, bankers and US counter-insurgency advisers – creating a terrifying high-tech police state bordering Venezuela, Ecuador and Brazil – countries with substantial popular mass movements.

The same state terror machinery, which decimated the pro-democracy social movements, has protected, promoted and participated in ‘stage-managed elections’, the hallmark of Colombia as a “death squad democracy”.

Elections are held under a vast overlapping network of military bases, where death squads and drug traffickers occupied towns and villages intimidating, terrorizing and ‘corrupting’ the electorate. The only ‘safe’ protest in this repressive atmosphere has been voter abstention. Electoral outcomes are pre-ordained: oligarchs never lose in deathsquad democracies, they are the empire’s most trusted vassals.

The cumulative effects of the decade and a half-long bloody purge of Colombian civil society by Presidents Uribe and his successor, Santos, have been to eliminate any consequential electoral opposition. Washington has achieved its ideal: a stable vassal state; a large-scale and obedient military; an oligarchy tied to US corporate elites; and a tightly-controlled ‘electoral’ system that never permits the election of a genuine opponent.

The March 2014 Colombian elections brilliantly illustrate the success of US strategic intervention in collaboration with the oligarchy: The vast majority of the electorate, over two-thirds, abstained, demonstrating the absence of any real legitimacy among the eligible voters. Among those who ‘voted’, ten percent submitted ‘spoiled’ or blank ballots. Voter abstention and ballot-spoilage was especially high in the rural regions and working class areas which had been subject to state terror.

Given the intense state repression, the mass of voters decided that no authentic pro-democracy party would have any chance and so refused to legitimize the process. The 30% who actually voted were largely urban middle and upper class Colombians and residents in some rural areas completely controlled by narco-terrorists and the military where ‘voting’ may have been ‘compulsory’. Of a total of 32 million eligible voters in Colombia, 18 million abstained and another 2.3 million submitted spoiled ballots. The two dominant oligarchical coalitions led by President Santos and ex-President Uribe received only 2.2 million and 2.05 million votes respectively, a fraction of the number who abstained (14 million). In this widely scorned electoral farce, the center-left and left parties made a miserable showing. Colombia’s electoral system puts a propaganda veneer on dangerous, highly-militarized vassal state primed to play a strategic role in US plans to “reconquer” Latin America.

Two decades of systematic terror, financed by a six-billion dollar militarization program, has guaranteed that Washington will not encounter any substantial opposition in the legislature or presidential palace in Bogota. This is the ‘acrid, gunpowder-tinged smell of success’ for US policymakers: violence is the midwife of the vassal state. Colombia has been turned into the springboard for developing an US-centered trade bloc and a military alliance to undermine Venezuela’s Bolivarian regional alliances, such as ALBA and Petro Caribe as well as Venezuela’s national security. Bogota will try to influence neighboring right and center-left regimes pushing them to embrace of the US Empire against Venezuela.


Large-scale, long-term subversion and organization in Ukraine and Colombia, as well as the funding of paramilitary and civil society organizations (NGO) has enabled Washington to: (1) construct strategic allies, (2) build ties to oligarchs, malleable politicians and paramilitary thugs and (3) apply political terrorism for their seizure of state power. The imperial planners have thus created “model states” – devoid of consequential opponents and ‘open’ to sham elections among rival vassal politicians.

Coups and juntas, orchestrated by longstanding political proxies, and highly militarized states run by ‘Death Squad Executives’ are all legitimized by electoral systems designed to expand and strengthen imperial power.

By rendering democratic processes and peaceful popular reforms impossible and by overthrowing independent, democratically elected governments, Washington is making wars and violent upheavals inevitable.



Financial Times : Schäuble revives push for Eurozone integration

Germany is pushing for changes to EU treaties “as soon as possible” after the May European elections, in an overhaul to fuse eurozone economic governance behind a budget chief and euro area parliament.

In interviews, speeches and articles, Wolfgang Schäuble, Germany’s finance minister, has given urgency and political impetus to Berlin’s longstanding ideas for a refashioned and more centralised eurozone.

Asked when he envisaged agreeing the treaties, he said “today is better than tomorrow” and called for negotiations to start straight after the European parliament elections in May.

These reforms to integrate the eurozone, he added, must be paired with measures to ensure those countries outside are not “systematically disadvantaged” – an approach that will be welcomed by Britain.

downloadIn a joint Financial Times article with George Osborne, the UK chancellor, he wrote that future treaty change “must include reform of the governance framework to put euro area integration on a sound legal basis, and guarantee fairness for those EU countries inside the single market but outside the single currency”.

Mr Schäuble’s intervention to restart the reform debate highlights Berlin’s determination that the EU should build on the eurozone’s fragile economic recovery from the financial crisis by creating institutions strong enough to withstand future turmoil.

The veteran finance minister’s pledge to fight for reform comes after the joint declaration in January from German chancellor Angela Merkel and French president François Hollande, pledging to work for closer economic and monetary union.

But the German government has now gone a step further, arguing in the FT that treaty change must also address one of key negotiating demands of Mr Cameron, the UK prime minister, before his planned 2017 referendum: the protection of the interests of euro “outs”.

Mr Schäuble, a long-term advocate of reform, wants to establish an institutional architecture for a common fiscal and economic policy, with a parliament, finance minister and budget to support countries in crisis and encourage reform.

He said it was “nonsense” to suggest the power for a eurozone commissioner to reject national budgets would impinge on sovereignty. “To stick to the rules is not a violation of budget sovereignty . . . of national sovereignty. We have moved sovereignty to the European level,” he said.

Germany’s renewed appetite for treaty reform will rattle some eurozone member states, which fear the centralisation of budget power would potentially trigger national plebiscites that could not be won.

Big gains for more radical, eurosceptic parties in the May elections could undermine efforts by mainstream parties such as Ms Merkel’s CDU to build a political consensus for strengthening the eurozone.

Acknowledging the populist threat in an interview with Handelsblatt, the business daily, Mr Schäuble said that the performance of France’s National Front in the recent local elections and the growth of eurosceptic parties elsewhere was “not a good development”.

But he took comfort from hopes that the Ukraine crisis could boost voter support for European integration, saying: “Europe always advances in a crisis . . . the crisis in Ukraine will make people in Europe more confidence about the value of European integration again, and motivate them to vote. Then the turnout would rise, and the eurosceptic forces would likely perform worse than many fear today.”

The finance minister forecast that the effect of the crisis for the German economy would be “manageable”. As for sanctions, German industry had made clear that if they were imposed it would be ready. “You have to convince Russia with diplomacy and economic pressure. Compliance with the rules and principles is not only in the interests of the west but also Russia.”


Media ‘staged’ Syria chem attack

BBC’s ‘total fabrication from beginning to end’ of Syria ‘atrocity'; call to revoke visas for intel agents posing as reporters in NATO targets; CIA caught infiltrating CNN, and Operation Mockingbird is back.

Seek truth from facts with UK Member of Parliament George Galloway, Illinois University Professor of International Law Francis Boyle, investigative reporter John Helmer, ordinary Syrians and Ukraine covergirl – ‘Julia’.

This is a rush transcript. Copy may not be in its final form.

RT: “Stunning fakery” in alleged chemical weapons attack according to a former UK ambassador. Coming up…
Announcer: The British Broadcasting Corporation is accused of staging chemical weapons attack.
The CIA admits planting CNN reporters.
And international lawyers call for journalists inciting violence to be expelled.

RT: August 2013 – NATO leaders can’t get the public on side for the imminent bombing of Syria. Suddenly the BBC says it was filming a small rural hospital and a game-changing atrocity happened right there, the moment they were filming.

BBC report: We were filming the doctors working at this hospital when victims of an incendiary bomb attack on a school playground started pouring in.
BBC interview: Absolute chaos and carnage here. It must be some sort of napalm.

RT: But a highly sceptical public stayed hostile to military intervention. Exactly one month later the leaders are trying to pin a chemical weapons attack on Syria without success.

The BBC airs exactly the same footage, but digitally alters the word “napalm” for “chemical weapons”, hoping no one will notice.
BBC interview: Absolute chaos and carnage here. It must be some sort of chemical weapon.

RT: Not only did folks notice but it unleashed a massive public investigation which made some extremely disturbing findings.

Robert Stuart: This is the total fabrication, from beginning to end, of an atrocity, with BBC “reporter” Ian Pannell standing amidst a tableau of very bad actors. This is completely beyond the pale.

RT: This audio analysis by media investigator Robin Upton shows both versions are identical and from the same speech. The BBC then digitally altered the words from “napalm” to “chemical weapon”, the exact justification NATO was finding difficult to prove.

That game-changing allegation was made by two doctors that had travelled with the BBC, who claimed the number of sudden casualties is “overwhelming”.

What kind of doctor, notes media investigator Robert Stuart, gives interviews when she is surrounded by supposedly seriously burned and dying teenagers?
Nurse: Get anyone who isn’t a patient out of here.

RT: When a nurse does finally start to help, her order to “get anyone who isn’t a patient out of here” doesn’t apply to the cameramen. Even worse, notes Stuart, is the bizarre acting, which starts when the man in the centre gives the sign.

RT: Doctor Rola, on whose sole claim the BBC sends the napalm/chemical weapons allegations round the world, is actually the daughter of Syrian rebel Mousa Al-Kurdi.

The parallel to the Gulf War and “Nurse Nayirah” is stunning. Congressmen said the nurse’s tearful testimony that Iraqis were killing children swung their vote in favour of war.

“Nurse Nayirah” testimony: They took the incubators and left the children to die on the cold floor. (weeps).
RT: “Nurse Nayirah” became the mainstream’s darling, but once the vote had safely passed, she admitted inventing the whole thing, and was actually the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador to Washington, lying to get the public to back war.

UK Member of Parliament George Galloway joins us, thank you very much for coming on. Why do we get almost identical claims before each war, which then prove lies?

George Galloway, UK Member of Parliament: Well, the Bush and Blair Corporation, as it became in the run-up to the Iraq war, has almost entirely lost its reputation for journalistic integrity.

A full inquiry must be launched into why the BBC used a piece of material which was not just wrong but was falsified, and falsified with the purpose of propelling our country into war. That’s not what the British public pays its BBC licence fee for, so that it can be tricked into a war.

RT: In a statement, the British Broadcasting Corporation says it stands by its report. The Syrian opposition denies the allegations. Investigators such as Robert Stuart note their many questions sent officially to the corporation remain unanswered. There are also numerous such precedents both in this war and previous invasions.

“Brilliant” is how a top Western official called tricking the public through routine faking of atrocities and commonly aired on mainstream bulletins. Nightly News show just a few cases of what happened next after mainstream cameras ended their reports.

Nightly News: It shows people putting on fake wounds, it shows some guys there, look there’s their head wounds “Peace everybody!You know we’re doing the right thing, we’re creating fake propaganda!” I mean it’s not even real atrocities.So there they’re lined up. There’s another video that shows some guy kicking his leg, with a fake blood wound.

Here’s a guy who wakes up from his funeral! Watch this. Oh, wait there, he’s awake, he’s not even really dead! So I mean this is just crazy what goes on. There was another video that was shot of a supposed massacre and you don’t see the whole thing.When you go to the Al Jazeera footage it shows real quick clips of a guy kicking his leg and he’s got blood coming out. It turned out to be fake blood.

RT: The so-called “activists” behind the fakes are by far the most popular source, despite them never being verified, and regularly disproved as fabrications to justify more NATO arms. The term “activist” may sound like a well-meaning Western campaigner or charity, but the Foreign Policy Journal notes it’s just Newspeak for “insurgents”.

The “official” source on Syria casualties, or what mainstream claims is “official”, is impressive-sounding organization The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. Reuters exposed the fact three years ago it was not an organization at all, or even working in Syria. It’s a single pro-insurgent supporter living in Coventry – England.

Here pictured at the Foreign Office, after instructions from Britain’s Foreign Minister himself.

In leaked footage, ordinary Syrians told the BBC they’re tired of its lies and the insurgents they’re cheerleading are a tiny minority led by foreign gangs.

BBC reporter: You don’t like the BBC?

Syrian citizen: BBC? No. Tell her. Tell her.
BBC reporter:Huh? Why?

Syrian: Because you’re talking very bad about Syria. Everybody when they hear BBC Arabic they can hear the lies about Syria – also Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya.

BBC: But what? But maybe Syria is like any country, some people support and some people don’t support?

Syrian: No-no, everybody support.

BBC reporter: So Syria is different?

Syrian: Very little people, maybe 10,000 like that but most people, 22 million, 23 million, support Bashar al-Assad. And we have not “demonstrations” – we have armed gangs.

RT: Pro-war media’s forced to resort to colossal lies since intelligence chiefs revealed to America’s top investigative reporter Sy Hersh that“Obama’s cronies are making it up”. All the evidence actually points to the jihadis staging the chemical attacks.

Sy Hersh, author, Whose Sarin?: The attack ‘was not the result of the current regime’, the high-level intelligence officer wrote in an email to a colleague. ‘The guys are throwing their hands in the air and saying, “How can we help this guy” – Obama – when he and his cronies in the White House make up the intelligence as they go along?’, said a former senior intelligence official. The distortion, he said, reminded him of the Gulf of Tonkin Incident.

Wag The Dog movie: – The president wants a white one.

- He wants a white one? The white? Let me talk to him.

- He’s mobilizing the sixth fleet.

RT: The thought a US president would start a horrific foreign war by staging a pretty female front as a victim made people laugh.

Wag The Dog: The young Albanian national fleeing in this video is attempting to escape terrorist reprisals in her village.

RT: Meet Julia, if that’s her real name, the celebrated face mass media call the “creator” of a viral video asking the US to help Ukraine. It was actually created by the State Department’s National Endowment for Democracy, to mask the fact Washington joined Ukraine’s thugs and murdered their way to power.

A leaked phone call with EU Foreign Minister Ashton revealed the opposition planned and executed the infamous sniper violence of Kiev, shooting both the police, and their own supporters in the back.

Studies found a total of 250 mainstream sources lied that the snipers belonged to Yanukovich. Only seven of the entire mass media even mentioned the bombshell leak and those that did framed the report to suggest it couldn’t possibly be true.

Former Wall Street Journal Editor Paul Craig Roberts calls the coverage of Ukraine a new low in the history of the mainstream, which is now simply what he describes as a “Ministry” of lies. Investigative reporter John Helmer’s uncovered the mainstream staging demonstrations, and attempts to provoke disorder.

He joins us, great to speak to you. One US scholar notes the coverage has now become “Orwellian”, what’s going on?

John Helmer, investigative reporter: So the weaker your government the more interested the leader might be in threatening Russia to look strong at home when it’s obvious he’s not strong at home, and couldn’t get re-elected. That’s particularly true of, let’s say, the French president or the prime minister Cameron at the moment, and arguably President Obama is not only a lame duck, but having great difficulty in putting together a winning coalition for the Democratic Party’s next candidate for president.

When you’ve got weak political leaders you need to look stronger than you are in public opinion in the media, so there’s this process of misleading and disinforming.

RT: A Senate Committee inquiry revealed CIA running mainstream media in the vast operation known as Mockingbird. More than 400 journalists and media chiefs claiming to watchdog the government were the exact opposite joining to mask US government crime at home and abroad.

The operation continues despite agency denials, Counterpunch discovered CIA imposing agents on firms like CNN. Former CIA exec Michael Scheuer notes British media are even closer to intel targets.

BBC report: Big pieces of wood, metal to use as barricades.

RT: Scheuer adds the BBC now takes the lead in regime change operations that cause “anarchy and violence”.

Let’s speak to Francis Boyle, Professor of International Law at Illinois University, great to talk to you. How can nations stop war media that now perform the CIA’s covert operations?

Francis Boyle, Illinois University Professor of International Law: Certainly have their visas revoked and sent packing home, because I really don’t understand why some of these countries keep European journalists, certainly the United States,why they let them into the countries, because they’re just using their coverage to provoke war and military intervention.

In addition, the Bush Jr. administration lifted what was supposed to be the previous prohibition that intelligence agents were not supposed to infiltrate the media. You know, you have to be very careful certainly dealing with US reporters whether or not they’re intelligence agents.

RT: Banning active units of the military, also known as “warstream media”, shows how serious the situation now is. Their policies aren’t popular with their own viewers, mainstream audiences are in freefall. CNN and MSNBC have shed half their entire viewership in the last year alone. The question is how many more coups will they stage or help before they lose the public’s trust altogether. Seek truth from facts. This is The Truthseeker.


They’ve Done It Before – They Try It Again Today!

President Obama, Wake Up America!

Full Page Open Letter As Published In The New York Times on Monday, November 1, 2010

They’ve Done It Before – They Try It Again Today!

The goal of the special corporate interests – namely the Oil and Drug Cartel – in the US today is to transform democratic society into a corporate dictatorship, thus enabling multi-trillion dollar corporate interests to exert direct control over the political executive and the country.

Towards this end they are instigating the radicalization of society and financing the election campaigns of their political stakeholders. This strategy is an exact copy of the Oil and Drug Cartel’s takeover of Germany in 1933 – a strategy executed with the help of the Cartel’s political and military stakeholders, the Nazis.

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America at the Crossroads

Over the past two years, the social and political life in America has been radicalized and polarized in an unprecedented way. What appears as a’grass-root’ movement articulating anger towards the current government is, in fact, a strategically implemented campaign by special interests, namely the Oil and Drug Cartel, to regain control over the White House and the country.

Worse, fighting a battle for survival of its outdated technologies, these special interests can no longer survive in a democracy and must seek dictatorial powers. In this historic situation, the only way to protect democracy is to expose the historic record of the Cartel.

n Open Letters on July 16 and September 13, 2010, I have exposed in this newspaper the historical parallels between the political escalation in Germany in the 1930’s and that of the US today. Then and now, the Cartel financed the political destabilization of democracy, with the goal of replacing it with a corporate dictatorship.

In Germany, then, the Cartel succeeded in seizing power and launching WWII because people and politicians around the world ignored the early warning signs. In the USA, today, the Cartel has launched an all-out psychological war. Organizations like the ‘Tea Party’ are radicalizing society. The only way to derail their plan of destroying democracy is to expose the criminal history and the motives of these special interests.

Global Dimension of this Threat

New technologies in the area of energy and health threaten the multi-trillion dollar global monopolies of the Oil and Drug Cartel. The Cartel’s giant markets of outdated technologies are no longer compatible with democracy and can only be maintained in a glo­bal dictatorship of corporate interests.

A first step in the direction of establishing such a global corporate dictatorship has already been taken. The recently founded so-called ‘European Union’ in Brussels (the ‘Brussels EU’) is not a democratically elected or legitimized body. The so-called ‘EU-Commission’ – 27 technocrats appointed by Cartel interests – preside over the lives and fates of 500 million people across Europe by means of dictatorial ‘directives’ and ‘regulations’.

Largely unbeknown to the rest of the world, the so-called ‘European Parliament’ has no independent right of legal initiative and serves merely as a fig-leaf for this ‘Cartel Commission’.

Even more appalling is the fact that the entire ‘Brussels EU’ structure is the implementation of plans conceived before and during WWII by the Oil and Drug Cartel and their Nazi stakeholders. The goal then and now was to cement their economic rule by means of a ‘Central Cartel Office’ that determines essentially every aspect of life in Europe and, eventually, the rest of the world.

The historical facts and documents are available online at

The Strategic Role of the USA

The key country in the Cartel’s ‘survival strategy’ is the USA. Not only is the US the home base of most Oil and Drug corporations, it is also the strongest military power to defend these special interests.

A major setback for the Cartel was the fact that in 2008 the American people elected a President on a platform of ending the ‘tyranny of oil’ and of reforming health care, including a focus on prevention.

In order to reverse this vote, the Cartel must not only regain control of the US government but must try to fundamentally ‘reprogram’ the American people by financing the dissemination of doubt and deception. Towards this end, the Cartel has been mobilizing an army of stakeholders in the media and politics.

Lessons of History: From 1933 to 2010

The blueprint for this strategy of radicalizing society in preparation for war was pre-WWII Germany. The unobstructed implementation of this strategy in 1933 led to the overthrow of democracy, the installation of a dictatorship on behalf of the Oil and Drug Cartel and, eventually, to a military attempt to expand its global markets during WWII.

The records of the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal and of the US Congress unequivocally document that WWII was launched in the interest – and with the financial as well as technical support – of the German-based Oil and Drug Cartel (Bayer, BASF, Hoechst). Its goal was to seize control of the multi-trillion dollar global markets of oil, patented chemicals and drugs.

The psychological preparation of German society for this military conquest was the launch of a ‘racial war’ against Jewish and other non-Aryan people and the elimination of any political opposition. The key vehicle to execute this plan was the Nazi/Cartel-financed ‘grassroots’ movement – the ‘brownshirts’.

The systematic instigation of hatred, aggression, racism and other forms of psychological terror by the ‘brownshirts’ in pre-war Germany was the pre­condition for the next stage: the mass murder across the globe by the SS and German Wehrmacht in the Cartel’s attempt to control the world.

After WWII, the German Oil and Drug Cartel was dismantled and its shares transferred to US- and UK-based multinational oil and drug corporations. The Cartel’s criminal past was deliberately hidden from the public for one main reason: not to endanger its future attempts at world control.


1933 and Today: The Cartel Manipulates Public Opinion

Germany 1933:

  • In the 1930s, the radicalization of German society and growing physical violence against religious minorities and political opponents of the Nazi regime strategically prepared the sei­zure of power by the Coalition of the Oil and Drug Cartel with the Nazis.
  • In WWII, the Cartel and their Nazi accomplices dressed millions of German soldiers in a uniform that carried the allegedly devine blessing for the Nazi/Cartel global conquest. Harnessed with a belt buckle showing the Swastika and the slogan ’God With Us’ (‘Gott mit uns’), the Nazi/Cartel Wehrmacht inflicted death on tens of millions of people.

USA Today:

  • Today, the political climate in the USA is strategically poisoned by the stakeholders of the same special interests, namely the Oil and Drug Cartel. Physical violence against political opponents is increasingly replacing the political and social dialogue.
  • Today, the stakeholders of the Oil and Drug Cartel in politics and media are trying to lure the American people with deceptive slogans like ‘restoring honor’ and under the pretext of acting in the name of God. In the course of history, no name has been more abused to mask the greed of special interests than the name of ‘God’.

President Obama, you have the responsibility to disseminate this historic parallel to the American people in order to enable them to actively defend freedom and democracy.

The Goals of this Publication

  1. This information alerts the people of America that the radicalization of society and the polarization of political life is organized and financed by the Oil and Drug Cartel – with the goal to regain control over the White House and the country.
  2. It exposes the ‘Tea Party’ and other so-called ‘grassroots’ movements as agents of the Oil and Drug Cartel.
  3. It reveals the strategic aim of these groups: destabilization of the democratically elected government via the instigation of civil unrest – under the pretext of defending constitutional rights and carrying out the will of God.
  4. It exposes the frenzied attacks against the Obama health care plan – that promotes preventive and community-based health – as a maneuver to protect the economic privileges of the Drug Cartel and its multi-trillion dollar health care monopoly based on patented pharmaceutical drugs.
  5. It exposes all these tricks and maneuvers as blatant copies of the Oil and Drug Cartel’s take-over of Germany in the 1930s – with the help of their political stakeholders, the Nazis.
  6. Sharing these historical parallels with the American people, will allow them to recognize the criminal historic record of the Oil and Drug Cartel, as well as the deceptive stragtegies it has used throughout history. The message: ‘They’ve done it before!’
  7. With this knowledge, the American people have a clear choice for the coming elections.
  8. It gives the Republican party a choice too: stay committed to democracy – or go into oblivion as political puppets of the Cartel’s corporate dictatorship plan.
  9. It allows the people and governments of the world to focus their resources on the development and construction of a modern world, based on affordable renewable energy and science-based natural health.
  10. The dissemination of this message is a precondition for protecting democracy in America and lasting peace!


Dr. Matthias Rath

Dr. Rath has become a voice of conscience exposing the plans of the Oil and Drug Cartel behind recent global military conflicts and crises. Attacked by Cartel media the world over (, Dr. Rath and his Foundation have received prestigious awards for civil courage. The ‘Relay of Life’ Award ( from survivors of Auschwitz and other Nazi concentration camps was conferred with a clear mandate:



Neoliberalism as Social Necrophilia: The Case of Greece

By Panayota GounariTruthout | News Analysis


“You can use the 600 Euros that you will find on me to pay our health insurance. I paid the rent yesterday. I am sorry, my daughter, I could 2014_0321-4not take more suffering just to put a warm plate on the table – a bloody plate. Make sure that our daughter goes to college and never leave her alone. She should get the house that we have in the village.”

This is the suicide note of a 50-year-old woman to her husband. She jumped off a high wall in Crete, Greece, last week and is hospitalized in critical condition. She is one more victim of the deepening financial crisis that is trying the limits of Greek people since 2008. According to the Greek Census Bureau, there has been a 43 percent increase in suicides in austerity-chained Greece since the beginning of the crisis. Unofficial accounts bring the number to 4,000 deaths so far.

Greece is the most recent and historically unprecedented neoliberal experiment on a global scale. The neoliberal offensive is moving head on in the country and, if Chile “was the laboratory for the early phases, Greece has become the laboratory for an even more fierce implementation.” What we have in place right now in Greece can be best described as the “downsizing of a country” that brings profound changes in its social and economic fabric. Greece’s economy has shrunk by nearly one-third since 2007, and the debt has become unmanageable. Through cut-throat austerity measures, massive privatizations and cuts in the most sensitive sectors of public education and public health, the constant process of de-industrialization and the loss of sovereignty, it looks like “Greece will emerge as a poorer country, with a diminished productive base, with reduced sovereignty, [and] with a political class accustomed to almost neo-colonial forms of supervision.”

I glance through snapshots in the news: grim faces, desperate eyes, angry gazes, frustration, and, most of all, fear. The city of Athens is slowly turning into a cemetery for the living. The transformation of the city, both as a physical and as a symbolic space, is shocking to the eye; as a public space and a habitat for its people, it now gets fragmented into deserted stores “for rent,” broken façades and abandonment apartment windows and balcony doors tightly locked behind iron bars for “extra safety,” carton beds and, along them, homeless people’s possessions: an old dirty blanket, oversized worn out sneakers, plastic flowers, empty water bottles, stale bread. Different parts of the city palpably illustrate a degenerating social fabric, as more Greeks are now joining the ranks of what Zygmunt Bauman has called “human waste”: unemployed, working poor, immigrants, all the outcasts, victims of “economic progress,” preys of rampant neoliberal policies, “casualties,” real victims to what the Greek prime minister has recently called a “success story” on the road to privatization and the wholesale of Greece’s national assets and sovereignty.

Greece is radically and violently transformed into the land field of “wasted lives” in the giant trashcan of global capitalism. Witnessing as I do this novel form of social necrophilia that eats alive every inch of human life, workspace and public space, I cringe at the sound of the words “sacrifice,” “rescue” and making Greece, according to the claims of Greek PM Antonis Samaras, a “success story.” Whose sacrifice and whose rescue? Who succeeds and who loses? Numbers are telling.

Unemployment rates are currently climbing to 30 percent, the same percentage Greece had in 1961. As a point of comparison, unemployment in the United States in 1929 was 25 percent, and in Argentina in 2001, it was 30 percent. More than 70 percent of the unemployed have been out of work for more than a year, leaving most to rely on charity after losing monthly benefit payments and health insurance. This percentage does not include young people seeking a job for the first time, employees without insurance and part-timers. Unemployment is up 41 percent from 2011, and for those 15-24, it has reached 51.1 percent, doubling in only three years  and setting a negative record for a Eurozone country.

The IMF/European Central Bank recipe is generating wealth in the global financial casino, while 31 percent of Greeks live at risk of poverty, according to Eurostat (2012). These statistics put Greece in seventh place in poverty percentages among the 27 EU countries. More specifically, in Greece: 28.7 percent of children up to 17 years old; 27.7 percent of the population between ages 27-64; and 26.7 percent of Greeks older than 65 live in the poverty threshold.

By social necrophilia, I mean,.. economic policies and austerity measures that result in the physical, material, social and financial destruction of human beings…

There is an 11.8 percent increase in child poverty, raising the number of poor children to 465,000 in 2011. The Greek social and welfare state has been collapsing through draconian cuts in wages and pensions, massive layoffs and the violation of vested rights, of labor laws and of collective bargaining rights. All collective bargaining expired on May 14, 2013, and it has been replaced by individual contracts where workers become hostages of their employers. Base salary went tumbling down to 500 Euros monthly (400 for young people) – not to mention a retroactive salary cut of 22 percent (32 percent for youth) in February 2012.

In March 2013, the government announced additional pension cuts of up to 20 percent. According to the Labor Institute of the National Confederation of Greek Workers (2012), new measures dictated by the Troika (the European Central Bank, the European Commission and the International Monetary Fund) will lead to at least a 35 percent deterioration of salaried employees’ and pensioners’ lives. As an example, since the beginning of 2011, 113,268 people have disconnected their telephone landlines to decrease expenses. With a 19 percent increase in the cost of electricity, 350,000 people now live without electricity in Athens. Additional taxes on property have ravaged the middle class that is now “paying rent” in their own houses through new taxes and fines imposed. Quality of life is radically deteriorating for Greek people.

This neoliberal experiment, as currently implemented in Greece, breeds destructiveness and death and resonates with forms of “social necrophilia.” By social necrophilia, I mean the blunt organized effort on the part of the domestic political system and foreign neoliberal centers to implement economic policies and austerity measures that result in the physical, material, social and financial destruction of human beings: policies that promote death, whether physical or symbolic. The goal of the ongoing capitalist offensive in the form of a neoliberal doctrine is to destroy symbolically and physically the most vulnerable strata of the population, to put the entire society in a moribund state to impose the most unprecedented austerity measures that generate profit for the most privileged classes internationally.

Erich Fromm, Frankfurt School philosopher, social psychologist and psychoanalyst, provides both a metaphor from the realm of psychiatry, as well as the tools to make the case for a reified market society that is being forced to start loving death: its own. In his seminal work on the Anatomy of Human Destructiveness (1973), Fromm defines necrophilia as “the passionate attraction to all that is dead, decayed, putrid, sickly; it is the passion to transform that which is alive into something unalive; to destroy for the sake of destruction; the exclusive interest in all that is purely mechanical. It is the passion to tear apart living structures.”

In the case of the Greek neoliberal experiment, however, beyond destroying for the sake of destruction, there are real economic interests at stake. There are bets and speculations in casino capitalism, and the game is on in Greece for banks and other large financial organizations. Social necrophilia here can be understood as the state of decay, the material and social degeneration of society, and the destruction of social fabric, where illness and death loom for the poor as a result of an economy dying through specific political choices while profit goes to big banks and multinational corporations. Love of death or the politics of social necrophilia can be illustrated in Greece in a) the rise of fascism and b) the shocking increase in illness, suicide, addiction and spread of infectious diseases since the beginning of the crisis.


In the Anatomy of Human Destructiveness Fromm makes the case that necrophilia is a product of fascist thought, as he discusses the example of Spanish Falangists who used to shout, “long live death.” Fascism finds expression both in government discourses and policies as well as in the rise of neo-Nazi Party Golden Dawn. Love of death is currently manifested in Greece in that rise of Golden Dawn.

In a necrophilous state of affairs, the system in charge operates with the conviction that the only way to solve a problem or a conflict is by force and violence, both symbolic and material, usually failing to see other options.

In the context of the Greek crisis, a new form of political domination has emerged, a renewed model of fascism, or another example of “proto-fascism. The elected Greek coalition government has been systematically violating the Greek Constitution and shaking the foundations of parliamentary democracy by establishing a “side system” of legislation. Using “urgent legislative decrees” indiscriminately and regularly, the coalition government is bypassing Greek legislation to facilitate privatizations and sellouts. In addition, there is an institutionalized instability: Laws keep changing, and many laws are voted in and implemented with retroactive effect.

Beyond the constant constitutional violations, the disappearing public space is a central feature of Greek proto-fascism. The landscape taking shape since 2009 is not too far from the kind of totalitarianism Hannah Arendt wrote about: a “totalitarian government does not just curtail liberties or abolish essential freedoms; . . . It destroys the one essential prerequisite of all freedom, which is simply the capacity of motion which cannot exist without space.”

Motion is not only inhibited and/or prohibited, as for example, in the case of prohibiting demonstrations in the center of Athens when Troika officials visit, a practice reminiscent of the curfews during the German occupation of the ’40s. Furthermore, what motion there is, is watched, with heightened surveillance and cameras installed throughout Athens. In a necrophilous state of affairs, the system in charge operates with the conviction that the only way to solve a problem or a conflict is by force and violence, both symbolic and material, usually failing to see other options. This also explains the increased exponential violence employed by the state the last five years as manifested in shutting down protests, criminalizing dissent and activism and torturing arrested protesters as well as pre-emptive arrests in every mobilization.

Alongside symbolic violence manifested in economic, political and discursive form, there is an intensified move toward militarization and authoritarianism. To this end, and while massive layoffs are taking place in the public sector, the Greek state spends more money on hiring and training law enforcement officers. More interestingly, there are close ties between the police and the neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn, whose members are nostalgic of Hitler and the 1967 Colonels’ Junta. Golden Dawn – now pronounced a criminal organization – is involved in running “paramilitary operations that systematically attacked migrants, leftists and gay people.” Eighteen of its MPs are already incarcerated, and a number of its members have been involved in violent attacks, gun possession and even murder as in the fatal brutal beating of Pakistani immigrant Shehzad Luqman and the cold-blooded murder of Pavlos Fyssas, a young leftist anti-fascist activist and rapper.

The “public” is being abolished in favor of the private, through a process of devaluation, vilification and degradation. A case in point is the ongoing demonization of public functionaries, public school teachers and university professors, and doctors working in the public system of health as lazy, incompetent, in need of constant evaluation and with the Damocles sword of investigation should they dare to disagree. Everything “public” is left to decay, by cutting off funding, staff and support and creating a fertile space for corruption and violent competition.

Malaria, a disease officially eliminated 40 years ago, also made a comeback in 2012.

Public schools lack books and other materials, and in many areas in the north of Greece, children stay at home on very cold days because schools cannot afford to heat the classrooms. Teachers are suffering terrible cuts in their salaries, and universities barely meet their minimum functional needs with cuts in laboratory and support staff that hinder the appropriate working of the departments.

The Decaying Body

“It’s simple. You get hungry, you get dizzy and you sleep it off,”  said the mother of an 11-year old boy who has been suffering hunger pains at school.

Necrophilia is further manifested in physical terms in the ways the human body is degenerating, ravaged by illness, malnutrition, drug abuse, HIV and suicide. People looking for food in the trash. There are homeless people in every corner; mini slum communities all over downtown Athens. Walking south, toward the center, thousands of people wait in line to be served food by soup kitchens that provide over 30,000 free meals a day. Plenty of people queue up for possibly the only meal of their day. Welcome to the “human waste” line.

The Greek governments that assumed the role of the executioners of IMF/EU directives since the beginning of the crisis in 2008 have demonstrated a particularly necrophilous character, and they have done so unapologetically. Αn increasing number of children have been passing out in schools because of malnutrition; there are embarrassing shortages in public hospitals, where patients often have to buy their own gauze and medication from an outside pharmacy while admitted. People without health insurance with severe illnesses do not have access to treatment. Malaria, a disease officially eliminated 40 years ago, also made a comeback in 2012, with cases being noted in eastern Attica and the Peloponnese.

There are increasing numbers of suicides (close to a 43 percent hike) that rank Greece number one worldwide in suicides the past five years. There are alarming new cases of depression and mental illnesses. A recent study conducted by the University of Ioannina found that one in five people facing financial problems presents psychopathological symptoms. There is also a 200 percent increase in HIV cases. At the same time, significant funding is cut from psychiatric hospitals, public drug rehabilitation centers and other social and welfare provisions while the system tries to “abort” vulnerable social groups such as HIV-positive women, drug users and people with mental illness.

With the 40 percent surcharge the government has slapped on heating oil, thousands of households have remained cold during the winter while people are returning to wood stoves, the out-of-control use of which has generated poisonous toxic smog over the city of Athens. Bodily decay goes hand in hand with environmental destruction: Greek soil is ravaged as mineral resources are overexploited in the name of profit. Large forest areas, such as the Skouries forest in Halkidiki, are turning into vast mining sites, where private companies exploit the natural wealth of the country, while poisoning the soil, the air and the water.

The more human qualities are attributed to the markets, the more real people are robbed of their own human substance.

It is a challenging and complicated task to try to explain Greek people’s lack of massive organized resistance the last five years given the radical deterioration of their living conditions. There is almost a reconciliation with death looming everywhere; people are slowly getting used to terror. The initial manifestations – gatherings in squares, protests and other acts of disobedience – did not acquire a more organized and consistent character, despite small local victories and the existence of a movement that daily struggles on many levels and sites. The power elites used the initial shock and paralysis to spread fear through what Naomi Klein has termed the “shock doctrine.” It is common practice for business interests and power elites to exploit shocks in the form of natural disasters, economic problems, or political turmoil, as an opportunity to aggressively restructure vulnerable countries’ economies. In this vein, popular resistance and dissent are squashed through symbolic and material fear and violence ranging from “catastrophic” discourses in the media to very real torture and repression.

Shock helps the system implement antisocial and harmful policies that citizens would normally object to. Being in a state of shock as a country, says Klein, means losing your narrative, being unable to understand where you are in space and time. The state of shock is easy to exploit because people become vulnerable and confused. They are robbed of their vital tools for understanding themselves and their position in the sociopolitical context. People become unalive things and the market becomes alive. While people are slowly losing their humanity, with the government abandoning its social and welfare functions, “markets” become the new referent people should care and worry about, as if they were something alive.

Although lifeless things, markets acquire a soul and a character in the neoliberal discourse. One can observe an interesting phenomenon in the official government discourse, loyally reproduced by mainstream media: a continuous attempt to ascribe human properties to markets. The “market” as a noun, subject or object, is projected as the overarching authority, above and beyond everybody, the entity that should be kept happy and satisfied – another manifestation of necrophilia as people have to die to keep the market alive. The anthropomorphism of the market is illustrated when “markets” are used in the mainstream media in sentences such as “the markets showed satisfaction today” or “the market is struggling,” and “we need to convince the markets,” “we should appease the markets,” or “let’s wait and see how the markets respond.” The invisible market’s “reactions” give legitimacy to the “human sacrifices,” as all “market feelings” depend on increasing antisocial austerity measures that relegate a large part of Greek productive population to the unemployment trashcan. The more human qualities are attributed to the markets, the more real people are robbed of their own human substance. It seems as if the system needs to dehumanize people to “humanize” the market and then, possibly re-humanize them in the new market society, as a new kind of people robbed of any sense of agency.

In the Greek people’s quest to find their lost narrative, to “renarrativise” themselves in a collective way, the ability to consciously disobey and to fill the concept of hope with a real, feasible political project are two very important imperatives. To paraphrase Fromm, at this point in Greek history “the capacity to doubt, to criticize and to disobey” may be all that stands between the future for this country and its end. In articulating a political project and a narrative against capitalist necrophilia, there is a need to put at the core critical and radical thought that, when blended with the love of life, may take the struggle to the next level. Instead of getting confined to reforming or amending the current situation, people need to strive to imagine that which is not, desire it and work hard to make it happen.


* This article draws on my forthcoming book chapter “Neoliberalism as Social Necrophilia: Erich Fromm and The Politics of Hopelessness in Greece” to appear in Miri, S., Lake, R. & Kress, T. Reclaiming the Sane Society: Essays on Erich Fromm’s Thought. Boston: Sense Publishers.

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Panayota Gounari is associate professor of applied linguistics at the University of Massachusetts Boston. She holds a Ph.D. in Language and Literacy Education/Cultural Studies in Education from Pennsylvania State University. She has earned a BA in classics with a concentration in historical and comparative linguistics from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, and an MA in Applied Linguistics from UMass Boston. Her research focus is on the role of language and discourse in education, in human agency and in social transformation, and the implications for critical pedagogy. She has co-authored “The Hegemony of English” (in 2003) and co-edited “The Globalization of Racism” (in 2005) with D. Macedo. Both books have been translated into many languages. More recently she has co-edited “Critical Pedagogy: A Reader” (in Greece with G. Grollios). She has published numerous articles and book chapters.



Mankind’s serious condition has reached life-threatening levels

Within the human societies that have developed some form of civilization, ie any kind of forward thinking and development, a parasitic organism has become entrenched since long and has now put the host body (all of mankind) in mortal danger. The parasite needs to be treated just like a fatal parasite and not as a familiar “itch”…

A parasite is an uninvited guest, an organism that lives attached to another organism (a host animal,  a host plant, a host community) and it takes its nourishment from the host organism.. Mankind as a whole, if seen from a sociological view as one living organism, has also its uninvited guest,  an organism that lives attached to it and that sucks the life out of the host organism/humanity. The word comes from the Greek para, “by”, and sito, “food” or “feed”. The study of parasites is called parasitology. Among the ancient Greeks and today’s Greeks the term is used originally, partly on religious officials who were paid by the receipt of ‘full boarding’ and about the companions to senior officials who came along in official contexts. The word took on the meaning of a lower sense of sponger… TODAY  ONE  CAN WITHOUT PROBLEMS AND WITH  A PROPER SCIENTIFIC PRECISION IN SOCIAL SCIENCES, CALL THE ENTIRE EURO-AMERICAN BANKING-, BUSINESS-, AND POLITICAL-ELITE AND THE SO CALLED UPPER CLASS, PARASITES. However, to varying degree if one want to be fair in their assessment of humanity’s foremost health risk.

The host organism can survive and possibly survive the parasite, but can also succumb when it is not able to feed itself and the parasite.

In biology a distinction is made between some forms of parasites,.. a distinction also sociology can make, and parasites can then easily be identified whithin the host body, humanity, namely:

  • Animals that steal food from other organisms is called kleptoparasites. Kleptoparasites in the body of mankind is THE FINANCIAL ELITE, THE POLITICAL ELITE and THE UPPER CLASS
  • A parasite that lives entirely within its host is called endoparasit, if it lives partly outside its host it is called ektoparasite. Within the body of mankind they are both called  MONARCHIES, OLIGARCHIES, PLUTOCRACIES, PSEUDO-DEMOCRATIC GOVERNMENTS and MULTINATIONAL CORPORATIONS

Parasites are harmful organisms, they are animals that cause humans damage by such as the spread of disease, or by damaging food, clothing, buildings, crops or other property. Mankind’s parasites, in order to feed themselves are damaging food, crops, homes communities and countries,… by spreading the mental toxins that damage the human intellect, the mental health, the community character and the psycho-social immune system to such a degree that melancholy, apathy and irrational, self-destructive tendencies occurs in the host organism/humanity.

The term harmful organisms can be seen as a classification of species/communities from a utilitarian paradigm which focuses on this animals/communities benefit for humans and mankind. Animals/communities that is hurting people are seen, from this perspective, as harmful organisms .

Most often it is enough to balance the pH level in the body to get rid of parasites and in human societies, it is about balancing the human-values level by a truly blind and functioning justice and real democratic and altruistic basis for all people’accessibility to life essentials and development opportunities.

A community which to its biggest part live and feed on other people’s creative power, ingenuity and inspiration.. on the work of others, others ‘sacrifices, the health of others, other people’s property, other people’s food, home, land, savings, are undoubtedly the monarchs’, the dukes’, the bankers’ and the multinational business leaders’ community. When these through extortion gain control of armies and weapons and the power to procure for themselves control of the courts, the political systems, governments and by that the human societies, the danger becomes fatal to the entire organism. This is just where we find ourselves today.

Those who actively, sober, thoughtful and above all, in a relevant and appropriate way resist and fight against this mankind’s most dangerous parasite rampage, are mankind’s only hope for recovery and survival. Everything else is, at this point, just useless ‘sugar pills’, ‘pacifiers’ and ‘baby blankets’ for the spineless…

Kosmas Loumakis

Athens 07-01-2014


in Swedish


the text is an adaptation of Wikipedia’s description of the parasite

Mänsklighetens allvarliga sjukdomstillstånd har nått livshotande nivåer

Inom de mänskliga samhällen som har utvecklat någon form av civilisation, dvs någon form av framåtsträvande och utveckling, har en parasitorganism bitit sig fast  sedan länge och nu befinner sig värdkroppen (hela mänskligheten) i livsfara. Parasiten måste behandlas just som en livshotande parasit och inte som en bekant “klåda”…

En parasit är en objuden gäst, en organism som lever vidhäftad vid en annan organism (ett värddjur eller en värdväxt) och tar sin näring ifrån denna.. Mänskligheten som helhet, om den från en samhällsekonomisk synvinkel ses som en levande organism, har också en objuden gäst, en organism som lever vidhäftad på och som suger livet ur värdorganismen/mänskligheten. Ordet kommer från grekiskans para, “vid”, och sitos, “mat” eller “föda”. Studiet av parasiter kallas parasitologi. Hos forntidens och dagens greker användes och används uttrycket ursprungligen dels om religiösa tjänstemän som betalades genom att de uppbar ’helpension’, dels om medföljare till högre ämbetsmän som medbjöds i officiella sammanhang. Ordet fick med tiden en lägre mening av snyltgäst… IDAG KAN MAN UTAN PROBLEM OCH MED TILLBÖRLIG VETENSKAPLIG PRECISION INOM SAMHÄLLSVETENSKAPERNA KALLA DEN EURO-AMERIKANSKA BANK-, AFFÄRS-, OCH POLITISKA ELITEN FÖR PARASITER. Dock i olika grad om man vill vara rättvis i sin bedömning av mänsklighetens absolut främsta hälsorisk…

Värdorganismen kan fortleva och eventuellt överleva parasiten men kan också duka under när den inte förmår föda både sig själv och parasiten.

Inom biologin skiljer man på några former av parasiter, vilket också samhällsvetenskapen kan göra och då kan parasiterna med lätthet  identifieras inom värdkroppen, mänskligheten, nämligen:

  • Djur som stjäl föda ifrån andra organismer kallas för kleptoparasiter. Kleptoparasiter i den mänskliga samhällskroppen är FINANSELIT, POLITISK ELIT och s.k ÖVERKLASS
  • En parasit som lever helt inuti sin värd kallas här endoparasit, om den lever endast delvis inne i sin värd kallas den ektoparasit. Inom den mänskliga samhällskroppen kallas både endoparasiter och ektoparasiter MONARKIER, OLIGARKIER, PLUTOKRATIER, PSEUDO-DEMOKRATISKA REGERINGAR och MULTINATIONELLA FÖRETAG.

Parasiter är skadedjur, de är djur som vållar människan skada genom till exempel spridning av sjukdom eller genom att skada livsmedel, kläder, byggnader, grödor eller annan egendom. Mänsklighetens parasiter, för att kunna föda sig själva och skada livsmedel, grödor, hem och samhällen, sprider de mentala gifter som skadar det mänskliga intellektet, den mentala hälsan, samhällskaraktären och immunförsvaret till sådan grad att melankoli, apati och orationella, självdestruktiva tendenser uppstår hos värdorganismen/mänskligheten.

Begreppet “skadedjur” kan ses som klassificering av olika djurarter/samhällsgrupper från ett utilitaristiskt paradigm där man fokuserar på detta djurs/samhällsgrupps nytta för människor och mänskligheten. Djur/samhällsgrupper som därvidlag är till skada för människor ses, från detta perspektiv, som skadedjur.

Oftast räcker det med att balansera ph-värdet i kroppen för att göra sig av med parasiter och i de mänskliga samhällena handlar det om att balansera människo-värdet genom en i sanning blind och fungerande rättvisa och en verklig demokratisk och altruistisk grund för fördelning av människans livsnödvändigheter och utvecklingsmöjligheter.

En samhällsgrupp som till sin absolut största del lever och när sig på andras skapandekraft, uppfinningsrikedom och inspiration,.. på andras arbete, andras uppoffringar, andras hälsa, andras egendomar, andras föda, hem, mark och besparingar, är ju otvivelaktigt monarkernas, grevarnas, bankirernas och de multinationella företagsledarnas samhällsgrupp. När dessa genom utpressning får kontroll över armeer och vapensystem och makten att förskaffa sig kontroll över domstolar, politiska system, regeringar och därmed de mänskliga samhällena, är faran livshotande för hela organismen. Just där befinner vi oss idag.

De som aktivt, nyktert, genomtänkt och framförallt på ett relevant och adekvat sätt bekämpar denna mänsklighetens farligaste parasits framfart, är mänsklighetens enda hopp om tillfrisknande och överlevnad. Allt annat är numera tyvärr betydelselösa ‘sockerpiller’, ‘napp’ och ‘snuttefilt’ åt de ryggradslösa…

Kosmas Loumakis

Athen 07-01-2014


på Engelska


texten är en bearbetning av Wikipedias beskrivning av parasiten


Opening and closing speech of Dimitris Kazakis – on EPAM’s INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE in Athens


Opening speech and closing speech, further down, of Dimitris Kazakis on the INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON DEBT, NATIONAL CURRENCY & DEMOCRACY in Keramikos – Athens, Saturday 30 November and 1 December 2013

After the end of this post click on “the whole conference” to see whole conference


“Dear fellow fighters, friends and invitees…

I welcome you, on behalf of the political board, to the international conference hosted by the United People’s Front (EPAM) where we’ll discuss the subjects of debt, national currency and democracy.

This meeting, for all of us fighting against the ‘memorandum occupation’, the euro and the EU, is a very important event. Not only because we’ll have the opportunity to enrich our effort with the experience of other countries whose people face similar problems and situations but also because we get the chance to get to know each other and make relationships of fellowship and coordination in the common fight of all of eurozone’s and EU’s people and beyond, against the worst authoritarianism the world has known since the ancient regime that was brought down by the great French Revolution.

What’s happening in Greece is the living example of the way in which the eurozone and the EU are evolving into a new super-state embodiment, the European Federation, as called by Barroso himself at the ‘State of the Union’ in September 2012. What is being done in Greece created and continues to create the legal and political precedent for this transformation.

The first thing the eurozone looked into, after the crisis broke out in Greece, was to isolate the country on the one hand and on the other hand, impose a state of colonial occupation that is novel in the European historical timeline.

Greece was forced, from the first moment, to ‘irrevocably and unconditionally waive all immunity’, as mentioned verbatimin the loan agreements.* By doing this, the eurozone lenders were free to put the country under a state of liquidation and clearance. The average Greek citizen was officially turned into a debt slave. A peon. Forced to give up on essential rights on their work, its product and their own life in order to pay a debt that is impossible to pay off.

It’s the first time in history since the era of feudalism, that a people, a whole nation is officially turned into a peon and has a state of peony imposed, that is a debt serfdom. Not just as a result of actions, something the IMF has been doing for decades in Latin America, Africa and elsewhere, but officially, by signing colonial loan agreements on demand of the eurozone itself.
And all that thanks to the fact that Greece is in the eurozone and has given up its own essential means of fiscal, monetary and credit policy. The lenders, of course, looked to have loan agreements according to which peony, the debt serfdom, is presented as a voluntary request of Greece. The Greek people themselves.

In this crime, the lenders were aided by the furthermost assistance and ultimate support of a totally corrupt, sold-out and treasonous political system which didn’t hesitate to perform a coup and abolish every aspect of constitutional order of the country in order to serve the interests of the most rapacious circles of the euro and the money markets.

So, we think that as of the 6th of May, 2010 and up to this day, Greece is under occupation. Colonial occupation. One with an aim for the mass extinction of the Greek people and the plunder of the social and natural wealth of the country by its lenders. In a very short time, we had foreign commissioners arriving and occupying key positions of the state mechanism. In addition to the Troika. In this day, the state cannot proceed to any act without the prior suggestion or approval by the foreign commissioners. Even the judicial/legal system has been put under their wing. Even the military forces and the defense system of the country. In essence, the absolute being of the state has been abrogated.

With the assistance of the internal political system, of the contemporary collaborationists, the modern Quislings, in just three years, more than 400 laws were introduced on demand of the lenders and the Troika. More than 27 legislative acts that are of similar content to the old Royal Decrees, as well as dozens of other Cabinet acts under orders from above and beyond. For the Greek people, there is no vital sector that is crucial to them – in labor, society and politics – that hasn’t changed vastly on their expense, by abolishing their most essential of rights.

After all this, the Greek people have no sovereign ownership rights in their country. They can’t decide for themselves on anything that concerns them. Even the right in private ownership has been brutally bludgeoned. Everything in the country, the public and private wealth of the Greek citizens, is now available to the lenders and the euro-system. And the trade-off? The average Greek today, being even more indebted than when the Troika first came.

It’s not just that the public debt keeps rising… The country was forced to borrow again, mainly in order to keep funding the external debt, during the period of 2010-2013, more than 320 billion euros. That is more than what the public debt was before 31-12-2009 but even so, continues to owe more than 325 billion euros.

To the private debt of the Greeks – which exceeds the amount of 230 billion euros – another 45 billion were added in the last three years. It’s debt towards the Tax Office, with the sole purpose of confiscating real and mobile private property. At the same time, the average citizen saw 1 in 4 people losing their jobs. Every work right was abolished. They saw 1 in 3 losing even the possibility of insurance, while the base salary was reduced by at least 40%. Saw the regime of general poverty and unemployment going hand-in-hand with a regime of absolute immunity, where the worker is literally a derelict.

They watched as 3 out of 4 workers, who still have the “luxury” of having a job, either getting blackmailed and paid under even the base salary or facing delayed payments. Today, 3 out of 5 workers that have a job, face 5-month-old delayed payments. That is, they haven’t been paid for 5 months on average. The average Greek citizen saw the majority of self-employed workers getting destroyed with a single stroke. They make up 32% of the total employment figures. They saw half of small and medium-sized businesses shutting down, while the big ones have their earnings, suppliers and workers ravaged by their owners, so that they can flee Greece or vastly reduce their activities. They saw the volume of investment dropping extremely from 22% of GDP in 2009 to 12% today, turning Greece to the country with the biggest disinvestment worldwide. They also saw poverty and hardship double in two years. Rampaging immigration, notably of the younger generations, close to the levels of the ’60s – a time when the Greek society was faced with the biggest immigration wave it ever had. They saw – in a two year period, from 2011 to 2012 – the population decreasing by 80,000 in absolute figures, for the first time in the post-War period.

After all this, is the 98% of the Greek population, who according to measurements expect the worst, in the wrong? No. They’re absolutely right. If we keep following the same path, if we hold on to the euro – especially now, on the road to the European Federation, as declared by the prior Maoist Barroso – now that the right of composing and publishing the state budget, while the European Commission has officially obtained the status of a super-government, with the ECB having direct supervision and control of the banking system under its absolute jurisdiction, in the eurozone and the EU.

For us, the dilemma is clear: You either come in terms with the current situation and just seek ways of managing it better with increasingly worsening effects for the people or you overturn it. There is no middle ground. As long as we wait for a divine intervention, a miracle, we’ll keep experiencing absolute destruction. Not only us in Greece but all the peoples of the eurozone. A realistic approach is one that doesn’t leave the people open to today’s threats. One that doesn’t allow them to sink any more into anguish and despair, poverty and extinction. Our duty is majorly patriotic. Primarily nation-liberating against the worst continental regime that’s been imposed upon the people since Hitler.

Another Europe is indeed feasible. A Europe whose peoples will be free, sovereign and owners of their countries, where they will solely decide for their present and their future. Only such a Europe of independent, autonomous and sovereign peoples can turn into a continent of true peace, democracy and brotherhood.

Brotherhood cannot exist where peoples are slaves of the markets, the banking cartel and the supranational instruments of European integration. Suppression only brings wars. Wars of conquering and enslavement, which can only be responded to with an uprising of the entirety of the people.

One thing is certain: The Greek people won’t allow its extinction. And it’s that close, just that close, to the moment when it will take matters into its own hands. And be assured that it’s ready to assist all other peoples in their fight by any means. In the common fight of all of the peoples of Europe. And not just Europe…

The Greek people have done this before. They’ve set the example. They stood their ground, first winners against the Nazi hordes, for democracy, freedom and national sovereignity. Despite all the sacrifices they suffered. And they will set the example for all peoples again.

2014 will be the year of the Greek people. It will be a landmark year for democracy and freedom in all of Europe. Like it was then, on the 28th of October, 1940, when the Greek people were called to the fight against the fascist invader. First to the battle against the fascists and to defeat them. And now, against the new fascism, the fascism of the markets, against which they will score the first victory on behalf of all European peoples.

Thank you very much.”

* “The Borrower hereby irrevocably and unconditionally waives all immunity to which it is or may become entitled, in respect of itself or its assets, from legal proceedings in relation to this Amendment, including, without limitation, immunity from suit, judgement or other order, from attachment, arrest or injunction prior to judgement, and from execution and enforcement against its assets to the extent not prohibited by mandatory law.”

Excerpt from the “AMENDMENT TO THE EUR 80 000 000 000 LOAN FACILITY AGREEMENT” text

Αναρτήθηκε από ΔΗΜΗΤΡΗΣ ΚΑΖΑΚΗΣ στις 11:25 π.μ.

closing speech


the whole conference 

A SPEECH FOR GREECE at the International Conference of the United People’s Front (EPAM)



by JIM REYNOLDS, Vice Chairman, Campaign for an Independent Britain (CIB)

Dear Friends,

My name is Jim Reynolds and I am a Vice Chairman representing the Campaign for an Independent Britain. On behalf of our organisation, I come to  Greece in full hearted  friendship for the Greek people and for our colleagues from all over Europe, who are fighting for the return of democratic self government to their countries and deliverance from their debt slavery , enforced by that imperial project, the Euro currency.  We in the Campaign for an Independent Britain are from all parties and none. We come from right, left and centre and all we want is our country back!

Our organisation was formed in 1969 under a different name as a cross-party coalition, opposed to “Common Market” entry in 1973. It is an umbrella group, supported by public donations, to which other Eurosceptic organisations are affiliated. We campaign for the restoration of full national sovereignty to the United Kingdom by its withdrawal from the obligations of the treaties of the European Union and the repeal of the European Communities Act 1972 (as amended), so that Parliament may legislate freely and may co-operate with other nations as it sees fit. We are a “broad church” of political opinion but will not tolerate racists or extremists and reject any organisation known to be motivated by anti-democratic intentions.

Our country has been betrayed by certain Prime Ministers. Edward Heath in 1972 took us into what was then called a Common Market – on a narrow vote in Parliament of 309 to 301, whilst concealing from all MPs the terms of entry. Harold Wilson in 1975 claimed he had secured new terms of membership and, aided by a lavishly funded campaign, the full support of the BBC and almost all British newspapers, he secured a 67% vote by 65% of the electorate to stay in.

In 1983, the men who later became our Prime Ministers, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, gained their seats in Parliament for the first time by promising, if elected, to take us out of the European Union – but changed their minds when elected.

Over many years we have printed and distributed millions of factual leaflets on many subjects and organised public gatherings and films. We have a website  HYPERLINK “”  . In 2010, after our most recent general election to Parliament, we supplied every member of the House of Commons and of the House of Lords with a booklet entitled “ A HOUSE DIVIDED: Can parliament serve Two Masters, the Nation and the European Union?”. I have brought a number of copies with me to make them available to you. It tells of the lies and deceits perpetrated in order to maintain public support for the EU  – and of the loss of our Parliamentary sovereignty.

Turning now to those countries of Europe which, with us have joined the EU -Something very strange has happened to the countries of Europe over the last fifty years through the deceit of our politicians – the leaders who should be serving the interests of their own  peoples who elect them. By  meeting together with politicians from other countries in the EU they have increasingly discovered that, as a class, they have more in common with each other and with the bankers than they do with the people they are supposed to serve. Little by little they have created a super – state structure to which they have given their loyalty and obedience  which  should  only be   to their own countries and peoples.

In any other age this would have been called treason and would have been punished as such. They are people who dress like us, look like us and talk like us but whose loyalty is elsewhere – to that strange anti-democratic structure in Brussels. What was presented to us as a free association of sovereign nations co-operating in trade always was intended to develop into  a super-state, a single despotism over all the peoples of Europe.

Britain was slowly enmeshed in this plot against its own people by  its political class – but not without a struggle. As a country, we had spent all of our money and much of our blood to free the countries of Europe from fascism and the natural goodwill of democrats towards their fellows in other European countries was gradually subverted to this evil project.

One man who saw this clearly in the Forties was the Labour Foreign Secretary, Ernest Bevin.

A man of the working class, he was intensely suspicious of the early moves towards European integration. He knew enough of Greek mythology to coin a keenly true but amusing mixed metaphor. He said of the European project.

“If you open that Pandora’s box, you don’t know how many Trojan horses will come flying out”.

Unfortunately for us and for Europe, Ernest Bevin was overruled by American pressure. Britain was bankrupt and the Americans controlled the flow of dollars. In fact, we have evidence that the CIA funded the European Movement from the beginning, just as the American government today puts diplomatic pressure on our country, telling us that we must stay in the EU.

Well, whilst the Trojan Horse was originally a Greek stratagem against the Trojans, there are now whole herds of them from Brussels within the walls  of  Greece today – and in every EU country.  Wherever you see that ring of stars announcing another project assisted by the EU, a little bit of your country has been shaped to suit the policy makers of Brussels.  Around all these projects – and the ones you don’t see or hear of – are the people who do well out of them. Some of them are gradually entrapped bit by bit, often unwittingly at the time, into giving their first loyalty to their Brussels paymasters.

The Commissioners in Brussels and the heads of government of other EU countries are far away and, whilst we can rage about what they do, there is little we can do to affect them. They are hermetically sealed in a world of privilege beyond our reach. It was our own, treacherous  politicians who delivered us into the hands of these people. In doing it they became more like them, as prophetically described by the poet G.K. Chesterton eighty years ago.

“They have given us into the hand of new unhappy lords,

Lords without anger and honour who dare not carry their swords.

They fight by shuffling papers; they have bright dead alien eyes.

They look at our labour and laughter as a tired man looks at flies”

Brussels has not taken any power from our countries  which has not been handed over by our own politicians and officials. Sometimes in the mistaken belief that it was somehow for the peace and good of Europe – we have let them do it. Sometimes we were just too late to stop them. Now  is the time to insist that they take back the power – our power to rule ourselves –  and bring it home where it belongs – each in our own country.

And if they won’t do it, then throw the rogues out!

By meeting together,  co-ordinating our efforts and sharing information, we can each be much more effective in in our own countries where  the real fight is.

I mentioned  Ernest Bevin, the socialist politician of the Nineteen Forties, as one who understood the dangers of the European project. The last British politician to stand against the creation of the EU superstate was very different politically – Margaret Thatcher.  The President of the EU Commission, Jacques Delors, had proposed more or less what we have now – The EU Commission as the executive government of the EU, the so-called EU parliament as its token democratic assembly and the European Council of heads of government as its senate.

To each of these proposals in turn, Mrs Thatcher said “No!” “No!” “No!” and so was betrayed by the europhiles in her own party whose loyalty was to the EU and not to the most solemn oath they had sworn to their own sovereign and country.  That is the rottenness at the heart of every EU member state, not just Britain.

If we had been meeting just over a month ago on October 28th , we could have joined with our Greek friends in celebrating “No!” day, the anniversary of Greece’s short response to the ultimatum by the Italian dictator Mussolini. The admiration which Britain then felt for Greece standing up to a much bigger country is reflected today in our support for your campaign to restore your country’s honour and self government. It is a common struggle which we share, so I share the sentiment of Lord Byron

“The mountains look on Marathon -

And Marathon looks on the sea;

And musing there an hour alone,

I dreamed that Greece still might be free;

For standing on the Persians’ grave,

I could not deem myself a slave”



Are we really free to choose and is the people’s power acknowledged? “Debt Management” is a short documentary on the illusion of freedom (the case of the “boiling frog”) and the illusion of choice (as in the example of “Plato’s cave”), from an economic perspective. The Greek crisis is just another round in the constant struggle between those who take decisions that determine the will of whole societies and the real power of the people. How can entire societies become powerless, from an economic point of view? By what means is that being achieved in modern Europe?

see the whole documentary here

Debt Management – Διαχείριση χρέους (Ελληνικοί υπότιτλοι, Greek subs)

without Greek subtitles


Maria Delivani N., economist, former dean of the University of Macedonia.
Craig Wherlock, since 2008 “Journalist of the crisis.”
Didac S. – Costa, sociologist.
Albert Broomhead, economist and analyst.
Dimitris Kazakis, economist, author, columnist.
General co Kastrinakis P. Alexander.
In Charis.



Μαρία Δεληβάνη Ν., οικονομολόγος, πρώην πρύτανης του Πανεπιστημίου Μακεδονίας.
Craig Wherlock, από το 2008 «δημοσιογράφος της κρίσης».
Didac S.- Costa, κοινωνιολόγος.
Albert Broomhead, οικονομολόγος, αναλυτής.
Δημήτρης Καζάκης, οικονομολόγος, συγγραφέας, αρθρογράφος.
Γενική επιμέλεια Αλέξανδρος Καστρινάκης Π..
Στη Χαρούλα.

Money – The World’s Most Dominant Religion

1. Money, Banking and the Federal Reserve

This extraordinary documentary, made by the Mises Institute in 1996, is the clearest, most compelling explanation ever offered of the Fed. (42 mins)

2. Conspiracies – Iraq:

A 2006 Sky documentary revealing the only WMD Saddam Hussein had, was the Euros he charged for Iraqi oil. As this was a direct challenge to the US petrodollar, Hussein had to go. (46 mins)

3. Money As Debt:

A fast-paced and highly entertaining animated feature. It explains today’s banking system in terms that are easy to understand. (47 mins)

4. Woody Harrelson Presents – Ethos:

Presented by actor & activist Woody Harrelson, this powerful 2011 documentary blows the lid off our corrupt monetary and political system. (70 min)

5. The Money Fix – Monetary Reform:

This movie examines the human & the natural world. We learn how we can empower ourselves by redesigning the economy at the community level. (80 mins)

6. The Secret of Oz:

Governments should issue debt free money. This is the solution as revealed by L. Frank Baum in “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. (112 mins)

Hellenism is in danger, humanity is in danger


A paradigm is a set of values and norms that is publicly accepted and acknowledged as the suitable ones, and can be said to be the basic values of a certain civilization

An anti-Hellenic lobby paved the way for the establishment of the Rothschild-Zionist dogma

Before the global elite can launch a long desired global paradigm shift, an induced shift of the main and basic human values and norms, the old foundations, must first be accused, slandered and falsified and facts must be distorted. Various other cultures have had to endure this throughout history (North-South American Indians, Celts, Persians, Arabs, Africans, Polynesians and others). However now it’s not about the destruction of a culture but the destruction of the whole of the Hellenic foundations of the western civilization. The globalists, who themselves claim that they are *Zionists and this regardless of whether they are Jewish or not, now aim to replace the basic human values that is the base of western societies, by a very aggressive propaganda opposing the old values, freedom, justice, humanityHellenism is the cradle of the values ancient Phariséeism or Rothschild-Zionism detest.

Hellenism = Hellenistic (also called classical) schooling, education and upbringing, ie classical Greek literature-philosophy-science-arts-music-theater-athletics-pancration (martial arts), taught properly in balance and in an adequate symbiosis with each other,.. plus a moral approach towards the human and humanity, has proved to offer the most essential safeguards against tyranny, despotism, monarchy and oligarchy – Hellenism, as a broader term, originates from the word ellinismos (describes the genetic, geographic, cultural and spiritual roots of the Hellenes/Greeks) and is NOT limited to only the classical period of ancient Greece and later Rome, as Wikipedia and many other encyclopedias suggest. The word describes the ENTIRE history of the Hellenes (the Ionian and the Doric tribes). Hellenism has throughout the recorded history been *Zionisms and its predecessors, the Pharisees, enemy No. 1. This of course, because it represents a direct threat to what later became the *Zionist worldview, the Zionist dogma. Hellenism highlights the importance of human freedom, it develops free thinking and offer the spiritual and intellectual tools, so that each individual can be able to develop  independent, free, critical thinking. *Zionism, in which the individual and free critical thinking is seen as a weakness for the collective and in which the individual is seen as merely a cog in a larger machinery, considered the Hellenic thoughts about the free human as nonsense and even as dangerous for the community. This ‘attitude’ towards Hellenic teachings is also what is diligently spread in the schools and in the common encyclopedias today.

This is why today the concept of freedom is distorted and changed into freedom without responsibilities (capitalism, neo-liberalism)or even into, too much freedom is dangerous for the human societies (conservatism, totalitarianism, autocracy).

“when truth has been peeled out of history, all that is left of it, is a worthless story”


Since about 70 years now an anti-Hellenic lobby has deliberately been spreading false teachings and pseudo-arguments among secondary school’s, college’s and universities, with the aim to undermine the classic, Hellenistic education. Anyone who is a bit familiar with the recorded facts in the history of mankind notice this without difficulties, primarily through the major encyclopedias obvious omission and distortion of important knowledge and facts about the legacy of the Greeks. On closer examination you can very easy discover a deliberate manipulation of facts behind the history of the Hellenes, their discoveries, their knowledge, their origin and their language.

Pure cultural persecution has been conducted against Hellenism from a Rothschild-Zionist lobby among academics, with the aim to undermine the possibilities for students to discover the genuine European heritage and the real western spiritual origin and instead replace it with a Rothschild-Zionist worldview. 

Tens of thousands of worried academics worldwide, has been sounding the alarm about this over decades. A large number of professors from all over the world argue that there is a deliberate anti-Hellenic lobby within the academic world, that want to remove Greek education in general from the curriculum in the major universities. A climate thrives in these where Hellenism is considered to be “overrated” and as being based on an up-picking of achievements of neighboring cultures. All such claims can of course be rebutted quite thoroughly and without any difficulties at all, not least by the neighboring cultures own literature, but the damage is still done because the vast majority of the students never make an effort to search for the real facts on these issues. They tend to stick to the common approach to this heritage. An approach to knowledge which by itself actually proves the increasing dissociation from the Hellenic approach to knowledge  It seem fairly unnecessary to most people to question the established encyclopedias, popular science magazines and some of the top universities ways to convey the valuable heritage of the Greeks. It is to most even less likely that, in our “enlightened” time, someone would deliberately distort the truths about our existence, our origins and our true history.

Brave professors, lecturers and academics as Mary Lefkowitz, Victor Hansen and Bruce S Thornton among many others have alarmed about this. Since it exists so much written in Greek, which through the ancient original texts, proves that the ‘anti-Hellenic lobby’ is spreading sheer lies about Greek culture, the Latin replaced classical Greek a few decades ago as the language of literature, philosophy and science. Most major encyclopedias today therefore ignore the actual, original texts (relatively undetected) and refers only to them through – far too often – very shallow interpretations and pure guesses by translators who have tried to comprehend the thinking of the ancient Greeks. They could have let the Classic Greek remain and even teach it more in its talking form, so that every student himself/herself could read the original texts and interpret them himself/herself. After all more than 85% of the books and scrolls in the infamous Library of Alexandria was in Greek. Why must the saved remains  of these books content be explained to the world today by a bunch of interpreters?

Short idea-historic retrospective on Pharisèeism or Rothschild-Zionism and Hellenism:

The Hebreo-Chaldean tribes:

praised the ‘importance of the collective’ and built their world view and their view on the human and humanity largely on religion, mythology, the natural conditions, ‘necessities’ for the survival of the tribes and pure superstition. ‘Science’, Philosophy and Religion in these cultures had to comply with eachother and the authority, the ‘king’, the ‘emperor’, the ‘demigod’, the ‘prophet’, who was considered to have direct contact with “God” and could therefore NOT be criticized openly. He was infallible and his word could not be questioned. Any ‘weakness’ of their authority was supposed to cause chaos and anarchy in a society. They were “theocentric”, ie with a god and a priesthood (Sanhedrin) in the center of their societies. They felt in these tribes that they needed and that they wanted a ‘shepherd’, THEIR ‘shepherd’. From around 1 500 BC the elite of the Sanhedrin, ie the highest Jewish council of the synagogue of ancient times and today’s Rothschild-Zionism (not necessarily Jewish), has always seen Hellenism as its archenemyThis, because automatically, through its main characteristics, its literature and its ancient mystery traditions, Hellenism forms a constant threat to the Rothschild-Zionism’s worldview and its fundamental views on the human and humanity. Precursors of Rothschild-Zionism is actually NOT the whole of Sanhedrin but only a specific group within the ancient Sanhedrin, the highest Jewish council in the synagogue, namely the Pharisées. If you look deeper in their key political, religious, Jewish currents as a common denominator, then the Rothschild-Zionists today are the heirs of the Pharisees. Phariséism was a Jewish, religious, political party who interpreted the Torah and the law of Moses literally, but also rigidly (it was dictated instead of inspired) so the actual ethos and the spirit of the law became rigid and stiff and thus an extremely favorable tool for elitism, racism and tyranny. Today’s fundamentalism, extremism and racism in any religion or ideology is based on this kind of a rigid ethos.

The Ionian and Doric tribes:

ie the Hellenes (Greeks), praised the individuals importance and placed the human being in the center of their concern and they built their worldview and their view on Humanity on critical observations, science and knowledge of the human role in nature and in universe. They were “anthropocentric”, with the human being in the center and they looked at the world and mankind from an investigative perspective based on their own observations and studies. They did not live particularly different from their neighbors, but THE WAY THEY LOOKED UPON HOW THEY LIVED constituted their uniqueness in comparison with ALL other cultures in the ancient world. They examined everything from a critical perspective and this critical, investigative approach they also turned towards their own functions, behavior, institutions, ideas and thinking. Where most other cultures saw more or less similar patterns the Greeks, through their perspective, distinguished details, differences and exceptions. They could place their focus of observation beyond nature, humans and even the gods and examine everything from a rational, investigative, scientific perspective. The Greeks had the ability to see life steadily and see it whole, rather than remain enslaved by custom, tradition, superstition, nature or by the brute force of the political and clerical elite. It sought to free itself from the ‘shackles’, the kind of existence that often dictate people’s lives through dogma, creeds, traditions, customs and practices, and therefore breed non-examined, ingrained, ‘mechanical’ behavior patterns and routines. The Hellenes wanted to be fully ‘conscious’ in their perception and their behavior. To them it was therefore essential that Science, Philosophy and Religion were decoupled from each other, in order for free thinking to develop at all. This was something that was unthinkable in ALL the other cultures as this view was seen as dangerous and as a threat to the order, the monarchy and the clerical elite.

The biggest achievement, with this approach to life was the birth of the organized, critical thinking and thus the concept of freedom. Something that before the Greeks, existed only for kings and emperors with their courts. From this critical thinking, an organized idea that all human beings are born free and independent and therefore has the right to form and decide about their lives, was born,.. so therefore for instance slavery was seriously criticized and later abolished in ancient Athens around 300 BC (about 2000 years before anyone else). They showed by their celebration of the development of human qualities, that they did not want to be dependent on any ‘shepherd’, but that they themselves were capable of becoming the best ‘shepherds’ for their own lives, as long as they learned to understand microcosmos and macrocosmos and the natural principles that govern nature and universe.

The Hebrews were looking for “God” outside themselves and the Hellenes were looking for “God” in themselves…

It is really this ancient schism between two contradicting idea-worlds and spiritual traditions,… this “schizophrenia” between Hellenism and Phariséeism, today’s Rothschild-Zionism, that the ruling classes have tried to crowd into ONE in the ‘modern Western civilization’. This paradox and this fundamental clash of ideas, is what really reflects the whole Western society in all its institutions, its culture its societies, its social character and its basic views on humans and Humanity.

  • We believe that we base our societies and ‘democratic’ states on noble values, but everywhere we structurally violate these values on a daily basis for the sake of financial profit, power and self-pleasure.
  • We believe that we are freer than others, but we captivate ourselves more than any other culture by the shackles of materialism and the devotion of only the physical, the flesh..
  • We say that we defend freedom and human rights, but its obvious that the western Governments and institutions doesn’t count in all of humanity in the same standards.

We claim Hellenism in our spoken words and our writings but we are devoted to Rothschild-Zionism in our thoughts, behavior and our practiced values, our institutions and our administrations. In our so called ‘democratic institutions’, a tremendous dehumanization of others is an accepted ingredient in our relations to others. In fact every bizarre paradox that we discover in the western societies can be traced back to this particular cultural and spiritual “schizophrenia” between Hellenism and Phariséeism or Rothschild-Zionism.

Today Rothschild-Zionism is striving to bury Hellenism and go back to pre-Hellenic idea-worlds where:

  • the kings (today’s: royalties, financial elite, corporate leaders and bankers)
  • the emperors (today’s: leaders of superpowers and international nations-unions, international organizations, cartel’s and alliances)
  • the priests (today’s: pseudo-science, media, entertainment and show business)
  • the demigods (today’s: ruling elite and their celebrities and norm”gurus”)

are again telling humans and humanity what’s best for us.

We are again deceived to believe that we are unable to deal with our lives without the elite’s directions and laws. For that paradigm-shift to be fully implemented the pure and original Hellenic ingredients in human thinking has to first be ridiculed, humiliated and forgotten by humanity. Exactly what has been going on in most human institutions since world-war II.


Kosmas Loumakis

Stockholm 2013-10-22


*Zionism is normally considered to be Theodore Herzl’s organized Jewish movement for the achievement of a country for the Jewish people, the Jewish state of Israel. In this article though when I refer to Zionism I describe Rothschild’s version of Zionism (identical to the ancient Phariseeism), which actually is more about the cultural “hijacking” of the true Jewish religion and their traditions, in order to serve an oligarchic family’s aims for global power, with the current state of Israel as its shield and its vehicle towards this goal and with the USA as its guard.  There are Christian Zionists and Muslim Zionists no matter how strange that can sound, simply because today’s Rothschild-Zionism has very little to do with the real Jewish religion but a lot with the aims of these families and their plans with the state of Israel. They consider themselves as “kings” and “emperors” of humanity and they are using Israel and the Jews in order to fulfill that quest.

3ο Συνέδριο του Ε.ΠΑ.Μ.: Η ενότητα, ο αγώνας, η ελπίδα είναι ΕΔΩ!

Λογότυπο ΕΠΑΜ
Ολες σχεδόν οι αποκαλούμενες αντιμνημονιακές δυνάμεις έδωσαν το «παρών» στο 3ο Συνέδριο του Ενιαίου Παλλαϊκού Μετώπου (Ε.ΠΑ.Μ.), που διεξήχθη στον κινηματογράφο «Καλυψώ» της Καλλιθέας, από 25 έως 28/9. Η παρουσία – στην εναρκτήρια συνεδρία – εκπροσώπων κομμάτων εντός και εκτός κοινοβουλίου, κινημάτων και πολιτικών φορέων του αποκαλούμενου αντιμνημονιακού χώρου, «γέννησε» την ελπίδα για την επίτευξη μιας ευρείας, ελάχιστης πολιτικής συμφωνίας, που θα αφορά στα πιο άμεσα και ζωτικά προβλήματα του λαού και θα στοχεύει στην ανατροπή της δωσιλογικής συγκυβέρνησης που οδηγεί τη χώρα σε ολοκληρωτική καταστροφή και το λαό στην απόλυτη εξαθλίωση
Τις εργασίες του Συνεδρίου άνοιξε ο απερχόμενος Γενικός Γραμματέας της Π.Γ. του Ε.ΠΑ.Μ. συν. Δημήτρης Καζάκης. Στον σύντομο χαιρετισμό του άσκησε δριμύτατη κριτική στην κυβερνητική πολιτική και υπογράμμισε ότι «δύναμή μας είναι η ανατροπή τους». Επισήμανε επίσης ότι «το θέμα μας δεν είναι πώς θα πληρώσουμε το χρέος, αλλά πώς θα διαγράψουμε το χρέος. Το θέμα μας δεν είναι πώς θα διαπραγματευτούμε τα αυτονόητα, αλλά πώς θα κατακτήσουμε τα αυτονόητα, δηλαδή εθνική ανεξαρτησία, εθνική κυριαρχία».«Συμφωνούμε με τη δημιουργία ενός ενιαίου μετώπου» υποστήριξε η κ. Εύη Καρακώστα, μέλος της Π.Γ. του ΣΥΡΙΖΑ, προσθέτοντας μεταξύ άλλων: «Ζούμε μια εθνική προδοσία από τις σημερινές κυβερνήσεις, έχουμε λοιπόν πολύ σοβαρή δουλειά να κάνουμε και οφείλουμε να την κάνουμε όλοι μαζί. Εδώ καλούμαστε να δημιουργήσουμε αυτό το ενιαίο μέτωπο ώστε πολιτικά και κοινωνικά να ανορθώσουμε την ελπίδα του ελληνικού λαού».

Εκ μέρους των Ανεξάρτητων Ελλήνων απηύθηνε σύντομο χαιρετισμό ο Γ.Γ. του κόμματος κ. Γιάννης Μοίρας, ο οποίος τόνισε ότι «το μυστικό είναι να είμαστε μαζί. Τότε θα φύγουν οι τοκογλύφοι, η κυβέρνηση των προθύμων και τα κέντρα του νεοδωσιλογισμού. Μόνον έτσι θα απαλλαγούμε από τη μλέγγενη των επονείδιστων χρεών, των παράνομων δανειακών συμβάσεων, ώστε να δώσουμε τον τίμιο αγώνα για την ελευθερία , το σπίτι μας και την εθνική ανεξαρτησία μας».

Σε ενωτικό κλίμα κινήθηκε και ο σύντομος χαιρετισμός του εκπροσώπου του ΝΑΡ -ΑΝΤΑΡΣΥΑ κ. Αντώνη Δραγανίγου, ο οποίος επισήμανε μεταξύ άλλων και τα εξής: «Πιστεύουμε ότι υπάρχει καθυστέρηση στη συγκρότηση ενός μεγάλου κοινωνικού και πολιτικού μετώπου που θα βάλει στην προμετωπίδα του τη διαγραφή και όχι την επαναδιαπραγμάτευση του χρέους, την έξοδο το ευρώ και την Ε.Ε., που θα βλέπει στην εργατική τάξη και το λαό, το υποκείμενο που θα μπορεί να μας σώσει και να επιβάλει την κοινωνική δικαιοσύνη, την εθνική ανεξαρτησία και τη λαϊκή κυριαρχία».

Το 3ο Συνέδριο του Ε.ΠΑ.Μ. χαιρέτισαν επίσης, ο κ. Θανάσης Γούναρης (Πειρατές), ο κ. Κώστας Παπουλής (Σχέδιο Β’), ο κ. Σπύρος Στάλιας (Δραχμή 5 αστέρων), ο κ. Βασίλης Παπαδόπουλος (ΔΕΝ ΠΛΗΡΩΝΩ), ο κ. Μπάμπης Δελιδάκης (Ελεύθερη Ελλάδα), ο κ. Λεωνίδας Παπαδόπουλος (ΔΕΝ ΠΛΗΡΩΝΩ – Ενιαίο Μέτωπο), οι κ. Περικλής Δανόπουλος και Τζανής Γκούσκος (Επιτροπή Διεκδίκησης Κατοχικών Δανείων και Κλεμμένων Πολιτισμικών Θησαυρών), ο κ. Γιάννης Λιγνός (ΙΝΚΑ), ο κ. Γιώργος Τσιπάς (Δίκτυο Σπιθών Ελλάδας), ο κ. Βαγγέλης Παπαδάκης (Δημοτική Κίνηση Πολιτών Καλλιθέας), ο κ. Γιώργος Κόκκας (Ελληνκό Κίνημα Αμεσης Δημοκρατίας), ο κ. Δήμος Τράγκας (Ομοσπονδία Συλλόγων Επαρχίας Καλαβρύτων) και ο δημοσιογράφος Γώργος Χριστοφορίδης, εκ μέρους της εφημερίδας «Το χωνί».

Αίσθηση προκάλεσε η παρουσία και ο χαιρετισμός που απηύθυνε ο δήμαρχος Καλλιθέας κ. Δημ. Κάρναβος.

Χαιρετιστήρια μηνύματα απέστειλαν η βουλευτής των ΑΝΕΛ κ. Ραχήλ Μακρή και οι πρέσβεις της Κούβας και της Βενεζουέλας. Παρέστη επίσης, ο κ. Παναγιώτης Μαντάς εκ (ΔΗΚΚΙ) και ο κ. Χρήστος Μπίστης (ΝΑΡ-ΑΝΤΑΡΣΥΑ).

Η δεύτερη μέρα του Συνεδρίου (Παρασκευή 26/9) ξεκίνησε με πολιτική εισήγηση του απερχόμενου Γενικού Γραμματέα της Π.Γ. συν. Δημήτρη Καζάκη, ο οποίος σκιαγράφησε την εικόνα που παρουσιάζει η παγκόσμια οικονομία επισημαίνοντας ότι «το παγκόσμιο σύστημα των αγορών έχει μπλοκάρει και δεν μπορεί να επανεκκινήσει την οικονομία, παρά μόνο με όρους απίστευτης κερδοσκοπίας, αγυρτείας και λεηλασίας σε παγκόσμιο επίπεδο. Μόνο που οι μηχανισμοί αυτοί λιντσάρουν κυριολεκτικά την πραγματική οικονομία, κυρίως το εισόδημα και την απασχόληση παγκόσμια. Κι έτσι επιδεινώνουν την κατάσταση της ύφεσης».

Εστιάζοντας στην ελληνική πραγματικότητα επισήμανε ότι «μέσα σ’ αυτό το περιβάλλον η Ελλάδα είναι μια παντελώς ανοχύρωτη χώρα. Είναι ένα προνομιακό οικόπεδο για όποιον σχεδιάζει αρπαχτές, επιδρομές και πολέμους για αλλαγές συνόρων. Είναι μια χώρα που δεν πρόκειται να ανακάμψει ποτέ από την χρεοκοπία της και προορίζεται να κατακερματιστεί προκειμένου να εκποιηθεί. Η τύχη έχει προκαθοριστεί από τους δανειστές και τις αγορές».

Περιέφραψε , επίσης τη μορφή της σύγχρονης ελληνικής κοινωνίας μετά από δεκαετίες συστηματικής χειραγώγησης και υπογράμμισε ότι «ο αγώνας δεν είναι επιλογή σήμερα, αλλά αδήριτη ανάγκη. Ανάγκη που πηγάζει από την ίδια την ανάγκη επιβίωσης τη δικής μας, της οικογενειάς μας, αλλά και ολόκληρου του λαού». Αναφερόμενος δε στη χρησιμότητα της οργανωμένης δράσης, τόνισε: «Όσο υπάρχει μια συγκροτημένη δύναμη που ξέρει να δουλεύει οργανωμένα μέσα στον λαό την ανάγκη της εθνικής απελευθέρωσης, τότε το έλληνικό έθνος δεν έχει χαθεί παντελώς. Κι όσο απλώνεται το οργανωτικό της δίκτυο και η κοινωνικοπολιτική επιρροή της, τόσο το ελληνικό έθνος θα αναγεννιέται ενάντια σε κάθε επιβουλή ντόπιων και ξένων τυράννων».

Για το ζήτημα της συμμετοχής στην εκλογική διαδικασία επισήμανε ότι «για εμάς οι εκλογές είναι μια πολιτική μάχη σαν όλες τις άλλες που δίνουμε, ή οφείλουμε να δώσουμε μέσα στην κοινωνία. Όπως δεν μπορούμε να απορρίψουμε ευθύς εξαρχής οποιαδήποτε μορφή αγώνα, έτσι δεν μπορούμε να απορρίψουμε και την μάχη των εκλογών, όποτε κρίνουμε ότι η συμμετοχή μας σ’ αυτές είναι απαραίτητη. Η πολιτική αποχή δεν υπήρξε ποτέ και σε καμιά περίπτωση λύση ή μοχλός μεγάλων ανατροπών σε οφέλος του λαού. Μόνο το περιθώριο ευνοεί η όποια λογική της πολιτικής αποχής».

Αναφορικά με τη στάση που πρέπει να κρατήσει το Ε.ΠΑ.Μ., υπό τις παρούσες συνθήκες τόνισε: «Το Ε.ΠΑ.Μ. θα πρέπει όσο ποτέ άλλοτε να αναδειχθεί μέσα στην κοινωνία, μέσα στο λαό μας ως φάρος ενότητας και παράδειγμα οργανωτικής ανάπτυξης. Να γιατί κάνουμε την έκκληση-προσκλητήριο συνεργασίας σ’ όλες τις δυνάμεις εντός και εκτός κοινοβουλίου. Να γιατί απευθυνόμαστε όχι μόνο, ούτε κύρια στις ηγεσίες, αλλά στον απλό κόσμο, πρωτίστως σε όσους βρεθήκαμε μαζί στους δρόμους του αγώνα ανεξάρτητα από το που ανήκουν, τι ψήφισαν, ή τι πρόκειται να ψηφίσουν».

Η δεύτερη μέρα συνεχίστηκε με έγκριση των απολογισμών της Πολιτικής Γραμματείας, του Οργανωτικού Γραφείου και της Οικονομικής Επιτροπής . Εν συνεχεία, ακολούθησε η εισήγηση της θεματικής ομάδας για την τροποποίηση του καταστατικού. Παρουσιάστηκαν οι προτάσεις και ακολούθησε συζήτηση η οποία ολοκληρώθηκε το μεσημέρι της τρίτης μέρας του συνεδρίου (Σάββατο 27/9).

Αμέσως μετά άρχισε ο πολιτικός διάλογος με ομιλίες των συνέδρων. Οι εξαιρετικές πολιτικές τοποθετήσεις, οι προωθημένες πολιτικές και οργανωτικές προτάσεις, όπως επίσης και τα ποιοτικά χαρακτηριστικά της κριτικής σκέψης, κατέδειξαν την ωριμότητα και την ολοένα και περισσότερο αυξανόμενη πολιτική επάρκεια των μελών του Ε.ΠΑ.Μ. Το γεγονός αυτό προκάλεσε ενθουσιασμό, θετική προσδοκία και επιβεβαίωσε την αδιαμφισβήτητη ενότητα του Μετώπου.

Οι εργασίες ολοκληρώθηκαν σε ένα κλίμα αγωνιστικής διάθεσης την Κυριακή 28/9, με την ψήφιση της πολιτικής απόφασης και την εκλογή των νέων οργάνων.

Το 3ο Συνέδριο του Ε.ΠΑ.Μ. αποτελεί σταθμό και τομή για τα πολιτικά πράγματα της χώρας, αφού για πρώτη φορά πολιτικός φορέας εφάρμοσε στην πράξη και χωρίς καμιά εξαίρεση, τη δημοκρατική εναλλαγή στα πρόσωπα, υλοποιώντας καταστατική πρόβλεψη για μη δυνατότητα εκλογής στα όργανα, όλων των μελών τους που συμπληρώνουν δύο συνεχόμενες θητείες.

Έτσι, όλα τα μέχρι τώρα στελέχη της Πολιτικής Γραμματείας συμπεριλαμβανομένου του σ. Δημήτρη Καζάκη, καθώς και του Οργανωτικού Γραφείου επιστρέφουν στους πυρήνες τους και αναλαμβάνουν νέα πρόσωπα τα νέα καθήκοντα που προκύπτουν από τις ανάγκες και την αλλαγή του καταστατικού που εγκρίθηκε από το Συνέδριο.

Αθήνα 29 Σεπτεμβρίου 2014
Το Γραφείο Τύπου του 3ου Συνεδρίου του ΕΠΑΜ

Όσο δυσοίωνη κι αν είναι η σημερινή κατάσταση μπορούμε να τα καταφέρουμε. Μπορούμε να κάνουμε τη διαφορά.*

Λογότυπο ΕΠΑΜ


Η κρίση που αντιμετωπίζουμε παγκόσμια δεν είναι κάτι συνηθισμένο. Δεν είναι ένας απλός οικονομικός κύκλος, όπου η οικονομία κάνει τον κύκλο της και επανέρχεται λίγο-πολύ στην προτέρα κατάσταση ανάπτυξης, εισοδημάτων, απασχόλησης. Η κρίση αυτή έχει ιστορικές διαστάσεις. Έχει οδηγήσει σε μια βαθύτατη ύφεση που ορισμένοι έχουν χαρακτηρίσει ως “κύκλο στασιμότητας”. Κανείς δεν βλέπει φως στο τούνελ. Κανείς δεν μπορεί ούτε καν να φανταστεί πώς θα βγει η παγκόσμια οικονομία από το αδιέξοδο.

Ένα είναι σίγουρο. Η οικονομία δεν πρόκειται να επανέλθει στην προτέρα κατάσταση. Δεν μπορεί να πετύχει ούτε καν τους ρυθμούς ανόδου της δεκαετίας πριν από το κραχ του 2008. Επομένως, όποιος ελπίζει ότι οι δουλειές θα ανοίξουν, ή έστω ότι θα επανέλθουμε στην κατάσταση προ της χρεοκοπίας, αυταπάται οικτρά.

Μια κρίση με πρωτοφανείς διαστάσεις και αδιέξοδα

Το παγκόσμιο σύστημα των αγορών έχει μπλοκάρει και δεν μπορεί να επανεκκινήσει την οικονομία, παρά μόνο με όρους απίστευτης κερδοσκοπίας, αγυρτείας και λεηλασίας σε παγκόσμιο επίπεδο. Μόνο που οι μηχανισμοί αυτοί λιντσάρουν κυριολεκτικά την πραγματική οικονομία, κυρίως το εισόδημα και την απασχόληση παγκόσμια. Κι έτσι επιδεινώνουν την κατάσταση της ύφεσης.

Πρόκειται για έναν φαύλο κύκλο που κανένα κράτος, κανένας υπερεθνικός οργανισμός, καμιά αγορά δεν μπορεί να σπάσει. Κι ο λόγος είναι απλός. Οι συσσωρεύσεις μέσων κερδοσκοπίας και αγυρτείας με μετοχές, παράγωγα, ομόλογα και πιστωτικά προϊόντα συνεχίζουν να πνίγουν όσο ποτέ άλλοτε την πραγματική οικονομία και τις ανάγκες της σε παραγωγή, εισόδημα, απασχόληση και άμεσες επενδύσεις.

Τα μέσα εξαγοράς πολιτικής εύνοιας είναι στις μέρες μας τόσο άφθονα, που έχουν μετατρέψει τα κράτη και κυρίους τους υπερκρατικούς οργανισμούς σε απλά εξαρτήματα, σε αποφύσεις των κυκλωμάτων κερδοσκοπίας και χρηματοπιστωτικής αγυρτείας. Στις μέρες μας δεν είναι οι επιχειρήσεις το βασικό μέσο πλουτισμού και συσσώρευσης κεφαλαίου, αλλά ο επενδυτής ραντιέρης, δηλαδή αυτός που κερδίζει και αυξάνει το κεφάλαιό του παίζοντας με αξιόγραφα και χρεόγραφα σε κάθε λογής χρηματιστική αγορά. Δεν είναι το επιχειρηματικό κέρδος το σύμβολο του σύγχρονου καπιταλισμού, αλλά η χρηματιστική αξία των τίτλων που διαθέτει ο κεφαλαιούχος. Ο παρασητισμός στο άνωτατο στάδιό του.

Ένας παρασητισμός που κυριολεκτικά πνίγει κάθε εκδήλωση της κοινωνικής ζωής σήμερα και μας απειλεί με μια οπισθοδρόμηση ιστορικών διαστάσεων. Με την αναβίωση του μεσαίωνα όχι μόνο στις εργασιακές σχέσεις και συνθήκες, αλλά και στο επίπεδο του πνεύματος και του πολιτισμού. Γι’ αυτό και σήμερα πηγή της σύγχρονης πνευματικής καταστολής δεν είναι η επίσημη εκλησία, όπως στον παλιό  μεσαίωνα, αλλά οι ακαδημίες και τα πανεπιστημιακά ιδρύματα, που παράγουν στρατιές λοβοτομημένων, ασυνείδητων και ιδοπαθών μισθοφόρων που ξέρουν να υποβιβάζουν ακόμη και την επιστημονική γνώση στο επίπεδο της πιο χυδαίας επιστήμης του πλουτισμού. Ίσως ποτέ άλλοτε το ανθρώπινο πνεύμα κι ο πολιτισμός να μην έχουν δεχθεί μια τέτοια επίθεση, όπως η σημερινή, η οποία ισοδυναμεί με πραγματικό ολοκαύτωμα κάθε ανθρωπιστικού ιδανικού που η ανθρωπινη σκέψη και δράση έχει κατακτήσει με πολύ κόπο και αγώνες από τις απαρχές της ιστορίας.

Όλα αυτά δεν είναι η πρώτη φορά που τα επισημαίνουμε. Μόνο που σήμερα είναι εύκολο να τα διαπιστώσει ακόμη και ο πιο αφελής. Κι από προφήτες κατόπιν εορτής, έχουμε μπουχτίσει. Όπως και από “αναλυτές” του προφανούς.

Πολύ περισσότερο όταν σήμερα ο πόλεμος, η μαζική σφαγή, η γενοκτονία έχουν μπει στην ημερήσια διάταξη ως συστατικό στοιχείο των αγορών όσο ποτέ άλλοτε. «Δεν έχουμε δει τόσες πολλές περιοχές και τόσα σύνορα να αμφισβητούνται από την εποχή του Δευτέρου Παγκόσμιου Πολέμου», δήλωσε ένας κορυφαίος αναλυτής της αμερικανικής τράπεζας με έδρα το Σικάγο BMO Private Bank. Μια τράπεζα που ειδικεύεται στις αγορές μετοχών εταιρειών που σχετίζονται με τον πόλεμο. Μετοχές που στις μέρες μας συγκεντρώνουν τις υψηλότερες αποδόσεις και το ενδιαφέρον όλο και περισσότερων επενδυτών.

Η Ελλάδα είναι αδύνατον να ανακάμψει υπό τις υπάρχουσες συνθήκες

Μέσα σ’ αυτό το περιβάλλον η Ελλάδα είναι μια παντελώς ανοχύρωτη χώρα. Είναι ένα προνομιακό οικόπεδο για όποιον σχεδιάζει αρπαχτές, επιδρομές και πολέμους για αλλαγές συνόρων. Είναι μια χώρα που δεν πρόκειται να ανακάμψει ποτέ από την χρεοκοπία της και προορίζεται να κατακερματιστεί προκειμένου να εκποιηθεί. Η τύχη έχει προκαθοριστεί από τους δανειστές και τις αγορές.

Ο μόνος που μπορεί να αλλάξει αυτά τα δεδομένα είναι ο λαός. Κι αυτό μόνο αν αντιληφθεί σε τι κατάσταση βρίσκεται, σε τι αδιέξοδο τον έχουν οδηγήσει και τι καλείται να υπερασπιστεί. Και η πατρίδα ενός λαού, που αποτελεί το raison d’etreτης ίδιας της ιστορικής του ύπαρξης, την υπερασπίζεται κανείς όχι με ραγιαδισμό, όχι με το σκύβει το κεφάλι στους τυράννους ελπίζοντας να τον λυπηθούν, ούτε με το να παρακαλά για οίκτο.

Ένας λαός υφίσταται μόνο όταν υπερασπίζεται την κυριαρχία του πάνω στη χώρα του. “Αλλά πώς διαδηλούται η κυριαρχία; ” ρωτούσε πριν ενάμισυ αιώνα ο Ν.Ι. Σαρίπολος “Δια της κινήσεως άραγε των καθεστυκιών εν τη πολιτεία αρχών; Ουχί. Αύται γαρ απλοί εισίν του έθνους εντολοδόχοι. Δια της εκλογής ίσως των αντιπροσώπων; Ούτε. Διότι και τούτους οι εκλογείς μόνοι εκλέγουσιν, οσον δε μέγας και πολυάριθμος αν ή ο των εκλογέων σύλλογος αδύνατον να συμπεριλαβείν αυτό όλον το έθνος. Δια της ενεργείας των τιθέντων τους νόμους σωμάτων; Ούτε. Διότι και ταύτα ατέχνως εντολοδόχοι εισίν του έθνους προς ενάσκησιν μέρους της κυριαρχικής αυτού εξουσίας και ουδέν πλέον. Πότε λοιπόν και πώς καταφανής γίνεται η κυριαρχία; Η κυριαρχία διαδηλούται όταν εν έθνος ομοθυμαδόν τρέχει προς τον σταυρόν όν έπηξε επί του βράχου των Καλαβρύτων είς Γερμανός. Όταν εν έθνος συντάσσεται υπό ένα Γουλιέλμον Τέλλον κατά της τυρρανίας. Όταν η σάλπιξ ενός Υψηλάντου ηχή τερπνώς τοίς ώσιν αυτού. Όταν αι μητέραι διδάσκωσιν τα εαυτών τέκνα όπως εκδικηθώσι τι της μεγάλης μητρός, της πατρίδος, δουλικόν αίσχος. Όταν τα πρώτα των βρεφών ψελλίσματα τα επινίκεια εισί των ηρώων της πατρίδος άσματα. Ιδού πότε διαδηλούται η κυριαρχία. Ιδού πώς ενεργεί.”

Είναι σήμερα οι Έλληνες, ο ελληνικός λαός να αποδείξει ότι είναι έθνος κυρίαρχο; Μέχρι στιγμής έχει αποδείξει το αντίθετο. Αυτός που έχει σκύψει το κεφάλι και θεωρεί ότι υπηρετεί την πατρίδα με το να ενδίδει στις ορέξεις και στην επικυριαρχία εξωχώριων δυνάμεων και κέντρων, δεν είναι τίποτε περισσότερο από ραγιάς. Και μάλιστα δοσίλογος ραγιάς. Όμως όσο υπάρχουν έστω και λίγοι που σαν την κλεφτουριά του ’21 και τους επαναστάτες λογίους που δίδασκαν σαν τον Ρήγα την αξία του “αυτοκράτορος λαού”, το έθνος, η πατρίδα και η δημοκρατία που θεμελιώνεται μόνο πάνω σ’ ένα έδαφος όπου διαδηλούται η κυριαρχία ενός λαού, δεν έχουν χαθεί.

Αυτό που μετρά είναι η στάση του καθενός μας

Η περίοδος λοιπόν στην οποία βρισκόμαστε είναι ιδιαίτερα κρίσιμη. Όχι μόνο για το Μέτωπο, αλλά πρωτίστως για τη χώρα και τον λαό. Πολλοί νομίζουν ότι ο λαός “ηττήθηκε”, ότι τέλος πάντων δεν μπορούμε να κάνουμε πολλά πράγματα και ας κοιτάξει ο καθένας τη δουλίτσα του για να δει πώς θα τα βγάλει πέρα. Κατανοώ πόσο δύσκολο είναι να τα βάλει κανείς με την αλλοτινή του συνείδηση, εκείνη δηλαδή που του ενστάλαξαν για δεκαετίες και του έμαθαν να κοιτά τον εαυτούλη του και τη δουλίτσα του, αντιμετωπίζοντας τα “κοινά” σαν κάτι παράταιρο, αφύσικο, ή και περιθωριακό.

Δεν κακίζω κανέναν. Ο καθένας με τα κότσια και τις αντοχές που διαθέτει. Όμως, ο αγώνας δεν είναι επιλογή σήμερα, αλλά αδήριτη ανάγκη. Ανάγκη που πηγάζει από την ίδια την ανάγκη επιβίωσης τη δικής μας, της οικογενειάς μας, αλλά και ολόκληρου του λαού. Όποιος δεν το έχει καταλάβει αυτό, τότε είναι άξιος μόνο για να τον λυπάται κανείς. Και δεν υπάρχει κανείς που να μου εμπνέει μεγαλύτερη λύπη και οίκτο, από εκείνον που κρύβει τη δειλία του μέσα σε προσωπικές αντιπαραθέσεις και ίντριγκες, που κρύβει τον κακό του εαυτό με το να βρίσκει ως διέξοδο την παραίτηση από δήθεν κακές συμπεριφορές άλλων.

Είναι τέτοια η κατάντια ορισμένων που δεν τους ενοχλεί καν να επιδεικνύουν συμπεριφορές προβληματικού νηπίου, θέλοντας να κρύψουν τις δικές τους προσωπικές αδυναμίες και ανικανότητες. Δύσκολο πράγμα να είναι κανείς αξιοπρεπής και με συνείδηση καθήκοντος στις μέρες μας. Όταν ολόκληρη η κοινωνία βουλιάζει στην αναξιοπρέπεια και την ποταπότητα, είναι εύκολο για όποιον θέλει να κρυφτεί από τον εαυτό του να βγάλει όλη την κακία του στην επιφάνεια, την αγωγή που δεν απέκτησε ποτέ του και να πετάξει από πάνω του το καθήκον που δεν έμαθε ποτέ να υπηρετεί με δική του επιλογή.

Άλλωστε υπάρχει πάντα η εύκολη δικαιολογία. Δεν φταίω εγώ, αλλά οι άλλοι. Κι έτσι η συκοφαντία, η χυδαιότητα και η υποκρισία πάει σύνεφο. Με αυτά τα μέσα μας ανάθρεψαν και μας “κοινωνικοποίησαν” από τα παιδικά μας χρόνια. Μην αναλαμβάνεις ποτέ την ευθύνη γι’ αυτά που κάνεις και κυρίως γι’ αυτά που δεν κάνεις, άσε τους άλλους να βγάλουν το φίδι από την τρύπα, κοίτα τη δουλίτσα σου κι όλα τ’ άλλα δεν είναι για σένα, άσε που στο κάτω-κάτω όλοι ίδιοι είναι! Άρπαξε την ευκαιρία και άσε τους γραφικούς να μιλάνε για αξίες και αρχές! Του φευγάτου η μάνα δεν έκλαψε ποτέ!

Βρόμα και δυσοδία ως εκεί που δεν παίρνει. Μόνο και μόνο για να μάθουμε να ζούμε σαν κοπάδι, σαν άθλια μυρηκαστικά, σαν οικόσιτοι χοίροι συνηθισμένοι τόσο πολύ στη λασπουριά ώστε να τη θεωρούμε ότι πιο οικείο υπάρχει για εμάς. Άσε που πίσω απ’ όλες αυτές τις δικαιολογίες, ότι “τίποτε δεν γίνεται”, κοκ, κρύβεται η μύχια σκέψη του υποψήφιου προς σφαγή:  Εγώ θα ξεφύγω από τον δήμιο. Εγώ με κάποιον τρόπο θα επιβιώσω, έστω κι αν χαθούν όλοι οι άλλοι.

Μπροστά στα κρεματόρια μιας άλλης εποχής

Είναι η ίδια σκέψη που έκαναν εκατομμύρια που στάθηκαν στις ουρές για τις αίθουσες αερίων και για τα κρεματόρια, την εποχή των ναζιστικών στρατοπέδων συγκέντρωσης. Ένας από τους διοικητές αυτών των στρατοπέδων είχε πει στη δίκη του, ότι μπορούσε μέσα σε μια μέρα να “ξαποστείλει” έως και 10 χιλιάδες κρατούμενους με συνοδεία μόλις ενός φρουρού. Όταν τον ρώτησε έκπληκτος ένας από τους δικαστές αν οι κρατούμενοι ήξεραν που πήγαιναν, ο ναζί απάντησε “και βέβαια ήξεραν, μιας και η λειτουργία των κρεματορίων είχε πνίξει το στρατόπεδο με μια μόνιμη αιθαλομίχλη που γέμιζε τα πάντα με τη μυρωδιά των πτωμάτων”.

Η δήλωση αυτή προκάλεσε την εύλογη απορία ενός άλλου δικαστή που ρώτησε τον κατηγορούμενο: τι ήταν εκείνο που τους κρατούσε και δεν έπαιρναν το ρίσκο να επιτεθούν στους φρουρούς και να δραπετεύσουν; Ο ναζί απάντησε με πολύ φυσιολογικό τρόπο ότι οι κρατούμενοι δεν είχαν κανενός είδους οργάνωση, αλληλεγγύη και συνοχή, δεν ενδιαφερόταν ο ένας για τον άλλο, ενώ είχαμε ανάμεσά τους κι εκείνους που τους έλεγαν διαρκώς ότι αν κάτσουν ήσυχα μπορεί και να γλυτώσουν, ότι ίσως να μην είναι στην επόμενη “φουρνιά”. Κι ο ναζί χαμογελώντας είπε στους έκπληκτους δικαστές του, ότι ακόμη και στην ουρά για τους θαλάμους αερίων υπήρχαν πολλοί που πίστευαν ότι κάτι θα γίνει και τελικά θα επιβιώσουν.

Στην ίδια κατηγορία βρίσκονται κι όσοι πιστεύουν ότι “δεν γίνεται τίποτε”. Αδυνατούν να αντιληφθούν το αυτονόητο, ότι μόνο η οργανωμένη και συστηματική δουλειά μέσα στο λαό, από γειτονιά σε γειτονιά, από πόλη σε πόλη, από χωριό σε χωριό, μπορεί να κάνει τη διαφορά. Θα μου πείτε πόσοι έχουν τα κότσια να το κάνουν; Μόνο όσοι πιστεύουν ότι αυτή η ζωή δεν τους αξίζει, ότι δεν υπάρχει περίπτωση να αφήσουν να χαθεί ο λαός και η πατρίδα. Μόνο όσοι πιστεύουν στη νίκη. Μόνο αυτοί, όσο λίγοι κι αν είναι.

Άλλωστε δεν πρέπει να ξεχνάμε την πάντα διαχρονική ρήση του Ελύτη: Μέσα στη θλίψη της απέραντης μετριότητας, που μας πνίγει από παντού, παρηγοριέμαι ότι κάπου, σε κάποιο καμαράκι, κάποιοι πεισματάρηδες αγωνίζονται να εξουδετερώσουν τη φθορά… Και η ελπίδα θα υπάρχει πάντα όσο αυτοί οι πεισματάρηδες δεν το βάζουν κάτω. Ότι συμφορά κι αν βρει τη χώρα και τον λαό της, ότι καταστροφή κι αν της επιφέρουν, η ελπίδα δεν σβήνει όσο υπάρχουν πεισματάρηδες που συνεχίζουν. Όχι σαν θρησκευτική φράξια. Ούτε σαν ιδεολογική φατρία, αλλά σαν μάχιμη οργάνωση μέσα στον λαό, μιλώντας με το λαό την ίδια γλώσσα για να μπορεί να κρατά ψηλά το κεφάλι ακόμη και στις πιο δύσκολες συνθήκες.

Η ανάγκη για μια νέα Φιλική Εταιρεία

Πολλοί από εμάς όταν πρωτοδημιουργήθηκε το ΕΠΑΜ το συγκρίναμε με την Φιλική Εταιρεία, αλλά και με το ΕΑΜ της παλιάς κατοχής. Δεν είχαμε όμως αντιληφθεί ότι πρέπει να λειτουργήσουμε περισσότερο σαν Φιλική Εταιρεία και λιγότερο σαν ΕΑΜ. Ο λόγος είναι απλός. Το ΕΑΜ πάτησε πάνω στην οιονεί ενότητα του λαού που είχε ξεσηκωθεί από μόνος του, παρά κι ενάντια σ’ όλες τις αντιξοότητες, για να υπερασπίσει την πατρίδα του από τον φασίστα εισβολέα. Κι έτσι με μια απλή του κίνηση πέταξε στα σκουπίδια το καθεστώς του φασισμού που του είχε επιβάλλει ο Μεταξάς και ο τοπάρχης των βρετανών κάτοχος του ελληνικού θρόνου.

Σήμερα, δεν υπάρχει αυτό το αίσθημα στο λαό μας. Κι ένας λαός που δεν μπορεί να ανταποκριθεί στο κάλεσμα της υπεράσπισης της πατρίδας όταν αυτή απειλείται από την εξουσία ξένων και ντόπιων τυράννων, τότε δεν είναι λαός, αλλά όχλος. Κι αυτό που διαχωρίζει τον όχλο από τον λαό, είναι ότι δεν έχει εθνική ταυτότητα και συνείδηση.

Το ελληνικό έθνος έπαψε ιστορικά να υφίσταται εδώ και πολλά χρόνια. Πρόκειται για κατάκτηση της μεταπολίτευσης και κυρίως της δικομματικής εναλλαγής από τη δεκαετία του ’80 και μετά όπου νέα “μεγάλη ιδέα” του έθνους – όπως είχε πει τότε ο Μητσοτάκης – έγινε η “ευρωπαϊκή ολοκλήρωση”, δηλαδή η κατάλυση των εθνών και των λαών στο βωμό της υπερεθνικής εξουσίας των μονοπωλίων της αγοράς.

Κι ο λόγος είναι απλός. Για να υφίσταται ένα έθνος όχι σαν ιδέα, αλλά σαν υλική δύναμη, θα πρέπει να υπάρχει ένας συγκροτημένος ιστορικά λαός που διεκδικεί και υπερασπίζεται την πατρίδα του. Τέτοιος λαός έπαψε να υπάρχει και το βλέπουμε καθαρά σήμερα. Το ελληνικό έθνος κατάντησε μια μπάσταρδη ιδέα, μια σημαία ευκαιρίας, μια απλή πρόφαση για το επίσημο κράτος και την άρχουσα τάξη, ώστε να μας πουλούν και να μας αγοράζουν όλους, μαζί και την εθνική επικράτεια.

Έτσι δημιουργήθηκε από τα πάνω ένα “έθνος” απάτριδων. Ο λαός έχασε σε κρίσιμο βαθμό την αίσθηση της πατρίδας, της οποίας η υπεράσπιση ήταν στις προηγούμενες γενιές το κυρίαρχο κίνητρο για τους κοινωνικούς και πολιτικούς της αγώνες για ελευθερία και δημοκρατία, για ένα καλύτερο αύριο και μια νέα Ελλάδα. Μετατράπηκε σ’ έναν εξουσιαζόμενο όχλο, που η αφοσίωσή του βρίσκεται στο κόμμα, τον πολιτευτή και τον εκάστοτε πραίτορα της εξουσίας.

Δείτε με τι θεοσέβεια στέκεται απέναντι στα κόμματα – που για τους περισσότερους ακόμη κι όταν τα σιχτιρίζουν συνιστούν κάτι περισσότερο από ακλόνητες και αιώνιες αλήθειες – όπως και τους επώνυμους των μηχανισμών της εξουσίας, έστω κι αν έχουν αναδειχθεί από τον κατιμά της κοινωνίας και συνιστούν ένα είδος “λαμέ” περιθωρίου με επίπεδο, γούστα και συμπεριφορές υπόκοσμου. Έστω κι αν ο καλύτερος από δαύτους δεν φτάνει ούτε καν στο μικρό του δαχτυλάκι όποιου ξέρει τι σημαίνει καθημερινός μόχθος για τον επιούσιο.

Το καθήκον του αληθινού αγωνιστή σήμερα

Τι κάνουμε εμείς λοιπόν σε μια τέτοια κατάσταση; Μια επιλογή είναι να γίνουμε σαν όλους τους άλλους, λέγοντας που δεν γίνεται τίποτε καλύτερο. Αυτό μπορεί να το πει εύκολα όποιος δεν έχει αγωνιστεί ποτέ στη ζωή του. Δεν εννοώ σε πολιτικούς αγώνες, αλλά να έχει αγωνιστεί προκειμένου να φτιάξει τη ζωή του όπως αυτός ορίζει. Θα μου πείτε είναι λίγοι αυτοί. Ναι, αλλά σ’ αυτούς στηρίζεται η ζωή και ολόκληρη η κοινωνία. Είναι η πάστα από την οποία φτιάχνονται οι πεισματάρηδες που λέγαμε πριν.

Όποιος λοιπόν έχει αγωνιστεί για να φτιάξει με τα χέρια του τη ζωή του και δεν υπήρξε ποτέ του έρμαιο της τύχης, ή των ευκαιριών που άλλοι καθόριζαν, η απάντηση είναι αυτονόητη. Αγώνας μέχρις εσχάτων. Αγώνας με τη μορφή που πήρε όταν η Φιλική Εταιρεία άρχισε να μετουσιώνει τις ιδέες των λογίων περί ελληνικού έθνους σε πραγματική υλική δύναμη. Τέτοιος αγώνας χρειάζεται και σήμερα. Τηρουμένων πάντα των ιστορικών αναλογιών.

Όσο υπάρχει μια συγκροτημένη δύναμη που ξέρει να δουλεύει οργανωμένα μέσα στον λαό την ανάγκη της εθνικής απελευθέρωσης, τότε το έλληνικό έθνος δεν έχει χαθεί παντελώς. Κι όσο απλώνεται το οργανωτικό της δίκτυο και η κοινωνικοπολιτική επιρροή της, τόσο το ελληνικό έθνος θα αναγεννιέται ενάντια σε κάθε επιβουλή ντόπιων και ξένων τυράννων. Θα αναγεννιέται σε νέα κοινωνική βάση, όπου ο όχλος και η ταξική πόλωση που οδηγεί σήμερα στη μετατροπή του εργαζόμενου σε προλετάριο με την αρχαία ρωμαϊκή έννοια και συνείδηση, θα μετασχηματίζεται σε μια μάχιμη κοινωνικοπολιτική δύναμη με τέτοια αίσθηση ιστορικής ρίζας και συνέχειας, ώστε να αντιληφθεί στην πράξη την ανάγκη να διεκδικήσει την πατρίδα του προκειμένου να γίνει ο καταπιεσμένος λαός αφέντης στον τόπο του.

Άλλος δρόμος δεν υπάρχει. Είναι ο μοναδικός τρόπος για να αναγεννηθεί το ελληνικό έθνος, ώστε να μην καταλήξει ένα απλό μουσειακό είδος στις προθήκες ιστορίας των μεγάλων κέντρων της Δύσης δίπλα στους πολιτισμούς που αδίστακτα εξαφανίσε από προσώπου γης το “εκπολιτιστικό έργο” της αποικιοκρατίας. Μόνο έτσι η πλειοψηφία του πληθυσμού της χώρας δεν θα καταλήξει τελικά να γίνει νομαδικό προλεταριάτο αισχίστης μορφής, ή θύτες επί το αρχαιοελληνικότερον, υπό καθεστώς παγκόσμιας τυρρανίας.

Η ασθένεια του πολιτικού κρετινισμού

Τα λέμε όλα αυτά για να θέσουμε το μέτρο με βάση το οποίο θα πρέπει να κρίνουμε τις πολιτικές εξελίξεις στη χώρα μας. Πρέπει επιτέλους να απαλλαγούμε από την επιρροή του πολιτικού κρετινισμού που κρίνει τις εξελίξεις με βάση τα αποτελέσματα των εκλογών και από το τι συμβαίνει στο κοινοβούλιο. Η πάθηση αυτή που συνοδεύεται από χαρακτηριστική πνευματική μαλθακότητα (μαλακία κατά Θουκιδίδη) αναδείχθηκε μαζί με τον κοινοβουλευτισμό και όπως πολύ χαρακτηριστικά έλεγε ο Ένγκελς “είναι μια ανίατη ασθένεια, μια ασθένεια των οποίων τα ατυχή θύματα είναι διαποτισμένα από την ευγενή πεποίθηση ότι όλος ο κόσμος, η ιστορία και το μέλλον του, κατευθύνονται και καθορίζονται από την πλειοψηφία των ψήφων εκείνου ακριβώς του αντιπροσωπευτικού οργάνου που έχει την τιμή να τους έχει ως μέλη του.”

Την πάθηση αυτή ο Χέρμπερτ Σπένσερ χαρακτήριζε ως τη “μεγάλη πολιτική δεισιδαιμονία” της εποχής μας: “Η μεγάλη πολιτική δεισιδαιμονία του παρελθόντος ήταν η ελέω Θεού βασιλεία. Η μεγάλη πολιτική δεισιδαιμονία του παρόντος είναι το θεϊκό δικαίωμα των κοινοβουλίων. Το λάδι του χρίσματος φαίνεται πώς απροσδόκητα είχε στάξει από το κεφάλι του ενός στις κεφαλές των πολλών, και έχει δώσει ιερότητα στους ίδιους και στα διατάγματά τους.”

Επομένως θα πρέπει επιτέλους να καταλάβουμε ότι για εμάς η μάχη των εκλογών δεν είναι το άπαν. Επιλέγουμε να τη δώσουμε με τους δικούς μας όρους και ανάλογα με τα μέσα που διαθέτουμε για να δούμε πώς κινείται το θερμόμετρο της κοινωνίας, για να σαθμίσουμε τη δική μας παρέμβαση σ’ αυτήν. Είναι σίγουρο ότι από αυτό καθεστώς, από αυτόν τον αποικιακό ζυγό δεν θα βγούμε με εκλογές. Θα οδηγηθούμε σε αναμέτρηση. Αυτό που θα κρίνει αυτή την αναμέτρηση θα είναι το επίπεδο ωριμότητας και οργάνωσης του λαού.

Για εμάς οι εκλογές είναι μια πολιτική μάχη σαν όλες τις άλλες που δίνουμε, ή οφείλουμε να δώσουμε μέσα στην κοινωνία. Όπως δεν μπορούμε να απορρίψουμε ευθύς εξαρχής οποιαδήποτε μορφή αγώνα, έτσι δεν μπορούμε να απορρίψουμε και την μάχη των εκλογών, όποτε κρίνουμε ότι η συμμετοχή μας σ’ αυτές είναι απαραίτητη. Η πολιτική αποχή δεν υπήρξε ποτέ και σε καμιά περίπτωση λύση ή μοχλός μεγάλων ανατροπών σε οφέλος του λαού. Μόνο το περιθώριο ευνοεί η όποια λογική της πολιτικής αποχής.

Όπως λοιπόν δεν θεωρούμε τις εκλογές το άπαν της παρέμβασής μας στην κοινωνία, έτσι δεν απορρίπτουμε τις εκλογές ως πολιτική μάχη που αφορά εκατομμύρια λαού. Εκτός κι αν το νόσημα του πολιτικού κρετινισμού, που συνήθως εμφανίζεται με διφυή χαρακτήρα, ή σαν κοινοβουλευτικός κρετινισμός, ή σαν αντικοινοβουλευτικός κρετινισμός, μας έχει μετατρέψει σε ομάδα του περιθωρίου, η οποία όπως πάντα θεμελιώνεται στη δική της πολιτική θρησκοληψία της απόλυτης αλήθειας. Ξέρετε το γνωστό. Εφόσον εμείς ξέρουμε ότι το κοινοβούλιο είναι απάτη, ή η ΕΕ είναι έγκληματική, τότε δεν συμμετέχουμε και επιτρέπουμε στις κυρίαρχες δυνάμεις να δρουν ελεύθερα και χωρίς καμιά πρόκληση. Κι αυτή η άποψη φαντάζει επαναστατική! Όσο επαναστατικός ήταν πάντα ο αναχωρητισμός!

Τι καθήκον καλείται να εκπληρώσει το ΕΠΑΜ;   

Όμως, όλοι εμείς που ενταχθήκαμε και παλεύουμε από τις γραμμές του ΕΠΑΜ για την εθνική και κοινωνική απελευθέρωση του ελληνικού λαού από τον αποικιακό ζυγό, καλούμαστε να κάνουμε τη διαφορά μέσα στην ελληνική κοινωνία όσο ποτέ άλλωτε. Τη διαφορά ανάμεσα σ’ αυτούς που επιμένουν να αγωνίζονται ατομικά και συλλογικά, την ώρα που όλοι οι άλλοι τείνουν να παραδοθούν στο μοιραίο. Τη διαφορά ανάμεσα σ’ αυτούς που δεν εγκαταλείπουν αρχές, στόχους και προτάγματα, την ίδια ώρα που όλοι οι άλλοι συμβιβάζονται με το υφιστάμενο καθεστώς και τον τρόπο ζωής που αυτό επιβάλλει. Τη διαφορά ανάμεσα σ’ αυτούς που δεν πρόκειται να λυγίσουν, ή να προδώσουν τον λαό και την πατρίδα τώρα στην πιο κρίσιμη στιγμή τους, όταν όλοι οι άλλοι στρουθοκαμιλίζουν, ή προσποιούνται ότι δεν τρέχει κάτι το ιδιαίτερο.

Η Ελλάδα σήμερα ζει μέσα σ΄ένα εξαιρετικά επικίνδυνο κοινωνικό και πολιτικό τέλμα, την ίδια ώρα που θεσμικά και οικονομικά καταρρέει ολοκληρωτικά. Την ίδια ώρα που οι εξωχώριες δυνάμεις και κέντρα που της έχουν επιβάλλει το αποικιακό καθεστώς κατοχής, προχωρούν όλο και πιο αδίστακτα στην εξόντωση του ελληνικού λαού, στην εκποίηση της εθνικής επικράτειας και στην αναθεώρηση όλων των βασικών γνωρισμάτων που συνθέτουν την ύπαρξη του ελληνικού κράτους.

Το ίδιο το κράτος έχει μεταβληθεί σ’ έναν απόλυτα εχθρικό μηχανισμό οικονομικής και φυσικής καταστολής του έλληνα πολίτη, στερώντας του όλα τα βασικά ανθρώπινα, οικονομικά, κοινωνικά, πολιτικά και πολιτιστικά δικαιώματα. Στόχος του είναι να φτωχοποιήσει τον μέσο Έλληνα, να τον πνίξει στα χρέη ώστε να μην του μείνει ίχνος εισοδήματος και περιουσίας, εκτός από ένα πενιχρό, αμφίβολο και υπό αίρεση μεροκάματο. ‘Ετσι ώστε να γίνει έρμαιο της καθημερινής επιβίωσης, μετανάστης μέσα στον ίδιο τον τόπο του.

Δεν θέλει και πολλά για να καταλάβει κανείς ότι το καθεστώς προχωρά βήμα το βήμα προετοιμάζοντας την τελική αναμέτρησή του με τον ελληνικό λαό. Ξέρει πολύ καλά ότι η κοινωνική οργή θα ξεσπάσει αργά ή γρήγορα. Άλλωστε χωρίς την ολοκληρωτική συντριβή του λαού μέσα από μια ανοιχτή και ενδεχομένως αιματηρή αναμέτρηση, δεν μπορεί να προχωρήσει στην ολοκληρωτική διάλυση της χώρας και τον εθνικό της ακρωτηριασμό. Για να τα καταφέρει όμως το καθεστώς θα πρέπει πρώτα να συνθλίψει κάθε ελπίδα στον απλό κόσμο, να του στερήσει κάθε δυνατότητα συλλογικής άμυνας και οργάνωσης.

Κι έτσι να μπορέσει να αναμετρηθεί μαζί του, όταν και όποτε αποφασίσει το ίδιο, χωρίς να υπάρχει ο κίνδυνος να αντιμετωπίσει έναν οργανωμένο και αποφασισμένο λαό. Να μπορέσει να επιβάλλει όρους καταστολής με μισθοφόρους και ιδιωτικοποιημένες δυνάμεις ασφαλείας με τη συνδρομή του ΝΑΤΟ και της ΕΕ, προκειμένου στην κομματιασμένη Ελλάδα να μπορούν οι επίδοξοι επενδυτές να διασφαλίσουν τις επενδύσεις τους.

Κι οφείλουμε να ομολογήσουμε ότι το καθεστώς τα καταφαίρνει μια χαρά. Ο λαός μας ποτέ δεν ήταν τόσο ανοργάνωτος και τόσο απροστάτευτος, όσο σήμερα. Δεν ήταν ποτέ του τόσο απαισιόδοξος για το παρών και το μέλλον του, όσο σήμερα. Δεν είχε χάσει ποτέ του τόσο πολύ τις ελπίδες του, όσο σήμερα. Το μόνο που ελπίζει είναι να τελειώσει όσο πιο γρήγορα το μαρτύριο που ζει, ακόμη κι αν τα χάσει όλα.

Ποτέ του δεν σερνόταν πίσω από κομματάρχες και πολιτευτές όσο σήμερα, νομίζοντας ότι αν κάτσει ήσυχα και συμμορφωθεί θα τελείωσει το μαρτύριο. Αυτό άλλωστε του λένε από όλο το φάσμα του πολιτικού συστήματος. Ενώ όσοι υποτίθεται ότι μιλούν εξ ονόματός του, φροντίζουν να οδηγούν από τη μια ταπεινωτική ήττα στην άλλη κάθε τομέα και κλάδο που ξεσηκώνεται, κάθε εκδήλωση αγωνιστικής έξαρσης μέσα στο λαό. Ο λαός μας κυριολεκτικά αηδίασε από δήθεν αγώνες για την τιμή των κομματικών όπλων, από απεργίες χωρίς αντίκρυσμα και κινητοποιήσεις με στόχο τόσο στενά αιτήματα που προδικάζουν την ήττα και την ταπείνωση μπροστά στην αλαζονεία των κυβερνώντων.

Τι κατόρθωσαν 4 χρόνια ήττας πάνω στην ήττα; Να πείσουν τον λαό ότι πρέπει να γυρίσει την πλάτη του σε κάθε οργανωμένη και συλλογική κινητοποίηση. Να τι κατάφεραν οι κομματικοί μηχανισμοί και οι ηγεσίες των συνδικάτων. Ποτέ ο λαός μας δεν ένιωθε τόσο απελπισμένος και ανήμπορος. Ποτέ ο λαός μας, μαθημένος στην ήττα, ανοργάνωτος και διασπασμένος, δεν ήταν τόσο εύκολος αντίπαλος για ένα τόσο αδίστακτο και φονικό καθεστώς όπως το σημερινό. Ποτέ ο λαός μας δεν ήταν ένα τόσο εύκολο θύμα για την μαζική σφαγή που προετοιμάζουν οι δυνάμεις του καθεστώτος αποικιακής κατοχής.

Ποια πρέπει λοιπόν να είναι η στάση μας; 

Το ΕΠΑΜ θα πρέπει όσο ποτέ άλλοτε να αναδειχθεί μέσα στην κοινωνία, μέσα στο λαό μας ως φάρος ενότητας και παράδειγμα οργανωτικής ανάπτυξης. Να γιατί κάνουμε την έκκληση-προσκλητήριο συνεργασίας σ’ όλες τις δυνάμεις εντός και εκτός κοινοβουλίου. Να γιατί απευθυνόμαστε όχι μόνο, ούτε κύρια στις ηγεσίες, αλλά στον απλό κόσμο, πρωτίστως σε όσους βρεθήκαμε μαζί στους δρόμους του αγώνα ανεξάρτητα από το που ανήκουν, τι ψήφισαν, ή τι πρόκειται να ψηφίσουν.

Η πολιτική συμφωνία υπάρχει ήδη ανάμεσά μας, ανάμεσα σ’ αυτούς που παλεύουν ενάντια στις κατασχέσεις και τους πλειστηριασμούς, ενάντια στις τράπεζες, τα χαράτσια, το γενικό ξεπούλημα και τον εργασιακό μεσαίωνα. Γιατί λοιπόν να μην θέσουμε ως βάση της κοινής πολιτικής δράσης αυτά τα αιτήματα, που ήδη έχουν ζυμωθεί μέσα στον κόσμο και είναι τα μόνα που μπορούν να εξασφαλίσουν την ευρύτερη δυνατή συσπείρωση των λαικών μαζών;

Αυτό που προέχει σήμερα, αυτήν εδώ τη στιγμή, δεν είναι να πειστεί ο κόσμος, ο λαός για τη σημασία των προταγμάτων μας, αλλά να ξεφύγει το ταχύτερο δυνατό από το τέλμα, από αυτό τον βάλτο. Αν δεν ξεφύγει πάμε ολοταχώς σε μαζική σφαγή όπου το ποιος έχει δίκιο στα προτάγματά του θα έχει τελείως δευτερεύουσα σημασία. Άλλωστε η πολιτική συμφωνία θα είναι και οφείλει να είναι ανοιχτή στην ελεύθερη ζύμωση και στην αναμέτρηση προταγμάτων για την λύση του σημερινού αδιεξόδου.

Το ΕΠΑΜ στις σημερινές συνθήκες οφείλει να αποδείξει ότι μπορεί να αναπτύσσεται οργανωτικά μέσα στο λαό. Από αυτή την οργανωτική ανάπτυξή του μέσα από νέα μέλη και φίλους δεν εξαρτάται μόνο η επιβίωση του ίδιου του Μετώπου, αλλά και η τύχη του ίδιου του λαού. Κι ο λόγος είναι απλός. Έχει αποδειχθεί ότι το ΕΠΑΜ είναι το μόνο πολιτικό σχήμα που χάρις στην οριζόντια μορφή της οργάνωσής του, χάρις στο συμμαχικό και μετωπικό του χαρακτήρα που κατακτιέται μέσα στο λαό, μπορεί να αναπτύσσεται οργανωτικά και πολιτικά στις σημερινές ιδιαίτερα αντίξοες συνθήκες. Κανένα άλλο πολιτικό σχήμα δεν έχει αυτή τη δυνατότητα. Μπορεί να μαζεύει ψήφους, ή επίδοξους πολιτευτές, αλλά η οργανωτική δομή του είναι σαθρή. Ειδικά μπροστά σ’ εκείνη του ΕΠΑΜ.

Η δική μας δύναμη βρίσκεται στην οργάνωσή μας, ιδίως στη δυνατότητά της να αναπτύσσεται και να απλώνεται μέσα στο λαό. Ας κάνουμε λοιπόν το 3ο τακτικό συνέδριο του Μετώπου μας την αφετηρία για μια νέα ορμητική ανάπτυξη μέσα στις τάξεις του λαού. Είμαστε οι μόνοι που μπορούμε να το κάνουμε χωρίς να τάζουμε λαγούς με πετραχείλια, διορισμούς και βολέματα. Είμαστε οι μόνοι που μπορούμε να το κάνουμε καλώντας και προετοιμάζοντας τον ίδιο τον λαό να πάρει ο ίδιος τις τύχες του στα χέρια του.

Από εμάς εξαρτάται αν θα μείνει ζωντανή η ιδέα της ενότητας του λαού πέρα και πάνω από κομματικούς και ιδεολογικούς διαχωρισμούς. Από εμάς εξαρτάται αν θα μείνει ζωντανή η ανάγκη συλλογικής και οργανωμένης δράσης του ίδιου του λαού, χωρίς διαμεσολαβητές και εξαρτήσεις από μηχανισμούς. Από εμάς εξαρτάται αν θα μείνει ζωντανή κι αν θα φουντώσει η φλόγα της λευτεριάς, του πατριωτισμού και της εθνικής αξιοπρέπειας του λαού μας μπροστά στη μεγαλύτερη απειλή που έχει αντιμετωπίσει ποτέ για την ίδια την κοινωνική και εθνική του υπόσταση.

* Πολιτική Εισήγηση στο 3ο τακτικό συνέδριο του ΕΠΑΜ, 27/9/2014.

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Τι πραγματικά είπε ο Τσίπρας στη Θεσσαλονίκη

Λογότυπο ΕΠΑΜ



Επιτέλους υπάρχει μια ακόμη συγκεκριμένη πρόταση για το σήμερα ώστε να συζητήσουμε. Μέχρι σήμερα οι μόνοι που έκαναν προτάσεις συγκεκριμένες ήταν οι δανειστές και το ΕΠΑΜ. Οι υπόλοιποι έμεναν στα συνθήματα που δεν λένε τίποτε στην πράξη.

Τις μεν προτάσεις των δανειστών και το καταστροφικό τους αδιέξοδο τις ζει εδώ και τέσσερα χρόνια ολόκληρη η χώρα. Το κόστος τους το μετράμε όχι μόνο με όρους οικονομικής κατάρρευσης, αλλά και με εκατοντάδες χιλιάδες ανθρώπινες ζωές που εξοντώνονται εν ψυχρώ, με γενιές ολόκληρες που ξεκληρίζονται, ή υποθηκεύονται πριν καν γεννηθούν. Τις δε συγκεκριμένες προτάσεις του ΕΠΑΜ για το τι κάνεις τις πρώτες 100 ημέρες ώστε να ξεφύγεις οριστικά από το σημερινό αδιέξοδο, δεν τολμά να τις συζητήσει κανείς διότι οι μεν κυβερνώντες τρέμουν αυτό το ενδεχόμενο, οι δε αντιπολιτευόμενοι τρέμουν την ρήξη με τους δανειστές.

Σ’ αυτό που επιμέναμε ευθύς εξαρχής ήταν να μιλήσουμε όλοι τη γλώσσα του συγκεκριμένου. Ειδικά η αντιπολίτευση. Και ειδικότερα όσοι αντιμετωπίζουν τις δικές μας προτάσεις που θεμελιώνονται στη διαγραφή του χρέους, στο εθνικό νόμισμα και στο ριζικό ξύλωμα του καθεστώτος αποικιακής κατοχής με ύφος μπλαζέ και με την γνωστή επωδό “αυτά δεν γίνονται”, αλλά κατά άλλα ισχυρίζονται ότι είναι εναντίον των μνημονίων και της υποθήκευσης της χώρας. Να μας πουν, δηλαδή, πώς σκέφτονται να αντιμετωπίσουν εδώ και τώρα τα τρομακτικά κοινωνικά, οικονομικά και πολιτικά ελλείμματα που έχουν δημιουργηθεί και έχουν οδηγήσει τη χώρα σε κλιμακούμενη κατάρρευση και τον λαό σε γενοκτονία.

Δεν θα μπορούσαμε λοιπόν να μην υποδεχθούμε με ικανοποίηση την ομιλία του κ. Τσίπρα στην ΔΕΘ. Επιτέλους μια πολύ συγκεκριμένη και άμεση πρόταση της αξιωματικής αντιπολίτευσης που μπορεί να συζητηθεί με σοβαρότητα. Βέβαια, δεν είδαμε καμιά διάθεση του κ. Τσίπρα να θέσει τις προτάσεις του σε ανοιχτή και δημόσια διαβούλευση με την κοινωνία, τα κινήματα, τις πολιτικές δυνάμεις. Δυστυχώς, διέπεται από την λογική του take it, or leave it, πωλείται όπως είναι επιπλωμένο! Ίσως να φταίνε οι καινούργιες παρέες που απέκτησε στα σαλόνια υψηλής πολιτικής στην Ευρώπη και τις ΗΠΑ.

Στο κυνήγι της πεπατημένης…

Γι’ αυτό άλλωστε και ο κ. Τσίπρας διεκδικεί την εκλογική αυτοδυναμία. Όχι την αυτοδυναμία μέσα στο λαό που θα απαιτούσε την συγκρότηση ενός πλατύτατου πλειοψηφικού ρεύματος με συμμαχίες και πολιτικές συμφωνίες μέσα από την κινηματική αναγέννηση της κοινωνίας, αλλά την κομματική αυτοδυναμία στην κυβέρνηση. Στην πρώτη περίπτωση θα χρειαζόταν να θέσει τις προτάσεις του στη δοκιμασία του ανοιχτού πολιτικού διαλόγου μέσα στη κοινωνία, μπροστά στο λαό, ώστε να υπάρξει η ευρύτερη δυνατή συμπαράταξη στη βάση μιας κοινής πολιτικής συμφωνίας, ενώ στη δεύτερη αρκεί το όσοι πιστοί προσέλθετε, διαθέτουμε θώκους, καρέκλες και έδρες προς διανομή!

Η κομματική αυτοδυναμία υπηρετεί το δόγμα “ισχυρή κυβέρνηση” για την εφαρμογή του προγράμματός της. Όμως, όπως έχει αποδειχθεί και στην πράξη, το δόγμα αυτό ισχυροποιεί την εκάστοτε κυβέρνηση απέναντι στις πιέσεις του λαού και της επιτρέπει να διαχειριστεί το πολιτικό κόστος από τις παλινωδείες της και τις διαψεύσεις των υποσχέσεών της. Σ’ ολόκληρη την μεταπολίτευση πήξαμε από “ισχυρές κυβερνήσεις” που εφάρμοσαν το πρόγραμμά τους και μας οδήγησαν στη χειρότερη χρεοκοπία στην ιστορία του ελληνικού κράτους. Θεωρητικά, θα πρέπει να ακούμε για κομματικές αυτοδυναμίες και να μας σηκώνεται η τρίχα.

Αυτό σημαίνει ότι δεν χρειαζόμαστε “ισχυρή κυβέρνηση”; Και βέβαια χρειαζόμαστε. Όμως όχι απέναντι στον λαό, αλλά απέναντι στις εξωχώριες και εγχώριες δυνάμεις που μας έχουν επιβάλλει το καθεστώς αποικιακής κατοχής. Πώς δημιουργείται μια “ισχυρή κυβέρνηση” που μπορεί να τα βάλει με τους δανειστές; Με κομματικές αυτοδυναμίες, ή με ένα πλατύ πελιοψηφικό ρεύμα μέσα στο λαό που δημιουργεί προϋποθέσεις ισχυρών μαζικών κινημάτων; Υπάρχει πιο ισχυρό διαπραγματευτικό ατού μιας κυβέρνησης που θέλει να εναντιωθεί σε δανειστές και δυνάστες από έναν λαό που βρίσκεται στους δρόμους διεκδικώντας τα αυτονόητα; Εκτός κι αν δεν θέλει να εναντιωθεί, αλλά απλά “πουλάει μούρη” για προεκλογικούς λόγους.

Η συλλήβδην καταγγελία βοηθά τους κυβερνώντες.

Ωστόσο, δεν συμμεριζόμαστε τις λογικές της γενικής καταγγελίας των προτάσεων Τσίπρα. Δεν μπορείς απλά να τις καταγγείλεις στο όνομα των δικών σου συνθημάτων. Δεν μπορείς να τους ρίξεις το ανάθεμα, όπως κάνει για παράδειγμα το ΚΚΕ, χωρίς να αντιπροτείνεις κάτι άλλο άμεσο και πρακτικό που μπορεί να συνενώσει αγωνιστικά τον λαό και να τον βγάλει από το σημερινό αδιέξοδο.

Τα αναθέματα και οι καταγγελίες από δυνάμεις που έχουν διαπρέψει για την διασπαστική τους λογική μέσα στο κίνημα και στο λαό, που δεν έχουν να πουν τίποτε για το σήμερα και τα μεταθέτουν όλα στις δικές τους αντικαπιταλιστικές φαντασιώσεις, που ανέχονται την αποικιοποίηση της χώρας και την πρωτοφανή δουλοποίηση της εργασίας γιατί “έτσι είναι ο καπιταλισμός”, παίζουν το παιχνίδι των κυβερνώντων που θέλουν να πείσουν τον εξουθενωμένο Έλληνα, ότι δεν υπάρχουν άλλες προτάσεις εκτός από εκείνες που με κόστος τη δική του ζωή εφαρμόζονται σήμερα με τόσο καταστροφικό τρόπο.

Κι όπως την εποχή του κλασσικού φασισμού και του χιλτερισμού δεν υπήρχε καλύτερος σύμμαχος στην άνοδό τους από τις δυνάμεις εκείνες που θεωρούσαν ότι ο εκφασισμός του καπιταλισμού δεν ήταν παρά ένα αναγκαίο στάδιο που έφερνε την δικτατορία του προλεταριάτου πιο κοντά, το ίδιο ισχύει και σήμερα με τις αντικαπιταλιστικές καταγγελίες του ΚΚΕ και των ομοίων του. Δεν υπάρχει καλύτερος σύμμαχος για το καθεστώς αποικιακής κατοχής από όλους εκείνους που μεταθέτουν το πρόβλημα από το σήμερα στο μέλλον, που αρνούνται να μιλήσουν με όρους συνεύρεσης πάνω στη βάση ενός άμεσου και πρακτικά υλοποιήσιμου προγράμματος μέτρων ανακούφισης των εργαζόμενων μαζών, το οποίο θα τους δίνει δύναμη, ελπίδα και κουράγιο για να ανατρέψουν το καθεστώς δουλοπαροικίας του χρέους.

Όποιος θέτει την ανατροπή του καπιταλισμού στη θέση της ανατροπής του σημερινού καθεστώτος με όρους εθνικής ανεξαρτησίας και κοινωνικής απελεύθερωσης και έτσι καταδικάζει κάθε προσπάθεια υλικής και ηθικής ανακούφισης των εργαζομένων, τότε λειτουργεί ως πράκτορας της σημερινής εξουσίας. Με τους ίδιους ακριβώς όρους που λειτούργησαν ως πράκτορες, όσοι έθεταν στον μεσοπόλεμο και την παλια κατοχή τον αντικαπιταλισμό τους πάνω από τον αγώνα ενάντια στο φασισμό και την υπεράσπιση της πατρίδας. Θυμίζουμε μόνο για την ιστορία ότι οι περισσότεροι από δαύτους αποδείχτηκε τελικά ότι υπήρξαν πράκτορες και επί μισθώσει.

Να βράσω το γεγονός ότι συνθηματολογούν ενάντια στο ευρώ και την ΕΕ. Όταν έχουν κάνει αποστολή τους να διασπούν και να διαλύουν εκ προοιμίου κάθε δυνατότητα να ενωθεί ο λαός πέρα και πάνω από ιδεολογικές διαφορές πάνω σε μια πολιτική συμφωνία στη βάση των δικών του πιο άμεσων και ζωτικών αιτημάτων, τότε λειτουργούν ως πράκτορες του εχθρού, ως πέμπτη φάλαγγα. Απλά χρησιμοποιούν τα αντικαπιταλιστικά συνθήματα ως πρόφαση, ως στάχτη για τα μάτια των αφελών.

Γι’ αυτό και θεωρούμε ότι η συλλήβδην καταγγελία των προτάσεων Τσίπρα, χωρίς να τίθεται μια ξεκάθαρη εναλλακτική πρόταση πάνω στην οποία θα μπορούσε από σήμερα να οικοδομηθεί μια πλατύτατη ανοιχτή συνεργασία στη βάση άμεσων προταγμάτων και αιτημάτων που θα μπορούσαν εδώ και τώρα να ανακουφίσουν την πλειοψηφία του λαού, δουλεύει υπέρ των κυβερνώντων. Όποια κι αν είναι η πρόφαση. Κι όποιος ασκείται σε τέτοιου τύπου καταγγελίες έχει μετεξελιχθεί, χωρίς ίσως να το έχει καταλάβει, σε πράκτορα του καθεστώτος, σε πολιτικό εγγυητή της διαίρεσης και της διάσπασης του λαού.

Τέρμα με τις λογικές των μονοδρόμων

Τι μας λένε τα παπαγαλάκια της κυβερνώσας συμμορίας; Ότι οι προτάσεις του Τσίπρα είναι ανεδαφικές και ανέξοδες παροχολογίες χωρίς αντίκρυσμα. Από που κι ως που η αποφασισιτκή ελάφρυνση της μεγάλης πλειοψηφίας του λαού από τα κλιμακούμενα χρέη του μνημονίου είναι ανεδαφική και ανέξοδη παροχολία; Κι από που έως που υπάρχει μία και μόνο πρόταση;

Αν θέλουμε να μιλήσουμε σοβαρά και μάλιστα με κριτήριο το συμφέρον της χώρας και του λαού της, πρέπει να απορρίψουμε μια για πάντα τις λογικές των μονοδρόμων. Οι προτάσεις του Τσίπρα και εσωτερική συνοχή διαθέτουν και απαντούν στα σημερινά προβλήματα, μόνο που το κάνουν όχι από την σκοπιά του κατατρεγμένου λαού και της πατρίδας, αλλά από την σκοπιά μιας αδύνατης εξίσωσης. Πώς μπορεί κάποιος να διαχειριστεί διαφορετικά την υπάρχουσα κατάσταση χωρίς να θίξει τα δεδομένα πλαίσια που έχουν τεθεί άνωθεν και έξωθεν. Με λίγα λόγια πώς μπορεί να φτιάξει κανείς ομελέτα χωρίς να σπάσει αυγά.

Το ίδιο διχαστικός με τον Σαμαρά

Για να τα δούμε πιο συγκεκριμένα. Το δυστύχημα με τον κ. Τσίπρα είναι ότι έχει υιοθετήσει τον διχαστικό πολιτικό λόγο του κ. Σαμαρά, αλλά από την ανάποδη. Για τον κ. Τσίπρα η κυρίαρχη αντίθεση σήμερα δεν είναι ανάμεσα στην μεγάλη πλειοψηφία του λαού και τις δυνάμεις που έχουν επιβάλλει, στηρίζουν και υπηρετούν το καθεστώς αποικιακής κατοχής, αλλά ανάμεσα στο “χθες” και το “σήμερα”, ανάμεσα στη ΝΔ και το ΣΥΡΙΖΑ. Χρησιμοποιεί δηλαδή το ίδιο διχαστικό σχήμα του Σαμαρά, αλλά από την ανάποδη.

Με άλλα λόγια, όπως ο Σαμαράς μας λέει το εκπληκτικό και άκρως προκλητικό “ή εμείς ή το χάος”, το ίδιο μας πλασάρει και ο Τσίπρας για τον εαυτό του. Από πότε οι επιλογές ενός ολόκληρου λαού περιορίζονται σε δυο κόμματα; Πότε λειτούργησε κάτι τέτοιο υπέρ του λαού για να λειτουργήσει και σήμερα; Ξεχνάμε ότι με τέτοια διλλήματα σχεδόν σ’ ολόκληρη τη μεταπολίτευση στήθηκε η δικομματική εναλλαγή, από τα κόμματα που σήμερα συγκυβερνούν; Δηλαδή, τι θέλει να μας πει ο κ. Τσίπρας; Ό,τι έτσι κι αποτύχει ο ίδιος χάνεται κάθε ελπίδα για τον λαό και την πατρίδα; Τέτοιου τύπου διλλήματα χρησιμοποιεί μόνο όποιος θέλει να φτιάξει κομματικούς στρατούς και όχι να συσπειρώσει τον λαό για να λύσει προβλήματα.

Η διάσπαση της εθνικής επικράτειας

Όμως δεν είναι το μόνο ατόπημα της ομιλίας Τσίπρα. Υπάρχει και ένα άλλο ακόμη χειρότερο. Υιοθέτησε ανοιχτά την απόσπαση της Θεσσαλονίκης, αλλά και της βόρειας Ελλάδας, από τον εθνικό κορμό, από την ενιαία και αδιαίρετη εθνική επικράτεια. Έτσι πρότεινε η Θεσσαλονίκη να παίξει “πρωταγωνιστικό ρόλο… στην αναγκαία διαβαλκανική συνεργασία και τη βαλκανική υπανάπτυξη, ιδιαίτερα στους τομείς του πολιτισμού, της οικονομίας και του περιβάλλοντος. Πόσο δε μάλλον στις μέρες μας, όπου σε ένα περιβάλλον διεθνούς αναστάτωσης, αβεβαιότητας και ρευστότητας, έχουμε ανάγκη η Θεσσαλονίκη, η Βόρειος Ελλάδα να γίνει το επίκεντρο ενός νέου περιφερειακού πόλου συνανάπτυξης και σταθερότητας, μακριά από τις παρωχημένες εθνικιστικές ιδεοληπτικές συμπεριφορές που τόσο πολύ ταλαιπώρησαν τα Βαλκάνια στο πρόσφατο παρελθόν. Σ’ ένα τέτοιο διεθνή περίγυρο, η Ελλάδα μπορεί και πρέπει να συμπεριφέρεται ως υπεύθυνη ευρωπαϊκή δύναμη, αλλά με ρόλο αξιόπιστου συνομιλητή διεθνώς.”

Καταλάβατε τι λέει; Σε μια περίοδο όπου επίσημα οι δανειστές και οι κυβερνώντες εφαρμόζουν σχέδια διάσπασης της εθνικής επικράτειας και κατακερματισμού του ενιαίου και αδιαίρετου χαρακτήρα της σε περιφέρειες και ειδικές οικονομικές ζώνες με αμφισβητούμενη εθνική κυριαρχία, ο κ. Τσίπρας υιοθετεί πλήρως αυτή τη λογική θέλοντας τη Θεσσαλονίκη και τη Βόρεια Ελλάδα να γίνει “επίκεντρο ενός νέου περιφερειακού πόλου συνανάπτυξης”. Ο Καλλικράτης δημιούργησε περιφέρειες για “διεδαφική συνεργασία”, ενώ ο κ. Τσίπρα ζητά “συνανάπτυξη”. Μιλάμε για κορυφαία διαφορά!

Η συνεργασία στα Βαλκάνια και διεθνώς δεν γίνεται διαμέσου περιφερειών, αλλά ανάμεσα σε κυρίαρχα κράτη και λαούς. Αν φυσικά μιλάμε για συνεργασία ειρήνης και αμοιβαίου ωφέλους. Δυστυχώς ο κ. Τσίπρας δεν εννοεί κάτι τέτοιο. Ζητά να γίνει η Θεσσαλονίκη και η Βόρεια Ελλάδα το δόλωμα στα Βαλκάνια προκειμένου, όπως λέει ο ίδιος, η Ελλάδα “να συμπεριφέρεται ως υπεύθυνη ευρωπαϊκή δύναμη”. Δηλαδή, η Ελλάδα να κινείται με γνώμονα όχι τα συμφέροντα του λαού της, αλλά της Ευρώπης. Να γίνει δηλαδή ο σέμπρος των Ευρωπαίων αποικιοκρατών στα Βαλκάνια. Αυτο σημαίνει “υπεύθυνη ευρωπαϊκή δύναμη”.

Για τους ανιστόρητους θα πρέπει να θυμήσουμε ότι όποτε η Ελλάδα έπαιξε αυτόν τον ρόλο, δηλαδή της “υπεύθυνης ευρωπαικής δύναμης”, οδηγήθηκε σε εθνικές τραγωδίες και καταστροφές. Τι ακριβώς επιθυμεί σήμερα ο κ. Τσίπρας; Οι κυβερνώντες, με την ανακοίνωση μάλιστα του Σαμαρά ότι θα εισάγουν τις ειδικές οικονομικές ζώνες με επίκεντρο τη Θεσσαλονίκη, το έχουν ξεκαθαρίσει. Μας πάνε ολοταχώς για εθνικό ακρωτηριασμό στη Βόρεια Ελλάδα. Όχι με “εθνικιστικές ιδεολιπτικές συμπεριφορές” – αυτές θα ακολουθήσουν – αλλά με όρους “συνανάπτυξης”. Όπως ακριβώς σκέφτεται κι ο κ. Τσίπρας.

Για εμάς η θέση αυτή σε μια εποχή όπου ο ελληνικός λαός έχει χάσει ουσιαστικά ακόμη και τα πιο στοιχειώδη κυριαρχικά του δικαιώματα πάνω στον τόπο του, αποτελεί casus belli. Μας χωρίζει χάος. Η τοποθέτηση αυτή του κ. Τσίπρα δεν υιοθετεί απλά τις λογικές που εδώ και 4 χρόνια απεργάζεται ο Φούχτελ και οι κομισάριοι των δανειστών εξ Ευρώπης, δηλαδή της ιδιωτικοποίησης τμημάτων της εθνικής επικράτειας, αλλά υιοθετεί εμμέσως πλην σαφώς και λογικές εθνικού ακρωτηριασμού για μια περιοχή εξόχως ευαίσθητη και ήδη στο στόχαστρο των Ευρωπαίων αποικιοκρατών. Οι οποίοι, ας μην ξεχνάμε, είναι εκείνοι που ενισχύουν και συντηρούν πρωτίστως τις “εθνικιστικές ιδεολιπτικές συμπεριφορές” στα Βαλκάνια. Εκτός κι αν ο κ. Τσίπρας ως “εθνικιστική ιδεοληπτική συμπεριφορά” εννοεί το ενιαίο και αδιαίρετο της εθνικής επικράτειας, την εθνική κυριαρχία και αυτοδιάθεση του λαού.

Περί “βιώσιμου” και μη χρέους…

Ο κ. Τσίπρας στην ομιλία του δεν αφήνει την ευκαιρία να χρεώσει στο Σαμαρά και τον Βενιζέλο τη στάση της Ελλάδας στο τελευταίο ψήφισμα της Γενικής Συνέλευσης του ΟΗΕ σχετικά με τη ρύθμιση των κρατικών χρεών χωρίς να τελούν οι χώρες υπό καθεστώς εκβιασμού από κερδοσκόπους και άλλα κράτη. Να τι είπε: “Οι κ.κ. Σαμαράς και Βενιζέλος όχι μόνο δε λογαριάζουν το κόστος των επιλογών τους, αλλά επιμένουν να αρνούνται πεισματικά να υπερασπιστούν τα εθνικά μας συμφέροντα στα διεθνή φόρα. Με κορυφαίο γεγονός την ανιστόρητη στάση της Ελλάδας στη κρίσιμη ψηφοφορία στη Γενική Συνέλευση του ΟΗΕ για τη προστασία της εθνικής κυριαρχίας και υπόστασης των υπερχρεωμένων κρατών, από τα κοράκια της Διεθνούς κερδοσκοπίας. Εκεί όπου απομονώθηκε φανερά η Γερμανία της κας Μέρκελ. Αλλά και εκεί όπου η υπερχρεωμένη Ελλάδα, συντάχθηκε με τα συμφέροντα των κερδοσκόπων, απέχοντας από τη ψηφοφορία. Μια στάση που αναδεικνύει τον ηθικό και πολιτικό αμοραλισμό της κυβέρνησης Σαμαρά. Μιας κυβέρνησης που δε λογοδοτεί, απ’ ό,τι φαίνεται, στον Ελληνικό λαό, αλλά στα λόμπι των δανειστών και των διεθνών κερδοσκοπικών funds.”

Πολύ σωστά. Μόνο που θα ρωτήσουμε τον κ. Τσίπρα. Ποιες από τις αρχές του ψηφίσματος αποδέχεται ο ίδιος και ο κόμμα του στην αντιμετώπιση του δημοσίου χρέους της Ελλάδας; Αποδέχεται, π.χ., ότι η αναδιάρθρωση και διαγραφή του χρέους είναι κυριαρχικό δικαίωμα του κράτους και δεν μπορεί να εμποδίζεται από κανέναν ιδιώτη δανειστή, ή άλλο κράτος; Αποδέχεται ότι η “βιωσιμότητα” του χρέους εξαρτάται από το αν μπορεί να εξυπηρετηθεί χωρίς να θίγεται ο πυρήνας των ανθρώπινων, οικονομικών, κοινωνικών και πολιτικών δικαιωμάτων ενός λαού; Αυτά λέει το ψήφισμα, γι’ αυτό και η Ελλάδα των Σαμαροβενιζέλων απήχε. Ο κ. Τσίπρας υιοθετεί αυτές τις αρχές;

Όχι βέβαια. Διότι πολύ απλά έχει αποκλείσει τις μονομερείς ενέργειες απέναντι στους δανειστές. Κάτι που το ψήφισμα θεωρεί ως κυριαρχικό δικαίωμα κάθε κράτους για την αναδιάρθρωση του χρέους του. Ο κ. Τσίπρας ελπίζει σε μια ευρωπαϊκή συνδιάσκεψη, που άγνωστο πώς, πότε και γιατί, θα διαγράψει το μεγαλύτερο μέρος των ευρωπαικών χρεών και αναμεσά τους και του ελληνικού. Ενώ την “βιωσιμότητα” του χρέους την εναποθέτει στην “ρήτρα ανάπτυξης” για την αποπληρωμή του υπολοίπου, “έτσι ώστε να εξυπηρετείται από την ανάπτυξη και όχι από το πλεόνασμα του προϋπολογισμού.”

Ειλικρινά δεν ξέρω ποιος γράφει τις ομιλίες του κ. Τσίπρα, ή ποιός του δίνει συμβουλές, αλλά τέτοιες ανοησίες σπάνια μπορεί να διαβάσει κανείς. Το δημόσιο χρέος πληρώνεται πάντα από το δημόσιο ταμείο. Όχι από την ανάπτυξη. Η ανάπτυξη δεν πληρώνει χρέη. Απλά η νεοφιλελεύθερη λογική, που υιοθετεί και ο κ. Τσίπρας, λέει ότι όσο υπάρχει “ανάπτυξη” τόσο αυξάνουν τα έσοδα του κράτους κι έτσι δημιουργώντας πλεόνασμα στον προϋπολογισμό πληρώνει το κράτος τα χρέη του. Επομένως, η αποπληρωμή του χρέους είτε θα γίνει με ένα ατέρμωνο κυνήγι του πρωτογενούς πλεονάσματος, όπως συμβαίνει και σήμερα. Είτε με αναχρηματοδότηση μέσω νέου δανεισμού, αυξάνωντας με μαθηματική ακρίβεια την επιβάρυνση του χρέους.

Τα περί “ρήτρας ανάπτυξης” είναι απλά νεοφιλελεύθερες μπούρδες, για να κρύψουν το γεγονός ότι και ο Τσίπρας διακατέχεται από την ίδια λογική εξυπηρέτησης του χρέους, όπως και οι κυβερνώντες. Τώρα όποιος θέλει να πιστέψει ότι θα πετύχει περικοπή του μεγαλύτερου μέρους του χρέους συναινετικά με “ευρωπαική διάσκεψη”, μετά από επίσης ένα συναινετικό “μορατόριουμ”, ας το πιστέψει. Εδώ υπάρχουν πολλοί που πιστεύουν στους Ελοχίμ και τους Νεφελίμ, όπως και στα ανύπαρκτα δις του Σώρρα από τον αστερισμό του Σείριου. Τον Τσίπρα δεν θα πιστέψουν; Αλλοίμονο.

Πώς θα τα αρπάξουν οι επιτήδειοι από ΕΣΠΑ και νέα δάνεια.

Βέβαια, ακόμη κι όλα αυτά τα απίθανα να συμβούν, θα γλυτώσει η χώρα και ο λαός από το δημόσιο χρέος; Όχι. Κι ο λόγος είναι απλός. Η βασική πηγή χρηματοδότησης του αναπτυξιακού και δημοσιονομικού προγράμματος του κ. Τσίπρα είναι ο δανεισμός και το ΕΣΠΑ. Βέβαια, όσοι γνωρίζουν, ξέρουν πολύ καλά ότι το ΕΣΠΑ, αλλά και γενικά τα κονδύλια εξ Ευρώπης, δεν δίνονται ως λευκή επιταγή για να τα χρησιμοποιήσει η εκάστοτε κυβέρνηση κατά το δοκούν, αλλά για έργα “κοινοτικής επιλογής” και με διαμεσολάβηση ιδιωτικών συμφερόντων. Να γιατί τα κονδύλια αυτά εξέθρεψαν την διαφθορά και την διαπλοκή.

Κι έτσι απομένει ο δανεισμός. Ο κ. Τσίπρας μας λέει ότι θα χρηματοδοτήσει το πρόγραμμά του, που κατά τ’ άλλα αντιστρατεύεται τις νεοφιλελεύθερες λογικές των επιτελείων της ευρωζώνης, πουλώντας κρατικά ομόλογα στην ΕΚΤ και αποσπώντας δάνεια για επενδύσεις από την Ευρωπαϊκή Τράπεζα Επενδύσεων. Με άλλα λόγια εναποθέτει τις ελπίδες του σε νέο δανεισμό και μάλιστα από τους κεντρικούς τραπεζίτες της ευρωζώνης που έκαναν τα αδύνατα, δυνατά προκειμένου να επιβάλουν καθεστώς αποικιακής κηδεμονίας στην Ελλάδα.

Θα περικόψει, όπως λέει, το υφιστάμενο χρέος για να βάλει τη χώρα σε έναν νέο φαύλο κύκλο δανεισμού και χρέους. Από τους ίδιους που έχουν οδηγήσει ήδη τη χώρα σε ελεγχόμενη χρεοκοπία. Μόνο που αυτή τη φορά ο δανεισμός και το χρέος θα έχει αριστερό πρόσημο κι ως εκ τούτου θα μπορεί να εξυπηρετηθεί. Πώς; Με ανάπτυξη μας λέει ο κ. Τσίπρας και παραπέμπει το κόστος μιας μελλοντικής χρεοκοπίας στις επόμενες γενιές.

Συσσίτια και κορπορατισμός

Πάμε τώρα στα άμεσα μέτρα ανακούφισης του κόσμου. Τον κ. Τσίπρα φαίνεται να τον στοιχειώνει ο αριθμός 300 χιλιάδες. Σε τόσες οικογένειες θα δώσει δωρεάν ηλεκτρικό ρεύμα και κουπόνια για συσσίτια. Τόσες θέσεις εργασίας υπόσχεται να δημιουργήσει σ’ ένα χρόνο, κοκ. Με άλλα λόγια το πρόγραμμα ανακούφισης που προτείνει αφορά, δεν αφορά 650 χιλιάδες έλληνες. Αν σκεφτεί κανείς ότι σήμερα έχουμε επίσημα πάνω από 1,2 εκατομμύρια ανέργους και κοντά στα 3 εκατομμύρια κάτω από το όριο της φτώχειας, σε συνθήκες εξαθλίωσης, καταλαβαίνουμε ότι το όλο θέμα είναι για αστεία.

Όμως το χειρότερο δεν είναι αυτό, αλλά η λογική με την οποία προσεγγίζει ο κ. Τσίπρας την αποκαλούμενη “ανθρωπιστική κρίση”. Δεν την προσεγγίζει από την σκοπιά της αποκατάστασης των δικαιωμάτων που έχουν στερηθεί οι εργαζόμενοι, αλλά από την σκοπιά της κρατικής ελεημοσύνης. Αλήθεια, από πότε τα συσσίτια αποτελούν προοδευτική, φιλολαϊκή απάντηση στην εξαθλίωση; Από πότε το να ποδοπατάς την ανθρώπινη αξιοπρέπεια, το να μετατρέπεις τους πιο αναξιοπαθούντες σε υποχείρια κυκλωμάτων φιλανθρωπίας και του κράτους στέλνοντάς τους στις ουρές των συσσιτίων, συνιστά ότι καλύτερο μπορεί να κάνει μια κυβέρνηση που υποτίθεται ότι θέλει να αντιστρέψει τη σημερινή κατάσταση υπέρ του λαού;

Το δυστύχημα είναι ότι σχεδόν το σύνολο των προτάσεων του κ. Τσίπρα διέπονται από το ίδιο πνεύμα. Δείτε για παράδειγμα τι λέει για τις συντάξεις: “Αποκαθιστούμε, αμέσως το δώρο των Χριστουγέννων, ως 13η σύνταξη, σε 1.262.920 συνταξιούχους που λαμβάνουν σύνταξη έως €700 ευρώ.Είναι το πρώτο βήμα για την πλήρη αποκατάσταση της 13ης σύνταξης και του 13ου μισθού σε όλους, σταδιακά και σε συνάρτηση με τις οικονομικές συνθήκες.” Μέγα ψέμμα. Δεν αποκαθιστά την 13η σύνταξη ως δικαίωμα για όλους τους συνταξιούχους, αλλά υπόσχεται ένα φιλοδώρημα, μια ελεημοσύνη στους πιο χαμηλοσυνταξιούχους. Έτσι με την ίδια ευκολία που το δίνει, μπορεί και να το πάρει πίσω, αν π.χ. “δεν το επιτρέπουν η δημοσιονομική κατάσταση της χώρας”. Ψηφίστε με να δω αν μπορώ να σας δώσω κάτι τις παραπάνω. Αυτό λέει.

Ένα άλλο παράδειγμα. Ο κ. Τσίπρας υπόσχεται ότι θα καταργήσει τον ΕΝΦΙΑ και τους άλλους καταχρηστκούς φόρους που επιβλήθηκαν λόγω μνημονίου. Πολύ σωστά. Όμως με τα χρέη που έχουν συσσωρευτεί στους φορολογούμενους λόγω αυτών των φόρων, τι θα προτίθεται να κάνει; Το λογικό είναι να διαγραφούν όλες οι οφειλές των φορολογουμένων που προκλήθηκαν από τα χαράτσια της τρόικας, που ο ίδιος ο Τσίπρας υπόσχεται να καταργήσει. Αυτό σημαίνει αποκατάσταση των δικαιωμάτων στο εισόδημα και στην ιδιοκτησία της μεγάλης πλειοψηφίας που τόσο βάναυσα καταπατήθηκαν.

Εξωδικαστικός διακανονισμός και ο σώζων εαυτώ σωθήτω

Ο κ. Τσίπρας όμως δεν έχει καμιά διάθεση να αποκαταστήσει δικαιώματα και αδικίες. Τα χρέη που έχουν φορτωθεί οι φορολογούμενοι θα παραμείνουν και θα εκκαθαριστούν κανονικά. Πώς; Με “Ειδικές Επιτροπές Εξώδικου Διακανονισμού” σε κάθε περιφέρεια για την Άμεση εκκαθάριση των βεβαιωμένων και ανείσπρακτων φορολογικών υποχρεώσεων μέχρι τις 31.12.2014. Με άλλα λόγια ο φορολογούμενος που φορτώθηκε με παράνομα και καταχρηστικά χρέη θα πρέπει να πάει σε εξωδικαστικό διακανονισμό με την εφορία. Καταλαβαίνετε τι σημαίνει αυτό; Θα κληθεί να πληρώσει με κριτήριο το πόσα θέλει να εισπράξει το κράτος και η κυβέρνηση.

Ο κ. Τσίπρας προτείνει 84 δόσεις για αποπληρωμή σε φορολογούμενους που άδικα και καταχρηστικά καλούνται να πληρώσουν χρέη από χαράτσια και με δεδομένη την ανύπαρκτη φοροδοτική ικανότητα των περισσοτέρων. Και μάλιστα με εξωδικαστικό διακανονισμό, ώστε ο φορολογούμενος να μην μπορεί να ελπίζει ούτε καν στα δικαστήρια. Ξέρετε τι κρύβεται από πίσω; Το απλό και συνηθισμένο. Είσαι του κόμματος; Πάρε ευνοϊκό διακανονισμό. Δεν είσαι; Στον καιάδα της εφορίας. Έτσι ο κ. Τσίπρας θεωρεί ότι μπορεί να εκβιάσει την ψήφο των πιο απελπισμένων Ελλήνων.

Με την ίδια λογική προσεγγίζει ο κ. Τσίπρας και τις οφειλές προς τις τράπεζες. Πάλι με εξωδικαστικό διακανονισμό. Ο δανειολήπτης θα είναι έρμαιο ενός “δημόσιου ενδιάμεσου φορέα διαχείρισης ιδιωτικού χρέους”, που υποτίθεται ότι θα συσταθεί “όχι ως μία «κακή τράπεζα», δηλαδή ως μία «bad bank», αλλά, αντίθετα, ως διαχειριστής κάθε τύπου ληξιπρόθεσμης οφειλής προς τις τράπεζες και ελεγκτής των τραπεζών ως προς την εφαρμογή των συμφωνημένων ρυθμίσεων. Τον συστήνουμε για να διασφαλίζουμε την ίση και δίκαιη μεταχείριση όλων των δανειοληπτών.” Το γνωστό. Ο δανειολήπτης θα υποχρεώνεται σε ρυθμίσεις με εξωδικαστικό διακανονισμό με τα γνωστά κομματικά κριτήρια και χωρίς κατοχυρωμένα δικαιώματα έναντι των τραπεζών και της κυβέρνησης.

Το μόνο που αναγνωρίζει ο κ. Τσίπρας στο δύσμοιρο οφειλέτη είναι το εξής: “Η «νέα σεισάχθεια» θα περιλαμβάνει, κατά περίπτωση, διαγραφή μέρους των οφειλών για όσους δανειολήπτες που είναι κάτω από το όριο της φτώχειας και, ως γενική αρχή, αναπροσαρμογή των οφειλών έτσι ώστε η συνολική εξυπηρέτησή τους σε τράπεζες, Δημόσιο και ασφαλιστικούς οργανισμούς να μην ξεπερνά το 1/3 του εισοδήματος του δανειολήπτη.”

Ωραία σεισάχθεια. Αν δεν ανήκεις στις 300 χιλιάδες οικογένειες, που ο κ. Τσίπρας αναγνωρίζει ως αναξιοπαθούντες, τότε την έβαψες. Θα πρέπει να πληρώσεις χωρίς κανένα δεδομένο, εκτός από τη δέσμευση η εξυπηρέτηση όλων των οφειλών σου να μην ξεπερνά το 1/3 του εισοδήματός σου. Θαυμάσια. Ο κ. Τσίπρας μας υπόσχεται ότι θα θεσπίσει 12 χιλιάδες αφορολόγητο όριο. Έστω. Όμως το τι θα γίνει με τις δόσεις που θα πληρώνει ο φορολογούμενος, ούτε νύξη. Θέλω να πω, αυτό το 1/3 του εισοδήματος που θα ξοδεύεται σε δόσεις οφειλών, θα ανήκει στο φορολογητέο εισόδημα ή θα εκπίπτει;

Αφήστε που σε τέτοιες συνθήκες αναδουλιάς και πτώσης του εισοδήματος, το να βάζεις πλαφόν του 1/3 για δόσεις ισοδυναμεί με καταδίκη των περισσότερων εργαζομένων σήμερα. Ειδικά όταν ο κ. Τσίπρας δεν κάνει κουβέντα για αυξήσεις εισοδημάτων. Μιλά μόνο για επαναφορά του βασικού μισθού στα 750 ευρώ, ώστε να εξασφαλιστούν 7.500 θέσεις εργασίας! Τέτοια επιτυχία.

Βέβαια σε συνθήκες τέτοιας τρομερής ανεργίας σαν την σημερινή, όποιος κι αν είναι ο βασικός μισθός, θα παραμείνει στα χαρτιά, ενώ οι πραγματικές αμοιβές θα κινούνται πολύ πιο κάτω. Για να μην γίνει αυτό, το κράτος οφείλει να καλύψει πλήρως τους ανέργους για όλο το διάστημα της ανεργίας τους, ώστε να μην ενδίδουν σε οποιαδήποτε προσφορά εργασίας κάτω από τους χειρότερους δυνατούς όρους, συμπιέζοντας μεροκάματα και συνθήκες εργασίας προς τα κάτω. Όμως γι’ αυτά ούτε νύξη δεν γίνεται από τον κ. Τσίπρα.

Ο “πατερναλιστικός καπιταλισμός” του κ. Τσίπρα

Με την ομιλία του ο κ. Τσίπρας μας υποσχέται όχι να αποκαταστήσει των καταλυθέντων δικαιωμάτων του λαού, αλλά την δημιουργία ενός δικού του συστήματος “πατερναλιστικού καπιταλισμού”, όπου ο αναξιοπαθών, ο οφειλέτης, ο εργαζόμενος, ο άνεργος θα εξαρτάται από την ευαρέσκεια της κυβέρνησης. Το ιδιο το επίπεδο διαβίωσης μιας μέσης οικογένειας θα εξαρτάται σχεδόν αποκλειστικά από το τι θεωρεί ότι μπορεί να παραχωρήσει εν είδη επιδόητησης, ή φιλανθρωπίας η κυβέρνηση.

Το πόσο ανάλγητο και διεφθαρμένο είναι ένα τέτοιο σύστημα “πατερναλιστικού καπιταλισμού”, το είδαμε με τη διακυβέρνηση του ΠΑΣΟΚ για δεκαετίες. Άλλωστε ο Α. Παπανδρέου εισήγαγε πρώτος στην Ελλάδα τον όρο για να τον καταγγείλει ως αντιπολίτευση και μετά να τον υλοποιήσει με τον πιο αδίστακτο τρόπο ως κυβέρνηση. Η ίδια αναλγησία φαίνεται και στον κ. Τσίπρα όταν φτάνει στο σημείο να υποσχεθεί τα εξής: “Άμεση παύση ποινικών διώξεων και κατασχέσεων τραπεζικών λογαριασμών, πρώτης κατοικίας, μισθών, κλπ, καθώς και χορήγηση φορολογικής ενημερότητας, σε όσους εντάσσονται στη διαδικασία ρύθμισης.” Και: “Δωδεκάμηνη αναστολή διώξεων και αναγκαστικών μέτρων σε οφειλέτες με αποδεδειγμένο μηδενικό εισόδημα, που εντάσσονται στη ρύθμιση.”

Μα καλά ξέρουν τι γράφουν, ή όχι; Τι υπόσχεται ο κ. Τσίπρας, αυτό που ισχύει ήδη; Αυτό δεν συμβαίνει και σήμερα; Όποιος μπαίνει σε ρύθμιση δεν σταματούν οι διώξεις; Και βέβαια. Το τραγικό δεν είναι αυτό, αλλά άλλο. Από που κι ως που όσοι δεν μπορούν να μπουν σε ρύθμιση, ή δεν θέλουν γιατί δεν το θεωρούν δίκαιο, θα πρέπει να υποστούν διώξεις, όπως ποινικές, κατασχέσεις τραπεζικών λογαριασμών, πρώτης κατοικίας, μισθών, κλπ.; Αυτό είναι το “κράτος δικαίου” που υπόσχεται ο κ. Τσίπρας;

Αφήστε δε τη δωδεκάμηνη αναστολή! Σε ποιους παρακαλώ; Σε όσους έχουν αποδεδειγμένο μηδενικό εισόδημα, αλλά εντάσσονται στη ρύθμιση! Δηλαδή, όσοι έχουν μηδενικό εισόδημα κι επομένως μηδενική φοροδοτική ικανότητα, θα πρέπει να κόψουν το λαιμό τους να βρουν εισόδημα ώστε να μπορούν να πληρώνουν τις δόσεις κι έτσι να ενταχθούν στη ρύθμιση. Κι όλα αυτά για να πάρουν δωδεκάμηνη αναστολή από τα αυτόφορα, τις ποινικές διώξεις, τις κατασχέσεις, κοκ. Τώρα, ειλικρινά, ποσο ανάλγητος πρέπει να είσαι για να κάνεις τέτοια πρόταση;

Αν όλα αυτά συνθέτουν την μοναδική εναλλακτική που έχει ο λαός έναντι των κυβερνώντων, των μνηνονίων και της τρόικας, τότε καλύτερα να πάμε όλοι μαζί για το χορό του Ζαλόγγου. Και πριν τολμήσει ο οποιοσδήποτε να πει ότι δεν μπορεί να γίνει τίποτε άλλο, εμείς είμαστε έτοιμοι να του αποδείξουμε με νούμερα ότι μπορεί. Θα δεχθεί η ηγεσία του ΣΥΡΙΖΑ έναν ανοιχτό διάλογο πάνω σε συγκεκριμένες προτάσεις υπέρ του λαού; Θα δεχθεί την δοκιμασία της αναμέτρησης με επιχειρήματα δημόσια μπροστά στον κόσμο, ή έχει πάρει τις αποφάσεις της και το μόνο που την νοιάζει είναι να πάρει το χρίσμα από το Βερολίνο;

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Τίποτε δεν τελείωσε με το δημοψήφισμα της Σκωτίας, όλα τώρα αρχίζουν…

Λογότυπο ΕΠΑΜ



Το ΟΧΙ στην ανεξαρτησία της Σκωτίας από το Ενωμένο Βασίλειο νίκησε με 55% έναντι 45% του ΝΑΙ σε ένα δημοψήφισμα όπου συμμετείχε κοντά στο 85% του εκλογικού σώματος. Ζητωκραυγάζουν οι αγορές και οι βαρώνοι του πολιτικού κατεστημένου στη Βρετανία. Πολλοί απ’ αυτούς βιάζονται να κλείσουν το όλο θέμα, όπως άλλωστε επιχειρούν και πολλοί απ’ αυτούς που πρωταγωνίστησαν στην πολιτική εκστρατεία του ΝΑΙ.

Οι πρώτοι γιατί βιάζονται να απεμπλακούν από τα ακανθώδη άλυτα ζητήματα που έχουν έρθει στην επιφάνεια. Ενώ οι δεύτεροι προσπαθούν να ισορροπήσουν την απογοήτευσή τους με την απαίτηση να ικανοποιηθούν μια σειρά υποσχέσεις που δόθηκαν από την κεντρική εξουσία.

Ωστόσο, αξίζει να πούμε ότι αυτή η αναμέτρηση, αν και έγινε με όρους δημοψηφίσματος, δεν διαφέρει και πολύ από τις αναμετρήσεις για την ανεξαρτησία της Σκωτίας στα πεδία των μαχών της μεσαιωνικής Βρετανίας. Είναι η πρώτη φορά τουλάχιστον μετά τον 2ο παγκόσμιο πόλεμο, που σε εκλογική αναμέτρηση συμμετείχε ένα τόσο μεγάλο ποσοστό του πληθυσμού. Το σύνηθες είναι να μην ξεπερνά το 40% η συμμετοχή στις όποιες εκλογικές διαδικασίες. Τεράστιες μάζες πήγαν για πρώτη φορά στην κάλπη, ενώ πριν απαξιούσαν και ψήφισαν στη μεγάλη τους πλειοψηφία το ΝΑΙ. Το ίδιο και τα πιο καταπονημένα εργατικά στρώματα της Σκωτίας.

Ωστόσο, αυτό που νίκησε ήταν η εκστρατεία εκφοβισμού και τρομοκρατίας που πήρε ασύλληπτες διαστάσεις. Η εκστρατεία αυτή έπιασε κυρίως στα μεσαία στρώματα, αλλά δεν τα έπεισε για το ΟΧΙ. Απλά τα φόβησε. Να γιατί το όλο ζήτημα δεν έληξε. Αντίθετα, τα αποτελέσματα πιστοποιούν ότι το ρήγμα είναι τόσο βαθύ που δεν μπορεί να κλείσει. Ο διχασμός θα συνεχίσει να υπάρχει και να βαθαίνει.

Η αναμέτρηση του ΝΑΙ με το ΟΧΙ δεν αφορούσε προαιώνιες έχθρες, αλλά την αποσάθρωση ενός ολόκληρου οικονομικού, κοινωνικού και πολιτικού συστήματος μέσα από την μετεξέλιξή του σε ένα είδος νεοφεουδαρχίας υπό την κυριαρχία του City. Η συνέπεια είναι αυτή που όλοι γνωρίζουμε. Οι κυβερνήσεις και το κράτος έχει μετατραπεί σε απλό εργαλείο οικονομικής, κοινωνικής και πολιτικής καταστολής της εργαζόμενης κοινωνίας προς όφελος των βαρώνων του χρήματος με αποτέλεσμα η μεγάλη πλειοψηφία του πληθυσμού να οδηγείται στην απελπισία.

Το Bloomberg λίγες μέρες πριν το δημοψήφισμα σχολίαζε εύστοχα: “Οι κυβερνήσεις παντού, που δεν είναι σε θέση να εγγυηθούν μια δίκαιη ανάπτυξη και κοινωνική ευημερία, έχουν υποστεί μια θανατηφόρα αποσύνθεση της νομιμοποίησής τους… Τα γεγονότα στη Σκωτία σκιαγραφούν μια πιο ριζοσπαστική δυνατότητα (πιθανό να συμβεί και στην ίδια την Ευρώπη σε λίγες εβδομάδες, όταν η Καταλονία μπορεί να ψηφίσει να αποσχιστεί από την Ισπανία): οι δυσαρεστημένοι πολίτες μπορεί να κινηθούν πολύ γρήγορα για να απορρίψει τις μη αντιπροσωπευτικές κυβερνήσεις με την διάλυση ολόκληρου του έθνους-κράτους.”

Εδώ βρίσκεται η ουσία. Από αυτή την αποσύνθεση δεν μπορεί να προστατευτεί ούτε η Βρετανία, ούτε κανένα άλλο κράτος. Δεν διαθέτουν σήμερα ούτε καν τα μέσα με τα οποία εξασφάλιζαν την αφοσίωση του μεγαλύτερου μέρους του πληθυσμού στο υπάρχων σύστημα. Μόνο η βία τους έχει απομείνει. Κι αυτή να είσαστε σίγουροι ότι θα την ασκήσουν χωρίς κανένα ενδοιασμό, με όλους τους δυνατούς τρόπους, προκειμένου να καταστείλουν τις κοινωνικές αντιθέσεις που οξύνονται λόγω της ταύτισής των κρατών με ότι πιο παρασιτικό και βαθύτατα αντιδραστικό έχει γεννηθεί στην ιστορία της εκμετάλλευσης και της καταπίεσης ανθρώπου από άνθρωπο, την χρηματιστική ολιγαρχία.

Κι ότι δεν μπορεί να λυθεί, ή να νομιμοποιηθεί στη συνείδηση του πληθυσμού μέσα από εκλογικές διαδικασίες, είναι σίγουρο ότι θα βρει το δρόμο της κοινωνικής εξέγερσης, ή του πολέμου. Πρόκειται για αδήριτο νόμο της ιστορίας.

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10 Modern Methods of Mind Control

By Nicholas West

10 Modern Methods of Mind Control

The more one researches mind control, the more one will come to the conclusion that there is a coordinated script that has been in place for a very long time with the goal to turn the human race into non-thinking automatons.  For as long as man has pursued power over the masses, mind control has been orchestrated by those who study human behavior in order to bend large populations to the will of a small “elite” group.  Today, we have entered a perilous phase where mind control has taken on a physical, scientific dimension that threatens to become a permanent state if we do not become aware of the tools at the disposal of the technocratic dictatorship unfolding on a worldwide scale.

Modern mind control is both technological and psychological.  Tests show that simply by exposing the methods of mind control, the effects can be reduced or eliminated, at least for mind control advertising and propaganda.  More difficult to counter are the physical intrusions, which the military-industrial complex continues to develop and improve upon.

1. Education – This is the most obvious, yet still remains the most insidious.  It has always been a would-be dictator’s ultimate fantasy to “educate” naturally impressionable children, thus it has been a central component to Communist and Fascist tyrannies throughout history.  No one has been more instrumental in exposing the agenda of modern education than Charlotte Iserbyt — one can begin research into this area by downloading a free PDF of her book, The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America, which lays bare the role of Globalist foundations in shaping a future intended to produce servile drones lorded over by a fully educated, aware elite class.

2. Advertising and Propaganda – Edward Bernays has been cited as the inventor of the consumerist culture that was designed primarily to target people’s self-image (or lack thereof) in order to turn a want into a need.  This was initially envisioned for products such as cigarettes, for example.  However, Bernays also noted in his 1928 book, Propaganda, that “propaganda is the executive arm of the invisible government.” This can be seen most clearly in the modern police state and the growing citizen snitch culture, wrapped up in the pseudo-patriotic War on Terror.  The increasing consolidation of media has enabled the entire corporate structure to merge with government, which now utilizes the concept of propaganda placement.  Media; print, movies, television, and cable news can now work seamlessly to integrate an overall message which seems to have the ring of truth because it comes from so many sources, simultaneously.  When one becomes attuned to identifying the main “message,” one will see this imprinting everywhere.  And this is not even to mention subliminal messaging.

3. Predictive Programming – Many still deny that predictive programming is real.  I would invite anyone to examine the range of documentation put together by Alan Watt and come to any other conclusion.  Predictive programming has its origins in predominately elitist Hollywood, where the big screen can offer a big vision of where society is headed.  Just look back at the books and movies which you thought were far-fetched, or “science fiction” and take a close look around at society today.  For a detailed breakdown of specific examples, Vigilant Citizen is a great resource that will probably make you look at “entertainment” in a completely different light.

4. Sports, Politics, Religion – Some might take offense at seeing religion, or even politics, put alongside sports as a method of mind control.  The central theme is the same throughout: divide and conquer.  The techniques are quite simple: short circuit the natural tendency of people to cooperate for their survival, and teach them to form teams bent on domination and winning.  Sports has always had a role as a key distraction that corrals tribal tendencies into a non-important event, which in modern America has reached ridiculous proportions where protests will break out over a sport celebrity leaving their city, but essential human issues such as liberty are giggled away as inconsequential.  Political discourse is strictly in a left-right paradigm of easily controlled opposition, while religion is the backdrop of nearly every war throughout history.

5. Food, Water, and Air – Additives, toxins, and other food poisons literally alter brain chemistry to create docility and apathy.  Fluoride in drinking water has been proven to lower IQ; Aspartame and MSG are excitotoxins which excite brain cells until they die; and easy access to the fast food that contains these poisons generally has created a population that lacks focus and motivation for any type of active lifestyle.

Most of the modern world is perfectly groomed for passive receptiveness — and acceptance — of the dictatorial elite.  And if you choose to diligently watch your diet, they are fully prepared to spray the population from the above.

6. Drugs – This can be any addictive substance, but the mission of mind controllers is to be sure you are addicted to something.  One major arm of the modern mind control agenda is psychiatry, which aims to define all people by their disorders, as opposed to their human potential.  This was foreshadowed in books such as Brave New World.  Today, it has been taken to even further extremes as a medical tyranny has taken hold where nearly everyone has some sort of disorder — particularly those who question authority.  The use of nerve drugs in the military has led to record numbers of suicides.  Worst of all, the modern drug state now has over 25% of U.S. children on mind-numbing  medication.

7. Military testing – The military has a long history as the testing ground for mind control.  The military mind is perhaps the most malleable, as those who pursue life in the military generally resonate to the structures of hierarchy, control, and the need for unchallenged obedience to a mission.  For the increasing number of military personal questioning their indoctrination, a recent story highlighted DARPA’s plans for transcranial mind control helmets that will keep them focused.

8. Electromagnetic spectrum  – An electromagnetic soup envelops us all, charged by modern devices of convenience which have been shown to have a direct impact on brain function.  In a tacit admission of what is possible, one researcher has been working with a “god helmet” to induce visions by altering the electromagnetic field of the brain.  Our modern soup has us passively bathed by potentially mind-altering waves, while a wide range of possibilities such as cell phone towers is now available to the would-be mind controller for more direct intervention.

9. Television, Computer, and “flicker rate”– It’s bad enough that what is “programmed” on your TV (accessed via remote “control”) is engineered; it is all made easier by literally lulling you to sleep, making it a psycho-social weapon.  Flicker rate tests show that alpha brain waves are altered, producing a type of hypnosis — which doesn’t portend well for the latest revelation that lights can transmit coded Internet data by “flickering faster than the eye can see.”  The computer’s flicker rate is less, but through video games, social networks, and a basic structure which overloads the brain with information, the rapid pace of modern communication induces an ADHD state.  A study of video games revealed that extended play can result in lower blood flow to the brain, sapping emotional control.  Furthermore, role-playing games of lifelike war and police state scenarios serve to desensitize a connection to reality.  One look at the WikiLeaks video Collateral Murder should be familiar to anyone who has seen a game like Call of Duty.

10. Nanobots – From science fiction horror, directly to the modern brain; the nanobots are on the way.  Direct brain modification already has been packaged as “neuroengineering.” A  Wired article from early 2009 highlighted that direct brain manipulation via fiber optics is a bit messy, but once installed “it could make someone happy with the press of a button.”  Nanobots take the process to an automated level, rewiring the brain molecule by molecule.  Worse, these mini droids can self-replicate, forcing one to wonder how this genie would ever get back in the bottle once unleashed. Expected date of arrival?  Early 2020s.

A concerted effort is underway to manage and predict human behavior so that the social scientists and the dictatorial elite can control the masses and protect themselves from the fallout of a fully awake free humanity. Only by waking up to their attempts to put us to sleep do we stand a chance of preserving our free will.

Source Truththeory

Breaking the Silence Truth and Lies in the War on Terror – John Pilger

Why the establishment lie in order to excuse and wage war on unarmed civilians

The Story of Your Enslavement

We can only be kept in the cages we do not see. A brief history of human enslavement – up to and including your own. From Freedomain Radio, the largest and most popular philosophy conversation in the world.



Four Myths About Obama’s War on ISIS

NBC Nightly News links ISIS, 9/11

A reluctant warrior intervenes against a threat to the homeland–or so we’re told

With Barack Obama’s September 10 announcement of a military plan to launch strikes against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), many pundits might be breathing a sigh of relief. The White House is finally taking the kind of military action they have been recommending for months.

But there are some serious questions that should be asked–about the threat posed by the Islamic State and about some of the assumptions guiding the debate.

‘Striking the Homeland’

The idea  that ISIS poses an immediate threat to the United States–as opposed to its non-Sunni Muslim neighbors–has been a consistent theme in the media, encouraging the public to support war. Rep. Michael McCaul (R.-Texas) declared on ABC‘s This Week (8/24/14) that the Islamic State is “intent on hitting the West and there are external operations, I believe, underway.” WhenCBS‘s Face the Nation host Bob Schieffer (9/7/14) asked Republican Sen. Marco Rubio if he thought they posed a “threat to the homeland now,” Rubio replied: “I do. I believe they do.” Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein (Meet the Press, 8/31/14) said the threat to the country was “potentially very serious.”

ABC This Week host Martha Raddatz (9/7/14) explained that if the options are leaving Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in power or the threat from the Islamic State, the White House was “clearly siding with the threat to the homeland.” On ABC World News (8/16/14), reporter Terry Moran told viewers that “a new US intelligence assessment says that ISIS poses a direct threat to the American homeland. So, what happens here in northern Iraq…matters a lot back home.”

But experts do not see an immediate danger, which is coming through in some media coverage. As the New York Times (9/11/14) put it:

Some officials and terrorism experts believe that the actual danger posed by ISIS has been distorted in hours of television punditry and alarmist statements by politicians, and that there has been little substantive public debate about the unintended consequences of expanding American military action in the Middle East.

The Times added that “when American counterterrorism officials review the threats to the United States each day, the terror group is not a top concern. ” And the Washington Post‘s Adam Goldman (9/10/14) reported that the day Obama delivered his speech laying out his plan, “top US intelligence officials told Congress on Wednesday that the organization does not pose an immediate threat to the country.”


Obama, the Reluctant Warrior

Obama observing Memorial DayOne clear message from corporate media has been that Barack Obama is unusually reticent about using military force. Asked to comment about Obama’s “reluctance to take the fight against ISIS to Syria,” correspondent Richard Engel said on Meet the Press (8/31/14):

Well, I speak to military commanders. I speak to former officials. And they are apoplectic. They think that this is a clear and present danger. They think something needs to be done.

And this “reluctance” is seen in Obama’s foreign policy generally (FAIR Blog,8/26/14). As the Washington Post (9/10/14) put it, Obama is “six years into a presidency devoted to ending US wars in the Muslim world.” TheAssociated Press (9/11/14) presented Obama’s Islamic State decision as a dramatic turn, calling him “the president who wanted to end America’s wars.”

But Obama’s actual record conflicts with this picture. In Iraq, Obama tried to keep more troops in Iraq than the Bush administration had agreed to in the withdrawal plan it had negotiated. Obama’s substantial achievement in Afghanistan was a massive escalation of that war (FAIR Blog, 5/27/14).

His administration greatly increased the number of drone attacks in Yemen and Pakistan, resulting in the deaths of hundreds of civilians (FAIR Blog,8/30/13). And Obama used the US military to help overthrow the government of Libya–though the disastrous outcome of that operation is seldom cited as evidence that Obama is too eager to intervene.


Congress Gets in the Way

The decision to consult Congress on the matter of starting a war–as required by the Constitution–is often treated as a weakness. As the New York Times(9/9/14) put it:

A year ago this month, in one of the more embarrassing episodes of his presidency, bipartisan opposition to airstrikes in Syria forced the president to withdraw his request for authorization to strike the Assad government.

NPR reporter Scott Horsley (9/10/14) recalled this incident as a moment of failure: “It quickly became clear Congress had no stomach for that, and Obama had to back down. That was a real body-blow to the president’s prestige.” The implication is that respecting public sentiment opposing war is a sign of weakness–and that presidents should be more concerned about their “prestige” than about the Constitution.


Finally Intervening in Syria

Throughout the past year, hawkish critics of the White House and many pundits have insisted that the Obama administration should have intervened long ago. To many pundits, if the US had only attacked Syria sooner, none of this would have happened. As ABC‘s Cokie Roberts (8/10/14) said:

We’re not acting like a superpower, that’s the problem…. I agree with Hillary Clinton, as you quoted her earlier, saying, well, if we had gotten into Syria when the rebels were begging us to come in, and saying, here we are, trying to secure our freedom, where is America, then you wouldn’t have had this group filling the vacuum.

Other media accounts (Washington Post, 8/11/14) argue that more US support for the armed opposition in Syria would not have been decisive in either removing Bashar al-Assad from power or preventing the rise of the Islamic State.

And some of these arguments rest on the assumption that US policy towards Syria can be characterized as one of nonintervention. As the New York Times(9/10/14) reported:

Mr. Obama has resisted military engagement in Syria for more than three years, out of fear early on that arming the rebels who oppose Mr. Assad would fail to alter the balance in the civil war while more direct military intervention could have spillover effects in the volatile region.

This is seriously misleading–and contradicted by the Times‘ own reporting. Under the headline “CIA Said to Aid in Steering Arms to Syrian Opposition” (6/21/12), the paper reported that the US government was playing a very active role in supporting the armed revolt, with CIA officers in Turkey helping to deliver weapons to particular opposition groups. Days earlier, the Wall Street Journal (6/13/12) was reporting that the CIA was working with opposition groups to “develop logistical routes for moving supplies into Syria and providing communications training.”

Jihadis Return--coverAs Patrick Cockburn reports in his new bookThe Jihadis Return, the arms that the CIA was “steering” to Syrian rebels were instrumental in enabling ISIS to expand the territory it held in Iraq:

An intelligence officer from a Middle Eastern country neighboring Syria told me that ISIS members “say they are always pleased when sophisticated weapons are sent to anti-Assad groups of any kind because they can always get the arms off them by threats of force or cash payments.”… Arms supplied by US allies such as Qatar and Turkey to anti-Assad forces in Syria are now being captured regularly in Iraq.

ISIS came into being as a result of the US invasion of Iraq (CounterSpin,8/15/14), and was greatly strengthened by the US-backed destabilization of Syria. Since it is US intervention that has gotten us where we are today, the false assumption that the White House has failed to do anything at all makes any serious analysis of what to do now impossible. (The idea that doing something effective about the real threat ISIS poses to its neighbors means a military attack was challenged by IPS’s Phyllis Bennis in a column for The Progressive9/10/14; the reverse, she argues, is actually the case.)

What seems abundantly clear is that the media’s coverage of the threat posed by the Islamic State–and the group’s savvy dissemination of appalling propaganda–have produced some shift in public opinion. As journalist Glenn Greenwald (Intercept, 9/8/14) remarked:

It’s as though ISIS and the US media and political class worked in perfect unison to achieve the same goal here when it comes to American public opinion: fully terrorize them.



Ηγέτες Υποτελείς Οδηγούν την Ευρώπη σε Πόλεμο!


του Πωλ Γκραιγκ Ρόμπερτς


Δυτικό «Ντόπινγκ» Αντιρωσικής Υστερίας

Την φόρα κατολίσθησης ελεγχόμενων και ανεπαρκών ηγετών της Ευρώπης σε μια πολεμική αναμέτρηση με τη Ρωσία καταγγέλλει ο Αμερικανός πρώην υπουργός, καθηγητής Πωλ Γκραίγκ Ρόμπερτς, στο παρακάτω, προχθεσινό, βαρυσήμαντο άρθρο του.
Ο δρ. Ρόμπερτς αναλύει την προπαγανδιστική τεχνική δημιουργίας αντιρωσικού πολεμικού πυρετού με τακτικές ενέσεις τοξικού ψεύδους, μέσω καταιγιστικών κυβερνητικών δηλώσεων και δημοσιευμάτων από υπηρετικά ΜΜΕ, με την οποία προετοιμάζονται και οι λαοί των ΝΑΤΟ-ϊκων χωρών για την επιδιωκόμενη σύγκρουση.

Ο Αμερικανός δημοσιολόγος επισημαίνει ότι ο Πρόεδρος Πούτιν ματαιοπονεί επιμένοντας σε μια κατευναστική διπλωματία, με την ελπίδα αφύπνισης των Ευρωπαίων ηγετών μπροστά στα εθνικά τους συμφέροντα. Οι ηγέτες των χωρών της Ευρώπης, μετά τον Ντε Γκώλ, είναι –λέει- εξαγορασμένα υποχείρια της Ουάσιγκτων. Και όσο καθυστερεί μια γρήγορη χειρουργική ρωσική επέμβαση για την εκρίζωση του καρκινώματος που δημιούργησε η Ουάσιγκτων στην Ουκρανία, τόσο η θεραπεία θα αποδειχθεί δυσκολότερη.

Τη θέση αυτή υποστηρίζει τουλάχιστον από τον Μάρτιο, ο Αμερικανός πρώην υπουργός και βαθύς γνώστης προσώπων και μεθόδων στην Ουάσιγκτων – παράλληλα με τον οξυδερκέστατο, στη Μόσχα, σύμβουλο του Πούτιν Σεργκέϊ Γκλαζίεφ, εισηγητή της αποδολαρίωσης, της επιστροφής στην αυτάρκεια και του πολιτικο-οικονομικού ανοίγματος της Ρωσίας στην Ανατολή και προς τις ανερχόμενες νέες Δυνάμεις.

Μιχαήλ Στυλιανού

«Ουκρανία: Το Βουνό από ψέματα της Ουάσιγκτων»

To τελευταίο ψέμα της Ουάσιγκτων –αυτό ήρθε από το ΝΑΤΟ- ήταν ότι η Ρωσία εισέβαλε στην Ουκρανία με 1.000 στρατιώτες και πυροβολικό.

Πως ξέρουμε πως πρόκειται για ψέμα;
Επειδή δεν έχουμε ακούσει τίποτα παρά ψέματα για τη Ρωσία από το ΝΑΤΟ, από την Αμερικανίδα πρεσβευτή στον ΟΗΕ Σαμάνθα Πάουερ, από την βοηθό ΥπΕξ Βικτώρια Νούλαντ, από τον Ομπάμα και από το όλο καθεστώς του, παθολογικούς ψεύτες, όσο και από τη βρετανική, τη γερμανική και τη γαλλική κυβερνήσεις, μαζί με το BBC και το σύνολο των Δυτικών ΜΜΕ.

Αυτός είναι φυσικά ένας αρκετός λόγος για να ξέρουμε ότι και η τελευταία Δυτική προπαγάνδα είναι ψέματα. Αυτοί που είναι παθολογικοί ψεύτες δεν αρχίζουν ξαφνικά να λένε την αλήθεια.
Αλλά υπάρχουν και σημαντικότεροι λόγοι για να καταλάβει κανείς πως η Ρωσία δεν εισέβαλε στην Ουκρανία με 1.000 στρατιώτες.

΄Ενας λόγος είναι ότι ο Πούτιν έχει επενδύσει πολλά στην διπλωματία που υποστηρίζεται από αποφυγή προκλητικής συμπεριφοράς. Δεν θα έθετε σε διακινδύνευση την επένδυσή του στην διπλωματία, στέλνοντας στην Ουκρανία στρατιωτική δύναμη πολύ μικρή για να έχει αποφασιστική επιρροή στο αποτέλεσμα.

΄Ενας άλλος λόγος είναι ότι εάν ο Πούτιν αποφασίσει πως δεν έχει άλλη επιλογή για να προστατεύσει τους Ρώσους κατοίκους στην Ανατολική και Νότια Ουκρανία, θα στείλει αρκετές δυνάμεις για να τελειώσει την επιχείρηση γρήγορα, όπως έκανε στην Γεωργία. ΄Οταν Γεωργιανά στρατεύματα, εκπαιδευμένα και εξοπλισμένα από ΗΠΑ και Ισραήλ, εισέβαλαν στη Νότια Οσετία και καταστράφηκαν σε λίγες ώρες από την ρωσική αντίδραση.
Αν ακούσετε ότι 100.000 Ρώσοι στρατιώτες με αεροπορική κάλυψη εισέβαλαν στην Ουκρανία, η πληροφορία θα είναι περισσότερο αξιόπιστη.

Ο τρίτο λόγος είναι ότι η ρωσική στρατιωτική ηγεσία δεν έχει ανάγκη να στείλει στρατεύματα στην Ουκρανία για να σταματήσει τους βομβαρδισμούς και τον κανονιοβολισμό των ρωσικών πληθυσμών από την κυβέρνηση ανδρεικέλων της Ουάσιγκτων στο Κίεβο. Η ρωσική αεροπορία μπορεί άνετα και ταχύτατα να καταστρέψει την ουκρανική αεροπορία και το πυροβολικό και να σταματήσει έτσι τις ουκρανικές επιθέσεις στις εξεγερμένες επαρχίες.

Μόλις προ δύο εβδομάδων είχαμε την μαγειρευμένη πληροφορία, που διέδιδαν η Γκάρντιαν και το Β Β C, περί εισβολής ρωσικής μηχανοκίνητης φάλαγγας, που καταστράφηκε από τον ουκρανικό στρατό. Δυο βδομάδες πριν από αυτό είχαμε την φάρσα με τις φωτογραφίες από δορυφόρο, που υποτίθεται διέθεσε το Σταίητ Ντηπάρτμεντ και που ο ανέντιμος (“corrupt”) Αμερικανός πρεσβευτής στο Κίεβο μοίρασε στο ίντερνετ, με δήθεν ρωσικές δυνάμεις να πυροβολούν την Ουκρανία.
Σε δύο βδομάδες από σήμερα θα έχουμε ένα άλλο ψέμα, και ένα άλλο αργότερα, και ούτω καθ’ εξής.
Η σωρευτική επίδραση της απανωτής ψευδολογίας στον περισσότερο κόσμο είναι η δημιουργία της άποψης πως οι Ρώσοι δεν είναι για καλό. Και μόλις αυτή η εντύπωση εδραιωθεί, οι Δυτικές κυβερνήσεις μπορούν προχωρήσουν σε σοβαρότερες κινήσεις εναντίον της Ρωσίας.

Για την δήθεν είσοδο 1.000 Ρώσων στρατιωτών στην Ουκρανία στρατηγός του ΝΑΤΟ δήλωσε πως πρόκειται για «σημαντική κλιμάκωση της ρωσικής επέμβασης». Η κυπελλούχος ψεύτρα Σαμάνθα Πάουερ είπε στο Συμβούλιο Ασφαλείας ότι « η Ρωσία θα πρέπει να σταματήσει να ψεύδεται.» ο Βρετανός πρωθυπουργός Κάμερον προειδοποίησε τη Ρωσία για «περαιτέρω συνέπειες». Η καγκελάριος Μέρκελ ανήγγειλε νέες κυρώσεις. ΄Ενας σύμβουλος
του Γερμανικού Συμβουλίου Ασφαλείας δήλωσε ότι «ένας πόλεμος με την Ρωσία είναι μια δυνατή επιλογή». Ο Πολωνός υπουργός Εξωτερικών Σικόρσκι μίλησε για «ρωσική επιδρομή που απαιτεί διεθνή δράση». Και ο Γάλλος πρόεδρος Ολάντ διακήρυξε ότι η «η συμπεριφορά της Ρωσίας είναι ανυπόφορη».

Αυτή η αυτοκτονική φόρα των ηγετών της Ευρώπης προς ένα πόλεμο με την Ρωσία στηρίζεται σε ένα διαφανές ψέμα περί εισόδου 1,000 Ρώσων στρατιωτών στην Ουκρανία. Φυσικά τα Δυτικά ΜΜΕ ακολούθησαν με στρατιωτικό βηματισμό. Το ΒΒC, το CNN και η Die Welt είναι τα πιο προκλητικά και πιο ανεύθυνα.

Το βουνό από ψέματα που σωρεύουν Δυτικές κυβερνήσεις και ΜΜΕ συσκοτίζουν την πραγματικήν ιστορία. Η αμερικανική κυβέρνηση οργάνωσε την ανατροπή της νόμιμης κυβέρνησης της Ουκρανίας και επέβαλε το αμερικανικό ανδρείκελο στο Κίεβο. Η κυβέρνηση των ανδρεικέλων της Ουάσιγκτων άρχισε να εξαπολύει απειλές και να ασκεί βία κατά των ρωσικών πληθυσμών στις πρώην ρωσικές επαρχίες, τις οποίες Σοβιετικοί ηγέτες προσκόλλησαν στην Ουκρανία. Φυσικά η Ουάσιγκτων θα μπορούσε άνετα να σταματήσει τη βία διατάσσοντας τα ενεργούμενά της στο Κίεβο να πάψουν να βομβαρδίζουν τις πρώην ρωσικές επαρχίες. ΄Αν η Ρωσία μπορεί να πει στους αντάρτες να μη πολεμούν, η Ουάσιγκτων μπορεί να πει στο Κίεβο να μην επιτίθεται.

Το μόνο δυνατό συμπέρασμα από τα γεγονότα είναι ότι η Ουάσιγκτων είναι αποφασισμένη να εμπλέξει την Ευρώπη σε ένα πόλεμο με την Ρωσία, ή, το ελάχιστο, σε μια ένοπλη αντιπαράθεση, προκειμένου να διαρρήξει τις πολιτικές και οικονομικές σχέσεις της Ευρώπης με τη Ρωσία.
Οι ηγέτες της Ευρώπης συμμορφώνονται με αυτό επειδή οι χώρες της Ευρώπης, με την εξαίρεση της Γαλλίας του Σάρλ ντε Γκωλ, δεν είχαν την δική τους ανεξάρτητη πολιτική από το τέλος του 2ου Παγκοσμίου Πολέμου. Ακολουθούν την γραμμή της Ουάσιγκτων και πληρώνονται καλά για να το κάνουν.

Η ανικανότητα της Ευρώπης να αναδείξει ανεξάρτητη ηγεσία καταδικάζει την διπλωματία του Προέδρου Πούτιν σε αποτυχία. Εάν οι ευρωπαϊκές πρωτεύουσες δεν μπορούν να πάρουν αποφάσεις ανεξάρτητα από την Ουάσιγκτων, δεν υπάρχει προοπτική για την διπλωματία Πούτιν.

Σημειώστε ότι το νέο ψέμα για την είσοδο 1.000 Ρώσων στρατιωτών στη Ουκρανία εκτοξεύθηκε ακριβώς την επομένη της συνάντησης του Πούτιν με τον Ουκρανό υποτακτικό της Ουάσιγκτων ( Ποροσένκο), για να εξασφαλισθεί το ναυάγιο μιας προσπάθειας για λύση, στην οποία ο Πούτιν είχε επενδύσει χρόνο και ενέργεια.

Η μόνη φροντίδα της Ουάσιγκτων είναι για την ηγεμονία. Η Ουάσιγκτων δεν έχει κανένα ενδιαφέρον για τη λύση μιας κατάστασης την οποία η ίδια η Ουάσιγκτων δημιούργησε για να προκαλέσει προβλήματα και σύγχυση στη Ρωσία. Εάν το πρόβλημα δεν λυθεί με την οικονομική κατάρρευση της Ουκρανίας, όσο ο περισσότερο καθυστερεί ο Πούτιν να δώσει τη λύση με τη δύναμη, τόσο το έργο θα είναι δυσκολότερο.

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